Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 3, Episode 3 - Formalized, Complex, and Costly - full transcript

Leda and Castor are both on the hunt for original clone DNA. On-the-lam, Mark and Gracie pursue new leads to find the samples that might set them free, while Art and Sarah reunite to track ...

- Can I count on your support for school trustee? - I'm thinking of running against you.
- We can't afford a campaign. - We would like to buy your business. - She's the midwife.
You're doing very well, and you're very strong.
- You're not locking Gracie up any more. - Run!
She says they have the same tattoo.
A picture of a two-headed horse.
It was the only way I could see to get you out of Dyad.
- Betray my sister?! - For Kira.
That's not your bloody decision!
- What the hell's going on? - This is Seth.
They wrote down all my information in this little notebook.
And then Seth yanked out a piece of my hair and put it in a bag.
- Mommy! - Duncan had tissue samples of the Castor original.
My people will get you out of the country.
Now we find Helena and we finish this shit.
We should close his eyes.
- Do you want a drink? - Yeah.
OK. S.
S is going to know how to get rid of it.
Either that or someone she knows will.
I'm not asking her for anything else.
Then, fine. I'll ask.
Because I'm going to need a bath after we clean all of this up.
Jesus Christ, what a mess.
- Sarah? We need to talk. - Art, it's not a good time.
- Why'd you talk? - Because he knows me!
Sarah, I got something.
- Yep! - I'm really sick. I've been throwing up for hours.
Open the door!
One second!
One sec! Yeah.
- Hey. - Hey, yourself.
What's going on?
Well, depends. What's with you?
- Hello, Arthur. - Felix.
What's up? What do you need?
Oh that, yeah. That's a new project. That's very fresh.
- What? Art. - Art?
- Hey. - What is that? - Art, do not go in there.
What is that? What...
OK. First off. It wasn't us.
Do you understand the position this puts me in?
We do, Art. But can't you just, like, look away?
It's a dead body, not a bag of weed.
Well, look away, and it too will go up in smoke.
Very professional, nothing on you.
Hey, Art.
Got someone who wants to meet you.
Hi, Art, I'm Cosima. Welcome to Clone Club.
- Shit. - I know, sorry.
I... I knew Beth, I knew what she was going through.
- We really miss her. - Yeah.
Yeah, me too.
Erm, Cos, what's your take on these glitchy bastards?
Cos this one's not talking.
You said they were looking for samples of their original?
That's very interesting.
Yeah, here's Scott.
- Hello, Lieutenant Scotty. - Don't call me that.
No, he's, like, barely a Trekkie,
he only went to Comic-Con, like, once.
- And it's Lieutenant Commander. - Yeah, anyway...?
Dead guy's symptomology sounds like they have a design flaw.
- Yeah, like me. - Only neurological.
Which explains why they need the original genome to find a cure.
But that's just hypothetical, unless...
Unless what, Scooter?
- Don't call me that either. - Unless we examine his brain.
His brain?
OK. Well, chop, chop, then, get over here.
I don't want any part in this.
Sarah, come here.
Do you want to see the body again?
- Yeah. - I really shouldn't be doing this.
You don't have to, you just got back on the job.
Which is how I got a lead on the Prolethean.
You did?
Come inside.
I went to get us breakfast.
Please, don't leave without me.
It was just across the street. The baker had a turban.
He said he makes the best cinnamon buns in the whole county.
Your family will be looking for us, Gracie.
Damn them if they want to ruin our honeymoon.
There's a whole world out there.
- Why are we here? - I told you, we're just laying low.
You sat up again last night.
Why won't you come to bed with me?
It's not a sin.
We're husband and wife.
- I know, I just... - You can share your secrets now.
Hey, say no to bullies, on the board or in the class.
I will speak for your children, so you don't have to.
Hello, Vera!
Could I talk to you about Marci Coates?
She plans to re-zone the district.
And have you seen her lunch proposals? Nothing but starches.
Sorry, I can't...
You don't have five minutes to talk about your kids' education?
Alison, honestly... Someone with your issues handling my children...
Of course. No, I understand.
Er, we have something for you.
From Ramone.
We took over his business.
Bath beads, body lotions, anything you need...
to relax.
- Oh, there you go. - Thank you.
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh! It's 60 now. For the soap.
Though we do offer discounts for referrals.
So...can I count on your support?
Well, tell me about this re-zoning thing?
At the military academy, the other boys did...sex things.
Chased girls.
But not me. I was waiting...
I know this town.
Willard Finch lives here.
We're not just laying low, are we?
I'm not who you think I am.
I told your father that I went AWOL.
But the truth is that... I never left the army.
What do you mean?
It's all about your father. He stole valuable scientific material.
I was assigned to recover it.
We brought you in.
- Trusted you... - Gracie... - All those years.
- I'm sorry. - It was all a lie?
No! Gracie.
We're free of your people, but we are not clear of mine.
I have to find something for them and then...
I can get out.
That's why we're here?
You're looking for something my father stole?
You think Willard Finch has it?
I think that he hid certain things for Henrick.
You had to know your father had secrets...
No, I don't know, I don't know anything!
Don't ask me "What for?", it's personal...
Yes, I'll be back by the end of the day.
Beth couldn't keep still, either.
Well, it just doesn't seem like these people get downtown much, does it?
Yeah, well, they all scattered after Helena torched the ranch.
So the samples that these Castor guys are after...
Yeah. From the original.
Blood slides and skin samples, that's what Cosima said.
So, what...?
You're thinking if you find them first, you can trade Helena for them?
Hey. That's the midwife. Here we go.
Alexis McGann?
Recognise me?
I'm looking for my sister.
I don't know where Helena is. I was cast out because of her.
- I don't give a shit. - What about him?
Mark fled...with Gracie. They betrayed the family.
He's with the daughter? Are they the ones who took Johanssen's truck?
Hey! Look, Johanssen did something to my sister.
What did he do?
She has a special purpose.
What? I don't know what that means. What does that mean?
He harvested her eggs. And she's pregnant with his child.
Helena's pregnant by him?
It's a miracle.
I didn't know he would do it to Gracie too.
- RADIO: - 55, that vehicle was ticketed for speeding in Halton
yesterday at 18:44.
55, roger.
All I regret is breaking bread with abominations.
- Trust me, if Helena's an abomination, I'm much worse. - Hey.
Next time, she'll bite your head off.
I've got to go and do this.
This...child inside me.
You know what it is...
I can't do it alone.
I'll be there for both of you. I swear.
Then, let me help you. Willard Finch is a dangerous man.
If he was hiding something from my father,
- he's not just going to hand it over. - I can take care of myself.
The last thing we need is another violent mess.
You got a better idea?
Hello, Mr Finch.
Remember me?
Little Gracie Johanssen. You really have blossomed.
Yes, sir.
Thank you, Mr Finch.
Just, uh, saying it was...
It was just a damn shame what happened to your daddy.
He was a good man. Your father...
He always spoke well of you, too.
Kept you under lock and key, though, these last few years, didn't he?
We have our ways.
Well, I remember a time when he used to bring you up here.
I used to play in your fields, while you did business.
- That's right. - Which is why I'm here.
To...collect what you held in trust for him.
There is a storage fee that's applicable here.
It's 1,000.
- I don't have it. - Oh...
that's going to be a problem.
The problem, Mr Finch, is your lack of faith in us.
We Proletheans make fast friends, but fearsome enemies.
Shall I distract my mother's grief
to tell her that you're holding out for your 30 pieces of silver?
- You be sure to give your family my condolences. - Of course.
So why did Mark take the girl?
He wanted a chew toy?
Come on, think like police. Why take baggage on the run?
Love? Or a hostage. But, Art...
Shouldn't you be getting back to your real job?
Johanssen was a large animal vet in Halton in the '80s.
You've got to read the entire file. There's a KA.
Known Associate?
Seriously, why are you doing this?
I don't know.
Because I'm riding with my partner.
- Art... - Look, I'm not confused, Sarah.
But you are Beth's sister... through and through.
I didn't even know her. This isn't your fight.
She tried to tell me.
What she was.
She called me the night that she...
The night you came along.
I thought it was the pills, more bullshit.
I turned my back on her when she needed me most.
You couldn't have known.
Yeah. But I should have.
She was lucky to have you.
Just look up that asshole KA for me.
Let's get your sister back.
Ma'am, I can explain.
- You killed your brother. - Virginia, calm down.
He was stage five in the field. I had to.
If you had followed Major Dierden's extraction orders,
he would have been at home.
I'm sorry, Mother, I'm sorry.
Hey! He screwed up, but he had to put Seth down.
It's protocol.
My office. Wait for me.
Oh, shit.
Come here, Doc.
Bless you, Paul.
Oh, yeah...
I'm blessed all right...
It's getting worse, isn't it? The Defect.
You saw it.
Seth went from asymptomatic to stage five in a day.
What about Helena? Any help?
We did the stress tests, the neuro-cog.
She doesn't have the Defect.
Her biology may hold answers, but...
the fastest way to a cure is still the original genetic material.
Well, I run field operations. I want Rudy confined to the base.
But I run the Programme. We've lost contact with Mark.
- I need Rudy back in the field. - I'll go after Mark.
You can't. It gets worse.
The Director wants you in Arlington.
Our weapon system has a glitch, Paul.
We are one budget review from oblivion.
They can't shut us down.
I've served with these men.
We owe them.
If you can protect them, I can cure them.
Just buy us more time with the Director.
You OK, Scotty?
You could barely get through the scalp, man.
Oh, God...
Go easy on him, Cosima, Scott's not a hardened criminal like you and I.
- Once I got to the calvarium, I just... - Scalpel?
Hey. You have done this before, yeah?
YouTube is an amazing resource.
No sign of aneurysm. No lesions. God, is this all we are?
I mean, some neurons and axons, and a few pounds of grey matter?
How about we just get it back to the lab?
Yeah, but, like, when he died,
you think what he saw was just a temporal lobe trip...
..or did his soul actually say,
"I'm out of here, I'm out of this dimension"?
Please, Cosima. This is weird enough.
Scott. A good lab partner should be metaphysically empathetic.
- Tongs or spoons? - Uhh... Oh, my God!
Well, I looked, shouldn't have looked.
Oh. Oh, bollocks.
Hey, you all right there, Igor? Still with me?
Tell me what you see.
Um... Star.
Close. Key. Your aphasia is improving already.
And so will your motor skills, with the help of art and physiotherapy.
Out... Outside?
Sadly, the Rachel Duncan Topside knew has passed. Plane crash.
I'm... I'm... finished.
Let's focus on your recovery. You're more valuable than you know.
Clear the room.
At ease.
- Man, I thought you were really mad at me. - I am.
Your logs.
Her name was Patty.
Mark's gone dark.
Man, that guy is such a pussy.
Don't underestimate him. If he's off task, just bring him home.
And the Major?
I'll handle the Major.
I saw it start, in Seth's eyes.
It took him so fast.
If there was any chance that Sarah still had the samples, I...
- I had to try. - My boy...
- Alison! Hi! - Hi.
We heard about your new business.
- Yeah. - Could we maybe get some... soap?
Yes! We have a special for new customers. Free sample?
Have you two made your decision for School Trustee?
Still thinking about it.
Don't think too hard.
Soap is the perfect cover. Ali, we're going to break even in months.
- Mm-hm. - We should have been drug dealers years ago.
Pharmaceutical entrepreneurs, Donnie.
As long as every new customer is a vote against Marci flippin' Coates.
- Hello! - Hi! Marci.
Oh, the kids said that you were in the garage.
You shouldn't be back here. There's...fumes.
And lard.
Well, this is, uh... Quite the operation.
I had no idea soap-making was so involved.
Would you like a lesson?
Enterprising and a head for politics? Quite the dark horse.
What's her secret?
Oh, you know. Just good old-fashioned stumping, Marci.
We can't all be the incumbent, so, some of us have to work for it.
So, Alison. I have a little proposal for you.
I can get you an amazing deal on this house.
The sellers are very motivated.
This is in a different school district.
- Honey, they have a saltwater pool. - Donnie!
Look, Alison, you can buy a few votes with your soaps.
You can quite possibly carve out some of my support,
but you can't actually win.
Go sell a house, Marci.
Do you seriously think that people are going to
trust their children to an infamous alcoholic?
Why not? They trusted a conniving, second-rate realtor.
May the best woman win, Alison.
Goodbye, Marci.
I need to cut something.
Drop the accent, this isn't Scotland Yard.
Willard Finch?
This is private property.
Well, you're a long way from home, son.
That's funny, I don't look a thing like your son.
That you wouldn't.
- We're hunting this guy. - Can I? - Yeah.
Don't know him.
He's travelling with the daughter of Henrick Johanssen.
Who's that now?
Henrick. He was part of your little militia back in the day.
My little militia?
You remember?
Back when the Feds dug up all those guns in your corn field?
What's your point?
One tip to the Feds and they'll backhoe the whole thing again
looking for your little arsenal.
OK. I don't know your friend here, OK?
This kid, I don't know.
But the daughter, young Gracie, she did swing by.
What for?
To pass on the sad news.
Women running things over there now too, huh?
What is this world coming to? Is there anything else?
- Bye. - We'll be in touch.
You're banished. We have no use for a midwife.
I know where Mark may have taken Gracie.
It's just junk. There's no test tubes, no slides...
This is what he gave me.
Biological samples need to be kept cold.
- Did you see like a, a tank, or a cooler? - No.
- Think, Gracie. - I don't know.
- OK, it's OK. I'll just... I'll go back myself. - No, Mark!
- Don't worry. - It's too risky.
You know what? Just... go down...
and treat yourself to something special.
I'll be back for you in an hour.
Come home safe. OK? Don't you dare leave me alone.
I won't.
Got like, six hotels.
They won't give you anything over the phone.
Got to go in, show them his picture.
Hey, you've got real fires to tend there.
I'll finish the canvas, you just go back.
I'll take the bus back tonight.
I showed you a dead clone in a tub this morning.
No, you did not.
Just tell me you're not risking your job, being here. Hm?
I may not be your partner, but I know when you're holding back.
Beth called you that night. Not Cosima. Not Alison.
What is it you're not telling me?
Just say it.
I've never said it.
You were in love with her.
And she was my partner.
We were never going to be together, but...
..it happened.
You're just as fierce as she was, Sarah.
And you need my help, too.
You're no good to us suspended.
We need you as a cop.
Beth would want that.
Be careful, OK?
We're fierce, remember?
Call me if you need me. Don't leave it too late.
- Thought you'd smell like Sarah. - Another one?
- You are the ugliest Mark yet. - Tell me something. Sarah Manning.
The Gatherer of Sisters.
But when she sold you out - when she gave you to us -
that must've been quite a blow.
You come inside. I'll tell you about it.
Oh, sweetheart, there is nothing more that I would love.
That's enough.
Just getting to know the enemy, Major.
You have an assignment.
- I will brief you, so this time you don't stray. - Sir.
Dirty Paul. He lies with my sestras.
Even Rachel.
Come inside.
Have another.
You won't believe me, but I am sorry it has come to this.
One day...
I kill you all.
Forgive me my trespasses against the family, Lord.
Please keep Mark safe, and help guide us through this uncertainty.
- Do you know who I am? - Are you Sarah?
Helena told me about you. I didn't really believe her.
Yeah, she tells some bloody stories. I'm looking for her.
- We left her at the ranch. I don't know where she is. - And Mark?
He and his brothers know where she is.
My husband doesn't have any brothers.
- Husband? Congratulations. - Thank you.
You're the first person I've told.
Did Helena tell you I have a kid?
My kid and yours are going to be cousins.
I know you're carrying Helena's baby.
That does not make us family.
Why? Because we're "abominations"?
I don't really know what to think any more.
There's a lot Mark's not telling you.
He was sent by the army.
Yeah, to collect scientific material for my father.
I know, he told me.
Didn't tell you about his brothers, though, did he?
- There's probably more of them. - He's...
He's a...
Hey, hey, hey.
Helena's the mother of your kid, and she's in trouble.
I need to know where Mark is.
Gracie took everything. All right?
We've got nothing to talk about here, kid.
Just you go and tell Bonnie that, would you?
Bonnie didn't send me.
In the field, there are only two types of prisoners.
Assets, and liabilities.
Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow... OK, OK!
Be an asset, Willard. Where are the rest of Henrick's things?
I don't know any more than what I told you...
Hello, Gracie.
Your family cares for you, Gracie.
Even as you refuse to care for yourself.
You've been crying.
I made a mistake.
Mark, he...
He took advantage of you.
And your stupidity.
We let a wolf into our flock. And you ran.
I had doubts, Mother.
When your father told me you would be the one to carry the child
I...I struggled.
Lord, I struggled.
But you didn't stop him.
We're not like other people.
We have a purpose.
We still have purpose.
It's like Swiss cheese in here.
Amyloid plaques, rampant cell death.
Like spongiform encephalopathy?
Yes, like Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.
He wouldn't have lasted a week.
No wonder they're so motivated.
Assays done?
A few. Yeah. Just cross-referencing against Leda DNA.
See if it brings up a new synthetic sequence.
- Scott...? - Hmm?
Hey. You're not going to believe this, um, cos I don't either.
'I just thought, you know, what's a few hundred matching base pairs?
'But it's almost half a gigabase.'
Not a good time, Cosima.
Tell her about the loci!
Yeah, a dozen short tandem repeat loci in common.
That can only mean one thing, Sarah.
In English, I hope.
The boy clones are our brothers.
(Shit! Shit! I've got to go.)
Heart attack.
I thought he could take it, but...
he must have had a heart condition.
How did you find this place?
Had a chat with your blushing bride.
What did you tell her?
She knows you're like us.
She knows you're just like us, a clone.
What have you done?
What I had to to get Helena back.
I don't care about Helena.
You have to. She's your sister.
You're lying.
- I'm your sister, Mark. - You're lying!
We did the science. You're...you're my family.
You would say anything to get your sister back.
Think about it. Castor and Leda.
Two donors. Two originals.
You are not my family. Now, I need to go find Gracie.
Mark! Mark!
Mrs Johanssen. Please.
We shared everything with you, Mark.
Our home. Our hearts.
Our daughter.
Now you'll answer to us.
Wait. Please.
I love her.
Not like her mother.
You're the one with the blessed child.
- Guards! - You're a shit mother!
- There was a car following me. - Was it Marci Coates?
- My boss wants a meeting. - Whoa, mister, that's my wife. - Shut up.
I'm not going to let an app decide who I love.
Nobody meets anyone in person any more, darling.
There you are, Mommy.