Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 3, Episode 8 - Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method - full transcript

Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method Rachel bargains for her freedom with decoding Duncan's Moreau book.

I was, like, way above,

and then I came back.

Her name is Krystal Goderitch.

We intercepted them as
they were forcing her

into the trunk of a car.

You're sterilizing women.

You've done something to me!

You gave her the Castor
pathogen, didn't you?

You're somehow able to fight it off.

It's a weapon.

The science in this room

could rewrite the very nature of humankind.


A vote for Alison Hendrix
is a vote for change.

- Jason kissed me?
- Yeah, he just

came out of nowhere and did it.

I signed.

Bubbles is yours.

My father...

Our secret l... language.

I have a pretty serious health issue.

Oh, my god. Oh, sh...

- What does it say?
- I'll only tell Sarah.

So this guy, he had, like, a wicked scar,

which I was into, for some reason.

It was kind of dark and mysterious

and my relationship
with Hector was open, so,

I thought, whatever, like, this guy's hot.

Nobody dies.

I was, like, so wrong.

That's terrible.

Yeah, I know.

Anyway, so, we get to the room,

and then suddenly I realize there's

another guy in the room
who looks identical to him.

Like, identical.

An identical twin.

I know, right?

Twins are so creepy.

- Mm.
- Yeah! They are, right?

So, anyway, if hotel security

hadn't shown up, I would have been

thrown in the back of a van.

Like, legitimately.

But they didn't have to
kill Hector, you know?


So you're a doctor?

Yes, I have a...

- Wow.
- Family practice, yeah.

Oh, wow!

I really relate to that,

you know? Just the healing arts.

I feel like what I do is quite healing.

I don't know if you
feel that way, you know?

Yeah. But that's just my
gift, and I just feel like,

you know, in spite of everything,

as hard as it is

losing Hector,

you can't crush the human spirit.



Blonde and brunette.
They come through here?

No hablo inglés.

Hermanas, and yeah, you do.

I don't remember any sisters.

To Castor.

Decades of work

incinerated in half a second.

You're lucky to be alive, Doctor.

Without the original genome,

the few boys I have left

will be dead within a year.

Two if we're lucky.

Where's Rudy?

In the field.


I have a source.

Inside Leda.

But I need something from you.

Inside Leda?

How the hell did you manage that?

Castor and Leda.

I've been feeling this for a while.

It's not just two factions, is it?

Who's in charge, David?

Keep your boys alive, Doctor,
and we can all get what we want.

You satisfied?

Yes. In fact,

it's the... the best
manicure I've ever had.

And she's rationalized
her brush with Castor.

Krystal Goderitch is...

still naive.


Not one to pierce the veil, is she?


And where are you with her new monitor?

Uh, there are three candidates vying.

We'll see which one she picks.


You and I have a...

problem closer to home.

How's Rachel progressing?

Well, her mobility is not looking good,

but her aphasia's improving,

and she still has value.

Does she?

All I know is that she's a liability.

We can't keep her around indefinitely.

I'm fine, Sarah.

It was scary and gross,

yes, but not a major episode.

I'm just worried about you.

I am not the patient here, okay?

You're the one who's been through hell.

Well, Coady seemed to know that I was gonna

beat that pathogen.

Maybe she suspected that
you were functionally immune.

It's a... it's a prion disease,

like mad cow, a twisted protein

that misfolds other proteins,

but y... you don't have the
protein that it corrupts.

So use me, then.

As... as treatment for your relapse.

Well, that's not... that's
not really how it works.

And anyway, it's not a relapse, okay?

It's... it's a trend, it's totally...

plottable and expected.

Delphine has teams that are

working on gene therapy.
We'll know something soon.

Where are you?

Oh, a...





Do I have to answer to you, as well?

No, of course not.

Is it good?


Yeah, it's what I need right now.

Hey, what about you?

Let's talk about what you need.

I need a way forward.

I feel like we've been on our back foot

against everybody, and I'm sick of it.

And I keep thinking...


I keep thinking about Beth.

Finishing what she started.


It's a lot.

I think about her, too.

I just can't lose another one of us.


Hey, look at me.

You haven't lost anyone yet.

I gotta go. Um,

but if you do want a way forward, Sarah,

just call Scott.

We've been holding back
something really big.

Okay? Bye.

- Hey.
- Hi.

We're not taking in Helena, too, all right?

We already hired the Amish girl.

She's Prolethean, and she and Helena

are a package deal.

Helena just got out of a
rendition prison, Donnie.

We need to play our part.

Alison? She's crazy-pants.

Yeah, but she's good with kids.

She just needs a bit of socializing

and to be taught a couple of life skills.

You could say that, I guess.

Do you like pink or purple, Helena?

This one is very soft, pleminnytsya.

What's that thing?


This is a secret.

These are my babies.

I kept them at Uncle
Felix's to keep them safe.

You're silly.

Why doesn't anyone listen to me?

- What?
- We are selling soap

with Helena. She's
going to help us make it.

That is it.

That doesn't answer my question, Alison.

Why nobody listens to you?

No... no. Why doesn't
the psycho go live with

one of her other sisters?

Because it's your turn,
and if you don't do it,

then I'm going to tell everyone
that you're awash in pills

and you're in bed with the Portuguese mob.

There's no need to blackmail, Felix.

Yes! Yes, blackmail!

- I'm not onboard with assassin boarders.
- Mom!

Thank you, Sestra Alison.


Such beautiful clothes.


She fits right in.

Looks good, doesn't she, Donnie?

Uh... Yeah.

One more time. In...


Corpse pose.



You know anything about
near-death experiences?

Why, have you had one?

I had something.

Well, I have a theory.

Before we leave this life, we...

see what we love.

I mean, like, pit of the soul,

"can't live without it" love.

And if it's strong enough...

sometimes we find our way back.

Are you done corpsing out?

'Cause you're already late for work.

Give you a ride in the bug.

I should show you the secret lab.

Can I meet the genetic mutants?

Yeah, but you won't survive it.

- Oh, no!
- Hmm.

Well, he gave that to Kira.

Whatever it says, Duncan
wanted us to have it.

And only Rachel can read it?

And she won't,

until she talks to you.

She talks now, does she?

Delphine doesn't know anything about this?

Cosima doesn't trust her, but I don't know.

It's all drama with those two.

Maybe we should trust her.

No, no, no, no. She
might give it to Topside.

If this is Duncan's key to everything,

to your synthetic sequences or whatever,

then they could use it to
restart the human cloning.

Right? So we need to know

what it says, and then we can decide.

Which means I have to
talk to bloody Rachel.

You're improving.

How unfortunate.

Yeah, she's already got

a house goat and milking stool.

I didn't mean that.

I'm a threat... to her.

And how did you deal with threats,


when you were in my position?


Looking good, Rachel.



What... what's this book say, then?

My... my book.

But your father didn't
leave it for you, did he?

He killed himself instead
and left it for Kira.

So we would cooperate.

She thinks Delphine

is going to eliminate her.

I translate...

Book. My... my book,

and you...

Take me out of here.

She wants a quiet life...

in Taiwan.

You can't disappear twice, can you?

Dead women don't pass customs.

Krystal Goderitch.

Who's that?

She's Leda, isn't she, Rachel?

The one that Castor was after.


Her monitor is...


Get me I.D.

Sorry, you want me to
steal Krystal's identity

and get you out of Dyad?


How do I know you can even read that book?

She's translated the page I gave her.

What's it say, then? Are we in it?

No, it's a...

Nursery rhyme?

"In London town

we all fell down"...

And Castor woke from slumber.


We need to know what's inside that book.

That's the end of it.


Oh, hello, luv.

Will you, um,

grab your things and we'll
head over to the Hendrix's?

All right?

You want to free Rachel

over a nursery rhyme, coded
in "Dr. Moreau," about Castor.

That's one page of it, S.

There's gotta be something
about us in there,

and it could save Cosima.

Or Duncan could be off his rocker,

or Rachel could be full of shite.

There's only one way to know.

Scott says he and Cosima

can get Rachel out of Dyad.


Something to do with his gaming group.

I don't know, it's...

Okay, good, so Krystal
is 350 kilometers away.

We leave right now and
we can be back by tonight.

Whoa! Did I just get
seconded into this shit?

If you spring Rachel from Dyad,

you will destroy this
alliance with Delphine.

She's the only person standing
between you and Topside.

I don't give a shit if
Delphine's pissed off.

We'll know what it says, and
she'll have to work with us.

Right? Give him the keys.

The book might only be about Castor.

Why bring it into play?

The Castor boys are mayflies.

I'm not gonna sit on my hands
and wait for them to die, S.

Is Mark a mayfly, too?

Sorry, Gracie.

But for what it's worth,

he was different from the rest of them.

I'll, um...

I'll walk you to the bus, luv.

If we're gonna go road tripping

to steal some poor clone's identity,

then I've only got one demand.

I get to choose the music.

Chill zone, over here.

Um, protein modelling server over there,

as I'm sure you're aware.

Uh, fumigation hood, for...

A little of that.

- Oh, and Scott.
- Hi.

Hi, Scott.

He... he loves lesbians.

Oh, he does?

Well, I...

can I sequence your genome?

Uh... thank you.

Um, but I draw the line at sharing
that information with a corporation.


Seriously, right?

You got my text?


And if Sarah's ready, then I'm ready.

Dude, you rock "Rune Wars"?

I play this game with
my brothers all the time.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Cosima shreds at it.
I've got a gaming group.

Bit of a sausage-fest,

but maybe you'd like to...

Oh, wow. "Dr. Moreau."

I love this book.

Sorry, um...

Scott's really anal about his stuff.

- Okay, sorry.
- Sorry.

Hello again, Shay.

I got her a visitor's pass, so...

Cosima was just showing me around.

It's fine. Um...

But I need to speak with you.


- I'll go, babe.
- No, no no no. No.

Stay. You don't have to go.

It's all good.

All right, then. This is about

the sequencing issue we have
with the European trials.

Okay, yeah. It's...

Work stuff, sorry.

Work, work, work.

I'll show her out.

You know, my security
concerns, they're not jealousy.

I'm French. We enjoy lovers.

Wow, okay.

Look, can we just put our minds together

like we used to

and leave the crazy science out of it?

- Sure.
- Good.


this isn't good news.

It can get pretty thick,
so you really gotta

put your back into it.

Sestra Alison has good taste.

- Yeah, well, she's very crafty.
- In men.



You have meat on your bones.

You are strong like baby ox.

This I like.

It's not usually this
thick when Ali does it.

So maybe we need two baby ox.

You are funny man, Donnie Hendrix.

That's very kind of you.

Why don't you try?


Be very careful, it's hot.

I gotta talk to my wife.

"Two babies."

Alison, we need to
finish talking about this.


You made me lose my place.

What? Helena's fine.

It's not... Helena.

Jason Kellerman kissed you.

Donnie, he kissed Cosima.

He thought it was you.

It wasn't me!

He thought it was, and maybe

you would have kissed him back.

Donnie, this is...

I'll talk to him.

I'll talk to him! I'll
clear this up so that he's

no longer under whatever misconception

he's laboring under.

Have a nice day.

Look who's here!



Are you ready for your first big day?

Yes. Thank you, Mrs. Hendrix.

Hello, Helena.


It's nice to see you.

You look so different.

So do you.

Helena, I'm...

I'm sorry I lost our baby.

It's not your fault.

You will be auntie to my baby, yes?

I would like that.

Thank you.

Just think, Sarah.

Had you finished high school,
that could have been you.

So this is simple identity theft, yeah?

We need to get her I.D.
and her accounts to Rachel,

so just get her wallet.

And S will make a passport

if it's not there.

Yes, got it.

Can you hear me?

Shit! Yes. Holy...

Good. Um, you know how to
get her passcodes, yeah?

You're not the only hustler in the family.

I promise you,

she'll never pick me out of a line up.

Make sure she stays naive.

Felix? We don't need anyone else

in Clone Club, and she
doesn't need this shit.

Here we go.

This is what happens when
you hang out with a guy...

that's my problem,
that's what I'm not doing.

Oh, hello.

Hi, there.

- Hey.
- How you doing?

- Good, you?
- Good.

I got an appointment with Krystal.

Hear she does a mean mani-pedi.

A man who cares for his extremities.

That's hot.

Come. Yeah.


Denise baby?

I'm home.

Hello, Scott.

Do you know who I am?



You have a very extensive
Sci-Fi collection, Scott.

Thank you.

You think I could, uh, borrow a good book?


Denise has feline asthma.


Well, I was going to call
on your friend Cosima,

but I hear she's not doing well either.

Do you think I'd like...


Probably. It's classic.

A little too heady. Is
that what you're telling me?

No. Go ahead, take it. Take
the "Foundation" trilogy.


there is, um, one title in particular

that I'm interested in.

A very special edition of H.G. Wells.

"The Island of Dr. Moreau."

I couldn't even. I still can't.

You know, identical twin abductors?

How freaky is that?

Poor Hector.

And I saw the guy with the scar

stab the hotel security
guard in the throat!


I'm sorry.

I, like...

I have nobody left to talk
to, so I just kind of...

talk to everybody.


Is that okay?

Yeah, I'm a good listener.

Yeah, I can tell.

It's just been very, like,

damaging for my psyche.

- Mm-hmm.
- My biggest fears are literally

twins and clowns.


Clones? Clowns.

Clow... clowns.


No, clones are worse. Twins.

Twins, way worse.

- Totally.
- Terrifying.

Hey, steady on, Fee.


- So what do you paint?
- What?

I can see flecks under your nails, so...

it's a dead giveaway.

Uh, houses.


I'm pretty good with my tools.

I bet you are.

Wow, Fee,

you don't have to shag her,

just get her info.

Hey, um, have you even played this game?

It's called what's your porn name.

No, but can it be anything,

like, bitch mistress of Cumalot?

- No.
- No?

It's your first pet's name,

plus your mom's maiden name.

Oh, okay. Um...

Muffins Slowikowski.


- It's good?
- Yeah, that's pretty sexy.

It's dirty. It's dirty

'cause it's not, you know?


All right, try to get a
school name or something.

Are you all right?



You sure?

I don't know, do you ever, like...

do you ever just feel like...

something's not right?

Like... I'm not super-smart,

but I'm not super-stupid, either.

What do you mean?

Like, my boyfriends are
on a two year rotation.

Like, before Hector, there was Craig.

Like two years to the
day, he leaves for Alaska.

And, like,

why do hotel security
guards have submachine guns?

Like, why did the cops just
drop the whole thing so quickly?

I just feel like I'm
missing something really big.

Listen, honey...

Felix, don't.

I have to.

No, no you don't!

You have to what?

- I have to...
- Fee.

Don't tell her.

I have to use the restroom.

- Oh!
- I'm gonna be... I'll be right back.

Okay, and keep...

- Hands up.
- Yeah!

Dude, just get her wallet and get out.

I hate this, Sarah.

I think I'm in the staff room.


Got a couple of lockers.

Of course.

What, did you find something?

Far too much, actually.

Hello, Miss Goderitch.



Sarah, she's... more than suspicious.

She's investigating this shit.

She's starting to piece it together.

Just get out of there.

Get her wallet and leave.

That's enough of this.

Excuse me.

You don't belong here.

Yeah, couldn't agree more.

I thought it was the loo.



Ready for your pedi?

Krystal, I am so sorry. I've gotta bolt.

I, uh... I just forget that I've...

Oh, my god. Okay, I talked too much.

- No! No no no no no.
- No, I did, I did. I just...

everything's kind of on the
front of my brain right now,

and I just like used to trust people

and now I feel like I

have to be paranoid all the time.

Oh, Krystal...

Bloody hell.

Look, darling, there's only one thing

you need to know.

What happened to your voice?


This is my truth voice.


The only thing that you need to know

is that you are one of a kind.

You're a survivor, Krystal.

And you're not alone.

That is the most completely beautiful thing

anyone's ever said to me in,

like, ever.

Now I have to go.

Take care.

Thank you.


I feel like shit.

We just stole this girl's
identity for bloody Rachel.

I know, I'm trying not to think about it.

You know, she's a lot
smarter than you think she is.

She suspects something.

She suspects something big.


Not being able to put your finger on it.

I know that feeling.

Well, let's just get the hell out of here

before we make it worse, okay?

Yeah, good idea.

The European team,
cutting-edge gene therapists.

But Duncan only gave us one
synthetic sequence to work with, so...

So they failed.

She... she died.


It's no surprise,

and so we have no idea how
any of his sequences interact.

Unfortunately for...

"Identity redacted."

Um... she's Polish.

That's all I can tell you.

Cosima, within the next month,

you're going to need another
stem cell treatment from Kira.

I'm not doing that to her again.

I'm not gonna keep harvesting her.


Then let's...

let's think.

How are we going to unlock and identify

the rest of the synthetic sequences?


Sc... Scott, I can't...

slow down.

What is it?

What book?

I'm proud of you, Ali.

I mean, you took this
place and made it yours.

Well, it's essentially the same, but...

But that's not why you asked me here.

No. No.

I thought we should talk about

the campaign mixer and... you know...

You know?

No, I don't.

The kiss.

The kiss.

You want to talk about the kiss?



Or we could just kiss.

No, no, Jason, no. You need to stop this.

- I'm married.
- I know.

Hey, marriage is complicated.

I'm safe.

No one needs to know.

No, no. This is a business
relationship. If this has become

something else in your head...

maybe you're grasping at
something you never had.

I did, though, didn't I?

You need to go.

You need to go.

Okay, Ali.

But the reality now is that
we're all in bed together,

and I know you felt something.

A code from Duncan...

which could be the key to everything.

I'm sorry I called her.

It was Castor. I panicked.

No, it's okay. It's okay.

He had your cat, it's okay.

Oh, it's far from okay.

Now Castor has this code because

you didn't trust what I would do with it?

Did you make a copy of the book?

No. I... no. We thought
it would be safer not to.

Then who else knew about the book?

Because Castor knew

exactly what they were looking for.

Rachel can read it.

You went to Rachel with this?

- How'd it go with Jason?
- Fine.

Fine. It was a
misunderstanding like I said.

- We're on the same page.
- Are you sure?

If he made any trouble...

Donnie, I don't want to hear
anything about this any more.

- Mrs. Hendrix.
- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa.

- Hi.
- I'm sorry.

Helena and I need
some spare sheets.

Oh. You didn't
make up the beds?

- I was a little busy.
- Okay.

I'll show you
the linens closet, okay?

Oh, my god!
Can I help you?

I'm afraid you can, Krystal.

What kind of monster threatens a man's cat?

More importantly, who is the rat

that told Castor about the book?

All I know is Cosima told us to sit tight.

Yeah, but what for? Why?



Rune Wars?

Scott's board game buddy.

He said to give you this.


Of course we made a copy.
We're not complete idiots.


are you sure you want
to go through with this?

Delphine may never forgive you.

I think it's a little late for that.

I will keep her busy.

You get ready to take care of Rachel.

Bloody Rachel.

Sarah, you said you wanted
to move forward, right?

Well, if this book identifies the rest of

Duncan's synthetic sequences, then...

then we hold the key to...
to my cure, to cloning humans.

Us, not them.

Your call, luv.

You showed her one page of the book,

which mentions Castor,

and then all of a sudden,

Rudy shows up?

You tipped them off, didn't you?


She doesn't even have the Internet.

You have nothing to lose.

You'd sell your sisters
off to Castor out of spite.

I should have let you die.

It's Cosima.

She wants to talk.

Come on.

Agricola, Scott?


It's therapy?

Just one hour, and I
want you back in the lab.


You rule.

It's like your game life
has overtaken your real life.

Uh, I think it's more the other way around.

Rachel, Hell-Wizard. Hell-Wizard, Rachel.


I shut down four cameras, which is so cool.

Just make sure you stick
to the security route.

Thanks. Um...

Can you...

can we go faster?

This is top speed.


There's a handi-van on P6,

public parking near the smoker zone.

It's gassed up and good to go.

Do it.

You're resigning?

Effective immediately.



Donnie! Hey.

Hey, Alison texted me to meet her here.

Yeah. That was me.


- I get it.
- No, you don't,

because you thought my wife

would skip out and meet
you in the stockroom.

Just like old times.

These aren't old times. These are my times.

Your times?

You mean "Donnie takes
her last name" times?

I got the ring, Kellerman.

I don't care what you got.

You work for me now, you understand?

If I want your wife, I'll just take her.

Did you just girl-slap me?

You want a slap?

You want a slap fight?

How's that, slap?

How's that, slapper?

You like that, you boat shoe,

chino-wearing bitch?

I may be a bitch, but I'm Alison's bitch.

And you're just a stupid dropout.


You don't quit us.

In here, you have access, you have control.

Out there, what, you're...

just another subject,

but worse.

What could be worse than this?

You're self-aware. Any person, any face,

any love, anyone could be a spy.

Is that a threat?


I'm talking about Shay.

Oh, my god, this doesn't
have anything to do with Shay.


But how are you gonna know without me?

Delphine, if you're not gonna be with me,

if you're not going to switch sides,

let me go.

Careful, she's delicate.

Yeah, delicate like

a spider's web, aren't you, Rachel?

Well done, Scott.

Will you look who's back.

Hello, Sarah.

Krystal Goderitch.

Nice girl.

Worth ten of you.

Yeah, so you better make this worth it,


You're gonna translate that,

cover to cover,

or else we send you back to Delphine.

Thank you.

The day you left for
Frankfurt, I almost died.

I had...

some kind of near-death experience.

And it was so easy.

I could have just slipped away.

But then I had a vision of you.

I came back for you.

Why didn't you tell me?

Because you don't believe stuff like that.

Because we have to move on.

Come here.

Come here.

I'm sorry.

You should have trusted me.

"In London town, we all fell down,"

and Castor woke from slumber.

Find the first, the beast, the cursed.

"The original has a number."

The original?

What's that, the Castor Original?




What's that?

Oh, shit!

- Sarah, the code.
- Shit.

Not wise, Mrs. Sadler.

It's quite the sight you two make.

Thank you, Rachel.

You... filthy...

I'm sorry to raise any false hopes,

but Delphine knew you had a copy.

M... m... my book...

m... my father...

Rachel. Rachel!

She's having some sort of seizure.

Call a medical team.


You assured me she could
handle them moving her.

I'm sorry, I thought she could.

Here's the copy. It's no use without her.

She's the only one who can read it!

Please, I have to get her to surgery.

Should have made two copies.

Yeah. Amateur hour.

Delphine was onto us the whole time.

The stress was too much for her.

She suffered an acute intra-cranial bleed.

I've induced a coma to
control the swelling, but...

she may never recover.

My apologies.

Get back to your patient.

We couldn't give you the book

because if Topside had
gotten ahold of it...


Scott lost the book

because someone close
to you tipped Castor off.

It would have been safer with me.

Where's the copy?


and absolutely useless.

You just cost us the one
person who could translate it.

Your resignation is accepted.

And so is yours.

- But I did...
- You might need this

when you're out in the cold.

Security will see you out.

In London town, we all fell down,

and Castor woke from slumber.

Well, it's not quite Chaucer, is it?


- What do you mean?
- Well,

the bit Rachel translated,
it points to London.

It's our best lead.

It's our...

only lead.

To the Castor Original?

If they find him, then they'll never stop.

We need to get to him first.

- Yeah.
- Bloody hell.

Are we going home?


Dr. Nealon.


I trust you had a...

pleasant journey abroad?

You did well.

Dr. Cormier has no idea you're gone.

Neither does Sarah.

You played them perfectly.

Take care of...


Oh, she's in good hands,

as are you.

You'll wake up with a perfectly
matched prosthetic eye.

You'll be your old self
in the mirror again.

Es ist zeit anzufangen, Ms. Goderitch.

Danke, Doctor.

Thank you, Allen.

She's in your hands now, ma'am.

When we find the Castor Original,

there's only one way this can go.

I'm going to kill him.

♪ Are we gonna get rough? ♪

How much time do I have?

♪ Are we gonna stay on the floor? ♪

Now you come to me because now you believe

your girlfriend is a mole for Castor.

- Ferdinand.
- Good afternoon.

♪ Are we gonna stay on the floor? ♪

Helena, what did you do?