Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 2, Episode 4 - Governed as It Were by Chance - full transcript

Sarah survives the car crash, is quickly reunited with Kira and sets off with Cal in his camper. She decides to head back to the city to find out from Mrs. S just what is going on. She also...

Sarah, we make a family.

I've already got a family.

Who are you?


What is this?
Project LEDA?

She warned me about you.

I swear to you, I don't know who they are.

The birdwatchers, my old network.


You sold us to the Proletheans.

- Who is that?
- The y found polyps on my lungs.

- Is she all right?
- She died.

There's loads of cabins and summer houses,

we'll just find an empty one and we'll hole up.

- You know him?
- Are you my dad?

He's completely disconnected
from all this shit we're dealing with.

There's no place for me here.

Can't you stop running for a minute?

Today's performance is dedicated
to our dearly departed Aynsley.

♪ I'll walk down the aisle... ♪

Oh, my God!

Get up!

Get in!

Where did you get this?



Sarah! Sarah?
Oh, shit! I'm sorry! Come on.

- It was you?
- Sarah!

I didn't know what else to do.

Where's Kira? Where's Kira?

She's not here. She's fine, she's fine.

You hit your head.

I'm fine, I'm fine.

Come on.

What are you doing?

Who the hell is this guy?

I think he's dead.

- We've got to call the police.
- No!

No! No cops!

He shot a cop in my yard!

Cal. No cops!

I can't do cops.
We just need to get out of here now!


It's too late.



What were you going to do?

You're holding a murder weapon!

Shit, shit!

Okay, we need to...
We need to hide this.

How long do you think you can hide this?

I just need a head start.
Help me, please. Please!

Bowman put out a call for back-up.

- So he's responding. Jesus Christ!
- Shit!

- Where's Kira?
- She's safe, I told you.

Hey, you got to tell me what the hell is going on.

I'm not doing that. I can't do that.

You know, Tom was a friend of mine.


I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Cal.

I didn't mean for this to happen.

As soon as I've got Kira, we're gone.
We're gone.

I'll deal with this on my own.

Shit, whatever this is, I'm in it.

Just tell me what you did.

At least tell me is anyone else after you?

Jesus Christ!
We need to get rid of this truck.

Dad, it's awake.

She's awake.

She's making noises, speaking in gibberish.

It's Ukrainian.

She's part of the family now, Gracie, understood?

Shh, shh...

Helena, easy now, easy now.

My head hurts.

That would be the sedative.

Water helps.

What did you do to me?

No, you're injured, remember?

We're trying to get you well.

There were people all around me.

That was just our family.

No, that's right, Helena. It's okay.

Everybody just came by to say,
"Hey there."

Helena, I can't imagine the kind
of life you've led up till now,

but that's all over and done with.

We're not like Tomas.
We love you for who you are.

You just rest.

Don't worry.

Your life is here now with us.



Well, bet you feel like shit.

Uh, uh, you people can't do this to me.

We have a contract, we have an agreement.

Not with me you don't.

I-I-I demand to speak to Dr Leekie
right this second!

This is totally unacceptable.

Okay, back it up and sit your ass down.

I am not sitting my ass anywhere
until I talk to Dr Leekie.

Is that your dealer?
'Cause he ain't allowed in here.

My dealer? What are you...
What are you talking about?

This is the Dyad Institute.

Institute? This ain't no institute.

Where am I?

Girl, you're in the middle of
your wake-up call. You're in rehab.

Don't worry, the place is deserted.

Nobody's been here for years.


- Mommy!
- Hey.


Ba by. Hello, hello.

- I thought you were gone.
- I'm here, baby.

- Hi.
- Call: old me to hide.

Good job, Kira.
I couldn't see you at all.

Hey, thank you.


I have a surprise for you, Kira.

Come on.

- A camper!
- It's cool, huh?

- Uh-huh.
- There's a kitchen, a bathroom.

- You want to look?
- Yeah, go ahead.

Go ahead.

They'll be looking for my truck,

I'll stash it inside and we'll keep going.

Is this yours?

You won't answer my questions, don't ask your own.

If it's registered to you,
they're going to be looking for it.

It's not in my name, all right?

Mommy, there's a TV and a laptop and a bed in the top.

Let's check it out! Let's check it out.

- Well...
- Yeah.

What are we waiting for?

He's out there again.

Ah, there's nothing to worry about, Bonnie.

They can take all the pictures they want.

There's nothing to see here.

There wasn't until a few days ago.

You don't think we should have brought her here?

I think it would have been easier on Gracie.

- Gracie needs to open her heart.
- And she will.

I just think another location would have been safer,

at least for a while.

Now, you let me worry about our safety.

All right?

She asleep?

Yeah, I don't know how she does it.

She's with her mom, she'll be okay.

- Where are you taking us?
- Depends who's after you.

I mean, he wasn't just another angry mark, was he?

Cal, just...

I gotta know what I'm dealing with.

All right. That guy back there,

he belonged to a very serious bitch
at a very powerful corporation.

So you're, you're scamming corporations now.

That's almost a relief.

- The guy's phone?
- Yeah.

I watched him unlock it.

It's her.

As long as they think I'm still caught,

then they're not going to send anybody after us.

For a while.

Can you get me online?

Stop it! Stop it! just leave us alone!

Just stop it!

Go back to hell where you belong.

Shh, shh. You sleep now.


Oh, shit!




Hello, gentlemen!

You're trespassing, Detective Bell.

No, I was just out for a hike.

Taking a few nature shots
and I got a little turned around.

This is private property.

Actually, the property line ends back there.

Which means all you boys have
long-gun permits as required by law

to be packing these things on public land.


- Let's go. See you again, detective.
- Oh, you bet.

You know, the worst part of it is,

uh, people looking at you

when you tell them that you're sick.

They're not sure how to react.

Like, does she want me to cry or act like I don't care?

- Hey, Sarah!
- Hey!

Where the hell are you?

Uh, I'm in my new lab.

Thank you very much.

They let you out? You look like
you could use some sun, Cosima.

No, I'm good, I'm good.

Where the hell are you?

Why are we stopped out here?

Because your mom wanted to talk to someone.

Aunt Cosima.

I guess.

And out here it's so open

we can pick up a signal for miles.

Are those police talking?

Look, this is another cool trick I learned.

Holy shit, Sarah.

Yeah, so for now, I'm just texting as Daniel.

Rachel still thinks I'm caught.

Hey, let me see that, that photo again.

Project LEDA.

You know the, uh, the mythology of Leda and the Swan?

Uh-uh. Must have missed that class.

Okay, so Zeus, the big guy of the gods,

he comes down from Mount Olympus in the guise of a swan.

And he gets it on with this human queen called Leda.

Um, they have twins and the kids
are half-human, half-god.

- Weird, right?
- Yeah, very weird.

What does that have to do with anything?

Project LEDA.
I mean, it's total military speak.

Isn't it?

And what's with that soldier in the background?

What, you think the military created us?

I don't know. I don't know.

But this, this, this could be key, Sarah.

Now you turn it around...

I'm going to come back tonight.

Don't you think that's really dangerous?

Mrs S lied straight to my face about Project LEDA.

I need to know where she is,
I need to know what she knows.

She's the key to all of this.

Okay, let me handle this LEDA stuff.

Uh, you just take care. Bye.

- Ta-da!
- It's an angel.

Well, I thought it was a butterfly but an angel will do.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

How did you do that?

They put up roadblocks but they're behind us.

There's a BOLO out on my truck.

- A "be on the lookout".
- Yeah, I know what it means.

I don't know why you're doing any of this, Cal.

I need a favour.

I have to go back home to find someone.

- Jesus!
- Hello, Benjamin.

Siobhan, you're okay?

Why wouldn't I be?

I heard that someone did the birdwatchers.

- You!
- It was a trap. It backfired.

I didn't... I had no idea.

If you had, we wouldn't be talking right now.

- What do you want?
- New papers.

I have to get to London to find somebody.

If it's who I think it is, you don't have to go to London.

He came through a week ago.
Carlton's here.

- Felix!
- Oh, my God!

Hi! So this is what
the world looks like sober.

Thank God you're here.

They won't let me out unless somebody takes me.

What do you mean? What about Donnie?

He put me here!

He's my monitor.

- Are you sure?
- Yes, yes, yes, he institutionalised me.

No, darling, I mean that rehab
usually requires some form of consent.

This was my idea?

Oh, God!

Okay, let's have seat.

Oh, God!

I don't remember the curtain going up.

Was I terrible?

People got their money's worth.

- Oh, look at my arm, I'm a mess.
- Okay,

let's look at this as a chance to relax.

I'm in rehab, Felix, there are drunks.

Drug addicts.

I saw a woman shaving her armpits.

That's disturbing but sort of the point, love.

Look, a week here is not a bad thing.

You go away for a week, you come
back from the spa, fresh as a daisy,

no one's the wiser, plus no Donnie.

- Okay, one week.
- Brilliant!

We'll celebrate with brunch and mimosas.
Oh, God, or just brunch.

You and Cal are going to stay in the camper tonight.

Are you going to find Mrs S?

Yes, and make sure that
Uncle Felix isn't still angry at me.

Rig ht? Yea h.

Okay. Bye, babes.


This will keep you safe.

Thank you.

Hey! The bus can wait.
Are you sure about this?

Are you?

Well, I've never really been a dad before.

Thank you.

Uh, you should...

- You guys should get on the road.
- Yeah.

- If anything happens, you just...
- I'll text you a safe number.

I'll see you here in six hours.


What's the corporation?

- Eh?
- Just give me the name.

Dyad Group.

You must have really gotten under their skin.

They sort of got under mine first.

How'd you find me?

I heard you were in the neighbourhood,

so I looked for the nearest place
to find a pint and a pair of tits.

- I do have my weaknesses.
- Well, let me go

or you'll have a few more!

There they are.

Eyes that could make me stab me own mum if they asked.

Still a poet.

I wasn't sure I'd ever see you again.

It took me a long time to come to terms with that.

And now that you have seen me again?

I'm not sure this is wise at all.

God, I missed you, woman.

Well, I thought about you once or twice.

What about your friend upstairs?

- We could go ask her to join us.
- Careful.

- My room's around the corner.
- Don't tell me you've gotten shy.

I'll have you know, I'm versed in Krav Maga!

Shit! Fe!

You're a shite burglar.

Why the hell didn't you answer any of my texts?

Texts from you?

- I must have been busy.
- Ha-ha.

Where's my niece?

Shit hit the fan.

You left her with Cal?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll explain later.

Anything from Siobhan? Anything?

Nothing from Mumsy, no.

Alison's in recovery.

Cosima and Delphine are locked in some kind of

transgressive lesbian geek spiral bound to end in tears.

Wait, did you say recovery?

Is she in rehab?

You know, I think it will be good for her.

Help her to get back some of her dignity.

Do you have to watch me tinkle every time?


Test every day.

So we're clear, no drugs or alcohol of any kind.

Any prescribed medication you get from the desk.

- We watch you take it.
- I'm not on anything.

- No birth control?
- No.

That was never necessary.

Well, you won't need it in here, anyway,

'cause there's no relations,
especially with other residents.

Oh, God, I'm married.

You're also an addict!
Addicts do stupid shit.

You get caught doing the nasty with anyone in here,

you're out on your ass.

I don't believe I've ever done the nasty.

- This room will stay private?
- Alison!

Um, no, I don't want to talk to him.

He's an enabler, Yvonne.

You want I should check his crevices?

- You put me in here!
- Ali, you agreed.

I just want what's best for you.

I can leave any time I want to.

I don't think that'd be such a great idea.

Really, Donnie?

- Spying, leeching Donnie.
- Ali,

you have issues.

And until you get those sorted out,

I don't think you should be around the children.

That is not your decision to make.

It is if you leave rehab before the programme's finished.

At least, that's what my lawyer says.

Get well, Ali.

So, what exactly do we expect to find down memory lane?

Something about S's network.

Which has got to be somewhere.

Yeah? Maybe it's with
one of these people in here.

Hello, stallion.

Yeah, that's Carlton.
He brought me to S when I was a kid.

She said he was in prison.

Oi, what's this?

"Carlton Bedding, human smuggler."

Yeah, his, um, pipeline.

He used to hide people.

He got 15 years for it.

"Six scientists incinerated in lab explosion

"while working on a medical research project

"spearheaded by Professors
Susan and Ethan Duncan."


As in Rachel Duncan?

Is this them, then? Project LEDA.

Holy shit!
These were Rachel's parents.

Does that mean that Mrs S knew the whole time?

What else is she not bloody telling us?

You're still bloody spectacular.

Well, you have been locked up for a really long time

but yeah, I am.


you didn't cross the pond just to see me, did you?

Uh, Brenda was compromised.

I heard that, too.

Amelia came back after all this time.

- So you know why I'm here.

- Kassov was the ferryman.
- I need more than that.

The ferryman's all I have.

Twenty years ago, you brought an orphan to my door.

"Put her in the black," you said.
"As black as it gets."

And I didn't ask much but now I know.

I know what she is, old friend.

Then you know more than me.

And I don't want to hear it.

At least take me as far as Kassov.

If Sarah digs any further into this, God knows

a whole world of shit is going to unravel.

So I take it you're going back
to Kira and that Davy Crockett?

Yeah, 1 am.

- Is that Rachel?
- Yeah.

- Still got time.
- Time for what?

What's the first rule of war, Fe?

Don't mix your camouflage?

Know your enemy.

Rachel's got an apartment at the Cairn Arms.

Nice digs. Those are executive suites.

You've been there?

Well, I can't really divulge beyond the sordid

but, um, there was this really cute concierge named Troy

- and I can distract...
- No, no, no, no, no,

you need to bring these to Cosima.

Tell her to find out what she can about the Duncans.


Yes, Miss Duncan.
Of course, Miss Duncan.

I'm almost there. Yes.


I'd like the lights on and
the suite to be a perfect 68 degrees.

Is that clear, Troy?

Absolutely, Miss Duncan.

- I'm taking care of it right now.
- And don't linger, Troy.

- I'll know if you do.
- Of course not.

- Yeah.
- Hey. Hey, are you in?

- What's it like?
- Straight out of Cold Bitch Digest.

- Let me talk to her.
- Okay.

Sarah, are you seriously in the inner sanctum?


What did you find out about the professors?

Okay, Susan and Ethan Duncan, they were geneticists,

both British citizens, um, they went
to Cambridge for molecular biology.

In '74, they joint-published
a paper on recombinant DNA

and there were several more papers
that they published after that,

until the last one in '76.

Is that when they started Project LEDA?

Yeah, well, it makes sense if
they were working on something

totally top secret

because they kind of disappear
until the big lab explosion.

So, they were Rachel's parents, then?

Adoptive parents. I mean,

Amelia carried you for them until she hid you and then...

And then they somehow ended up with Rachel instead.

Just think, Sarah, you could have been Rachel.

Well, she's got good taste.

And a boy toy.

Oh, really?

Well, at least she's got feelings somewhere in her body.

Yeah, just not in her soul.

You know, she would have been raised
totally self-aware.

And that sense of being the only self-aware clone

might have created a very profound sense of narcissism.

She probably thinks that she's elite.

I feel like the whole thing would have been very clinical,

like every aspect of her life

totally controlled for one singular purpose.

She would have been raised
without any emotional attachments,

so that she could be the perfect,

like, corporate leader, totally able to make decisions

based solely on strategic advantage.

$0, Rachel 3 evil because Mummy
and Daddy didn't hug her enough?

I love you, too, Daddy.

I don't think so.

Well, the psychology makes sense, Sarah.

Shit, I gotta go.

It's me.
Yeah, well, there's been a problem.

Sarah Manning's gone.

I did and now I don't.

There was an accident.

No, she took it with her.

I don't know.

No, Rachel's not back till morning.

No, she has no idea and she's not going to find out.

Leekie, relax!

We'll find Sarah and we'll find out what she knows.

Gently, yes.


Well, look who it is.

You can't shoot me, can you?

You're not allowed to. Right?

You're right.

My mom's not coming tonight, is she?

She's late, probably not.

Hey, we'll talk to her tomorrow.

Are you sad?

Sad's okay sometimes.
Just don't be worried.

I'm not. She has a guardian angel.

It's cute.

Thought this would be a good place to talk.

Easier to clean up after.

Tell me where you got this and who else knows about it.

Better idea. Eat me.

You're not really the smartest clone, are you?

Smart enough to know you're shagging Rachel.

The way you operate, that means you're her monitor, right?

You report to Leekie on her.

I thought it would be somebody higher up.

Somebody who looks like me.

Well, don't flatter yourself.
There's already too many of you.


What are you so scared for us
to find out about Project LEDA?

What makes you think

you're going to be able to tell anyone when we're done?

You wouldn't...

- Daniel... Daniel...
- What?

I look like her, don't I?

I look just like her.

This is happening.

- You wouldn't.
- Leekie wouldn't.

Rachel might. But this, this is for me.

No... No...

Don't fight.

Don't go anywhere.


Hello, sestra. Good to see you.

Helena, what you doing here?

I followed you from Mother's house.

I shot you. You were dead.

- You were dead!
- Yes, you did.

It's a miracle.

And we were meant to be together.

Stay away from me!

Please, sestra, I need your help.

Don't send me back.

I was married.

I think he took something from inside of me.

Gracie's sleeping.

We searched everywhere but we lost Helena.

Well, just when the night is darkest, He shines a light.

And a new life begins.


I didn't think your mom had any sisters.

They're new.

It's a promotion, Paul.

Are you asking me if I'm interested
or reminding me I have no choice?

You're safe here.

He wants to help you and Sarah.

Shut down the tests.

Until Sarah comes to heel,
Cosima will suffer.
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