Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 4, Episode 8 - The Redesign of Natural Objects - full transcript

Siobhan wants vengeance for her mother. Cosima and Susan Duncan try to come together to try to finally find the cure. Neolution continues with their threats causing Alison to be terrified, and Mrs. To question her loyalty to her sestras.

We've always talked about
doing our own musical revue.

♪ Jesus Christ ♪

♪ Superstar ♪

You control Neolution.

Kill me and someone will take my place,

but they will not protect you as I have.

The architecture of Neolution
is under our control.

They just want LEDA destroyed.

Is anything recoverable?

The malware did exactly
what they intended,

completely obliterated your data.

You put my mother in the line of fire.

How mad do you have to get
to kill yourself, Beth?

Bring us together, Sarah.

We need you.

Somehow, during Krystal's
misguided investigation,

she found herself
on the trail of Delphine.

And Delphine was alive
when they took her away.

Hello, Kira.

Who are you?

Don't worry. I'm a friend.

- Donald Hendrix?
- Yes?

Oh, my God!

Hands behind your back.

We are going to need to keep in touch.

Ugh, God.

Don't tell me.

First day inside, right? Hmm?

What, are you kidding?

Just getting the lay of the land.

Seein' if any of these punks are gonna
be trouble, you know what I mean?

These guys? It's just remand.

Most guys just violated
restraining orders or some shit.

- Yeah, that's what I thought.
- So, what are you in for?


Trafficking, prescription drugs.

- Allegedly. Mmm-hmm.
- Really?

You were moving a few pills
to your buddies in the bar?

More like 100,000 worth.

Oh, yeah. Vikes, Big Boys, Red Birds...

French Fries, L.A. turnarounds...

Real deal, baby.

- You done yet?
- Yeah.

This is your guy.

Making friends already, Donnie?

Excuse me?
How do you know my name?

I know all about you.

I've got my eye on you.

A swan.

Stop saying it like that.
It was a vision of a swan.

You fell down the stairs
and bumped your head.

Yes, but the swan was in my eye, like a


Well, everything appears to be normal.

Anyway, we're on our own, Rachel.

Susan's given up on LEDA.

But age has dulled her ambition.

You and I are still young.
Don't you want to live?

I do now, yes.

Then we can't just accept this.

We may have been raised
without familial bonds,

but you, Ira, are my brother.

And I'm beginning to believe
that means something.

You just stood without your crutches,

and your aphasia completely cleared.

Apparently passion helps.

No coffee, but I made chai.

You still feeling it?


I haven't had a two-day hangover
in a long time.

How are you?

I almost did something desperate.

But if Delphine's alive,
I mean, I don't know...

God, if she's alive, we'll find her.

I'm proud of you, sestra.

We both made it back from the dark side.


It's time to see Mika.

- Hello, Mika.
- Hello, Kira. Sarah.

Hey, lose the mask.

- You wanna give us a second? Okay.
- Yeah.

Next time you wanna talk to me,
don't come at me through my kid.

She's lovely.

I'm sorry we left on bad terms.

Yeah, I thought you pissed off
to enjoy your cool three mill.

3.7. It's well invested.

Ur, hi. I'm... I'm Cosima.

Oh, sorry. Don't worry about it.

If you wanna keep it on,
I think it's funny.

Beth told me about you.
How's your illness?

Urn, you know, incurable, so that sucks.

Uh, Kendall's gone, so we've got no
original stem cells for research.

And our creator's gone dark
in some Neolution coup.

And the new hitch Evie Cho's
just had Alison's husband arrested.

So what do you want, MK?

There's something you should see. I, uh,

traced a dedicated satellite feed
to an island in the north,

disconnected from the grid.

Evie Cho has forced
Susan Duncan out of Project LEDA.

LEDA will be dismantled
for its assets,

the monitor program terminated.

And my subjects?

Naive clones are being cut loose.
No need for a Helsinki event.

Their days are numbered anyway.


Sarah and her self-aware sisters
are still a threat.

They won't get such humane treatment.

Oh, my God.

You and Beth were right.

We can't do this alone.

Right. So, what are we gonna do?

Hey, MK, is there any way
that I can talk to Susan?

If there's anyone
who can help me, it's her.

There's always a way.

Two pieces of ID.

Sign the visitor information form,
third line from the bottom.


Donnie needs a lawyer, Felix.

Adele is a lawyer.

Though, she's currently under suspension

for being inebriated in court.

But that's good for you
because your bank accounts are frozen.

- Well, what does she know?
- A lot.

She's far superior to legal aid.

I mean about clones.

Excuse me, pardon me.

Sorry. Sorry...

Goddamn shoes. Sorry.

I had to park at the far end of the lot.
Y'all don't even have valet here.

It's a prison.

I'm kidding, I'm Adele. You must be...


Yeah. Forgot to mention that.

Alison is Sarah's twin sister.

Oh. Oh, thank God.

I thought Mama was losing it
for a minute.

You look just like her,

except with, you know,
less anger and more hygiene.

Felix, this isn't gonna work.

- She reeks of alcohol.
- Ma'am,

you're about to miss
your visitation window.

Excuse me.

I'm in conference with my client

and she will not be denied
her right to see her husband.

Let me just have a look at this.

I don't want anyone frisking you.

It's not as fun as it sounds.

Severe panvasculitis.

Also, signs of meningoencephalitis
and segmental enteritis.

So what do you suppose that means?

That we'll find a rhabdo-virus.

I think it means
we're studying the wrong species.

We're all aware of
our disease now, Susan.

It's all on the table.

Yes, Charlotte is aware we will be
starting a variety of treatments.

Treatments do not mean a cure.

We'd like to know
what the long-term plan is.

I suggest you take up a hobby too.

Ira, have you shown her
your toy soldiers?

Yes, perhaps I should take up carpentry.

I can build us all coffins.

Shall I start with the smallest first?

Hey, did you

manage to make contact with Susan?

MK says she can.

She's hacked Susan out on some island.

We're going to make her help Cosima.

Well, that's the main thing,
keep pressing on for a cure.

Yeah, well, there's still
Evie Cho and her cop.

We don't know what their next move is.

You all right, Mum?

Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

- You wanna talk about it?
- No. Not now.

Cup of tea?


Okay, I'm patching you in now.

- Look.
- Sarah?

How are you doing that?

Evie is monitoring
all my communications.

It's encrypted. She won't see it.

Hello, Sarah.

It appears we're all
in the same boat now.

- Charlotte.
- 1 doubt that.

Hi, love.

You should go back to your book.

Where are you going?

I just, uh, have to run an errand.

I've been trying
to cure the disease

ever since it first appeared.

But without the original,
I'm sorry, I can't.

That's not good enough.

- Mom. Mom.
- I agree.

What do you suggest?

- Mom.
- You need to work with someone

who knows what they're doing.

Someone who can actually help.

Hey. Surprise.

Cosima. It's good to see you again.

Uh, yeah, I'm a bit conflicted about it
considering who your roommate is.

- Yo, Rachel.
- Yo.

- What about...
- Mom.

What are you doing?
You knew that was important.

S left.

What? Where'd she go?

I don't know, she

had her gun and she went out.



You saw a gun?

Yeah, we're reduced
to lab notes, but, urn,

I've uploaded what we
had left of, uh, the viruses

- we were working on.
- I have them.

I see you've been trying
to engineer your own vectors.

Wow, Rachel, I thought
you were more into corporate power

than hard science.

As you know, I have
a long perspective on our ailment.

Scotty, look who wants
to be on the team.


Hello, Scott. How are you?

She stabbed us in the back.

I'm not working with her.

She even cheats at Agricola.


Sorry, Susan. If you wanna move forward,

Rachel's out.

You know what, Ira, you can leave too.

All right.
If that's what makes you comfortable.

You can't afford to exclude us, Cosima.


A musical?

Yes, we have
the rehearsal tonight.


Donnie, sweetie, they make you
wear one of those horrible things?

Honey, just be cool, okay?

You the lawyer?

- Hmm?
- You the... You the...

- Oh!
- You the lawyer?

Oh, yeah.
I'm kind of a stopgap, but, yeah.

She's Felix's sister, Adele.

Felix has a sister?

Just... just don't think
about it right now.


How much does she know?

I don't need to
know anything just yet, okay?

Nothing that might incriminate you.

All right, Donnie, gonna give
you a little jail house 101.

- Oh, yeah, I think I could use that.
- Okay.

Uh, while you're inside, you do...

While you're inside,
you do not talk to the police. Okay?

You don't talk to the people
in the common areas

and you don't talk to your celly.

All right? The only people you should
be talking to are Alison and me.

- Okay?
- Got it, yeah.

In the meantime,
we're gonna be collecting affidavits

from community members and friends.

I mean, the bail hearing
is basically about

just proving you're not a flight risk.

See, we're in good hands.


What's so important?

I think Siobhan's about to do
something rash.

In the car.

Okay, so how rash?

Like, you know,
take out the cop who killed her mum.


She's got a rifle.

I think that's what she's up to.

She's gonna make everything worse.

No matter how bent Duko is,
she can't go killing a cop.

I know, I should've seen it coming.
It's some black Irish shit.

You know, revenge first,
consequences later.

Okay, okay. I'll talk to someone
who I can trust on this.

We'll find 'em.

'Cause you got arrested on a Friday,

your bail hearing's
not gonna be until Monday.

- Monday?
- Mmm-hmm.

It is a classic dick move
cops pull to sweat someone.

That way they can hold you
for two days without charge.

I don't know
why they have it in for us.

Well, that's what we'll find out
when we go to the bail hearing.


You guys have bail, right?

Adele, can I just talk
to my wife for a second?

- Yep, yep, sure.
- Thank you.


Do you see that guy over there?


Do you see that guy over there?

Don't look! Don't look.

He's a Neolutionist.

They put him in here with me.

Oh, Donnie...

Be cool, okay?

Stop telling me to "be cool"!
I'm not cool!

I know that, but you just...

He said he's here to keep an eye on me.

Oh, God, Donnie.

Oh, Lord.

Sweet baby Jesus.

I'm not gonna make it
two more days in here, Alison.

Donnie, I know who's done this.

It's this detective.
He showed up after you were arrested.

Duko. He's behind all of it.

Are you serious?

No, no, that's okay.

Yeah, yeah, thanks, Raj.

Duko is fully AWOL,
turned off the GPS in his car.

So how are we gonna find him?


- Mrs. Hendrix.
- What do you want?

Let's not make this about me.

So how's Donnie?

Oh, thank God.

- S, where the hell are you?
- Doesn't matter.

What matters is I think
I know how Evie Cho

is gonna try and get to us.

Why is Neolution
harassing my husband?

Donnie's innocent.

You know what, this has got nothing to
do with you and Donnie.

You're just caught in the crossfire.

And the people I work for
would be more than happy

to let you and your family

live your lives.

But what do they want?

I think you know.

We all know who the real fly
in the ointment here is.

I don't know why
they don't just leave Sarah alone.

She's not a threat to Neolution.

Not my call.

I just need to find her.

Well, I don't know where she is.

I don't.

Jail's not a good place

for a sensitive man like Donnie.

I don't know how long
he can survive in there.


So you just have
a little think about it, okay?

Where would you find Sarah?

The location.

And I'm gonna get back
in touch with you real soon.

Son of a biscuit!

- Shit!
- Alison?

Are you, uh... You all right?

- Let me... Let me help you with this.
- I'm sorry.

I don't know what came over me.

Oh, well, I do.

You see, I... I was there
when he was arrested, remember?

Come on, Ali.

So how is Donnie doing?

He's fine.
Very comfortable in orange.

You and Donnie are
stalwart members of our congregation.

But recently I... I feel like

you've begun to take your...
Your faith for granted.

Reverend, the... The...

The police and the arrest,
that was all

a huge misunderstanding.

Was it?

I'm sure the children who witnessed it
are gonna be just fine.

You know, with proper therapy.

All I know, Ali, is you've got a secret

laying heavy on your heart,
and I can help you.


It's an impossible situation,
no one can help.

Just... just try me.

What if

someone asked you to do something

and if you did it,

then you would protect someone you love,

but hurt someone else
that you care about?

Is Donnie one of those people?

Donnie's your husband, Ali.

You made a vow to love
and protect him right...

Right here in this very church.



You know, this might be
one of the questions that...

That only the Lord can answer.

So... So what you do is you...

You open yourself up, and

let Him guide you.

Okay, so...

I'm gonna leave the two of you
alone now.

Alison might be uptight, paranoid
and occasionally delusional,

but she's not a rat, you guys.

We didn't say she was a rat,
we said she was being squeezed, maybe.

- What if she cracks?
- She trusts you.

Just... just check in with her.

See if she'll confide something.

- Wear that.
- No, wear that.

Piss off, both of you!

Go spy on your own bloody sister.

Remember, I've got Adele
trying to help her.


Oh, bugger.

- Hello, Alison, everything all right?
- Yes, yes.

Um, where's Sarah?

Um, why?
What's happened?


Felix, could you come by
the church today?

It's rehearsal and I, um, need you.

Sure, yeah, I can come right now.

Okay, thank you.

See, the vectors that we
engineered seemed hopeful.

But it... It took us months
to come up with even those few.

And you had success
with the initial testing?

One of our big problems
is we can't get Cosima's cell population

to grow past the lag phase.

And I'm not even sure
we're using the right viruses.

You've used both

retro and adenoviruses.

- Have you tried naked DNA?
- Have you seen our lab?

We have major trouble
controlling contamination.

Still, it's remarkable
what you've achieved with so little.

I assume that you've used
Kira's cells again?

Yeah, they were helpful
in a few attempts, but

the father's contribution to her DNA

takes them way too far
from the LEDA genome.

Whereas with the original stern cells,

we could induce
from any direction we want.

Embryonic stern cells.

What if we created a blastocyst?

The ball of cells would contain
all the stem cells we need.

We'd need fertilizable LEDA eggs.

And CASTOR sperm from Ira.

Where are you gonna get the eggs from?


Sarah and I
will be right by the phone.

If it looks like Alison
is playing ball with Duko,

we have to cut and run.



Hey, this is MK.


- I found something.
- What have you got?

I went spear fishing on Duko.

Your detective receives payments
from a Brightborn shell

to an account in the Caribbean.

He hid it well, but I found it.

That's good,
Art will love that. What else?

There's worse.

Much more damning.

He's dangerous, Sarah.

I'll e-mail you what I found.

We'll take whatever we can get, MK.


Thank you.

I didn't know if you'd let me back in.

Me neither.

Uh, talk soon, yeah?

After the way she left
last time, why did she come back?

I don't know.

God, what we don't know
about MK could fill a library.

What is happening to me?

Five, six,
seven, eight... Okay.

No, we... No, no, no.

We can't both enter from the same side.

I thought that's what you said
we should do.

- There you go.
- Yes, but then I saw

- how stinky it was and we...
- Okay, okay.

- I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm just...
- Do you need a minute, hon?

Yes, yes, I'm gonna do my face.


Oh scheisse, Felix.


So what is going on, darling?

What's wrong? You look terrified.

No, no, but, yes...

But I just feel
so out of the loop.

What... What's everybody doing?

I... I haven't heard
anything from Sarah.

Oh, I thought that maybe
there was something wrong with Donnie.

No, just jail.

And how are you? How's Alison doing?

- Any more police or anything like that?
- What do you mean? No, no.

Oh, okay. I just thought
maybe they'd be investigating

or, you know, looking for evidence.

Finding out who Donnie might know...

I wouldn't tell them.

Of course not, no.

I know that you know
to keep things close to the vest.

- Yeah?
- Mmm-hmm.

Sarah's just thinking
that maybe this Detective Duko

might be coming after you
or for Evie Cho.

Oh, she's probably forgotten
all about us.

Urn, is everything okay?

- Yep, I just have to do something.
- Oh.

Look, I know that you're under
a lot of pressure.

But you need to keep strong, okay?

Of course.

Your sisters are there for you.


Sarah is there for you.

- Hello, Alison...
- Oh.

I don't know where Sarah is.

I understand.

These are, uh, decisions of the heart.

Here's someone who might be
able to help you with that.


Ali, honey?

Oh, Donnie.

Donnie, are you okay?
What... What's wrong?

You remember that Neolution guy?

He's in my cell.

With a shank.

- A what?
- A shank.

A shiv, it's what we call
a knife in here.

It's a sharpened toothbrush, okay?


He says if you don't tell them
what they want to know,

he's gonna stick it in my brain

through my eye.

Oh, Donnie. Donnie?

It's your choice, Alison.

It's up to you.

Sarah will be at a comic book shop
called The Rabbit Hole tonight.



If that's true,
I'm gonna call the psycho back.

Donnie's gonna be fine.
He's gonna be out of there on Monday.

But if it's not true,

you have to say a little prayer.

Duko's call's not coming.

Looks like the wife
is hanging you out to dry.

♪ Every time I look at you
I don't understand

♪ Why you let the things you do
Get so out of hand

♪ You'd have managed better
If you'd had it planned

♪ Why'd you choose such a backwards time
And such a strange land?

If I come today..

♪ I could have reached a whole nation

♪ Israel in 4 BC...

Still no call, Donnie.

♪ Don't you get me wrong
♪ Don't you get me wrong

♪ Don't you get me wrong, now
♪ Don't you get me wrong

♪ Don't you get me wrong

♪ Don't you get me wrong, now
♪ Don't you get me wrong

♪ I only want to know
♪ I only want to know

♪ I only want to know, now
Only want to know

♪ Only want to know
♪ Only want to know

♪ I only want to know

♪ Jesus Christ

♪ Who are you?
What have you sacrificed?

♪ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ

♪ Who are you?
What have you sacrificed? ♪

Can I help you?

Had any other, uh,
customers in the last while?

Slow day. Just you.

Whatcha got there? 0&0?

Who's in your party?

Uh, a tenth level paladin,
a twelfth level thief,

and a half-elf cleric
named Albus Dimpledots.

You could run a hell of a campaign
with a party like that.

Unless someone were to roll up a dragon.

Not some wyvern
or some pansy-assed wandering reptile,

but a real-life adamantite.

White hot fire-breath...

You'd have to be a real
smart player to survive.

Um, I don't know if that...

You a smart player?

Well, he's smarter than you.


It's over, Duko.

Okay, from the top.
Five, six, seven, eight.

♪ Every time I look at you
I don't understand

With feeling, Alison!

♪ Why you let the things you do
Get so out of hand

Come on!

♪ You'd have managed better
If you'd had it planned

♪ Why'd you choose such a backward time
And such a strange land?


End of the row, Mr. Hendrix.


It's me. Stand down.
We're calling it off.

Today's your lucky day, Donnie.

There, doesn't that feel better?

Doing right by the poor Hendrixes?

She set me up.

Yeah, I guess genetics
are thicker than water.

Funny how that works.

♪ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ

♪ Who are you?
What have you sacrificed?

♪ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ

He's good.

♪ Who are you?
What have you sacrificed?

♪ Jesus Christ Superstar

♪ Do you think
You're what they say you are?

♪ Jesus Christ Superstar

♪ Do you think
You're what they say you are?

♪ Yeah, tell me

♪ Tell me, Jesus

♪ Oh, why should I die?

♪ Oh, tell me

♪ Too much heaven
Heaven on their minds, whoo

♪ Why, why should I die?

♪ Yeah

♪ Are you what they say you are? ♪


I don't see what
you're gaining here, Art.

And you know where this is going.

I'm afraid so.

You're gonna want to tell us
what Evie Cho's next move is.

That would not be
healthy for me in any way.

I guarantee you
the alternative is less pleasant.

You think torturing me
is gonna change anything?


You both should leave. It's my time now.

Art, come on, man. I mean, I...

Come on. I know I crossed the line.

It's dark stuff, but you can't let her
do this to another cop.

I crossed the line, too, Marty.

For Beth.


Jesus. Come on!

Show me a scenario where Evie Cho
stops coming after my family.

Okay, okay.
Look, I'll tell you what I know.

What does Evie want next? Right now!

- Sarah!
- Why?

I don't know, she doesn't like clones?

Sarah's a threat!

It's all coming together for Evie,
you people might interfere.

Don't do it before the question! Jesus!

What's Evie up to, Martin?

She's got approval
for her bot technology,

she's planning on putting
into millions of people,

under the guise of gene therapy.

But what's she really doing?

I don't know.

Remaking man in her own image,
by chopping my balls off?

It's not my end of things!

Jesus! Thank you.

Thank you.


I'll work for you.

Every case we found
with Brightborn connections,

you were the investigator.

You're a corrupt
and mercenary man, Detective.

Subjects murdered,
witnesses disappeared.

They threatened my family.

My little niece.

And paid you well, to your
Cayman account. We found that, too.

They said they'd kill her.

My niece, Meline, is, like, 10.
She has no one.

It's a pretty name.

I had to take that money.
I put it aside for her.

- So she'd be taken care of.
- Exactly.

It's about family.

Oh, I get it.

No, no. No.

- No, no.
- This is for my ma.

No, no, no, no...


Cosima's downstairs.

Sarah, this is big.

We couldn't get my cells
to create a useable culture.

But I figured that
if we match a fertile LEDA egg...

That's the part I don't like. My egg.

With CASTOR, yes.
So totally out of line.

But that's the two parts of
Kendall Malone's biology, re-joined.

So fertilize my egg with CASTOR sperm.

- That's your eureka moment?
- Yeah.

Don't mess with me, Cos.

I'm not. I'm really not.

This is the breakthrough
we've been waiting for.

Is it?

The only problem is we don't have
the resources to do it alone.

Oh, shit, what are you doing?

Cosima's coming here?

I look forward to working with her.
She's a deft mind.

Her proposal's quite elegant, really.

Yes, I'm sure you're very excited
about your contribution, Ira.

Anything for science.

Science isn't everything.

Certainly not Evie Cho's science.

There's still time to stop her.

I want to go back, Mother.

I want to work with Sarah Manning
and the others to restore you

as the head of Neolution.

They need Evie

removed as much as...


Are you all right, Rachel?


Yes, I'm fine.

Are you sure you can work with Sarah?

I look forward to it.

Sarah's fine,
recovering from the procedure at home.

Great. Tell her,
her eggs are airborne.

Oh, man.

I wish you could see this.

I've never been this far north.
It's amazing!

Have you thought about
how insane you are?

Jumping in a chopper
to a mad scientist's private island?

Dude, we are mad scientists.
Don't be a hater.

Now you're really scaring me.

Where's your
sense of adventure, Scott?

I just want you to find a cure.

We will.

Two hundred and sixty new jobs.

The government approvals
have come through.

Then we should act now.

Oh, Donnie.

Thank God.

- I don't wanna screw this up.
- Relax.

We're merely fertilizing

You were right about Brightborn.

It's way worse than I thought.

It's over, Felix.

Hey, Helena!

Oh, Lord!

Hello, Rachel.

This is a bad idea.