One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 9 - Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace - full transcript

At Thanksgiving, only Chase mans his bar, but gets no customers, while his rivaling would-be-girlfriends bicker ever worse at Nathan's, only to agree he should decide, actually on Julian's video. Brooke utterly ruins her first turkey dinner, so Julian takes her and his ma along to Nathan's, where Clayton still stays. Portions were cooked there for more, and indeed Mouth turns up with Skills, who bought a live turkey although neither has the guts to kill it, and later Quinn. Victoria is released from jail, and Sylvia invites even her.

Thank you, Ms. Davis.

As of this moment,
your ownership is terminated,

and you are no longer affiliated

with the Clothes Over Bros brand.

You have a rock star

and a famous actress
fighting over you,

and you're not sure
you want to be with either one?

They both kind of screwed me up.

So maybe you should move on.

Trick or treat!

Aren't you a little old
to be trick-or-treating?

Is my son here?


Oh, please, God, no.

Millie, you ready to go?

I found a ride.

You're going home with Spartacus?

Just playing by your rules.

You're gonna be great at this.

Troy must agree with me

because he wants you
to be his Agent.

you signed your first client.

I think you should take
that photo assignment,

the one in South Africa.

Because this will save you.

This won't.

I'll go.

Dear Lucas,

I can't believe
it's already Thanksgiving.

Remember the time
we shared the wishbone?

You got the bigger side,
but you let me make the wish.

That day, I wished

that we'd always find the good
in our lives.

I'm pretty sure that can come
true whenever we want it to.

So, I'm gonna make today
about the good,

because there's so much of it.

Brooke Davis in the kitchen.

Is it wrong
that I'm getting turned on?

A little bit.
I'm trying to be domestic.

Domestic Brooke is cute.

Hang on.

What's this?

Apple crisp.

Good morning, pilgrims.

Guess what, Julian.

I got the ingredients for your
favorite -- the Fluffy salad.

- Yes!
- Yes.

Is that an apple peel?

It's rustic.

It's interesting.

Hope no one chokes.

It says three pounds apples.


All right.

Jame, go long.

No, not that long.

You should probably throw this.


So, we should probably make
this Agent thing official.

I thought we already did that --
with Troy.

Sort of, you know, but you got
to take the test to get certified.

It's a piece of cake.

Just get me
your college transcripts,

and -- and I'll set it all up.

Remember when we took
that road trip to New York

so I could get Millie back?

Dude, really?

Pink charlene, baby.

This will change your life.

Millie loves parades.

Dawg, seriously,
no more talk about Millie, okay?

Now, look, man,
it's Thanksgiving, bro.

I ordered us a nice organic,
farm-fresh turkey,

and we about to get our eat on.

You hear that?

Turkey time!
I'll be back.

Oh, damn.

I thought you was the turkey.

Gobble, gobble.

I won't ever do that again.

Millie, hi.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Uh, the parade's on.
I'm watching it.

Hi, Marvin.

Um, I thought you might be watching.

I didn't want to watch it alone.
It felt sad.

I thought you might be spending
the day with that gladiator guy.

From Halloween?


That pretty much ended when
he asked me to polish his sword.


It kind of seems like
you were a little jealous.


Well, maybe.

Okay, a lot.

That is a lot of food.

Seriously, it's just the four of us.
Four and a half, counting the baby.

Five and a half, actually. I invited
Erin. And people always show up.

I'll be happy for leftovers. I cannot
handle any more canned food.

Get out of there.

Don't forget to save
the wishbone for me.

- I won't. Go.
- Yes.

"In large saucepan, place parsley,
carrots, celery, black pepper."

Okay, 10 cups water... did that.

Neck and giblets.
Oh, my God, gross.

What happened?
I don't know, but make it stop.

- Oh, God! I'm blind!
- My God !

What is it? What is it? What?

- All right, I got it, I got it.
- No, no!

Maybe we could scrape it off.

Nathan, three more settings
at the table.

Happy Thanksgiving?

Okay, I got the pink charlene
chilling in the fridge.

Now it's on to the cheesy potatoes.

What's "pink charlene"?

It's basically jello salad.

I love jello salad.

Oh, you about to get
some jello salad, baby.

Plus, we got cheesy potatoes

and a sweet, succulent bird.

And not to mention,
it's farm fresh, by the way.

He's very excited about that part.

You know, speaking of sweet
and succulent,

Millie, what's up with you
and the gladiator dude?

Oh, look at that. Saved by the bell.

- I'm glad Chase gave you the day off.
- Yeah, me too.

He was gonna close the bar,
but he decided to leave it open

for all the people
with nowhere to go.

One purse.

Assorted jewelry.

One replenishing night serum.

One super-firming serum.

One multi-active
youth-recovery cream.

Is it necessary to read every label?

Standard procedure.

One cellphone.

One tin of breath mints.
And $20.

Sign here.

I'm gonna miss you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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Be prepared.
Farm fresh has arrived.


Is that the turkey?

Sort of.

Well, it's definitely farm fresh.

Not funny.

- What are you doing?
- We eating him.

- I am not okay with this.
- Dude, you can't just kill him.

How in the hell you think that the
turkey you eat ended up on your plate?

Now, damn it, it's turkey day,
and we eating turkey.

Do you have to call it "turkey day"?

Damn it.

Nathan, three more.

Look how cute.

You two are making little...


You want to make one?


But do you know where your mom
keeps the wine?

- Let me check.
- Thanks.


Any word from your mom...

Yet today?

Oh, no.
And I am very thankful.

Although I do wonder if they'll
be serving turkey in prison.

Well, don't you think it's a good idea
to at least wish her a happy holiday?

Are you serious?


I think that would be
a horrible idea

given the awful things that she
said to me the last time we spoke.

I think I'd likely
tell her to choke on a yam

or shove a turkey up her...

Anyway, I'm just really glad

to have a drama-free holiday
with you guys.

I'm gonna go find that wine.

I wish Quinn were here.
I miss her.

Still can't dribble
with the left, huh?

I thought she was supposed to
be back from Africa by now.

Yeah, she was, but she had
to extend a week. She'll be back soon.

So, the transcripts that you need...

I never graduated.

I'm a few credits short.

How many is a few?

Does it matter?

Yeah, it does.

You've got to have
a college degree to do this,

and you're clearly good at it,

so I think you should
go get those credits.

Hey, thanks again
for letting us come.

I don't know how I managed
to set a turkey on fire.

I don't know, either.
At least it wasn't a piano.


Hey, is it okay if Alex joins?

She was supposed to come
to our house, and...

Normally I would say yes, but...

Mia called and
she said she's coming over.

And I just think that might be kind
of awkward for the both of them.

And if I already invited her?

Jello salad?

I hear it's a popular dish
in the states.

Very. I'm glad you could
make it. Come in.

That's 20.
Yeah, baby.

Bro, you are an NBA star,
and I'm kicking your ass.

Dude, it's cornhole.

Just sayin'.


I got shot.
What do you expect?

Right here.

Man, it is some fine ladies
in the Scott house today.

You must've met Erin.
She's cute, huh?

Yeah, but I'm talking about Sylvia.

- Dude, that's my mom.
- Yes.


- Is he serious?
- Trust me. He's serious.


Say "cornucopia".


Say "stuffing".


- Your accent is so cool.
- Yours too.

- I don't have one.
- Sure you do.

Why aren't you with your parents
for Thanksgiving?

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving
in Ireland.

- Do you celebrate Christmas?
- Yep.

Will you be with your parents then?

Well, I don't talk to my mom
and dad so much.

'Cause they live in Ireland?

Sort of.

We really don't get along very well.

- 'Cause you had a fight?
- Yeah.

We had a fight.




Hey, bitch.

- I've missed you.
- Me too.

Tell me Hollywoody stories
and let me live vicariously.

You mean boring stories?

Work, diet, work, diet,
think about Chase...

Think about Chase some more.

- I was hoping for glamorous.
- Yeah, not so much.

Okay, your turn.
Indulge me on small-town secrets,

if they're dirty or about Chase.

I'm boring, too.

I have been looking for work,
looking for work, looking for work.

And thinking about Marvin.

You mean hooking up with Marvin?

No, just thinking.

I mean, we were hooking up,
and then we stopped, and now...

You're thinking about
hooking up with Marvin.


I'll be right back.

I just want to make sure we're okay,
because we haven't talked in a while,

and if we're not okay...

We're okay.

I don't have an issue with you. I have
an issue with Victoria,

but not with you.

Besides, it's Thanksgiving,

and we have a ton
to be thankful for.

Not Victoria, obviously,
but a lot of other things.

Like that carving knife.

If Victoria were here, I would
be super thankful for it.

Don't worry, Uncle Skills.
That one is not farm fresh.

I named him "Feathers".

Very funny.


Was the turkey cool?

The turkey was not cool.

- Did it scare you at all?
- No.

- Not even a little bit?
- Man, why you ask so many questions?

Well, I know how you felt
about Percy the Iguana,

so if you need any help...

I'm your man.

I'm gonna hold you to that, J-Scott.

You could give him Feathers
to keep him company.

He's probably lonely
on Thanksgiving.


This thing is ugly.

I'm glad I made extra food.

You always know.

So, are you okay?
What's going on?

Well, Clay says
that I need my degree

if I want to be an agent.

Okay. Well, you always
wanted to finish school.

Maybe now's your chance.

School was never easy for me, Hales.

I barely got by.
You know that.

But you found a way.

You always do.

You're gonna be fine.

I don't get it.

Haley's cooking for a small army, and
it looks like a butterball commercial.

How's my bird?

Just how I like it...
dead and cooked.

Okay, well, I was hoping
for golden brown.

Your bird is perfect.

Brooke Davis, I love you
and I'm thankful for you,

and my gift to you
is a day free of filming.

- Really?
- Finally.

Such a good gift.

Brooke? Haley?

Anyone care for wine?

- It's Millie.
- Sure.

- Pregnant. Sorry.
- I'm good.

Well, at least someone here is fun.

So not good.

Why are you here?

I just got out of prison.

I don't care if you just crawled
out of your own coffin.

Here we go with the typical
Brooke dramatics.

You want dramatic?

There's a carving knife here
I'm not afraid to use.

The last time I saw you, you told me
you never wanted to speak to me again.

I don't.

Well, neither do I.

So why don't you do us both
a favor and just leave?

Victoria, hello.
I am Sylvia, Julian's mom.

- Hello.
- Victoria was just leaving.

Don't be silly.

A lady gets out of the big house, she
deserves a nice, big glass of Riesling.

Thank you.
Finally, someone with manners.

Hey, Fluffy salad.


You're gonna let them bond?
That is such a bad idea.

It'll be fine. They will hate each other
and then hopefully they'll both leave.

Like she's really playing
with Jamie.

They look like they're having fun.

Can't we just poison her drink

or put laxative in her stuffing
or something?

You know what?
You need the green stuff.

Take some and calm down.

If you ain't gonna help me, Erin will.
Do you know any irish curses?

May your pipe never smoke
and your teapot be broke.

May your temples wear horns,
toes many corns.

May you keep to your bed
till the hour you are dead.

It's...Something like that.

I think you need the green stuff.

Cranberry sauce.

Pumpkin pie.


Oh, my God.

- I'd love some more.
- No problem.

- I'll save your seat.
- Thank you, dear.

You are supposed to be making her
uncomfortable so that she leaves.

And you are over there bonding.

- Why are you bonding?
- It's Thanksgiving, Brooke.

Be thankful. Be kind.

Having fun?

Thankful, my ass.
Thanksgiving sucks.

- You need some of the green stuff.
- Is that a money joke?

Jello salad.

All right, it's time to pick teams.

I pick Uncle Skills.

Pick me. Pick me.


I'll be next.

Aunt Brooke.

Hey, pick Millie.

- Erin, you ever play football?
- Not a day in my life.

I pick Erin.





Actually, I trade for Alex.


Clay, are you playing?

I'd love to, bro,
but, uh, gunshot wound,

kidney transplant.


- You sure?
- Yeah. Go ahead.

Ready, set.

Uncle Skills!

Yay, Jujube!

Way to go!

You're snuggly
when you play football.

Look, something else
you gave away, Brooke.

But look, the other side
is happy, aren't they?

Come on, guys.

We're on the 1-yard line.

We got this.

Ready, set.

Eat it, losers!

Oops, didn't realize
you already scored. My bad.

With Chase or in the game?

- Hi, Marvin.
- Hi, Millie.

I'm gonna crush you.

Ready? And hike.

I'm open, I'm open!

I got the ball!
I got the ball!

She's on the other team.
Come on.

Ready, set.

Back off!

All right, all right, all right,
all right, okay, okay.

Let's get it, let's get it.

I'm coming for you.

Ready, set! Hike!

Over here!

I leave and all hell breaks loose.

Aunt Quinn!

Hey, buddy.

- You're back.
- I'm back.

Come here.

How's my girl?

I kind of think
you should take me home.

Right now?

- And skip dinner?
- Yeah.

I've been smelling that turkey
all day. And...

Do you know how long
I've eaten canned food?

Okay, fine.
We'll wait.

No. No way. I'm taking you home
right now. Come on.

Hey, little sis.

I'm so glad that you're back.

How was your trip?
Tell me everything.

I mean, there's not that much to tell.
It was work, you know?

Excuse me, you were on safari halfway
across the world a million miles away.

There's nothing to tell?
How was the weather?

- How were the people? The food?
- I'll tell you everything, but later.

Would I be the worst sister in
the world if I told you I was exhausted

and I just want Clay
to take me home?

I know it's Thanksgiving. You did
an amazing job and cooked way too...

- Thank you.
- Yes. Go. I get it.

Be with Clay. And feed him.

He's been sneaking
my mashed potatoes all day.

You're the best worst sister ever.

I'm thankful for you.

Not just today, every day.

- Does it hurt?
- Not as bad as when you hit me.


Don't even think about it.


That table's for misfits.

How perfect for you.


Over here.
I saved a seat for you.

I don't like them being together.

- It's your mom.
- I don't care.

Doesn't she look like a turkey?

Not really.

She totally looks like a turkey.

Okay, uh, we have tons of food,

so please dig in.


Also, we have
a tradition at our house

of going around the table and
saying what we're thankful for.

I'll start.

I'm really grateful to be surrounded

by such amazing friends
and family, and...

I'm really glad
that you're all here.

- I'm thankful we're hanging out again.
- I'm thankful that you said that.

You guys need to do it.

I'm surprised
you haven't slept with him.

I'm thankful for my baby brother.

- Or sister.
- Whatever.

I'm also thankful that Aunt Quinn
is back and for Chester

and I hope that Erin
gets to see her parents soon.

I'm next.

I am thankful that I'm hot
and that I'm famous.

Well, I'm thankful...

I'm thankful that I don't have
to be a whore to be confident.

I'm thankful that girls call me
a whore, 'cause it actually means

they're jealous that I'm prettier
and more interesting than them.

Right, that's it.

My mom says we have to switch seats.

That is a great idea, Jamie.
Thank you.

Gobble, gobble.

Brooke, can you pass the wine,

I would, but it looks like
you and Sylvia drank it all.

I'm thankful I have more wine
in the kitchen. I'll go get some.

I'm thankful my wife needs help.

Please come back.

As I was saying,

I'm thankful for my baby boy

and that I could bring Brooke

and Victoria together.

You invited her?

It's Thanksgiving.

- Yeah. I'll take that.
- Okay, sure.

Please, Brooke, can I have
a glass before you chug it all?

No. I've decided to stop
giving things away.

Well, that's probably wise
since you don't have anything left.

I know what I'm not thankful for.

Okay, I think what we mean to say

is that we're so grateful
for what we have

because we've been through
so much this year,

so many things that were not easy
and things that make you realize

you're all grown up and on your own.

Hopefully we came out
the other side stronger

and with the realization

that we really do have a lot
to be grateful for.

I just want to say that
I wish my mom was here, because...

even it felt bad, I would have
the chance to make it better.

And you two, fighting over a boy

when you've got the whole world
at your fingertips. Are you crazy?

What some of us wouldn't give
to be living our dream.

So, maybe instead of focusing
on what we don't have,

we can focus on what we do have.


That means "cheers", right?


Happy Thanksgiving.


Eat. Dig in.

Thank you.

Hey, Haley.
Thank you so much for today.

The food was amazing, and the
company was... Almost amazing.

Sure thing, Alex. You're welcome.
Feel free to any take leftovers.

She already did that, hales.

Do you mind if I take this pie
for Chase?

No, actually, I mind.
I made it.

Well, I don't care
'cause I'm gonna take it.

- It's my pie.
- Doesn't matter. I want it.

What's going on?

- She's greedy with her stupid pie.
- She keeps taking my stuff.

They're fighting over a pie?

They're fighting over Chase.

- Seriously?
- Yeah. The pie made more sense, right?

I know who he likes.

What are you waiting for?
Push "play".

But if he picks you,
it'll totally wreck me.

I actually agree with you
about something.


Whoever he picks
gets to be with him.

No more fighting.
No more games.


I guess if I had to choose,

well, that's hard because
they're both great girls.

Amazing girls.

But the truth is...

I think they chose for me.

I want to be with a girl
who really wants to be with me,

not someone who lies to me
or broke up with me by text.

I think I should just be
by myself for a while.

Not what I expected.

- Me either. I thought he'd pick you.
- Yeah, me too.

Although I kind of panicked
and thought it might be you.

That pie smells really good.

It is really good.
And it's not store-bought, either.

Nice job.

We're heading out.
Thanks again for having us.

I'm so glad you came.

Hales, I'm really sorry
that your mom isn't here.

She would be really proud of you.
You are so much like her.

Thank you.

Well, she's never very far.
She's in my heart.

You must think I'm awful
for fighting with Victoria.

I just... I wasn't prepared
to see her today, and...

I'm not ready
to forgive her yet.

I totally understand.

But if you think you can fix it, do.

Don't waste a lot of time, you know.

You might not have it.

I'm thankful
you're such a good friend.

I'm thankful I got to watch you
chug wine out of a bottle.

- Classy.
- Bye.

- Love you.
- Love you, too.

Don't forget your jello salad.

Sylvia, it was a pleasure.
Thank you.

It was a hoot, really.

- Martini lunch next week.
- You got it.

Thank you.

Safe home.

Well, that was lovely,
don't you think?


She just got out of prison and I thought
that you would want to see her.

No, not really.

Not at all, actually.

Well, I guess I was wrong.

Sylvia, I know that you mean well.

And I really appreciate it,
but you don't have to...

Be so helpful all the time.

I just want everybody to be happy.

I know, and...

if it weren't for you,
I wouldn't have Julian.

So you already gave me
a lot of happy.

The leftovers are the best part.

Thanks, Haley.

It means everything
that you included me.

It's so nice to be surrounded by people
that care about each other so much.

Yeah. I actually overheard
you telling Jamie

that you don't talk
to your parents much.

I don't talk to my parents at all.

Can I ask why?

They didn't believe in my music.

They told me I was throwing my life
away, that I was wasting my time.

I told them I couldn't respect a parent
that didn't believe in their child,

who told them their dream
wasn't worthwhile.

They said some things,
I said some things, and...

We haven't spoke since.

Well, we're just gonna have to
prove them wrong, aren't we?

Come on.

It was a nice day.

It was a very nice day.

I'm glad we got to
spend it together.

Me too.

You can kiss me now.

Hey, you.

I just got you back.
Where you going?

I'm gonna develop some photos
from my trip.

- I'm really excited.
- Come here.

I'm happy you're happy.

I destroyed that turkey.

It might've been okay
if my mom didn't spray it.


You know,
everything that's happened...

Maybe it's okay in a way.

I learned the important people,

the important things,
they don't go away.

- You're still here.
- And I'm never gonna leave.

Mom, I have the wishbone.
Make a wish.

You ready?

One, two, three.

Both our wishes are gonna come true.


Listen to me.
About school...

You have more determination
than anyone I know.

And I really, really
believe in you, Nathan.

Well, that means everything.

You want to know what I wished for?

I wished that you
would believe in yourself

as much as I believe in you.