Orange Is the New Black (2013–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - Where My Dreidel At - full transcript

Too many inmates seem to be getting religious, so a rabbi comes to visit and Leanne tries to organize Norma's followers.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Good morning, Suzanne.
- Morning.

Hope you have
a good writing day.

Hey, lady, that new chapter...
che figata!

I really love how Edwina
outsmarted the Orgasmator.

It's like a shout-out
to Barbarella,

but still totally new.

I meant to do that.

She has a beautiful mind.

Yeah, sick as fuck,
but beautiful.

Is it really possible
to live on nothing but cum?

Only if
it's admiral Rodcocker's cum.

O-oh, yeah, you know,

and that dude
has some extra protein.

It's gonna be a long day
for you, rabbi.

Got over 70 inmates
keeping kosher now.

Out of?

- 200-something.
- Wow.

Oy vey-

You brought in a rent-a-rabbi.

Well... technically,
all rabbis are for rent...

if you think about it,
weddings, bar mitzvahs.

You know, this one
just specializes

in corporate inquiry.

"Corporate inquiry."
Truly God's work.

Everything's cool, buddy.

He's just gonna come in,

sit down with the inmates
who eat kosher,

have a little convo,
get to know them.

Test whether they're Jewish
or not.

You're really obsessed
with tests.

I'm pretty sure we don't get
to second-guess people's,

uh, religious beliefs.

Something about
the Bill of Rights.

Oh, that old thing.

Kidding. You know.

But also not.

You know, I mean, there is
some legal gray area,

and I love me some gray area.

You're one giant gray area.

Acting all chummy,
all Big Brother,

but, actually, you're...
Big Brother.

You are really stuck
on this hierarchy stuff, Joe.

Someone must have really done
a number on you.

Yeah. She sure did.

You're okay now, buddy.
You're on the MCC team.

I'm gonna be
watching out for you.

We'll all be watching.

That's what Big Brother says.

Fuck, Norma.
How do you do that?

She always makes me cry, too.
It's a miracle.

Damn. Ain't enough Norma
to go around.

Hey! Club Waco!
Beat it.

Yeah, I'll handle this.
Thank you.

The charismatic Catholics need
an extra half-hour this morning

to learn a new hymn, so
if you could just move along...

I don't know sign language.

She's saying we signed up.
We got a right to be here.

I'm sorry.

I'm not clear on what religion
you're all practicing.

It's a new faith,
but we don't have a name yet.

Christians were new once, too.

And after hundreds of years
of private worship,

several great schisms,

and thousands of people
martyring themselves,

it became a focused belief
system... with a name.


We got a belief system.

We believe
in kindness and acceptance.

finding the peace within

that can then radiate out into
the world and create change.

And through silent meditation,

we address the roar of pain
and loneliness and tame it.

And through reflection,
we can see nothingness.

And in nothingness,
we find clarity.

We have faith.

In what?


There's no body
of the principles.

They're too big to be contained.

So you're atheists.

I ain't no fucking...

I don't think
you're ready to understand.

Look, sitting around meditating
doesn't make you a religion.

It makes you a meditation club.

Meditation club.

That's not a bad name for us.

Okay. This one
needs to be our first martyr.

Look at this fucking thing.

It's like a giant mouth.

It's opening.
It's closing.

You're fucked up, Zeke.

No shit, Nancy Drew.

I think it's
"No shit, Sherlock."

Sherlock shits by the seashore.

The plastic's kind of melty.

Peanut-butter cups and meth.

It's like Red Vines
and Dr. Pepper.

This is the fucking life.

I don't know
why anyone ever goes back.

All those rules.

I feel bad for the ones
that don't even know

that this is here.

They think that's reality,
but this is the real reality.

Real reality.


Plus, those fucking beards.

Hey, give me a bag.

Twenty bucks.

- I got $15.
- That's nice.

Hey, white trash Federline, tell
your girl to be more polite.

- I'm a frequent flier.
- Fuck off, Sam.

Federline is white trash
Federline, you fucktard.

It kind of looks like a mouth.


Like, the...
the flames are the teeth.

And the black part there...
that's the door.

- A door to where?
- Hell, I guess.

Isn't that
where we're all going?

Hey, everybody!

I just put a roofie
in my own drink.


Grab a knife.

It's almost time
to milk the shit sacks.


Oh. Beautiful card
I have for you.

A beauty, a doll.

You're welcome.

I don't need it.

I thought you'd need that.


Gloria Mendoza!

I'm sorry,
but I'm done for real this time.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I thought you and I were cool.

We are not cool.

Michael was arrested.
He spent the night in holding.

What? What happened?

He and your son
beat the crap out of some kid.

The boy might lose an eye.

Was Benny arrested, too?

I don't know.

But I raised a sweet little boy

who cried when he found out
there was no Easter Bunny.

And now, suddenly, he's a thug.

You saying this is on my boy?

I'm saying he can find
his own ride from now on.

I knew I was right.

Why I always got
to have these conversations

with sharp objects in my hand?

You need to get out of here

before you add another 100 years
to my sentence.

So you gonna cut me, huh?

I wonder where Benny gets it.

Oh, man.
You know what?

Your son
is fucking 15 years old,

and there is
no fucking Easter Bunny.

And if you think that my son
killed the fake-ass rabbit,

then you're living
in a fucking fantasy!

Who needs a knife?

She'll die
from eating today's lunch.


Looks like a nice one.


The sun's coming out, I mean.

And I got a shitload
of red velvets back at the shop

about to go stale.

Oh, yeah? So what?

I know. I know.

A lot of red velvet haters
out there all of a sudden.

Some serious backlash.

But I know some hungry ducks
who might enjoy them.

One hungry duck in particular.

I mean you.

Yeah, I got it.

I got it.

What's up your ass?

Nothing. Nothing whatsoever,
Officer Coates.

I'm just standing here
doing my job,

being a professional prisoner.

So I suggest you do your job
and guard me professional-like.

Yo, what did I miss?!

They're saying
Judy's going down.

Yes, she is.

I've heard
that she steals her recipes.

I've heard she has
a husband and a lover,

and they all
live in the same house.

She cheats on Bill?!

Well, is it cheating
if they all live together?

Wait. Do they all
sleep in the same bed?

- Like, the three of them?
- See, I don't believe it.

If that lady were getting it
on the regular with two dudes,

she would not be sweating
a rosemary garnish.

You never know.

Yo, right on time!

Actually, I'm here for them.

First, she joins the
Church O' Crazy Eyes. Now this?

Whatever makes her happy.

God bless.

Or Norma bless, I guess.

So, as I was saying,

we need to come up
with a list of commandments

so that they know
we're for real.

Thou shalt not
snort thy neighbor's heroin.

Covet. It's covet.

You can do
what you want with it.

I'm gonna snort it.

I'm serious, you guys.
We need to set the rules.

For me, it's less about, like, rules

and more what happens
when I look at Norma.

What's that about?

I mean, it's, um...
it's like less than magic,

but more than a hug.

The way I see it,

it's the armor
you put on every day.

The armor that... it takes
to get through every day.

Gets heavier and heavier
as you live your life, you know?

Especially in here.

But when you look at Norma,

you can take that armor off,

because it's safe.

You're safe.

And... you're crying
because it feels... good
to take that armor off.

And you realize how tall
you can be without it.

How light.

Yeah. Yeah. What she said.

I mean, maybe what's so special
about this...

...whatever... that
there aren't any rules.

- Yeah.
- You know?

I've always had trouble
with organized religion anyway.

- Mm-hmm.
- And honestly,

I think the more this becomes
a capital "R" religion,

the less time
we seem to get with Norma.

Yeah, and we're all here
to be with Norma. Right?

That's fine, but we still need

to deal with the rest of
the world and how they see us.

And when you come in late
and you call it a fucking club,

you make us all
look like a joke.

We need to know who we are,
or they'll think we're a joke.

I know who I am.

I'm someone
who's sometimes late.

Look, Soso, I know not
committing is, like, your thing.

You couldn't commit
to saving the world.

You couldn't commit
to eating pussy.

You couldn't even commit
to being 100 percent Asian.

So why don't you go off
and not commit somewhere else?

Nobody wants you here, anyways.

Okay. Y'all are
illegally congregating here.

This ain't the meetinghouse.

And for a gang who likes quiet
time, y'all are hella noisy,

so either get out,
or I'm calling the po-pos.

This is Judy time.

Turn that shit up.

That's right, P.
Come to the light.

I deeply regret
some of the financial choices

I have made in the recent past.

I was not fully aware of the
decisions that my advisers...

ls it cool
if I stay and watch, too?

Get your ass up now!

I couldn't stand the heat,

but I'm afraid I didn't get
out of the kitchen in time

to recognize
the misappropriation

that was taking place.

Guess I had my head
in the oven.

Well, no. Maybe that was a poor choice.

We're getting kicked out of everywhere.
We need to get legit.

There was a vein in your neck
that was like, "rawr!"

It was rad.

Yeah, but weren't you
kind of hard on hippie chick?

Some people
aren't cut out for believing.

If it's all right,
can I say a few quick words?

And I mean "quick."

I know
today is about way more than me.

I only wanted to say
I'm glad that, as Amish,

we get to choose our baptism.

I didn't know what I wanted
until a couple of months ago,

and I want to thank my parents

for having me back
with open arms.

I had a good time
in the English world.

I'm not gonna lie.

I mean,
who doesn't like zippers?


Sorry, Dad.

Anyway... was fun for a while,
but the fun just started

to seem like everyone was
covering up the empty feelings.

Leanne Taylor?

Damn, Suzanne.

Didn't you get the memo?

We chosen now.
We ain't got to eat that shit.

- It's chicken fajitas.
- See, that's how they get you,

with the power of suggestion.

Like, now they be calling yogurt
"key lime pie"

or "chocolate cheesecake."

So you think,
"Hmm, cheesecake,"

when it's the same
gnarly curds it always was.

I want you all to know
I had nothing to do

with what you're eating.

It came out of a bag.

It is in no way
a reflection of what I do.

- Okay.
- Okay.


Even she ain't owning it.

Hey, Suzanne.

How's that new chapter coming?

Have my strawberry jello.

- Fruit is brain food.
- Thanks.

- Is this seat taken?
- Yeah.

We saving it for Elijah.

Man, you gonna own that rabbi.

tell us about your process.

I think of shit
and write it down.

- Wow.
- So pure.

I got a question.

If Edwina is really
a robo-doll in the end,

why doesn't she get rusty
when Lily Sprinkle pees on her?

She's made of pee-proof metal.

Why does Sunflower
have to be so mean?

Uh, 'cause she's the one
you love to hate.

You should have her time-hump
with Lily Sprinkle.

- Yeah.
- Do it for the lesbians.

Sounds like she's done enough
for the lesbians.

What has she done
for not-the-lesbians?

Only the best chapter.

- Which one?
- When Admiral Rodcocker

gets his clothes vaporized

and you find out
he gots two penises.

- Oh, yeah.
- And he gives her a shocker

made of penis
instead of fingers.

I mean, who thinks of that?

Damn, I got to read that shit.

- What?
- That's it.

This... this book tour is over.

I can do one last question.

Did you have an inspiration
for Admiral Rodcocker?

I knew it.

Oh, I never thought I'd have a
thing for bald dudes, but, damn.

The fuck kind of multiculti shit
we got going on here?!

Can't a black woman
sit with her people?!

No. See, the universality
of my work unites all the races.

I was hoping for those little
stale pieces of bread today.

No such luck.

Hey. Whitehill.

You want to have lunch with
our sad little band of misfits?




Everybody, this is Lolly.

Lolly, everybody.

You're new?

Litchfield newbie.

Prison regular.

Well, don't worry.
It's not so bad.

Not so bad?

This place is the best!

How is it?

Oh, it tastes like brown.

FYI, ladies,
I didn't make the food.

This is all out of my control.

Yes, thank you, Red.
You're making that very clear.

As long as you understand.

So... what's your deal, Lolly?

What are you in for?

Did something I shouldn't have.

Oh. Okay.


Where are you from?

Here and there.

How much time you got?

- Depends.
- Depends?

On how well I do here.

Well, try and think
of your time here as a mandala.

The Tibetan monks make intricate
designs out of dyed sand.

And when they're done...

...they're cleared away.

I got to go take a quiz.

A quiz?

Okay. Bye.
What the fuck?

What a twat.

She is nutty as a nut bar.

Makes me glad I got
both my feet on the ground.

I mean, I tried, right?

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Tell Piper
I play well with others.

Tell Piper what?

Oh, nothing, schnookums.

Just facing my fears head-on.

Did you just call me "schn00kums"?

I did,
but it was in between quotes.

I didn't hear any quotes...
love muffin.

Now you're just being smutty.

Cal is coming tomorrow to give us
the lowdown on our first shipment.

- I'm pretty excited.
- That's great.

Also, I killed a guard
with my bare hands.

Cal. Panties.

My bat mitzvah was sick.

All the black Jews was there...
Lenny Kravitz...

...Rosh Hoshosh...
Shosh... Shosh.


Rosh Hoshosh...

For a long time,
"kosher" meant "hot dogs" to me.

Really, really good hot dogs.

But now it... it...
it just means so much more.

Now it means broccoli,
green beans.

You know what I hate?

Damn dirty shrimps.

Don't even talk to me
about shrimps!

I call my mother a lot...
like every day.

And I love a bargain.

"Who hath believed our report?

And to whom is
the arm of the Lord revealed?"

Isaiah 53:1.

Osh... Osh...
Oshkosh Roshosh.

Hava nagila

Ha va, blah, blah

Latinas are halfway Jew already.

I mean, the hora and the conga line?

Basically the same thing.

There was a big book
where I wrote down

all the people
I wish was dead...

...who... who... know, so God comes and
kills them and not my peop-- me.

And may I say I think

y'all are doing a wonderful job
controlling the media?

I mean, we...
we are doing a wonderful job.

Now, Ms. Hayes, were you raised Jewish?

Mm-hmm. Born and bred...
on my mama's side,

and that's the side
that make it all legit.

See? Jewish smarts.

- And you kept kosher growing up?
- Mm-hmm.

Let me lay it all out for you.

The whole brood of Hayes,

we lived under the Cyclone
on Coney Island, right?

Brooklyn in the house.

And, oh, I was always
a nervous kid growing up,

always worrying
about the universe expanding.

And so my parents
took me to a shrink,

and the shrink was like,
"Cindy, quit your worrying.

The universe be chilling
for another billion years."

But I couldn't stop worrying
and cooking lobsters

and hanging
with women in suspenders.

I see you're familiar
with Annie Hall.

- Annie who?
- I see.

O-okay, okay. Anyway...
Anyway, so, my father...

My father died pretty young.

It was a sad story.

And after he died,
I went to Yeshiva school.

Now, I knew I had
to dress like a dude and all,

but that didn't matter 'cause
what I really wanted to study

was the...

what's that word
that begin with a "t"?

- The Talmud.
- Next.

- The Torah.
- Mm. Yeah, that.

And whenever I felt alone,

I would sing
up to my papa in Heaven,

and I would be like,
"Papa, do you feel me?"

And he would be like,
"Cindy, girl,

even though I'm in Heaven,
I still feel you."

Jews don't have an official
conception of the afterlife.


I remember that now.

The focus instead is to fulfill
our duties to God here on earth.


That's how we do it.

Ms. Hayes, while I am heartened
that you appreciate the works

of Woody Allen
and Barbra Streisand,

I think you've confused cultural Judaism
with committed Jewish belief.

Also, I hear Mandy Patinkin
can be difficult to work with.

So do I pass?

And I call and I call...
no one answers.

I don't know what's going on.

And now I can't see him.

Can't somebody else drive him?

this whole goddamn prison.

Ain't nobody else with a car
that far up the river.

Who does this tranny bitch
think she is,

messing with your visitations?

got nothing to do with it.

Just two mothers
going at it for their kids.

So maybe it's better for Benny
if I don't win this one.

You're not thinking
of apologizing?

Maybe just smooth things out is all.

She fucked with you being able
to see your kid, Mama.

She should apologize to you.

Benny's a mouthy little fucker.

What if he did start this?

Even if Benny
was a bad influence,

she thinks that's why
her kid's fucked in the head?

He's got two mommies.
One of them got a pee-pee.

She don't have a dick, Aleida.

I've seen it.
You've seen it.

She got a perky little cooch.

You're gonna make me throw up.

There it is.
There's my puke.

I had nothing to do with it.

- We know.
- We know.

As I was saying, we got to think
of this as the first test,

like the Jews
wandering the desert

or the early Christians,
wherever they wandered.

The desert, I think.

Everybody was in the desert
for a while.

Her hand is on my half again.


I need my space.

And for the record,
your timing sucks.

That Rodcocker
just fell into the Orgasmator.

Hey, no spoilers.

I got to hand this over
to Valdez in 30 minutes.

The world's gonna keep shitting on us
until we make ourselves official.

- Official how?
- Maybe if we all

got the same haircut.

Only if all y'all
get my haircut.

Or... or something with our clothes,
like an armband with a symbol.

Like a swastika?

Not an armband,
but something else that--

Something else
for excluding people,

like how you excluded Brook.

Soso left on her own.

Yeah, after you scared her away

with your rules and regulations

If she doesn't get what we stand
for, she's better off gone.

Hold still, Leanne.

They're gonna know.

They're gonna wonder
why I'm back.

Amish kids
come back all the time.

Not once they're baptized.

They don't have
to know you're baptized.

They'll see it in my face...
that I'm with God.

I don't want to disrespect
your beliefs,

but that sounds
like a bunch of crap.

Hey. Easy.

They think not wearing buttons
makes them closer to God.

Leanne, all you have to do
is hang out for a couple hours,

score some meth,
like the good, old days.

Talk into the mic, Leanne.

Testing, testing.
Whatever, whatever.

Levels are good.
I think we're ready.


All I want is to go home
and be with my family.

Yeah. Well, you kind of
limited your choices

when you left a bag of drugs

lying around
with your ID In it.

I'd say you're getting
a pretty sweet deal.

All you have to do
is this one small thing,

and it all goes away.

"One small thing."

You mean fuck over my friends?

Your friends,
the Rumspringa drug cartel.

Aren't you helping them
in the long run?

Maybe when they go to prison,
it'll turn them around.

They'll find God, like you did.

No, they won't.

We figured you got busted.

What... me?

I just took a vacation
to Bonnet City.

Oh, man.
You went back?

I had to see my parents.

My dad was sick.

With cancer.

Oh, fuck. That sucks.

Did they try to get you to stay?

Are you kidding?
They, like, begged.

They tried that shit
with me, too.

Offered me a new pony cart.

Anyway, I told them
I missed it too much here.

Yeah. It's important
to know where you make sense.

Otherwise, you're not
really living, you know?

Speaking of living...

Do you want to hook me up
with some crank?

Hey, boss lady.


You look comfortable.

I like to air-dry...
sensitive skin.

And these towels
are the fucking worst.

Oh, yeah.
They're the worst.

How does it feel
being a magnate?

Oh, I'm not really...

Today's panty smuggler,
tomorrow's Fortune 500.

Sisters are doing it
for themselves.

You're too young
to know that song.

- What song?
- Never mind.

So, how is
your first shipment doing?

We'll know soon.

You must be psyched.

It's really nice
how supportive you are.

- Whatever.
- I was thinking...

and I think you'd actually be
a really great... person

to ask about this.

I'm thinking
the spicy chicken packets

might be worth more than
the regular chicken packets

because they are certainly
proving to be the most popular.

Sounds like quite a pickle.

Mm-hmm. Yes.

I'm sure you'll figure out
what you want.

I have every confidence in you.

All right.
Who stole my towel?

How much longer?

We got about a half-hour left.

Crap! Crap! Crap!

You cut yourself?

No, but I broke that window.

Somebody should go report this.

- I'll do it.
- I Will!

You sure you're okay?

I said I was.

I'll get the rake.

But the cat came back

The very next day

The cat came back

He just couldn't stay away

Away, away, away

Where did that big piece go?

Big piece of...?

What big piece?

I told that hot bald guard.

He said to leave it.

Maintenance will deal with it
in the morning.

Sorry, maintenance.

That's the way
the cookie crumbles!

Did Norma send you?

No. My heart just changed
with the power of your love.

Yes, Norma sent me.


Can I sit or something?

Isn't that what people do?



I'm not that great at apologies.

"I'm sorry"
is usually a strong opener.

Let me work up to it.

So, I don't know why
I take structure so serious,

but I guess I do.

And... I think
it might have something

to do with being raised in a church
that people like to shit on a lot.

Oh, my God.
What church?

It doesn't matter.

The point is,
is that it was hard sometimes.

A lot of the time.

But if you knew who you were
and what you believed,

then it didn't matter
if they called you names

or made fun of your buggy
or whatever.

You knew you were better
than them because you belonged.

And when I stopped
having that...

Anyway, when I started doing
the Norma meetings,

it finally felt like
I belonged to something again,

even if it was small,

and I didn't want people
to shit on it.

So when you came in acting
like the rules were nothing,

I got a little... carried away.


Wait... your buggy.

Do you mean you're, like... you, like, wore a bonnet?

- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.

It's like...
just, like, you in a... a bonnet.

Did you hear this?!

You churn butter.

You Harrison Ford in Witness.

That movie
has a lot of inaccuracies.

You a total weirdo.

Oh, no! Oh, my God.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Leanne.

Keep my name out of your fucking
mouth, fucking half-breed!

Hope you enjoy Hell.

She no good at apologies.

I thought you might be hungry.

What if someone sees?

The elders
are already out of line.

Shunning is for guiding people
back to the church.

But you didn't
turn your back on the church.

I did worse.

I sent their kids to jail.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I didn't want you to think I'm some
kind of bitch or nothing, from before.

Oh, that?
I wasn't worried about that.

Yeah, you were.

Yeah. Kind of
shit my pants, actually.

I mean...
not literally.

You know everybody around here
has a big mouth...

...and especially the beanbags.

And if they find out
that we've gotten all friendly,

then our happy lake times
are gone... just like that.


So we have
to maintain boundaries.

Inmate, step out of the bubble.

Yes, sir, Mr. Donuts, sir.

That's Mr. Coates to you.

Officer Coates.

That's "Officer Coates" to you.

You got potential.

All right, Officer Coates.

Good night, sir.

Good night... inmate.

You're not on the list.

What's that supposed to be, anyway?

The bag said "lrish stew."

Looks like the fajitas.

One kosher meal, please.

Your name isn't on the list.

You didn't even look
at the list.

It's a short list.

Do you want this or not?

Yeah. Hit me.

- Let me guess.
- Not on the list.

Man, I told that rabbi
I was Drake's cousin,

worked the whole
black Jewish mafia thing.

he ain't never heard of Drake.

Fool, you like
50 shades darker than Drake.

50 Shades of Drake.


That's right, girl.

Somebody must have
passed that test.

One kosher meal coming right up.

The Abrahamic religions

are pretty much all the same

till you get to Jesus.

Yo, Red.
Do you eat this shit?

People of the cafeteria,

in case you haven't heard,
I didn't cook it.

I punch in.
I punch out.

I play Sudoku.
I scratch my ass.

If I had e-mail,
I would check it.

But the food you eat

does not have even a piece
of my soul in it.

That is all.

Only one thing left to do now.

What's that?

Convert for real.

Where my dreidel at?!

Writer's block?

It's like I can see the words,

- but I can't make them obey me.
- That's okay.

Fran Lebowitz hasn't written
anything for 30 years,

and people
still think she's great.

As great as Gena Showalter?

I don't know who that is.

Hey, I was wondering.

You know when Sunflower
takes both Rodcocks at once,

and she says,
"I can feel you in my eyeballs"?

I'm wondering,
is that, you know, poetry?

Or can she literally feel
his penises in her eyeballs?

I like to let the words
speak for themselves.

Because I personally
really identify with Sunflower,

and it seems like she might be
polymorphously perverse.

- You know what that is?
- Yes.


Freud describes it
as a time before age five

when any part of your body can
be aroused by almost anything.

Like your elbow, kneecap...
your eyeballs.

I-I remember feeling
like I was the only one.

So if Sunflower or...

...felt that way,

I-I’d want them to know
that they aren't alone.

Suzanne, you forgot your...

I'm scared to ask.

How did it go with Gerber?

Who's Gerber?

Baby face.
Our corruptible young man.

Oh. Yeah.

We met at a dog park
near his house.

You know, he dyed his dog
to look like a tiger.

But you got the goods?

Oh, my God.
You don't know yet.

Of course you don't know.

Oh, no, Cal.
What happened?

Pipes, we sold out overnight.

Shut... up.

- Yes.
- All 20 pairs?

Frankly, I think that we're
selling ourselves a little short

at 50 bucks a pop.

I think
we should shoot for the moon

and go for like $75, maybe.

And the more we can get...

Well, that means that I'll have
to recruit more panty girls.

That's what you call them?

This whole thing
is like Christmas.

- What is on your arm?
- Oh.

- Oh.
- Oh, yeah.

Uh... there are reviews up
on the site.

- Already?
- The world wide web, man.

It's some fast shit.

I hear it's the latest thing.

I wrote down
the good ones to tell you.


"Great service, lovely scent."

"Prison bitches are the ripest."

That's a good one, I think.

What do you mean,
"That's a good one"?

Does that mean
that there are bad ones?

There are a couple,
but I'm not going to tell you.

All people ever remember
are the bad ones.

I'm in prison, Cal.

I've got some pretty thick skin
these days.

People think
the packaging could be better.

That's bullshit.

I mean, you try packaging things
with stolen kitchen supplies.

I know.

But maybe they're right.

Maybe you should repackage them
when you get them,

and then you can ship them.
Oh, man.

I feel awful that they look bad.

Anyways, moving on,

people are already asking
for some very weird stuff.

Like murder panties.

Now, I assume that is
when the murderers wear them

and not the victims.

One guy really wants Samoan
girls with really big feet.

I don't know any Samoan girls.

Oh, it doesn't matter.
They don't have to know that.

You can be anyone
that you say you are.

But you got to be careful.

You can't go saying that you're
some black lady serial killer

who specializes
in killing bald men

with blows
from a poison-tipped sai kata,

and then the customer
finds a blond pube in there.

You got to maintain the fantasy.

Good point.

You frighten me, but...
good point.

Did your morn let you have it?

I sure hope so.

Grounded for two months.

Well, you deserve it.

but you're still my little boy.

Whatever. It was worth it

to teach that little bitch
Laronne a lesson.

What lesson?
What did he do to you?

Looking at me funny.

What do you mean, "funny"?

Probably faggin' out on me.

Had to school that shit stabber.

Baby, don't play tough
and watch your mouth.

I know you only did it
to impress that Benny.

Benny? Benny ran away
like a little wuss.

He did?

I should stomp
his bitch ass next.

I don't know who's the bigger
pussy, him or Laronne.

Come on, guys.

Look at the pretty color.

You're that one.

Which one?

That downsy one
that keeps missing all the crumbs.

9h, yeah?

Well, you're the brown one
over there

that keeps
swimming around in circles.

I'm not a stupid brown duck.

I'm a hot green duck.

The green ducks are males, dummy.

You want to be a man duck?

It's a man's world.

Name like Doggett,
maybe you're not a duck.

You're a dog.

Well, I can swim good.
I can fetch even better.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

Let's see about that.

- What?
- Fetch!

Fetch, Doggett, fetch.

Good girl.

Good Doggett.

Fetch with your mouth this time.

Go on.



- What's the matter, girl?
- It's all wet here and muddy.


I only understand dog talk.

You're a dog
playing fetch with a dog?

That doesn't make any sense.

I said "fetch," inmate!

Good girl.

Good Doggett.


It's okay.
There's no one around.

Fuck, I like you so much.


I... like... you... much.




I know it sounds rough,

but sometimes you got
to cut people loose.

Sometimes people don't belong,

and the most important thing
is the unity of the group.

Yeah, I told her
there was a place for her

and you wanted her back,
but she didn't seem into it.

It's like you always say...

...sometimes the kindest thing
is to let people go.

Dorm A inmates,
turn in your lunch bags.

So, is that like
a Chinese thing, or...

You want this book?
I don't cook Italian much.

But what this woman does
with butter...

What will I use it for,
a doorstop?

Hey, pity party-

You need to let this shit go.

You're right,
the food tastes like crap.

And I get a thousand
different visions of Hell

when I put it in my mouth,

but your face
is not one of them.

We get it.
You didn't cook it.

Stop apologizing. The more you
apologize, the worse it tastes.

You got to move...
the fuck... on.


I needed that.

Can I help you?

No. Never mind.

Holy shit.

This is major.


I mean,
there was one bad review,

but it's not like I care,

they were kind of right.

Say you expand to 16 panty girls

and you go down
to two days per pair of panties,

that's 48 pairs of panties
per week.

Times that by $75 each,

and you have a gross amount...

Holy fuck.


$3,600 a week.


But two days per panty,

wouldn't that be more
than three pairs per week?

Yeah, but you should give them
a day off.

For the Sabbath.

Oh. Look at you.

You're a good Christian girl.

- Actually, I'm Buddhist.
- Of course you are.

Maybe they'll give you
a special Buddha meal.

Ew. No.
They're gross.

It's some sort of gluten shit
instead of meat,

but now that they're
cracking down on the fake Jews,

I'm thinking of going halal.

Allahu Akbar.

You really know
how to work a system.

I'm a hard worker.

So, what did Alex say
when you told her the good news?

Oh, I haven't told her.

She's been busy.

And by "busy," I mean
"psychologically unstable."

And by "psychologically
unstable," I mean "annoying."

Well, I'm honored
that you told me first.

Sixteen girls.

I have to make sure
we find girls we can trust.


Girls that we know
will be into it.

"It" being panties?


That won't be hard.

It... it won't?

It's like...'s like sussing out whether
somebody's into you or not.

When you know it, you know it.

You know?

On the other hand,
sometimes you can...


but you're not
totally sure sure.

And so you're left
sitting in that expectation

waiting for someone
to break the suspense.

Did that clear things up?


In fact,
that just made everything

a lot more fucking confusing.


It's not your fault.

Yeah, it is.

Okay. Yeah.

Yeah, it kind of is.