Orange Is the New Black (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Take a Break from Your Values - full transcript

Piper is shocked at an unexpected change in her status; Soso's hunger strike attracts new support that takes on a religious fervour.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
[ Gate Closes ]

[ Woman ]
♪ The animals, the animals ♪

♪ Trapped, trapped, trapped
till the cage is full ♪

♪ The cage is full
The day is new ♪

♪ And everyone is waiting,
waiting on you ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ Think of all the roads ♪

♪ Think of all their crossings ♪

♪ Taking steps is easy ♪

♪ Standing still is hard ♪

♪ Remember all their faces ♪

♪ Remember all their voices ♪

♪ Everything is different ♪

♪ The second time around ♪

[ Gate Closes, Lock Clicks ]

♪ And you've got time ♪

♪ And you've got time ♪♪

[ Gate Closes, Lock Clicks ]

Super Storm Wanda
is still gaining force...

moving steadily up the Eastern Seaboard.

Winds are expected to dissipate
considerably before making landfall...

but this is still going to be
a very large winter storm.

Oh, hell. Is this every year now?

I hope my family's all right.

Michael and Crystal will be fine.

They have a roof over their heads.
Think about poor Jimmy.

- [ Angie ] You're the one who's looking at-
- Hey, hey!

Okay, so, we want the “B” Dorm
bathroom repaired...

restrictions on SHU
as a punitive instrument...

and non-toxic laundry detergent.

Anything else?

Yeah, real maple syrup.
I hate that fake-o kind, so-

Actually, I like the fake kind better.

We're gonna have to discuss this more.

What? No!

Turn in the damn demands.

We've been working on this
for a week already.

Somebody's cranky.

Maybe if somebody hadn't just joined the
strike this morning, they'd be cranky too.

I'm sorry.

I thought this was a movement
where everyone's ideas were valid.

Excuse me.

Will you take your powwow somewhere else?

We're trying to hear the television.

Well, we're trying
to effect positive change.

Can you please do it quietly?

I'd think it would be important
to you too, Sister.

Yeah, aren't you in here 'cause you chained
yourself to a flagpole at a nuclear test site?

It was for trespassing
at a nuclear facility...

and the flagpole was
at the School for the Americas.

And that's all behind me. I'm old.

I have low blood sugar.

I was hoping that prison
would give me a chance...

to find the time
for solemn contemplation.

Yeah? Of what?

Being a pussy?

[ Angie Chuckling ]

Sister Jane, you must remember
to keep garments clean and ironed.

Yes, Sister.

- And don't be late for meals.
- I won't.

And don't speak at meals.

And don't ever talk to Sister Jen.

Why? Has she taken a vow?

No. She's just terribly irritating.

Do you have any other questions?

Well, I-I do have one.

How long before Jesus speaks to me?

Do you not speak to Jesus in your prayers?

Yes, I speak to him.

It's been a one-sided conversation so far.

And the other sisters are always going on
about how Jesus speaks to them...

and tells them he loves them.

The other sisters like to brag...

but Christ only comes to those
humble in their devotion to the Lord.

Focus not on what Christ may do for you...

but on what you can do for Christ.

Good tip. Thank you, Sister Kennedy.


Rally in Washington.
Stop the war in Vietnam.

- What are you doing?
- There's a rally tomorrow.

A rally?

I didn't even think we were allowed
to read the newspaper...

until we take the veil.

Yes, put those away before
Sister Constance sees you.

This is important.

Indiscriminate war is a crime against God.

Sister Constance
gave her blessing for this.

She did?

Oh. That's different.

Rock Against Rape?

Rape and Roll? Rape the Vote.

“Rape” has to be in the title
to connect it with the story-

a small concert... somewhere.

Uh, good PR for the prison.

Right. The prison.

This shameful sexual violation
is really working out for you, isn't it?

I am just happy that we have helped
to start a dialogue.

And I want to thank you, Joe...

for your assistance
in my handling of this.

You deserve recognition.


How about a token of your appreciation
in the $200 to $300 range?

In lieu of that,
I have something else for you.

- “B” Dorm bathroom.
- You're fixing it?

With a contractor off the approved list.
We got a very good price.

That's great. That's great.

- How much?
- A very good price.

And I have some more good news.

In light of the recent events, the warden
is sending you some new riot gear.

Riot gear.
How's that gonna prevent rape?

Well, it's not gonna prevent rape.

But if somebody is raped
and it incites a riot-

Uh, we got some new gear in max,
and we're sending you the old stuff.

Just send the warden a thank you.

I will.

And, uh, by the way...

i-if you end up doing this concert
and you're looking for a band-

Oh, we- we have that covered.

But-But thank you.

Got it.

Ripped By mstoll

Sorry the comic's
not very funny this week.

Oh, no, I think it's great.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You're not just saying that because you
feel sorry for me 'cause I'm like a victim?

No. Not at all.

And I thought what the horse
said to the eagle was very brave.

Oh, it's a hawk, not an eagle.

- [ Piper] Oh, yeah.
- [ Daya ] But thanks.

- Hey, Chapman. Sorry I'm late with this.
- What is it?

Our strike demands for the paper.

Oh, absolutely not. Forget it.

It'll never get past Healy.

Besides, the paper's already laid out.

I've got 300 words on Scott O'Neill's
love for Civil War memorabilia.

Please. Could you at least try?

Fine. I'll put it in.

But I guarantee you
it's gonna end up in the trash.

Thank you, Chapman.

History will remember you for this...

although I still don't trust you

Revolution makes
for strange bedfellows, huh?

Not like we're going to bed together-

Brook, have you heard
of the Gandhi quote...

“Speak only if it improves
upon the silence.”

No. I haven't! What was the context?

I love Gandhi. That was a man
who knew how to revolt.

Did you know he was born
and died on a Friday?

And also he had really bad handwriting.

Also, they say he slept in-

Hey. Can I-
Can I talk to you for a minute?

- Is that an order?
- No.

Then no. I'm busy.

You're back at work.

That was a nasty fall you took.

Hold up, now. Where you going?
I'm trying to talk to you. Stop.

All I'm trying to say to you is I can
give you some Arnica for the pain.

You look like you're hurt.
And we're neighbors.

More than neighbors.

You live in my house.

Let me ask you something.

You come back to prison on accident?

Or 'cause outside you're too weak
for anybody to take serious?

You got some kids think you're hot shit?

Big deal.

You're like a pedophile without the sex.

Bet the real players laugh in your face.

Probably fuck you for free too.

How much worse do you want this to get?

- [ Chuckles ]
- Hmm?

How much worse you got?

Bring it.

What do I got left to lose?

[ Knocking ]

Chapman. Come in.

- You got the paper?
- Yes, I do.

- Good. You put the ad in?
- Yes.

It's right here.

You know, some of the other girls
aren't sure what you're advertising.

“Safe Place.” It sounds like
a preschool play group.

Well, I had to be subtle.

The word “therapy” scares people.

But if you engage people
in creative play...

they're more interested in opening up
about what's troubling them.

Sounds like you've been reading up.

You have to with the social sciences.

The theories are constantly evolving.

It's a good thing.

Otherwise, we'd still all be
getting electroshock therapy for hysteria.

My mother had that.
[ Sighs ]


It was pretty effective, actually.

She made a lot of soups after.

Um, anyway, here.

Let's get this out.



Go down to the office
and make me a hundred copies of this.

- All right.
- Thank you.

While I'm here,
I'd like to ask you something.

Hold on. Hold on.

I want you to take this piece of paper...

and I want you to take this pencil.

I want you to write down a feeling
and put it in the feelings jar.

- Why?
- You'll see later in Safe Place.

I'm very busy, but I'll be there if I can.

Write down the feeling, Chapman.

All right.

Would you mind signing off on this?

I'd like to add someone to my call list.

- Alex Vause?
- It's not a lesbian thing.

Still, you think this is a good idea?

No, but she keeps writing me letters...

and I think that it would help
to give us some closure.

Which is psychologically...

not without value.

Thank you, Mr. Healy.

Tell it to the feelings jar.

That's a great word.

So, what was it, Frieda? Hmm?

Why did you do it, huh?
Is it because I didn't let you grow pot?

Because I overwatered your tomatoes?

What did it take to sell me out?

Red, I don't know
what you're talking about.

- I give you fiber supplement.
- Hey, Red, come on.

I give you Bengay!
And this is how you repay me?

I- I- I don't know
what she's talkin' about.

Red, come on.
You just got your family back.

You want to mess things up
making crazy accusations?

I know it's her. She's the Judas!

Oh, and you're Jesus, huh?
Come on.

You don't know she talked
any more than, uh, Norma did.


All right. Now I know you're paranoid.

[ Chuckles ] Look. Maybe Vee
just put two and two together.

You know, we're not talking
about Batcave-level secrecy here, right?

- [ Toilet Flushing ]
- Yeah, word.

And it's not like you don't talk about this shit
in normal volume in public places.


This isn't your bathroom.

I can take a shit where the fuck I want.

And they got contractors
on the black side.

[ Squeals ]
Finally getting renovated!

Hey! Movin' on up.

Don't you have a conscience?

Bringing drugs into this place?

Don't you remember
what happened to Tricia?


I remember the Alamo too. But that don't
keep me from eatin' Mexican food.

And drugs in the prison
ain't the craziest thing to ever happen.

I'll tell you what is though.

You thinking you can open a road
and say only white people can drive on it.


This America.

The bathrooms may be segregated,
but the market be free.

[ Laughing ]

Oh, but, uh, FYI,
somebody did rat you out.

It was Boo. Puff out.

Well, that was a short mystery.

We got billy clubs and helmets and shields.
Man, this stuff is great.

Yeah, hopefully we never have to use it.

Right. Right- Oh, my God!

Is that tear gas?

- Let me see that!
- Hey, take it easy! Careful!

Just take an inventory
and lock this stuff up in the armory.

- Armory?
- Weapons holding.

- The big closet!
- Oh, yeah.

Hey, O'Neill. Look, you're famous.

Hey! Let me see that.

[ Chuckling ]

You should've used
that other picture I took of you.

Okay, shush your mush.

[ Radio Chatter ]

What the hell is this? Hunger strike?

- You didn't know about that?
- No.

I didn't fuckin' know about that.

Okay, do you guys know
the Human Megaphone?

- No.
- What is that?

It's like the “Occupy” hand signals.

So what we do is “up twinkles” for “yea.”

That means “yes.”

Down twinkles for “nay.”

For God's sake, we don't need hand signals!
There's only four of us!

Now. Thinking of the future.

Okay, fist up.
Fist up for “oppose.” Fist up.

This means “I have a question.”

All right, who's the leader?

We're a leaderless movement.

Or, rather, leader-full.

- Let's just say it's you.
- I-I-I'd rather not.

I read your demands.
They're a little confusing.

It's a work in progress.

Well, you say you want
the “B” Dorm bathroom fixed. Done.

- We did it!
- Yay! Yay!

You didn't do anything.

- It was already happening.
- Oh.

You want restrictions on the use of the SHU.
What does that mean exactly?

There's no accountability.

People get thrown in for no reason,
for any period of time, arbitrarily.

Watson's been in there,
like, every other month.

She brought that on herself.

As far as the duration of her stay...

there is a system in place
with strict guidelines...

and we are under no obligation
to explain to you how it works.

But, as it so happens,
your friend Watson is coming out today.

- Yes!
- Congratulations, Yoga.

- Yeah!
- Again, just a coincidence.

- Nothing to do with this.
- Oh.

Is there anything else?

There is a maple syrup situation.

Anything I can take seriously?

I have an issue.

What are you going to do about
the quality of senior care in this prison?

Excellent issue, Sister,
but we haven't voted on that yet.

Maybe we can put a pin in it,
talk about it-

The elderly are the fastest-growing
population in prison...

and they have special needs.

So-called “Compassionate Release,”
in lieu of care, is completely unacceptable.

You can't dump
sick old ladies on the street!

It's unconscionable,
inhumane and... illegal.

You must meet your obligations.

This just got real.

It's 'cause I called you
a pussy, isn't it?

[ Sighs ]
It's for Jimmy.

It's 'cause I called her a pussy.

♪♪ [ Car Radio: Folk Rock ]

[ Giggling ]

Thank you so much. Are you sure
we can't offer you money for gas?

Just consider it a donation
to your so-called church.

- Bye!
- Bye!

That was wonderful. Truly.

It was incredible.

Thank you so much for bringing me.

I was afraid nunning was going to be boring,
but that was so exciting.

Sisters! Where have you been?

We were at the rally.

Sister Constance would like
to see you immediately.

We aren't in trouble, are we?

You told us we had Sister's permission.

- In spirit.
- What?

“Open your mouths, judge righteously...

defend the rights of the poor and needy”-
Proverbs 31 :9.

- You duped us!
- I can't believe it.

I fell in with the bad nuns.

So we'll do some penance.

We do penance all day anyway.

At least now it can be
for something we're proud of.

I mean, what is the point?

To keep our heads down
and be well-starched?

We have no jobs, no husbands.

If we don't fight to make the world
a better place, who will?

The pigs?

You know I'm right.

It did feel good.

[ Black Cindy ] So, I heard they got
a special cell for you in Seg.

Got a plaque outside the door
that say, “Reserved for Watson.”

Shut the fuck up!

You got no idea what it's like. So don't
even fuckin' act like you fuckin' know!

Easy, now. Easy, girl.
You're all right. You're home now.

- [ Exhales ]
- I got you.

- I'm gonna take care of you now. Sit down.
- [ Crazy Eyes ] Me too.

[ Pennsatucky ]
Can I get everybody's attention, please?

This here is the last call
for Safe Place sign-up.

I repeat, it is the last call
for Safe Place sign-up.

What the fuck is Safe Place?

It's Healy's new thing.

It's like some kind of snitchin' school.

You go and sound off on people...

and he gives you a shot off your record.

- Serious?
- Word. I don't lie.

He even got a snitchin' jar in his office.

Hey, y'all.

Want to sign up for Safe Place?

- We're not interested.
- How do you know?

Bald blackie signed up.


[ Crazy Eyes ]
You want me to sign up?

I can keep an eye on her,
like a- an eye-spier.

Yeah, baby, you do that.

- Safe Place!
- That is some good thinking.

[ Chuckles ]

My brain will always be there for you...

thinking things so you don't have to.

Safe Place sign-up.
Last call right here. Anyone?

Hey, Pennsabama.

Wait up.

I know what makes a great radio story.

Alaska's an interesting place.

I wouldn't have gone there if I thought
nobody wanted to hear about it.

- Pete, can you come sit down?
- But I'm still venting!

We want to talk to you about something.


I sense an ambush here.

Come... sit.

I'm not an alcoholic.

I'm Australian.

Sit down. We don't care if you drink.



Okay, so...

while you were away...

Larry and I spent a lot of time together.

Right. And?


we became close.

Closer than before.


- This is awkward.
- Okay.

No, mate. I know what you're gonna say.

- You do?
- Yeah.

I'm not an idiot.

You think I don't know
what's going on here?

- It's nothing we ever planned.
- Of course not.

I mean, it all makes sense.

You, Polly... and me.

- And you?
- Why not? We're all friends.

No, Pete. This isn't about
having a threesome.


No? My bad. What is n?

I'm leaving you.


Uh, for him?

It hasn't been going on long.

You... cuckolded me?

I never thought of it that way.

You... fucked my wife...

without me being there too.

You cuckolded me.

Pete, let's admit something.
The moment I had the baby, you bailed.

- You're not ready to be a grown-up.
- And rebound boy is?

Larry fucking shows up.

Look, you think this is easy? I'm ending
a marriage. He's ending a relationship.

I fucked my best friend's fiancé.

But it's real.

And I think it's the best thing
that's ever happened to both of us.

I went away... so I could be
somebody for our son.

Come on, Pete.

You know that's not true.
You went away because-

- Oh!
- Shit!

- Don't tell me what I know.
- Pete!


Oh! Fuck.

- On. on, my God.
- Shit.

You got a minute?

What, you can't find
your other mommy nowhere?

I'm kidding.


You should be walkin' on air,
the way this shit turned out.

The way what shit turned out?

There's a dude going to jail
because of me.

Yeah, but at least you and Stumpy
get to limp off into the sunset.

I can't even fucking look at him.

And now everybody knows
I'm pregnant.

This is never gonna work.

I'm so fucking stupid.

Hey, it's all right.

It's all right.

A lot of people are stupid
and still live full, productive lives.

- At least you know you're getting paid.
- Paid?

Oh, Jesus, girl.

Didn't I teach you nothing?

You get raped by a guard,
you get to sue the government.

Plus, even better, you got a baby...

which means
child support from Mendez...

and extortion money from Gimpy.

I'm telling you, this rape is the best
thing that ever happened to you.

The only reason them bitches is talking
is because they're jealous.

And then what happens
when the baby ends up with no daddy?

Another fucking barrio baby.

You don't think about that.

You was raised
in a nontraditional setting...

and you turned out great.

Thanks, Mom.

Sure. No problem.

Just remember me
when them checks start comin' in.

[ Phone Ringing ]

[ Ringing Continues ]

[ Female Operator ] An inmate from Litchfield
Federal Prison is attempting to contact you.

To accept this call, please press one.


[ Piper ]
So, in your letter...

you claim you tried to ask
if I could get the same deal you got.

But what you failed to explain is why...

after you coached me
in exactly what to say in my testimony...

you suddenly do an about-face
and say the exact opposite thing.

You want the long version
or the short version?

I want the short version.
You have one minute.

[ Chuckles ] It's like that, huh?

No, my... phone credit is running low.

Look, Piper, I was facing
more time than you.

My lawyer told me that my testimony
would put Kubra away ..

for sure...

and that I could walk that same day.


- Your lawyer's a better lawyer than Larry's dad.
- No, he isn't.

He was wrong. Kubra walked.


There was a mistrial.

Some dumb fuck
mishandled the evidence.

He's out.

So I'm the only one who went to prison?

I tell you that Kubra's free
after I testify against him...

and that's all you have to say?

Well, they're protecting you, right?

Yeah. They're protecting me.

There's around-the-clock surveillance.

By that, I mean, I see my probation
officer every week for about 20 minutes.

Oh, my God.

Alex- Alex, are you serious?

- Where are you right now?
- Queens.

You're in Queens?

I was just there.

- What?
- Never mind. I can't get into that right now.

Alex, you shouldn't be in New York.

Alex, you should be in fucking Nevada
or- or Argentina or something.

That's fine.

Thomas Pynchon
hid in New York for years.

And Queens isn't that bad.
No one comes to visit, but-

Pretty good Greek food.

Besides, I'm not allowed to leave
the fuckin' state. It's part of my release.

[ Operator ] You have 30 seconds
remaining for this call.

Oh, Shit!

You couldn't have added more credit
before calling me?

- I need to talk to you.
- Well, I didn't plan ahead.

I need to talk to you in person.

Can you get me on your visitation list?

Well, I'll try.
But, Alex, are you sure that you're safe?

Yeah. I'm fine.

Just... get me on your list,
and we can talk about it then.

- Okay.
- [ Line Clicks, Dial Tone ]

Fuck! Motherfucker!

You call that 30 seconds?

Hey. That's federal property.

You're federal property!

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Menses. It's menses madness.

Ew. Just go.

[ Pounding ]

[ Pounding Continues ]

[ Man ]
Come on. Open up.

I know you're in there.
I saw you go in.

- What do you want?
- You know what I want.

I want you to separate
your damn recyclables.

And you can't keep leaving
cardboard boxes outside.

You need to break them down first.

I see you!

- What?
- Oh, you're not Mrs. Woo.

No, I am not Mrs. Woo. I am Alex.

Hey, I'm Jay.
I, uh- I deal with the garbage.

I'm sorry about the boxes.
I'll break them down next time.

That's all I ask.
Welcome to the building.

- Yeah.
- Oh, Alex- Alex Vause?

- What?
- Some Arab guys were looking for you.

Maybe not Arab, but,
you know... dusky gentlemen.

Well, you're right.

It was good you hid
the Aleut whaling spear.

- Sorry.
- No.

I'm glad I was here to tell him with you.

It was the right thing to do
under the circumstances.

Honestly, Pete is secretly
jumping up and down with joy...

to be let off the hook.

He just needed to affirm his manhood.

Maybe he can fuck Piper
and we'll have reciprocity.

Piper and I actually-

actually ended in a good place.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I still need to work
some shit out with her, but...

I'm glad you two are good.

So that's it, huh?

Piper knows. Pete knows.

We're doin' this.

- You can still leave.
- Leave? Why would I leave?

I guess I don't know what you get out of
this relationship, and I'm scared because...

what happens when you want
to trek across an ice field?

I can guarantee you that I will never
want to trek across an ice field.

I know. You're so not rugged.

That is not true.

- I once did Israeli Army summer camp.
- Mm-hmm.

I shot Uzis in a desert with a commander
named Shmulik. So I can do rugged.

It's the cold I don't like.


You know, you're the only
person I've ever met...

who can call me an idiot
without actually making me feel like one.

Maybe I'm using the wrong inflection.

[ Healy ]
We all have feelings.

And some feelings that
we feel are so strong...

that it's hard for us to be the person...

that we know in our hearts
that we can be.

So, what's the best way for us...

to deal with these kinds
of powerful and dangerous feelings?

Let 'em have it.

No. Talk about them.

If we talk about our problems...

it makes it easier for us
to process our feelings...

and it helps us to realize
that we're not alone.

- Who'd like to start the sharing for today?
- Oh, me.

Hold on.

Hey, let's- let's start with Flores.

- Me?
- Yeah.

This is a talking stick.

Whoever's gonna be talking in the group
will be carrying that stick.

- How do you feel?
- Good.

Good? You sure?

Yeah. I feel very happy.


The thing is, I don't believe you.

And for Safe Place to work...

you're gonna have to be
really honest about how you're feeling.

Here. You want to take a look
at the feelings chart?


I feel... very depressed.

- Good.
- [ Poussey ] Good?

You just made her say that.
Now she feels crappy.

Hey! Excuse me.

You can't talk without the talking stick.

- Why? You don't have one.
- Oh, it doesn't apply to me.

I'm the group facilitator.

No. No, you're not.

- I'm not?
- No.

That being said...

I want this place to be a place
where you all feel free to talk...

within the given guidelines.

Tell you what.

Let's switch.

- Here, you take the stick.
- No.

- Come on.
- Well, I-I don't got nothin' to say.

Sure you do.

Just tell us how you're feeling.

- Bored.
- Bored isn't a feeling.

- What you mean, it's not a feeling?
- It's not on the feelings chart.


Mad. I feel mad.

Okay. And why do you feel mad?

- 'Cause you told me I couldn't feel bored.
- [ Door Opens ]

- Sorry.
- You're late.

- I thought it was in the chapel.
- [ Healy ] Take a seat.

Okay, Washington.
You were saying?

I wasn't saying anything.

What is the point of this?

To get a shot off your record.

No. The point is to help you to start
to get in touch with your feelings.

Did it ever occur to you that we don't
want to get in touch with our feelings?

That actually feeling our feelings...

might make it impossible
to survive in here?

Look. I'm trying to look out for you.

Everybody in here,
we have to look out for each other.

Now, you look like you got hurt.
What happened?

Nothing happened.

- What?
- Washington.

What happens in Safe Place
stays in Safe Place.

That's why it's called “Safe Place.”

Nothing happened.

I slipped in the shower.

Totally random.

We have a limited amount of time, and
the pressure needs to come from outside.

Who have you already talked to about this?

I have some activist friends
I told to get the word out.

- Who are they?
- Terry and Gus.

Gus is a Webmaster
for an anti-logging blog...

and Terry runs a bakery that sells
anti-authoritarian cupcakes.


Contact the Leadership Conference
of Women Religious...

and the National Catholic
Social Justice Lobby.

They can network
with the major newspapers.

Okay. Okay.

Back up. I have to say something.

I was told this
is a leaderless movement...

and I'm feeling uncomfortable
with the fact...

that you're really, I feel,
acting like a leader.

Because we all got ideas,
but you were the last one to join up.

Yeah, and I also feel that way.

I'm sorry that you feel
I've been... leader-y.

Everyone's ideas are important.

- That's okay. Water under the creek.
- We forgive ya.

Long as you know,
all our interests gots to be represented.

'Cause me and Angie
got some new demands.

- We would like more dessert options.
- Yeah.

[ Leanne ]
And field trips.

And musical guests in the prison,
like Johnny Cash.

Johnny Cash is dead.

I want what I want.

Oh, boy.

You'll never believe this.
We ordered too many pizzas.

- Mm-hmm.
- Anybody want a slice?

- That's dirty warfare.
- Uh, maybe.

But that is one good-lookin' pie.

Leanne, Angie, what are you doing?

- Nothin'.
- We're smellin' it.

We're just smellin' it. That's allowed.

It sure does smell good, doesn't it?

Little Caesars. It's the only thing better
than getting what you want.

That should be their slogan.

Why are we punishing ourselves
when we're already being punished?

That makes no sense.

Yeah, we could still say we're not eating,
and nobody would know.


Your mind is the enemy.
Don't listen to your- Angie!

I'm just lickin' it! A lick is all right.

It's all right. Let them eat.

- What?
- Go ahead, girls.

Take a break from your values.

Oh. That's another good slogan.

- What did you do that for?
- We don't need them.

They confuse our message.

They're half our movement!

What happened to everyone's ideas
being important?

I changed my mind.

Hey, look. I'm Edward Pizzahands.

[ Laughing ]

So, when they arrest us,
that's 14 arrests for me.

That's two more than Sister Joann
and five more than Sister Patricia...

even though she's the little darling
over there at Friends of the Earth.

- That's not what's important.
- It's a bonus.

I guess we should have
brought more banners.

I know.
What a shitty day to do this.

I mean, does anybody work here?


- We're trespassing!
- Shh!

Oh, Gene. Take a picture.

What's that?

When Sister Patricia was
protesting the Portsmouth Plant...

she threw a pint of blood.

- So, what, you brought a quart?
- Two quarts.

Fake. Costume blood.

The blood that Sister Patricia threw...

was from an actual victim
of radiation poisoning.

The pictures will look spectacular.

- [ Scoffs ]
- What?

I don't think you're doing
this in the right spirit.

Don't talk to me about spirit.

Without me, you're just
a couple of hippies on welfare.

I'm the one who gives you
credibility. All right?

You ready, Gene? Get snapping.

All right, Pigs!

Don't make another move,
or the bitch gets it!

[ Screaming ]

[ Wanda Groaning ]

Ah, what did you do that for?

That's the drill.
We don't negotiate for hostages.

- So, you let me kill her?
- Yeah, seriously, O'Neill!

Okay, I'm pretty sure
I knocked the gun away.

I'm pretty sure she's still alive.

No. I killed her.
I shot her in the face.

The bullet entered the left eye socket
and exited through the back of her head.

There's blood and brains everywhere.

Hey, Watson.

Didn't mean to startle you.

Just wanted to say
I'm happy you're back.

You know, one good thing
to come out of all this...

it got me motivated
to join the hunger strike.

Do you know about that?

I haven't eaten in a week.

So what?

Am I supposed to be grateful?

I'm not here to make you feel good
about yourself, all right?

You got guilt about somethin',
that's not my problem.

No, it's not anything like that.


I don't feel like being
your token black friend.

So don't talk to me anymore.

Okay. Fine.

Sure, baby.

You know, I can get you
anything you want...

'cause around here,
I'm like King Bee.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Hey, Red.

Aren't you usually playing
with the garden club about now?

The greenhouse is closed
for a little while.

There's a health hazard
that needs to be sorted out.

- Really? What?
- A rat.

What the hell?

Hey, take a walk, bouncy boobs.

All right, none of you bitches
better come near me.

Relax. We're not going to hurt you.


You asked for these.

Enjoy them.

It'll be the last favor I ever do for you.

Oh. I'm out of the family.

[ Clicks Tongue ]
What a shame.

Especially since our relationship...

has always involved
such a high degree of mutual respect.

- You need more love?
- I don't need shit.

Fuck your Jolly Ranchers.

There are houses on this block
with much better candy.

You'd rather eat at Vee's table,
would you?

Yeah. So what? Does that make me
some kind of race betrayer?

Give me a fucking break.

You come down here with your scarecrows,
trying to act all gangster?

You buy loyalty with candy
and skin-care products.

Your gang looks like
a bunch of half-priced Garbage Pail Kids.

Red, you're a fuckin' joke.

You're right.

I'm a joke.

I'm sure you'll be better off on your own.

I know I fuckin' will.

Boo got Boo.

And that's all Boo needs.


[ Sighs ]

Thank you for making those.
I should help.

It's okay. I got it.
You should conserve your energy.

Queens, huh?
I should hook her up with my buddy Michel.

He runs a strip joint underneath
the Queensboro Bridge.

It's full nude,
but they don't serve alcohol.

It's just such a fucked situation.

I know, man. That's the law.

I guess some schmuck decided...

that nudity and booze
at the same time is just too much fun.

He's probably a Mormon with six wives.

I'm talking about Alex.

She should be under witness protection.

What do you care?
Didn't she screw you over in Chicago?

Oh, that's right. That's kind of
how you two relate, isn't it?

It's like Spy vs. Spy, but sexual.

This guy Kubra, he's no joke.

And they know that.

They're not taking responsibility
for the fact that they put her in harm's way.

If it's not part of your deal,
it's not part of your deal.

The system doesn't have a conscience,
and nobody likes extra work.

Oh, by the way, we're gonna be
helping put sandbags around the lake...

in electrical this week.

What? What does that
have to do with electrical?

If the lake overflows during the storm...

then we all get electrocuted.

I don't know.

It's not like there's
a sandbag department.

Officer, confiscate those
markers, paper, posters- all of it.

But these are just art supplies.

They are a privilege
that has been abused.

It's not a privilege. It's a right.

Careful, Sister.
Don't stand up too fast.

We have freedom of speech.

You did, and then you broke the law.
Where do you think you are?

And as for this- no more.

This little experiment...

in free expression,
Waldorf-style prison, is over.

She's a fucking cunt.

You didn't need to do that.

Let 'em get a rise out of you,
it gives them more power.

Is that what your mommy told you
when you were being bullied?

A hunger strike? Really?

- What should I be doing, force-feeding them?
- Why not?

Because I can't, unless they're unconscious.
Then I can, if they don't have a DNR.

Fine. Then get them
while they're sleeping.

We have a responsibility to feed these
women three square meals a day...

and I am a defender of women.

You want me to do anything else, sir?

It's all right.

It's gonna play itself out.

[ Sister Jane ]
An embarrassment?

[ Scoffs ]
It should be a triumph.

I was on the cover
of The New York Times.

You see, that is exactly the issue.

It's not about service to God.
It's about you.

- You're a narcissist.
- That's not true.


You timed this protest to coincide
with your book release.

And you didn't even credit
your ghostwriter.

I'm giving all the proceeds to charity.

I'm doing God's work.

Hey, you know what this stands for?

Vatican Two.

Are you not happy being a nun?


I love being a nun.

If I seem prideful,
it's only because I love the work I do.

And because I'm really good at it.

By your own estimation.

There is a page in your book
I'd like to read for you.

[ Clears Throat]

“I have never heard Christ
clearly in my heart.

Either my heart's hard of hearing
or Christ can be a bit of a mumbler.

And so I have learned to trust
in my own moral instincts.”

It's a joke.

I'm comparing my marriage to Christ...

to a typical marriage.

“But it wasn't my moral instincts that led me
to Nicaragua in the summer of '88.

It was a young freedom fighter
named Carlos.”

- Okay.
- “With rock-hard abs...

under his jungle fatigues...

Carlos was revolutionary
in more ways than one.

And overthrowing the Sandinistas
was not his only objective.”

Okay. That chapter's there
for the mommy-book-club crowd.

[ Chuckles ] They need
a little beefcake with their politics.

I'm sorry, Sister, but the church has
decided we can't support you any longer.

Support me?

You mean- [ Sighs ]
You won't pay my legal fees?

I mean we can't support you...


What do you mean, she's not coming?

She said she doesn't
want to do it anymore.

And no more contraband either.

But we just started.
Is this about the black one?

What? Fuck you!

Not you.
You're not one of the bad ones.

She means Vee. Red would rather
kill the tunnel than let her take it.

That's the one with the big hair.
I know her.

But I love being in touch with the soil.

I know.

This club is the best thing that's
happened to me since work exemption.

Well, maybe Red isn't thinking straight.

When the pirates are boarding...

you don't sink the ship.

You fight the damn pirates.

Say again?

How 'bout I kill the bitch?

Then we played a game
called Human Knot...

where we all held hands and tried to
unknot the knot without lettin' go.

And Flores- she accidentally
got tickled and started laughin'...

and then we all started laughin'.

Sounds mad gay.

Yeah. It was mad gay.

Yo, what y'all talkin' about?

She went to keep an eye
on Poussey in Healy's thing.

[ Chuckles ]

You didn't have to do that.
I told you she ain't no fink.

You said that.

But I'm not really sure
where your loyalties lie these days.

- What do you think, Suzanne?
- I don't think she's gonna talk.

But I was a little disturbed
by her contribution to the group poem.

There's a lot of anger.
There's a lot of fear.

Well, of course there was,
with you right there.

- You would spook a vampire!
- [ Scoffs ]

If you would've had me go,
it would've been better.

And if “ifs” and “buts” were candies and nuts,
we'd all have a Merry Christmas.

And if snitches and bitches were wine and beer,
we'd all have a Happy New Year.

- Am I right?
- If wishes were horses, beggars would ri-

Why do you keep defending her
over your family?

I'm not.

I just think she's been through enough.

You don't have to worry
about her, Vee, for real.

Fine. I don't worry.

But from now on,
she's your responsibility.

Anything happens again...

it's on you.

[ Woman On PA ]
Multiple code violations will result...

in a loss of yard privileges.

- What happened?
- She fainted.

For a second.

I'm not unconscious.

I'm not unconscious.

Sister, I talked to your compatriots.

I think there's been a decision made.

Let me guess.

[ Sighs ]
You gave up.

It's just not safe anymore,
especially for you.

That's an excuse.

Did you contact the media,
like I asked you?

I tried.

Nobody took the bait with the story.

- There's a storm coming.
- You're damn right there's a storm coming.

No, I don't mean it that way.

There's actually a big winter storm
that's dominating all the news.

It's just bad timing.

Wait a minute. Sister's a nun.

You're telling me that's not a story?

Yeah. It's less of one
since she's been excommunicated.


They told me that...

they'd reconsider letting me
back in the church...

if I showed contrition in prison, but...

bad habits die hard.

Bad habits. Get it?

It's good to be back in the saddle.

Yeah, well, unless you
get out of the saddle...

you're gonna be riding
straight into medical Seg...

and I don't wanna have to do that.

So let's call it a day, huh?

I'll call it a day...

when you make meaningful changes
to the way this prison is run!

I can't do that.
Didn't you hear what she said?

There's no point.

You're all alone.
Nobody even knows you're doing this.

You know.

All right. Have it your way.

Please, Sister.
Don't do this to yourself.

I'm fine, Sophia. I feel good.

Almost blissful.

She's delirious.

Rock on, Sister! Fight the power.

[ O'Neill ]
She thinks she's a rock star.

She is.

What ever happened to humility?

Isn't that a virtue or somethin'?

One of the highest.

People in power are always saying so.

[ Computer: Distorted Laughter ]

[ Laughter Stops ]

Mr. Healy, did you hear about The Bugle?

- I can't do anything about it.
- But it was so good.

It really was.

People were taking responsibility.
People were opening up.

It's everything
that you wanted to see happen.

- Chapman-
- I mean, as a counselor-

You're being transferred...

to Virginia.


I received a memo
from the warden's office.

Yeah. Your name was included
on a list with 12 other girls.

Is this because of the paper? Is this
because I published the strike demands?

- Is this Fig?
- It's not punitive.

We shuffle prisoners around all the time.

We're overpopulated.

The fact that you're on a list-

it's... just a random thing.

- When?
- Maybe in a week.

They usually pick 'em up on Saturday.

No, that's visitation day.

Alex was gonna come visit me.

I don't know if she can come before then.

She said that she needs
to speak with me in person.

Chapman, you're going down south.

Not having closure with Alex Vause...

would be the least of your problems.

[ Jackhammer Pounding ]

How much longer?

How much- How much longer
at this level of noise?

Probably a few hours!

All right! As long as it gets done!

It'll get done.

I see “B” Dorm bathroom is being fixed.

That's right.

Funny how things work out sometimes.

[ Big Boo ]
Yo! Vee!

I'm not with Red anymore,
so I'm, uh, all yours.

- Mine?
- Yeah.

- And why would I want you?
- I did right by you, Vee.

- I gave you the 411.
- I don't like snitches.

Why are you always so quiet?

Why do I always
have to do all the talking?

♪ Oh, rest in the Lord ♪

♪ Wait patiently for him ♪

[ Woman Groaning ]

[ Groaning Continues ]
What the... fuck did I do?

[ Whimpers ]
What did I do?

[ Groaning Continues ]

I'm awake. I'm awake. I'm awake!

I'm awake! I'm awake!

No! Don't feed me!

- I did not give my permission!
- ♪♪ [ Soft Guitar ]

This is not right! It's not fair!

- No! Please! Please! - [ Woman ]
♪ Where have all the flowers gone? ♪

♪ Long time passing ♪

♪ Where have all the flowers gone? ♪

♪ Long time ago ♪

♪ Where have all the flowers gone? ♪

♪ Young girls picked them, every one ♪

♪ When will they ever learn? ♪

♪ Where have all the young girls gone? ♪

♪ Long time passing ♪

♪ Where have all the young girls gone? ♪

♪ Long time ago ♪

♪ Where have all the young girls gone? ♪

♪ Gone to young men, every one ♪

♪ When will they ever learn? ♪

♪ When will they ever learn? ♪♪

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