Orange Is the New Black (2013–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - People Persons - full transcript

Caputo's leadership is challenged and the inmates are in for a long night of lockdown after workers make an unsettling discovery.

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♪ The animals the animals ♪

♪ Trapped trapped trapped
till the cage is full ♪

♪ The cage is full the day is new ♪

♪ And everyone is waiting
waiting on you ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ Think of all the roads ♪

♪ Think of all their crossings ♪

♪ Taking steps is easy ♪

♪ Standing still is hard ♪

♪ Remember all their faces ♪

♪ Remember all their voices ♪

♪ Everything is different ♪

♪ The second time around ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

Chapman, wake up.

Come on. All right?
You're not done table-dancing.

These people paid good money to be here.


don't fall asleep, all right?

You need a drink.

No, no, no, no, no.
Not while they're watching.

Just drink the fucking water.

Oh, hey, hey. You're letting her drink?

Flores should have a cup, too.

What are you, my boss now?


They can share that cup.

Is it all gone?

That's too bad.

Fucking asshole.

How long you think
they'll keep this going?

I don't know,
but if they're trying to break them,

I say they buy some big crosses

or, like, a giant wheel or some shit,
'cause we running out of table space.

A giant wheel could be fun.

I don't feel bad for them bitches.

Whatever they did,
they probably deserve it.

I just wish they'd put up a curtain

so we don't have to see 'em
get what they deserve.

Oh! Yo!

- Judy King, over here!
- Hey!

Come and sit with your girl.

- Missed you at the movie last night.
- I know.

I fell asleep.

Oh! Is that so?

'Cause, see, I thought I saw you
starting to walk in and then walk away.

Well, maybe you was just sleepwalking.

I'll come talk with you after supper.


- I see how it is.
- No, Cindy, we're tight.

Ah, you're my boo.

Sure. Till shit get complicated,
and then you ghosting.

Hey, I need a woman I can depend on.

Oh, don't we all?

Did she just talk to me like...

Aw, man.


Oh, fuck. What now?

You want us up or down?

I don't know.

All inmates to the dorms.
This is a lockdown.

Repeat... we are locking down the camp.

All right, dinner's over!
Everyone back to the dorms!

- Do... do we...
- Yeah, get down.

Back to the dorms in an orderly fashion.

All right, you heard the man...
everybody back to the dorms!

Leave your trays.

Move it, people!

What's going on?

They found a guard's body in the garden.


Yeah. All chopped up in potato sacks.

That's fucked up, right?

In the garden?

So, how'd they know it was a guard?

I heard they found pieces of his uniform.

- What the fuck?
- I know.


Are you okay?

What do you think?

My throat is constricting,
my chest, my stomach.

- I just want this over.
- Shut up. Stop talking.

Come meet me in Frieda's cube in an hour.

Until then, not another word.

So, we didn't get to finish dinner,

so are we gonna, like,
get a second dinner like hobbits or...

- I got some...
- Hi, Suzanne.

Hello, Maureen.

Maintain lockdown.
Attention... maintain lockdown.

We are on full lockdown.

Why are you still talking
to that crazy bitch?

Um, because she's a person.

She gave you blue labes.

Maybe she regrets it.

Sometimes people's intentions get warped,

like light through an evil prism.

Yes. Or maybe she's just a bitch.

Either way, you can't be friends
with her right now.

Sometimes it's best to just give
people some space.

Hello. Welcome to the super emporium.

Hello. Welcome to the super emporium.

Enjoy your shopping experience.

Hello. Welcome to the super emporium.

I'm Suzanne,
and let me know if you need anything.

Oh! Here we go!

Peter, baseball star;
Michael, baseball star;

Dylan, the... oh, lord.

That shirt.

Dylan, where'd you get that shirt?

Um, here, probably.

Makes sense.

Where? Aisle six? Aisle 24?

That is so aisle 24.

That's my favorite aisle,
except for aisle 25.

- Aisle 25?
- The toy section.


- Well, hit me up top, mama bear.
- Oh... okay!

- Ah. Ah. Mm-hmm.
- Okay. We got it today.

- Mm. Ah!
- Oh. Yeah, there's more.

- Ah!
- Thanks, Suzanne.

- Have a nice day.
- Hey! That's my line.

But that's okay.
I don't own the copyright. Public domain.

Hey, Suzanne. How's it going?

Oh, great. Really great.

- Good.
- Why? Was there a complaint?

No, no, not at all.
You're doing an excellent job.


Really glad to hear that because,
according to my sister,

sometimes I can come on
a little too strong.

- Yeah.
- She doesn't like it

when I talk too much,
sing, or tell knock-knock jokes,

or do plays where the actors
are my fingers,

- especially not when Brad's around.
- All right, well, you know, I...

- So, she just gets a little...
- Oh.

Oh! Hold on.


Orange juice, toothpaste...

AR-15 assault rifle.

Looks good. Thank you.

Have a nice day.

Uh, well...

you should tell your sister
that she should be very proud of you

because you are employee of the month,


- What?
- Mm-hmm.

Where are the cameras?

Ladies and gentlemen,
may I present the employee of the month

for the month of September,
Suzanne Warren!

Huh? Huh?

Holy polar bear!

So, what the fuck?

Emergency meeting on a Friday?

I have to get something out of my car.


I don't give a shit.

We do not yet know who it is.

Come on. What do you mean,
you don't know who he is?

Don't... don't you all have records?

I mean, how does a C.O. go missing
without anybody noticing?

In Afghanistan, this would never happen.

Yeah. In Afghanistan,
we knew everyone on our team.

Here we played one game of
"two truths and a lie"

with half of the group,
and then it was like,

- "Good luck. See you later."
- All right, listen.

I understand emotions are high.

What I need from all of you

is to hold down the fort
until the Feds arrive.

So, what, we just sit here all night
with a killer on the loose?

A killer is not on the loose.

A killer is in prison.


We're safe. Great.

MCC wants me in Utica with them.

They need to be briefed on the situation,
and I am more than confident

you can handle yourselves on your own.

- We usually do.
- What?

This is insane. You got us in here
with gangsters and murderers,

and you don't even know
who your guards are.

Yeah, why should we wait for the FBI

to put pressure on these women?

I am trained in extraction techniques,

No. Let me talk to them.

I'll get the 4-1-1.

No! No cowboy shit.

The worst reaction is an overreaction.

I am sure Captain Piscatella
would agree with me...

were he here.

Yes, sir. Exactly as you say, sir.

I assure you no one
is taking this lightly,

but it is an unprecedented situation
that requires a measured response.

Keep them locked down.

Be courteous. Be professional.
And the Feds will be here in the morning.



Now that that's over with,

here's a list of inmates
I wish to speak to.

I need records and behavior reports.

Yes, sir.

The lights will stay on
all night.

If you want to take them to the bathroom,
that's up to you,

but you are under no obligation to do so.

Whoa. Wait.

Didn't he just say not to do
what you're doing?

- Donuts!
- I'm sorry. What?

Didn't he just say...

not to do what you're doing?

I didn't hear that.

I heard "unprecedented situation."

I heard "don't overreact."

Do you consider questioning the inmates

about the murder
of a fellow officer overreacting?

- Not when you put it that way, no.
- I mean, if you don't feel comfortable,

I do need someone to stay outside
and guard the crime scene.

Outside? At night?

With the body?

Thank you for volunteering.

That's what you get for asking questions.

Luschek, I want you with Judy King.

Aw, damn it. Hey, hey, no.

I was not questioning your methods,
all right?

I totally respect your badass authority

that flies in the face
of Caputo's authority.

Follow orders and stay with Judy King.

Fuck! Ugh!


It's gonna be quite a night, huh, guys?

lights will remain on during lockdown...

Hello, girls.

Care for a game of pinochle?

Deal them in.

Trump is diamonds.

There will be no panicking.

You panic, and you give us all away.

Pretend this doesn't concern you,
and with a little luck, it never will.

Are you hearing me?

That doesn't sound like much of a plan.

At this point, they have nothing...
a John Doe.

A John Doe in a guard's uniform.

Well, what about forensics?
DNA? Fingerprints?

Fingerprints are unlikely at this point.

As for DNA, they'll find our DNA

and they'll find the DNA

from anybody who's ever walked through
that garden.

Which doesn't prove squat.

Play your trump. Eh.

Most crimes remain unsolved
unless someone talks.

If they question you,
do not speak to them.

They'll tell you someone
has already confessed.

Do not believe it. It's a manipulation.

Another manipulation...
they hit you repeatedly in the face.

Be ready for that, too.

More likely,
you won't even be brought in.

However, Frieda, with her record,

they'll definitely talk to.

What's your record?

Four murders in a year.

That was a crazy year.

- Whoa.
- But you don't got to worry.

They can grill me till
I'm burnt on both sides.

- I won't squeak.
- Hey!

Y'all got some wax paper?

It's other parties I'm concerned about.

Nope? Okay.

I better find me some wax paper.

Hey, you guys got wax paper?

Shouldn't we be talking to her
about all this?

- Absolutely not.
- Hell, no.

Well, now, there is a face
I haven't seen for a long while.

I had a lot of, uh, work

in parts of the prison where you aren't.

Until now.

How fortuitous that this night shift
should just fall into your lap.

What else might fall into your lap?
I wonder. Hmm.

- Oh, I...
- Oh, relax.

She has noise-canceling headphones.

You don't own me.

Put on your headphones.

Wow. Uh

You totally made Yoga Jones your bitch.

Oh, no.

We just help each other out...

Restroom privileges are suspended.

like you and me, officer.

Yeah. Uh...

listen, what happened between us...
it can never happen again.

It isn't professional.

I was thinking maybe we could do
molly together.

You know where to get molly?

- I already have it.
- How?

Oh, it... honey,
you can get anything in here!

Shit! Fine.

All right. Eyes up front.

We want to see some people.

I call your name, step forward.

- Here we go.
- Cooper, Johnson...

Kukudio... Reznikov.

Front and center. Let's go.

What's this about?

Piscatella wants to speak with you.

Let's go.

Are you kidding me?

Kukudio is a suspect, and I'm not?

I... I killed a cop with his own gun.

Oh. Wait.

Did I get caught for that?

I'm getting old.

Should we be letting them dance like that?

- Why not?
- It's inappropriate.

There's a dead officer outside.

Don't work harder than you have to.

It's gonna be a long night.

And we don't even know
who the hell that guy was.

You ever work the ghetto before?

- No.
- It shows.

They give me this post all the time

because they know that I know
how to talk to them...

'cause I'm from Memphis.

You see that dance they're doing?

I can do that dance.

Good for you.

Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!

Hey, man, what the fuck, Suzanne?!

It ain't even 8:00 o'clock.

I need to sleep. It's nighttime.

If I don't get enough sleep,
my circadian rhythm gets off,

- and I'm tired during the day.
- Circadian rhythm...

Down becomes up.

I got the eyesie closies
and the head-nod, sleepie-jerk wakies.

It's chaos!

Yo, if they ain't gonna turn off
the lights on us,

we might as well treat it
like a slumber party.


I do not enjoy slumber parties.

♪ Get in there, say yeah yeah! ♪



- "C" dorm?
- Yep?

I need Suzanne Warren brought down.

I got this.

You stay here with your people.

- Get it, Cindy!
- Hey!

- Get it, Cindy!
- Warren.


Let's go.

Leave that.

Hold up. What's this about?

I'll tell you later.

Or I won't.

Come on. Move.


Grace, Grace, Grace, Grace,

look, look, look, look, look, look, look!

Employee of the month! Holy cow.

- That's wonderful.
- Ooh! Ooh.

- Brad, look.
- Congrats.

You should get that framed.

What's all this? Where you going?

Suzanne, you know we're going
to St. Mary's for the weekend.

You said you were fine with it.

I was when it was a hypothetical.

And where is St. Mary's again?

- In Chesapeake Bay.
- An island.

But islands are surrounded by water.

What if there's a problem
and I need to reach you?

And now there's all this water between us,

and... and I don't have a boat,

and I have never swum
long distance before.

It's gonna be okay.

I printed out a schedule for you.

And the fridge is full of food.

And you have all your games...

and your pig.

I don't know if I'm ready.

Of course you're ready.

I am a young 28.


I literally spend every weekend with you.

I'm asking for two days alone
with my boyfriend.

Maybe you can make some friends
of your own.

It's not that easy.

Hey, sure it is.

You're a people person.

You are employee of the month.

Employee of the month.



- Hey.
- Ohh! Shit!

I'm sorry, bro.

What are you doing out here?

I came to say hi.

You know, they filled all the posts,
so I'm kind of a floater.

- You want this one?
- No. No, no, no.

Brought you a book.


What? It's good.


If there's no more posts,
why don't you go home?

I don't know, man. Everyone's here.

It feels like an important night
in the history of the prison.

This is just a job, man,
and it's not a very good one.

It's definitely different
from what I thought it'd be.

Like, so sad that it's almost

You know what I mean?

Sort of.

Weird shit happens. That's for sure.


Once I woke up from a shift
with no pants on.

- Really?
- Yeah, man.

- That's weird.
- Yeah.

So, what were you doing a second ago?

- When?
- When I got here.

Oh, uh, I thought I heard something
from over there,

the direction of the body parts.

Well, I don't hear anything now, so...

Me neither.

You know, nothing to investigate.

Problem solved.

I will leave you to it.

Let me try the, uh,
Bing cherry and a regular.


Hey. Healy, where are you?


Did you leave the building?

N... no. I'm in my office.

I'm standing in your office.

Look, Piscatella needs
some records pulled.

Where are the behavior reports?

- Healy?
- Yeah.

Could really use your help down here.

I'm on my way.

I'll go with the Bing cherry.



Oh, you're just pacing around.

You kind of look like Pac-man
chased by ghosts.

Maybe I am working out
a very serious mathematical equation.

Oh, yeah?

So, does math make your skin
look all waxy?

Maybe you need some vitamins...

or some heroin.

Ah, fuck off.

I've been clean for three years.

Ah, three days. Three hours.

I'm fine. I'm quitting.

You know where to cop?

- Nah. Nah.
- So I'm definitely quitting. Okay.

So that's done. Done. All right?

No time like the present
to make the change

especially if you have no fucking choice
in the matter.

So, that's good, 'cause I, uh...

I was going to anyway

'cause I already decided I wanted to,
so I'm okay.

You are really good at lying to yourself.

I had a friend like you once.
Her name was, uh, Kelin.

She believed that she was gonna go
to Chicago

and be on the Oprah show,

and win all the Christmas-show stuff.

She had us all believing this, too...

right up until Oprah quit.

- Huh.
- Plus, after.

I think she's, like, breeding rabbits now

or, um, selling, um...


Did your mother put the whiskey
in the baby bottle,

or did she just mix it in
with the dog food she fed you?

I mean, I can leave,

but I really thought, as I was walking by,

that you could use a little bit
of distraction from yourself.

It's good to have something else
to focus on, right?


- You got to puke?
- No.

Are you really good at being in denial?



There are no words, huh?

Who does such a thing?

I don't know. It's terrible.

Have you met Josh?

Mr. Caputo, nice to meet you.

Josh will help you review
everything you know,

make sure it matches with our records.

That's why you called me down here?

To brief me on what not to say?

When you speak to the FBI,
they can throw you some curve balls.

We can't have you shooting from the hip.

I should be at the prison.

This is more important.

It's for your protection
as much as anyone's, Joe.


Who's that?

Hello, father.

This is Crystal Burset,
wife of Sophia Burset.

You remember Sophia, right?

Who you claim isn't in the SHU?

Why don't you keep that one?

I got a lot more.

I want to talk to Piscatella.

This must be some kind of mistake.
I ain't done shit.

Well, if you're here,
that means he wants to talk to you,

so wait till you're called.

This is bullshit.

After all I done for this place?

What's the matter?

You scared now, huh?

'Cause you ain't got your whole crew here?

I ain't scared of shit.

Bring it, you monkey bitches.
I'll take you all on!

- Oh, yeah?
- Ow!

You want to take them on?

What about with one hand
tied behind your back, huh?

Did you see that?!
He was trying to break my arm!


Captain, did you see that?!

All right, listen up.

If you're here,
that means you're here for a reason.

Now, if you're innocent,

that means you shouldn't have anything
to worry about.

But if you cause a problem,

then it doesn't matter if you're innocent
or not,

so sit down and shut your mouth.

So, this is messed up.

We're not supposed to talk.

And I think it's better
if I give you some space

and not engage you right now.

Why not?

Do you not remember what you did to me
at movie night?

Are you still mad about that?

Wh... it was last night.

Oh, I only did that so we could be even.


You're really not great at reading people.


I guess not.

Excuse me.



Welcome to the park!




What are you doing here?

I don't live at the store, silly.

You don't? Oh.

Well, did you see my new truck?
My mom got it for me.


That's awesome!

I love trucks.

- Really? But you're a girl.
- Mm-hmm.

Girls can like trucks.

Well, I don't know any girls
who like trucks.

My brothers don't even like trucks.

What are they doing?

Killing ants.

Do girls do that?

They can. I don't.

Well, before, they were putting Tiger Balm
on their wieners.

Hey, are you allowed to eat popsicles?

- Um, yeah!
- Me too!

I have popsicles at my house.


Sorry to keep you waiting.

Oh, don't be.

I was enjoying the ambience.

So stark...

like I'm back in the Kremlin.

I'm glad you approve.

You know
why I brought you down here?

- No idea.
- No idea?

No idea.

Well, it has to do with the body
we dug up in the garden.

There's a...

Sorry. What?

So this is news to you?

I'm shocked.

Who is she?

How do you know it's a she?

Is it?



I would love to help you,

but I'm not in the mood for games.

Neither am I.

You're head of the garden club.

I find it extraordinary

that you wouldn't have
any useful information for me.

Useful how?

Anything would be appreciated.

Aspirin reduces your risk of heart attack,

but can be toxic in large amounts.

Have someone toss
Reznikov's bunk

and search her office.

- Yes, sir.
- Is that really necessary?

We'll see.

- One of your homeys is here.
- Yep.

What's up?

You tell me.

How much longer before she back?

Don't sweat, cuz.

Girlfriend be back in no time.

Why her?
Why is she even named in this shit?

Search me. She probably just matched
the profile, jiggaboo.

Jigga what?

Go back to your cube, inmate.

But how much longer?

Probably not more than another hour.

Well, that's what you said
about an hour ago, jiggaboo.

Hey, th... that's a nice watch.

Do you mind if I take a look at it?

Man, what?

No. Caputo gave me this watch.

Oh, come on. Hand it over.

I... I promise I'll give it back to you.

That is nice.

Now you don't need to worry
what time it is.

Whatever happens, Red won't crack.

Why should she protect me?

She has no allegiance to me.

It's not about that.

Ooh. Hmm.

This is a 600 thread count.


But it feels like a million thread count.

Feels as if
butter were a cloth.

And what is this?

- What?
- This place that we live in...

but we're not allowed to leave?

But you can leave.

And somehow, even though you're a guard,

Judy controls both of us!

- Oh, no, no.
- Yes, you...

- Yes, you do!
- Yes, you do!

- Yes, you do!
- Yes, you do!

You play with people for your amusement.

- Mm.
- Now...

We're only people
because you need people around.

But we're also people
when there are no people around.

Oh, darling, come here.
Let me just rub your neck.

No, no. This is... this is false.

I don't know either of you.

You're not my friends.

- We are!
- Hey. No!

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
- We are.

No. Judy, you're not a nice person.

And you're

- Luschek.
- That's true.

You don't think that I'm a nice person?

- I am Luschek.
- You are?

I am.

- I've lost myself.
- Aw.


- I act like I'm this spiritual person.
- Yeah?

But I'm a sham!

- Oh, no, no!
- Oh, yes, I...

Darling, no, you're not. No. Don't.

You are a beautiful woman.

- Look at you.
- Really?

Yeah, you're... hey,
you're both beautiful women.

- Aww.
- Ohh, for...

For your ages,
you're both beautiful women!

And, you know,
if I get snippy with you sometimes,

it's just because
I don't think you like me.

- Oh.
- Oh, no, I don't.

And I put you down
'cause it makes me feel safe.

You have a life...

that I have always wanted.

- Oh, no.
- Mnh!


even now, you have everything.

I don't.

Not yet.

Oh, you.

Oh, you are not here for my amusement.

We're here for each other's amusement.


we should get that feather out again.



Awwww, shit. Uh, wait.


I really should have seen this coming.


Linda. Oh.

I thought you'd have gone.

I waited for you.

What's going on? You found a body?


You could have given me a heads-up.

I... I like to know things
before other people.

I had to hear this from Tim.

I... was dealing with the situation.

I'm sorry. I...

I'm happy to see you, though.

No, no, no, no, no.
Not here. Not in the lobby.

Let's just go home.

You can stay at my place tonight.

Actually, I should be getting back
to the prison.


I want to make sure
everyone is okay and...

it's past midnight.

It would make me feel better.

No. That's insane.

There's nothing you can do.

The guards can handle themselves,

and the girls are safe
and sound behind bars.

Actually, there are no bars.

No, I mean in their cells.

Not in minimum.

You've never actually been
to Litchfield, have you?

Have you ever been in any prison?

It never seemed necessary.


I'll follow you to your car.

No. You're following me home.

Mr. Piscatella,
this is really getting embarrassing.

I am a respected woman in this camp.

Oh, I realize that.

But the respect you earned

didn't come from making latkes,
did it, Red?

What on earth are you on about now?

You know,
I've been in corrections a long time.

I've had inmates spit in my face...

throw piss and shit at me.

I've had people punch me, kick me.

I was even stabbed once.

But I don't hold it against 'em.

In fact, I respect those type of criminals
because they are honest.

They hate me. I hate them.

Our relationship is simple.

It's your type of criminal
that I find the most offensive.

Are we talking about old women
or all women?

No, we're talking about
the type of criminal

who tries to be your friend...

who charms you and seduces you
and makes you like them so much...

you forget they're in here for a reason.

Now, when the police raided your place,

the five people

they found in your freezer...

Did you cut them up, too?

Oh, that was a long time ago.

People don't change.

I should know.

My mom sent me to gay-conversion camp.

Amazing that you ended up in minimum.

The Russian mob must have sprung
for one hell of a lawyer.

You don't know a thing about me.

I know enough to send you to max.

I know you won't be running the kitchen
down the hill. I guarantee you that.

But if you tell me who else was involved,

maybe I can make things
a little more comfortable for you.

You were better at the bad cop.

The good cop needs work.

You fucking disgust me.

A man... is dead.

Do you really have that little regard
for human life?

I already told you.

I don't know a thing about it.

You want to torture me, torture me.

Have your private militia waterboard me
and electrocute my fucking face.

Who knows?

Maybe I'll eventually be so out of my head
that I actually confess to this nonsense.

But it won't mean anything.

And it certainly won't prove
you're any kind of detective.

We already know you're not.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be working here.

What was it?

Were you not smart enough?

Or did they just not want a fairy
on the force?



We found these in her office...

behind the file cabinet.

Would you look at that?

Looks like I won't be needing
that confession after all.

Yeah, get it out.

Get it out.

Get it all out.

Man, there's nothing left.

Fuck this.

What is this?

I made it.

It's a puke basket.

You made this for me?

No, I didn't make it for you,
but I guess you can have it now.

But make sure you change out those,
uh, trash bags

in between your pukings, please.

Why not just fucking puke in the bags
and, you know, skip the basket?

'Cause I made it.

Ah, touché.

So, what is going on with you?

Why are you even here?

Thank you.

Yeah, I guess I could be hanging out with,
uh, Leanne and Angie,

but they're making ear-wax art.

I think there's enough ear-wax art
in the world.

Uh-huh. For sure.

I want to do something else with my life.

When did you decide that?

On construction...

when I was passing out the water.
I really liked that job.

And then when I would hand them the water,

they just looked so happy, and...
I don't know. I liked it. I felt wanted.

- Uh-huh.
- Not like that.

No, no, no. Like you possessed a vital,
life-sustaining fluid, right?

- Yeah.
- And now you make baskets.

I got to tell you, you might be
the only person I've ever met

who actually is better
for going to prison.

Why is that?

I think I'm smarter 'cause
I stopped doing drugs.

Oh, great.

My biggest fear is, even if I finally
put all this drug shit behind me,

- I'll still be rotten.
- No. You're all right.

I mean, you're just kind of bitchy
on the outside,

but that's only
'cause you grew up in New York City.

There's no death penalty in New York,

Jesus, Alex Stop it.

- What?
- This.

- Thinking?
- No.

Want to knock me unconscious?


Kind of.

You want to fuck the pain away?

I want to do whatever I can
to make you feel better,

and somehow I don't think that sex is it.

Everybody always talks about
how when it's the end of the world,

- they'll all start boning.
- Hmm.

Do you think that actually happens?


like, were people on the Titanic
having weepy sex as it went down,

or were they just... weeping?

I don't know. I guess it depends
on whether you want to be aware

or you want to be oblivious at the end.

- Eyes open or legs open.
- Nice.

There's no death penalty
in the state of New York, by the way,

- so there's that.
- Great.

- Hey. Hi.
- Hi, Lolly.

Psst. Can I talk to you for a second?

Remember when I found you in that

- Lolly!
- I'm not gonna say anything.

I just need to know... was it real,

or was it, like, a delusion?

Or... maybe he was a hologram or something.

He wasn't a hologram.

That happened.

You saved my life.


Well, then, what...
why they messing with Red, then?

I don't know.

I mean,
you think it's gonna be hot,

- but then the bed is wet.
- Oh.

- It stays wet.
- Yeah.

- Then it's cold.
- Hey.

How's it going in here?

Yo, I need to use the bathroom.


I need to pee.

Sorry. No comprendo.

You're not gonna let her go
to the bathroom?

Ah, there's no more special privileges.

See this?

This is how I like it...

them behind glass.

You can't hear them, can't smell them.

They wouldn't smell that bad
if we just let them go to the bathroom.

Just saying.

What the fuck's he doing?

What the fuck?!

Hey, what are you laughing at?!

Uh, me?

We were all laughing.

You better sleep with one eye open.

I can't.

I've tried.

And I only get a restful night's sleep
when both eyes are closed.

Hey, you want to hit her?

You can hit her. We won't do anything.

Nah. I... I ain't hitting no retard.

But she laughed at you.

You're gonna let some black retard
laugh at you like that?

In front of all these people?

Back off, man. I'm not interested.

I don't care whether you're interested.

I'm telling you...

I want to see a fight.

I don't want to fight.

I do.

I'll fight her.

Now, that's what I'm talking about.

Start placing your bets, boys.

We got a fight!

- All right! Yeah!
- ...fucked up.

Huh?! Yeah!

Ring! Ring!
Ring! Ring! Ring!

Oh, nitro!

Ugh. Sorry.

Sorry, sky train. Ugh!

Come on. Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.

- Dylan, where are you?
- I don't know.

Ugh! You are so far behind.

It's all right.

You might be able to catch up
if... if... if...

I just did it again!

I won again!

I won the first round.

Uh, yeah, that's true.

You definitely have
a great natural ability.

And by the end of this weekend,
you're gonna be a monster.

The weekend?

Yeah. We can't play video games all day.

The secret to fun is diversification.

We should do prank phone calls.

I should call my dad.

Ah, that's a good idea.

Ask him if his refrigerator is running.

Oh, wait. But maybe I should do it

because he will know your voice.

No. I mean I should go home.

But you just got here.

Okay, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Maybe I'm moving too fast.

You don't have to stay all night,

as long as you promise
to come back and play

the second you wake up.

I mean, you don't have to go yet.

It's not even 5:00.

Do you like capes? I have a collection.

Wait here.

What's your favorite color?


Uh, red is tasteful.


Oh, but black...

is beautiful and timeless.

♪ Yes ♪

♪ Yes ♪

He's gonna love it.

I don't know where I am.

We walked from the park.

- Dylan...
- Please stay on the phone.

What's going on?

- Dylan?
- Who's on the phone?

Dylan, stay with me.

You called 9-1-1?

Dylan, you only call 9-1-1
in the case of an emergency.

Hey, what...

What is going on? Dyl...

I am not the bad guy here, Dylan,

and, you know,
it really hurts my feelings when you...

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

You do not run away from your friends!
Friends do not run away from friends!

Friends do not run away from friend...

Dylan! You are ruining everything!

Dylan, wait. Dylan!

Wait. Stop. Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!

Dylan! Dylan! Dyl... Dylan!


Hi, Katya.

It's Sam.

I... I know it's late. I'm...

I'm sorry for calling.

I... I know that I... I said that
I would stop, and I...

I tried.

But I don't have anyone I can talk to.

I know you felt like
you couldn't talk to me,

which is ironic because it's my job
to talk to people, you know?

It... it's something
I've always taken pride in.

But it's beginning to feel like...

like... I... I don't know... Katya.
Maybe... maybe I'm not very good at my job.

Probably that shouldn't surprise you.

- Give it to me!
- But I've tried.

- Give it to me! Come on!
- I've really tried so hard.

But the harder I try,
the worse things seem to get.

I'm not saying this to excuse myself
for any way I treated you...

but just to say I'm sorry.

No matter what happens...

I only want the best for you.

You and Pavla.

I'm sorry...

calling you so late. I...

You don't have to call me back, okay?

I don't want to fight you.

- Why not?
- Hit her, hit her!

- What, are you too good to fight me?
- No.

That hurts.
We could have had a life together,

- and we could have lived in the forest.
- I barely know you.

Because you never gave me a chance!

- Please don't push!
- Well, then fight me! Fight me!

- I... please, I don't want to do this!
- Well, you might as well.

You don't know how romance works.

- You don't even know how people work.
- Get back in there!

- Be quiet! Be quiet!
- And you never will.

You'll always be the person
that everybody laughs at.

Shut up!

The same pathetic loser virgin!

Stop it!

Stop it!

Stop it! Stop it!

Stop it! I told you to stop it!

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! You shut up!

- I told you to shut up!
- It's too much!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

- Shh! Shh! Shh! Shh!
- Shut up! Shut up!

Shut up.

Well, I just made $20.

Shh. Shh.



What time is it?


You sleeping?


Maybe for a second.

I didn't think I'd see you again.

I told you I'd come back.

You seemed pretty spooked before.

Yeah, well, it's... scarier inside.

What does that mean?

Nothing, man.

- No. What does that mean?
- Uh, nothing.

You read the book?

A little.

It's pretty fucked up.

And you still managed to sleep after
reading It and with all the real stuff?

Actually, pretty impressive.

Yeah, well, I guess you can get used to
anything, right?

Yeah, I guess so.


I need to talk to Piscatella.

Captain Piscatella.

Yes, here.

This is Rikerson
in the suburbs.

I got an inmate here
says she has some information.

Little late. We already have a name.

Do me a favor...
bring down Lolly Whitehill.

Copy that, sir.

So, you want to tell me where you were
all night?

And why you're wet?

I walked into the lake.


Captain, you there?


Whitehill's not here.

What do you mean, she's not there?

I don't know. She must have...

she's... she's just not here.

Jesus H. Christ. Find her.

She couldn't have left the building.

I'm sounding the alarm.

I know where she is.
You don't have to sound the alarm.

Eighty-six the alarm.

Down here?

Hi, Mr. Healy.


I'm just trying to travel back in time...

back before I killed that guy.

Inmate for receiving, please.

- Mr. Healy.
- Yeah?

Did we travel back in time?


Not this time.

That's okay.

We'll just keep trying.


Mr. Healy?

Mr. Healy!

Mr. Healy!

Mr. Healy!

Mr. Healy!

This is a mistake!

Mr. Healy!

Mr. Healy!

Where are you going?!

♪ Shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy shimmy ♪

- ♪ You bloody monster ♪
- ♪ Shimmy shimmy ♪

♪ Shimmy shimmy shimmy ♪

- ♪ You bloody monster ♪
- ♪ Shimmy, shimmy ♪

♪ Shimmy shimmy shimmy ♪

- ♪ You bloody monster ♪
- ♪ Shimmy shimmy ♪

♪ Shimmy shimmy shimmy ♪

♪ Shimmy shimmy coco puff
you're a crazy bitch ♪

♪ I don't even like that word ♪

♪ But for you I think it fits ♪

♪ You're crazy ♪

♪ And you know it ♪

♪ Shimmy shimmy coco puff
you're a crazy bitch ♪

♪ I don't even like that word ♪

♪ But for you I think it fits ♪

♪ You're psycho ♪

♪ And you know it ♪

♪ Shimmy shimmy coco puff
you're a crazy bitch ♪

♪ I don't even like that word ♪

♪ But for you I think it fits ♪

♪ I think you're psycho ♪

♪ And you know it ♪

♪ I think you're crazy ♪

♪ I think you're psycho ♪

- ♪ I think you're terrible ♪
- ♪Shimmy shimmy shimmy ♪