Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 7 - Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things - full transcript

When a rehab confidante betrays Alison and threatens to expose the truth about Aynsley's death, she goes into free fall on the eve of Family Day. With Donnie and the kids set to visit, it's all clones on deck to contain the fallout.

Alison, help!

I killed Aynsley, Felix.

I thought it was her.

My husband is my monitor.

I'm sick, Delphine.

I'm willing to disregard Rachel
and proceed with the treatment.

They're not clone cells.

They're from a totally different person.

Whoever you cloned, do they have niece or even a daughter?

I didn't think your mom had any sisters.

They all look the same but I can tell them apart.

Pouch y took my finger.

This is piss-off money, okay?
You don't get to know anything.

You're the one that maced me in the parking lot.

Well, I have to make these place settings for Family Day.

I could use some help.

I'll get you your dirt on Alison Hendrix

but my charges go away and I'm done.

Six scientists incinerated in a lab explosion.

Susan and Ethan Duncan.

They were Rachel's parents, then?

If you think you're gonna take Duncan
back, then you'll have to kill us both.

Leekie wouldn't let us raise her.

He killed Rachel's mother!

Well, my neighbour Aynsley
always thought she was better than me.

Yeah, it's tough the judgment.

Yes, and it wasn't, you know, outright.

It was just these little jabs and looks.

- I hate people like that.
- Mmm-hmm. Yeah.

I guess, you know, in that sense, she had it coming.

Had what coming?

Oh, just, just an incident.

Come on, Ali, unburden yourself.
That's why we're here.

Mmm, no, I can't.

Hey, look at me.

You can trust me.

There's stuff that I've done.

No judgment.

I slept with her husband, in a parking lot.

- Do you think I'm awful?
- No.

- No?
- I think you're brave.

Alison, you're brave for sharing.

- Feels nice, feels good, no?
- Yeah.

You know the next step is you have to learn to forgive...

And then I killed her.

Well, she was choking and I didn't stop it.

- What, like on a piece of chicken?
- No.

Not like on a piece of chicken.

I could have saved her and I didn't.

She clawed at the counter-top,

begging for her life.

I stood there,

until it was over.

It feels so good to say it out loud.

Yeah, I bet.

You have been so supportive.

I made something.

Oh, it's for me?

Yeah, who else?

Hey, Mr Duncan,

is this it?

No, no, I told you. Red box, no label.

We simply cannot leave without it.

He's mad, Siobhan.

He's afraid we'll side with Leekie.

Maybe we side with Rachel.

After what she's done?

Rachel is a creature of Dyad.

She may know full well that Leekie killed her mother,

she might even approve.

No, she had those videos of them.

It doesn't mean anything.

Well, I don't know how we use him yet,

but I say, we divide and conquer.

That's a good enough strategy, isn't it?

- Might be, with more facts.
- Aha.

- Did you find it?
- No. This...

Uh... Oh...



Hello, Detective, it's me.

I got a... I got something big for you.

No, I wanna tell you in person.

Listen, DeAngelis, this is not a negotiation.

You want Alison Hendrix, you show up
tomorrow with my paper work.

After I see my charges have been dropped, then I'll talk.

I don't give a shit what you think.

- Mommy...
- Shh.

Shh. It's okay, Kira.


- You okay?
- Yeah.

- Bloody hell!
- Aha!

There it is.


That's just junk.

What? Is that it?
That's what we've been looking for?

Thank you.

Hey, is Kira all right?

Yeah, she's fine, but they're onto me.

What? How?

Computer's been hacked.

Which means they could have my location.

But I'm throwin' 'em off the trail.


I'm... I'm coming for her.

No, no, I'm on the move.

I'll call you with the meet-up spot.

Are you gonna tell me who your mystery sitter is?


I'm not.

I trust you know what's best for Kira,
if you'll trust me with him.

I don't.

Not by a long shot.

He's still my responsibility.

Just let me get him to town.
We'll take it from there.


Watch your back with this one.

Come on.

We have to go.

Can you feel that?


Feel that?

- Kinda.
- Yea h?

And that?

- The spinal's working.
- Hmm.

- We're gonna begin.
- Okay.

- Yea h?
- Yeah.

She's inserting it into the uterus,

and she's gonna inject directly into the masses.


This is the beginning of getting you well, Cosima.


Oh... God.


What the...

Oh, wait.

- What?
- Felix, we have a problem.

What? Why are you whispering?

Because I'm not supposed to be using the telephone.

Vic is here.

- Vic is in rehab?
- Yes.

And he's snitching to a cop called DeAngelis.

Wait, wait, wait, Angela DeAngelis?

I can't go to jail, Felix.

I don't have the temperament.

- In the shower, if they touch me, I...
- Alison...


Look, I will be there first thing.

All right?


Hey, where's Kira?

Uh, she's sleeping.

Did anyone follow you?

No, I took side streets and doubled back.

All right, I'm so sorry about this.

I don't know how they found me in the first place.

I encrypted everything,

I routed all my traffic through anonymous proxies.

- I mean, I'm untraceable.
- It's fine. It wasn't your fault.

But they are trying hard.

That tells me Kira's quite the prize for them.

Listen, I have no idea who these aunties are,

but, they came with a weird story.

She's just got an over active imagination, Cal.

- You sure?
- Yes.

- Well, hi!
- Hi!

- Hi, I'm Cal.
- Sarah.

Wanna come in?

I'm not that kind of girl.

Yes, you are.

- Sarah and Helena were separated.
- How?

By a Prolethean, Mark, known to us.

And then?

I followed Sarah as instructed and she came up empty.

- No sign of the scientist?
- None.

You know what this is?

Synthetic amniotic fluid.

We're developing an artificial womb.

Bit of a hobby of mine.

I like pottery.

What have you told Rachel?

I came to you first.
What should I tell her?

What you told me Paul,

the truth.

Thank you.

Yes, Dr Leekie.

I need to meet with Marion Bowles.

It's an emergency.

We really must go now.

It's time.

Right then.

- Your... Your box.
- Hmm?

- Your mementos.
- Ah, yes.

We really do have to go.


What have we there?

Everything, Mrs Sadler, absolutely everything.


Morning, monkey.


We share a lab, why do we have
to keep the source from her?

Because you signed a confidentiality agreement,

and I'm your boss.

Is that clear?


What's going on, Scott?


You gave me Kira's stem cells?

Please, listen to me. Leekie set us up.

- Us, what?
- Yes.

Remember the culture we stumbled upon, the match.

Well, he planted it for us to find.

You knew it was Kira's.

But only after I realised that it was working.

The tests were positive and I had to...

Did you ever stop to think once,
that this is my decision and not yours?

There is no decision, Cosima, you have
one way forward, and this is it.

How did you harvest her?

Kira lost a tooth in her accident,

and Leekie procured it from the hospital.

It is a finite source.

Unless you bring her in for more.


- Out.
- You don't understand.

This is my lab,

my body!

I'm the science. Get out!

Whoa! Hi!

Hi, could I talk to you for a second?

Yeah, sure, what's up?


- Hey, Ali, you ready for Family Day?
- Absolutely.


So what's on your mind?

You selfish, manure bag of a man.

- What's this?
- You are supposed to come to rehab

to heal and to grow.

You're not supposed to come to get even sleazier.

I opened up to you, Vic. I trusted you.

Alison, I'm honestly sorry.

I got a pass, I'm trying to get out from under.

I have to meet DeAngelis this afternoon.

And what would your dealer friends say about squeally Vic?

I'm moving forward and if you knew what
was good for you, you'd do the same.

Starting by removing the unsavoury
elements from your life.

Sarah's not pleased.

- Sarah?
- Mmm-hmm.

Is she here?

She's nearby.

- Aldous?
- Marion.

Oh, please, tell me

your hands have not been soaking in
some gruesomely fecund jelly.

What I do with my free time is my business, Marion.


Ethan Duncan is alive.

- How?
- I don't know.

But Sarah Manning tracked him down.


This is a thing.

It's a thing.

Well, you know Rachel better than anyone.

How do you think she'll react when she learns the truth?

At one time I would have counted
on her to see the big picture.

And now?

She's taking things personally.

If Rachel's become too entangled,

we have to step in.

She will fight.

And she will lose.

You know I was just thinking.

Our paths rarely cross any more.

My misfortune.

But when they do,

it's almost always because of Sarah Manning.

- We need to look at that. Yeah?
- Hmm.

So look, I've been working on
something for the past few days,

and I think I might have the answer for us.



What was the question?

I'm serious, I have people there.

Uh, who's got people in Iceland?

I can get the paperwork.

I got money. just say, Yes-

Come on, Cal, it's not that easy.

All right, right on cue, the vague warnings.

Look, there are other people involved.

Hey, you know I've tangled with corporate heavies before.

- Yeah, not like these.
- I know.

Point is, I've made some friends along the way.

I've got contacts, sources...

Some of them are tin foil hat guys,

but the chatter about the Dyad group, it's...


Hey, listen.

We're just gonna do it.
We're just gonna say it out loud.

Okay, your big secret.

Sarah Manning, I know this may sound crazy,

but I think you're a...

- A Pisces. Am I right?
- You twat.

- Yeah, yeah, makes so much sense to me.
- Yeah, yeah.

Whatever it is I don't care.

Let's just get out of here.

- Yeah?
- Hey, Sarah. Look, we need your help

with a little something at rehab.

What's Alison done?

She hurled herself off the wagon?

- No, she...
- Huh?

I am sober as a judge, Sarah.

It's you, your people,

your finks and rats and snitches and fuzz.

Vic's here and he's gonna give me up
to the police unless you meet with him.

I need you to come here right now
and clean up your doo doo.


Come on, come on. Oi.


- Where's Alison?
- Welcoming her family,

it's some kind of public
flagellation day. Follow me.


I'm here, what do you want?

Victor? You have the floor.

I have to atone.

“Dear Sarah,

"you are a rock in my stream,

"blocking the flow."

I'm not getting it, Vic.

I have to apologise, okay?


Good, yeah, fine. Accepted.

Wait, I haven't done it yet.

Uh, I atone you, Vic.

- You're atoned, okay. Cool.
- Okay?

- We're done here?
- Whoa, wait a minute, Sarah,

you don't have anything you wanna say to me.

After everything, come on,
the heartbreak, the finger loss.

Okay, you want me to apologise to you?

Which of the twelve steps is that?

Sarah, I wanna have a conversation
with you, back and forth, like adults.

No. No, no, Vic, we had a deal.

You get to say your bit to Sarah
and then you stay buttoned-up,

regarding Alison's little bout of criminal negligence.

That was not the deal.

New deal.

- Mom!
- Babies!

Hello, hello.

I missed you so much, my little baby.

Daddy says you're coming home soon.

Yes, I am.

As soon as Daddy deems me fit.

- Hey, hey, come on.
- Right?

Today's going to be good, right, nothing to worry about.

Can you find your nametag on the table?

- Oh!
- Oh, look at that.

- Where's my nametag?
- Look at that, that is exciting.

- Yeah.
- Honey, can you pass my nametag?

You know who made them?

Honey, can you pass my nametag?

- Relax.
- Sarah, you always do this to me.

You always keep yourself at a distance,
you never let me in.

Well, no wonder, with those giant banana hands.

For the love of Buddha, could you please stay out of this.

Listen, listen, hey, Vic, look I apologise.

- Okay.
- Really truly.

- We were two colliding train wrecks.
- Yeah.


Sarah, I've been doing a lot of the work.

- I've been reading.
- Great.

Yeah, that's good.

- I'm getting a lot better.
- Good for you.

- Thank you.
- Good luck.

I want you back.

- Oh dear God!
- Piss off, Vic!

Listen, I've changed, all right?
Let me prove it to you.

- Not happening, it's not happening.
- Why?

Why, don't tell me that
nail gun Ken is still in the picture.

No, but you should see the new one.

There's a new one?

- Felix!
- What?

Those guys, they're not you.

I'm you.

I stand...

Jesus Christ!

Okay, look...

What I'm trying to say is this.

Do you smell salt?


What the he“ 'gust happened?

I may have spiked his tea.

If you've done your homework,
I shouldn't have to introduce myself.

Siobhan Sadler.

I have to say I'm pretty impressed you'd come here.

I have something you want.

My favourite kind of visitor. Please...

Have a seat.

I have the early research
of Professors Susan and Ethan Duncan.

Key formulas, methodology sequences, a summary on disc.

Where did you get it?

It's your missing science, Dr Leekie.

What is it worth to you?

Well, that depends.

I'd need to authenticate it with Duncan himself.

I give you Duncan, you give up on Kira,

and we disappear once and for all.

You drop your hunt.

What about Sarah?

Sarah, sadly, insists on fending for herself.

But the child deserves better.

Christ, he looks like he was molested by elves.

What did you give him?


In small doses it's perfectly recreational.

Let's... Sorry.

God, he weighs a tonne.

S, what's wrong?

Nothing for once. I was fact checking.

Seems safe to assume Rachel
doesn't know Leekie killed her mother.

What, how do you know that?

He told me, not in so many words.

He does want Duncan silent,
and all the science to himself.

Wait, you talked to Leekie?

Divide and conquer, Sarah.

But if we drop this bomb on Rachel,

there's no telling which one of them will fall.

I'm good with either one.

Let's blow up their shit.

Then I'll set it up.

- Alison!
- Oh, damn it to hell.

Uh, yep. Mmm-hmm.

What you doing ducking out?

You volunteered.

Mmm-hmm, yeah.

Okay, come on.

Alison, do I have to drag you out of there?

- Alison!
- Mmm-hmm.



Have you seen Victor?

Mmm-mmm, nope.


Oh, my God!

What is this? What...

You're welcome. Thanks to me,

he's gonna miss his meeting with DeAngelis.

No, no, he can't be here.

There's family tours after the assembly.
They're coming to this room.

- Oh, bollocks!
- Oh!

So, we're all gonna be nice
to Mommy, all right? Okay?

Come on.

Hello, everyone, okay!

Hello, please take your seats,
we're gonna get started now.

Great to see you all shining faces here today.

Alison, we have a seat in the front row, come on.

- Ali, hi!
- As is the custom on Family Day,

the group has chosen
a resident to make some opening remarks.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Alison Hendrix.

Oh, shit!

Hey, Mom.

Hello, kids.

Thank you all for coming today.

Not that any of us really had any choice, I guess.

So, um...

We stand among you today, pill poppers and booze hounds,

hop heads, tweekers, rummies...



Where in the bloody hell are we going?

Come on, we need to get him downstairs.

Trust me, I have a plan.

Christ on a log, the man's made of cement.

- Oh!
- Hurry up, Felix,

I need to make it to the assembly
for the role-playing demonstration.

The what?


- Let's begin.
- Okay.

Hello, everyone.

Oh, he's being Alison.

- That's right.
- And I'm being Alison being Donnie?

Uh, this teaches you to see things
from your partner's point of view.

So, Donnie, what's on your mind?

Um, uh...

Don't stammer, Donnie, and stand up straight,

or I'll withhold affection.

Engage him, Alison.

Make eye contact.

- Donnie, look at me.
- Yeah.

Alison, I think you should come home to your family.

No, Donnie, because I, Alison, need supervision.

That sounds about right.

Uh, I'm Donnie and I like to spy on my wife

and monitor her every move.

Now, wait a minute,

you're just using my voice for your words.

Well, maybe you should listen to
Alison's words a little more often,

- Donnie.
- Okay, is she doing this right?

You do seem to be blocking, Alison.

No, he's the one who's blocking her.


It's what you do.

Now, who are you being?

I really have to tinkle.

Go, go back! Back, back.

Shit! His phone.

Get his phone. Get his phone.


Quit screwing around, Vic.

What were you thinking?

- How could you go in there?
- Jesus, I'm done with glitter.

I didn't have a choice, did I?

- Where's Vic?
- Sorted, for now.

This is a disaster. Give me that.



- What?
- Yes.

Relax, Donnie.

It's Sarah Manning. The runaway clone.

So, I guess you'll be running off to call Dr Leekie, hmm?


I don't think he knows, Alison.

Of course he knows, he's a monitor.

No, darling, I think Sarah's right.

This kind of cluelessness can't be faked.

Vic, I don't know what kind of game you're playing,

but you better call me, now.

On-duty nurse,
please come to the reception area.

You can't be serious.

Must've been the pressure of Family Day.

Hello, Paul.

Do come in.

You have 15 minutes.

Once you've gone, your father will remain here.

If anybody moves against this house,

I will put a bullet in his head.

Are we clear?


My dear, dear Rachel.

Hello, Father.

I can hardly believe it's been 20 years, Rachel.

So, how is Dr Leekie?

Making his own moves, I'm sure.

You don't know the truth about your mother, do you?

What Rachel's gonna learn is gonna force
both of their hands.

I can see where Sarah gets it.

Her knack for burning things down.

Please forgive me.

You have to believe me.

I had no idea.

What did you think you were doing?

You remember Sociology 201,

with that Prof?

What's his name, with the cleft palate?

He recruited me into a study.

A study?

Long term social metrics.

They told me it was totally benign,

but subjects had to remain completely unaware.

So when men came in vanloads

at night with their gloves and their
probes, was that benign?

What men?

You destroyed us, Donnie, with the spying and the lies.

I love you so much,

and you ruined our family.

You're so stupid you don't even know why.

My father sends his regards.

It's important you think very carefully
about your next steps, Rachel.

Or what?

I'll die in a fire?

Ethan and Susan Duncan left us no choice.

Oh, please,

by salting your Petri dishes.


They set the science back decades.

When they tried to run away with you,

I intervened.

Your task now,

is to put it behind you and do not fight.

It won't end well for you.

It's already over, Aldous.

Rachel, is it done?

It's in motion.

Not a happy task, I know.

He was your mentor.

Yes, he was.

But he lost his way with Sarah Manning.


Serves us right really,

putting a lab coat in the big chair.

Let me know when it's done, yeah?

- Rachel...
- Go now.


Don't get in your car, don't go home.

You might survive.

Thank you.

It's foolish to spare you, but you raised me.

Nurture prevails.


Hey, Sarah'?

Hey, Cos, what's going on?

I really hate to make this call.

But it's about all of us.

And it's about Kira.

Why does she need Kira's tooth?


What the hell?

I don't know, she's sick, Cal.

This is one of the aunts you won't tell me about?

Yes. Yes.

So we've been running away from Dyad
and now you wanna take Kira in

to have them, what, harvest her?

I don't know, Cal, okay.

She's sick.
Kira might be her only chance.

Don't do this to our kid.


Will this help?

Oh, God, monkey.


It was already loose.

Whatever this is, it's gonna swallow you both.

Oh, Kira!

It's not your decision.
We have to go back.

Yeah, let's get this.

The number we practised, you still remember it?


Okay, good. You call it any time, okay?
You need me, I'll be there.

No matter what.


- I'm sorry. Don't worry.
- Yeah, see you. See you.

Taxi, taxi. Hey!

Hey, come on!

Dr Leekie, I need a word.

Another time, Donnie.

Get in!


You lied to me.

No, I offered you a chance to be
part of something special.

Well, it's not right, all the secrets.

Donnie, it's late.

You came into my house,

and probed my wife.

Listen to me, you turnip.

In a hundred years' time,

no one will care in any way about Donnie Hendrix,

except as a footnote in this experiment.

You ruined my marriage, my wife hates me.

I gave you your wife.

Put the gun away and go home to bed.

I won't participate any more.

Thank you.

I quit!

Oh, God. Oh, God.

Where is Aldous?

Aldous suffered a fatal heart attack on one of our jets.

They wanna make more of us?

They tried and tried.

I'm leaving.

Just picks up and abandons his kids
in the middle of the night.

You have to find Beth Childs.

You are running out of time.

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