Orange Is the New Black (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 2 - Power Suit - full transcript

The newcomers stir up ethnic and domestic conflicts, but Maria sees an opportunity. Judy's special treatment raises eyebrows.

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♪ The animals the animals ♪

♪ Trapped trapped trapped
till the cage is full ♪

♪ The cage is full the day is new ♪

♪ And everyone is waiting
waiting on you ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ Think of all the roads ♪

♪ Think of all their crossings ♪

♪ Taking steps is easy ♪

♪ Standing still is hard ♪

♪ Remember all their faces ♪

♪ Remember all their voices ♪

♪ Everything is different ♪

♪ The second time around ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ Pon la bolita en la mesita ♪

♪ Y picala picala picala picala y picala ♪

♪ Si tú le da' y yo le doy undarundeiro ♪

♪ Tú le da' y yo le doy undarundeiro ♪

♪ El blú del ping pong mami undarundeiro ♪

Come on.

Go. Fuck.

MCC is looking
to train you for your job on the outside.

See MCC human resources.

- Seriously?
- What you want me to do?

It's like a fucking carnaval out there.

That don't mean we got to behave
like animals.

You think animals got oral hygiene?

I hate everybody.

We ain't gonna let this take us down.
You hear me?

We're gonna fight it.

Are you stupid?

Kids that go into the system

is like flushing a goldfish
down the toilet.

They don't swim back up.

Well, I've had more than my share

of toilets reversing their shit
and piss and dead goldfish

all over my bathroom floor.

I got you back, didn't I?

You got lucky once
because the caseworker died

and the temp spiked her Big Gulp
with vodka.

But now we don't know the caseworker.
We're in jail.

How do you think this plays?

You know, if fucking Bennett
wouldn't have lost his balls...

This is your fault.

You just had to, huh?

Snatch my baby from a lady

that would've bought her organic
and piano lessons

and toys made out of wood.


Cesar's gonna get out,
and he's gonna fix this.

He punched two cops.


I've seen him beat a murder rap

where they found the gun in his pants.

His sharky cousin Duardo
got a Jew who reps everyone in the game.

Cesar will be back on the street
in like a week, I'm telling you.

Cool. I guess I don't have
nothin' to worry about.

I'm not saying
it's gonna be easy.

I'm saying we still got cards.
We're alive.

And don't kid yourself.

Babies hate wood toys.
They don't make noise or nothing.

That's some yuppie bullshit.

Management assessment team to dorm "C ".

- Morning.
- Dwight.

I'm glad you're here.

Turns out we... but mostly you...

have a very big problem.

Oh, good gobsmackers,
I did it again last night, didn't I?

If you mean your impression

of a sack of marbles
being dumped in a dryer,

then, yes, you did it...

for six fucking hours straight.

I am so sorry, Mrs. Reznikov.

Oh, this is so embarrassing.

It's my greatest affliction.

Mm, I'm gonna say

you weren't the afflicted one
last night, no?

You were asleep.

I know, I know. But you have no idea.
I've tried everything.

Those sticky strips for your nose?

Yes, but those don't work for me
because the problem isn't my nose.

It's my uvula.

I have an abnormally large uvula.

Of course you do.

Larry snored.

I used to stick books under the top
of his side of the mattress

so his head would stay elevated.

And that worked?

Not really, but...

half an Ativan did.

It knocked me right out, and if I was
asleep first, it didn't bother me.

I guess that's not helpful
in this situation.

That's not happening.

Today or any other day.

- It's just until it dries.
- It's just until no!

Mi casa is not su casa, comprende?

I mean, okay.

But when it starts to grow mildew,

we're both gonna smell it.

You got to think globally.

- You have one hour.
- Let's see how it goes.

I mean, uh, it's a little humid, you know?

Ah, yep.

Uh, nope.


Your shoes can't go on that floor, scarfy.

They're shoes.

I'm aware, but you live on the top bunk.

The floor is a part of the bottom bunks.

Count time, ladies.

Let's move it!

you must stand at count under code 320.

So, I'm supposed to, what,
hang shit off the ceiling?

You free to do whatever you want
with the ceiling.

That ain't a way to live.

Look, all I'm saying is,
before y'all got here,

this floor was bottom-bunk property.

You showin' your face
don't change the rules.

I don't care how much
your mama loves you.

Um, excuse me, Sir?

Is it okay
if I keep my shoes on the floor?


you must stand at count under code 320.

Okay. Okay, that's how you want it?

You and Tova got a beef now.

First of all, your name ain't Tova.

I'm sorry?

Black people been naming
their kids some crazy shit,

but "Tova" ain't on the list,

unless the "V" is, like,
a five or something.

It's Hebrew.

Please. You ain't no Jew.

You want to say that again, bitch?

Like you was born in Karachi.

Okay, that's it for count.

Remember, we have a meeting in the chapel
in five minutes.

Everyone should be walking.

Even you, puffy head.

There's so many Mexicans now.

It's like a Home Depot
parking lot in here.

Dominicans. If you're gonna be racist,

you got to be accurate
or you just look dumb.

Is Dominicans the ones

that... wear gold chains and smoke cigars
and swim to Florida?

- No.
- Is it the coffee and the coke

and "Hips don't Lie"?

No, they talk a lot and play baseball,

and they're always like,
"I'm super not black,"

even though Haiti
is the exact same island.

That's right.

Yeah, I hate them.


Morning, ladies.

For those of you who don't know,

I am Mr. Caputo,

and I am the Director of Human Activity
here at Litchfield.

This is C.O. Piscatella.

I have asked him to stay on here at camp
as our new Captain of the guards.

It's my old job.

Judy King!


things have gotten a little
crowded around here, huh?

We at MCC are aware

that new situations
can be trying for you ladies,

so we called this meeting
to let you know

of the measures we're taking
for your comfort and safety.

For instance, port-a-potties

have been installed out in the yard

to take some of the...

strain, uh, from the bathrooms.

We got to shit outside now?!

Side note... port-a-potty maintenance

will be an additional responsibility
for our janitorial jobs crew.

- Hell, no!
- Yes!

We gonna get jobs?

Job assignments for new inmates
is still under review.

We'll get to that at a future time.

MCC realizes

it can be challenging
living with this many people,

but we thought ahead.

And today, on your way out,
each of you will receive...

a free pair of earplugs.

You're kidding me, right?

Judy King!

You just...

pop these babies in,
lie back in your bunk,

and it's...
Like you're on a desert island.

Where is Sophia Burset?

- Where is she?
- That's some bullshit, Caputo.

We also have a plan in place

for stress management
in these transitional times...

breathing exercises.

Calm you right down.

- C.O. Piscatella, please.
- Okay.

So, we are going to inhale
on the count of five,

hold it for five,

then exhale
on the count of five, okay?

Repeat after me.

Jesus Christ!

He couldn't have passed out
the earplugs first?

I'm sorry.
Did that sound in any way optional?

Because it could save your life one day.




The Colombian cartels!

Their time is over!

Now it's the Mexicans
moving powder up I-90

and delivering it to our neighborhoods

like the fucking U.P.S. guy!

They don't care about us!
They don't care about our family!

They don't care about our heritage!

They're all about the money.

We're all about love!

That's why we're gonna destroy 'em.

These cundangos think
they're gonna run our city?

Well, guess what. El Chapo's in jail.

But El León is still here!

Dominican forever!

Now... for the real reason we're here.

To say Happy Birthday
to my baby girl, Maria!

Come on, Maria!


Yeah. See, princess?

This is all for you.

Everybody came out tonight for you.

- My cake.
- That's your cake!

What's that? What's it say there?

- "Maria."
- Who's that?

- Me.
- That's you!

That's right! Happy Birthday.
Give Daddy a kiss.



Mira. Mira.

Gracias, León.

Gracias, gracias!


Aah! Aah!

What do you say, baby?


You know, you're Captain now.

Can take off that uniform, put on a suit.

I prefer the uniform, Sir.
I... It keeps me action-ready.

- Healy?
- Yes, Sir?

Bossman, Sir.

Listen, I put Judy King in room four.

Everybody who used to be in room four,
I moved into room five.

You gave her a private room?

No, that would be special treatment
I've given her...

a business-class room.

By herself?

No, we're giving her a roommate like...
everyone else that...

Like everyone else
who has 39 roommates,

but that's on an average.

Why are you riding me on this one?

H.Q. has got its twat in a knot over this.

Public relations, yadda, yadda.
We got to keep her happy.

You do understand the business
that we're doing here?


The business I'm in charge of,

so you need to find me someone
she can get along with.

You know the ladies.

I'm processing 80 new inmates, Joe.

I got enough on my plate here.

Well, scrape it off.

Judy King is your new main course.

Watch your attitude, Healy.

MCC... they love a recent college graduate
with no salary quote.

Yes. If he goes off the pills,

his balls might go back to a normal size,

but so will everything else.

It'll be like 2009 all over again.


Mmm, I'm okay.

Listen, papi, I need you to do
something for me, all right?

I want you to go over to Michael's

and tell his mom that Sophia's in the SHU.

And she didn't do nothing wrong.

- Oh, that ain't right.
- Come on, man.

Hey, Doggett.

I'm feeling a lot better.

- How you feeling?
- I'm okay.

- That was a gnarly seizure.
- I'm fine.

You should really make sure
you're getting enough rest.

I read that helps.
I've been reading up.

Yeah? Thanks, okay, for reading.

Yeah, uh, good night's sleep, Doggett.

That'll fix you right up.

Well, ain't he thoughtful.

Got a real tight ass on him, too
Have you noticed?

Reminds me of my second husband.

Mm. Lucky you.

But, frankly, I don't know why Mr. Caputo
didn't leave me in my assigned bunk.

I would've been perfectly happy there.

I'm sure you would've.

Although, let's admit it.

That bunk was a bit...

urban for you.

You mean black?

Well, no, I mean...

you don't want to be
the only star in the night sky.

Oh, I have no problem
with black people, Mr. Healy.

Do you?

No, of course not.

Uh, they're friendly... individually.

As a group, though...

Well, I get along with everybody.

My daddy used to say,
"Well, Judy will talk to a dog in a hat."

Asians, the other way around.

Hardworking people, clean,
but one on one...

Look, let me tell you
something about a roommate.

All I care is that she's clean
and considerate.

Beyond that, I don't care
if she comes from the moon.

But, of course, no fatties...


or anybody with too much hair.

I understand you perfectly.

These cocolos all over the ball
like it's a free sandwich.

Cocolos? For real?

I bet you got cousins
darker than they are, pana.

They ain't black black. They indigenous.

Yo, the score's been zero-zero
for like 40 minutes!

This shit is boring!

It's only the most popular sport
in the world, but whatever, grumpy.

It's not a sport. It's running.

Yeah, we want to watch
the travel channel.

They got a show on there
about hotels in Europe

where they have swim-up bars.

- No.
- What?

She asked nicely!

And I said no.

You need a replay on anything else?

She ain't swimming to Euro-booze
no time soon anyhow.

- Look, come on.
- You gonna let 'em step?

Look how many there fucking are.
Come on.

Fucking brownies.

There ain't never just one.

Never in the history of FIFA
has the Dominican Republic qualified...

Fuck national pride.

Yeah, we're all the same...
Cuban, Puerto Ricans.

Fuck you, Flores.

So stupid.

I know.

All right!

- Thank you.
- Come on.

They've been running
the game forever.

They got fucking factories
churning this shit out, man.

They got the whole market
on lock, the whole country.

Fucking Mexicans, man.

- Wait, is that your dad?
- This shit?

It's like cumming inside of Jesus.
I'm telling you.

Pero... pero for three days,
I felt like I had bugs all over me.


Maria's friend. Que hay?

- Hey.
- We got to study.

You're not gonna introduce us?

I'm Sirena.

Well, it's nice to meet you, Sirena.

You know why they call me "El León"?

Because you made it up.
Your name is Jorge.

Our organization is called
Dominican Pride.

Pride, like a herd of lions.

- Where you from?
- Inwood.

Where you really from?

San Cristóbal.

When I was like two, though.
I don't remember.

It don't matter. You still got the blood
running through your veins.

- Oh, my god.
- I guess.

Pretty girl like you...

we need you to have pretty babies.
You hear me?

Ugh! What is your problem?! Tu ta pasao!

Que? What? I'm being friendly!

Come on. Let's get out of here!

What, you're embarrassed now?

I made you, baby girl!

You got my blood and my nose,
and for that, I'm sorry, okay?

Oh, my god!

So, that's why you never
want anyone to come over.

They all front like, "Oh, la patria,"

but all they really do is sell
drugs and drink Presidente,

then complain about

Presidente doesn't taste
the same as like back home.

The machete thing is cool.

Why can't he just run a bodega
or something?

Drive a bus?


Oh, shit!

It's that Mexican papichulo
that hangs out next to school.

There's nothin'.

Yeah, because you ditched it in the alley.

We're not idiots, son.

Turn around. Behind your back.

Yeah, I'm not seeing anything.

How about our friend there?

Hey, you! Where'd you come from?!

I was just taking a walk.

Hands up! Against the wall!

Ow! Ouch!

What the... ow!

Come on, man!


- Nothing but ass.
- Fuck you!

- Watch your mouth, little girl!
- I ain't got nothin'!

You're wasting your time, yo!



What are you smiling about?

Just thinking
about when I first got here

and all the shit that you put me through,

and now look.

I'm at the big girls' table.

Chapman... and Reznikov sit here.

And Norma.

So, you're enjoying this, hmm?

Soaking in it like a bubble bath.

What's not to like?

Last few days,
I'm a gambino up in here.

Yes, I have noticed that you talk

with your hands more lately.

What should I cook for your funeral?

You know, if I wanted to eat
a giant harsh-mellow,

I'd be hanging out with Vause right now.

You get some power in here,

they come gunning for you, darling.

Trust me.

Especially when they ask for their pay

and you don't have it.

But they're scared of me.
That's my protective coating.

I cold-heartedly fed
my own paramour to the wolves.

She was a rebound,
and you retaliated against her...

after she stole your money.

So, what I learned from that is,

don't give Chapman the chance
to retaliate. Take her out first.

Come on, now you're just trying to...

scare me. I'm...

Do you think that I should get a shiv?

What, so they can take it away
from you and stab you in the throat?

No. Listen.

Have you ever seen a president anywhere

without an armored guard
and a bunch of commandos in suits? No.

Because without them,
he is still a poindexter with skinny legs.

Like you.

So, you're saying I need
to develop kind of like a...


You need them to think

you're stronger than you actually are.

That's what you do.


Oh, no.

My power is no illusion.

I can fucking demolish you.

Norma, you are a deadly force.

Where's my shit?

All the stuff I had on the window?

Well, you liked the floor so much,
I put it down there.

I lost the space on top of my locker,
so I had to make it up.

That's not my problem,

and this half of the window is my half.

You on the east side of the cubicle.

This part belongs to the west bunk!

How do you even know
what's east and west up in here?

When you pray to Mecca five times a day,
you figure that shit out!

Bottom line... I got way more things
than you. Fair is fair.


Well, by "fair," I actually mean,

I'm bigger and stronger,
and I got more friends.

It's from the latin word "fair-ay,"

go suck a fart.

Five times a day.

You really want to go there with me?

Oh, went there, bought a house,
moved in, bitch.

And now I'm remodeling the kitchen.

That's what I thought.




Did I do something to hurt you
in a previous life?

I'm just stretching.
I didn't think you'd feel it.

Well, I do. So knock it off.

You got a lot of anger, Chapman.


Come on. Get up.

I don't know about you, kid,
but I'm not seeing it.

What exactly are you supposed
to be seeing;

her limping around or something?

Let's just say that when you were...


you went through
a significant dip in morale.

Well, maybe she's just
covering it up, you know,

like turn that rape upside down
or whatever.

Or maybe there's nothing to cover.
I mean, it's only been a couple of days.

Maybe he's got to warm up to it.

I don't...

No, no. No.

Oh, shit!

- See, I knew it.
- Oh, fucking asshole.

- Stop! I'm just kidding!
- You're a dick!

He's still a fucking asshole.

I mean, everyone tells you
it's gonna be completely different,

but you don't really understand

until you hear the words
"husband and wife."

and then, it's just like, "wha?"

I mean, you are like Dorothy,

you know,
walking out the door of your house,

and there's all those little midgets,

and they're just giving you candy.

You know what I mean?


For instance, for breakfast, he had eggs.

Don't ask me how I know that.
I just know.

I mean, the connection is so deep,
it's like I'm inside his head.

It's spiritual.

I mean, this is the kind of connection
you have with someone

when they 100% completely and utterly

belong to you forever and ever and ever,

and you pretty much got
their doinker locked up

in a little box
until the day that he dies.

Amazing, right?


you know, I know you're single,

and you're probably jealous
about everything,

but I was thinking,
seeing how we're friends,

maybe you could just push through that...

and be a little happy for me.




what's his favorite color?

Why you got to be like that?


- Hey, Vause.
- Oh, shit.

What's new?

How many fucking trays can there be?!

- Whoa!
- It was bad enough

before these fucking plantain-eating

Dominican bitches came!

Everyone's got to eat.

They're fucking everywhere!

They're taking over the TVs,
blocking the bathrooms,

and commissary's all out of Vaporub!

Like, no offense, but it's the truth!

Just leave her alone, okay?
She tried to do the right thing.

Her baby got snatched up, and...

She ain't racist.
She's just saying racist things.

Besides, we're Puerto Rican.

We're supposed to give you shit.


And Puerto Ricans are not the one

clogging the drain
in the Spanish bathroom.

- Mnh-mnh.
- With all that kinky hair.

- Oh.
- That would be the Dumb-inicans.

- Am I right?
- Dumb-in-a-can.

Not you guys. You guys are cool.

Fuck you, Bacardi bitches!


Oye, Yadriel. Que lo que.


I got something that's yours.


It wasn't up my cooch or nothing.

I threw it in my window.
You were running past my house.

Thank you.

I guess you owe me big time now, huh?

Oh, you think you can get it back
just like that after what I went through?

That cop was fucking handsy.

Fight me for it.

Come on. Fight me for your shit.

Come on.


- Agh!
- Oh, shit!

Oh, my god! Oh, my god.

I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

Like, you're a boxer!
I thought you would block me!

I mean, the good thing is,
he always looked out for me,

you know, made sure I went
to school and everything.

I'm thinking about being
a dental hygienist.

It's not sexy or nothing,

but I could help people smile, you know?

Get the yellow off,
give them some confidence.

And I don't get grossed out easy.

How about you?

I got plans.

Oh, yeah?

What are they?

Convenience stores.

Like gas stations.


You don't talk much, do you?

When I was little, in Texas,

we used to move a lot
so my dad could work.

Sometimes we was driving all night.

Hated moving.

Never knew where we were gonna sleep

or... if the beds were gonna be clean

or stains on the toilet or whatever.

But when they pulled over to get gas,

they let me go inside the store
to get a piece of candy

or an ice cream or something.

That made me happy.


maybe life is so crazy, but...

at least you can get snacks, you know?

How you sleeping at night, Joseph Caputo?
Pretty good?

- I'm sorry?
- I'm Crystal Burset.

Sophia Burset's wife.

I see.

Well, I'm here to give you
a chance to fix this...

before I call LAMBDA and the ACLU!

Mrs. Burset, I empathize. I really do.

- But it wasn't my decision.
- Oh.

Well, so, then you're gonna fight this?

You're gonna get her out.

It was for her own protection.

She'd become violent.

- She assaulted several inmates.
- Oh, that's bullshit.

- She would never do any...
- And yet she did.

I know her!

Do you, though?

Do you?

You think you understand

what goes through her head
in a place like this?

Everybody in there is doing
things they don't want to do

every single day.

Things they're not proud of.

Whatever it takes
to keep your head above water.

Do you believe in God, Mr. Caputo?

You believe there's a judge
between right and wrong?

I'm sorry.

But I don't have time to discuss this.
I have a very important meeting.

Rosa snored, didn't she?

Like a spoon in the garbage disposal.

So, what did you do about it?

Mostly, I just waited
for her to die of cancer.


Red. No.

But she'd be so quiet if she were dead.

Does Dwight sleep on her back?

Like a starfish in the sun.

There was this nun from
Saint Mary... Sister Alphonsa.

She snored like the second coming.
You could hear her from the chapel.

I sewed tennis balls
to the back of her nightgown

so she couldn't roll that way.

And that worked?

Not really.

Turns out she liked to sleep naked.


It's pretty terrible, huh?

Yeah, it's not great,
but my people eat poi, so...

Oh, sure.

- That was a joke.
- Sorry.

Listen, I just came over here
to bury the hatchet.

I'm sorry I've been such a crank.

It's just that all these new people...

a big adjustment.


What you may not know is,

I happen to be
kind of a big deal around here.

I own a small business that pays
my employees actual money

in return for a very small...
personal investment,

and I thought maybe I could interest you
in an employment opportunity.

I'm not wearing no g-string,
butt-floss underwear.

And I respect that choice.
Here's what I'm thinking.

Si prega di passare la senape.

Si prega di passare...

Si prega di passare la senape.


By the time I get out of here,
I am gonna be fluent,

and I am headed straight to Florence.


Eat, pray...

and mingle limbs with some
Italian con grande pene.

I'm uncomfortable
with this whole situation.

The Florence situation or the big sausage?

Oh, hey, maybe I should
go to Bologna instead.

See, this is exactly...

Okay, I was living a regular prison life
in my regular prison bunk,

and now I'm the 1%.

Everyone else
is living on top of each other

like Petco budgies.

This is not fair.

I was a hippie once.

I outgrew it.

You know, but I still do miss
that rickrack edging

on blouses and skirts.
Boy, I did love me some rickrack.

I wonder if it's ever gonna come back.

Healy said you specifically requested

a white roommate
of the non-threatening variety.

Yeah, I know that yoga
makes you super flexible.

But maybe you could just ease your butt
off your shoulders a bit.

But I cannot be the only one
who's ever noticed

that counselor Healy is a bit of a moron.

- You are not.
- Mm. Now, look.

I know I'm a little bit famous
outside of here.

The powers that be made a fuss
and made some assumptions,

but I didn't ask for this.

You didn't turn it down.

Well, I'm not gonna pitch a fit
for my own discomfort.

Lord, call me crazy,

but I have learned if someone
is offering you something nice,

you shut up and say,
"Thank you."

You can't shut up and say,
"Thank you" at the same time.

The two things negate one another.

Oh, a dog with a bone, huh?

It's the principle of it.

But you're probably used
to having your asshole polished

by everyone you meet.

Oh, maybe 80%. Eighty-five.

Sure, make jokes.

Mm, how about the one
about the criminal who got rich

by making TV-watching saps think
they need an immersion blender

to feel good about themselves?

Now, there's a good one.

You know what I think?

I think that you secretly
love being in this room,

away from all the others.
You think it's nice.

And that's throwing all the crunchy parts
of you into quite a tizzy.

Just because we live together
doesn't mean we have to talk.

That seems perfectly fair.

Avrete una tazza di tè?

It's herbal.


God damn it.

Sounds like we've had some
glitches down at Litchfield.


I'm not gonna pretend
it's been smooth sailing.

We've had big problems,

mostly due to the guards walking out.

Which, if you remember,
I warned as a possible reaction

- to the cut in benefits and hours.
- But it's all under control now?

No more impromptu swimming lessons?

Yes... uh, no, o... of course not.


I know what I'm doing.

Well, good.

Because our contract with the feds

is giving us 30 grand per head in a bed.

We can't fuck up this gorgeous deal

dear Uncle Sam has gifted us.

Well, then...

we need to solve our security problem.

I've got guards from max
covering for right now,

but that's just temporary.

I need quality C.O.'s.
I... I need guys with experience.

We could pay a bit more
now that we've got all those beds.

Hmm. Quality C.O.'s.

How, how, how?


The government gives tax credits
to companies that hire vets.

Uh, uh, you get more money
the longer the vet's been out of work.

We looked into putting that
into play at our offices,

but, you know, veterans...

Right, but if we hire them as guards,
if anything ever happened,

well, they're already in prison, so...

And how much is this credit?

I think it's $5,000 or $6,000
if the guy's been unemployed for a year.

And it is double that
if they're on crutches

or in a wheelchair or something like that.

- So...
- That...

might make the guard less effective.

Oh, yeah, there is that.

But I think it's a great idea hiring vets.

I could use some guys with... discipline.


Problem is getting them
to Litchfield.

Our, uh, our shareholders demand
an aggressive cap on wages, so...

We would need some other kind
of incentive like...

Free haircuts, like at Google.


What if we can provide
free housing on campus?

I don't know if that
would be cost-effective.

It's already there.

We got a bunch of cabins
by the lake.

- A good coat of paint...
- Inmate labor is free.

This is a brilliant idea, Joe, really.

- Thanks to you, Linda.
- No, thanks to you.

No, it's you.

- All right.
- I guess both of us.

Nice work, Joe and Linda.

Let's take ten.
What do we got, uh, sandwiches?

Sandwiches... gonna...


- After you.
- Oh, thank you.

Jasmina, slow down.

What are you saying?

Man, a thousand new inmates,

and the only Mexicans
are campesinos from Fresno.

What do you care?

You don't even like other Mexicans.

Been thinking about my ma, you know?

Yeah. How's she doing?

So, if I'm looking
for something positive...

let's just say, I probably don't
got to get her nothing for Christmas.

If I hadn't buried my feelings so deep

that they only come up
when I watch "Stepmom,"

I would totally be tearing up right now.

- I know.
- Sorry.

Hey, buddy.

Can I help you?

I was just seeing how you're doing,
you know, make sure...

everything's all right
regarding the van or whatever.

Look, it ain't my fault
I got your job, okay?

I got assigned.
I didn't even ask for it, so...

That's cool. That's cool.


So, you seen the ducks?


Ah. You know,
some people can be sleep-walking

and don't even know it.


What I'm trying to say is,
did you get the ice-cream?

You know what I mean?

- Aww, it's her brain.
- Mm.

She must've, like, broke it in half
when she drove into that wall.

So, you like ducks?

No. Not anymore.

Excuse me.

Oh, my god.

Oh, look, it's my favorite soccer fan.

Up yours, asshole.

Whoa. Are you serious?

Oh, I'm enjoying the one time in my day

when there's less than ten
fucking brown bitches in my way.

- Huh.
- Yeah, maybe they're having

a housekeeping convention in "C" dorm.

Hey, we're in America, chalupa.
Speak English.

Your country's turning brown.

There's more of us every day,
fucking pendeja,

and there's fucking nothing
you can do about it!


Ruiz! Agh!



Don't worry about her. Listen.
Who did this to you?


This is not how we play this.

You're pissed right now.
You ain't thinking.

That's how you make mistakes.

What you gonna do...
start some kind of brawl,

get your asses thrown into seg?

Then who wins?

So, we just let that bitch get away?!

That ain't what I said.

Are you pissed at me about something
and you're taking it out on me?

- This ain't about you.
- Oh, like hell it ain't!

I put food in your mouth.
I take you to school.

I give you a piece of whatever I got.

Well, that don't mean I got to be
your little robot. I got a brain.

Is that what that cabrón
is telling you?


Whispering in your ear,
trying to steal you

from your house, your father's house?!

No, he ain't done nothing to you!

Why do you think we ain't got money?


They've driven me off my own corners...
those fucking roaches!

They're breaking my back!
You understand that?

They took everything.

I'm so tired of this shit! He's just
trying to make a living, same as you.

My baby girl is taking cholo dick.

- Yo, stop it.
- I have given my life

to this organization

to look out for our people, our identity!

You know what? Fuck you!

Fuck you, fuck the D.R.,
fuck your stupid

fucking bullshit
about we're so much better

when you're doing the same exact thing!

If this is what it means
to be Dominican...

then I ain't gonna be Dominican no more.

Get out of my house.

It ain't like you only got one soulmate.

You can have a soul connection
with lots of people.

Well, so, then why haven't
I vibed with someone already,

you know, someone who's not
gingerbread in the head?

I've been alive
as long as I can remember.

You know, maybe you're
the exception prove the rule,

and you only got one.

- One?
- But you...

got a soulmate somewhere in the world.

I promise.

I hope she speaks English.


Oh! Hello!

Looks like somebody lost track
of their beverage!

Ooh, we should act as sleuths

to discover the true owner and return it,

you know, demonstrate
that there's still some...

some good in the world.

I... I... I see
where you're going with that,

and I like it.

- Mm-hmm.
- Definitely has a lot of upside.

But on the other hand...



We... could've been sleuthing.

Oh, it's on now.

They got him on conspiracy.

Plus two counts assaulting an officer.

He's gonna be old when he gets out.

What am I gonna do?

You're gonna be strong...
like you always was.

'Cause you had to.

- What am I gonna do?
- Shh.

There's the two of us still.

Two heads together.

Stop crying. Remember?

Crying makes you ugly and weak.

We got each other.



Jesus. Dwight!

I'm okay.

I think I should go to medical.

I should...

go with you.

What the fuck?!

It looks amazing on you.

You say that to everybody.

That's true. I do.

But this time, I really mean it.

I also say that to everyone.

- How much is it?
- It's actually on sale...

only $1,100.


- I'll take it.
- Oh, yay!

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

What the heck happened to them?

I don't know, man.
There's too many people in here.

Everybody getting
on each other's nerves.

Shit's gonna get stirred.

It's like when the poultry people

just stick all the chickens into one cage

and they start pecking chunks
out of each other.

Yeah, basically.

Oh, man.

You know, mainly,
I was just experiencing

this whole overcrowding thing
as, like, annoying,

but I guess it could be dangerous, too.

Oh. It could.
It could be really dangerous.

That's why... you're really lucky
'cause I'm looking out for you.

You know, you're like one
of maybe four people in this prison

who actually might be smaller than I am.

Okay, okay...

but... but I got heart, right?

Uh, well, you could use biceps.

Shit, man.

I'm kidding.

I... I'd take heart any day.

Good, 'cause that's all I got.

Go grab me some lunch.

Go get it yourself.

You're supposed to be secret service.

Secret service doesn't serve lunch.

Well, maybe they would if they weren't
so busy plowing Colombian hookers.

Save me my seat.

♪ Tú le da' yo le doy undarundeiro ♪

♪ Tú le da' yo le doy undarundeiro ♪

♪ El blú del ping pong mami undarundeiro ♪

♪ El blú del ping pong mami
undarundeiro... ♪


Yo. Stop talkin' the board.

Capicúa, bitches.

Shit, yo. What I tell you?

I'm unbeatable. I'm sorry, man.


Stay put.

- What? What?
- Always.

♪ Ete' corazón ta' ma' killado... ♪


♪ Como un empleado privadoo Dominicano ♪

♪ Haciendo fila pa' un helado Cubano ♪

♪ Tú le da' yo le doy undarundeiro ♪

♪ Tú le da' yo le doy undarundeiro ♪

♪ El blú del ping pong mami undarundeiro ♪

♪ El blú del ping pong mami undarundeiro ♪

♪ Si tú le da' yo le doy undarundeiro ♪

♪ Si tú le da' yo le doy undarundeiro ♪

♪ El blú del ping pong ♪

♪ El blú del ping pong pong pong
pong pong ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar picala y picala ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar picala y picala ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar picala y picala ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar picala y picala ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar picala y picala ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar picala y picala ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar picala y picala ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar picala y picala ♪

♪ Dale, si le va a dar ♪

♪ Picala y picala ♪