Orphan Black (2013–2017): Season 1, Episode 4 - Effects of External Conditions - full transcript

While Sarah tries to track down her mysterious blonde clone, Alison fills in for Sarah on a visit to see her daughter.


I'm not Beth.



I'm not Beth.


I'm not Beth.

I'm not Beth.




ALISON: Why would one of us be killing us?

What is wrong with her?

Bad breath. Bat shit crazy.

Does she know about me?

About my kids?

How do you know you didn't just bring
her right to my doorstep?

Because she's
impaled with rebar and I wouldn't do that.

I have been living this nightmare
much longer than you have, Sarah.

I explained.
I have a family to protect. I do what I can.

Right. You provide financially.

Yeah, so you wanted that money
Beth was holding.

Your self-defense fund.

You're right, I was gonna steal it and run,

but I can't do that,

because I have a family too, Alison.

My daughter.

- Your daughter?
- Yeah.

Her name's Kira.
And I meant to be seeing her today,

but there's this killer up my ass, so...

Wait, is she
your biological child or adopted like mine?

Mine. Why?

Don't you think
you should have told us about that before?

SARAH: Er, why would I do that?

I'm telling you now
because we have to deal with this.


Beth was on this killer's hit list and now I am.

Well what am I supposed to do about it?


How can I help?

SARAH: Be available.

I may need you somehow.

COSIMA: Wow, rich, man!

This looks like
a new blade inset in a much older handle.

So the fish is a bitch.

Symbiotically speaking,

like a universal way back symbol of fecundity.

But these wings though, they' re...

Seriously, what is she on about?

SARAH: Quiet, she's just weird.

Sorry, sorry, 50")'-

Okay, going on a tangent there.

If she's not dead, we need to find her.

Find out what she knows.

Are you mad? She's a homicidal maniac.

But we need to find out who she is, Sarah.

She's... She found us, she's got answers.

The only way I'm gonna do that
is go back to being a cop.

No. No way, you're not
going back to being Beth.

Impersonating a dead officer,
that's like a whole new crime.

I think I'm safest with the cops,
to be honest with you.

Did that actually
just come out of your mouth?

Look. Art's already looking for the killer.

I shadow him as Beth,

I let them figure out what has happened to her

and when I find out I can jump off and deal.


I'm beginning to realize crazy is genetic.

Well, yeah, bad brain
chemistry can be genetic.

Um, but environment, that's individual, right?

I mean, that's the whole
nature-nurture question right there.

Okay, let's talk nature.

Out of nine so far,
one's a psycho who killed four others.

One committed suicide,
one is a bloody soccer mum,

and then there's you.

My crazy sister is sane by comparison.

Thanks, Fe...

think this might help us
figure out where she's coming from.

- So I'll look into it.

Ah, police business.

Art's got a lead.

Okay! Hey you didn't show
this to Alison by any chance, did you?

You joking? She'd crap her Lululemon.


Got Alison on standby.


Make sure Jimbo wears his seat belt.

You're sending the kids
to your parents on a school morning.

Well, they're staying the night.

That's not an answer.

Well, you didn't pose it
as a question, did you, Donnie?

Okay, why?
Why did you cancel all their activities?

I just need some time to myself.

You have your usual
Thursday night drinks with clients, right?


So I'll see you when you come crashing
in at 3:00 a.m., now, won't I?

(MURMURS) I don't crash in...

DONNIE: One time.

Oh crap!


Rm jumpy too.

How's your head?

Probably about the same as yours.

It's a good day to be alive, Beth.

My kids thank you, even my ex thanks you.

- Yeah, don't mention it.
- I didn't, they did.

I got a present for you.

Our killer made a pit stop.

That's his bike.

- They got him?
- No, but we got a witness.

ART: Just follow the bloody brick road.


Hey, there he is, our walking wounded.

You all good, Art?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

Hey, glad you're okay. We're gonna get this
guy. Don't worry, all right?

So your guy wore gloves, no prints,

but he has not exactly covered his tracks.
Go take a look.


The guy is what? Military?

ANGELA: Looks like it's gotta hurt.

Oh, and the witness is ready.

- Art, you wanna take him?
- No.

Come on.

I slept through the whole thing.

I can't believe I did.

Trevor came into my room and it was dark,

and he was all wet...

With blood.


He said it was an angry angel.

Hey, Trevor.

Can you tell me
what the angry angel looked like?


The person in your bathroom, was a woman?

Is that possible?

Let me talk to him.

ART: Yeah, sure.

It's okay, darling.

I'm not her.

She said you would come.

Pick a color.



Pick one.

SARAH: That one.

Wait, let me see that.

- Can I keep this?
- Yes.

ART: What you got there?


ART: What the hell?

ART: Hey, can you bag this?

It's okay, sweetie. It's okay.

Yes, once again 8:00, before her bedtime.

- KIRA: Is that my mum?
- No.

Did you just tell her it wasn't me?

MRS. S'. Sarah, why are you calling?

If you don't show after all this anticipation...

SARAH'. Just making sure we're still on.

Well, we are at this end.

Yeah, I'll be there.

Can I talk to her?

You can talk to her tonight.

If you let her down, that's it.

I won't let you see her again.

I said I'll be there.

ANGELA: So you all have copies
of the fortune teller.

ART: Eye witness says we got it wrong.

Jane Doe's killer is female.

About Beth's size.

BECKWITH: As for the Jane Doe,

it isn't easy reconstructing a skull

that's gone through a gravel crusher,

but, we do have cause of death.

This hole. 223 caliber.

So, we have a long range,
high-powered weapon.

Name me one homicide
ever pinned on a female sniper.

How's our profile?

Female killers tend to suffer
from chronic detachment,

isolation breeds sociopaths.

This song, "Fearfully and wonderfully made."

BECKWITH: She's a religious fanatic.

The stick figures,
the doll's head, the fortune teller...

Early childhood
development issues, could be extreme abuse.

but she's also careful in her way.

No prints on any of this so far.

And the DNA evidence?

On rush, but we're still a week away from
knowing if they match anyone on file.

Nothing on Jane Doe's prints?
Her hand didn't give us a match?

No, no. It did not.

Look, the bottom line
is we're chasing a calculated female killer

who loves playing games.

Like these fortune tellers.


Certain choices, give certain answers.

Every choice is a different death,

could be threats, could be existing kills,

they might mean something
when combined with the numbers.


Childs? Call for you.

- Detective Childs...
- HELENA: No, you're not.

Beth is dead, isn't she?

What do you want from me?

You could have killed me, but here we are.

- You didn't feel it?
- What?

We have a connection.

Er, you mean when I stuck
that piece of rebar in your liver?

How's that going?

I need to know who you are.

Let's meet again.

(CHUCKLES) I never got your name.

I never got yours.


And last name?

You're doing police work
but how long can that last?

When the real police find me
you are me and I'm you.

We're both the victim and the cop.

Yeah, that would be bad for both of us.

So come see me, discuss... (SIGHS)

already gave you directions.

(SNAPS FINGERS) Hey, come here.

The numbers, they're addresses.

Okay, 17 is the street number
of the quarry where we found Jane Doe.

ART: Yeah, the rooming house.

Shooting scene.

The kid's house.

Even the precinct. Everywhere we've been.

Except one.

10-24 and GPS gives
one address with that street number,

10 minutes
from the kid's house, Lake Point Road.

Oh, I know that place.
Lot of squatters around there.

- Let's check it out.
- Hold it.

Wait for emergency tactical, huh?

This is a probable sniper,
so let 'em sweep it first before you go in.

Got it?

Hey, don't worry. Let's do this.

I'm parked over here so...

No, no, no, after last night,
we stick together, come on.


Whoa, Beth! Rough night?

Okie-doke then.





Anybody else feel like
they have a target on their back?

- WOMAN: (ON RADIO) All clear.
- OFFICER: Copy.

Okay, I'll take you guys in for a closer look.

You're gonna love it.

OFFICER: Over here, detectives.

Looks like more self-surgery.

Can't be long till she bleeds out.

ANGELA: Holy shit!
It's the same figures as the fortune teller.

She's saying she's a serial killer?

Could be her single victim.
Our Jane Doe, over and over again?

Or she just draws like a third grader.

Is this her?

ART: Or her next victim.

(INHALES) Next victim.


Detective Childs.

PAUL'. Hey, it's me.

- Paul?
- Oh!

- Hello, Paul.
- How are you doing?

Oh, not too good.

- I got beat up.
- What?

- What happened?
- Please come and get me out of here.

She led us here.

She wanted us to see this.

Maybe a wild goose chase. Wasting our time.

No. She had a reason.

Okay, let's let forensics have this.

I hope you don't have dinner plans.

Yeah, I'll be right with you.

Is it my imagination or does Cosima have
bigger breasts than you?

SARAH: There's no way
I can make dinner with Kira tonight.

FELIX: Well, you've got to.

I can't, I'm stuck with Art
and this bitch is right on top of me.

I can lead her straight to Kira.

I know, but Mrs. S gave you an
ultimatum, she's gonna cut you off.

Rock and a hard place here, Fe.

Yeah, your permanent address.

I do have one really idiotic idea.

FELIX: ((SIGHS)-ls) Oh, good.

I need to be at two places at once, yeah?

- Yeah.
- Well...

If anybody can do that, we can.

Are you effing serious?

Yeah, suddenly I am.


(SIGHS) What happened?

- Is she okay?
- Yeah, she's okay, she's fine.

That doesn't sound okay.

Sarah needs your help with her daughter.

I'll get the drawings out
to my criminal psych guy.

Where's missing persons on our Jane Doe?

- Nothing local.
- Well, widen the net.

How wide?

North America.

Whoa, quick change.


Your whole look, it's cleaned right up.

- Looks way better.
- ART: Keep it in your pants, Raj.

Uh, sorry...

Guys, what the hell?

Nice to know someone's having fun.

Maggie Chen.

I'm sorry, but she wants me
to impersonate her

in front of her own daughter.

- Who she hasn't seen in almost a year.
- Ten months.

(SIGHS) This is terrible parenting, Felix.

I mean, that poor child.

I don't think you understand
the situation here.

If Sarah misses tonight,
then she may never get Kira back.

I'm sorry, but a request like this...

Maybe the child is better off
with your foster mother.

Excuse me?

Sarah is out there risking her life,

playing cat and mouse with killer clone

so that your kids don't end up orphans

and you think that she should
lose her child for that.

Yeah, I think you need to step up here, sister.

Well, I did just play
Annelle in Steel Magnolias.

- Seriously?
- Mmm-hmm.

Glendale Community Theater.

Annelle. An... Oh, my God!

- The Daryl Hannah part?
- Yeah.

It's terrible casting.

Um, it was actually very good acting, Felix.

Trust me, Sarah's no stretch.
I got great reviews.

From the whole neighborhood, I'm sure.


"The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain."

Okay, Eliza, holy shit!

We need to pull
a full reverse Pygmalion here.

ANGELA: Guess what?

My crime psych guy says,
biblically messed up or not,

woman-on-woman means
it's got to be personal,

whether it's her first or fifteenth kill.

Yeah, no. That makes sense.

So we're back to Jane Doe
and who she was to Jane Death.

Something's got to give and when it does...

Yeah, right behind you.


These are your worst clothes?

Well, I'm sorry, mate,
but I don't shop second-hand.

No! No! It's... My God, no!
It's not "mate," all right?

It's more like, um...

It's like, (HEAVY BRITISH ACCENT) mate.

- Mate.
- Yeah?


(NERVOUSLY) Yeah, um, that's better.

But, look, you're gonna
have to get past Mrs. S,

so you've really got to play the, um, the
dreary history there, you know?

I mean you basically won't talk.
This shirt is all wrong.

Hey, hey, hey!

Not hey!

You're a punk!

Be one.



Detective Childs.

WOMAN: There's a visitor for you.

Hey, hey, hey! What're you doing here?

You said come get you.

What happened? You okay?

Yeah! Yeah, no, I'm fine, really!

You didn't sound fine and you don't look fine.

Come on, I took the rest
of the day off, whatever you need, okay?

Uh, no, no, no. No!

- ART: Paul?
- Paul, I can't.

- Everything all right here?
- Does she seem all right to you?


Okay, take it easy.

First day back, she gets beat up.

No wonder she wants to leave.

- Oh, what the hell are you talking about?
- No, no, no, no, no!

Paul, please. Art, I got this.

Do you?

What am I doing here?

Sorry I overreacted, I...

I didn't mean, literally,
come get me this second.

Then what did you mean?

Seriously, you're like
a completely different person these days.

I'm sorry. It's this case. It's a bitch.

(STUTTERS) I got upset so
I asked you to come get me.

I didn't say I minded.

Look, we need to spend some time together,

figure out what's suddenly
going on with us because...

Most of it I like...

A lot.


You get back.


So, the woman Beth shot
and Helena are connected.

Holy watershed!

Oaky, Beth probably shot
Maggie Chen on purpose.

She never told us anything about this.

SARAH: Yeah, she never
told her partner either.

I can't keep doing this, Cosima,

Helena was here, she was Beth.

She's going to get us both
busted unless I meet her...

- Alone!
- Oh my God, bad idea.

Yeah. She thinks we have a connection.

- Do you?
- Yeah, we're clones.

Right! So, what do the cops know?

She's a churchy psychopath, duh.

It's personal.
She's a loner, probably abused as a child.

Okay, so the fish reads Christian.

And crafted on to a weapon,
a personal crusade.

Great. Is that it?

You know, when I'm seeing this
branded onto Maggie Chen,

I'm thinking that she's not a lone warrior.

To extreme creationist types
we would be abominations.

Like not God's children but Satan's.

So they hate us.

And she's killing us
even though she is identical to us.

Well, but if you
were a messed up, abused, loner

whose faith compels you to belong

and somebody that you trusted told you that
this was the way to redeem yourself

in the eyes of God, I mean...

Yeah, I might become an angry angel too.

Okay, got it. Thanks.

Something you want to tell me?

About Paul? No.

I've got him wrapped around my little finger.

What's he talking about? Leaving?

- We just got you back, Beth.

No, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

- Things are just messy right now.
- Yeah, I heard that.

- But we don't bring that shit in here, right?
- I know.

It's so freaking embarrassing,
don't worry, it won't happen again.

I thought you two are calling it quits.

Yeah, we were,
but now we're trying to work it out.

You know how things go.


Let's get back on track.

This killer,
you had a close quarters run-in with her,

did you get anything else?
Something she said?

If she'd said anything,
I would've known she's a woman.


We'll check with Beckwith.

- She's making progress on Jane Doe.
- Mmm.

Should have facial reconstruction soon.




Detective Childs.

Things must be getting
uncomfortable there for you now.

Helena, you've forgot something.

Your friend Maggie.

Oh, you're a terrible detective.

Beth figured that out.

Well, Beth shot her, not me,
if it's revenge you're after.

It's not about revenge, it's about you.

Right, we have a connection.

- You want to tell me about that?
- In person.

You have my invitation.

My name is Detective Beth Childs.

I murdered Margaret Chen.

(CRYING) It wasn't an accident.

I shot her on purpose.

I'm gasping for a fag.

No, you're not, Sarah never smoked.

Okay, it's curtain time.

So, just remember that an insult is a greeting

but you're trying not
to lose your temper, yeah?


And, um... Wait!

Um... Thanks.


- Over slouching, you're over slouching.
- Shut up.

Now you've got her.

Oh, hi, Mrs. s.

Not driving a nice, new Jag today then?

-It's in the shop.
- Mmm-hmm.

You're going to let me see
my daughter or what?

What're you gaping at?

ANGELA: Something I can do?

- You ever fight a woman?

Depends, business or pleasure?

Look, they do say, crazy makes you strong.

But women, they look different,

fight different, smell different.

This woman is a trained sniper.

But Beth taking her for a man,
that flies with you?


The whole time it feels like
she's got something else chewing on her leg.

You know, civilian shootings
are hard to shake. Maybe she's back too soon.

I don't know if that's even it.

Where is she anyway?




Could be she's just
working it out with her boyfriend right?

Yeah, yeah, could be.

- What?
- Nothing.

So what now, invisible ink?

Mind the store, Angie.

Maybe I should come with...

Come on Art, what's up?

You'll know when I do.



MRS. S: Kira, your mum's waiting.

Hurry up, come on.

There she is, look, she's here.

She's won't bite, love.

What? You shy now or something?


Is that for me?


Can I see it?


How about a cuppa in the kitchen, yeah?


You give us a hug.

I'm sorry, we haven't
seen each other in a long time,

but we can change all that,
see each other all the time.

You're not my mother.

(SNICKERS) Don't be silly.

Of course I'm your mum.
Who else would I be?

You just look like her.



MASON". ifs still me, Kira.

What do you call me?

- Monkey.
- What else?

Monkey... Bum... Face?

Where's my mum?


Art, if you're hearing this, you found a body.

It's not Beth.

It's me.

My name is Sarah Manning

and you're about the only person I
trust to figure the whole thing out.

Kira, your mother couldn't be here right now.




Police! Stay inside.



Because she's out there right
now, doing something very brave.

She's making sure everything is safe,

so you two can be together.

I'm unarmed.

Turn around.

Turn around, all the way.


I'm guessing you know how.

This isn't necessary.

Kneel down!

You're different than the others.

Yeah, I am.


You want to talk, let's talk.

I think I'm dying.

Yeah, I think I'll watch.

Where did you come from?

I came out the woodwork.
Where did you come from?

- God sent me.
- Right.

So you don't know either.

You don't know God.

This God?

This God? The one branded
on your friend Maggie Chen?

Maggie helped make you.

And she saw the light

and came to our side.

Beth killed her to protect us.

I can save you.

Right, 'cause we have a connection.

I can see a light in you.

There's a light in all of us.

No! No!

(SNIFFLES) The others,
poor copies of God's image of human beings.

But not you? You're special?

They told you
you were the original, didn't they?


Your people... It's not true what they said.

We're genetic identicals.

- Let me save you.
- You, me, that German you killed,

we're all made the same.

Whoever told you different
hates you as much as they hate us.

You're wrong.

What happened to you, Helena?

Stay back.

Can you feel it?





Beth, are you in there?

Go, run!

You don't feel it?

- There's no one here.
- You're here.



The apartment of the woman you killed?

What the hell are you thinking?

How can you be my Auntie Alison?

My mum doesn't have any sisters.

My mum doesn't even have a mum.

Well, it's very complicated.

Um, but, Kira...

I'm sorry about this but it's very
important that you keep this a secret.



Getting on for bed time, Kira love.

UP you go, get your PJs.


Bye, mummy.



Thanks for everything.

Well you kept your word. You showed up.

ALISON: I mean Kira.

She's well and that's, uh, down to you.


I'm just, uh... I'm not used to
an honest word on this subject.

Um, I'd like to do this again,
sooner rather than later.

I'm not opposed,
as long as you take it slowly.

So, I'll be by tomorrow
to walk her home from school.

Straight home.

Well, all right then.

Well, unleash the doves,

world peace must be right around the corner.

Piss off, you.

Well, aren't you full of surprises? You passed.

You turned S's head for your encore.

Well, that's something.

- Uh-oh.

- Kira knew right away.
- No!

Oh, shite!


ART: I just don't get it.
It doesn't make any sense to me.

Just explain to us
why you were at the home of Maggie Chen.

Like I said, I was taking a walk,

to clear my head, I found myself there.

- You just found yourself there.
- Yeah.

Yes or no! ls there a connection between

the Maggie Chen shooting death
and this Jane Doe homicide?


ART: Well you called this meeting, Beth.

What the hell are we doing here?

After this Chen thing,
I came back to prove that I could,

but, I'm not doing anybody any good, so.

I quit.

After all we've done for you?

Yeah, I appreciate it, but, uh...

But you bail. Why?

What is it with you?

Walking out is not the answer, Childs.

So how does this go?

Something like this?



What'd they do to me?

This is about Paul right?

We think Beth was spying on him.

She wasn't messing around, was she?

SARAH: Maybe it's time
to find out where Paul works.

What happened to your scar?

Why were you in my vanity?

Tell me what's in the box.

I don't know who you are.

Sarah, I thought you were dead.

Is someone trying to hurt us?

Why'd you ask that?

How could you do that to her?