Ordinary Joe (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Whiteout - full transcript

A blizzard forces each Joe to confront the limits of his own control. Music Joe goes full rock star mode while on tour alone. A family secret threatens Cop Joe and Amy. Nurse Joe and Jenny each have cause to celebrate, but not together.

Previously, on
"Ordinary Joe"...


The adaptive innovator's expo
accepted our application.

You should call me.

We'll talk more
about your pants.

You're here,
so that's a bonus.

It is so nice
to see a friendly face.

Is it bad that we're
rescheduling our therapy?

[dramatic music]

What's... what's going on?

Our son needs
spinal fusion surgery.

Lucas is gonna need
a blood transfusion,

and you are an ideal match.

Why would I be
an ideal match?

You're his biological father.

[♪ ♪]

Joe, there's something
I need to tell you.

I'm pregnant.

- W... we haven't...
- It's Bobby's.

♪ Friday night,
I crashed your party ♪

♪ Saturday, I said I'm sorry ♪

♪ Sunday came
and trashed me out again ♪

Hello, Miami!

♪ I was only having fun ♪

♪ Wasn't hurting anyone ♪

Hello, Detroit!

♪ And we all enjoyed
the weekend for a change ♪

♪ You may be right ♪

♪ I may be crazy ♪

♪ Oh!
But it just may be a lunatic ♪

♪ You're looking for ♪

Hello, Los Angeles!


♪ Don't try to save me ♪


♪ You may be wrong
for all I know ♪

♪ But you may be right ♪

Hello, Toronto!

[cheers and applause]

Thank you!
Thank you so much!

Thank you!


[cheers and applause]

All right. [Sighs]

- Great show.
- Yeah.

I think I'm gonna go
give 'em another encore, huh?

Uh, maybe save your energy
for tomorrow night.

- Drink this.
- What's this?

It's the organic equivalent
of 18 Gatorades

with a little bit of honey
for your vocals.


And a shot of whiskey
for fun.

Or you could just not
blow out your vocal cords.

Best nutritionist ever.

Ooh! That's good.


Oh, I'm so happy
that you're here.


- [cheers and applause]
- We love you!

[rock music playing]

[indistinct chatter]

♪ Your heart stopped ♪

♪ But it wasn't enough ♪

[♪ ♪]

[both laughing]

Hey. Party's over.

It's time to get these people
out of your hotel room.

- You're getting sloppy.
- Oh.

How can we help you, Frank?

You could start
by calling your wife back.

We're finally back in New York,

so that's enough
of whatever this is.

"This" is named Dionne,
thank you.

Yeah, well,
no offense, Dionne,

but you're not gonna be around

when I have to
pick up the pieces.

You know,
I'm not sure what I need less,

party advice
from a guy in recovery

or marriage counseling
from a divorced dude.

How 'bout a smack
upside the head

from the man
who's still your uncle?

- Hey, you know what?
- Let's, uh...

Let's go somewhere else.

Uncle Buzzkill's stressing me.


I know a way
to relieve your tension,

if you're up for it.

- Yeah.
- Come on.

That's exactly what I need.

[♪ ♪]

♪ What you gonna do
about it now? ♪

[light upbeat music]

[♪ ♪]

Season 01 Episode 12

Episode Title: "Whiteout"
Aired on: January 17, 2022.

You'll want to squeeze
this periodically to help the blood flow.

Sounds good.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- You're, uh...
- You're already here.

Yeah, the tunnel
was a mess with snow,

so I came straight
from my shift.

- Didn't want to be late.
- Thanks for coming.

Yeah, of course.

Think I'm gonna say no
to helping

a fellow Giants fan
through surgery?

Have a seat, ma'am.

- Awkward silence.
- Yeah.

[clears throat]

What's on your mind?


Just bleeding in peace.

Think I know you better
than that.

Oh, yeah?

Then why don't you tell me
what's on my mind?

You're upset
that I kept him a secret,

until I needed a favor,

and that I took Ray's side

when you were just trying
to be nice.

Or you would love nothing more
than just to walk away

from all of this, but you're
too good and decent...

I want to get to know him,

He's my son.

And with almost three million
Americans using wheelchairs,

that is a huge underserved
market for adaptable clothing.



That was it.
That was the...

Adaptable clothing.

- [clears throat]
- Um...

So there's a lot
of really great stuff in there.


But we're not just

pitching a line of pants.

- Mm-hmm.
- We're selling a personality.

So it'd be helpful
if you had one.

- [laughs] Burn!
- [laughs]

- Wear it.
- Okay.

Well, look, honestly,

it's probably the bar graph,

because I was gonna
do a pie chart,

and everybody loves
a pie chart.

Do they, though?

It's all about
data organization, okay?

I made three other
versions of this,

so just let me pull this up.

Give me a second.

Um, one second.

- I just got to get it...
- Oh, Dad.

- Why is this not...
- Don't do this to me.

The pinwheel of death.

Oh, man. Um...

Oh... ooh.

Oh. Uh, okay.

- You backed it up, right?
- I did not back that up.


Why'd you wait so long
to tell me?

Did you think
I couldn't handle it?

I never intended
the pregnancy to be a secret.

- You vanished.
- But I came back.

[door clicking]

Hey. I got dinner.

You okay?


Joe called.

Finally resurfaced, huh?

- [on voicemail]
- Hey, it's Joe,

your long-lost, uh...

Anyway, I just finished
the police academy

and I've sort of
figured things out.

Please don't do what I did
and ignore this message.

Please call me back.

He's here.

Here? As in Boston?

Well, he wouldn't just
show up here unannounced.

Well, there's another message
that says he's in town

looking for the apartment.

What do you wanna do?


I had a whole speech prepared

for when you were supposed
to come to the lake house

after graduation.

I still remember it.

"We've been best friends
for four years.

"I know these past few months,
we blurred things,

"and that wasn't
a part of the plan.

"And I never told you
my nickname for you:


[soft music]

It stood for "Too Soon."

I knew our timing was off.

'Cause I had plans,

big dreams to fulfill.


I always knew you had
bigger plans than me.


They all included you.

What I was gonna say
back then was...

"Wait for me."

And then you came back
seven months later, and...

and my mom had died.

And I needed a friend,
and you were nowhere.

[♪ ♪]

That's what made my nickname
for you so ironic.

you ended up just being...

too late.

[♪ ♪]

I mean, I don't understand
the legal side of it all,

but that's exciting
that they want

to use the evidence
you discovered.

I mean,
that seems like a huge win.

It is. Thanks.

And what's going on
with Berman's?

Is this blizzard
messing up your meeting?

Actually, Kinsley convinced
them to do the pitch over Zoom,

so we don't have to risk
driving in.

Yeah, and honestly,
I'll probably be less nervous

in our living room than
a big conference room anyways.

Plus, Chris
has been a big help.

He's got a little thing going
on with our buyer's daughter.

You do?

Her name's Katie.

Look at my boys,
flourishing without me.

I wish I could be there.

- Oh, come on.
- Look at you.

You're about to graduate from
law school in a couple months.

Just promise not
to forget about us

when you become
a big, fancy lawyer.

[chuckles] Deal.

But as long as you promise
not to forget about me

when you're powerful
fashion moguls.

- Mm.
- What do you think, Chris?

but don't get any ideas

about a friends and family

- I'm trying to get paid.
- [laughs]

The kid's trying
to get paid, Mom.

All right.
We love you.

- Love you.
- Bye.

Good night.

- Good night, Chris.
- Good night, Dad.

- Hey.
- What are you still doing here?

- Oh, sorry.
- I'm leaving.

I just was finishing
this slide.

What slide?

I'm revising your pitch deck

so it showcases our pants
and our personalities.


Our... our personality
is outer space?

I'm weaving in a theme

about how our pants help people
reach for their dreams.

It's great.

I just think
that maybe our deck

should be more pants-focused.

- Don't worry.
- It'll work.


- [gasps]
- Also, I was thinking

maybe you could write
a little jingle.

Every great product
has a great jingle.

Oh, you're serious?

It makes everything
more memorable.

- I don't think so.
- Oh, come on.

You gotta embrace
the spotlight.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

- That Ferrari, wasn't it?
- That's right.

Well, listen,
thanks again, Big D.

You know if you ever
need concert tickets,

I'm gonna hook it up, right?

All right, hook me up. Sweet.

- Dennis?
- Heya, Frank.

- What are you doing here?
- Special delivery.

One fully restored
1988 Porsche 944 in Guards Red.

And she is purring.

What do you need
with your old man's car?

- You're on the bus.
- Think I'm actually

gonna drive myself
the rest of the tour,

so I thought
it'd be nice to have

a little piece of home
with me on the road.

- Uh, no.
- That's an insurance nightmare.

Fresh air and freedom's
the best thing for him

right before a show.

- Yes, it is.
- Oh, is it?

Hey, Joe, we need to talk.

And we need to go over
the hotel charges from Philly.

- Mm.
- We should drive.

Yeah. Yeah, we should.

Dennis, why don't you
do the honors?

- Sure thing, boss.
- Show us the way, baby.

You need to do something,

What do you usually do
when he gets like this?

He's never been like this.

Well, you have.

Joe got you into rehab,
helped you get sober, right?

Yeah, and now he treats me
like a charity case.

- No, he doesn't. Just...
- Hey, trust me.

The dynamic between us changed

as soon as he put me
on the payroll.

I lost my grip on that leash
a long time ago.

- [TV turns on]
- Welcome back!


Our next guest is coming...

[channel changes]
[crowd roaring]

[channel changes]
[upbeat music plays]

- [channels changes]
- [speaking indistinctly]

[sniffles, groans]

She has used her voice
to amplify those

that don't usually get heard
to make sure that the people

who are usually shut out
of politics and power

have a seat at the table.

Your concerns
are her concerns.

She cares about the same
things you care about.

She wants to make New York

a place that works
for all of us.

My name is Amy Kindelán...


[police siren chirps]

[line ringing]

[sniffs] Ugh.

- It's Amy's phone.
- Leave a message.

[voicemail tone beeps]

Hey, it's me. Um...

Listen, these past few weeks
on the road without you,

I've been doing a lot
of thinking, and, uh...

It's better this way.

I mean, maybe it's the universe

speaking loud and clear, but...

We tried to have a baby
for years, and, uh,

you slept with Bobby Diaz once.

[soft dramatic music]

I mean, I don't even know if we
ever really loved each other

or if you were just
standing next to me

when I was succeeding.


We've gone so far
down a wrong path.

It's pretty clear
we've come to the end of it.

I'm sorry, Amy...

but this is best.

[♪ ♪]

[breathes deeply]



We just got a new two minutes
on the economy, and, uh, look,

I love alliteration
as much as the next guy,

but calling to
"capsize crony capitalism?"

That... that's not a debate term.

That is a Dr. Seuss book.

Did you know about this?

What's that now?

We've gone so far
down a wrong path.

It's pretty clear
we've come to the end of it.

[soft dramatic music]


[♪ ♪]

And here I'm thinking that
his tour's coming through town

and he was finally
gonna come home for a night.

- You sh...
- You should call him back.

Oh, I have, a million times.

[♪ ♪]

At this point, I feel
like I'm choosing my miracle

over my marriage.

I just didn't think
I'd be doing this alone.

For the record,
you're not alone.

You have a village,
and that includes me.


So we believe
that everyone deserves

equal access to everything,

whether it's getting dressed
in the morning

or pursuing
your wildest dreams.

Now, most adaptive clothing
is either way too expensive...

Or just plain ugly.

And all people,
especially astronauts,

need a certain sense of style.

And that's why we created
the zipper pants.

Well, really, my dad did.

There are nearly
three million Americans

using wheelchairs
who absolutely need these.

And at a retail price
of $34.99,

your customer
won't just be happy.

They'll be over the moon.


Excuse me.

I have a little jingle for you.

♪ A-one, two, three,
zip 'em up ♪

♪ Zip 'em on, zip away ♪

♪ Zip, zip, zipper pants ♪

Ooh, that's catchy.

Um, so does anybody
have any questions

before we blast off?

Yeah. How do you do it?

If I worked with my wife,
we'd kill each other.

- Oh, no, no.
- We're not... we're not married.

- No, he's my boss.
- No, we're friends.

Well, it was great.

And so refreshing to see
a presentation that was fun

instead of full of charts
and statistics.

- [laughs]
- Yeah.

Well, we would never do that.

- Well, let us talk.
- We'll be in touch.

Okay, thanks.

Stay safe out there
in the storm.

Whew! Okay, well,

that went okay, right?

- Yeah.
- You crushed, Dad.

- Way better than the pie charts.
- Yeah.

Which is in strict violation
of the...

Can I get a copy

of the Georgia P.I.
and Securities Act, please?

I've got it.

It's title 43,
chapter 38, section F.

Thank you.

But I think
that we should close

with the Fourth Amendment.

The evidence against our client
was obtained entirely...

That's quite enough,
Ms. Banks.

Barrett doesn't need your help
preparing the closing argument.

- Of course not.
- Barrett's a pro.

- Yes, he is.
- But that's not the reason.

Barrett doesn't need your help
because he's not giving

the closing arguments.

- You are.
- I am?

The evidence
that you obtained

became the cornerstone
of our defense.

And frankly,
I don't like letting a man

get credit for a woman's work.

I agree.

So you'll sit second chair
and deliver the closing,

that is if you think
you're up to it.

I do. I... I mean, I am.

Thank you.

It's not a gift.

No need to thank me.

[♪ ♪]

- Hey.
- Hey.

So your mom felt guilty,

and she made some ziti
before she left.

- What do you mean she left?
- Where'd she go?

To her new, old friend,
James', house.

I think things
are getting pretty serious.

I think I don't like what you
just did with your voice there.


How was the blood donation?

Oh, it was actually
pretty cool.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

Yeah, it felt, uh...

It felt good
to be there for him.

Almost like an act
of fatherhood.


Jenny actually invited me
to the surgery tomorrow.

- Yeah?
- And I think I'm gonna go.

Nice. That's good.

- How was your day?
- Good.

I got to record the trailer
for my new podcast.

- Get out of here.
- Amy Kindelán

pulls back the curtain
on police reform.

- Ah.
- And my dad is gonna be

my first guest.

Did I mention that they were
coming into town?

- No, you didn't tell me that.
- Do I get to meet them?

Of course
you're gonna meet them.

Just maybe don't wear that.

Fair enough.

I thought it'd be a good idea

to tell my listeners
about my own experience

with the criminal
justice system.

You know, why I'm
so passionate about change.

- That's great.
- That's great.

Personal stories
are always the best.

Maybe you can
be my second guest.

- I'll get back to you on that.
- [laughs]

Come on.
You could be famous.

I don't want to be famous.

[soft music playing]

[cheers and applause]

Yeah, thank you!

Hey, you.
Kid, is that real?

Hell, yeah!

All right,
get that kid up here!

[cheers and applause]

Come on up here.
This is the big leagues.

All right, kid,
what's your name?

My name is Simon.


All right, Simon,
let me see that.

It says,

"I play your guitar solo better
than you and I'm only 11."

That's young for trash-talking.

You know,
and I kind of want to see it.

Don't you?

You want to see it?

[cheers and applause]

All right then.
You guys ready?

[cheers and applause]

Ladies and gentlemen, Simon!

[guitar solo]

[♪ ♪]

[cheers and applause]

All right.

I like it,
and I think you're right.

Let's go.

[band plays rock music]

[♪ ♪]

Yeah, Simon! My dude can shred!

[♪ ♪]

♪ Was it all or nothing ♪

♪ At all, at all ♪

♪ Or nothing ♪

♪ At all, at all ♪

♪ I'll be ♪

♪ Without y... ♪

[crowd shrieking, gasping]

Just a quick rundown
on what to expect.

You're gonna slice me open

from my neck down to my butt.

- Lucas.
- He's right.

And then you're gonna remove
all the joints from my spine

to put in the screws,
hooks, and wires

to attach the metal rods.

- How did you know?
- YouTube.

So do I get steel or titanium?

I didn't realize
you were watching those.

- Well, I was.
- Uh, we use stainless steel.

Titanium's way cooler.

It's what they used
to build the SR-71.

Sorry about that.

Good news is your spine
will be straight,

and your lungs will
have room to inflate.

And that's what matters, bud.

In one of the videos I saw,

they used a really big
power drill...

- Okay.
- I don't think that we need...

I promise you'll be asleep
the whole time.

And when you wake up,
you won't remember anything.


I will wake up, right?

- Hey.
- Of course you'll wake up.

When you do, I'll be
the first thing you see.

[solemn music]

[♪ ♪]


Can I?


Please take care of him.


I just waited out here.
I didn't want to intrude.

- Uh, thanks for coming.
- Yeah.

He looked so small.


And then this is us
on the moon.

So I'm Sally Ride,
and you're...

Jeff Bezos, obviously.

JK, I'm Neil Armstrong.

No wonder I heard my dad's
belly laugh through the wall.

Congrats on your meeting,
Mr. Kimbreau.

- Thanks, Katie.
- We'll negotiate your cut later.

Same time tomorrow, Chris?

You know it.

- Okay.
- Ah, I think I'm gonna head out

before the trains shut down
for the storm.

- Yeah, that's a good idea.
- I'll see you in the morning.

- Be safe.
- Thank you.

- Stay warm.
- I'll try.


Can I ask you something?

- [door shuts]
- Of course, bud, anything.

After the school musical,
I thought I liked Evie.

But Katie and I have
so much more in common.

- Okay.
- Wow.

Do you think it's possible
to like two people

at the same time?


I think that there are a lot
of incredible people

in this world, and I think
that you're one of them.

[both singing]

Holland has only made one
other student co-chair ever,

and that person became
a district court judge.

How's the air up there
at the top of the world?

I feel like coming down
for another drink,

and maybe even a duet.


♪ Chickity China
the Chinese chicken ♪

♪ You have a drumstick,
and your brain stops tickin' ♪

♪ Watching "X-Files"
with no lights on ♪

♪ We're dans la maison ♪

♪ I hope the Smoking Man's
in this one ♪

♪ Like Harrison Ford,
I'm getting frantic ♪

♪ Like Sting, I'm tantric ♪

♪ Like Snickers,
guaranteed to satisfy ♪

♪ Gonna get a set
of better clubs ♪

♪ Gonna find the kind
with tiny nubs ♪

♪ Just so my irons aren't
flying off the back-swing ♪

- [laughs]
- You totally fell for it.

We can't... we can never
do that ever again.

Oh, sorry, can we, um...
Can we get another round

of these little guys, on me?

And, um,
just keep the tab open.

Ooh, I got it.

- [laughs]
- Okay.


- All: Cheers.
- To karaoke.

There's no real treatment
for ribs.

It's just rest
and pain tolerance.

I can tolerate.

No rest needed. Hm.

- Joe.
- Mm-hmm?

The insurance company
just granted

force majeure for the blizzard.

I'm canceling
next week's dates.

Do not do that.

I promise it's a blessing.

Beautiful white powder
falling everywhere

so we all can rest.

I'm not tired.

Look at you.

I'm fine. Okay?

We're not calling off
the tour dates.

It's not safe to travel.

People won't be able
to get to the venues, Joe.


- Joe, it's...
- No!

I'm canceling.


There are a hundred people
who work on this tour.

Just because your name
is on the marquee

does not mean
you are the only person

who matters in this situation.

that's exactly what it means.


I know where this road leads,

and I am not
going down it with you.

Call me if you decide
to live your life

instead of running away
from it.

[soft dramatic music]

[♪ ♪]

I just wanna let you know
everything went well,

your daughter's out of surgery.

Oh, thank God.

- Can we see her?
- Absolutely.

They got here way after us.

We know how long
this is gonna take.

Doesn't make it any easier.

Why don't you go
to the cafeteria, get a bite?

Mm, I feel like it's my job

to stare at that screen
and starve.

- [laughs]
- Uh, I can go grab

something for you guys.

You can't bring food
back here.

Go on, Jen.

Distract yourself.

We'll go in shifts.


Be right back.

Jenny told me
about your conversation.

- Ray...
- No, look,

I'm not mad or anything.

I just...

I don't think she gave you
the whole picture.

[knocking on door]



Hey. Jenny, wait, please.

Who drove you to the hospital

so that you could be
with your mom?

Held your hand at the funeral,

held you every night

so that you could sleep?

Drove you across the country

so that you could keep
moving forward.


I told you that I would be here
for you, and I have been.

He vanished.

- Ray, it's h...
- Please.

Let me be this baby's father.

[soft dramatic music]

[knocking on door]

[♪ ♪]


I can't see you, Joe.

- Hey.
- I came all the way here, okay?

At least hear me out.

Please, Joe, just...

please go away.

[♪ ♪]

[breathing shakily]

When you let her go,

it shattered her.

And I was there
to pick up the pieces.

The way that I saw it,
we were already a family,

and you were just some guy
with a college crush

showing up at our door.

That wasn't your decision
to make.

I know. It was Jenny's.

Jenny turned you away.

But I'm the reason

that she kept Lucas a secret
for ten years.

She did that for me.

Before Lucas was born,

I wanted to give him the world.

And after he was born
and diagnosed...

He became my whole world.


And someday,
he's gonna find out

that I'm not
his biological father,

and I've been terrified every
single day since he was born

that you were gonna show up
and take my world away from me.

- I'm...
- I'm gonna go for a walk.


[knocking on door]

- Hey.
- Hi.

Trains were already shut down,

and, um,
there are literally no Lyfts

showing up anywhere in the app.

Do you mind if I just wait it
out for a little while here?

- Yeah, are you kidding?
- Thank you.

You can stay here
for the night.

- Seriously?
- Yeah, I...

You could take the room,
and I can couch surf.

- Don't be crazy.
- I got the couch.

- No. No, no, no.
- It's the least I can do

for everything you've done.

Let me grab some pillows
and a blanket.

It was a team effort,
all right?

You know, I just added some
pizzazz to your pie charts.

- Not just today.
- Ever since you got here,

Chris has been loving this.

It's like you brought out
a whole new side of him.

You know?
He's an entrepreneur.

- He's all lit up.
- Well, Chris is easy to love.

Yeah, he is.

[phone dings]


Oh, man.
That's, uh... that's Berman's.

They just... they just emailed.

I can't look at it.
Will you do it?

- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

They don't want
to buy our pants.

Okay. Okay.

I knew it.
It's a long sh...

They want
to acquire our company

and hire us to work in-house.

- What?
- [laughing]

- What are you...
- Are you kidding?

- No.
- Are you kidding?

- No!
- No.

- Yes.
- Oh, my...

Oh, my God, oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

- Oh.
- Oh, wow.

- Hey.
- Hi.

How's it going?

Ray told me
what really happened that day.

- Oh.
- And just for the record,

I would have been there.

I would've.

You're here now.

[monitors beeping rapidly]

Okay. Um...

- Where do you go to do it?
- I have the greatest shaman.

- Really?
- Yes.

I think you should
bring him to Seattle.

- Yeah, let's bring him out.
- You should fly him out.

Let's bring him
to the next city.

Hey, your TV's cracked.

Yeah. Yeah, I know.

[soft rock music playing]

Dionne, could you
give us a minute, please?

She's fine.

- You're fine.
- I said get out.

- Anyways...
- Go.

[soft piano music]

♪ Wake me ♪

♪ Take me out of town ♪

♪ To the end of... ♪

[door shuts]

We need to have
a serious conversation...

We do not need to have
a serious conversation.


I know you don't want
to hear this from me,

because who am I to talk?

And I know Amy hurt you.

But running away like this?

♪ Everyone's in this alone ♪

You're heading down
a dangerous road here, kid.

And trust me,
I know what that looks like.

Uncle Frank,

you've been so uptight
for so long.

I'm giving you permission
to relax.

♪ Wake me ♪

♪ Take me out of town ♪

♪ To the end of any road ♪

You know what?

♪ That you wanna go down ♪

♪ Wake... ♪

I love you, kid.

I do.

And I promised my brother
that we'd always

look after each other's family.

But I can't work
for you anymore.

Thank you for everything
you've done for me.

You saved my life.

And if you're gonna keep
living yours like this,

there's not a damn thing
I can do about it.

So good luck, kid.

Oh, yeah?

Go! Huh?

I don't need you!

I don't need anyone,
you hear me?

I got my guitar.

Huh? I'll book my own shows.

I'll drive
to the next city solo.

You hear me?

'Cause Joe Kimbreau's
a force of nature!

[music cuts off]


That's perfect.

Excuse me,
how do we know that the O.R.

isn't affected
by the power outage?

All the surgeries
are proceeding.

Proceeding how?

Do they have their lights?
Do they have their tools?

Do they have their machines?

They must use an X-ray guide
during surgery.

- Sir...
- No, and this is ridiculous.

I mean, the status monitors
have been out.

What, you just don't want
these people

to have any updates?

How are the parents
supposed to make

an informed decision if they
have no information?

- Joe...
- No, no, seriously.

Can you please
just call down there?

We've been asking you.

Or maybe get up
and walk down there?

Or I can walk down there.

I'm a police officer.
I'm happy to do it.

- Sir, calm...
- They have the right to know.

- Joe, just come on.
- Sit back down.

- I don't want to sit down.
- I want her to do something.

- Sir, have a seat.
- I will call.

[soft dramatic music]

How are you two not
freaking out right now?

We've been freaking out
for a decade.

[♪ ♪]

- Lucas is out of surgery.
- It went great.

- Don't worry.
- Oh, thank God.

I'm sure the power outage
made you nervous.

Little bit.

Your son's a bleeder.

Good thing you gave
that directed blood donation.

We needed it.

- Can we see him?
- Sure.

[♪ ♪]


Come on.

[♪ ♪]

Hey, baby bird.

You did it.
It's over.

I'm probably
5 inches taller now.

Oh, you're gonna hit
your head on the door frame.

- Can I see Dad?
- Mm.

[soft dramatic music]

He's asking for you.

[♪ ♪]

Hey, buddy.

You slept through a blizzard.

There is so much snow
outside right now.

[gentle music]

When we get you out of here,
we'll make a snowman.

Bigger than last year.

[♪ ♪]

[door shuts]


Where you been?

Lucas's surgery.

The kid you had with Jenny?

Jump in the deep end,
why don't you?

Yeah, well, um,

you gotta be there
for your family.

What are you doing here,
Uncle Frank?

I need a favor.

I have a chance
to be reinstated.

The department set up
a hearing.

And it would really be helpful
if you would go in

and speak on my behalf.

But you're still drinking.

Going back to work,

that's what I need.

You gotta show up
for your family, right?

I had at least
one more song in me.

And that was my civic duty

to spare those patrons
another pitchy duet.

- You were pitchy.
- I was perfect.


- Oh.
- Ugh.

Right here. Okay.


- All right.
- Come here.


Can I tell you a secret?

I freakin' love Atlanta.

- Course you do.
- You're killing it.

In class and on this case,
like a real lawyer.

And none of this
would've happened

if you hadn't
recommended I apply.

How'd I get so lucky?

Okay, I should probably
be not here.



I grew up too soon.

- There are no wrong answers.
- Okay, well,

I would say that
if I become filthy rich...

- When.
- When I become filthy rich,

I will pay off this mortgage,

because it is hanging
over my head like a anvil.

- Boring.
- What?

You gotta aim higher, buddy.

You know what's great
about you?

You don't get stuck in what is

because you allow yourself
to imagine what if.


No, I'm serious. You...

You are completely
unafraid of change.

- Oh...
- You... you changed careers

in the middle of the pandemic.

And the Berman deal...

Those pants are all you.

Fine, but I never

would have shared them
with the world.

- That's so selfish.
- [laughs]

You also forced me
out of my comfort zone

into something better.

You make me better.

[engine revving]

Hey! It's you.

- Oh...
- Let's sing it!

- No, you sing it.
- Okay.

♪ Fool me for... ♪

♪ Believing you could be mine ♪

- You're better than me!
- [both laughing]

Both: ♪ Take a last walk
through the rooms ♪

♪ Of my love for you ♪

♪ Every new beginning's
just a goodbye ♪

- Here it comes.
- Come on!

Both: ♪ Was it all or nothing ♪

♪ At all, at all ♪

♪ Or nothing ♪

- ♪ At all, at all
- [laughing]

Neither rain nor sleet

nor blizzard can
stop the Kimbreau tour.

Maybe I should've been
a postman; What do you think?

Would you still like me
if I was a postman?

I would like you
if you were a postman.


- [truck horn honking]
- What?

♪ Every new beginning's
just a blackout ♪

[light upbeat music]

[♪ ♪]