Orange Is the New Black (2013–…): Season 5, Episode 13 - Storm-y Weather - full transcript

As chaos descends on Litchfield three days into the riot, the inmates wonder what the future holds and seek solace in loved ones.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
On your knees!

Don't hurt me!

Let's go!

Check the corner!

Up against the wall! Let's go!

- Pull up, pull up.
- Hey! Fan out. Here we go!


- Team one moving on to the Bravo target.
- Team one, proceed.

Check the hides!

What the hell is happening?

Best guess, 20 to 25 men in riot gear are
making their way through the prison...

using smoke bombs, electrified shields,

and, when necessary, bullets to
take down every person in here.

That noise was most likely the front doors
gettin' blasted open with explosives.

But they won't kill us, right?

That's insane. They're
not gonna kill us.

Were you not paying
attention four days ago

when death came to the cafeteria?

I sure as hell didn't
make a secret bunker

because I thought these
things end in a handshake.

Shit! We gotta get out of here.

Hell of a lot safer down
here than it is up there.

I think peaceful surrender
is a better bet.

Yeah, sounds better than waiting
for them to throw a bomb down here

and blow us all up.

Okay, well, you're in no condition to go
running towards a bunch of armed men.

I think that we're gonna
have to stay here.

The real tragedy is that we're gonna die
before we can fight over the wedding cake.


I understand that sarcasm is your thing

and I want to love and
accept all parts of you,

but can you please not make
jokes about dying right now?

Oh, shit! I'm totally freaking out!

Gina, take a deep breath.

Frieda is right. Staying here is safer.

When they find us, we can say we
didn't even know what was happening.

Okay, yeah.

Except for the 250-pound guard
we have tied up down there.

I gotta get out of here. I
gotta get outside. I gotta go.

I want them to know that I'm innocent.

I'm following the hippie.

Norma, stay with us.

We'll be better off if
we all stay together.

Safety in numbers.

See you on the other side.

They should be calling about Benny
soon. Or trying to call. Jesus.

They're here. The dudes. It's over.

- The riot's over?
- Holy shit. They're coming to rescue us?

"Us"? They're gonna
rescue you, crucify us.

Where's my cell phone? I have to
call him. I haven't called him.

Uh, I traded it. For this.

I... I bet you could make
it to Healy's office.

There's a phone in there.

Hide under the desk so they don't
see your shadow through the blinds.

Thank you. Come on. I
won't be able to run.

See? I knew a knife would
be better than a phone.

Good luck.

Please. Fuck! Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

Fuck! Look, hey, no judgments.
Whatever you're into.

But it doesn't really feel like
the right time for kinky stuff.

You gonna be my human shield, papi.

They wanna kill me... they
gotta get through you first.

- Let's go.
- Out there?

That... that is such a bad
idea. Let them come in here.

That way we can surrender
all chill and everything.

Oh, fuck!

- Sorry.
- My bad.

Go left.

- Yo, we gotta go.
- I'm trying!

- Wait, where are you going?
- The library!

Bad move! They're coming from the
lobby. They'll hit the library first!

What, you're criticizing
our strategy now?

Depends on what your strategy is.

You trying to surrender like the
rest of these pussy turncoats?

You're kidding, right?

We been at the front of
this since the beginning.

So you're gonna stay
and fight the fuckers?

Uh, you askin' us to join your team?

Team latte.

- Oh, shit! She funny?
- She has her moments.

We come this far. Ain't nobody
takin' us easy. We're in.

Go! Now.

Fuck, we gotta get you out of here.

But everything's gonna be okay, right?

- I don't know, kid.
- Sit here.

Baby, they are on their way here.

- But it's not like we can avoid it, right?
- No, but I gotta go tell Red and company.

I'm scared.

All right, look. Look, there
is nothing to be scared of.

All right, you're gonna lay on
the ground for a minute or two.

They're gonna swing their dicks around
so they can feel like big, bad guys,

and then everything is just
gonna return to shitty normal.

But what about the baby?

If I survived my mother's
nightly martinis in utero,

then your baby is going to survive this.

No. After. What about after, when
it all goes back to shitty normal?

I have to have this baby in prison.

And... and who's gonna take him
when they take him away from me?

Even my sister, she doesn't have
any room and my mother is a mess.

- And Vinnie, he doesn't want it.
- Just look at me. Look at me.

Your baby is gonna be better than great.

You hear me?

But how do you know?

Because I know you and... you're great.

Now, look, I really gotta go.

No. No, you can't go. You have to stay.

Five more minutes. Just five
more minutes. That's all.

Okay. All right, kid.
Five more minutes, okay?

Hands in the air!

You have the first line.

Right. Please don't shoot!

We are innocent.

We ain't got nothing to
do with any of this.

Dear kind men in scary outfits,

can't you see we are
all good, pious women

who have been doing nothing
but praying for hours

for all this to come to a peaceful end?

Ow! You really fucked this up.

Yeah, maybe if we had better material.

Oh, sure, blame the writer.

At least they didn't shoot us.

- Get up.
- Please don't hurt me.

Get up!

What are you going to...


I thought our mandate was limited
violence, minimal injury.

Looks minimal to me.

Get her back to the lobby
and secure the room.

Oh, God...

Chapel secure.

Team one moving south
toward the library hallway.

- Copy that.
- Why? Why?

You think he was actually into me,

or was only pretending
because we made him do it?

Nah, I've raped guys before and I
could tell it was genuine for him.

He, like, really tried.


- Well, what do you think we should do now?
- We could surrender, I guess.

No, I don't want to surrender!
I don't want the fun to stop.

We could stay and fight 'em.

It sounds like a lot of effort.

We could get high.

Sold! To the lady in the
back with nine fingertips.

That was mean.

Oh, my God! You're so
sensitive when you're sober.

Well, it's a disability. You
shouldn't make fun of it.

Maybe we could get you one of
those license plates for retards

that let you park anywhere.

- I can't drive!
- Really?

But what about those buggy things?

Is that a different license?

You get it down at Department
of Horsey Vehicles?

There's no such thing as the
Department of Horsey Vehicles.

Oh, bad habit.

- Better than most bad habits.
- I suppose that's true.

I don't really drink, but I could use
about a gallon of vodka right now.

I hear you.

Would a, uh, bit of scotch do the trick?

I believe it would.

Honey, do you think that's a good idea?

No. I think it's a great idea.

Oh, come on, Pats.

- Hmm. Do you have a daughter in there?
- I do.

Mine called this morning.

She seemed all right, but...

she always seems to find her
way into the middle of things.

I just hope and pray that she has enough
common sense to stay out of this one.

Mine doesn't have much common sense...

and I don't know that hopes and prayers
have ever been enough with her.

What's her name?

- Suzanne. Yours?
- Piper.

It's not what you imagine, is it?

When you hold them in your
arms for the first time?

No. It is not.

Fuck! Hey, yo! They got Janae
and Abdullah. We gotta go.

Well, she's not... Her
breathing, it's, like, off, man.

All right, move.

Hey, Suzanne. Yo! You gotta wake up, yo.

- Come on, Suzanne.
- Come on. Yo, we gotta go.

Okay, look. What if we
find them riot guys,

and we... and we walk up to 'em
with our hands up, like, real nice,

- and tell 'em she needs help?
- They're not here to help!

How are we gonna make her wake up, man?

Okay, we can, um, carry
her to the pharmacy

and try to find something,
like... that's the...

the opposite of the shit you gave
her. But we gotta hurry. Come on!

Man, we not gonna be able
to carry her that far.

She built like a concrete
house. No offense.

Well, I don't know what else
the fuck to do, all right?

They got dudes storming in here.

I ain't slept in three days and I
don't got all the answers, man!

You made this mess, you clean it!

Uh... Oh, oh, I... I got an idea.

All right. Um, stay with her.
All right? Just stay with her.

I can't lose you too. For
real, I can't lose you too.


Really sorry about this, bud.
Need to borrow the chair.

Typically, I'd be more
respectful of the dead,

but you were a real son of a
bitch when you were alive.


You know what I'm saying?

It's all over.

It was gonna be over sometime.

It's just... I feel like I found
my true calling, you know?

- What, being pretty?
- No, being, like, a vlogger, or whatever.

That ain't a real job. Jobs are,
like, maid, cook, reality TV star...

Uh-uh. I've been reading,

and people are making, like,
a billion dollars a year

off of their YouTube shit.

Well, that ain't ever gonna be us.

At least, not in the near future.

Or distant future.

Maybe way, way in the future.

Except we won't be cute no more.
That ain't never gonna be us.

I hate this stupid fucking riot.

Come on, we made such cool shit.

But it was a taste of,
like, being normal.

It's better when you forget there's a
whole world outside of this place.

And then maybe you don't feel so bad.

I don't know.

I've been in the world and it
wasn't all that great either.



I got my best friend in here.

- I know. We never would have met.
- Exactly.


- One last video?
- Yeah.

- Yeah? All right.
- Okay.

See you later, motherfuckers!

This was a mistake.

Can't go back now.

- Guys... what's gonna happen to us?
- I don't know.

But at least we'll all be together.

Up against the wall, now! I said now!

Huh, that wasn't so bad.

Told you it'd be fine.

- What the fuck went wrong here?
- Yeah, I've read about this.

It's called elephantiasis. It
can happen to your balls too.

Go fuck yourself.

Really robbed yourself of the
sympathy vote, didn't ya?

Let's go, bitch, you can walk.

I have an infection.

Obviously not in your legs.

Come on.

Young man,

we better be going steady before
you touch me like that again.

You hear me?

What? If I'm going down, then
I might as well be drunk.

That's a good idea.

Oh, good. I got the drunks in the draft.


I hope they're okay.

If anything happens to
them... I'll never be...

- So was it worth it?
- What?

The riot. Was it worth it?

Oh, don't do that.

I'm not being a dick. I'm serious.

Things got out of hand.

Out of hand?

Wow. That's... real passive shit

for a woman who's directly responsible
for the ogre in the corner, Red.

Did you stop to think before
burying a body in my garden?

I had to defend myself
in order to stay alive.

So yes. I can say, definitively,
that that was worth it.

Can you?

We can't know that yet.

Maybe they'll still meet
some of our demands.

Maybe some grandma in Kansas
will read an article about this

and she'll see us as people
instead of criminals.

And then maybe she'll tell
all of her grandma friends

and they'll tell their kids...

and then they'll tell their grandkids.

I mean, isn't that how
change really happens?

Through Midwestern grandmas
having epiphanies?

Maybe that will have made
all of this worth it.


- Fuck! What happened?
- We had a situation.

Situation? You mean lithium? You
got anything to wake her up?

Oh, coffee ain't gonna do the trick.

Oh, my God! You. You did this to her.

I was just trying to do the
best I could, all right?

Well, ain't that some Sesame Street BS.

You get that we about to be mowed
down like some lawn gnomes

and it's your fault, right?

You know I was just trying
to get justice for...


Yeah. It stopped being about her

and started being about
your pride a long time ago.

Down on the ground!

- Fuck, they're close.
- We gotta hide.

- I know a place.
- Let's go.

Not you, okay? You
gotta get out of here.

- It is only gonna get more dangerous.
- No...

I want you to walk down the
hall with your hands up.

I want you to tell them you're
pregnant the minute you see them.

- Yell it. Make sure that they hear you.
- Hey! Hey! Mazel tov!

Oh, thank you very much.

- Okay?
- Okay. Okay.

All right. Okay. Okay. Go, now!

Come on! We all got to go. Shit!

- Which way?
- Come on. This way.

Show me your hands!

- I'm pregnant!
- Get down!

- I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant!
- Get down on the ground!

Get your pregnant ass
on the ground! Now!

On the ground!

What is it?

Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Abort! Abort!

No! No!

I am not letting this get in the
way of my one last riot high.

Move! Everybody move! Move!

Shouldn't you be more
respectful of the dead?

Don't be stupid. He's a
guard, not a person.

- Ang, get in here and close the door.
- Okay.

You care if I go first?

Hey, Leanne?

Dude, that wasn't even five seconds.
Chill out, you'll get your turn.

A guard is dead and we are in
a very small closet with him

and we finger-raped that other guard
and then we laughed about it.

And we also tied up that girl
like she was a stray dog

and the world is ending and I just...

What if we're the bad guys?

Oh, my God! You sound so high already.

- Are the fumes that strong?
- I mean it.

What if, like, this whole time we thought
that we were Ariel, we're actually Ursula?

Well, obviously I'm Sebastian
and you're Flounder.

We are lovable clowns.

I don't want to be a clown anymore.


You wanna move the dead
guy out into the hallway?

No, I wanna, like, do
something important.

Like what?

I don't know, but if we died in
here... would anybody even care?

- I'd care.
- You would be dead.

Well, I guess I'm already
dead to my family.

I don't know who my dad is

and my mom is probably neck deep in
her own bucket of bleach right now.

One second.

Okay, I'm high enough to
make some bad decisions.

- Let's go be good people. Come on.
- Yes!

Go, go, go!

See you later, dead guy.

Move! Move! Move!

Get your ass up and
against the wall, inmate.

Get the fuck up.

Get the fuck up, bitch.

Take care of her, please.

Hey! Hey! Up against the wall. Do
it now! Hands up against the wall!

Hey, shit, man. You don't
have to yell, like, loud.

I got ears, right?

Oh, fuck me! Okay, man. Dude!
Dude! I'm with you. I'm with you.

Shit, you're strong.

No! Those are... Those are mine!


Come on, let's go! Move faster!

Thank God you're here.
You've gotta help me.

Get your ass against the wall
or I'mma shoot you in the face.

- Are those real bullets?
- Are you fucking kidding me?

Get your hands up.

What's gonna happen?

I don't know.

But you know, there are very
few circumstances in life

when even I know to shut up.
So do us both a fucking favor.

Get off me!

Come on, come on. Come on.

- Come on. Come on.
- You've reached...


Lourdes, it's me. Is
he... What's happening?

The surgeon said everything went fine.

He just got out.

He's okay.

He's okay.

I'm not coming. Things went wrong and...

I'll tell him.

Tell him I love him.

Stop right there!

I'll tell him.

If anything happens to me...

My love... I promise.

Thank you.

What the fuck?

I'll call back as soon
as I can. I gotta go.

We have a man down. Man down!

Get him outside. Now.

Take the rest of this place
by any means necessary.

Hey, does that mean we have permission
to start using the pepper bullets?

Shut the fuck up, Natoli. Let's move.

On the move. Heading
toward dormitory A1.

Copy that. Proceed.

Move it! Move it!

Don't need anybody asking
questions at this point.

Just stay ahead of me. Stay ahead of me.

Keep going.

Move forward.

Let's put her on this chair over here.

Shit, man. This secret hiding
place couldn't have no elevators?

Man, I done seen some white
people shit in my day.

But climbing through a
locker? That takes the cake.

Uh, if you lookin' for a reasonable
explanation for wherever the hell we are,

don't think it's in there.

All right, I'm just looking
for some uppers, you know?

Some Adderall. Speed. Something.

- Is that a good idea?
- It's better than a stroke, right?

Whoa! Whoa!

What, she could have a stroke?

Well, what they do in Pulp Fiction?

Come on, Frieda, you
gotta have something.

There's a few EpiPens in the locker.

- Top right.
- Where the hell did you come from?

Where did I come from?

You gotta be kidding me.

You know how to use that?

No. I'll do it.

All right, look, you wanna put
it in her thigh right here.


Hey, what's...

She's not waking up.

- Come on, Suzanne.
- Suzanne.

- Suzanne.
- Come on, Suzanne.

- Come on, Suzanne.
- Suzanne.

- Come on, Suzanne. Please wake up!
- Suzanne!

Oh, my God!

I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry. I'm so
sorry. I'm so sorry.

Give the girl some room, would you?


Why do you look so worried?

Do you need some sleep?

Mommy says seven and a
half hours is ideal.

No more, no less.

I must have gotten that much
because... I feel great.

Shh... Like...

Mmm-hmm. Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm.

Seriously... you look exhausted.

- We glad you back, girl.
- Mmm-hmm.

I didn't know being a good
person was gonna be this hard.

We're almost done.

- It'll be worth it. I promise.
- Yeah.

What's going on?

- Is she fucking sleeping?
- Dwight!

- Man!
- Dwight!

- What's wrong with you?
- I doze off when I'm nervous, okay?

What's that smell?

I fart when I'm nervous.

Get out of there right now!

Let's go, ladies. Come on.
Let's go. Get up! Get up!

You too, princess. Come on.

I want it recorded somewhere that I didn't
have anything to do with any of this.

Are you wearing those little
video cameras around your necks?

I want everyone to know
that I was an innocent...

Go ahead. Shoot me, you scum bucket.

Shut up!

What the fuck are you doing?

You told us to take this place
by any means necessary.

You're supposed to shoot
up, you fucking idiot.

Up into the ceiling, so
the little balls explode

and the capsaicin rains
down on your target.

Shoot 'em in the head
with those, they die,

and then there's so
much fuckin' paperwork.

Pepper bullets up.

You want fun, go mace
or Taser. We clear?


Thank you for not killing me.

I'm sorry about the scum bucket thing...

Go fuck yourself!

Punching 'em in the face works too.

- Rein, get her out of here.
- Yes, sir.

Out the back door by the loading dock

so the media doesn't see blood
and freak out. Let's move!

Wait! No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Let's go. We made it.

Fuck, no. I see what you're doing.

I'm not going through that door.

Whoever goes through that door,
gets shot by whatever cop

amped up on shitty coffee and
testosterone is waiting out there.

You a real pussy, you know that?

It's hot.

Thank you?

No one's out there, you dumb-ass.

Told you.

Can you at least give me
a tissue or something?

I'm bleeding over everything.

Jesus Christ, do you
ever shut the fuck up?

Ow! You're hurting me. I
need to see a doctor.

Don't shoot, it's me.

Hell of a meet cute, am I right?

- I don't think I can walk.
- What?

My ankle, it... it feels
like it's on fire.



What the fuck?

Let's go, you little bitches.


You asshole!

What the fuck is this?

Human tacos.

We love you guys.

Yeah, we wouldn't be
anything without our fans.

Thank you so much for all the nice
comments about our tits and everything.

Yeah, we really appreciate it.

- This one is for you, Belieber 1996!
- 1996!

One, two, three.

Over here! Move it! Move it!

- We surrender! We surrender!
- Ow!

Fuck, you're hurting me!

This is how they treat us all the time.

- Put the phone down.
- Oops, sorry! Posted it.

Oh, my God...

If this shit fucks up my
face, I swear to God!



Hey! Hey, Officer! Uh, give her five
minutes and then bring her back.

Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
You came! You came!

- You okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah. Yes, I'm okay. I'm okay. Can I?


Hi, mami! Hi! Hi, baby girl! Oh, God!

Oh, I missed you so much, baby. Okay.

Thank you.

Let's get this. Right
now they seem to be...

They're all handcuffed.

Over here!

Down. Down.

Down. Stay right there. Down.

How many do you count?

Is that smoke?

Is that smoke?

Holy shit! This is amazing.

We're free!

Well, we're still in prison.

Yeah, but no more records.
Bye, bye, 19 shots!

Yeah, I feel light.

I've been reborn before,
but this is even better.

I can't wait to tell everybody.

Dude, we're gonna be, like, heroes.

We'll handle this. Continue your sweep.

You heard him. Let's go.

Up against the wall, prisoners.

Hey! Um, actually,
we're the good people.

Yeah. You're fucking angels.

Hands up, inmate. We need FD in here.

Copy. Fire department on its way.

That's all the dormitories, sir.

Prison secure.

I repeat, prison secure. We'll do
one last sweep on our way out.

- Did he just say...
- The prison's secure.

Holy shit.

No casualties?

We don't have confirmation
of that just yet.

I need to make a call to the governor.

I can't believe it's over.

What a fucking nightmare.

- What's going to happen to them now?
- Oh, Joe.

Your heart bleeds the way
only a vagina should.

Get a picture!

We love you, Flaritza!

We saw what they did to you!

Show us your tits!

Flaritza! Whoo!

Leanne! Leanne!

Ang. My mom's here.

Oh, hi!

Hi, Leanne's mom! Nice bonnet!

I love you! I'm okay!

I'm a good person now!

I guess she would care if I die.

Vinnie! Vinnie! Vinnie! Vinnie!


- Vinnie!
- Get your hands off her. She's pregnant!

I'm so sorry I left you, Lorn.

- You believe me now?
- Yeah. You're pregnant!

I can't believe you came back for me.

I'm never gonna leave you
again, my little macaroni.

I'm all in!

- I love you, Vincent Muccio!
- I love you, Lorna Morello Muccio!

I love you!

I'll wait for you! I love you!

Excuse me, I... I work at MCC.
You have to get me out of here.

If you talk to Joe Caputo, he'll...

Yeah, I work at MCC
too. Help me! Help me!

Yeah, I work at MCC too.

- I work for MCC.
- Me too.

- I work for MCC!
- Work. MCC.

- No. No, no.
- Me too!

One-oh-three, 104.

- Are you fucking kidding me?
- I'm sorry, sweetheart.

Wait a minute, did I say sorry?
I meant go fuck yourself.

Get those confused sometimes.

Hey! Hey! Hey!


There's been a big development
at Litchfield Prison

as female prisoners have
been escorted out...

Hey, Boo! Boo! Yes! You're on TV!

Leanne? She's a stupid bitch.

You're such a stupid bitch.

Phew. Close call. That was a close one.


Oh, thank God! Where the
hell have you been?

- Hmm?
- Okay. Okay.

- I had to make sure you're okay, right?
- Oh!

Where's Lorna?

Is she okay?


I think so. Yeah.

We got some refugees upstairs.

Should we invite 'em down to the party?

Are you sure you don't want some?

- Shit, I missed you.
- You know, can't blame you.

I'm very missable.

Uh, hello?

Man, don't you be going
all zombie on us now.

It ain't like one of us
always got to be crazy.

- I fucked it all up.
- Man, no, you didn't.

Yeah, I did, man.

I did.

You said it.

Man, look at this mess.

They ain't gonna give us nothing now.

I failed her.

- I'm so fucking stupid!
- Ooh!

Again... I'd like to point
out how a good night's rest

might solve a myriad of emotional issues.

You think your feelings are
real, but they're not.

Trust me.

It's like... it's like
the sky is blue, right?

But when there are clouds,
you think it's gray.

But really, it's still blue.

It hasn't changed.

It's just covered with
gray clouds passing by.

Now, the clouds are your feelings.

The sky is how it really is.

Your clouds will pass by. You gonna...

You okay?

Yeah, I'm okay, but we ain't gonna be.

There's some real bad shit
going down out there.


...that we gotta get it built
and that's our priority...

Rains come, we're gonna be screwed...

I get it.

All right, I just... There's
these little parasites

or something that's all over the
floor and they're killing 'em.

Oh, God! I didn't see those.

All right, so what we're trying to do

is we're gonna set up, we
can lash this together...

Here, you wanna go do that?


I don't know if you have anything...

Fuck. I can't wait to have a
nice juicy steak tonight.


We're ten short.

- What?
- I've got all my guys counting.

We're consistently coming
up ten short every count.

Then you need to go back
in and do another sweep.

What the hell are you waiting for? Go.

Ma'am, my men scoured the place. Twice.

Wherever they are, they're
hiding strategically,

which leads us to believe
they plan to fight.

But where?

The pool.


There's an old pool.
Hasn't been used in years.

I always said we should
fill that fucking thing.

Yeah. But you never did, did you?

Neither did you.

Can you tell us how to access it?


We'll need the governor to sign off
on possible casualties, ma'am.

Absolutely not.

We'll do whatever we can to avoid them,

but we have no idea what these
inmates might be armed with

and I will not send my
men in there unarmed.

- The governor will never sign off...
- He already signed off this morning.

You tell him where the fucking pool is.

- It's you.
- It's me.

- Oh, my God. You found me.
- I found you.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- Whoa!
- I was, like, uh...


Sitting there and was, like,
this noise was over...

You think, maybe, we
could put the gun down?

Oh, yeah.

Hmm. Do you wanna watch TV?


Sure. We could watch... Yeah.


Y'all are fucking kidding
with this shit, right?

Gloria, what's happening out there?

They're arresting everybody.
Dragging everyone away. It's ugly.

I got some mattresses
in the kiddie pool.

They'll make a good
barrier, if we need 'em.


See, that's what we needed for her...

a goddamn playground!

T, what are you...

Hey, don't mind him.
We'll give him back.

Just an obstacle we
encountered along the way.

It's your fault.



You're the reason Poussey is gone.

T, don't do this.

They ain't never gonna give us Bayley.

But now I got you.

Say something!

- Say something, God damn it.
- I'm sorry.

That's all you got?

You sorry?

You think this is gonna
make you feel better?

Go ahead, try it.

But it won't.

I promise you that. I've
been down this road.

You don't wanna be like me.

- You don't wanna be like...
- Shut up!

Just trying to save your own damn life.

I miss her so much!

I know. I know.

I miss her so much!

- I got you. I got you, man.
- It's okay.

Red, what are you doing?


You walk out of here, yes?

You don't touch anyone or anything.

You go.

- The hell is going on here?
- Nothing good.

Where do you think they're taking us?

Why aren't they out here yet?

I don't know.

Entrance should be 50
feet ahead on the left.

Targets assumed to be immediately inside.


Oh, my God.

- What now?
- We sure as shit ain't got enough guns.

What if we just start yelling?

I mean, they'll hear us, right?
We'll just yell that we surrender.

Little late for that.

Would anyone else like a turn?

It's like reality, only fake.

Goddamn, I wish I was high.

Frieda, what do we do?

We keep our dignity.

Move it up, ladies. Single file.

Seriously, what the fuck is happening?

Maybe they're sending us to Max?

Oh. Thank God.

They'll see I don't have paperwork
or a record or anything then, right?

It ain't Max. There ain't enough fucking
space for all of us down there.

I think I'm hyperventilating again.

Yo, am I gonna go blind?

Are you okay?

- Yeah. Right. I don't know.
- Yo. You could fucking sue them.

Damn. No, no, no. We're together.

- You can write letters.
- No. Letters?

What are you talking about?
No, where are we going?

You think they're gonna let any of
you back in there after all this?

Don't worry, pretty. One prison's
just like another, right?


It's okay.

I love you!

Someone get a pulse on him.

I didn't mean to...

There's no pulse.

I did aim for the ceiling, sir. He's
so tall and he caught us by surprise.