Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 3, Episode 2 - Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis - full transcript

Castor pursues the Leda clones for original tissue samples. Helena, who is pregnant and imprisoned, is examined by a mysterious new villain. The Castor boys are also out to play, toying with a frightened young woman, Patty, in a sexy switcheroo that ultimately sets Sarah - and Art - hot on the Castor trail. But it's not all fun and games for the Castor boys, as Sarah gleans they may have a mysterious defect that puts their lives in peril.

Can I count on your support for school trustee?
- I've been thinking of running against you. - Really?
Professor Ethan Duncan was here. His research.
Dyad, I assume.
- The Island Of Dr Moreau. - It was a gift from Professor Duncan.
This could be his key.
Until three weeks ago, we didn't even know Project Castor existed.
We intercepted them as they were forcing her into the trunk of a car.
This one killed two members of the security team,
the other one got away.
- What are they after? - He says he will only talk to you.
Count your sisters.
It was the only way to get you out of Dyad.
Betray my sister?
For Kira.
That's not your bloody decision!
Hello, brother.
There's an issue.
And here we are.
Whoops! Sorry.
Just hold on a second.
There's, um, adjustments required...
- You got it? - Almost.
Ugh, that is so much better.
I thought you were Special Forces.
Shouldn't you have a penthouse?
But you are actually a soldier, right?
Cos I once met a guy who said he was a SWAT cop,
but then it turned out he sold horse feed for a living.
Oh, thank you.
Can I take your coat?
You're a formal dude.
Has anyone ever told you that before?
Manners were stressed in my house.
Hmm. Really?
And where was that again?
North Korea?
What? What the hell's going on?
This is Seth.
Listen, guys, this is not what I signed up for...
But we're brothers.
We were taught to share.
Well, Delphine's buggered off to Europe.
She's covering Rachel's business.
She says that Dyad's off my back, but...
Do you believe her?
I don't know. No.
Hey, what are we doing here? I need to call Cosima.
I get it. Your sisters need you.
But I want you to see this.
Go ahead.
Come on in.
Is this your house?
Yep. It is now.
Take a look, tell me what you think.
I hate surprises.
I didn't think you'd come if I told you.
You can afford this place?
I'll figure it out.
You're a bloody lumberjack.
How are you going to live in the city?
Yeah, I, er, bought that for myself,
but it shrank in the rain on the way back home.
So I was thinking maybe you could use it.
Is there anything about this you like?
Yes. Yes.
Piss off!
You were talking in your sleep again.
What did I say?
General whimpering. Sorrows, regrets.
How much you miss me when I'm gone.
Ugh! Shut up!
It's him.
Argh! Ugh!
- Hey. - At ease, soldier.
Glad to see you're out safe.
I met Sarah Manning.
But not a prisoner.
She strolled in like the Queen of Manchester, making demands.
Does that seem right to you? Her and Dyad working together?
I don't know her like you do, sir.
Sit down. You're first.
Some bags are pockets. No pocket is a pouch.
Conclusion - all bags are not pouches.
Some pigs are predators. No predator is a pet.
Conclusion - some pigs are not pets.
Some maggots are flies. No fly is welcome.
Conclusion - no maggots are welcome.
Some doctors are fools. All fools are rich.
Conclusion - some doctors are rich.
True or false - some doctors are rich.
True or false.
He's tired. We drank last night.
Your extraction orders.
We're not done here.
We don't have the original sample.
Separate pick-ups. Don't be seen together.
You're travelling this evening.
Is that coming from Mother or from you?
You have your orders.
Clean up and clear out.
You're going back to base.
My God, you must be Scott.
Yes, the bloodwork's very encouraging,
but I want to get you into an MRI.
That treatment, though, the one from Kira's tooth, that's working, yeah?
I mean, it's possible that it's suddenly this efficacious, but...
I know - people have rebounds all the time.
I could just as easily dip tomorrow. I know.
Cosima - these numbers, they're great.
I just can't explain them.
Maybe it's about more than numbers.
What do you mean?
Are you suggesting a spiritual component?
- A what? - I'm not decamping to an Ashram, Felix.
- Thank God for that. - I'm just open to perspectives
on...on the void.
Like, before it opens up and swallows me,
we have to get back to the lab.
I don't trust Dr Nealon, Cosima.
No, of course not. Why would you? Delphine put him in charge.
But I will say one thing,
he's twice the researcher Leekie ever was.
He's an MD, he's a brilliant geneticist,
and he wants a meeting this afternoon.
That's four things. Are you taking this bait?
I just need to know, because I've got other patients to see.
Yeah, yeah. There's work to be done.
OK, take one of these.
- And can I get the old one? - Mm-hm.
New day, new phones - blue as the skies of Lesbos.
I could beat her, Donnie,
- I could beat her like a French meringue. - I know.
- I'm not going to let her put our kids in a ghetto. - OK.
Easy, it's just the next district over.
Have you seen the playgrounds? There's no rubber mulch.
It's gravel, it's like the '70s.
Still. We agreed we can't afford a campaign. At least,
not until I get back on my feet.
Well, I told her that I'm running.
What? Ali, we are spread very thin right now...
We might have to sell the house.
And what would we do with the corpse in the garage?
Whoa! Ixnay on that, come on!
Well, what would we do? Are we going to give it to
the next family, or do we take it with us?
OK, I know you're upset, but come on...
Team Hendrix - "Down but not out." Am I right?
- Fist me, fist me! - Fist you?
Dad! My cleats!
That's the saying.
Hello, Mrs Hendrix.
Hello, Ramone. What are you doing here?
Are you kidding? Half my clients are soccer moms.
You're selling pills at a kids' sports tournament?
Speaking of which. Haven't, er, haven't heard from you in a while.
Guess you're still clean. Huh?
Yes. Very much so.
- Nice. Congratulations. - Thank you.
I'm actually getting out of the business, myself, so...
You...you're closing your business?
Going to college. Yeah.
- Say hi to your mother. - I will.
Who's that?
That is an opportunity.
You don't have to take that, come on!
- I have to take this. - OK. OK.
Hey, Art.
That's Detective Bell, to you.
Wow, back on the job? Congrats.
Yeah, well, two days in I'm already questioning it.
Listen, a woman came in complaining about an incident
- at a hotel last night. - Yeah.
And when I saw a photo of the suspects,
I immediately took the case.
Sarah, they look like that Prolethean freak Mark...
They both do.
Do it, do it! Nice!
Wait, did one of them have a moustache
and the other one of them have a scar?
- Now, see, how do you know that? - Did they hurt the woman?
Well, I just started questioning. But I'm telling you,
- she's freaked the hell out. - OK.
You need to tell me everything you know about these guys.
Listen, I've got to get back inside.
- We're going to continue this conversation. - OK.
All right.
So, that Castor clone who was in Marion's basement, he's gone.
He's...escaped, or being released.
Please, you don't... Can you stay? You don't have to go.
No, I have to. They've got Helena, I've got to...
try. They...
You'd really do all this for us?
Don't freak out, but Kira's my daughter, too.
I'd do anything for her.
Go save your sister.
OK! I'm back!
Go again.
Stop. Stop.
Stop the stress test.
We've got two more cycles to run.
She's pregnant. Bloodwork results.
Just be still. You're going to feel the water rattle
around in there for a while.
Helena, I'm Doctor Virginia Coady.
I know it doesn't seem like it... but I'm very happy to meet you.
And for the invalid, we've got some hot tea here,
with just a little snip of laudanum.
I've got some sugar on the tray, but if you wanted honey, then I...
You shouldn't be up. Come on.
Sit down.
- Oh. - You OK? Does it hurt?
Come on. Chin up.
Sarah will come around. She will.
Do you think so? Really?
I fear I've lost her, Felix. And my granddaughter...
And I might be able to bear that if I thought I'd...made them safe.
SHE SCOFFS ..clearly I have not.
OK. OK. So do something about it.
I've done quite enough already.
No. Nonsense.
Hang on.
Look what I've got.
What is that?
It's a clean cell. For contacting your dodgy friends.
For scheming and manoeuvring and setting things in motion.
I have no use for it.
Yes, you do.
I'm sorry, love, but you don't get to sit this one out.
None of us do. Get to work.
- Don't... - Why, are you nervous?
- No, I get motion sickness. - Ooh, you get motion sickness(!)
I'm just helping you...
Stop it.
Good afternoon.
You're looking well, as are your latest results.
Yeah, I'm valuable data to you. Just like Sarah's ovary.
Hard science requires hard choices.
You've made them yourself in your own treatment.
- The difference now is... we make those choices together. - OK.
So, when were you
going to tell us about the Castor dude who escaped?
It was my first item of business. How did you find out?
I don't think we're sharing yet, are we?
Scott has a question for you.
Er... I...
If we had the original genome, that would solve everything.
So...was it really destroyed? Or is that just another classified secret?
Believe me, I want your source material as much as you do.
But thanks to the Duncans, it's lost to us.
Why the Duncans?
Leda started as a military experiment under their guidance.
Yeah. I got that.
When the military shut down the Duncans, Dyad recruited them.
They brought the Leda genome with them.
But they had sourced genetic donors
for two lines - a female subject and a male.
Professor Duncan didn't mention male clones.
No, he didn't. So... who were these original donors?
The Duncans took that to their graves. Falsified the records.
Hid their identities. We thought Castor died on the vine.
So, both the Leda and Castor originals are lost.
Yet another mystery.
So, what, that's it? I just go home?
If we find them, we'll charge them, OK?
- Yeah? What if they come after me? - Look, if you see either...
Excuse me a second.
Hey! You can't show your face around here.
- Are you out of your goddamn mind? - What did you learn? - Nothing.
- They're long gone. - Is that her?
- Yes. - Can I talk to her? - Absolutely not. Abs...
Hi, I'm, er, Detective Beth Childs.
I'd like to ask you a few follow-up questions.
Beth. I've got this.
Look, I know what those guys are capable of.
If you could just walk me through what happened.
It will be brief.
And then when I tried to leave, Rudy, if that's even his real name,
he got this look in his eye,
and it was like he was angry for the other one, Seth,
like I had insulted them by rejecting him...
I thought he was going to kill me.
Then what happened?
They went through my ID, wrote down all my information
in this little notebook.
And then Seth yanked out a piece of my hair and put it in a bag.
Like, what is that? Is that a trophy?
- It's assault. - Yeah, but I consented to the first guy,
so that's not rape, right?
I'm sorry you had to go through that.
Yeah, me too.
It's time to get you home.
- Thank you for talking to me. - Thank you.
You pull something like that again, you are out of my life.
Look, they've got Helena. OK?
I'm trying to figure out what these maniacs are after.
I'm just grasping at straws.
She says they have the same tattoo - left forearm.
A picture of a two-headed horse.
Stay the hell away from here.
(Here he comes.)
Honey. It's not too late to reconsider this...
No. No! Just follow my lead.
It's just...sometimes when you get started on something, you can
- go a little schoop! You know what I mean? - No.
Hello, Ramon.
What's up?
Donnie Hendrix.
Who's this guy?
This is my husband. He's totally trustworthy.
So, what's this about?
We would like to buy your business.
Your inventory and your client list. Everything.
We'll take it off your hands, and you can go off to college
- and make something of yourself. - Oh, cool, what are you studying, bro?
Er...with all due respect,
what makes you think you have the stones for this line of work?
- Oh, we have the stones. - Yeah.
Don't doubt our stones, we have ample stones.
You said it yourself.
Most of your clients are
in my circle. So, what do you say?
Some doctors are rich... Some doctors are rich...
Are you at your pick-up location?
I'm not going back to base.
What do you mean? We have orders.
I know you're glitching, brother.
It was the booze, I'm fine...
'Seth, I saw.'
How long's it been happening?
A week...or maybe two.
'Then there's no choice.'
I'm not going to stand by and watch it happen. You hear?
It's getting worse...
I don't know what to do...
We're going to finish the job.
According to the myth, Castor was a warrior horseman.
Bit of a badass, by the looks of it...
Well, that fits with what Cal found.
He says the horse tattoo is some kind of black ops insignia.
That makes sense. They're purpose-raised....
untraceable, the perfect ghost soldiers.
So, why did they take the woman's hair?
I don't know, medical testing?
If he got a follicle, that's like a gold mine.
This doesn't get me any closer to Helena, Cos.
Well, there is one option, Sarah, but you're not going to like it.
I'm not going to S.
She can get you in touch with Paul.
Paul can piss off and take S with him!
- They're the bloody problem. - Which makes them our best lead.
All mangoes are golden. Nothing golden is cheap.
- Conclusion - all mangoes are cheap. - SHRILL VOICE: - Did he say mangoes?
Is that a sound conclusion? Based on those statements?
We like mangoes.
Please concentrate. All mangoes are cheap.
True or false?
Where are these mangoes?
Where are these mangoes?
Do I have to explain the exercise again?
I would like to see these mangoes.
The doctor asked a question.
I met your brother. He's ugly.
OK. That's enough.
Keep provoking them and we'll never get any mangoes.
Silence, insect.
Let's walk.
I will say this about the place -
the air is good at night,
and I can smoke where I want.
You must be very early on.
A week? Two? Makes you quite a special case, doesn't it?
Ask the last person who told me that.
The Mark-faced boys. They are your babies?
They came to me when they were very young.
The irony of it? Never wanted kids.
Didn't think it was for me.
Next thing I know, I've got more than I can count.
How unpleasant.
I think you should know how you got here, Helena.
Your family sold you out.
Sarah sold you out.
They decided you were expendable.
I don't believe you.
You can be sure of this - you're not expendable to me.
Or my boys.
You've overcome so much. Your upbringing. Your biology.
Your fate. We're going to find out how.
- Hi. - Is she here? - Yeah.
Hang on a mo'.
She got three broken ribs. All right?
And I think she might be concussed, because she's being weirdly straightforward.
- So, go easy on her. - Mm-hm.
Hey, S. I need to get in touch with Paul.
He's gone dark. He got what he wanted.
Then we're done.
- Cal's doing you no favours pretending you can have a life here. - Save it!
You have to take Kira away.
I'm not taking advice from somebody who sold my sister!
That was my decision and I'll live with it.
But Kira shouldn't have to.
I don't know where Castor comes from, what they want,
who they answer to, Like you, I'm in the dark...
But you don't fight in these conditions. You run.
I know. I've been there before.
In London, when you were young.
The forces against us grew beyond my grasp until...
I did what any mother would do.
I gathered my children, and I left.
Bailey Downs, kiss your troubles goodbye.
We got norco, benzo, oxy, proplodrank, you name it...
Street value...?
- 80 grand. - And your cost...?
Raw cost? 25.
But I have a brand.
- I've built up goodwill. - We'll pay for that, too.
Client list?
- All in here. - We'll give you 32 for the works.
- Whoa, whoa, honey. - Cash.
Or...we set up a consignment agreement, so we don't incur
all of the risk.
32...firm, and that's us doing you a favour.
I can live with that.
I'm just going to talk to my business associate!
Hey! Donnie, what is your problem?
We don't have anything like that kind of money.
We have cash in our retirement plan, don't we?
This is not just much-needed income. This is a constituent list.
This is about the election?
It's about our kids. I have just found my voter base.
And I suspect they'll be very loyal supporters, don't you?
You little schemer...
(Let's do this.)
OK, open her up.
Yes, ma'am.
- Shh... - Easy.
Turn around.
Hands on your head.
Middle of the room.
Let's go slow.
Why was Sarah in Marion Bowles' basement yesterday?
Ask her. She wants to talk to you.
She has no idea what she's into here, Cal.
And neither do you.
You infiltrated Dyad. Did you find what you
were looking for?
Or no... That's why the
tactics changed. The Helena deal, and the Castor boys put in play.
You must be real proud of the work they're doing, Paul.
I am very surprised to see you settling.
I had you figured for a roamer.
Yeah? You got a file on me?
Oh, you are a person of interest in
many quarters, as you well know.
Come on, man. That's what designing weapons gets you.
It's ancient history. I got out.
Oh, you got rich. Then you got out.
Or does Sarah not know that part?
Yeah. Yeah, I'd probably keep the secret, too.
"War profiteer"
doesn't really... square with this whole thing.
Where's Helena?
The deal that was cut, it was to buy Sarah time
and space, so why isn't she taking it?
You've met her.
If she keeps coming...
it's going to end badly for everyone, I guarantee it.
And you need to tell her that, Cal...
cos she won't hear it from me.
You need to get her out of here.
Are we going to live with Cal?
I don't know.
Maybe. When he's set up.
How do you feel about that?
I want to.
Yeah. I think I want to, too.
Can we sleep in the fort tonight?
Ah! Yes!
But first you have to take a bath, yeah?
Now, get the monkey into the cave.
Monkey, it's ready!
Uh-oh. Monkey.
Where are you?
Let her go...
Our last conversation was cut... short.
- She's not part of this. - She'll help us focus.
Monkey, look at me. Don't cry, baby.
You're going to be OK.
What do you want?
Professor Duncan came to you when he resurfaced.
Did he share his research?
Yeah. Disks and scribbles. Do you want that?
Tissue samples.
Duncan had tissue samples of the Castor original.
Kira, ask your mom where they are.
I don't know anything about that.
Think hard, Miss Manning.
Hey, hey, buddy, buddy, buddy.
- You got a...got a couple of bucks? - No, man, I'm sorry.
- Hey, hey, hey. - It's not a good time, my friend.
- Hey, help me out. - Come on. - Come on, come on!
Just... Come on, help me out. Huh?
All right, let me see what I've got.
You must be the boyfriend.
I have no business with you, OK? Just let me past.
Hey, well, you know what? My brother's not to be disturbed.
I can't leave here empty-handed.
- Don't touch her, please. - I've got people who count on me.
You mean Seth?
Some doctors are rich.
You look after him, don't you? Protecting your brother's...
How do you know about Seth?
- We were in Turkey once and I had this... - Uh-huh. Yeah.
I had this dish, it was, er, lamb dumplings on a skewer...
and...and yogurt.
Is that what this is about? Protecting your brother?
No! All fools are rich, so...
Take com...
What's that?
- Mommy! - Is that Seth?
- That's Seth, isn't it? - Mommy!
He's sick, isn't he? They tampered with you.
Shut up!
- Please! - Shut up!
- No, no, please, no! - Shut up!
I don't have the original genome, I don't have it! Please, leave my kid!
Put it down!
- Oh. Oh, I didn't touch him, man. - Put it down!
Easy. He just... He just went down.
It's all right. It's all right.
I'm here, brother.
Don't hold on.
Go easy.
(I love you.)
So, it's going to be an adventure, monkey.
You're going to see glaciers and hot springs.
All kinds of neat stuff.
I know it's tough, baby, but we have to be strong.
- OK. Say bye to S, yeah? - Uh-huh.
I'll miss you.
Tell me I'm doing the right thing.
You are. You're doing the right thing.
They'll make her a target, right? I'm dangerous.
Yes. You are. You're a good mum.
Good mum.
It's time.
- Please, take care. - Thank you.
My people will get you out of the country.
Don't contact yours until then. Understood?
- Yeah. - You're a good man, Cal.
Thank you.
She'll be OK, I promise.
Yeah. You?
- I'll see you. - OK. - Come on.
I'm going to put a stop to this.
And then we'll be together, yeah?
There's reindeer in Iceland.
Oh! Yeah? Did your dad tell you that?
He's going to be with you the whole time.
I know that.
(I love you.)
So, what now?
Um, now we find Helena and we finish this shit.
Castor has her. So, we go to the one we know.
Mark. OK?
Mark? Are you all right?
Go back to sleep.
What are you doing?
I'm almost done. Go to bed.
Open the door!
Sarah! We need to talk!
What is it you're not telling me?
I'm not who you think I am.
Don't worry, I can explain.
We've lost contact with Mark. I need Rudy back in the field.
Have you two made your decision for school trustee?
Do you seriously think that people are going to
trust their children to an infamous alcoholic?