One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 8 - Mouthful of Diamonds - full transcript

Clayton finally gets some hand muscle control back. As he predicted, Nathan had no reason to be gloomy about his first contract, football talent Troy, which is signed to all parties' satisfaction. Julian and Brooke stand up to his ma, who has to back down on the fancy wedding plans but relapses into drinking. After some occupational therapy for Mouth and himself, Chase handles his Alex-Mia-dilemma. In super-dad's absence, Jamie finds it even harder to face the peril of braces peer ridicule, which Haley only compounds by wearing a 'commiserative' eye-patch.

Previously on One Tree Hill...
I got up and I sang at an open Mike the other night.
I was there.
What do you mean you were there?
Well, Red Bedroom Records is my label.
I think you're great.
I would love to meet with you sometime.
[ Dial tone ]
Clay: You're gonna be great at this.
And Troy must agree with me
because he wants you to be his Agent.
Congratulations, you signed your first client.
So, you see, even if you were to liquidate all the company's assets,
you'd only be able to pay back your investors
70% of what they lost.
What if I liquidate everything?
Are we talking about your personal fortune?
Everything I own.
[ Knock on door ]
Can I help you?
Is my son here?
Oh, please, God, no.
Julian: So, you think I could get a smile?
Come on, man. Really?
What, you're just gonna go the rest of your life
without smiling?
Well, what if I told you a joke?
Or what if I made this sound?
Blah-la-lu bloo-ba-do boo-boo-ba-do.
Okay, well, do me a favor. Just smile for one second.
And then you can live the rest of your sourpuss life in peace.
How about it?
I got to say, the braces aren't that bad, bro.
I'm serious.
I mean, maybe you could use a gold tooth or some bling,
but overall, it's a good look.
I think it sucks.
This sucks.
It doesn't suck.
It kind of does.
It doesn't, and it won't.
It did the last time.
Yeah, well, last time was different, all right?
This time all the terms are in place.
The contract's a good one.
I mean, all you have to do is just fly to Atlanta
and convince Troy to sign the contract.
There's that part that could suck again.
Oh, come on, dude.
It's me and you -- fortitude.
Let's hear some spirit.
Escalators are an incentive based on performance.
It's a start.
Just get him to sign the contract.
Man: And sign here.
Initial here.
And sign here.
♪ Once I was young, I was stupid ♪
♪ and sure of myself ♪
thank you, Ms. Davis.
As of this moment, your ownership is terminated,
and you are no longer affiliated
with the Clothes Over Bros brand.
♪ Maybe tomorrow I'll wake up... ♪
May I have my pen?
♪ But time moves slow ♪
♪ tonight ♪
[ sighs ]
♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
What's with the eye patch?
Oh. It's pretty cool, huh?
No. How come you're wearing that?
Um, I don't know. It's just something new I'm trying.
Hey, what time is your baseball practice today?
I thought I would come by and watch and cheer...Loudly.
Mom, no, you cannot wear that thing to my practice.
Oh, yes I can.
And as long you pout about your braces,
mama's rocking the eye patch all the time, everywhere.
[ Chuckles ]
♪ All the weight of my skin, it goes ♪
♪ at the great unknown ♪
♪ it's all uneven now ♪
This came for you and Haley.
Just in case you wanted to slap me again,
I thought I'd help you out.
♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
♪ yeah, yeah ♪
♪ yeah, yeah ♪
[ sighs ]
Mouth. How you doing, buddy?
Well, I have a plunger in my hand,
and you're wearing a suit,
so let's go with, "not as good as you."
The station made me program director.
You believe that?
Definitely not as good as you.
I'm really happy for you, Jerry. You deserve it.
Dude, were you really just plunging toilets?
We really got to stop serving tamales at happy hour.
Well, you know how guys are, huh?
It was the girls' bathroom.
So, listen...
We all miss you down at the station.
I'm gonna see what I can do to get you back, okay?
I miss you, man.
Thanks, Jerry. I-I really appreciate that.
I'll let you know, okay? I got to go.
Yeah, s-see you later.
Sylvia: Oh, Brooke, honey?
I hope you don't mind,
but I changed out those hand towels in the kitchen.
Oh, and good news --
I booked the banquet room at the Oaks for your reception.
I can't afford it. You know, I did have to pull a few strings,
but it is so lavish.
I wish I'd had my reception there.
I said I can't afford it.
Well, you don't have to, dear.
I told you -- I'm taking care of it.
I started my clothing line in high school.
Did you know that?
I made a website, and I sold clothes online.
And ever since then, that is who I've been.
That's what I've been -- Clothes Over Bros...
Until today.
Oh, honey, I know you're hurting,
but I really don't know what that has to do with the wedding.
When I took the line to New York,
I had to attract investors.
And what I realized very quickly
is that when you take their money, you take their input.
I don't want to take your input.
I'm sorry. I don't like the Oaks.
I don't really like any of it.
Well, on your budget, there's always white-bread sandwiches
and a box of wine.
I just want a small wedding that I can afford...
One that feels like mine.
Okay, you can have your small wedding.
You know, I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
You have been curt to me ever since I got here.
I have not.
Yes, you have, and I have news for you, missy.
Just because you're upset with your mother
is no reason for you to take this out on me.
Just because your son is in love with me
is no reason to take it out on my liquor cabinet.
You're a spoiled little bitch.
Fine, drinky.
Good luck with the backyard hootenanny.
Good luck with being old.
And, by the way, I like my hand towels!
[ Door closes ]
♪ I don't want to be anything ♪
♪ other than what I've been trying to be lately ♪
♪ all I have to do is think of me ♪
♪ and I have peace of mind ♪
♪ I'm tired of looking 'round rooms ♪
♪ wondering what I gotta do ♪
♪ or who I'm supposed to be ♪
♪ I don't want to be anything ♪
♪ other than me, yeah ♪
♪ anything ♪
♪ other than me ♪
♪ One Tree Hill 8x08 ♪ Mouthful of Diamonds original air date on November 9, 2010
Julian: Has losing your company
been the hardest thing you've ever had to face?
Clothes Over Bros was so many things for me --
a creative outlet, a career,
my identity.
Losing it is definitely the hardest thing
I have ever had to deal with.
Or second hardest.
You haven't met my self-pitying,
passive-aggressive future mother-in-law.
Or maybe you have.
You should have heard the way she spoke to me.
Yeah, well, I'm sure you provoked her.
How can you say that?
She's poisoned you.
No one's poisoned anyone.
Mom, come on. You know how you are.
And how is that? Tell me.
You're just persistent. You want things your way.
All I did was buy her these hand towels --
these perfectly nice hand towels.
And did she thank me? No.
She lashed out at me with vitriol and malice.
Well, I liked our old hand towels.
My only son -- poisoned.
Huh. I need a drink.
Can you get me one, please?
Mom, you know I love you.
And Brooke and I want you to be a part of our wedding.
But it's our wedding.
It's Brooke's wedding. It's not yours.
Yes, of course it is, honey.
But she wasn't even going to serve a sit-down meal.
Hors d'oeuvres?
Julian, what's next, a cash bar?
The chicken dance?
People like the chicken dance, mom.
She has poisoned you...
With her hoo-ha.
Okay. We're done here.
Well, are you gonna get my wine?
♪ It can't be love ♪
♪ 'cause I'm not free ♪
♪ no, no, no ♪
♪ and it ain't love ♪
She's great, right?
Really great. I know.
She reminds me of me.
♪ Can't be love ♪
I want to work with her,
but I think she feels really threatened by it --
the idea of recording for a label.
Well, think about it, hales.
I mean, when we first met, all I had were my songs.
But I'm gonna protect her. She has to know that.
Well, I'm sure she hopes that's the case,
but she probably just needs to hear you say it
and see you mean it.
I know i did.
♪ ...Love ♪
Nice shot.
I saw you up here, so I walked as slow as I could.
When Peyton was having a bad day,
she used to come up here
and throw water balloons at people to feel better.
[ Chuckles ] And?
I scared a guy who almost fell.
It was kind of fun.
I'm sorry about my mom.
I shouldn't have yelled at her.
I'm just having one of those days, you know?
Yeah, I know.
But I also know that you're gonna figure out what's next,
and it's gonna be amazing.
You think so?
I do.
Thank you.
But I still shouldn't be yelling at your mother.
♪ While my mind got tangled up ♪
Here's the thing about my mom --
she makes people crazy.
She doesn't mean to. She just does.
♪ Is there something that you're trying to say? ♪
But can I tell you a secret?
I haven't seen her this inspired in a really long time.
Great. Now I feel even worse.
No, don't. Just understand that my dad wasn't around very much,
so all she really had was me,
and all I had was her.
♪ And my heart did sing ♪
And now I have you,
and I'm sure that scares her a little bit.
♪ While my mind got tangled up ♪
I should probably talk to her...
And apologize.
But first, do you think you could call her
and ask her to come to the store
so that I could hit her with a water balloon?
Yeah, I can do that. You want me to go back down
and walk around so you can practice?
Would you?
You really are the best fiancé ever.
Yes, I am.
You want to hit me with that water balloon, don't you?
So bad. Don't.
Julian. Julian!
♪ I talked a lot about you today ♪
You got this.
♪ I told a friend how we used to play ♪
♪ how you came speeding in ♪
No, no.
♪ Like a mighty wind ♪
♪ through the cracks in the walls of my rooms ♪
♪ and how my heart did sing ♪
♪ and my eyes did shut ♪
♪ and my mind got tangled up ♪
♪ Tangled up ♪
♪ tangled up ♪
Well, what do you think, Troy?
Does this look like a place you could call home for a while?
This looks like a place I could call home forever.
I was hoping you'd say that.
Come on.
♪ Tangled up ♪
♪ tangled up ♪
So I think it's interesting
that you had a career, a marriage, and a son
while you were still a teenager.
What's your life like now?
Uh, well, now it's the best of both worlds.
I still have a career and a marriage and a son.
I still have my music.
I'm happy, you know?
I, uh -- I'm really proud of being a good mom.
And I'm proud of the work that I've done for Red Bedroom.
Life is good.
[ Footsteps approach ]
Life is so not good.
[ Laughs ]
You're not supposed to laugh.
I'm sorry. My life is good.
My son, on the other hand, is wearing head gear.
Come here. Let me see. Damn it.
[ Gasps ] Hey! Excuse --
maybe you could cut out the "being a good mom" part.
♪ Live your life ♪
♪ see the sunshine in the sky ♪
Geez. I feel sorry for the guy
who has to clean up this place.
Which is me.
I'll be back.
♪ Leave it all behind ♪
♪ 'cause today you're gonna find ♪
[ sighs ] Oh, man.
♪ That it all comes 'round in the end ♪
Hey. Can I talk to you?
Well, your dad and I thought about it,
and we decided you can get your braces off if you want.
I can?
Yes, if that's what you want.
You don't need no braces.
I mean, look at me.
I never got no braces, and I think I look pretty fetchin'.
[ Chuckles ] [ Giggles ]
You want a kiss?
No. I brushed my tooth for you.
Come on. [ Smooching ]
Okay, I get it, I get it, I get it, I get it.
[ Chuckles ]
It's just...
Chuck's gonna make fun of me.
Well, I remember when I got my braces on,
I was really worried about going back to school
and seeing all my friends.
Uncle Lucas was the first person I saw,
and you know what he said?
What? He said...
And everything was okay after that.
And I think your braces look cool.
And if you decide your braces look cool,
then who cares what Chuck says?
Okay. Yeah.
Now you have to promise to never wear that eye patch again.
Okay, I won't. But I might rock these.
♪ See the sunshine in the sky ♪
oh, yeah.
I'm gonna need these to find you at school with your friends.
No. See, braces don't seem so bad after all this, huh?
Uh, over here, mom. What? Huh? Where'd you go?
♪ ...Comes 'round in the end ♪
[ Clicks ]
Ah, yes!
Suck it, soup.
♪ I was born a ghost ♪
♪ an apparition ♪
♪ filled with holes and contradiction ♪
[ whistle blows ]
♪ And I fear ♪
♪ I'm the only one ♪
check it out. It's Tony Gonzalez.
Guy's been in the league 14 seasons.
First-ballot hall of famer, and he's putting in extra work.
[ Whistle blows ] Take a break.
♪ In the first light, raise the trees ♪
♪ I hide myself... ♪
how you doing, rookie?
I think he's talking to you.
I-I'm good. How are you, sir?
Uh, Tony.
I'm better than you.
And better than you. How's your back?
Oh, it's fine. Thanks.
Man, you beat up on the hawks last year.
[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I kind of did.
Well, hey, we didn't want to interrupt.
Just wanted to say hi.
All right. Well, it's nice to meet you.
And you...
This is a great team.
It's an unbelievable organization.
And I know you got to handle your business,
but I'm telling you, you should be here with us.
Well, I hope to be real soon.
It was an honor to meet you.
It's good to meet you guys, too.
I'm gonna get back to work.
♪ Majestic, bewildering ♪
dude, that was Tony Gonzalez.
That's pretty cool, huh?
He's bigger than I thought he would be.
Yeah, and he's only a tight end.
You should see the defensive line.
I'm so glad I played basketball.
[ Laughs ]
Guys are big, dude.
And fast.
Yeah. I hope you're faster.
Seriously, man, what the hell were you thinking?
I don't know.
So, let me get this straight --
you have a rock star
and a famous actress fighting over you,
and you're not sure you want to be with either one?
It sounds worse when you say it.
They do know you're a bartender, right?
Bar manager.
Bar manager cleaning the storage room.
Bar manager who doesn't have to help you clean the storage room.
[ Chuckles ]
The thing is, they both kind of screwed me up.
So maybe you should move on.
Or...Maybe I'm lucky enough to get a second chance.
[ Sighs ]
♪ My conscience is ♪
♪ crooked lust ♪
♪ crooked lust ♪
okay. So you were in Omaha.
You had career momentum, and then you decide to come home.
I had a job here...
And a girl.
Then what happened?
Well, I guess the heroic thing to say
is that I took a stand for what I thought was right.
But the truth is...
I think I took what I had for granted.
All of it.
♪ Finally thought something might work out all right ♪
I miss Millicent.
And I told her that we were just hanging out,
but when I saw her leave with that guy on Halloween,
I thought, "that guy's leaving with my girl."
You should tell her that.
She likes you.
♪ ...Brave the winter ♪
what you got there?
Really good Tequila.
Guess what I got.
♪ Start now ♪
hi. Hi. Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.
Wave, wave, wave, wave, wave. Wave, wave, wave.
Wave, wave, wave, wave, wave, wave.
Oh, it's all wet. I always get water all over me.
Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi, hi.
Look how happy she is.
Both of us.
At least that day.
How's my girl?
Feeling a little untethered and disconnected.
I'll bet. I'd be worried if you didn't.
Come here.
So, I've been thinking about this whole "being happy" thing,
especially since I've been doing this documentary.
And I feel like people get lost
when they think of happiness as a destination.
Like how do you mean?
Well, we're always thinking that someday we'll be happy.
You know, we'll get that car or that job
or that person in our lives that'll fix everything.
But happiness is a mood,
and it's a condition, not a destination.
It's like being tired or hungry.
It's not permanent.
It comes and goes, and that's okay.
And I feel like if people thought of it that way,
they'd find happiness a lot more often.
So, you think it's okay to be a little miserable
every now and then...
...Even when you have great things in your life?
Is it okay to be a little hungry now and then?
[ Laughs ]
Happiness is a mood, not a destination.
I like that.
Well, for whatever it's worth,
you make me incredibly happy, Brooke Davis.
But we all struggle sometimes, you know?
[ Piano playing ]
[ Piano stops ]
Mia: That's nice.
You're Erin, right?
I'm Mia.
Hi, Mia. I love your music.
Thanks. I love yours.
I hope you don't mind.
The piano looked a little lonely.
I don't mind at all.
Actually, it reminds me of a day a long time ago
that Haley found me playing piano.
And the rest has been life-changing
in a really good way.
How is she -- Haley?
As a person, I mean.
And caring...
And strong-willed.
[ Chuckles ] Like all of us.
She really is one of the good ones.
I want to believe that.
But my songs are my life, you know?
They're all I've got.
To trust somebody with my music
is to trust them with everything I have in the world.
Haley understands that.
We both do. Believe me.
But if you decide we're not the right home for you,
just know that your songs are good...
And you're good, Erin.
I remember what it was like to hear that,
how important it was.
It's everything.
Yeah, I know.
[ Sighs ]
So, rehab sucks.
And my right arm is still pretty much useless.
Sometimes I just get so frustrated.
And then I saw your picture.
And I thought that if things were the other way around...
I would be so pissed off at you
for spending your days being bitter about this.
So I'm not gonna do that.
And I know that every day I'm alive...
Is a day I have because of you.
So I just wanted to say thank you.
[ Sighs ]
I'll do my best to earn this.
Nathan: You have to earn it.
And last year, when my contract was up,
it was hard to know what to do.
And with negotiations being so public,
it was easy to compare myself
to what other guys were getting or had gotten.
And then one day I found myself getting bitter about it
because my signing bonus wasn't high enough
or they'd only give me two years instead of three.
I mean, we're athletes.
You know, we're competitive.
We want to be the best and have the most and win.
But then I asked myself a real simple question --
when you were a kid, what was your dream?
♪ ...That hold me ♪
what was your dream, Troy?
I wanted to be a power ranger.
[ Chuckles ]
And I wanted to play football.
I wanted to be a quarterback in the nfl.
And did that dream have anything to do with escalators
or -- or the highest signing bonus in league history?
You're here, Troy.
And the money is more money than you probably ever dreamed of.
But, hey, if you think you're worth more,
there's only one place to prove that, and it's down there...
Every Sunday.
You can't prove it from up here.
♪ One more time... ♪
you have to earn it.
Do you think it's a good deal, Nate?
I do.
[ Chuckles ]
That was a good speech, wasn't it?
[ Laughs ] It was.
[ Both laugh ]
The truth is,
you ask any kid what their favorite time of year is,
and they're gonna say Christmas or summer.
♪ Peace of mind... ♪
for me, it was always the fall,
because that meant football was back.
This was the first time since I was 7 years old
that the leaves changed color,
the teams took the field, and I didn't.
I want to play football.
That was my dream when I was 7 years old, and it still is.
I miss it.
I know the feeling.
Athletes have a long history
of overstaying their professional welcome.
Why is it so hard to walk away from the game?
I-I can't really speak for anyone else,
but for me, I'm only in my 20s.
And I have to give up the thing that I love to do
and the one thing on earth that I feel like I was born to do.
And some guys, they, uh --
they miss the lifestyle, you know,
the travel and the celebrity.
But none of that stuff ever really mattered to me.
What did matter?
The rhythm of the game...
The competition...
The self-accomplishment.
And I wonder if I'll ever find that adrenaline
or that feeling of self-worth in something else.
And I wonder who I'll be if I can't.
You miss it, huh?
Every day.
Man, but you did it.
You took it as far as it can go.
Said the man in his 14th season.
Yeah, the man in his 14th season
who doesn't want to leave without a championship.
I can respect that.
So, I hear the rookie's gonna sign his deal.
Yeah, I suppose he's got
a little bit of an uphill battle ahead of him.
Nah. He'll be all right.
And so will his Agent.
Good luck to you, Nate.
Thanks. You too.
Hey, Tony.Y.
I hope you get that ring.
Me too. A guy can't play forever.
Take care.
♪ Is it comfort, is it fear? ♪
♪ draw a line and watch it disappear ♪
did I mention Alex's smile?
Alex has an astounding smile.
Advantage, Alex.
♪ Soak in the highs... ♪
but Mia is so kind.
Like, insanely kind.
Drink that.
♪ Never forget this... ♪
advantage, Mia?
♪ Take it all in ♪
this is torture.
Especially considering how much you have left to do
to clean this place up.
Nice try.
Go back to work.
Damn it.
♪ Soak in the highs and feel the lows ♪
Sylvia, can I talk to you?
Yes. I'm just putting back your old hand towels.
I want to apologize
for the way that I spoke to you this morning.
I am upset about losing my company,
and I took it out on you, and I'm sorry.
It wasn't fair.
Well, I appreciate that.
I assume that you haven't changed your mind
about wanting my help with the wedding?
I haven't changed my mind about taking your money, no.
It is a lovely gesture, but...
But you want what you want.
And I understand.
I love your son.
And I know that the two of you have always been very close,
so I know that the great qualities that I see in him
and the things that I love about him
came from you.
You have done an incredible job.
Yeah. Well, I will always be proud of Julian.
♪ Take it all in ♪
just like I'm sure your mother's proud of you.
[ Scoffs ] I don't know about that one.
How could she not be?
You are a smart, strong, successful, beautiful woman.
Thank you.
You simply have poor taste in hand towels, don't you?
You're right. I do.
I'm kidding.
That is not fair.
Well, you called me old.
I'm sorry.
Get over here.
[ Chuckles ]
It's all right.
It wasn't even the worst part of my day.
Why? What happened?
Some jackass hit me with a water balloon.
Can you believe that?
What is wrong with people?
I don't know.
I really appreciate you stopping by.
Um, can I get you some wine or coffee or...
How about a pint?
Ah, irish musician. Of course. I should have known.
Your house is so big.
Haley: [ Chuckles ]
It's really nice.
I assume you didn't buy it this way?
That was all me.
I was going through some things.
Are you sure you're qualified to work at a crisis center?
[ Chuckles ] I don't know about qualified,
but, um, I've definitely been there.
My mom passed away recently.
And, um...
She was pretty much my inspiration.
♪ ...Feel at home ♪
so I kind of lost it.
I felt like the world had let me down and God had let me down,
and obviously, as you can see,
one night, I thought music had let me down.
And then eventually one day I wound up
on the other end of a phone call
with a girl that sounded a lot like me.
So, yeah, it's a big house,
but we're not that different.
What turned it around for you?
Can you tell me that?
Just a lot of little things, stillness,
the right song at the right time.
This is probably not what you want to hear.
The truth's always worth hearing.
Yeah, it is.
Just so you know, I-I hear the truth in your music.
I do -- I hear hope, and I hear a woman
whose life can be anything she wants it to be.
♪ I was waiting... ♪
you hear all that?
I do.
You're good.
[ Laughs ]
♪ No one's gonna wait for you ♪
you're good.
They told me it's done.
It is.
You're officially in the nfl.
How's it feel to be rich?
You tell me.
I signed that for you.
Ah, thank you.
You ruined a perfectly good football, though.
[ Both chuckle ]
Uh, but -- but seriously, thank you...
For your counsel and -- and your clarity
and all of it.
You're welcome.
Now, you go play the game
like you dreamed of when you were a kid...
And appreciate it.
It won't last forever.
♪ ...Gonna wait for you ♪
go get them.
♪ Tonight ♪
hey, Jameson.
How's it feel to be an Atlanta Falcon?
Like a dream come true.
It is.
So there's a theme of starting over
that's running through all these interviews.
But you're really starting over.
And I have to admit that it's been a struggle.
So, would you say this is the hardest thing
you've ever had to face?
Without a doubt.
You know, but then I think that if I didn't help him, who will?
Uh, I'm sorry. Help who?
You meant -- you meant the part about me getting shot.
I-I thought that you were talking about
Nathan becoming an Agent.
'Cause honestly, that's been about as easy
as teaching a monkey how to read.
[ Chuckles ]
You sexy bastard.
Piece of cake.
No. I need a drink.
I'm proud of you, buddy.
I still got a lot to learn.
[ Sighs ]
Thank you, man. I mean it.
What is this?
Electric can opener.
[ Engine turns over ]
Oh, okay.
Oh, of course.
Hey, thanks anyway.
You all right? Yeah.
It was a buddy of mine from the tv station.
He was trying to get me back in there.
It's not gonna happen.
I'm sorry, man.
Hey, check it out.
I know, right?
I'll see you tomorrow.
Mouth: Do I wish I was doing better?
Yeah. But I'm not alone in that.
A lot of people are struggling right now.
All I can do is just keep trying, you know?
Get up, work hard, pay the bills,
hope for something better.
I think there's a nobility in that.
That woman or man who's waiting for the bus
after a long day's work...
The parents who come home tired
and still find time for their kids --
that's who I'm rooting for.
That's who I respect.
♪ So roll over me ♪
♪ I'll just sink down ♪
♪ I'll just sink down ♪
Alex is -- is smart and talented and beautiful.
And Mia is smart and talented and beautiful.
And if I had to choose...
Right now, I'd choose --
Julian: Oh, wait. Sorry. I got to reload.
♪ And it rang off the walls ♪
♪ through the steeple halls ♪
hi, Jamie.
Did you get braces?
Come on.
♪ To the bottom... ♪
some people look a little different, you know?
Some people are a little different.
I think that's cool.
♪ I'll just be here ♪
you still there?
♪ The cannons have fired ♪
♪ they call my name ♪
♪ I know that I'll lose ♪
Haley: Well, I'm a mom.
And I have a wonderful son.
We have another child on the way,
and I would hope that if my child were struggling,
someone would help them.
Sometimes people just need a little help, you know?
♪ Even if I'm afraid ♪
♪ I know that I'll lose ♪
♪ I'm not gonna run ♪
♪ but I go just the same ♪
♪ the cannons have fired ♪
♪ they call my name ♪
it's gonna be amazing
to see Troy take the field as a Falcon.
I-I know I helped him get there.
And that feels good.
It feels like the beginning of what comes next.
[ Crowd cheering ]
Announcer: Standing at the height of 6'4",
weighing 215 pounds,
at Quarterback, number 13...
Troy Jameson.
[ Crowd cheering ]
♪ I'm not gonna run ♪
♪ but I go just the same ♪
♪ so roll over me ♪
♪ I'll just sink down ♪
♪ I'll just sink down ♪
♪ to the bottom of the sea ♪
♪ I'll just be here ♪
♪ I'll just be here ♪
♪ so roll over me ♪
I worry about what comes next, you know?
I do. I just...
♪ ...Roll over me ♪
I just can't believe it's gone.
♪ I'll just sink down ♪
♪ so roll over me ♪
I'm sorry.
♪ I'll just sink down ♪
♪ I'll just sink down ♪
♪ to the bottom of the sea ♪
it's okay.
♪ I'll just be here ♪