Orange Is the New Black (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Little Mustachioed Shit - full transcript

The prison guards finally crack down on the inmates to stop the smuggling issue. After Bennett framed Pornstache, problems arise. And a big secret between Piper and Polly is revealed.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -


Oh, my God.

Horrible, wasn't it?

The worst.

You're really bad at that.

Can I do you?

You don't have to ask.

I've never-

Gone down on a woman before?

I mean, no.

What kind of a lesbian are you?

The boob-touching kind.

All right, well...

are you ready to take
the plunge, so to speak?

Are you gonna coach me through it?



- Mmm.


Shit. What time is it
in Amsterdam?

I have no idea.

Okay, um, give me a second.

I'm sorry.
It's business.

I'll be right back.

Do you want a glass of water?

Is that a part of it?


What the- Alex!

Jesus! What the fuck?
Stop! Sylvie!

- Oh, my God.
- Bitch!

Stop it, Sylvie.


She- She attacked me.

- Are you fucking kidding?
- Stop. Piper-

- She just broke in here.
- I live here!

She does.

That's my girlfriend, you whore.


- Get her the fuck outta here.
- Okay, I will.

- I'm gonna get her outta here, and then
we're gonna talk. - I said, get her out now!

Sylvie. Come on, Sylvie.

Your girlfriend?

It's complicated, Piper.

This is so fucked up.

- I'm sorry. I should've said something.
- You think?

Are you hurt?
Did she hurt you?

She punched me in the face.
Yes, it hurts. Fuck.

Where is my other shoe?

I just-
I-I-I kept seeing you around...

and, you know, I liked you.

- And then when you called-
- Okay, stop it.

Please, don't.
You're making it worse.


Did you find your other shoe?

Forget it.

Wait, you can't walk home
without your shoes.

They're nice... shoes.

They're from Marshalls.
Fuck you.

Movie night
will be this Wednesday at 1900 hours.


Good morning to you too.

- Are you wearing perfume?
- I am, in fact.

I put on a little spritz right before
I left the house. You have a good nose.

I put almond extract
behind my ears sometimes.

Makes me smell like a cookie.

- Hmm.
- Anyway, let's get to the squat and cough.


Ladies, In-Out Program will begin in one hour.

Well, well, there she is.

The prodigal daughter returns.

Yep. It's not even 8:00 AM,
and I've already been felt up three times.

- How was it?
- Not enough nipple play.

Funny. So, you don't want
to talk about it?

I'm, uh, still processing,
you know?

Awkward conversations with old people,
bad cheese plates...

a funeral, a wedding,
malt liquor.

A whole lifetime
in 48 hours.

You know
what was so weird?

Eating off of plates
that weren't plastic.

They felt so heavy.

Did you, by any chance,
have time?

I did.

I'm afraid to ask.

It was great.
It was really great.

And that is such a cute part
of Queens.

- I've never spent much time there.
- Did you go in?

For a minute.

You know, it's doing really well.
There was even a line.

But you ordered something?


A, um, one of those-
The sweet-

- Vatrushki.
- Yes.

- I do them with peach puree in
the summertime. - Delicious.

It's such
a beautiful place, Red.

TB testing
for high-risk inmates, 0730 hours.

I can really see
why you are so proud of it.

Thank you, really.

My boys had told me
business was bad, and, you know...

from in here,
there's nothing I can do.

Thank God
they turned it around.

So, how was it with Larry?

Bizarre, sad, officially over...

and he fucked someone else.

He told you this?

In the middle of a drunken,
grief-stricken sexual encounter.

But you know
what the weirdest thing was?

I wasn't even mad at all.
It kind of made sense.

Tit for tat.

Or, well, tit for tit,
as the case may be.

Oh, honey.
You're a bigger woman than I am.

- Who was it?
- I didn't want to know.

- Oh, bullshit.
- No, really. I didn't want to know.

He told me it was someone I-l know,
and a name would just make it worse.

But you know who it probably was?
Our neighbor, Natalie.

She's a Bikram teacher.

She's very touchy-feely.
She's always offering us lots of free classes.

But who cares?
It doesn't matter anyway.

We broke up.

I'm the one who cheated first,

Some mail came for you.

It's from Vause.

And thank you
for taking the time for me.

You will be getting
some very nice lip gloss.

Ripped By mstoll

Don't forget, ladies,
your usual meal is 1,500 calories.

Be aware of overeating.

Any available officers...

to the admin building
for prisoner transport.

There's two waffles on there.

Thank you.

You got something to say
to me?

My girls need your seat.

And when I'm done,
they can have it.

Done yet?

You are a very rude woman.

Oh, you wound me.

Yo, damn, Vee.
Yo, we like ballers up in here.

What did I tell y'all?
When you got something people want-

Yo. This morning,
Underbite Clementino...

was waiting for me in the bathroom
to give me a back massage.

- What?
- A back massage.

Like, I'm fucking Beyoncé
in a yacht in Saint-Tropez, okay?

Make it rain, bitches.

Commissary queen
in the hizzy.

Fuck, this feels good.

I cleaned Chang out.

“You take-a the everything.

Nothing reft
for the other lady.”

Yo, didn't I tell you
that Vee was gonna take care of us?

- Mm-hmm. - System work you, you got
to find a way to work the system.

- Amen!
- Hallelujah!

Who cuts your hair?

Hell no.

I wouldn't let that butcher
near me with a pair of scissors.

I do it myself.

Don't look at the back.
It's a mess.

What's the occasion?

My son's coming to visit.

Ah. Well, don't be upset
if he doesn't notice.

Boys are stupid.
They never notice things like that.

Michael hasn't seen me
in a long time.

He's never come before.

Why not?

He was pissed off...

or ashamed or both.

He turned me in.

So you're strangling him
at the beginning of the visit or at the end?

He was only 12... and angry.
He's been through a lot.

I'm gonna sit back,
let him vent, you know, get it all out.

Well, if it were me,
I'd kick him to death...

but we all have
our own way of parenting.

Gandhi did it to protest
the caste system.

It's the only way to make
a real difference.

You're wasting your breath. You're not
gonna convince this crowd not to eat.

She's right.

I mean, this oatmeal tastes like
a bowl of chunky boogers...

but, fuck, if it isn't comforting
to keep shoveling it in.

So, I suppose you're all happy
with the way things are going?

You think the conditions in this
prison are perfectly fine...

that federal money should be spent on making
women shower in feces-soaked stalls...

and face physical abuse
if they resist?

Come on, Jane Fonda.
Have a little bit of sausage.

Yeah, just a little bite.

You look a bit pale.
How many days has it been?

Come on. Leave her alone.


I thought you, of all people,
would support me.

Oh, honey.
It's not Guantanamo.

Move over, Soso.

I'll do it alone.

That is really disrespectful.

How was furlough?
Did you bring me back a T-shirt?

Holy shit, dude. Wow.
What's it say?

Hey, let me guess. Oh.

“Hey, girl. Uh, sorry I fucked
you over in Chicago.

It was for your own good.
Let me lick your pussy.”

Probably, but I don't know.
I haven't read it.

What? Man, that's some
serious willpower right there.

- Aren't you curious?
- Of course I'm curious.

It's the first one I haven't
thrown away.

So, fucking read it already.

- I'll do it.
- No! No, no, no, no, no.

That is exactly what she wants.

Yes, that is generally what people want
when they send a piece of correspondence.

- What could she possibly say
that I want to hear? -

She's a liar. She's always been a liar,
from the very beginning.

Doesn't everyone lie
to everyone?

She knows that if she keeps
sending these, eventually I will crack...

and then she'll apologize and she'll say
all the right things, and fuck that.

But you're not gonna throw it away either.
You miss her.

Of course I miss her.

I hate that she has
this hold on me.

I'm so sick of it.

This oatmeal tastes like snot.

I'll take a sh-shot.

It's all good.
Okay, I got this one.

Oh! That was terrible.

Mmm. Whoo!



What are you doing here?

Oh, I just, um-

- I heard about the burlesque show.
- Oh.

- You?
- My friend Rachel's in it.

She does this routine
with a Ray Romano puppet.

It's surprisingly sexy.

L-Look, I'm really sorry
about that night, Piper.

I'm not
a shady person.

Oh, come on.
Don't worry about it.

I mean, I've never been
punched before.

It was probably
a good life experience.

I meant it when I said
that things were complicated.

I'm new to this whole relationship thing,
you know?

I don't-
I don't know the rules.

That's the whole problem,
isn't it?

Rules aren't any fun.

Listen, I don't want to stand
in the way of true love.

I mean, if that is
your future wife out there...

by all means,
tell me to back off.

But you pursued me...

and I liked it.

I've never felt-

You know, I've never really thought of myself
as a very sexual person, but...

ever since-

I want to taste
what you taste like.

What were they serving in there, Red?
Humble pie?

- Crow? Whipped old lady?
- You been practicing those?

High-horse hamburger?
Egg on your face?

Did you eat your hat?

- Hey, bud.
- Hey.

How you doin'?

Did you cry it out the other night
after your little lady meltdown?

Oh, come on, man. Relax.
Shit, loosen up.

It's like my mom used to say,
“Wipe that puss off your face.”

Course, that was before I learned
I liked puss on my face.

It's a new day, Benerino.

What the fuck is this?

The Big House Bugle ? Clearly, you
supported this prisoner propaganda.

They did a nice
cover story on me.

And none of you morons caught on
that the walrus in the comic is Healy?

I thought it was pretty funny.

And who do you think is the pig in high heels
carrying around the bags of money?

You got me there.


Who's in charge
of this garbage?

That would be Chapman,

I don't want to see
this shit again.

You might want to reconsider. You can use
all of the journalistic spin you can get.

- Why? - Your favorite rapist guard
has exceeded all expectations.

The Diaz girl is pregnant.

- Are you sure?
- Tested her this morning.


Big, bad baby daddy.

And you brought him back.

Fuck me.
I gotta get out in front of this.

Mendez can't know anything
until I frame the whole thing.

You're keeping him at work?

Just until I get my ducks in a row.
This thing has to be handled right.

You want me to keep this
under wraps...

you're gonna have to do
something for me.


When it's time...

I get to fire the bastard.


- So, why a Russian?
- I don't know.

I just, uh, did some online research...

and I found that the top-rated mail-order sites
were either Eastern Europeans or Orientals.

So, I figured there'd be
less cultural barriers with the Russians.

And there was money exchanged?

I'm sorry. I'm not familiar with-

You know, I-I don't need
your judgment, okay?

'Cause from the looks of it, you know,
I'm guessing your love life isn't so hot either.

Perhaps you're projecting
your experiences onto me, Sam.

Oh, let's cut
the fuckin' psychobabble, okay?

I have a wife that I paid for.
So fuckin' what?

I don't need you goin' around
throwin' out these textbook terms...

like some condescending know-it-all.

This is what I do for a living too.
I'm a counselor.

Why did you come here?

You know, I don't fucking know
why I came here.

Because I don't need
your fuckin' help.

Because I'm the one
that's helpin' people.

All day long.

Do you?

Do you really help people?

You bet your ass I do.

Man, these tracks
itchin' somethin' fierce.

I got to get these to Vee
so she can get 'em out to her people.

Yo, how many stamps
you need to send stamps?

Yo, you got a second?

I know y'all are dealing.

Yeah, so?

So, you lied to me, T.

- Like you never sold drugs.
- I sold weed, not real shit.

Real enough to get your ass
locked in here.

So don't be acting all high siddity.

In case you ain't notice,
this place is full of criminals...

and we're two of 'em.

Three, if you include
cuckoo over here.

Yo. We's gettin' paid, man.

Our crew rules.
Fuck the police.

What? Now you all gangster?

Man, y'all are fuckin' brainwashed.

You're jealous.

Jealous of what?
You acting like a hood rat corner kid?

You don't know
where I come from.

I ain't have no daddy
in the army...

parents lookin' out for me,
and a fuckin' winter coat, you bougie bitch.

So don't pretend
like you know me or my people.

Thought you wanted
to be better than that.

Get the fuck outta my bunk.

Yo! It's a sweep.
They sweepin'!

Inmates! Outside your bunks now!

Don't move a muscle.

I see you swallow anything or tuck
anything away, your ass goes to the box.

Aaah! I think I did the left side
too much, right? The arch is too high?

Eh, it kind of looks like you're
really skeptical about everything.

I think the leery look is hot.

- “A” Dorm!
- Fuck!

- Sweep time!
- They're gonna take my lipstick.

Sweep time, ladies.



Inmate, outside.

Illegal foodstuffs.
That's a shot.

Nail polish. Sharp tweezers.
There goes your phone time, inmate.

Jackpot! I doubt these
are super-absorbent, huh?

Whose bunk is this? Watson.

How much these little rollies
goin' for, huh?

- Got yourself a little business?
- No, sir.

Don't you “No, sir” me!

You start marchin'
your pretty black ass to the SHU!

I know how much you love it in there!


I'll take that.

Reminder, ladies, possession of a uniform...

that is not your own
is a violation of code 296.

You have my card.

Kids are cute, right?


It was between this
or some cats that said...

“You're purr-fect.”


I made the right choice.

You look so different.
Softer somehow, in a good way.

I'm gonna let you keep that.


Jesus, what a haul.

I'm takin' this home
after I rip it open and check for drugs.

It's adorable.

Look at all this stuff.
There's some serious open channels here.

- Here, smell this, would ya?
- Whoa.

That's awful.
Smell it.

- Oh, it smells like poo.
- Yeah, it all smells like poo.

You know what that means?

It's all comin' in
through the rectal pipeline.

Someone has been slackin'
with the squat and cough.

You know what this means? It's not
enough to look. We got to start probin'.

We can't touch 'em.
It's illegal.

- I'm not sticking my arm up there.
- What about a finger?

What's wrong with that?
A finger's nice once in a while.

Visual inspections only.

Tiny little finger?

Come on. I don't know about you all,
but I'm ready to be the hero.

Nothing's gettin' past me.

You didn't see what you thought
you saw, end of story.

- What was it then?
- Oh, Jesus, really?

Look, I'm not gonna
leave you alone.

I am not doing anything.

Do you want to join me
in the bathroom?

'Cause that's where I'm headed,
to take a dump.

Come on. You can hand me
neatly folded squares of paper...

like you're the groom of the stool
and I'm Henry the Eighth.

How would you rate
your state of mind today?

A four.

You having any
angry thoughts?

They coming up regularly
for you?

Are you having angry
thoughts that are comin' up regularly?

- That's projection.
- What does that mean?

You have any idea what I do
for a livin', what my job is?

Of course I do.

You- You fill out the paperworks
for the ladies that get shots.

I provide guidance.

I counsel people
with their problems.


I'm thinking about starting
a support group.

It's a therapy thing.

I think the women here
could really use it.

There's some angry bitches around here.

But you know that ain't nobody gonna do
nothin' without gettin' somethin' from it.

They will be getting something.
Help with their problems.

No, I'm talkin' about, like,
free doughnuts or days off work.

I've, uh, printed out some flyers.

I'd like you to distribute them.

All right, Mr. Healy,
but I'm tellin' you...

no one's gonna come
on their own.

You're underestimating them.

These women have been through a lot.
They'll come.

Didn't realize y'all
had such literary interests.

Yeah, well, we were hopin' you
could make a few suggestions...

'cause from what I hear,
you're quite the little critic.

Yeah, I got some thoughts.

- Yeah?
- And some questions.

Like why you let my girl Janae
get dragged off to Seg?

Well, she knew better than
to keep contraband in her bunk.

I guess she got a lot
of alone time now to think about it.

She'll be fine, so long as she
thinks and doesn't speak.

You in or out?

The library's
prime real estate for us.

Look, you got your spot.
Deal out of there.

There's no reason for the inmates
to flow through the warehouse.

There's no excuse to browse.

Plus, the hacks
got a taste of blood.

It's only a matter of time
before they sweep all the work sites.

I ain't no corner girl.

I like this spot.

So, you either get your ass in line
or request a transfer.

I hear electrical is looking.

You feel me?

I ain't goin' nowhere.

You feel me?

Miss Diaz, we just need
verbal confirmation...

that Officer Mendez
forced himself on you.

- Can you provide that?
- Didn't you see it?

This is for our paperwork.

Joe, I think Miss Diaz would be more
comfortable if you weren't in the room.

Look, there are laws
in place...

which criminalize sex between
prisoners and prison staff...

which means that employees
who engage in sexual misconduct...

cannot claim consent
as a defense.

So, officially, it's a rape, yes,
and we're all gonna call it that.

But I need to know, girl-to-girl,
was it consensual?

Listen, I get it. You're lonely.
You want to flirt a little.

Attention from a guard
makes you feel special.

I mean, those uniforms alone
can be a real turn-on, right?

So, just between us,
I need to know if you encouraged him.

- Yes.
- I thought as much.

Well, you've created quite
a headache for me, young lady.

Now, not only am I responsible for you
but for your little spawn of the system.

So do me a favor, sweetheart.
From now on, keep your legs closed.

You've officially destroyed a man's life.

No. You gotta tell her that if the bank
is closed on Sunday...

that there's no fucking late fee
if you pay her Monday morning.

- That shit's not right.
- I did.

- And she's still tryin' to charge you?
- Mm-hmm.

Okay. So, here's
what you got to do.

You get a baseball bat-
the wood kind, not the fucking metal kind-

and a big trash bag...

the black kind,
not the see-through kind.

You look all grown-up.

You must have grown,
like, four inches.

It's Mike now.


Now take a look at his feet.

I told him he's as tall layin' down
as he is standin' up.

Anything you want
to say to me...

you can say it, okay?

Well, you know,
maybe we should play a game.


They got a deck of cards
over there by the kids' stuff. Huh?

When in the visitation
room, you're allowed two hugs-

one on arrival
and one on departure.

Well, they still haven't fixed
the, uh, bathrooms...

and they were supposed to
put in a retaining wall by the lake...

but there's just
a couple of sandbags.

I ran the name FCP, and it doesn't exist.
No trace of the company.

- You sure that's the name you saw
on the truck? - I'm positive.

Well, my guess is that the prison
is giving inflated contracts to companies...

that are either shells
or subsidiaries of Fitzcore...

and Fitzcore is paying kickbacks
into the Jason Figueroa campaign.

What I need are invoices
so I can see who's getting paid.



What about photos of all the unfinished work?
If I could get you a camera-

No, why don't you get me
an iPhone...

so then I can take pictures
and play Candy Crush?

Are you insane?

I told you before, I'm not risking
my freedom for your fucking byline.

Piper, this woman is a criminal.

Yeah, well, so am I.

- Collectin' twos?
- Nope.

Better for me.

You sure about that?


You're kickin' my ass here.

Yep. My turn to deal?

Thank you.

Mr. Nance.
What brings you here?

Miss Figueroa.
Uh, how are you?

Better once I know what the fuck
you're doing in my prison.

- I was... visiting a friend.
- And what friend might that be?

- You know, I've called your office
a bunch of times. - Have you?

I can find out whose list you're on
in five seconds flat...

so there's no need
to play games here.

Piper Chapman.

Piper Chapman.
And how do you know Piper Chapman?

We have... mutual friends.


You seein' this shit? I mean,
it's like she's got a fuckin' hit out on me.

I think she wants some of those cheesy puffs
you got. Maybe just give her a few.

Oh, yeah. That must be it.
She's after my puffs.

- Hmm. -
Morello, you have a visitor.

Report to visitation, Morello.

That's you, kid.

I'm not expecting anybody.
Maybe it's my sister.

Geez, I hope there's nothing wrong.
How do I look?

- Fuckin' hot.
- All right.


Man, at least get in here
where I can see you.

How much longer is this shit
gonna go on for?

- You need to take it to Red.
- I don't know what you're talkin' about.

You really think I'm gonna throw away
two years of sobriety for one little high?

I saw Tricia get wheeled
outta here in a body bag.

How stupid do you think I am?

Any available officers
to the front gate for transfer.

- Well, hello. I-
- Don't you fuckin' touch me.

Sit down.

Available officers to the admin building...

for prisoner transport.

It's nice to see you.

- I-I like your sweater.
- Listen to me.

I know you
broke into my house.

I don't know how you did it,
but you did.

Now, the cops don't believe me,
but I know it was you.

I don't understand.
Why did you come here?

Because I wanna hear you say it.
Tell me it was you.

I don't know
what you're talkin' about.

So, clearly your time in prison has done nothing
to bring you back into reality, you psycho.

I swear to God...

if you come near me or my family
or my wife again, ever...

I will kill you
with my bare fucking hands.

I will choke you
until you are dead.

Could you keep your voice down
just a little?

You- Are you- Why?

You want me to keep my voice down
so your criminal friends in here...

won't know that you're a mental case
who broke outta prison to stalk me?

Is that him?

What is that?

Are you trying to keep up
this lunatic charade...

- pretend that I'm your boyfriend?
- No.

I don't know
this woman, okay?

We went on one date. One.

She's a fucking stalker.

Sir, you need to leave now.

She's fuckin' dangerous, okay?

- Leave now.
- She-

You know she broke outta here, right?

- She's a psycho bitch.
- Sorry.

- Come on.
- Hey, man, I'm not the criminal here, okay?


I'm crazy.
I'm a crazy person.

There is somethin'
really wrong with me.

There's somethin' wrong with all of us.
Otherwise, we wouldn't be in here.

No. I did something bad.

Really bad.

When I was supposed to be
at the hospital...

I stole the van, and I went
to his house in Albany.

Are you serious?

Do you know what could have
happened if you got caught?

I think they charge you with felony escape-
triple your sentence.

I know. Believe me, I know.

Well, don't fuckin'
do that again, you maniac.


It's a miracle that you-you
didn't get caught.

I just wanted to see him.

But he's so mean.
I mean, he's really mean.

He's not the man
that I thought he was.

Do you hate me?

No, I don't hate you.


But it's getting clearer every second
that you're totally batshit crazy.

But you're
a beautiful, sweet girl.

Fuck this guy.

So many people
are gonna love you.

No. No.

Nobody's gonna love me.

I do.

Come here.

Hi. Larry, it's me.

Listen, I know that I said I didn't
want to know who it was- and I didn't-

but being in here, it just has
a way of making you obsess...

and feel a little crazy-jealous.

So, I know this is totally unfair,
but it's how I feel.

So, I just think it would
be better if I knew-

if I just knew who it was,
and then I could stop guessing.

Your phone time is up.

I- I'm just-

Um, bye.

That's right.

Your attention, please.

- Move along.
- I was done anyway.

I'm not gay. I'm not.

I'm just experimenting.
I don't know.

Maybe all of the guys
that I've been with so far...

have just been really bad
in bed, but I'm telling you...

it's like I just discovered
what sex is supposed to be.

- But she has a girlfriend?
- Mmm, she had a girlfriend.

They were having problems.
It's over.

- For sure?
- Yeah.

I don't know, Piper.

Who is that?

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God!

There's shit
in that bag!

You fell for that? That's, like,
the oldest trick in the book.

What is the oldest trick
in the book, poop?

In a bag? On fire?

Yes. My brother
and his friends used to do it.

It's so fucking stupid.
It's a prank.



Oh, my God.
It's her.

- Who?
- Sylvia. Alex's ex.

- Really?
- Yeah, she's fucking crazy.

She attacked me.
This- This is her. I know it.

Do you think it's human shit?

No, I mean, this is-
this is dog shit, right?

I mean, if she's really
as crazy as you say.

You don't think that she squatted
and pooped in a bag, do you?

Well, she did get her point across.

I'll give her that much.

Lesbians are insane.

I can't believe she said that to you.
The fuckin' nerve. Jesus.

She was right. I seduced him.
We set him up.

Yeah, but she doesn't know that.

- It's wrong. He's goin' to jail, John.
- What is the alternative?

You want me to stand up and shout,
“Hey, everyone, that's my baby in there”?

In my neighborhood,
real men stand up and claim their kids.

We're not in your neighborhood,
are we?

What the fuck do you
want from me, Daya?

Stand up and tell the world
that you love me.

That is insane. They would
cart me off in front of the local news.

- Is that what you want?
- No. Yes.

I don't know what I want.
It just feels really bad.

Daya, I would go to jail.

Well, then at least we'll be even.

If you're here to mock me,
I don't have the energy to argue.

Everything hurts.

I'm not here
to make fun of you.


I watched a friend get taken
to the SHU yesterday.

That's the second time
she's been in there...

and the first time
was rough.

I'm sick and tired
of the guards...

using solitary like it's
some kind of toddler time-out.

These are not violent offenders.

It's inhumane, and it's torture.

I think what you're doing
is very, very brave.

You are a true activist.

- Did you hand out all the flyers I gave you?
- Of course I did.

Yes, sir.

- But I really don't think anybody's co-
- I know, Doggett.

I got it.

Recreation sign-up is now full.

- Hey, Pol.
- Hi.

- Oh, my gosh. You're so skinny.
- Oh.

Your big pregnancy ass is gone.

I know.

I am so sorry
it's been so long...

and, Pipe,
I'm sorry about Celeste.

I should've been
at the funeral.

I just- I'm not making that much milk,
and pumping is really hard.

- Larry says you've been lost in the baby fog.
- I feel horrible.

You lost someone.
I should've been there for you.

I'm so, so sorry.
It was really shitty of me.

- Stop. It's fine.
- It's not. It's not fine.

You needed me,
and I wasn't there.

I've been a really bad friend,
like, the worst.

You don't deserve that.
You don't deserve any of this.

How is mommy life?

Hard. It's so much harder
than anyone tells you.

I feel like I've lost my mind.
I'm not myself.

- Is Pete being good?
- Pete took off to Alaska.

It was weird
and totally horrible of him.

Have you seen Larry a lot?

No. Why, did he tell you that?

I-I mean,
just when Pete was gone.

- He helped me a lot with Finn.
- Oh.

Are-Are you guys
still talking a lot?

Well, we just spent
the past 48 hours together.

How did that go?

We had sex. Well, we started to,
at my grandmother's wake.

- Really?
- Does that surprise you?

Uh, well, yeah.
I-I thought you ended things.

He was my fiancé, Polly.
There's still a lot of love there.

Of course.

He slept with someone else.


- Did he tell you that?
- No. Why would he tell me that?

You two have been talking, you're close,
he's been helping you with Finn-

Oh, we're not that close.

Um, what did he tell you?

That it was someone I know.

I think he was feeling
pretty guilty.

He probably felt like
it was a mistake.

He doesn't want to hurt you.

I'm sure that he doesn't.

Do you think she's gonna murder me?

Just how unstable
is this Sylvia person?

- It was a joke.
- It was not a joke.

It was
a very clear message.

“I know what you did, bitch,
and I want you to know that I know.”

Look. Being with you
was my choice.

I wasn't happy.

And then I took advantage
of that.

I'm a grown-up, Piper.

Do you think that
she's gonna come after me?

Look, I think that she needed
to get it out of her system, all right?

Sometimes you gotta rage
in order to move on.

Did you love her?


But I love you.

You do?

I don't say that to everyone.

You have to say it back.

I love you too.

Do you want to talk about it?


Remember I told you that my fiance
fucked somebody else?


It was my best friend.


Can I be alone
for a minute, please?

Sure, honey.

Inmate 3155,
you can go to the infirmary now.

Honey, you don't drink poison
and wait for it to kill your enemy.

Stop hitting walls
and plot your revenge.

Oh, fuck.

What the fuck
do you think you're doing?

You know, I think I'd like to join
your little gardening club.

We're not accepting
new members.

A tunnel, Red?

That is so Bugs Bunny.

What are you gonna do,
turn me in?

No, I'm gonna use it.

You have your own operation.

Yeah, I know,
but this is better.

Fewer people involved and
no unstable vendor connections.

- You're not taking it.
- No, no, no, no, no.

I wouldn't want to deprive your girls
of their shit-flavored panty hose.

We could share.

You don't know
how to share.

Just to take
and to bully.

We used to be friends once.

I want to be
friends again, man.

Some friend.

Will you think about it, huh?

And would you think about how much
you've changed over the years?

People change, Red.



Do you think people can change?

I need you to take this
from me...

'cause I'm gonna do it.

And I really, really
don't want to.

Who gave that to you?

Taystee. Came from Vee.

I'm so sorry, Red.
I-I let you down.

- No, you didn't.
- Yeah.

You brought it here.
You did good, Nicky.

- You did.
- Yeah?

Hey, girl.
Steady there.

I'm fine. I'm good.

- Yo, Vee.
- Yeah?

- Fuck you.
- Oh, shit, girl. You're blind drunk.

You wanna take my fuckin'
job assignment?

You wanna take all my friends?
Well, fuck you!

Somebody get her out of here
before she hurts herself.

What the fuck?

- Fuck!
- Don't you touch her!


That's what you get
when you don't listen!

That's what you get!


An inmate from Litchfield Federal Prison...

is attempting to contact you.

To accept this call,
please press one.

Cal's phone.

Neri. Hey. Is Cal there?

No, he's out foraging in the forest...

for greens that taste really green.

But he's probably almost done.
Should I go get him?

Actually, maybe you can help me.

Yeah, sister-in-law.

Whatever you need, dude.

I need you to do me a favor.

It's a big one.

I deserve that.


- All right.
- Hey.

I'm proud of you.

Then get the fuck outta here.

What was that about?


You ever seen an image
that sears itself into your brain?

Like the movie about the hiker guy...

where he cuts off his own arm
with a Swiss Army knife?

Yeah, the-the sound, the tendons?

Fuck! I wish
I never watched that part.

You know what
tops that for me?

You know what image I can't unsee,
it's still stuck in there...

flickering at least once a day,
making me want to lose my lunch?

No, sir.

Your bare ass, Mendez.

Your pimply, white ass...

bouncing up and down between
the brooms and the mops...

ramming into that poor girl-

a girl you were supposed
to protect and keep safe.

Your ass. It haunts me.

I'm sorry to hear that, sir.

I've been doin' this kind
of work 25 years...

and it's guys like you...

that give the whole profession
a bad name.

If it was up to me, you'd never set foot
on this property again.

But considering the D.O.C.
didn't press charges...

it was your word against mine.

Until now.

Well, I've been doin' my job, sir.

Just gave out 15 shots this morning.

You got her pregnant.


Mmm. Sadly, for her, yes.

That poor girl is carrying around...

a sadistic little mustachioed shit
inside her.


Mendez, you're fucking fired.

I understand, sir.

Mm-mmm. No. I-I-I-

I don't think you do understand.

You're also under arrest.

Your hand.

Let me get that for you.

All right, let's go.

We're reporting
from Litchfield Federal Penitentiary...

where the arrest
of Correctional Officer George Mendez...

on charges of sexual assault
is under way.

- There she is. -
I'm here with Natalie Figueroa...

assistant warden of Litchfield Prison...

and wife of Jason Figueroa,
who is currently running for state senate.

Mrs. Figueroa, were you aware
of misconduct among your officers?

Here are Litchfield,
we have a zero-tolerance policy...

when it comes to sexual offenders.

Since the Prison Rape
Elimination Act...

we have made it our mandate
to weed out rogue officers.

These vulnerable women
are under our care...

and we do everything
in our power to protect them.

Of course, there are still bad people
in this world who commit heinous crimes...

and it is unfortunate that one of these sickos
ended up under our roof.

But I assure you, we are doing
everything in our power...

to take care of this young woman...

who is the real victim here.

- Wait for me, baby.
- All right, keep it movin'.

You know what?
I don't care anymore.

Go ahead! Arrest me!

I love this woman!

You hear me? That is my baby
in there, and I fuckin' love you!

- Hey, hey.
- I want to call it Stan, okay?

Don't lift anything heavy,
and no tuna fish or soft cheese!

I'm comin' back for you, baby!
I'm gonna take care of you- both of you!

Let's go.
You're done here.

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