Orange Is the New Black (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - Doctor Psycho - full transcript

Nothing stays hidden for long when emotions run high, but Red, Healy and Caputo try to keep the peace. Piper has a business competitor.

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♪ The animals the animals ♪

♪ Trapped trapped trapped
till the cage is full ♪

♪ The cage is full the day is new ♪

♪ And everyone is waiting
waiting on you ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ Think of all the roads ♪

♪ Think of all their crossings ♪

♪ Taking steps is easy ♪

♪ Standing still is hard ♪

♪ Remember all their faces ♪

♪ Remember all their voices ♪

♪ Everything is different ♪

♪ The second time around ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪



Where's Caputo?
I need to speak with him.

- Take the tray, inmate.
- But...

Take the tray.

My son's birthday's coming up.

Or... or it passed. What day is it?

I slept on it like you said.
Took a nice cold shower.

Did some of those breathing exercises.


I still think we should kill her.

What? No. No. That was, like,

the opposite conclusion
you were supposed to come to.

Well, clearly you're
a sensitive Sally on this one.

I'll do it myself.
Now, where are my gloves?

Okay, listen, Lolly is bat-shit bonkers.
Fine. I'll give you that.

But she wasn't gonna
actually dig up everything.

Well, you think
she was digging for gold?

Who the fuck knows?
I don't know. She's weird.

Maybe... maybe she was checking
on the decomposition.

Ah! Found 'em.

- Look, I can handle Lolly.
- No, you can't.

She's got too many loose screws,
like my cousin Arlene

after they kidnapped her,
put her in a truck,

and gave her a pick-ax lobotomy.

But before she went blond,

that helped with her self-esteem a little.

She saved my life.


We are talking about... murdering someone.

A human being.


Oh, my god. All the blood.

Who said anything about blood?

This time is gonna be nice and clean.

You ever hear of oleander?

Whoa! Fifteen.

- In a row?
- Yep.

Suffering sappho, you're good.

You're quoting "Wonder Woman"?

Now, isn't that a little bit
before your time?

Come on. All the comic-book nerds
know the lingo.

And I used to jerk off to her
when I was 12.

And 27.

You bad boy!

William Moulton Marston,
who created Wonder Woman,

had two wives.

See, why do you know that?

Well, call me a polyamory expert.

Yeah. I forgot.

The whole boyfriend-and-husband thing.

But, now, those three were into bondage.
Very kinky stuff.

That is why Wonder Woman
was always chained up,

trapped in cages, hog-tied...
kind of like how I spent my 30s.

Hey, blanco grande, you work here.

Yo, I need audifones, headphones.

And deodorant.
The roll-on kind, not that spray shit.

It's bad for the environment.

These look like spider bites to you?

Or, you think it's shingles?

They don't really itch,
just hurt, you know,

- Like I got poison in my head.
- You should go to medical.

What about us? We need stuff.

You can buy stuff at commissary.

With what money? We don't got jobs.

Hey, don't look at me.
If there's no work assignments,

I can't very well hand out work,
now, can I?

There is work, but you only got it
for the O.G. inmates.

Hey, look at it this way.
Would you rather be scrubbing toilets?

Maybe. Yeah.

Better than sitting
with our thumbs up our butts.

Look, there's a lot of ways
to stay busy in prison, okay?

You can read a book,
you can watch educational television.

You have to learn
how to help yourselves in here.

...bad guy, crazy hair...

You know, there's no...
there's nothing forbidden for you.

This scoundrel bothering you?

Well, no, honey.
No. He's not.

But thanks.

Careful there.
You got a lot of cream there.

Cause a lot of mucus.

Oh, no. We're not drinking it.

No, we're flipping it.
Trying to pass the time.

That is one strange man.

Yeah, he's basically Doctor Psycho.

Oh, oh, oh. The one who hates women.

- Yes!
- Yes!

It wasn't my fault.

Michael Chinchetta
was making fun of Mom.

He called her a lesbian
who howls at the moon.

He also made fun of my haircut.

He said I look like Dick Van Dyke.

Dick Van Dyke is an American hero,

and Michael Chinchetta is a bully.

Dad... what's a lesbian?

Lesbianism is... a disease.

Like what Mom has?

No. It's different.

Another kind of mental illness.

So, what does Mom have?

Mom has a highly active imagination,

and it makes her see
and hear things that aren't there.

Like angels?


And little people in the walls,
and, sometimes, Roy Orbison.

But I think this new treatment
is gonna change things...

Bring her back to us.

- Am I gonna get mom's disease?
- No.

Only women get it.

I hope she makes
her tuna-fish casserole tonight.

Or I could make it for her.

Shh. Enough. Here she comes.

Why does she look like that?

It's temporary.
Go help her get in the car.

Maria, can I talk to you?

I understood most of that.

And I would be happy to speak with you
if you are truly interested.

Any available
corrections officers to the yard.

I wanted to give you a heads-up

about that girl
you've been hanging out with.

I hang out with a lot of girls.

She's new.

Medium height, cheeks. Cheeky-cheeks.

I've been doing palace of the mind
to try and remember things.

- Her name is a board game.
- Ouija.

Yes. Yes.

Anyway, I thought you should know

I saw your friend
stealing scraps of panties.


And she can't do that.

No, you don't have a copyright
on the dirty-underwear business.

Maybe other people have plans.

I'm sorry. Are you...

you don't even have the infrastructure.

- How hard could it be?
- How hard?

There's a website to maintain
and couriers,

not to mention brand identity,
client lists, payment.

You can't... I'm... I'm not...

Wait. I'm not revealing
trade secrets to you.

- You're my competition now.
- We finished here?

Maria, I urge you
to stop and think about this.

One illegal business is dangerous.

Two businesses,
particularly one that's not well-run;

it could expose all of us.

I better run it real good, then.

- Hey.
- Hey.


Can you keep a secret?

I love secrets.

No disciplinary violations.
No petty or serious infractions.

I see a "loafing and shirking" comment,
but that's been crossed out.

No work absences,
no noted fights with other inmates.

Actually, I don't see
a single shot in two years.

Looks like you've been a model inmate.

That's me.

Well, you're eligible for early release.

So let's talk
about getting you out of here.

This is a shit secret.

This is a secret that fucks
everyone who touches it.

Yeah, well, tag. You're it.

Are you sleeping?
How are you, psychologically?

I'm a mess.

What do you think? I've never...
I've never taken a life before.

I'm just trying to get through the day
without vomiting every hour.

You're too sensitive.
People like you shouldn't kill.

Thanks for that great advice.

And in my garden.
Who do you think they'll blame, hmm?

I'm your co-conspirator now.

Is he under the tomatoes?

Oh, please,
say he's not under the tomatoes.

- I don't know. Maybe.
- Maybe?!

I was going to pickle those,
add a little sugar.

I can't work with these sacks of sludge.

The only thing worse
than so-called "meat curry"

is fresh produce fertilized
with rotting flesh.

You know, I didn't tell you

so you could flip out
about your vegetables.

So, why did you leave
this flaming bag of dog shit

on my doorstep, huh?

You're not my daughter.

You never come to me for anything.

You're right.

You are the last person I want to trust
with this fucking albatross of a secret.

But I need your help.

Frieda wants to kill Lolly,
literally kill her,

and she won't listen to me.

You're the resident Frieda whisperer,
so... whisper.

Work your magic.

Has she tried anything yet?

No, but she's making this poisonous tea

out of these oleander leaves
she found out by the fence.

Oh, those fucking leaves.
She's been dying to use those. Shit!

Hello? Uh, Litchfield Public Library?

I'm calling from Jefferson, um, Chemical.

Our internet is broken.
It is such a buzzkill.

Would you mind looking up
a few urgent things for us?

Great. Thank you so much.

Yes. First question.

Is Beyoncé really getting divorced,

because we read a real
suspicious-sounding article

in US Weekly, and...

Mr. Healy.

Hello? Are you still...

Uh, how many I, uh,
assist you this fine afternoon?

I want to see Caputo.

Well, his next availability...

Mm-hmm... one second...

is, mm, in two weeks.

You're kidding me, right?

You know, Mr. Healy, back in the day,

it was real good

when we had plenty of time to see you.

But now, I...
I don't know.

Really, huh?

How about, uh, two boxes of Good & Plenty?



Mr. Healy's here to see you.


Outside, he's in Side Boob.

- In here, he's the head boob.
- If you want something,

you might want to start out
by not insulting me.

I'd like to talk to you about inmate King.

Good. What's the update?

Well, unfortunately,

she's been hanging out
with some unsavory types.

Hard to avoid in prison.

I think it would be good
for her to stay busy.

I got an idea.

Cooking class.

We can't afford new equipment.

Hey, she's very resourceful.

I'm telling you, I've seen the videos.

She can take an olive jar
and turn it into a snow globe.

And what about food? Ingredients?

Well, we got the garden.

We got a bunch of those canned goods
in the expired earthquake kits.

Uh, if one inmate gets salmonella

from a ten-year-old sardine,
it's my neck on the line.

Hey, look, you gave Berdie
an improv troupe.

I'm talking about a culinary-skills class
taught by a world-class chef.

Everybody in here would want in.
You know that, Joe.

Mm-hmm. So, what you're saying

is you're gonna take
a bunch of restless inmates...

keep them occupied
a couple of times a week.


Fine then. Yes. You have my blessing.

Talk to Piscatella first.

Aye, aye, el Caputano.



No knives.


- What are you doing?
- I'm making breakfast.

But it's the middle of the night.

I couldn't sleep,
and I wanted to keep my hands busy.

Take a seat, kiddo.

Deviled eggs and a side of tomato.

Are you feeling better now?

I am, especially now
that I'm with my little man.

You're not hungry?

I'm allergic to eggs.

- What are you talking about?
- They make me itchy.

I get a rash.


This new therapy;
it makes my brain a little skippy.

Actually, I was thinking about
stopping the treatments.

They're very traumatic,

the way they put
these metal plates on my head,

and then, afterwards,
it's like I've been erased.

Does Dad know?

I'm only telling you.
Because you understand me.

You always have.

Don't you want Mommy
to hear the angels again, to be happy?

No. I think it's better
when you do the plates.

I don't like it when you're crazy.

Of course.

You're right.

You hear that?

Oh, it's the sprinkler.

Your father will be angry
if we leave it on all night.

Finish your juice. I'll go shut it off.




Officer Webster,
pick up extension 414.

All right, ladies. Shift's over.

That's it. Let's go.


What the fuck, Red?!

I know all about your plan
to poison that crazy girl.

You think I'm that stupid?

I'd carry a cup of death juice
in plain sight?

- That was coffee!
- Sure it was.

And Rasputin had a sea cucumber
instead of a penis.

Trust me.

When I'm ready to make my move,
it's gonna be a lot less conspicuous.

Can't mind your own business
for five goddamn minutes,

- can you, Red?
- Oh, I'll mind my own business

when people stop burying bodies
in my garden.

Now, come. Walk with me.

Poison is beneath you, Frieda, huh?

It's for witches and bored housewives,

not bad-ass biker chicks
with octopus tattoos.

- What can I say? I'm getting old.
- Oh, you are. So am I.

What's your point?

I know where all the bodies are buried,

not just the literal ones.

I can't go back to max.
I'll die down there.

If you poison that girl,
it'll get back to you.

You'll be lucky if they give you max.

Go! Get out of here!
Get out of here!

Get out of here!
Take cover right now!

Don't you come over here!

- Go!
- Hey, don't shove me!

I am not shoving. I'm saving.

There's a hellfire missile
up there with your name on it.

There's a hellfire missile
that says "Ramona"?

Yeah. Read about the Patriot Act.

- It's all in there, girl.
- She's a broken cuckoo clock.

So? We already knew that.

She can run her mouth off
to random inmates,

but if she blabs to anyone in real power,
we're all dead.

She's a problem, Red.

I know it, and you know it.


You rang?

- Oh, come in. Come in.
- ...America.

I was just watching a documentary

on a sushi chef
that works in a subway station.

I don't eat sushi
and I don't take subways,

but... it was interesting to me.

Oh, thank you.

The pride he took in his work,
you know?

Anyways, I have some good news.

My sentence has been commuted.

You're a funny criminal.

But no.

I pulled some strings...

And I've arranged
for you to lead a cooking class.

I see.

Thinking of calling it,
uh, "King of the Kitchen."

Or, um, "Le Cordon King."

Well, I hope this doesn't sound impolite,

but I'd like to decline
your considerate offer.

Is that so?

No, I mean, by all means, put me to work.
I would love to learn a new trade,

maybe plumbing or... or electricals.

Mm, well, electrical is,
uh... poorly managed.

Well, you choose. You're the expert.

You know, I've chosen.

You know, these girls...

a lot of them come from poor,
disadvantaged communities.

And this class could make
a big difference for them.

But I guess you don't care
about that, huh?

Helping others?

Oh, I do. I do.

That's why I set up a scholarship fund

for young chefs in rural Tennessee.

It's why I do everything I can
to diversify all my kitchens.

I sit on numerous boards,
volunteer, do PBS.

So forgive me if I want a respite.

I'm sorry.

This is what MCC has decided
is best for you.

Of course.

Happy to oblige.

Thank you.

I liked the part, uh, with the puppets

and when the woman
set the bishop on fire.

I didn't really get a lot of it.

I didn't either,
but I think that's kind of, like,

what this cultural thing is about,
you know?

It's like A.A.;
Half the job is just showing up.

Well, it's, um... it's late.
I should go home.

Well, I... I got a car.
Let me give you a ride.

It's okay. I'll get a cab.

You didn't have fun?

I did.



you're my therapist.

Social worker, not therapist.

It feels wrong.

Hey, we're just two people
trying to figure it out, you know?

- I'm gonna go.
- Okay.


It's me. Sam.



Long day at the office?

First, I had to photocopy and alphabetize
all of the W-2s for the new guards,

which I then had to fax to some
chick named Heather at MCC

and then some other chick
named Tonya at the BOP.

So now I know
all the guards' middle names.

Then, when I was supposed
to take my lunch break,

Mr. Caputo needed help
downloading the latest version of excel.

Why? Because he's like 100 years old
and doesn't know how to use a computer,

which I don't either,
but it's really not that hard.

common sense, people.

- Mm.
- Oh, and then

I had to fill out an order form
for order forms.

So weird, right?

Oh, and I got to eat this bar
that Caputo eats sometimes

instead of food when he's really busy,
and it wasn't that bad.

It had this weird color,

and he said I'd probably have
trouble pooping.

I need to get myself a yoga ball.

Did you call the public library
like I asked?

I... I did.

Oh. And...?

Go! Come on. What they say?

Are dragons covered in feathers
like the dinosaurs,

or are they covered in scales
like the Gorgons?

You know, they weren't quite sure.

With responsibility comes great power.

- Isn't it the other way around?
- No.

Think about it.

I will call the library people tomorrow,

I promise.

You got power now, right?


I got a desk. That's it.
And, like, a phone.

And, like, the ear of the warden,
but that's it.

- So, if I needed something...
- Unh, unh, unh. No.

Don't get me involved
in your Middle East bullshit.

Hey, you got to share the love, homey.

I mean, that's how
black people be getting ahead.

- Mm-hmm.
- Look at Obama.

- Change.
- He got to be president.

- So now the rest of us get to be...
- In prison.

Oh! I forgot to tell y'all.
I've got hella big news on Judy King.

Yo, Poussey will lose her shit.
Where she at?

She busy.

Well, you can't really do that.

You can't control
what goes in your dreams.

- Yeah, you can.
- What?

It's called lucid dreaming.

No, no, no, no. Lucid dreaming is when

you... you talk to yourself
in your dreams.

Like, "Hey, you. Wake up.

You didn't actually go to school naked."

Well, whatever it's called,
you can totally curate

pictures and things
that go into your brain.

Like your own private film festival.

Doesn't that sort of defeat
the purpose of a dream?

- Hmm?
- Like, it's supposed to be

about surprises.

Ugh. I don't like surprises.

I like to be in control.

That's funny, 'cause I sort of like it
when you lose control.

Like... when I do this.

You got a problem down here with kites?

No, sir.


I never thought I'd be happy
to see that mustache.

You got to get me out of here.

Well, turning your cell into
a Russian bath is not helping your case.

Flooding is a punishable offense.
You should know that.

How else was I supposed to get
your attention?

You can ask for me.

Are you kidding me?

I've been shouting your name for months.

Well, you have not been down
here that long.

Easy for you to say.

You haven't been thrown in a dungeon,
forgotten about.

No one has forgotten about you.

Sophia, you're a smart girl.

You have to know
you're not helping yourself.

You need to meet me halfway

if we have any chance
of getting you out of here.

I want to talk to my wife.

Tell her where I am.

I've already spoken with Crystal.


What... what she say?

Well, she agrees with me.

We need to wait for the right time
to return you to gen pop.

She would never say that. You lyin'.

Think about it.

You're still in here, aren't you?

What are you doing?
Put your shirt back on!

I advise you not...

Either you let me out of here,

or I'm gonna keep flushing this
toilet till I drown myself!

You're doing this to yourself.
Remember that.

- C.O. Schmuck-a-fuck, get over here.
- Schmuck-a-fuck!

Move Burset to a dry cell
before she gets hypothermia.

Oh, but it's late.
Most of the C.O.'s are already gone.

- It takes three for a move.
- I don't fucking care!

You find people.

This isn't Guantanamo.
Get her a fucking shirt.


- What the fuck?
- Shh. It's me.


- Shh.
- What are you doing?

Come talk to me in the bathroom.

You haven't said more than "Hi"
to me in days,

and now you want some kind of
a middle-of-the-night confab?

I don't want to talk.

Is this a booty call?

Come find out.

Why?! Why are you doing this now?

God, you really know how to dry a girl up.

I'm sorry. I'm confused.

I thought that you hated me.

I do.

What's going on?


I just... I have insomnia.

If something's up, you can tell me.

It's cool.

Good night, Pipes.

I can't believe they're letting
her teach a class,

as if she weren't entitled enough.

- You get to teach a class.
- It's different.

- Don't seem so different.
- Well, it is.

Yoga is a democratic practice.
Anyone can do it.

Learning to curl zucchini ribbons
is rarified.

You do realize that only rich
white people do yoga, right?

And the billions of Indian people

who have been practicing it
for over 5,000 years? How about them?!

I'm working through some issues.


Do we still think Judy King,
a racist or is she just southern?

- I don't...
- Speaking of racist.

Can you guys make room?

Yeah. Uh...

Hi. I'm Alison.


Uh, it's not
"bring your stranger to work" day.

Poussey got oriental trading over there.

Yeah, I think Final Call here
is a little different.

Oh, come on, man. Chill.

Uh, Alison, do you have hair?

I do. I cover it for modesty.

I got a cousin who lives in Modesto.

That's like modest with an "O."

We were just conversing

about Judy and how sick her class gon' be.

Yeah, yo!

You guys are a bunch of suckers.
I mean, come on.

You really think that class
is gonna change stuff?

- Yeah.
- No, man.

We still gonna be bussing tables
and flipping burgers

- When we get out of here.
- Fuck that.

I don't do food service.

Unless it's White Castle, you know,
'cause they burgers be so itty-bitty.

So, you gonna go?

I don't know. I hate celebrities.

They're all hoity-toity.
They got people watching 'em.

Yeah, all those adopted kids. In general.

I did once get to see the real Lassie

at the Dutchess County
Sheep & Wool Festival.

- Like, the dog?
- Yeah.

All right, inmates. Forks down.

First breakfast shift is now over.

I need you to clear out so
we can start the second shift.

Uh, but we didn't even get our food yet?

Yeah, when I get too skinny,
my ass gets flat.

Them's the rules. You want to eat,
get here earlier next time.

Did you hear me? Let's move.

'Scuse me! 'Scuse me! 'Scuse me!

- 'Scuse me!
- All right. All right.

Hey, rub-a-dub-dub.

You've been scrubbing
that same pan for 20 minutes.

So, what? You a scrub expert now?

You know what? Have at it.

This got anything to do with
that meeting you had yesterday?

Yeah. That's right. I know about it.

I'm like Columbo but with two real eyes
and a better ass.

I'm being evicted.

You getting out?

Not like this afternoon,
but yeah, real soon.

How did you not know
your date was coming up?

It's early.

I guess I was good or some shit.
I don't know.

Holy shit.


- Well, hey, congratulations.
- Yeah, no. Not congratulations.

More like con-fuck-ulations

or whatever the opposite
of "congratulations" is.

Why? You get to go find your kids.

You get to fuck 'em up yourself
instead of having someone do it for you.

Even I find them, I'm not gonna get 'em.

The state won't give them over
unless I got an apartment.

So, you work a little bit.
You get an apartment.

Sure. People love to hire ex-cons.

And in skills, I'll write,
"packed heroin real good,"

and "fucked people who pack heroin."

Why even try? I'm fucked.

Ay. Okay. Enough.

You got to bust your ass now, mama.

Make some moves. Work your contacts.

Work your relatives. Work the system.

Get educated, if you have to.
Get your G.E.D.

Do whatever you got to do.

You got a goal now.

You can't shrivel up into a ball.

Mira, you got to save your kids.

You're Puerto Rican.

You know somebody with an apartment.
You know somebody with a job.


You gonna roll over like a pendeja?



No. That's right.

Mira, clean that fucking pan,

'cause I got a life, too, you know?

You told Daya yet?


Con-fuck-ulations on that one.

No shit.

You, get off the fence.

I feel you creepin' over there.

For the record, I'm a pacificist.


Looky here. A secret fuck spot.

Well, not anymore. Break it up.

Come on. Let's go. Keep moving.

Man, when you see them all
together like this,

- There are a lot of inmates.
- Yeah, I know.

I... If they ever banded together,
they could totally overpower us.

- Done.
- At least we got the new guards.

They're, like, trained in combat.

Yeah. I'm kind of scared
of the new guards.

Yeah, me, too.

Hey. You think they'll give us leftovers?

I don't know. Maybe.

Ladies, I'd like to welcome you
to "Food for Thought."

This is an exclusive opportunity.

People at Yale University
couldn't take this class,

only you.

- Judy King!
- Yes.

So, I'm gonna turn it over to,
uh, inmate King now.

Uh, all right. How about this?

I want you to raise your hand
if you've ever made sunchoke velouté.

Never heard of it.

How about cuttlefish ravioli?

Never mind.

What about anything with foam?

"Foam," did she say?


Neither have I.

All right. I don't make
anything highfalutin.

I cook real food for real people to eat,
and I don't do it alone.

I mean, any good chef will tell you
that cooking is a team sport.

So, you're gonna learn
some practical skills here

that are gonna make you
a better team player.

So, today, I'm gonna do a demonstration,

but I'm hoping that, in the future,

we're gonna set up some work stations

so everybody can get
their hands dirty.

Yes. With the makeup.

Uh, Muccio. Uh, I was just wondering.

Do you think we'll do a casserole?

Because I know that my Vinny...

he really likes
the traditional type stuff.

Well, no, darling, we're not.

We're gonna have to do
something much simpler

since we don't have very much
in the way of ingredients

or knives.

But it's a dish that I think
some of you in particular

are really gonna enjoy.


Yep. See? Called it. Racist.

But Philipino style.

Yeah, I'm not sure about that.

I got this recipe
from a coconut farmer in Manila.

Now, I need a volunteer.

- Me!
- Ooh, yes, Ms. Washington.

Come on.

She just...

Now, I'm gonna need your help.

Oh, look, I meant to tell you...
Look at that.

What on earth does that say, I wonder?

- Lady coco.
- That's it. I knew you'd know.

Coconut milk.

Now, the first step is easy.

Locate a shit-ton of butter.

All right?

So, after that,

I got my Master's Degree in Social Work
from lona.

Hey. You're not hungry?


No, my teeth.

Oh, we'll get you something softer.

We'll get you some
cottage cheese or deviled eggs

or something like that.



It's me.

It's your boy.

I've missed you, Mom.

Mom, I want you to know
I'm not angry with you for disappearing.

I know that you reached out
to me that night,

and I didn't listen.

I wasn't there for you.

But I'm... I'm hoping to change
all that now.


What... is that your... name?


Ellen. Ellen.

Yes, I'm Ellen.

Not Margaret?


I'm Ellen.

Okay, you know what?
We'll... we'll have a nice meal together.

I'm not gonna send it back.

No. I got to go.

- I got to go find my blanket.
- No, no, no. Just stay.

Stay and talk to me.
I'm having a bad night.

From the looks of it,
you're not in such a great place yourself.

- No. I got to go now.
- Stay with me. Stay with me.

You think somebody else
is gonna help you now? Huh?



Hey. Will you wait up?

You avoiding me or something?

I just don't really like cooking.
I was just curious, but I changed my mind.

Not just now, but, like, all the time.

No. Just been busy working really hard.

Hey. You can talk to me.
What's going on?

You got one of those seizures
coming or something?

You doing it with her?


Are you doing it with that Spanish girl...
that little pixie one that drives the van?

What are you talking about? Ramos?

She's not even my type.

- Why? You jealous?
- No.

No. I'm not jealous.

- Why would you even ask me that?
- 'Cause.

I just want to make sure
you're not raping her is all.

You think... I raped you?

Yeah. I mean, what else do you call that?

But I love you. I told you that.

And I said it when... when...

I said it.


So that makes it different.

But that didn't feel any different.

I've called this summit

because all three of you
need to communicate better.

You're operating out of fear,

which is causing certain people
to make bad decisions.

Oh, well... I'm sorry. Who are you?

You know who I am.

No, I mean who sent you?

Relax. I asked her for help.
She's here as a consultant.

And how do you know
she is not bugged?

She could be recordin' this whole thing.

She is Russian, for god's sake.

Lolly, how can you assure
your partners over here

that you are not going to go digging
for buried treasure again?

'Cause I... don't have a shovel.

Good point.

Maybe we should strategize
how to get her kicked off grounds crew.

Can we just move on
and put this in the past?

I can.

Then again, I'm not our problem.

Oh. Why is everybody looking at me?

Because your little
"tell-tale heart" stunt

freaked everybody out.
And now nobody here trusts you.

Fine. I got two words for you guys:
Las Vegas.

- Here we go.
- There is a bunker in Las Vegas

filled with these dudes who work
for the United States Government,

and they sit on these
little video-game consoles.

And they... they... they fly drones
over Afghanistan and Iraq.

You know that... okay, you know the drone

that's been hovering
over the... the garden?

That is just a camera drone.

But if you listen really good,

you can hear the second drone
above that drone.

That is the Predator drone,
and that is the drone that kills people.

- From Las Vegas.
- Exactly!


- She gets it.
- Barely.

I have it under very good information

that that killer drone was sent
by the United States Government

in response to our attack
on one of their agents.

And since the Freedom of Information Act
does not apply to privatized prisons,

they could just wipe us out.

Boom, boom, boom,
and nobody would ever even now.

But, see, unless we shoot
that drone down...

I guess we'd have to use
a gun or something like that,

and we'd have to probably
steal it from a guard.

Or we sneak onto a computer
and just leak the information

to that dude, um,
Julian Assage... Assange?

If I could still find his e-mail.
All right. You guys keep talking,

and I'm gonna go out to the
garden and check on that drone.

Frieda's right.

We have to kill her.

Group therapy
is starting in five minutes.

- Missed quite a show.
- Good.

- Big success.
- Good.

Listen, uh, Ms. King

has asked me to remove you
as her counselor.

What? That's ridiculous.

She says you make her uncomfortable

and that you have power issues.

That's... that's how women talk.

Well, MCC is already up my ass
about her.

I got to comply.

She's... she's an inmate,
for Christ's sakes, Joe.

Yeah. For now.

But in half a year,
she'll be a rich celebrity again

with the power and means to sue us
for whatever the fuck she wants.

Well, wh... what about
"Food for Thought"?

Someone else will supervise the class.


On the bright side, this class had

the highest attendance out
of any activity to date.

It was a hit. You were right. Good job.

Why are you hiding in here?
It's creepy.

It's quiet. I like it.

That's nice.

If I spend time

reading law books
or reading up on foster care

maybe, instead of drawing
these stupid pictures,

I'd be prepared.

I'd maybe know how to get Armaria back.

Daya, look at me.

I'm getting out of here soon.

- Soon? How soon?
- Real soon.

And I'm gonna get Christina
and Eva and Lucy and Emiliano

and your little Armaria back.

So stop all this moping shit.

Are you kidding me?

Why would I mess with you like that?

I don't know.

'Cause you play
some fucked-up head games sometimes.

Why ain't you saying nothing?

I'm gonna miss you.

And you're probably
gonna fuck up my kid.

- So, um, yeah, we quit.
- Sorry.

But, like, not really.

Let me guess.
You're working for Maria now.

She gave us free slipper socks.

She is paying you in slipper socks

'cause she can't pay you
in actual money yet.

Flaca, what about your sick mother?

Don't you want to send her cash?

Don't you go pretending
like you actually care about me.

Soon, I'll be making
twice as much cash with Maria,

'cause she's all about, like,
upward mobility and la raza.

And you know what?
She's just plain nicer.

- And slipper socks.
- You said that already.

I really like them.

Should I go over there
and pull her hair or something?

- I give a mean Indian burn.
- No. I got this.

You're jacking my girls now?

You jacked my panties. I jack your girls.

You jacked my idea.
You are the original jacker.

Look, Maria, this is getting out of hand.

I do not want to start a war with you.

This isn't war. It's business.

Have a nice day.

Hey! Hey!

How you gonna identify me
without this! Hmm?

How you gonna do it?
How you gonna kill me then?

Not gonna do it.
You're not gonna do it.

How do you think

you're gonna identify me
without this?! Hmm?

- How you gonna do it?
- Fuck's happening here?

Um, um, I don't know.

- But it is highly entertaining.
- Homemade camouflage!

Homemade camouflage, bitches!

How long
has she been like this?

- Ten, 15 minutes.
- Yeah. She was yelling

about the NSA, um,
and body parts.

The prisoner is having a psychotic break

and you're standing here
giggling like women.

Let's get her to psych. Now.
You stay here.

You can't see me!
I'm invisible!

Lolly! Lolly, get up!

- No! Don't shoot me!
- Lolly, please get up.

On your feet.

Rose, you smell that?

What is that?

Smoke, girl!

Sound the alarm!

Get out of here!

Get everybody out! Come on! Now!
Let's go! Let's go!

Tell Caputo to go fuck himself.

I'm just getting started.

Jesus Christ.

No! No!

They're gonna electrocute me!

Hey, what the hell is going on here?

We got a live one. Taking her to psych.

This woman needs a certified counselor.

Come here.

Come on.

Come. We'll have a talk in my office.


Show's over.

People are trying to kill me.


The NSA, the military,

whoever's operating
th... that... that... that... that drone

that's hiding in the clouds
above the garden.

Why is the NSA or the military
interested in our garden?

'Cause I...

I killed a guy and chopped him up
and buried him in there.

You killed a guy.

Yep. He was a hit man.

He worked for an international
drug cartel that was backed

by the United States, probably the CIA.

Oh, it could have been FEMA.

They've been targeting me
for a long time.

Have you ever heard of... of Rex 84?

No, of course you haven't heard of it.
It's classified.

Do you sometimes see
or hear things that aren't there?

Sure. I hear voices.

Like angels? That sort of thing?

Not angels. I told you.
Voices. I hear voices.

I think you might be suffering
from delusions.

I am not.

I hear that all the time.

"Lolly, you're crazy."

"Lolly, you got conspiracy-theory-itis."
That is not it.

This is different this time.
This is real.

What if these voices that you're hearing
are manipulating you,

trying to convince you that they're real,

that you did a bad thing
when, in reality, you didn't do anything?

- Why would they do that?
- You tell me.


Oh, to frame me.

Ooh, to, um...
they could do research on me.

As a counselor,
I know everything that goes on here.

So, if someone, anyone,

was killed here on campus...

I'd know about it.

So, you're saying
I didn't kill anybody?

No. I don't believe you did.

Lucky for you, I got a lot of experience
dealing with this kind of thing.

Let's get a treatment plan
going for you, Whitehill.

Get those voices of yours under control.

You don't have to worry.
I'm gonna help you.

What the fuck did you say in there?

Okay, okay, okay, wait.
Hold up. Hold up.

I got to apologize.
See, I was under the impression

that I... we... killed some dude.

No, my bad. My bad. My bad.

Turns out Rex 84
was manipulating my brain

to make me think that.

Or maybe that Aydin guy
was really, like, a hologram?

Also, great counseling here.

I am continually impressed.

♪ I'm going out of my head ♪

♪ There's nothing that I can do ♪

♪ Was it something she said ♪

♪ Now it's getting to you ♪

♪ She stole mine
she let it go all the way in ♪

♪ I'll never get back
what I lost from you ♪

♪ She stole mine
she let it go all the way in ♪

♪ I'll never get back
what I lost from you ♪

♪ I'll never get back
what I lost from you ♪

♪ I'll never get back
what I lost from you ♪