Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 1, Episode 6 - Variations Under Domestication - full transcript

Sarah's hunt for answers is interrupted by a trip to the suburbs. Alison's paranoia has boiled over, putting all the Orphans at risk. But when Sarah, Alison and Beth's worlds dangerously collide, Sarah must decide who to trust with her secret.





- DONNIE: Ridiculous.

Do I gotta do everything around here?

Three hours to go and
the dishes still haven't been washed.

The drink cart hasn't been loaded up.

The kids' gift bags haven't been sorted.

And did we even get ice?

Hello! Did we get ice?

Alison, come on.

Get with the program here,
we need to get moving.

Where did you go
in the middle of the night, Donnie?

Ah... I don't know. Never-never land?

I woke up. You weren't in bed.

Honey, we don't have time for this.

The kids are outside doing God knows what,

we got a million things to do
and you're not helping!

Just make a list of what we need

and I'll do it and when
I'm out getting the damn ice.

I need to know where you went, Donnie.

Look, I know we had a bad day yesterday.

A bad day? Is that what you call it?

Where are you going?

I'm going out to get the stuff
that you were supposed to get yesterday!

I'm trying to
have a conversation with you, Donnie.

And oh, what a joy it is!

But don't worry, honey.
I'm sure we'll talk about this later.

It's all good.

- Ah!

PAUL: My problems didn't start
in the military.

They started out of uniform,
as a private contractor.


I'm not doing any of this by choice.

All right. So, they forced
you to be Beth's monitor

for two years without even knowing why.

Are you some kind of hustler?

You understand leverage, right?

The difference is you chose
to infiltrate Beth's life,

to screw her boyfriend right on this counter.

And you weren't even you.

And you aren't you either.

I don't think you understand
how serious this is.

We need to try and be
honest with each other, twin sister.


Let's see what happens to the results
of the medical test you performed on me.

I wanted to get you away from that.

I'm serious about Rio.

Just tell me what happens to the results.

They go to Olivier. From there I don't know.

- What are you doing?
- I'm gonna take a shower.

Wash off the filth.

Is that okay with you?

So do you think the results
might tell them I'm not Beth?

I don't know what the tests are for.
I explained that.

This is my world, Sarah.
It is you that I'm worried about.

Yeah? What is it that worries you about me?

Whatever it is you're not telling me.


Hey, Cosima, you were right.

Paul doesn't even know about clones.

See, it's a double blind.

Um, the monitors are
unaware of the purpose of the experiment.

That way they can't skew the results.

Oh, hey.

I just had to get out
of there. I don't even know where I am going.

Right. I may have
a monitor dilemma of my own.

Um, I'm new here, this semester.

(STAMMERS) I didn't bring
anybody with me, but,

uh, someone wants to be friends.

Just stay away from them, Cos.

- Stick to the science, yeah?

Stick to the science?

What am I, the geek monkey now?

Seriously, Paul's a bad ass okay.

He's ex-military.

If somebody's trying to
get close to you just stay away.

Right. The old "do as I say, not as I do."

- Sorry...

Look, Alison's calling through.

Are we good?

((SIGHS)-ls) Sure.


- Hey!

- I need you.
SARAH'. What's going on?

Um... I have a situation.

What kind of situation?

- Just get over here right now.

- Hey that's not fair!
-Oh, then I'll get you again.

Okay, okay. You're gonna
walk your sister to Aynesley's house

-and you're gonna stay there.
- OSCAR: But Mom!

- Yes. It's gonna be fun.
- OSCAR: No!

Go. Tell her I said it's okay.







Where are you off to, Sarah?




- Why am I tied to the chair?
- Shh!

Tell me what was really in the box, Donnie.


Your special box. What was inside of it?

Are you out of your mind? Untie me.

No. Donnie I have

questions that needs answers.

- Come on, Alison, this is insane!

Don't worry, honey.

It's all good.

Isn't that what you always tell me?

Think about what you
really want to get off your chest.

Or what, you're gonna stick sequins on me?

- You moved the files.
- Files? What files?

Your files that you have on me from your box.

Your special box.


Have you lost your mind?

I know what you do, Donnie.

- What? What do I do?
- You spy.

You perform
medical examinations on me in my sleep.

- What?
- You turned my whole life

into a big embarrassing lie!

- Oh, no!
- And you switched the files

in your special box for porno DVDs!

- A Big Boob Blowies!


-(WHISPERS) Hey, Delphine.
- Hey.

- Bonjour Cosima.
- I'm bored.

Well, you know, there's this lecture today

that I was going to see... Wait, where is it?

Um, I was going to.
If you want to come with me.

Neolutionism. Really?

You've... You've heard of it?

Yeah, it's like kind of fringe, don't you think?

Well, I think that,
as a Darwinist, it would interest you.

And this Dr. Leekie is a really, really,

I saw his TED Talk online and... Whew!



Sure. Why not?


PAUL: Sarah, I can understand
why you took off this morning, but I need...

We need to know that
the ground beneath us is solid.

So, please.

Let's talk about all this tonight.


Why do you do it, Donnie?

Alison, I don't examine you in your sleep.

Oh, no. No.

Am I sick like the German?

What German? Who's German?

- Oh, no! (GRUNTS)

- What the hell is going on, Alison?
- Shh!

Please, no.

What are you doing?

Please. Argh!

(MUFFLED) Alison, no!


Hi. What's the emergency?


You might wanna sit down for this.

Uh... I'll stand. Thanks.


(MUFFLED) Alison? Alison?

- Who's that?
- Alison.

- Donnie.
- Who's Donnie?

He's my husband.

- What?
- I think he's my watcher.

- Jesus Christ! Alison, what have you done?

AYNESLEY: AI? Yoo-who!

- Hello?

Who's that?

- Om

I completely forgot.


- Hey.
- Oh, you're not ready for the pot luck.

Oh, yeah. Umm...

You're not even dressed.

Well, I was just thinking,
could we change venues?

Change venues?
Ali, what's wrong?

I... Nothing, I'm just not...
I think I'm coming down with something.

- I think we should...
- Well, it's too late now.

So just take some of your
happy pills and let me help.

Don't worry, we'll get this party started.


- What's up, Hendrix?
- Mmm!

Hello, hi. Hi.

- WOMAN: Is this a pajama party?
- Good.


- Ali.
- Hmm.

- Nothing's ready.
- Oh, I know.

Cover for me.

- What's all off limits?
- Hmm.

The basement. (CHUCKLES)
Uh, it's a disaster.

- Donnie's starting renos this week.
- Oh! Mmm-hmm.

Well, the kids are screaming for chips.

I'll go get some from the pantry.

- Sausage rolls, freezer.
- Got it.


- A pot luck? Seriously?
- Seriously.

- Okay, you got to kick them out.
-(SIGHS) I can't,

back out of the monthly pot luck.

It's my turn.

And I have no gift bags, no ice,

and no bartender because
my husband is tied to a chair.

Alison, you need to take a deep breath.

- I hate yoga.
- Okay.

You need to go up there
and just play hostess like nothing's wrong.

((SIGHS)-ls) Fine.

You interrogate Donnie.

- What?
- Yes. You are the expert.

Go in there and then get that
lying bastard to confess.

- What... Are you serious?
- Be me. Put this on.

What if he's just your husband?

Sarah, I need you to help me with this.

I impersonated you, in front of your daughter.

Now it's your turn.

FELIX: With a golf club?

No. No, I can't bartend.

I've got a very handsome guest here.

Please tell me you're not with
the morgue attendant again.

No, but! plan to be.

Hang on.

Teddy, is that all you can handle?

All right. (SIGHS)
Looks like my afternoon just opened up.

Okay. How soon can you be here?

- To Scarberia?
- Yeah.

- And dress suburban.
-You've got to be joking.

I know, it sucks to be my sister.

Don't forget the ice.




Kids are looking for the gift bags.

And we're running out of wine glasses.

- Where are your disposables?

They are under the sink. No.

Uh, top shelf, left hand side of the stove.

I don't know. I don't know.

What's going on downstairs?

- Sausage roll?
- No, thanks.


Meera wants to know
the name of your contractor.


I will give you his info.

- Perfect.
- Okay.

- Sausage? No, okay.

- That's all right.

She's drunk already?

- Whoopsie-whoo!

Red chili. Did you want one?

And where the hell's Donnie?

Hello, Donnie.

Hello, Donnie.




Hello, Donnie.

- Alison.
- Shh!


- Can we stop now, please?
- Yes.

After a few questions.

You told me yesterday she was fine.

She's right back in her dark place, Olivier.

Stopped her from OD-ing on pills last night.

She's quit the force,
dumped her therapist. She has no one else.

She has you
to share in this crisis like any other event.

Don't interfere unless it's critical.

I need to know that
I won't be blamed if she tries it again.

If I can't stop her.

You've done well for us, Paul.

A long as your subject makes her own
choices there are no wrong decisions.


Then, so long as you're on.

I know, Donnie. So you can...

Tell me how it works.

How what works?

The double blind.


Alison, would you listen to yourself?

I got up in the middle of the night
to watch cricket!


The South African games start at 4:00 a.m.

ls there nothing in my life
left unexamined by you?

Now take off the GD blindfold!


The whole neighborhood is here?

What kind of irrational nonsense
is going through that head of yours!

Hey, watch your tone, Donnie.

Alison, get your frazzled
PMS shit together!

Hey! You watch your tone!

Your wife is the rock of this family.

You will no longer speak down to her.
Am I clear?


- Cosima? Hey.
- Hey.

- I am so glad you came.
- Mmm-hmm.

You won't be disappointed.

- COSIMA: Yeah, I can tell.

Yeah. Dr. Leekie attracts diverse thinkers.

- Come.
- Okay.



a philosophy of today for tomorrow.

Rooted in our past,
in the evolution of the human organism.

But before we go to the future,
let me take you back

3,000 years.

To the great, Greek philosopher,
Plato, and his twilight years.

Poor old Plato was going blind.


Going lame and
(LOUDLY) losing his hearing.

Now, imagine if he knew
we could correct his sight,

restore his hearing and replace
his ailing body parts with titanium ones.

Plato would have thought
we were gods. But we're not.

We're just fundamentally
flawed human beings.

Your glasses, for example,

make you somewhat, um... Platonic.

But within the very near future,

I'll be able to offer you the ability

to see into a spectrum
never before seen by the naked eye.

Infrared, X-rays, ultraviolet.

- You interested?
- Maybe I'll just start with basic LASIK.


And so you should.
That's making an evolutionary choice.

Neolution gives us
the opportunity at a self-directed evolution.

And I believe that's not only
a choice but a human right.


Oh, Felix, Felix, Felix.

((SIGHS)-ls) All right, Felix.

Time to party with the party.



- Hello.

Oh, shit! I totally thought you were Alison.

Have you looked in the mirror?
There's a thing on your head.

Shit, as they say,
it's completely sideways, Fe.

What do you need?


- Crackers.
- Hmm.

- What?
- Do you have any crackers?

How should I know, Charity? Why don't you
go check the cracker cupboard.


Meera is talking. Where is Donnie?

Oh, my God.

Why isn't he helping you with this?

He's tied up.

Ali, don't you dare cover for him.
Not again and not to me.

- Hmm.
- You know what I've been

going through with Chad.

- CHAD: Hey, ladies.

I am all over those sexy stretches.
You've been working your glutes again.

CHAD: What's your program?

Why is everybody asking me
so many goddamn questions?

Hello, neighbors. Your bartender's here.

I'm just gonna have
a quick word with our hostess

and then I'm gonna be right back to,
uh, top you up.


Let's go.

It's a gay bartender, that's awesome.

Chad, shut your stupid mouth
and feed the kids.


- Oh.
- What the...

I screwed up, didn't I?

It's not Donnie.

He said he didn't...

It's not him.

But I whacked him and it felt so good.

Is he really in there?

Yeah, tied to a chair.

Oh, my God. Okay. I'll go
handle the mess upstairs.


(SIGHS) I tortured my husband.

I messed up my family.

And you're the only person I can talk to
and you're just another version of me.

Come on.

I'm a horrible person.

I'm not even a real person.

Of course you are. Look, you
stood up to all this so far.

Mmm. Mmm-mmm-mmm.


Donnie says that he got up
in the middle of the night to watch cricket.

- Cricket?
- Yeah.

Look, Paul's military. He's a professional.

You've known Donnie since what?

High school.

Right. High school.

Yeah. So how could he be your monitor?

(SIGHS) So he's just Donnie?

Eating, farting Donnie?

My monitor is probably
one of those bitches upstairs.

Alison, just...



DELPHINE: I know. I know.

No. No, no. Neolution is not eugenical.

Okay, so what is it? Is it utopian?

Neotopian maybe?

Cosima. Oh, my God, look.

There he is.

I would just love to meet him.

Come on.


Don't worry. Go.

- Hello.
- Hi.






You speak French?

Oui. I have a neuro-lingual chip.


Good. A skeptic.

Neural implants are something
we're exploring however.

At the DIAD Institute.

- You've heard of us.
- Yes.

Um, are they from the DIAD Institute?

Oh, my "freaky-Leekies"

as they've been dubbed in the media.

It was once asked
what my perfect human would look like.

I offhandedly suggested
silver-gray hair and one white eye.

- Little did I know...

Well, I enjoyed your lecture very much.

Oh, thank you so much, thank you.

You know, I'm in immunology.


And you?

Um, evo-devo.

So whenever somebody talks about
the future I always say, "Show. Don't tell."

I hope you'll give me the chance.

Please, have a look at our work at DIAD.


You are such a brat.



Come on, let's get out of here. Come on.





Want a pint of Chablis?

It's me, Fe.

Oh, shit, sorry, I'm...

- Code red, Alison just went down in a heap.
- No.

We need to get her life
out of the fire somehow.

Okay, listen. I think that
I may have spotted her real monitor.

- What?
- Yeah.

- There you are.
- Here I am.

What is with you?

- Hendrix!

- Hey!
- Nobody finds that funny, Chad.

Oh, oh, easy. Just bouncing quarters here.

Um, I've seen you before.
Do you work at the plaza?

(SCOFFS) I don't do plazas.

Oh. How do you two know each other?

Oh, um, because...

- He's, uh...
- I'm... I'm her acting coach.


Aynesley, from across the street.

You didn't tell me
you were getting professional training, Ali.

Really? Hmm.

Um, Aynesley, do you want red or white?

So, um, what do you think?



You run so fast.


- Did we lose them?
- Yes!

Okay, so let's, uh, steal some bikes.

- Oh, no, no, no, that's too much crime for me.
- Oh, come on.

I have a class to TA.

Oh, okay. All right.

You know what's a very French thing to do?

- What?
-After a jogging like this,

we like to smoke a nice little cigarette.

- Did you say, "a jogging"?
- Yes.

You did. Okay, just checking.

Do you smoke? Do you want one?

- Uh, no, just pot for me.
- Mmm. Ooh, really?

- Yes, I'm from San Fran so...
- Ooh.

- I am gonna get you so baked one day.
- Mmm.

Okay. One day.


It's, um... It's really nice
to make a friend in the brave new world.

- Yeah.
- I have to go.

Okay, yeah.

- Okay.
- Ciao.

COSIMA: Bye. Ciao.




Donnie. Sweetie.

Um, I'm so sorry about all this.


Please untie me.

I can't until the party's over.

I bought mulled wine.

If I can help...

While you're down here,

I want you to really think about us.

What we've got

with our house and our kids.

You don't wanna lose that.


That is a really good look on you.



- Yeah?
- FELIX: You need to come upstairs, now.

What's wrong?

Vic is here.

- Vic?
- Yeah.

Hi, Sarah.

If you don't come upstairs
I'm gonna start making friends fast.

Okay, fine, uh...

Not downstairs.
Upstairs bedroom. Two minutes.





No scar.


Are you Sarah?



(KISSES) You want some of this?

(MOANS) Come to bed with me.




Look at all this shit.


VIC: A stroller and a latte,
and you could even fool me.

SARAH". You have five seconds, Vic.

VIC: Oh, yeah, or what?
You gonna call neighborhood watch?

- Neighborhood watch!
- Hey, hey!

Keep your voice down.

You and I have unfinished business.

VIC: Sit.


You faked your own death
so you can move onto your new scam, hmm?

Where are you now, Sarah?


Sarah, it must be so confusing.

You have no idea.

You've got your money, Vic. And then some.

VIC: Five measly grand
doesn't cover my finger.

Or my "pain and suffering".
Whatever this scam, I want a cut,

or I'm gonna blow
your whole charade wide open.

Let's move this along. Yeah?
What's it gonna take?

Look at them. Hey!

Could've been our kids.

You got the wrong room, pal.

You must be Vic.

- Yeah, and you are?
- Oi, hey, this is none of your business.

Am I talking to you?

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What's she done this time?

Ah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah.

Hey, she works for me. You talk to me.

Oh, yeah? Is that right?

- Whoa.
- Hey, Vic.

- Whoa, whoa. Okay.
- Right, turn around.

Turn around. Put your hands up.

What do you want, Vic?

Sarah and I have unfinished business.

I want a cut of the play.

I'm the taxman.

Can't you see we're right in the middle of it?

I appreciate that.

Got a whale on the line.

So, can we go somewhere else

before someone walks in?
Talk out in the garage?


Okay, after you two.



Ali, can we talk?

Excuse us, ma'am, but you can talk inside.

- No, no, no, no, no.
- We got this, Alison.


Who was that?

(STUTTERING) Which one?

The impossibly handsome one, obviously.

Oh, a friend from university. College.

Oh, God, Ali, I know
you're sick of hearing about Chad.

- Uh, no.

I think the asshole is having another affair.

Slowly. Let's go.

Uh-huh, move.

Sit on the chair.

Let's go, buddy, come on. Go, sit!

Let's stand.

I'm not gonna hurt you...


It's that slut from spinning class.

After he swore he'd never do it again.

Are people talking?
Has he said anything to Donnie?

No. No, not a word.

Um, but every marriage has its little secrets.

We all have them.

I'm sorry. I know you and Donnie
are going through things, too.

Hmm? College friend?

I've... I should get back to the party.

Your shirt.


You've changed your shirt
since the party started.

Oh. (STAMMERS) One of the
kids must have spilt something on it.

One of the kids.

I should get back to the kitchen.

- You're acting very strange.

I'm gonna get to the bottom of it.


What do you want, man?

- Huh?
- I want you to tell me everything about her.


About Sarah?

What're you gonna do with that?

Huh? What're you gonna do with that, buddy?

What's her last name?

Manning. Sarah Manning.

She have a twin sister?


No, she doesn't have a twin. She's an orphan.

You know Beth or Alison?


Listen, buddy, calm down, okay?


I'm not trying to shake you down.

I'm in love with her.

I do crazy things for her...

Calm down, man!

All right, calm down, buddy.

Close the door, Sarah Manning.

SARAH: Paul,

he doesn't have anything to do with this.

It's true, man, I swear to God, listen to her.

Who's the woman on the couch inside?

Look, he doesn't know anything.

Why is her husband tied to a chair?

Listen, man, I swear to God,
I don't know anything.

Sarah, could you please tell him?

Could you please call him off!
Could you call this guy off!

- Be a man, Vic!
- I don't know.

All right. Okay, I'm a man.

You are putting me in a very
precarious position, Sarah.

Can't have any loose ends with this thing.

This guy seems like a very loose end.

He doesn't know anything, Paul!

Look, man, I don't wanna die, all right?

Just calm down, please, man.

Hey, Paul, I'll explain everything.

Beth, Alison, I'll tell you what's going on.

Just let him go.

I swear to God I'm not gonna say a word,
all right? Not one word.

(SHOUTING) Sarah, can you please
do something, God damn it?

Look, look, I'll be honest with you, Paul.

GEMMA: Mommy?

- Got you, Mommy.
- Hey, hey, hey.

- Gemma, get out.
- Mom!





Quick siesta?

Hmm. I don't feel so good.

Okay. Let's get you to bed. Come on.


Oh, that's it.



Watch your feet, Ali.


It's fine. Don't worry about it.


You and me end here, Vic.

Never come back.

Sarah, wait a minute.

Alison, uh, I just came...

Did you fly down here?

- What?
- I literally just put you to bed.

(STAMMERS) I... I got up.

Oh. We still haven't met. I'm Aynesley
from across the street. And you're...

Just visiting.

Um, like I said,
every marriage has its little secrets.

This one's between consenting adults.

No one gets hurt.


Do you know what?
You're right. This is none of my business.

Time to go home.



About my little, um,

-breakdown, um...
- No. No, no, no.

It's my fault.

You're right.

You are the rock of this family.

I'm so sorry.

Of course you knew.

It wasn't just porn in my special box.

You remember Ginny Neusbaum?

From college?

I don't know how to say this...

But she and I had an affair once.

Okay, twice. But you and I were broken up.

We traded letters
for a few years after it ended.

Dirty talk, mostly.

Then she got lupus
and I never heard from her again.

She got lupus?

I don't know what happened to her.

I'm so sorry. I was just
trying to hold on to something personal.


(SOBBING) I'm sorry.

PAUL: Drink?





Well, we don't use the C-word.
That's Alison's rule.

But, yeah, we're genetic identicals.

Not triplets?

Genetic identicals?

Yeah, we count nine of us so far.

That's what you do, Paul.

That's why you were watching Beth.

You monitor human clones.

You should have just
told me that in the first place.




Stay away from me.

I have an offer for you.

You have until midnight.

If there was a club here
don't you think I'd know about it?

Beth's paperwork is a mess.
It's like she's never done it before.

So let's get forensics
to pull the hand. Run a fresh set of prints.

All right, you gotta see this.

The subject isn't
who we think she is. She's an impostor.

Help make this right, Afghanistan goes away.

I can tell you have
a very unique perspective, Cosima.

- She's very cheeky.
- Mmm-hmm.

But that's why I like her.

Detective Mark Bell.

I need to talk to you about Beth Childs.