Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 5 - Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est - full transcript

Rachel returns home to find Rosen dead, which she takes out on Sarah and Cosima. She also makes Paul an offer he can't refuse, even if he wanted to. In this new position, Paul decides to use Felix to help Rachel. Leekie, unlike Rachel, shows that his plans veer toward the truly scientific, he who provides Cosima and Delphine with some information about the clones' past. Feeling indebted to Helena for saving her from Rosen, Sarah decides to help Helena within the bounds of what Sarah believes is right. Helena may have thoughts of her own about what she wants to achieve. But she also provides both Art and Sarah with some information about Maggie Chen, which they in turn use to find out more about Rachel's past. Cal and Kira are still hiding out in Cal's motor-home, Kira who hints about Sarah's "sisters". And Henrik and Bonnie have Gracie confined for what she did regarding Helena, which Gracie may have to pay for in more ways than one if Helena is not retrieved.

Sarah, we make a family.

Helena does have a soul,
she does have a purpose

and she is part of our family now.

Go back to hell where you belong.



I'm sick, Delphine.

Are you my dad?

Where's my niece? You left her with Cal?

Your mom has a lot going on right now.

"This organism is restricted
intellectual property."

They patented us?

Project LEDA.
I mean, its total military speak.

You know the mythology of Leda
and the Swan?

Six scientists incinerated
in a lab explosion.

FELIX: These were Rachel's parents.

Susan and Ethan Duncan.
They were geneticists.

I love you, too.

You're not really the smartest
clone, are you?

Smart enough to know
you're shagging Rachel.

I shot you! You were dead.
You were dead!

They took something from inside of me.

HENRIK: And a new life begins.

Rachel, uh, you don't need to see this.

I demanded to. Now, move.

I'd like to see him, please.

LEEKIE: I'm sorry, Rachel.
Daniel was a very loyal man.

- To you.
- To us both.

This wasn't Sarah.


I believe we all recognise
the handiwork.

Your white wha*le, Aldous.

Seems we have a pair of them.

Security footage shows
her leaving with Sarah.

The twins are back together.

Fascinating, actually.

If one can rise above it, Rache*I.

(WHISPERS) Animals...

How was Taiwan, Paul?

- You two get along?
- He performed admirably.

- I did my job.
- Huh.

- Personal security, was it?
- That's right.

ALDOUS: She could have
killed you, you know.

Thank you for your concern.

There's a kinder, gentler way, Rachel.

This is all the result of your
heavy-handed tactics.

Trust me, Aldous, I've only just begun.

You do realise I'm going to have to
paint this to come to terms with it?

Please don't.

Yeah, you're right.

I mean, you shot your evil
twin sister dead,

only to have her arise
and gut Rachel's henchman.

How could I capture the nuance?

Yeah, believe me, you couldn't.

You are now pitted
between two psychopaths.

Cut her loose.

If she hadn't shown up, I'd be dead.

She can't stay here, Sarah. She's not...

Oi, just, just...
Just get her something to wear, p*lease.


I'm sure I've got a Ukrainian
folk costume in here somewhere.

- Oh! God.

Hey! Hey, hey, hey.

You treat him with respect.

You got it? That's my brother.

Which means he's one of our sisters.


You get it, meathead?

Do not call me this.

Do you understand, Helena?

He is sestra.

- Oh, God.
- Exactly.

So take some clothes, wash up

and do everything that he tells you to.

Thank you, Felix.

Just don't kil*I my rubber ducky.


What did those fish cult freaks
do to her?

I don't know, she wouldn't say.

But I know somebody who can handle her,
maybe he can find out.

- I just need you to chaperone her.
- Oh, God.

If you would, while I get
my shit together, please.

You are truly unbelievable.

Take this, go talk to your daughter.

Thank you.

These socks are wet.


Agreed. Those are wet socks.

Hey, you want to wear my socks?

They're pretty cool, they're grey.

And they'll be like knee-highs on you.


You know what?

Good call.

You're going to need
more than big socks this morning.

I know this has been all...

sort of confusing, Kira.
I don't blame you for being put out.

But since we're stuck in this together,

there's no reason why we shouldn't
have a little fun.

And there's no reason why we shouldn't
have really awesome socks.


Sit, please, Paul.

I'm in need of a new monitor.

- You have a monitor?
- She did.


I've been self-aware
since I was a child.

I'm not exempt from the programme.

I simply enjoy a unique vantage,
one with privilege.

She needs full-time personal security.

And you submit data to me

on her health and wellbeing,
like any other subject.

Are you asking me if I'm interested
or reminding me I have no choice?

It's a promotion, Paul.

A very handsome one,
if you have the starch for it.

Where are you with the new
stem ce*ll line, Aldous?

My in-vitro tests have been
very promising.

Promising enough to treat Cosima.

Shut down the tests.

Until Sarah comes to hee*I,

Cosima will suffer.

Back in the early '80s,
genetics was like the wild west.

No one knew the science.

The laws didn't exist, so they slapped
provisional patents on everything.

Like pissing on a fencepost.

Yeah. Like, leave it in legal limbo
until the laws change

or you can figure out
if it's worth anything.

They would still have to register
them, though, right?

Back then anything as advanced
as synthetic DNA

would be probably have fallen
under the military somehow.

If Dyad was just a contractor,

it could be a secret military patent.

Hmm. That makes sense.

Wait. How would I...
How would I find that out?

I guess you wait until a guy in aviators
shows up and tells you're in violation?

Scott, you're supposed to be my expert
on genetic patents here.

I just blog about it.

Why can't I come work for
you on this super-sensitive shit?

Delphine, why can't Scott come and work
with us on the super-sensitive shit?

Because we'd have to kill his family.

You hear that?

That's fine. I applied
with a letter from the Dean.

Hi, Scott. Bye, Scott.

He's so cute.

Did you get these?


They're tissue test results
from the stem cell line.

One that I've never seen before.

And they are...


Compatible. With you.


But they were sent to me by mistake.
They were meant for Leekie.

He's supposed to share
all the science with us.

Why don't we have these cultures?

I don't know.

Because they're experimental
or proprietary.

That doesn't matter. I'll try anything.

So will I.

- Where are you?
- SARAH: I'm, uh...

I'm in a place where bands play.

KIRA: What bands?

I don't know, Bobby?
Who"s playing tonight?

The Shit Goblins.

Sorry! Sorry.

I miss you, monkey.

I'm not a monkey any more.

You're not?

I'm a leopard.


Yeah. Wow, I like the jacket, too.

You can talk to daddy now.

Hey! Monkey... Kira?

(SIGHS) Daddy.

Sorry about that.
I keep telling her it's Cal.

But she Daddied me twice this morning.

She can call you what she wants.
It's fine.

You sure you're okay?

Mind if we don't get into it?

A little.

Fine. How about this, then?

That guy, um, you crashed into.

Yeah. That Dyad gentleman?

Yeah. We*ll, he didn't... He didn't die.

Not by your hand.

I'm relieved, you know. Ostensibly.

Where are you guys?

Close enough to grab you
when you're ready.

I look forward to that.

All right, best behaviour,

Hello again, Detective Bell.


Hands on the table.

I don't like to be touched.

Yeah? We*l*I, that's too bad.

I just gave her new clothes. She didn't
have any weapons or anything like...

That's my pen.

I wanted to write letter.

I haven't forgotten
that you took a shot at me.


Give me your hands.

Do as he says, meathead.

The windows are a
30-foot drop to concrete.

All sharp objects have been locked away.

The only way in and out of here
is through me.

So in other words...

- You're safe here.
- Look, Helena,

he wants to help you and Sarah.

He lies down with pigs.


And that's my cue to leave.

I've got a hot date, too.

Um, good luck with... that.

Oh, um... Try food.

Gracie won't talk and so she
remains until she admits the truth.

Are you sure she's lying?

We both know.

If she won't open her heart to Helena,
then she's clinging to the old ways.

A punishment to fit the crime, Henrik.

It's been 12 hours.


Gracie, you ready to tell us what
really happened with Helena?

She can rot.

Well, I'm going to have to come
after you and tickle you!

- Here I come, the tickle monster!

- Oh, no!

- Thanks, Mummy. I love you.
- What about poor Daddy?

I love you, too, Daddy.

Now, go get...

Sarah's trying to learn
everything about me.

Just as I am with her.

I want us to be c*lear, Pau*I.

As my monitor, you report my data
to Aldous but you work for me.

Do you understand?

Not exactly.

I've known Leekie my entire life.

When my adoptive parents died, he
became something of a guardian to me.

But now my position in the corporation

essentially outranks
his Dyad directorship.

He can become too attached
to his subjects,

myself included.

Sometimes he can't make
the hard choices.

Did you read the report on Cal Morrison?

Made his money in micro-optics.
May have anti-corporate leanings.

What is it you're looking for?

I want to know if he's the other side
of Kira's biological equation.

The timeline works. We can place him
with Sarah eight years ago.

Does that bother you?

That Sarah is back
with the father of her child?


Up until now, your entanglements with
Sarah have been your saving grace, Paul.

I never asked her to cross my path.

You didn't ask for me, either.

But now it's time
to make a decision, Pau*I.

This is Dan...

This was Daniel's gun.

It can be tied to the murder
of a police officer.

There's no middle ground any more.

What do you need me to do?

BELL: Hey.


Maggie Chen. Also a Prolethean.

She was your spotter.
She tracked down clones for you.

The two of you worked together.

The thing is, last time I saw you,

you were running away from Johanssen's
followers in a wedding dress.

You want to tell me
what that was all about?

What did they do to you?

BELL: What did they do to you?

How did Maggie find the clones?

How did she communicate with you?

I am a very patient man, Helena.

So, I'm going to just make me...

a grilled cheese sandwich.

While you think about it.

Sorry I can't help you out of this.

Your dad's sending me after Helena.

She's got to carry the child, right?


I don't know if she's a miracle or not

but if something happened, just confess.

Confession heals all.

It doesn't matter to me what you did.

When I was seven,

the nuns said I had devils inside me.

Sister Olga locked me in cellar.

She gave me darkness.


I gave her darkness.

Does Sarah know of Swan Man?

I don't think so.

Swan Man played God.

How'd he do that?

He's in her locker.

Whose locker? Maggie's?

Why does Rachel want Sarah?

Is it for Kira, too?

Does Maggie Chen have a locker?

How does this help my sestra?

Listen, He*lena.

This is really important.

I want to tell you something.


These I like.


#I wanted to be with you alone

#And talk about the weather

#But traditions I can trace
against the child in your face


♪ Won't escape my attention

- Hello, Felix.
- Colin.

- You're back.
- Provisionally.

Hey, is it safe to come in?

That all depends on
what you're scared of.

Mmm, I don't know.

Cops showing up at my desk
full of innuendo about you?

All of that

has blown over.

♪ When there's a gun in your hand

#Oh, I feel so...

#Something happens
and I'm head over heels

#I never find out
till I'm head over heels

#Something happens
and I'm head over heels

#Ah, don't take my heart,
don't break my heart

#Don't, don't, don't throw it away... #


Felix Dawkins?

Search warrant.

Oh, shit! Not again.

No, no. It's a misunderstanding,
I'm sure.

How's it going, Morguey?

Better hope we don't find anything
incriminating in your friend's place.

He won't!


I'm sorry, baby.


You"re not going to find anything
other than a few roaches,

all right?

And aren't you supposed to
show me some identification?

Hello, Felix.

Oh, you bloody pricks.

Why can't you just leave
my sister alone?


Playing with Team Rachel now, yeah?

Got the corrupt arm of the law
in her clutch purse?


So, what's this?

You come to finish me off?

Big dick Paul?

You were at Cal Morrison's cabin.

No, I don't know
what you're talking about.

What are you going to do with that?

Hey, put that down.

Put it down.


Paul. Paul, what are you doing?
Are you crazy?

What are you doing?

L"m sorry!

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

What are you doing?


Felix? What the hell's going on?

PAUL: Hello, Sarah.

Where's my brother?

Right here.

I'm fine.

Present company excepted.

I have a murder weapon
with Felix's prints on it.


And a detective
waiting in the hallway to find it.

And then they'll find the gun
was used to kill Officer Tom Bowman

at your friend Cal's place.

You bloody gutless bastard!

Felix will be charged with murder

unless Rachel gets what she wants.

So your little trip to Taiwan
really paid off.

How many clone notches
in your belt now, eh Paul?


She wants everything, Sarah.

You, Helena,

Kira. No more games.

This was never a game, you stupid twat.

The ball is in your court, Sarah,
and you have until morning.

Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Sarah, Sarah slow down.

Art, you've got to help me with this.
Rachel's ruthless.

Okay. I will call some people
at the station

and see if this is real
or if Rachel'sjust bluffing.

They've got a gun on him.
Do you hear me?

Okay, but it's not that easy
to set someone up.

Uh, you've seen what they're capable of.

Don't do anything crazy, okay?
Do you hear me?

Just come to my p*lace.

Yes. Well, what else am I going to do?
I've got nowhere else to go, do I?

Easy... Easy.

Got you, Arthur.

Well, Gracie?

There you go.

I was protecting us.

Not taking a real life, like...

Like killing a coyote
that wants to eat our chickens.

I'm so sorry, Father.

Just, uh...

You help us get her back,
all will be forgiven.

And if you don't,

then you will carry the child yourself.

COSIMA: Are you sure
this is a good idea?

If he's withholding
promising treatment from you, yes.

He's going to ruin your career

and destroy your reputation
as a budding lesbian.

No, I think he's probably
culturing it himself,

so I would check these fridges.

For a beaker marked "culture'"?


Oh, shit.... Shit!

Oh, no!

Dr Cormier.

Uh, hey. My bad.
I wanted to see the original genome.

No, she didn't.


you held back a stem cell line from us.

In fact, I didn't.

Remember I told you I was developing

a pluripotent stem cell line
from baby teeth?


But Rachel is obstructing
further testing.

Why the hell would she do that?

In a word,


You seen this before?

Who are they?

Two forefathers
of the original experiment.

This was in Sarah's possession.

I'm going to tell you something
that only a handful of people know.

Twenty years ago,
there was a fire in one of our labs.

Several scientists died.
Reams of data lost.

And the original genome was destroyed.

So all of this secrecy
around the original genome

is because it doesn't exist?


The entire project
is essentially an orphan.

We lost your pre-history, Cosima.
And with it, a*l*I record

of several synthetic sequences
embedded in your DNA.

What kind of synthetic sequences?

Sequences that make you possible.

That overcame the viability issues
that have haunted us ever since.

So you lost the map.

So finding the sequence in the genome
is like looking for hay in a haystack.

So you see,
if Sarah has uncovered something,

I need to know.

I have no idea.

Whether I be*lieve that or not,

as a gesture of good faith,
I'm willing to disregard Rachel

and proceed with the treatment.

Dinner's almost ready.
I hope you like burned spaghetti.

What are you drawing?

A picture.

I didn't think your mom had any sisters.

They're new.

They all look the same
but I can tell them apart.

What do you mean by that?

- Someone's coming.
- You're right.


Who"s there?

Police officer.

- Evening.
- Evening.

Don"t see many RVs
this late in the year.

Just thought I'd see
how you were making out.

Yeah, we're good. Thanks.

- Just camping with my daughter.
- Hmm.

Mind if I see your ID
and vehicle registration?

Sure, no problem. It's here.

Where are you from?

CAL: Uh, Seatt*le.

There you go.

You're a long way from home.

- Andrew Cooper.
- Yep.

You heading back out west?

- Yep. Back home.
- Hmm.

You don't mind
if I take a look inside the RV?



Ha*l*loween's over, kiddo.

I know, but you're burning dinner again.

Oh, right, but it... It gives the food
a nice smoky flavour.

KIRA: No, it doesn't.

She, uh, she went as some
video game character.

All right. I'll let you guys
have your supper. Goodnight.


You're quick on your feet, aren't you?

- Oh, shit!
- Ah.

She escaped?

Yeah! Can you pass me
the goddamn keys? On the fish tank.


I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

- Not this again?
- Yeah.

More riddles from your sister.

Well, how does it work?

Last time they were GPS coordinates.

Three places we'd been,
one we hadn't. Let's go.

This matches her coordinates,
what do you think?

She said something about a locker.


Don't jump out and scare us

with an axe or some shit.

She likes bikes, right?


I think she rode off on one.

Oh, why the hell would she send us here?
What does she want?


I think this is Maggie Chen's locker.

She must have used it as a drop
for information for Helena.

She camped out here. What a sad life.

Swan Man.

- What?
- Swan Man.

Helena said that might
mean something to you.

So, ah, Swan... Leda and the Swan.

And Project LEDA.

She said he was playing God.

Could that be the same man?

This photo's like 1977?

So, he'd be, what?

In his '70s now?

Yeah... Yeah, cou*ld be.


Well, it cou*ld mean that

our creators, one of them,

Rachel's dad,

he could still be alive,
he didn't die in the lab explosion.

I need to call Cosima.

This is something I can use.
Something I can trade for Felix.

BELL: Sarah...


Sniper rifle.

She's going to kill Rachel.



'63 Margaux.

Two glasses.


A *litt*le more off the back, Helena.

Yes, Rache*I. Of course.

So pretty you are.

So much money,

so much money.

Put it down.

Take off your shirt.

- She's got about a 20-minute lead on us.
- We're close to Rachel's.

I tell you, she's fast.

Don't move.

Take off your pants.

Daniel like that?

Did Sarah?

Hey! What's that?


Hey. Stop. Stop.

- Hey, hey, hey. Hold up.
- That's her bike.

And that's Rachel's building
right there.

Wait, what side is Rache*I's suite on?

It faces this way.

That's a clear line of sight
for a sniper.

Come on.

Get that chair.

Take those off.

Sit down.

You like my hair, Paul?

Yeah. Very pretty, dirty, sexy Rachel.

Like my mother.

- Hello, sestra.
- Helena, stop.

Helena, put the gun down.

Mind your weapon, Art,
or I pull trigger.


Come see, Sarah.


Helena, you can't do this.

You can't.

Rachel is problem. I fix problem.

I wish you could.

But they've got Felix.

- Brother-sestra.
- He's in jail.

If you kill Rachel, they're going
to keep him there.


Look, Sarah.


Always unfaithful.

I don't care about Paul.

He doesn't matter any more.

- Then I kill him for it.
- No, Helena, stop!

Take your finger off the trigger
and put down the gun.

No, just...

- Let's see who's faster.
- Please.

I can't let her shoot.

Helena, listen to me.
There's another way.

We can make a deal for Felix
but I need your help.

Only you can help me find Swan Man.

You only want to use me.


That's not true. You saved my life.

You... You're my sister.

Helena, I thought...
I thought I'd killed you.

I couldn't tell anybody what I lost.

But you came back.

Please, put... Put down the gun.


That's good.

Come down.

Thank you.

You make me cry, sestra.

Come on, meathead.

Don't call me this.


There we go.

Just an intra-dermal test
to see how your body responds.

Yeah, so if my arm falls off,
then we know.


Or if you grow another limb.

- Yeah.

Um... Oh, Dr Leekie, in light of
what you shared with us earlier,

we have a proposition for you.

We do?

No, no. Not us.

Um, us.

I'm all ears.

We want to know...

Do you like to drink beer?


Thank you.

Dr Leekie?


So I hear I'm not the only
data you lost.

You have something for me?

Professor Ethan Duncan.



It's vital my brother goes free.

All charges dropped.

Find him, I can pull the levers
to countermand Rachel

and guarantee Cosima will be able
to continue the treatment.

What, what treatment?


So you don't share everything.


What, is she sick?

Unfortunately, yes.

With what? With what Katja had?

I'll let her explain.

But all the more reason to find Duncan.

I can buy you three days.

If anybody follows us,

I'm gonna stick Helena on all of you.

- Not an idle threat.
- No, it's not.

PAUL: Well, that looked interesting.

Rachel had you follow me.

She thought you might make a deal
with Sarah behind her back.

Well, Sarah's off on a trip
down memory lane.

And so am I.

What she finds there
may be dangerous to us all, Paul.

So I need you to come to me first.

- Before Rachel.
- I'll be in touch.

Right. So, how do we find Swan Man?

Mrs S has nice truck.

Much like rooms.

Helena, where are we going?

Cold River.

What's that? A town?

A place of screams.

You act like you've never
been in a car before.

Never been on road trip.

We're clones.

I can't help but think that the godhead
has put you here to test me.

Wondering how a simple guy like me
meets a girl like you

- in a place like this?
- On the floor!

You knew all along.
You'rejust one of them, aren't you?

Hello, Paul.
Ripped By mstoll