Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 3, Episode 9 - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow - full transcript

Clone Club heads to London to track down the Castor Original, but their enemies follow closely.

Why doesn't the psycho go live with one of her other sisters?
Because it's your turn.
What's that thing?
These are my babies.
- Then who are you? - A messenger.
Pretty sure you've got some merchandise that belongs to my boss.
If I want your wife, I'll just take her.
I was sanctioned by Topside.
To conduct a security review of self-aware clones,
not screw our product!
Because they will kill you.
What do you want?
Wow, "Dr Moreau."
- I love this book. - Sorry, um...
Who else knew about the book? Because Castor knew
exactly what they were looking for.
Your resignation is accepted.
You might need this while you're out in the cold.
You're going to translate that, or else we send you back to Delphine.
In London town we all fell down.
Thank you, Rachel.
Sorry to raise any false hopes.
- London. - What do you mean?
Well, the bit Rachel translated points to London.
To the Castor original.
We need to get to him first.
Are we going home?
Not exactly Knightsbridge, is it?
I thought we were meant to be in the old neighbourhood.
My old neighbourhood, chicken, before I took you lot in.
Get walking.
Left foot, right foot.
Works the same this side of the pond.
- Terry? - BARTENDER: At the back, love.
Are we meeting someone already?
No time to waste.
We have to track down Castor, so...
I called an old friend.
20 years ago, he helped to find you.
Siobhan the bomb.
You ain't changed a day.
Sarah, Felix, Terry.
- All right? - Got my message?
Yeah, course I did.
Exact make and model requested.
Consider it my welcome home.
Better get some pints and get into it, then.
Now you're talking.
You three sit tight. I'll be back in a jiff.
You get right down to business, don'tcha?
When we find the Castor original,
there's only one way this can go.
I'm going to kill him.
All fowl have feathers.
Some feathers are brown.
Conclusion, all fowl is brown.
Some poisons are pills.
All pills are purple.
Conclusion, all poisons are purple.
DISTANTLY: All poisons are purple.
True or false?
How long do I have?
Our best cryptographers
are working to crack the Duncan code.
We'll find the original Castor.
Very good.
You are fierce warrior.
You will win this competition.
Oscar says I'm too small.
No, small is good.
Small is a weapon.
You stand this close.
When I hit,
you block.
Then you look me in the eyes...
And you punch. Ack!
I am choking, so you come where I am vulnerable.
Like this. Aah! Ack!
We don't do things like that anymore, remember?
I don't think I'm allowed.
No, of course not.
I am a mother now,
I walk a different path.
So we slipped you out of the orphanage.
- Do you remember that? - Mmm, sort of.
I remember being at your house in the country, and...
Nah, wasn't mine.
Just one of a few places we had back then.
What do you mean, like safe houses?
Where you were, like, hiding fugitives?
Yeah, and a place for Carlton to shag your mother.
- Oh... - What! - No!
- Enough of that. - What was that?
Look, the reason we're here goes back to those days.
I want you to just have a look at this
and see what you make of it.
"In London town we all fell down."
Who you after, bleedin' Mother Goose?
Could be.
I don't know what this other shite is,
but I'll tell you this, this here number
says that this Castor fellow was a guest of Her Majesty's.
What do you mean?
That's a prisoner's number?
Yeah, a lifer. Long stretch.
See, only the old geezers have this kind of tag.
They changed the numbering system in the '80s.
Reckon you want a name for this bloke, yeah?
We want a name, and as soon as you can get it.
I'll talk to a mate, see what I can find out.
Shouldn't take long.
Oh, hi!
Could you just put that on the table there
with all the other stuff?
Goodness, I think I will need a few more of these.
Oh, Gracie! Before you go.
The body butter recipe is on...
Is on the bulletin board over there, and please, please,
could you go in today and make sure...
Actually, Mrs Hendrix,
I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon.
Oh, of course. Yes, take the day off.
- Thank you. - Good.
OK, that's...good, so where is my husband?
Where is Donnie?
Hi, honey.
Sorry, I got up early to go for a run.
Oh! You didn't come to bed last night.
You know what, my... My stupid sinus
was whistling again, so I decided to just
sleep on the couch. Ow!
'Are you all right?'
Yeah, no, I'm fine. I think I just, um, pulled a hammy.
OK, but please, please, go by the store today.
I am on the trail all day
'and we're short-handed, OK?'
Yeah. Yeah, I'm on it.
'Thank you!'
Love you. Hello?
Oh, God.
So I'm thinking
huevos rancheros at the counter.
Uh... What? What was that?
You just quit your job,
so I'm buying extra salsa for you.
I can't, actually, today.
I've got all this, um... Paperwork...
..exiting clause bullshit.
- Is everything OK? - Mm-hmm.
You feeling OK? Give me your forehead.
Yeah, no, I'm fine, I'm fine.
I just gotta go.
I'll call you later, OK?
We're closed.
OK, yeah,
all right, OK, I hear you.
Come in.
That looks like it hurts.
You should see the other guy.
I did.
He said you jumped him.
Jason Kellerman? No!
I may have pushed him a little,
provoked him. We...we... We had words.
Come on! What are you doing?
Please, I-I just...
I just put that back.
Where're the pills?
What? Why?
Pouchy wants them back.
This is between me and Kellerman.
It's got nothing to do with... Oh, come on!
Kellerman vouched for you to Pouchy.
He doesn't anymore.
You're out.
Look, the pills aren't here,
I swear.
Nitrogen, frozen.
What's this?
I don't know, I've never seen it before.
Looks important.
I'll keep it.
Until you return the entire supply to Pouchy.
Mmm, minty gleam.
I suggest you do it soon.
Dude, this sucks.
Is this all you have? Schnapps?
I don't really entertain much.
Cosima, nothing in here
says Shay is a spy.
Except that she saw the book.
You remember that. Right before Rudy showed up.
And once she asked about Sarah.
I said her name in my sleep, but I don't sleep-talk.
Sleep-talking is creepy as shit.
One thing?
When Rudy showed up,
he knew you were sick again.
Does Shay know that?
Does she know I'm morbidly ill? Yes.
Yep, it came up. Yep.
I'm such an idiot.
- You couldn't have known. - Yeah, well, I should have.
I put everyone in danger. You, Sarah, everybody.
What are you going to do?
I'm going to eat shit.
What's the matter, Felix?
Lost your taste for egg and chips?
No, I'm just going to wait for them to bring me my jellied eel.
I just can't get the image
of you and Carlton shagging out of my head.
So that was after
the late John Sadler, I presume.
These boys were all John's friends.
And then after he was killed, they became my family.
And, yes, Carlton was...
..a little bit more than that.
Well done, S.
Oi! S!
Some nerve showing your face around here.
Oi, you geriatric wankers.
Oh, Christy! Kieran!
God love you, Siobhan.
Oh, it's so good to see you!
This is, um...
This is the band.
- Band? - How did you bastards even know I was here?
Trudy called.
She recognised you from the pictures behind the bar.
Your picture's behind the bar?
Course it is. Used to light this place up every Friday night.
- FELIX: - Is that so?
- Oh, my God. - No reason we can't do that again.
There is every reason we can't do it again.
Come all this way just to say no to a song?
- Do it! For us? - Please.
Siobhan, I've got something for you.
Listen, I'm just round the corner,
so ask the barmaid for directions, yeah?
Good afternoon.
You scared the shite outta me.
I thought that you were going to call me
if Siobhan Sadler ever came to town.
We had an understanding.
Yeah, we did. I was just about to.
Well, they just arrived, didn't they?
Siobhan and her two kids.
What's the purpose of this little family holiday?
I don't know.
Sightseeing, I suppose.
Reconnecting with old friends.
# We are backed up
# We are backed up so far
# We are knuckled down
# Buckled under, pushed around
# And torn asunder
# There isn't a day
# I don't love you
# Are we going to get up?
# Are we going to stay on the floor?
# Are we going to get up?
# Are we going to stay on the floor?
# Are we going to get up?
# Are we going to stay on the floor?
# I'm getting up
# I still want more... #
You will tell me what I want to know.
That's a bull's-eye!
Oh, so close.
I'd forgotten how bloody thirsty singing makes me.
It was absolutely amazing, S.
So once we find this Castor original...
Well, then I'll handle it.
Do we really have to kill him?
Castor is sterilising women.
We cannot let that happen.
It's from Terrance.
Gather your brother, we'll head over.
# They say candy is sweet
# But it just can't compete with
# You, baby, ooh
# You've got everything I need
# But nobody can please like you
# You, baby, ooh
# Aaah, aah... #
I'm off to my doctor's appointment.
OK, see you later.
Bye, Helena.
# Baby, nobody but you
# A little ray of sunshine
# A little bit of soul
# Add just a touch of magic
# It's the greatest thing
# Since rock and roll... #
Helena, what are you doing?
Your face is damaged.
I was jogging.
I... Bumped into a post.
I'm just looking for a band-aid.
A post made of fists, I think.
It was nothing. Just do me a favour and don't tell Alison
if she calls. She's got enough on her plate.
Ow, ow.
Shh, shh, shh.
Tch, tch, tch.
We have to fix you.
I will make the pain go away.
And maybe you will tell me some truth.
Now you come to me because now you believe
your girlfriend is a mole for Castor.
I don't know whether she is or not,
but I...
There are things about her that don't line up anymore.
Why should I help?
You resigned.
You said I could never quit Dyad.
You were right.
I screwed up.
I admit it.
We're in this bullshit together
and we both need Castor gone.
What are you not telling me?
That Sarah's in London right now
trying to kill the Castor original.
- Oh, my God. - If Castor did translate the book,
they're going to be right on her heels.
We need to know who gave them that book.
Then leave it with me.
Is it going to hurt?
- Yes. - What?
Now, hold this.
What is it? It smells minty.
This we make in convent
when the nuns beat the demons from us.
Never heard that story before.
You have more interesting stories, Donnie Hendrick.
Drug dealers and money, money, money, money.
Tut, tut, tut, tut.
I should never have gotten involved with Kellerman.
But I lost my job, and Ali really wanted to run for trustee.
You do this for your family.
Now I gotta get us out of it.
I've gotta return the pills and get all our money back.
And they took this tank thingy from under the counter.
My babies?
- Excuse...what? - They took eggs
from inside me,
made them into babies, and put them
frozen in the tank.
I guess I never heard that story either.
Where are they?
I will find them.
No. No, no, no.
I'll get them.
Helena, these are bad people.
And besides, you walk a new path, remember?
Alison won't like this.
I don't care.
It's a dad decision, for the family.
And you're a part of it now.
- SIOBHAN: - Terry?
Oh, sh... Terry!
I'm here, pet, it's Siobhan.
Oh, my God.
I didn't tell him nothing.
- Give me something to stop the bleeding! - Yeah.
They had me... twisted up for years.
Who, love?
I just...
Gave them useless bits...
HE COUGHS ..to keep 'em at bay.
I'm here.
The number.
I didn't tell 'em.
But, pet, you need to know...
Oh, good God.
Is he...
- S. - Mum.
What do we do?
We leave. We go home.
S, we need to find Castor.
We lost our advantage.
He said he found something. What...
Shut it. It's not a debate. We are done.
Come on, she's right. We gotta go, OK? Let's go.
Get back to the pub.
I'll take care of this. Just wait for me there.
Do not move until I get there.
What did he... What did he find?
Felix, will you get her out of here?
Let's go. Come on. Sarah.
Bloody hell! Let's go!
We're not going back.
Did you not see the dead man back there?
Yes, which means they're getting closer.
All the more reason for us to get to the bottom of this shit.
Where the hell did you get that?
Terry said he found sommat, right? So...
Terry's dead, Sarah.
If we call his people, we'll find out what it was.
Look, look, two...
Two times this number was called today.
I don't care! I don't like this.
You should have given that to S.
- Shh, shh. - MAN: 'What you want now?'
Uh... I need to see ya.
'Who is this?'
It's Siobhan.
You gotta be kidding me.
'Where are you?'
A few blocks east of the Bayonet.
'In the square, in an hour.
'I'll send someone.'
That doesn't sound ominous at all.
You don't have to come.
Yeah, I do.
'Cause I need to know you're safe!
I don't like this. We should be doing this with S.
Then go back to the pub and wait for her there.
And miss our clandestine meeting with a dangerous thug?
I need to figure out what's going on.
And what's going to happen when he figures out
that you're not who you said you are?
- Oh, that's bloody brilliant. - Yeah, you got a better plan?
You Siobhan?
Come on, then.
This is place?
Yup, this is place.
I'll be right back.
Senhor Pouzihno.
Good to see you again.
I don't know what, uh, Jason Kellerman told you,
but we had a bit of...
Actually, you know what, it doesn't matter.
So, this is everything that we got from you.
Keep the bins, esta' tudo bem.
I just really need
that tank back.
I thought you didn't know what it was.
It's private, OK?
All right, you know what?
It's fertilised embryos.
My wife and I are having a little trouble...
A sua arma esta' vazia.
I'm sorry, what? My gun...
Oh, I get it.
Empty gun, shooting blanks.
Yup! That's me.
I just need that back, and also if you could
see it in your heart,
Mr Pouzhino, to reimburse us
for the pills,
We'd be all squared away.
It's the wife.
Honey, I said to wait in the car.
You were taking a long time.
I came to check up...
What's up with your voice?
I have a cold.
Yeah, yeah. It's one of those really bad ones
that messes with your... syntax. You know what?
Why don't you just save your voice, honey,
because Luisa here is going to give us the tank back.
Oh, so,
Mr Pouzhino.
What about that refund?
You wash my money.
There's no refund, Mr Hendrix.
You work for my uncle now.
Honey, we better go. We have your eggs.
Come on.
Hey, don't even think about
getting back into business.
We know where you live.
We know where Oscar and Gemma go to school.
Did you threaten babies?
Alison, honey, let's go.
Let's just get outta here, OK?
Alison! No! Ali, no! No!
Open the door! Stop!
You should not threaten babies.
Helena! Helena! Don't do this!
What are you doing here?
You expected someone else?
That's cute. Are you alone?
That's none of your business, and you can't just...
What is this?
I don't think Cosima's coming back.
Sit down!
Take off your shoes.
What? Why?
Take them off or they will.
We're going to have a conversation.
And you're going to tell me...
Sarah, why are we stopping here?
Out with you, come on.
I said come on, didn't I?
Hey, hey, hey! God. Wait! Jesus...
We're going to have a nice little chat, OK?
Hey, that's enough! You leave him alone!
I'll let him go when you start talking.
And don't even think about
pulling that gun out of your pants
or I'll snap this little tosser's neck.
- You're the one that we called, then. - Yeah.
And you're not bleeding Siobhan, are you? So talk.
I'm Sarah. Right?
He's Felix.
We belong to Mrs S, to...to Siobhan.
We're her foster kids.
Sarah Manning?
Yeah, yeah.
You know me?
Yeah. I helped to track you down 20-odd years back or so.
I moved you about from place to place.
You're Kassov.
Where the bloody hell is your mum?
She... She wanted Terry
to help her find that prisoner.
- You helped him. - Yeah, what of it?
We need to know what you found out.
Friend of mine in the parole service sent me that.
Geezer's name is Malone.
Went in in '78.
Kendall Malone.
Aggravated homicide.
Paroled 2007.
There's an address on here, it's current.
Will you take us there?
Yep, it's great, Ali, yeah.
Uh... Gracie is at the doctor's, I think, and, um... yeah,
yeah, I got it.
Honey, I gotta go.
Helena, what did you do?
I got refund.
We should go now.
Get in the car. Get in the car!
I don't know how many times I have to tell you, I don't know what you're talking about.
I'm not a corporate spy,
Jesus, I've only been to your stupid lab once.
You know, for someone of your income,
the lease on this place is quite expensive.
It's none of your concern how I pay for things.
If the money comes from Castor it is.
From who?
Where is Cosima?
This is why she was acting so weird this morning.
You've gone all "single white female" on her.
Delphine, why are you doing this?
This is a bit more than we were owed.
I do not think they will be coming back for change.
Uh... You might want to shower before Alison comes home.
Yes, I will do this.
Thank you for saving my babies.
- ALISON: - Oh, Donnie, there you are.
You wouldn't believe the day I had.
What happened to your face?
Well, um...
The good news is we've come into some money.
Like, a lot of money.
- Oh, my God. - Yeah.
You know, when I was at boarding school,
there was a girl I knew...
Very well.
And she attempted suicide.
She slit her wrists in the bathtub.
But it wasn't enough.
She should have cut the metatarsal arteries
n the top of her feet too.
'Cosima? It's Gracie Johanssen.'
Oh, hey, Gracie. What's up?
I just...
I just wanted to say thank you.
You were...
You were very kind to me, and, um...
Please tell everyone that I'm really sorry.
What's going on?
'They told me that I could help save Mark.'
Oh, my God, it was you?
I'm sorry.
They told me we could be together.
I love him.
Scott, I made a huge mistake.
Jealous bitch.
You're crazy.
Tell me everything.
I don't know who Castor is.
I'm not working for anybody, OK?
What is it?
'Hey, how's it going?'
Wonderful, I'm...
'kind of busy. What do you need?'
Uh, I'm sorry, but the thing I said about Shay,
it wasn't her. It wasn't her who... who took the book.
Do you think someone followed us?
I don't know.
It looked like there was someone with us a ways back,
but I lost 'em, didn't I?
Now, then.
That's the place, that one there.
Whatever you're looking for,
you better get on with it.
- Thank you. - Yeah.
It's looking like old man Castor's sound asleep.
That will make this easier.
Jesus Christ.
You're really going to go in and kill an innocent old man?
You stay on the lookout.
You call me if anything happens.
I'll be here.
Pissing my pants.
Sorry, mate, ain't taking fares.
I'm sure you'll make an exception.
Hello, Ferdinand.
'I won't keep you,'
but you'll never guess
who I've been traipsing around London after.
Sarah Manning.
Now who's been keeping secrets from Topside?
'Last time I saw her, she was locked up at Dyad with you.'
Well, maybe we should talk.
Smooth things out between us.
Balance out some of the leverage you had on me over Rachel.
Why don't you come visit the institute?
'Good idea.'
What are you doing in my house?
- Easy. - You an addict? Bleeding junkie!
No, no, I'm looking for someone.
I will sever your spine!
Where you going? Where you going?
I'm not going to hurt you!
Can you use that thing, little prat?
That's the question.
I'm looking for Kendall Malone.
Well, you got me.
You're Kendall Malone?
Put the gun down, Sarah.
Put it down, love.
Hello, Mother.
This is the prisoner we're after?
- Your mum? - Yeah, she is.
Sent down for killing my John.
John Sadler was a drunk and a pikey
who plucked you from the cradle.
I was 17 and done with you by 12.
I didn't know the prisoner number was hers until Terry told me.
Uh...wh-where's Castor?
I'm wondering the same thing.
Tell us, Ma.
Why would Professor Duncan send us to you?
I knew this would come up one day.
I was just hoping I'd be dead.
I swear, Ma,
you'd better start talking.
Duncan came through Newton testing the inmates.
Cancer research, he said,
but I knew it wasn't.
He did round after round, men and women,
looking for a viable donor.
And he found one, yeah? A male donor?
Oh, he found his male.
Just not where he expected.
Well, who was it? Did you know him?
Oh, I know him well.
He's me.
What the hell are you talking about, Ma?
I'm special, you see.
Absorbed a male twin in the womb when I was formed.
I got two cell lines, me.
Oh, my God.
She's the Castor original?
How's that possible?
Hell of a twist of nature, isn't it?
Shit. Shit, shit, Sarah, come on.
Time to go.
What are you doing?
We need to destroy every shred of DNA in this house.
We can't leave a trace of her.
Oh, there she goes, threatening to burn my house down again.
Not just the house that has to go.
Jesus, S.
You said it yourself, Sarah.
Castor has to be stopped.
But that's your mum.
This is what it's come to, Siobhan?
Castor and Leda are...
are siblings, S.
- So what? - So if your mum has
two cell lines, that means that she's our original, too.
We need her.
She's Leda.
Why didn't you tell me you're in the military, Shay?
I'm going to give you one chance at a deal.
That's not how it's going to work.
- Five minutes max, kiss babies. - Mm-mm.
Who's keeping me here?