Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 5, Episode 8 - Guillotines Decide - full transcript

Now that Sarah and Mrs. S have Kira back, they need to get her into a safe place. The activity around their house is remarkably quiet which Sarah believes is not a good sign. However, Mrs. ...


You came back.

How did you know?

Shit, I passed out, sorry.
Is there any movement out there?

Not a thing.

It's too quiet. No, no, I don't like it.

What's not to like?
Our friends are coming.

- Get Kira up before you come up.
- Thank you.

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- Coming!
- Come on, babe.

- I'm right here.
- There's someone who wants to meet you.


- That is Charlotte.
- Whoa.

- Hi.
- She's gonna go with you to Art's

till we see how things fall, yeah?

So, you're what my mum looked like.

I never really think about that any more.

Yeah, they'll be safer with my ex.

Plus my daughter'll get a kick out of it.

I don't get it.
Why aren't the Neos after us?

Yeah, Anger's AWOL, too.
There's no one on me.

Rachel must've shown the cabal
our proof of P.T.'s real identity.

Those men on the board,
they're realising they've been had.

- They're scrambling to protect themselves.
- So finally Rachel's their target?

Well, she's certainly a liability.

Yeah, come on. Let's go, guys.

Hey, here's one.

There is nothing
I wouldn't do for my friend.

I have no notion
of doing things by halves.

It's not my nature.
Can you guess who that is?

It is Jane Austen.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It's just all this info from Europe shows

a dozen countries
have pending legislation like Kuwait's.

Hundreds of millions of people

are about to be required
to submit their DNA,

and Neolution is behind it.
They need that data.

Okay, so you wanna spend the morning

safeguarding the genetic future
of humankind,

or do you wanna have brunch?

We have a Skype date.
Siobhan wants a summit.

- You calling them or what?
- They're calling us.

"Us"? Why're you so bloody calm?

Oh, wait for it, chicken.

Hello, North American scum!

We bought a shit mountain of cheese.

Welcome back.

- Hey, you're home!
- Yeah, did you forget?

Tonight's my big "coming out" party.

- Your art opening?
- An art opening?

Do you think that's a good idea right now?

- No, yes.
- It's an exceptional idea.

And I'm really sorry
that you can't come, Cos.

What? Why can't I come?

How're you gonna come?
You gonna dress up as Sarah?

This is my first show in two years.
I'm not gonna have any sestra shenanigans.

- I can't do it.
- He's got some big wheels coming in,

Ezra Lue, this gallerist
that we met in Geneva.

Adele's making appetizers,
the Hendrixes are helping set up,

and you can totally come later
if you want to, I promise.

I do. I do wanna come.

But, Mum, if P.T.'s lost the board,
that means Neolution's on the ropes.

Yeah, so well done, everyone.

Felix and Adele, dirt well dug.

Delphine, you showed us
what to do with it,

and we deserve a breather tonight

to stand down and support Felix.

I think you're right, Siobhan.

- I think we've earned a break.
- Have we?

Well, it's settled. We're gonna take
the day off from crazy.

Thank you for letting me stay.

I don't have a family any more.
I didn't know where else to go.


When did Mark die?

Two weeks ago.

How did you find me again?

Well, you told me
about Sister Irina, how she...

That you and the other nuns locked you up

and how she came to the new world
after they cut out her tongue.

You don't trust me?

I don't blame you after
what my father did to you.

He is dead.

These are miracle babies.

I'm sorry I came. I'll go.

You still have family.

You see?

They remember you.

They're saying hello.

All right.
Uh, how's Helena over here, Ali?

It's fine with me!

Yeah, but left, right? Like, where
should she be in relation to her sisters?

Whatever you think.

Okay, this is a test right?

I'm gonna do something,

and then you're gonna lambaste me
for doing it wrong?

No, I'm not gonna
micro-manage you, Donnie.

- Is that what you're wearing?
- What's wrong with this?

Should I untuck? Would that be cooler?

Donnie, it's perfect.

I need a straight man behind the bar.

Oh! Thank God you're here, Felix.

Thank you! But you can't be.

- What?
- Yeah.

You'll need your sisters,
and I have a performance idea.

Yeah, she brought the Korg.

Oh, God, no.

- You ready for that whisky, Adele?
- Oh, hell, yes.

Just three fingers, please.

Okay, we're not done yet.

We need to still go after
this Al-Khatib guy.

The Neo bag man?
He controls their slush fund.

I mean, he's so protective
it's not even funny.

If he is bribing governments
for citizens' genetics,

- then we've gotta...
- Leave it, love, will you?

Why don't you help Adele with the snacks?

Oh, that would be great. I'm going
Southern Regional. We can catch up.

Great. See you both at the opening.

Where are you off to?

I'm just, uh, going to get some flowers.

- Mum!
- Chicken...

You're a worrier, and I've told you
everything I know. And you're right.

We can't stand down yet, but that's
exactly why I need you at the opening.

Look out for your brother,
make sure there's no trouble.

SCOTT: Okay, so that's 144 prepared doses
of the inoculate.


Depending how much
of the cellular culture survived,

- we can manufacture twice that again.
- Then what?

You go around inoculating LEDAs with it?

Yeah, that's the plan.

But we still don't know
how many there are.

Well, that's what we're gonna find out.

Right, Scottie?

- Where you going?
- Um, out.

I thought we were all heading over
to Felix's together.

I'll catch you guys later, okay?

Sure. We have this whole
"don't ask, don't tell" thing going on.



- You ready?
- Are you sure about this?

Wouldn't it be safer if the others knew?

We have one shot at this,

and if it's gonna work, Sarah can't know
who we dealt with to get here.

What about after?

After you go to the opening
like nothing happened,

then I will send you instructions there.
Are we good?

- Yeah.
- Okay.

I so love being
in the middle of all of this.



Rachel was rather impressed

with our transgressive
little alliance, weren't you?

It made me sick to work
with the man who killed MK.

Sarah doesn't know
you two are here, does she?

No, it's just the four of us.

Our interests are very firmly aligned

as you now have a nice, big,
fat target on your back, too.


Neolution goes down for good,
or we all do.

This is a summary of the evidence
we've amassed so far,

but we need you to help us prove it.

I'd like to talk to you. Alone.

You'd be dead
if I hadn't called him in to save you.

After you.

So we spiked our Gluvine with vodka...

Gluvine and intrigue. Nice.

And, um, Felix and I,

actually, got some serious après-ski
cred by the end of it,

but Delphine was, like, all business.

What was S even
doing with her out there?

I don't know, I mean
I only met her the once.

- Who else was she meeting?
- I have no idea.

And we don't have time for this.
We gotta get ready.

Westmorland wants unprecedented access
to human genetics,

and Hashem Al-Khatib was bribing
governments worldwide to get it.

But you don't have record
of any of that, do you?

No, but Neolution want to sell
curated commercialized evolution

to the one percent who can afford it,

so they can live forever,
grow a bloody tail if they want to.

The rest of us, Coady's department,
targeted for sterilization.

How's that sitting with you these days?

You saved my granddaughter.

I'm willing to take a gamble
on nature over nurture.

This is all the supporting evidence
to our claims.

Without proof of bribes,

it will barely carry a news cycle.

You're a smart woman, Rachel.

Like any good CEO, you kept a shadow file.

A record of where the bodies are buried.

Give me the proof I need to back this up.

Give yourself a chance

to be truly free.

Let Cosima make an appearance!

- Yes!
- I'm not gonna do that.

What I need is for you to leave right now

before people start arriving,
and something clone-y happens.

- Alison...
- Look all around you.

It's already happening.



- Shit. Collin.
- Hello, Felix.


- Oof, I've come early.
- And often, I remember.


Oh, this is my, um,

foster sister, Sarah.

You, uh, you Colin, then?

Cool. Very cool.

- You all right?
- Yes, I remember the time

I ID'd your dead body.

Yes, but we got over that,
didn't we, Colin?

- Did we?
- Yes.

- I think we did.
- Yeah.

- Hey!
- Oh, my God, it's so light in here.

Hello! Bar's to the left, enjoy
yourselves. Have a look around, yeah?


Both of you.

That book is about your life?


It's for my babies.

It's my joys, and my pain and sorrows,

so they walk a brighter path.

Sister Irina is going to town,

- so we have to take care of toilet.
- Toilet?


- Come, when you are done.
- Huh.


- Hello, Mark.
- So good to hear your voice.

Have you found her?


I couldn't find her.


I'm depending on you,
I don't get the cure otherwise.

I'm checking another convent tomorrow.
I'll call you then.

I miss you, Mark.

Yeah, I miss you too.

I love you.

Is she lying?

Oh, good lord, don't look now.

- Ezra Lue is here.
- Who's he?

Ezra Lue, he's the gallerist from Geneva.

He's got spaces in London, Paris and L.A.,
and I'm quite sure I oversold myself.

Well, then do something!

Come on, do something unique!

Cosima is dropping off Scott.

Maybe you could use us.
Make it part of the show.

All right.

- Clone swap.
- Ooh!

Donnie, get the champagne,
and put Cosima on standby.

The music!

Now drop the accent, and be yourself.

Ezra. Wie geht's?


Gentlemen, I would like you
to meet my sister,

Hestia, goddess of hearth and home.

Ah! We're intrigued, sister.

We know so much, yet so little.

- Where do you live in the real world?
- I live deep

in Bailey Downs,

which is a suburb just north of here.

Oh, and this is my husband, Donnie.



No alcohol for me,
I need to drive the soccer bus.

You look different.

Yes, well, I'm always different.

Identity is a social construct, boys.


My God, that was completely perfect.

- They must be confused. That was so great.
- Yeah? Oh, good.

Okay. All right, out the back you go.

- Go, go! I love you.
- I love you.

- Felix, are we clear?
- Yeah, yeah, come on.

Felix! Felix!

- Oh!
- My God, hello!

- Congratulations!
- Oh, thank you. Look at you!

God, you look so rosy-cheeked!
You're bounding up stairs!

Yeah, I'm back, and I'm back to bounding.

Yeah, you are. It's fabulous.
Now tell me.

How do you feel about long stares
and large groups of people?

Ooh, no.

If you're gonna show up,
you're gonna show off, darling.

Scottie, curtain.
My dear friends...

May I present to you


goddess of wisdom and of deep thought.


Just do whatever comes naturally.

Okay, well what are you saying, Sarah?

We're late. Are you gonna get dressed?

I am dressed. I'm just thinking that S
and Delphine are up to something, right?

Your mom is at the florist, hon.

She's thinking about your brother.
Are you?

S said last week
that she's got some other source,

so I'm trying to figure out...

Do you have any idea how hard
your brother's been working for tonight?

Yeah, my brother's got a problem
with me, he'll tell me.

Well, why don't I tell you my problem?

The entire time that we were gone,
he was painting you,

different versions of you.

But you don't seem to care.

And Delphine, I don't know
if it helps chill you out,

all she did was
whatever Siobhan told her to, all right?

The only thing I know is a phone call

about a meeting with some French guy.
Francis, or Fernando, or...

- Ferdinand?
- Maybe. Who's Ferdinand?

He killed my sister.


This is a bloody goldmine.

Do you realise what we could do
with this information?

- Yes.
- And she just gave it to you?

She needs me.

I'm the one with a smoking gun.

Names, dates, and amounts.

A full record
of worldwide influence payments.


I bloody love you.


We could squeeze anything
we want out of these Neo-pricks.

It's just...

It's the fortune we dreamed of.

Freedom from all of them.

I gave Sarah her daughter back.

I don't owe them anything.

Why am I getting texts
from my sister saying

that you and S are up to something?

I don't know, Felix.

Maybe it's because we are up to something.

Great! That's good enough for me.

- Tequila?
- Yes.

- Claro.
- Great.

- Si.
- Santé.

Chin chin.

Oh, my God.

- Art.
- Hey, you see Sarah yet?

Um, she's on her way.

Is everything all right?

Just let me know if she gets here, okay?

Oh, you'll know.

Van Leer confirmed the meet.

They're assembling in an hour.

The board is in disarray.
They'll be amenable.

They won't be when they hear we're taking
a cut of all their future business.


Just let it pass.

There's another way.

We can choose to make
my information public.

I have a sizable nest egg.

It wouldn't last forever but if we wanted

we could destroy Westmorland
and Neolution.

Go somewhere warm.

Off the grid.

I can see it now.

Lounging around at low tide
in our flip flops,

browsing Reader's Digest,

dipping toast points into egg yolks.


With this...

We can build a dynasty.

Obscene wealth.

Anything we want.

Who's your Daddy?

You are.

You like it that much?


I'm sorry, it's just...

We're on the precipice of being able
to do anything that we want.

What do you wanna do with our freedom?

- I want...
- Clone swap.

- Sarah's here.
- Oh, Felix.

- No.
- She needs to talk to you.

- You... You've done something wonderful.
- Yeah.

You are one of our best guys.

- Best?
- Along with Donnie and Scott and Art.

- Well, that's exquisite company, isn't it?
- Yeah.

I think so.

- Sold.
- It's lovely. Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Look, we have to go.

You own me.

- Hey.
- Yeah.

You're mine.

Arms up.

- Incredible.
- Oh, my God. All right. Lovely.

I don't know what S did,
but tell Sarah that she...

- Tell her yourself.
- All right.

- I love you.
- Love you, more.

Oh, my God.

All right. Ready and waiting.

- Is S here?
- Where's Adele?

- Crap, I dropped my hushpuppies.
- Did you get her drunk?

Do you know who's S's real source was,
the one who got us to Coady?

I'm not doing this right now with you.

It was Ferdinand.

- What?
- I spilt some beans.

She's in league with him.

I think her and Delphine
are cutting a deal with Rachel.


That's terrible.

That's brutal.
Then you're not gonna like this either.

But Donnie, curtain!


Goddess of war.

Don't. Come on. Just...

Turn around or I'll kill you.

Just take the stage.

You think this will work in the new space?

Big time.

Where's Delphine?

She left.

And in a hurry.

Some shit's going down.

Yeah, Anger, she's gone AWOL.

So, I think I better
stick around for a bit

- just to be safe.
- Okay.

Keep an eye out for S, yeah?



Clean floor, dirty heart.

Gracie, it's me...

We need to know if you found her yet.
Call me back.


Mark is sick. Coady said she could help...

- Coady? We are family.
- I know.

I knew it when I saw you.

Which is why I told them
I couldn't find you.

I didn't tell them where you are.

- You didn't?
- No.

- But you use this phone.
- Yes.

They will trace it.

We have to leave. Go.

Gentlemen, ladies of the board.

Well, Rachel has a bit of a headache
I'm afraid.

She plucked out her own eye.

Well, you seem to be missing some teeth.

Empty seats?

- Suicides.
- Oh, God. Yes.

That must be like Neolution Black Friday.

The shame.

Titans of industry.

Sucked in by a lie not even
a child would swallow.

Not all of us were deceived.

Oh, Mr Al-Khatib with your dirty hands,

so glad to hear you say that.

We no longer take our direction
from Mr Westmorland.

Show us the evidence
and tell us how much you want.

Enclosed are a list
of key PaySends in six areas.

Food, pharmaceuticals, cloning,

gene editing, sequencing.


So, yes, every time a technician blinks
we will get paid.

But judging by the size

of these bribes, you'll all be
making billions anyway.

May I?

He won't be coming back.

You're doing the right thing, Rachel.

To the wrong man.

The only one who ever really loved me.

We do what we can.

Each of us in our own way.

And, we do it for each other.

Chipping at the devil till he's done.

There, uh...

Seems to be some, uh,

technical difficulties.

He has nothing.

Hands on the table where I can see them.

Sorry about that, old chap.

Rest assured

this is not over.
We are not finished with any of you.

I have food for us.

Come, Gracie, we have to go.

This Neo is shit!

Easy there, pumpkin.

We don't wanna harm your cargo.

I'm sorry.

I know.

It won't hurt.

It's okay.

You're forgiven.

Hey. You all right?

Why wouldn't I be?

- Incoming.
- What the hell, S?

I'm sorry, love. I saw a window.

You've worked with MK's murderer.

I knew you couldn't stomach it.
He was the key to Rachel.

- Hey. Hey, hey.
- Hey, Felix.

Hey, what the hell's going on?

These are for you.

- Flowers! Well, I'm over it.
- I'm not.

What did you pull with Rachel?

She gave us the missing
piece of the puzzle.

Full financial records of
Neolution's dark money bribes.

- What?
- We've got everything we need.

Proof of decades of illegal
human experiments

and of Coady's sterilization plan.
We're ready to expose them.

You're serious?


It's done.

This is it? This is everything?

Yeah. Loaded.

And ready to send all the regulatory

and oversight committees
in the affected countries.

As well as to all journalist
friends of Siobhan at The Guardian.

You guys did all this for us.

You ready?

Just a sec.


I would like to start by
thanking you all for coming.

Um, and I'd also like to thank you all

for buying.

- Whoo-hoo.
- And now

is the part of the night
where I'd like to introduce

my muse in her true form.

- Oh, Christ.
- I know.

My sister Sarah!


My sister and I...

My sister and I are orphans, you see.

And, um, we...

could have ended up anywhere.

We could have ended up in any family.

And if we had,

we would have been
entirely different people.

But my mum,

- Siobhan. This woman.
- Oh, no.

- Come on. This woman...
- Felix.

She chose us as her own.

We are who we are because she carried

two little London urchins
on her wings to Canada.

Watching her raise my sister,

watching my sister raise her own daughter,

finding my biological sister,

it's quite mad.

It's taught me that we are all

mysterious works of chance,

of choice,

of nature versus nurture.

- Hi.
- Hi.

So to my galaxy of women.

Thank you for the nurture.

- I'm proud of you.
- I love you. Thank you.

All right, now. Let's party!


That was a death trap. That meeting.

You expected them to kill me.

I told you what I wanted.

You chose not to listen.

What, we just ride off into the sunset

when everything we have ever wanted

was at our fingertips?

You expected me to take a payoff.

That is how we win!

No, we win if Neolution is exposed

and Westmorland is stripped of his myth!

Where's your smoking gun, Rachel?

There's nothing for you here.

Oh, you gave it to her!

You can't hurt me.


"Oh, please don't hit me, Daddy.

Let me hit you, Daddy."

I pay for everything

- to be under your heel.
- Ferdinand.

I would have squirmed there forever,
you heartless bitch!



Ezra over there wants to
exhibit them in New York.

Oh, that's fantastic.

And he's also interested in
my back catalogue.

- Oh.
- It's mad. It's so mad.

- I can't believe it.
- You were always so creative, you know.

A little fighting creative spirit,
even when you were tiny.

This is Colin, Mum.

Someday soon he'd
like to come around for tea

- and asking for my hand, isn't that right?
- Oh.

- Colin, hello.
- Hello.

He does though have some rather

piercing questions about some of my muses.

Oh, well...

You better settle accounts there
before you come around to me then.

Well, I think we can work something out.

Yes, I'm sure.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to
raise some hell will the Wizard?

Let me hear you say "Yeah!"


♪ My love isn't tainted
It's just complicated ♪

♪ We're saving the world
from down in the basement ♪

♪ I saw the truth
I just couldn't face it ♪

♪ All of these people,
They've been duplicated ♪

♪ But they can't contain us
We're breaking the cages ♪

♪ Lab rats got out of the mazes ♪

♪ Civilisation,
alternative patience ♪

♪ We won't be complacent
We're changing the station ♪

♪ Right now
Gotta run away, gotta get away ♪

♪ Gotta keep up
They don't hesitate ♪


Ferdinand made it out.

- I thought he might.
- He knows you have the files.

Be careful.

Thank you, Rachel.

Good bye, Siobhan.

♪ This tainted love you've given ♪

♪ Take my tears and
that's not nearly all ♪

Well, that's a bloody mess.

Do you wanna shoot first or ask questions?

Hello, Siobhan.

Welcome home.

Were you really gonna shoot me
coming in my own door?

- In the leg.
- So you do wanna talk.

No. I just wanna put holes
in you with this .45.

Bigger than holes you can put in me

with that 9mm.

Won't make much of a difference
in the throat, love.

Or we put them down?

What have you done

with my future?

She just wasn't that into you.

I'm not talking about Rachel.

Oh, shadow file.

Oh, is it on the shelf over there?

Where you stashed the gun
I took this clip out of?


The thing is...

It's all going public

right now as we speak.

Well, the thing is if you are
gonna stash a weapon

you should keep it close to you.

And that's just a little twisted...


Where's S?

Left ventricle. Won't take long.

- Right.
- Well done, Siobhan.

Such grit.

I'll take a mercy tab. Thanks.


I have to admit I'm a little
disappointed in you.

Would you pass me
that photograph at least?


Not on your life.

Quite enough lip out of you.

You know, as a woman,

I'm 14% more likely to survive

a gunshot wound than you.

Maybe not this one but...

Okay, it's been a good one.


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