Ordinary Joe (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Shooting Star - full transcript

Each Joe must come to terms with an unfamiliar and challenging feeling. Music Joe enlists help to look for his son. Cop Joe navigates the aftermath of a shooting. Nurse Joe and Jenny discuss a big career opportunity.

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- I have a son? - I gave it up for adoption.

Thanks again for the appointment. I would like to contact my son.

There is no name on the certificate.

Without you, I'm screwed.

Then you are screwed. I'm sorry.

Are you and mom getting divorced?

It will all be fine.

The partners have just decided that you will complete your studies.

- Oh my God! - I told you!

Stopped! Police!

This guy tried to kill Mr Diaz.

Wayne Coleman is dead.

What happened then?

I shot him.

In the middle of the crowd?

Fortunately, no one else was injured.

After capturing and handcuffing the suspect ...

What did he do?

I put pressure on the wound ...

I called for help and waited for them to arrive.

Then I accompanied the suspect to the hospital.

- Sounds like the correct procedure. - Frank.

I'm here as your trade unionist. I am allowed to speak.

I tried to do the right thing.

But the suspect is dead.

For complications from a secondary infection.

It's not Agent Kimbreau's fault.

It did its job.


Okay, let's check the list.

- Binoculars. - There are.

- Astronaut helmet. - There is.


There is.

It works.

Thanks for everything, dad.

And of what?

I know, but we're going to school tomorrow.


- The orionids ... - The orionids.

- What I said, what did you hear? - Oreoriti?

No, absolutely no. So the ...

- Orionids. - That swarm happens once a year.

You are my only child. Whether it's the weekend or a weekday, we'll be there.


With any luck, we could see up to 20 shooting stars per hour.

I would like.

Where your mom? Is delayed.

- Dad, the helmet! - Yup?

We see.

I'm never late, I have to go.

Opportunities like these never happen twice.

I appreciate that the company has confidence that I can become a lawyer.

But it's not the right time to move to Atlanta.

So when will it be?

I've already given you the answer.

- Here you are. Everything good? - No.

Isn't everything okay?

No! I mean, yes ... I'm fine.

So, are we still on for this afternoon?

I wouldn't miss it.


For thinking that. The...

I believe couples therapy will do us good.

Me too.

Hi Dad!

See you, Starman!

- Did you sleep tonight? - Barely.

I kept thinking what it would be like to be in space

during a meteor shower.

Float, surrounded by all those stars.

You are really a Kimbreau.

What does it mean?

It means that you are a dreamer.

Just like your father.

What did he want to be a dad when he was little?

What's this?

Page 74, second row, third from the left.

- Is he your son? Yup.

Ordinary Joe - Stagione 1
Episodio 4 - "Shooting Star"

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The commission made a decision.

They determined that, given the situation, you were authorized to shoot.

But they want you to go to therapy.

When the psychologist gives you the green light,

you can walk away from the office.

What about my promotion?

Do they want to collect my badge?

Go to therapy and everything returns to normal.


I don't even know what it is.

Dai ...

Can you at least get me off the desk? I am...

It's not punishment, Joe.

These situations ...

You will remember them for the rest of your life.

- It's good to talk to someone. - But I'm fine.

I'm fine.


Did I ever tell you about Robbie Jones?

Bank robbery on 108th Street.

He shot and killed an officer.

We've secured the perimeter.

He couldn't go anywhere. But he comes out with the gun up.

And in that instant I repeated to myself:

"Don't force me to shoot, please. Don't force me to shoot."

I just wanted to go home.

But he didn't lower the gun like we asked him to.

And so I did what they teach us at the academy.

Get therapy. Clarify your ideas.

And then turn the page.

From Amy: Confirmed for tomorrow?

To Joe: At campaign headquarters at 1pm

Dite: "Diaz"!


Nice smiles, ready?

You turned out well, guys.

Okay, real smiles this time, guys.

- Hello. - Hey.

- What are you doing here? - Anything Amy wants.

Didn't he tell you?

The whole campaign team will be here in an hour.

- He didn't tell me. - Well...


Now I also take care of his social profiles.

Check that you don't tag anything inappropriate.

And I looked at your tags too,

since you are the candidate's husband.


Why were you at Jenny Banks' party last night?

We met at the reunion.

Your husband invited me. Nothing special.

Nothing special?

You're messing up your relationship, your career, your wife's campaign

- and my career ... - Eric. Eric.

Jenny and I are just friends.

- Yes. - Just friends.

You and Jenny Banks were never "just friends"


Why do you think you need couples therapy?


How did couples therapy go?

- It went well. - It went wrong.

- Well, at least he showed up. - There was, but it wasn't really there.

Introducing yourself is already something, isn't it?

That's what I said.

Private Joe.

He couldn't open up.

It can be more difficult for men.

It took me at least three sessions before I really started talking.

- Wait, did you and Amy go to therapy? - Sure, still today.

Marriage is tough, my friend.

Thank you, doctor.

The psychologist wants us to look within ourselves

what we want, what we need.

I don't know what that means.

Are you a gardener or a flower?


In every relationship there is a gardener, who supports and nurtures the relationship.

And the flower, which needs attention and support to blossom.

Well, I'm the gardener.

Oh, I'm the gardener.

- You can be both. - What do you mean?

This is why communication with your partner is essential.

Giving and receiving.

You have to open up, let go and say ...

When you need more water or more love.

I don't know if Joe is like that.

- I don't know what I need. - It's because you suffer from abandonment crises.

It's not true.

Your father, Celeste, Uncle Frank.

Do me the favor, stop it.

Look, hold on until the fifth or sixth session.

It will work.

It was only the first session. Give it time.

I hope you are right.

- At least he agreed to go back today. - Good.

At least Jenny isn't moving to Atlanta.

What do you mean? Why should Jenny move to Atlanta?

How are you today?

I'm fine.

So why are you here, Joe?

The commission wants me to come, so ...

I am here.

But don't you think you have to be there?

I did what I was trained to do.

I'm not sure what else you want me to tell you.

I don't want you to tell me anything.

But he experienced a traumatic event.

You listen,

we don't have to talk ... necessarily.

But just so he knows ... what he doesn't reckon with,

he will come to terms with her sooner or later.

Jenny. Ehi.

- Hey. - Why are you here?

I wanted to tell you about the sniper, Coleman.

I'm not sure I know what else there is to say, Jenny. Died.

The case is solved.

Did you know Coleman had a sister?

No, I didn't know.

Carrie Coleman died less than a year ago. Overdose.


- Disgrace. - Mother told me at identification.

- He gave me access to everyone ... - Jenny, now I do office work.

I have a lot of reports to write down. Can we avoid talking about it at the moment?

Of course.

Are you OK?

I'm fine.

How long have you not slept?

- I know it must be difficult. - I didn't know you were a doctor like your father.

Do you make home visits for all your cases?

If you ever need an old friend to talk to ...

I am here.


Dottor Banks.

- I was headed by the Honorable ... - You asked for an exam for Mr Diaz

when did I specifically tell you not to?

- I am sorry. I just wanted to do the thing ... - It's a layoff thing.


- Do you want to fire me? - No.

I will not do this because you are married to my daughter.

But next time ...

I won't care.

There won't be a next time.

I promise.

Well, congratulations. You were right. And now you will have to go ...

To tell the honorable member that he will never walk again

and who also has Parkinson's.

Hey there, stranger.

- Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. - Honorable.

- It's nice to see you. - Call me Bobby ...

I beg you. Ok? You saved my life, for God's sake.

What brings you here?


You're early.

- Hey. - Hey.

Being leaving?

- My desk is over there. - That is fine.

So where do we go?

Do you like gardening?

In generale o ...

For an appointment.

- Now. - That is fine.

My first date with gardening.

You are dressed cute.

Maybe I should have warned you.

You must reply?


- I'm all yours. - Perfect.

I didn't know Grand Central moved around here.

- I hope it goes well. - Sure, I love that they know where we live.

Hey, can we talk a little?

Sorry, I know ...

That I shouldn't, but can I take a photograph?

Yes, yes. That's fine.

Oh, sorry. I meant with Amy.

Yes, yes.


That is fine. One two...


- Thanks. - Here's to you.

Your speech last night was so blunt and ...


When she talked about her fertility problems ...

I felt ... understood and ...

Less alone about my abortion.

- I just wanted to thank you. - No, thanks to you ... for telling me.

I am happy to have helped you.

It has helped a lot of people.

There. Look.

I want to be honest with you. And I want you to know ...

It has over ... a million views.

You will become a meme.

Whatever that means.

- Thanks. - Thanks to you.

It means they love you.

The speech was splendid.

You haven't seen it.

Hey, Amy. Let's go.

Look, I apologized last night. I'm sorry I was late.

I didn't know there was an accident.

But I was there, until the end.

And you...

- You've been amazing. - I was agitated.

C'era Bobby.

- What do you mean? - Hey.

- Nothing. - The leader of the Democrats ...

He invited Amy to dinner in Washington.

We have to go now.

Now? What's the rush?

- Can't wait? - Contributions are coming.

I have organized meetings with major benefactors.

It's your debut.

Everyone wants a dance with Amy Kindelán.

- Okay. - Yup?

- Yes, OK. - Come on, people!

Tell the prosecution it's the latest offer or we'll go to court.


Will you give me five minutes?

Do you want to do an encore?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry I ruined your birthday party.

Ever since you told me, I've been feeling numb.

As if you were looking at my life from the outside.

And that's no excuse, but ...

I felt I had to explain to you why I acted like ...

A selfish asshole?

I was going to say idiot, but ... that's right.

I see. That is fine.

If I found him ...

Would you like to know?


And so ...

Did you find it?


Our son is called Zeke.

I know you didn't want to know, but now that we know ...

I can't not go.

I want ... I just want to see it.

I just gotta see the baby's face so ...

I will pray for the rest of my life.

Do you want to come with me?

Don't you want to see it too?

You have to leave.


Jen, what's going on?


It is called Zeke.



Do you think I shouldn't open it?

You know the story of Pandora's box, right?

He freed all ...

- Suffering and evils of the world. - Yes but...

People don't remember that the last thing out of the jar ...

It was hope.

You made the best choice for yourself then.

You will make the best choice even now.

I choose the music.



- You look very busy. - Very.

Interesting stuff?

Professional secret. I can't talk about it.

Oh, my God, it's still there!

From Benny! Your favorite place.

- We have to go there. - We don't have time.

No, let's go to Binghamton, do what we have to do and leave.

Come on, Jenny. You can't get to the school without stopping here.

You forget that I know you well.

You knew me for a short, long time ago.

People change.

My car, my rules. Memories?

Some, however, remain the same.

Someone who didn't want to stop ate up that burger.

I forgot how good they were.

I forgot how much you drooled.

Did I take it off?

Not entirely.


Do you remember when we went to Woodstock?

- Oh my God! - Are you!

My favorite couple.


- You went to Syracuse, right? - Great memory.

How long has it been?

- Nine years? - Ten.

How time flies.

But beware, get famous and then come back here.

I guess the music career pays you well.

Glad to see you finally got married.

And you two must have beautiful children.

How many do you have?

Two little girls.

Excuse me...


Beauty, you come with me.

I want to take one of those "selfies".

- Go bene. Ok. - Big guys will love it.

- You lied, okay? - It's not true.

You accused me of not opening up to you and you lied to me.

I didn't tell you about Atlanta because there was nothing of importance.

- Okay. - My father,

in the meantime, he told me about your outings at work.

I can handle your father, what I can't stand ...

- It's your hypocrisy. - I ... I ... lied.

An omission is still a lie, isn't it?

This is not about who is right or wrong,

but Jenny, I'm curious, even if she wanted to turn down the offer,

because he didn't want to share the news with Joe. You know ...

It is a very prestigious award.

- I do not know. - Why was Barrett who gave it to you?

The partners offered me the scholarship.

I earned it because I deserve it.

- Who is Barrett? - Barrett is one of the partners.

You make an issue of it about Barrett, but it's about me.

Did he ask me what I wanted?

It's my life's dream to become a lawyer.

But Christopher got sick

I gave up on the dream and made up my mind.

Then came this incredible proposal.

I thought telling you would make that dream possible again.

And I knew, I knew very well that I would never leave the city

to attend law school, especially when ...

It would have been cruel.

Against whom?

Against me?

You think I would be angry with you

for following your dreams when I didn't follow mine

I used to tell you everything.

The good and the bad, but now ...

Now do you think it's resentful and insecure?

Since when have you felt pity for me?

We're done for today.

We have made progress.

You may not feel well now, but it is very positive.


what do you say?

I hear...

A tingling in the mouth.


That is due to the spices.

There are paprika, garlic, ginger and cinnamon.

Never eaten anything like it.

Well, because your dad doesn't spice foods, like little children.

When we went to school,

every day, after rehearsing with the band,

- made only cheese toast. - Did you and my father play together?

- And how! - They're still waiting for Dave Grohl to call them.

I was the smart one, your dad was the one who had talent.

He could sing very well.

Even today, the best concert I ever went to ...

It's your father's ... at the Porter pub at the university.

It could have become ...

A rock star.

Why did he stop?

That's life.

You see...

Being a musician is not a real job.

Bye! Sorry I'm late.

How did it go to the ... dentist?

Caries hurt. He had to dig deep.

See you, champion.

- Enjoy yourselves. - Thanks.

- Hello! - Thank you guys.

See you!


Can you eat sweets when you have cavities?

- Well ... - Just kidding.

I know you and dad go to therapy.

Please, get to the roots, okay?

Otherwise the weeds will continue to grow.

- Dig well and deeply. - Exactly.

- I got it. - Good.

We understood.

I didn't think you'd roll up your sleeves to do the dirty work.


I love dirt.

My mother made us plant seeds

and growing flowers when we were children.

To entice us to eat vegetables.

It worked?

I've never met a carrot that I didn't like.

They don't eat nutritious food in this neighborhood.

I hope this community garden gives the kids

something that makes them proud of themselves.

- You understand? - Well, look at them.

They are thrilled.

What you do is ...


I really needed it.

Not at all.


Are you OK?

Joe? Joe, are you okay?

Okay, breathe. Breathe.


Quick, call 911!

Everything will be fine, just breathe.


There is no need to take her to the hospital unless you want to.

Are you OK?

I'm fine.

Panic attack. Strength and courage.

I'm sorry. It had never happened to me. I don't know what got into me.

You don't have to apologize, I'm ...

Glad you're okay.

The guy I shot at Bobby's rally ...




I can't stop thinking about it.

I constantly think back to that moment.


Some spend their entire careers ...

Without ever using the gun.

And I killed a person.


I ... I took someone's life.

You also saved someone's life.

You're a good person!

You are a good person, Joe Kimbreau.

Do that leg motion again when you are nervous.

Was it a bad idea?

Is it 3:00 pm, when does the bell ring?



Still not there.

I haven't been this nervous since waiting for the exam results.

I don't think I've ever been so nervous.

Hello It's Me.

I'm about to have a mega panic attack.

I'm about to meet Senator Warren and I hope I don't throw them up on the carpet.

I wish you had answered.

I wish you were here.

Call me.

Everything good?

Yes. My hand is shaking.

That's why it's time to pass the baton.

If it can console you, I too am a rag.

But look at us!

Two walking disasters.


- Let's get back together. - Let's get back together.

I can...

Control the tremors and you the butterflies in the stomach

e se vomiterai ...

So much the carpet is horrible.

I want my key back.

Is it for the photo shoot with my family?


- Is it because of Joe? - It's because I decided it.

Look, I don't like myself when I'm with you.

This whole story ...

You, us?

I am becoming a person I don't want to be.

It's over.

Give me my key back, please.

Amy, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry if we don't spend as much time together as you would like.

As long as we would like.

We look good together.

You know. And I know I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you.

I promise you that as soon as the elections are over, I'll get out.

I'll ask for a divorce.

Ok? We will no longer have to hide.

No more secrets.

Just you and me together, okay? Long last.

If you want a divorce,

It's your choice.

I have closed.

My key, please.

Maybe we should just leave.


And he.

He is our son.

Hey, honey.

Ok. How are you?

- Better? Done. - Very good.

Man, I forgot the sweets in the car.

- I will be right back. - That is fine.


We're ready to see the stars, baby.

Meteors are space rocks, not stars.

Ok. Save certain notions for when you work at NASA, pundit, okay?



Did I ruin your life?



You're my life.

I know you dreamed of being a musician,

but you gave up after college.

- Christopher ... - It doesn't take long to reckon.

I know it's the time I was born.


The most beautiful dreams are those we have not yet dreamed of.

And be your father ...

It is a more beautiful dream than any other I could have imagined.

I love you dad.

I'm going, Starman.


Do we look at these stars?


- Hello. - Hello.

Thanks for coming on such short notice.


Waiter. Another whiskey for my friend, please. And the bill.

Yes, sir.

So what can I do for you, honorable?


That's better.

I heard you're relegated to office work

since Wayne Coleman died.

That doesn't have to be much for an ambitious man like you.

You'd be surprised how exciting it is to record data.

You're funny. Good.

What would you say if I offered you a place in my stash?

I'd say it's ...


You shouldn't quit your job.

Ok? But it would get you back into action.

And I would look good.

As well as the department.

Your order, sir.



I still owe you a favor.



Ok, since now ...

You are part of my team,

there is some confidential information I would like to share with you.

My lips are sewn up.

My wife, Regina,

she is a fantastic mother

and partner.

We've been through a lot together.

I love her.


At this point,

our marriage is just a political arrangement.

There is another person I care a lot about

and who cares a lot about me.

You need to help me manage some private meetings.

Keep it away from public opinion.

That is fine?

Just let me know who he is.

You already know her, she writes me the speeches.

Amy Kindelàn.

I want to leave and go home

before it's bedtime for my kids.

Thanks, Joe.

I knew I could be trusted.


- Joe.
- Jenny.

It's late. What are you doing here?

It seems like the only way to talk to you is to show up at your workplace.

- Are you avoiding my calls? - No, it's not you, it's just ...

It was a bad day.

Sorry, but this could make it worse.

Wayne Coleman.

His sister...

She was a Bobby Diaz intern.


He wrote her a heartfelt letter of recommendations

for an IT company in Silicon Valley,

but she was his intern for only eight weeks.

Who writes a recommendation to a trainee

who brought coffees for a couple of months?

Do you think they were having an affair?

Could he have bought his silence with a nice job?

He wouldn't be the first politician to do such a thing.

She probably threatened to go public with their relationship.

That would ruin her marriage,

his career, his life.

What if his death wasn't accidental?

What if Mr Diaz has something to do with this situation?

He asked me if I didn't regret not following my dream

to become a musician.


It made me think about what happened in therapy today.

I have no pity for you, Joe.


If I'm honest ...

I regret not having continued with the music.

And when I heard about the law school

there was a part of me a little jealous that you had another chance to make it happen.

Ma Barrett,

the partners ... I don't care who the offer comes from.

I'm interested

that you didn't want to tell me.

It hurt me.

I'm sorry I kept it from you.

I accept my choices. I have no regrets.

I still love to play, but I love us more.

Me too.

I want you to live your dream.

And if it means you have to go to Atlanta,

- Go. - I can not.

In five to ten years, Jenny, regret and resentment will creep in

and they will infiltrate you, and that will destroy me.

I don't want to leave Christopher.

E te.

How are we going to heal our relationship

1500 kilometers away?

Maybe we all go.

What do you say?

Are we all moving to Atlanta?

I have heard that they have many hospitals and schools.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate honesty,


I don't think moving will help fix our relationship.

I bet there too

there are various therapists.


we will find a way.

As always.


A shooting star.

Make a wish.

I wish I could have tightened it.

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