Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 5, Episode 7 - Gag or Throttle - full transcript

As Westmoreland demands a more aggressive approach with Kira, and Sarah fights to save her daughter, Rachel discovers a dark secret that makes her question her place within Neolution.

Understanding the human genome

and the environmental impact on genes

is the holy grail of life extension.

While I still can't tell you
the exact number

of genetic identicals we're monitoring,

I can introduce you
to our most curated subject.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet

Rachel Duncan.

When I was six years old,

I became the only LEDA aware
of the other clones.

Dr Leekie shows me their files,

so I can understand how experiences
determine traits.

Do you see your own file too?

Do you know your ID tag number?



The encrypted ID tags
are synthetic DNA sequences

composed of four nucleotides,
which patent the clones.

That's how you can tell
that I'm Rachel Duncan

and not Lisa Glynn, 415K98,

or Cosima Niehaus, 324B21.

Mitochondrial DNA

is fundamental to the healing process,

but it's only passed down by the mother.

Our research into my anomalous longevity

has only taken us so far.

But now,

thanks in large part to Rachel Duncan,

we have found our Eve.

Rachel, I'll let you take it from here.

You've all benefited from your seats
at this table.

We owe a great debt to Mr Westmorland.

I don't carry debts, Ms Duncan.

Mr Al-Khatib,

we freed your daughter
from a genetic heart defect.

What is that worth to you?

My mistake.

I misspoke.

Then, as you know, Dr Virginia Coady

has taken over as head scientist
from my late mother.

Our next phase with a LIN28A subject

is biopsies of her liver, lungs,
and stomach.

You heard P.T.
mention our modern-day Eve.

Here she is.

Why do I have to stay here another night?

To monitor your sleep.

The needles hurt too much to sleep.

We're nearly done with that.

And then I can go home?

Yes, of course, you can.

Come along.

Um, I have a present for you.

It's a friendship bracelet.

That's very sweet.

I made one of these when I was your age

for a friend at summer camp.

Are you guys still friends?


My mum moved me around too much
to keep friends, too.

Can I call my mum to say good night?

It's bedtime.
You can talk to her tomorrow.


The Coast Guard found Cosima's boat
drifting offshore.


Till you find them,
don't assume they've drowned.

Cosima's taken a large portion
of her cure.

Your transport is ready
to take you to the island.

Keep me updated on Kira.

Fuild has begun to collect
around her eggs.

Her mother keeps calling to talk to her.

Tell Sarah tomorrow as well.


They took her away at bloody gunpoint.

What are they doing to her?

It's my fault.
I should've stopped them.

- We're getting her back.
- S, we're not storming the gates.

We need another way... Hey!

Look, you were the one who taught me
not to lose my head when things get tough.

We can do this.

We just need to think.

Just so you know,
I'm really not in the mood

for any surprise late-night D&D.

Dude, it's D&D in real life.

- Hi.
- Oh, my God. Cosima.

When did you...


I'm so glad you're okay.

We escaped in a boat
with only a map and compass.

She was an amazing navigator.

And then they put the boat in gear,
sent it off unmanned.

- Total Jason Bourne.
- Yeah.

I'm West Coast.

- Cosima, you're home.
- Yeah.

So is our cure.

That's Sarah. I... I have brutal news.

They're taking Kira's eggs?

That's what they're doing?

- I'm so sorry.
- When?

How long do we have?

Well, you said that
they took her last night?

They'll need to give her hormone
injections before they can harvest.

- I... It'll be at least another day.
- Jesus.

She hasn't even had her period yet.

Yeah, well, we're born with all the eggs
we'll ever have.

And technically,
they could extract them from infants.

They're doing it again
to another generation of women.

No, no, they're not.

This is our window.

Okay? Cosima, we need leverage
to get Kira back.

Yeah, um, okay. How about...

Westmorland is a total fraud.

I saw a picture
of him and Susan Duncan in 1967.

He's just assumed this identity
to sell his story.

I bloody knew it.

Okay, well, Felix and Adele sent us
all this information

on the Neo money trail.

We'll keep on that

if you just go over everything
that I collected with the boys there.

Yes, good, done.

We'll find out who this bastard really is.

Oh, goodness.
Cosima, I just got your message.

I'm so happy you're back.

Hey, Alison.

Where are you?

California. I'm back tomorrow.

But this is not about me.

What is going on with Kira?

I'll fill you in, love,
but leave the children with your mum.

Uh, one more thing.

Virginia Coady is on the island.

And I've got a feeling
that didn't end well for Susan.

Where is she?

Beyond the arbour.

Susan has shown me
she doesn't have the backbone,

but you... You have proven yourself.

Will you join me at my side
to lead Neolution forward?



I consider you my daughter.

Hello, Rachel.

How are you holding up?

She never believed in me.

I know.

I'm so sorry.


Virginia has been waiting to meet you.

I offered her Susan's old lab,

but she's nostalgic.

Virginia Coady, meet Rachel Duncan.

It's an honour.

The sentiment is mutual.

I've reviewed your work as a geneticist.
It's impressive.

Glad to be back from the abyss.

I'm looking forward to working
with you and Kira.

Helena too, soon.

So, should we get to it then?

Yes. Rachel, meet me in my office
after your examination.

My examination?

An endometrial biopsy

to test the efficacy of the inoculation.

We'll have the results tomorrow.

Virginia wants to cure
the remaining LEDAs

as much as you do.

I'll give you a moment to change.

You are no longer 779H41

or Neolution property.

This document legally emancipates you.

No more monitors.

You're free.

Go home.

Any cramps since your inoculation?


A hopeful sign that it worked.

Stabilise the LEDA subjects,

so we can finally use them as a baseline.

Your priorities are refreshing
after Susan's.

Oh, she was always preaching.

You can thank me
for putting an end to that.

Scooch forward.

You can expect
a few uncomfortable pinches.

Just lay back.


No obvious irregularities.

- Should I still biopsy?
- Yes.

Is that necessary?

Does this have something to do
with 528M32's latest results?

I'm closely monitoring her disease.

You never called it that before.

Has another clone developed her same
uterine growths?

Symptoms appeared in two other LEDAs.

This will pinch.

Your treatments on her have been useless.

She coughed up blood.

There's no manual for
treating disease in synthetic DNA.

We'll know more when we have further data.

Meaning when another falls ill?

When will we have my results?

I'm not permitted to share them.

Don't patronise me.

I have a right to know.

You're not exempt
from the experiment, Rachel.

All done.

And I didn't see any irregularities.

So that's good.

May I have some privacy, please?

Of course.

Hey, do you remember this guy?

Ian Van Lier?

Yeah, at Brightborn.

He's the one who sent Delphine
to the island after she was shot.

Remember he talked about a board,
a kind of corporate cabal,

- who meet to push the Neo agenda.
- Yeah.

Well, if everyone on the island
were into P.T.'s myth,

do you think the Neolution board did too?

Okay, so whoever he was had to disappear
for him to become P.T.

Yeah, he and Susan recruited Coady
at Cambridge in the '70s.

Student registration from Susan's time,
there's a mountain.

Susan and P.T. started resurrecting
Neolution before 1967.

So, start looking for history majors
and then science and philosophy.

That's how he spun his persona.

All right. White Cambridge nerds
who died in the 1960s,

present yourselves.

Van Lier is director at Dyad,

Blue Zone Cosmetics,
and 11 biotech companies.

According to Adele, they're all funnelling
funds into a Dyad shell,

which has made payments of hundreds
of millions of dollars

to a Kuwaiti consulting firm.


What are they using that for, bribes?

Well, I don't know,
but if it's a slush fund,

according to Adele,
it's controlled by this man here.

Hashem Al-Khatib.

Mmm-hmm. Follow him.

Kira will find a way to call, love.

We still have time.

Welcome home...

Oh, wow, Alison.

Oh, God, Kira.

I can't imagine
what Sarah's going through.

Yeah, well, we'll support them
in every way we can.

Yes, oh, yes.

God, I feel so guilty.
Our kids are so safe

and Sarah is always at risk
because of this fluke of nature.

Yeah, I...



I'm sorry, your hair.

Do you like it?

It's artsy.


- And purple.
- Yes.

I wanted something creative and free,
you know.

I... I met this Jungian who just...

- Lives in that place.
- A who?

A Jungian.

"A Jungian"?

A practiser of Carl Jung.

- Yeah, yeah.
- Hmm.

And I just am so much better
at being present now.


I missed you so much, Alison.

And I missed this.

Oh, ouch!

What did I do?

Nothing. I just, um...

I did a little something to commemorate

the transformation.


"Liver deep."

- "Live deep."
- Live... Live deep.

- Yeah, there it is.
- Yeah.

- It's a Thoreau quote.
- Uh-huh.

It means live deep
and suck the marrow out of life.

We'll make preparations.

Kira's hormone stimulation is on track
and we will be ready tomorrow.

It's not going to be an issue, is it?

The way they've bonded.

There is an attachment, to be sure.

But I don't foresee it clouding
her judgement.

Yes, well, keep me updated.

Was that Simon?

I have many people who report to me.

Please sit.

How was your examination?

In the future, I prefer to choose
my own physician.

And I expect advance notice.

As you wish.

Could you give me an update on Kira?

I estimate that we can harvest her eggs
within 24 hours.

And after she has recovered,

we can begin studying
her healing at deeper tissues.

You've grown quite fond of Kira,
haven't you?

She's a special child,
but I assure you I am unwavering.


After the surgery,
I want you to bring her to the island.

But we have the resources at Dyad
to move on to the next steps.

I'd prefer to have her here.

It is our change of tactic with Sarah
which has brought her in.

On whose behalf are you arguing now?

Your transport has been arranged.

You know best.

Who is that?

Virginia's guest.

Unlock his cuffs and leave us.

Is all this really necessary?

I thought we had an agreement.

You're a traitor, Mark.

You're lucky we need you.

You said you'd cure me,

if I helped you.

Love makes you want to live, doesn't it?

Gracie can't look at me
without searching for symptoms.

I can't imagine her all alone.

Well, I'm sorry she's not here to help.

But I need you to give me
an ejaculate sample.

That wasn't part of our deal.

You've got plenty to spare.

Now, you said you had information.

I think I can help you find Helena.

What are you doing here?

I was looking for you to say goodbye.


Rachel, you're still here.

I thought you might like to read this.

An autopsy report.

I took initiative.

The microscopic examination revealed

the growths have spread
to her thoracic cavity, even her kidneys.


Oh, my God, Rachel.

You killed her.

While you were sitting on your hands
waiting for her to die naturally,

when we need a cure.

I won't be shut out of my medical file.

It's my body.

Her name is Miriam Johnson.

She was creative, a musician.

She was homeless.

And the mother you put her with
was a drunk!

You raised me to be objective.

Neolution raised you.


In a corporation.

What are you?

Rachel, how was your trip?

Take her to her room. I have work to do.

You said I could call my mom.

Her follicles have swollen.

Right on target.

Yes, good.

Let her talk to her mother.

Set up a video call.

Keep a close eye on them.

Ira must've been raised
much differently than the rest of us.

How did you choose which one of us
would go?

The truth?

I drew straws.

Am I the only one left?

Your brothers, they...

They all...

Thank you for trusting me.

You're doing the right thing, Mark.

Honey, are you sure you don't want
to just store your craft supplies,

instead of donating them?

No, I'm done with crafts.

- Really?
- Yes.

- All of your scissors?
- Mmm-hmm.

The point of art is
to lose control, Donnie.

To reveal your inner chaos.

I'm uncovering my shadow self.

And is that your inner artist
or something?

Could be an artist,
could just be the dark parts of yourself.

The things...

Subconscious desires
that aren't necessarily good.

Well, if they're bad,
don't we want to keep them in the dark?

No, because then they manifest
in behaviour.

In my drinking,
in my need to control everything.

So, this is about your drinking?

Drinking is the effect
of the unexplored shadow self.

And that's a Korg.


So, wait, the craft room
is becoming the music room?

That sounds pretty cool.
I could get down with that.

- We could lay down some tasty tracks.
- Mmm-hmm.

Should I get a bass?

I don't know.

Do you want a bass?

Okay, no bass. Drums?

Donnie, this is exactly
what I'm talking about.

Bass, drums, I'm not going to tell you
what to do any more.

I don't need to.


They gave me lots of time
to write my story.

Good, good.

The last page I saw, mouse...

No, elephant went smoosh

- and mouse went whoosh. Is that right?
- Mmm-hmm.

Then, mouse got lost,

the sun went away.

And elephant was the only one
left to play.

And this is the last page.

Mouse cried and asked to return
to the sand.

But elephant said she belonged
in Wonderland.

Is that the end?

I don't know.

I don't think that's the end.

I think when you get here we'll...
We'll write the end of that, yeah?

We'll work on it together.


Say goodbye now, Kira.

I miss you so much.

I love you, more than anything.

I've never been so proud of you.

Rachel's the elephant,
and Wonderland is the island.

They're taking Kira to the island?

Coady's there.

Mr Westmorland.

How can I help you?

Rachel, I'm just checking in
to make sure that you're all right.

Why wouldn't I be?

Well, I have asked you to do something
that you don't want to do.

I would do anything for you.

When I was a child at Dyad,

I was so naive,

I asked Leekie if I could call him "Dad".

Isn't that funny?

Well, you've transcended
that too, daughter.

Which is why I've shared all my secrets
with you.

Thank you for calling.

You don't have to worry.
We're about to proceed.

Are you okay?

Who hurt you?

All of them.

The doctors are ready.

It's what P.T. wants.

I will give her the sedative.

I was the one who brought Kira to Dyad.

I will be the last face she sees here.

Hello, Kira.

I'm Mr Westmorland.

Do you have any idea
how important you are?

I just want to go home to my mum.

And I'm counting down the minutes,
until we meet in person.

All right, we've got nine obituaries

for male students who died
during Susan's time there.

These are the faces we have so far.

Timothy Midwell, died 1969.

Alcohol poisoning.


Henry Gonard, died '68.
He fell from a punt and drowned.

Probably also alcohol poisoning. No.

Winston Tralley, died '65, rugby accident.


Holy shit.

Cosima, please tell me you have something.

We got him, Sarah.

John Patrick Mathieson.

He's not 170.

He was born in Texas in 1939
to an oil tycoon.

Silver spoon so far up his arse,

he could afford the ego it took
to do this shit.

I never knew his real name.

But you knew he was a fraud.

Fraud? We're all frauds.

Get on to the board.

Rachel, you knew his secret.
What about your board?

How are they going to react to this?

Do you think they would listen to you,

a nuisance clone?

Rachel, I know
what you're planning to do to Kira.

What you're planning to do with her eggs
and taking her away.

She needs her family.

You needed...

You needed your family.

And he took them away from you
as an experiment.

Don't let that happen to Kira.

Let her come home.

It's out of my hands, Sarah.

Please, no, Rachel!


Did you hate being studied
when you were my age?

I don't remember.

Did you get used to it?


Why don't you run?

Where would I go?

My mum used to do that.


Kira, be a good girl.


Sarah is attempting to blackmail us,

with fraudulent information to invalidate
Mr Westmorland's age.

They faked this.

She knows we're not returning Kira.

I'll take care of them.

Don't hesitate, Simon.

It's Art. Don't worry, I'm alone.

What the hell are you doing here?

You won't believe it.

They're not here.

You need to return at once.


What did you do to her?

She's sedated. She's fine.

Let's go, Siobhan.

Thank you.