One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 7 - Luck Be a Lady - full transcript

Nathan is furious when his first mission as Clay's junior agent seems to go wrong because of his lack of jargon knowledge, but he actually lands the football client. Julian accepts Alex's suggestion to assemble all potential best men for a friendly poker night, but the mood is murderous. Chase gets abused by everyone. It's Brooke's turn to by bullied by Julian's bossy ma, who pushes for a traditional wedding at a brides fair, where Haley sides with the enemy every time.

Previously on One Tree Hill...

Trick or treat!

Can I help you?

Is my son here?

Oh, please, God, no.


I just wanted to say that I'm
really sorry Alex left town.

Look, we both know you wanted her gone.

And now she's gone.

Just do me a favor... don't
pretend you care, okay?

I was thinking about what you said...

about that quarterback, Troy Jameson.

Yeah? You gonna talk to him?

No. But you are.

I can't do that. I'm not an agent.

Look, if you want to help
me out with the agency,

this is where you can start.

So the reason that I
came a few weeks early

is that I want to help with the wedding.


Mom, what are you talking about?

I'm gonna pay for everything.

I'm gonna make this

the wedding that you
both always dreamed of.

Crisis intervention.

Hi. Haley?

Hi. You haven't called in a while.

I wanted to call, but...

I figured I shouldn't
be wasting all your time.

I'm not the only person with problems.

Trust me. You're not
wasting a second of my time.

Slainte, Haley.


It means "cheers."

Slainte, Erin.

Hey. You were great...
I mean really great.

Thanks very much.



I can't...



I wonder if they'd all be smiling

if they knew you were
filming them from the bushes.

I was just thinking about the wedding,

and I realized I don't have a best man.

Since I moved to Tree Hill,

I've lived in this Brooke bubble,

and I haven't gotten close to anyone else.

- Brooke?
- Sorry.

I was just trying to
envision a Brooke bubble.

Who was your best friend growing up?


I was!

Isn't that right?

Ju-ju bee?

10-4, big mama.

Okay, maybe it wouldn't hurt

for you to have some male friends here.

Why don't you bond with the guys today

while I take your mom to the bridal expo?

I can't go?

Not that I want to. It's just...

Are you sure you're gonna be okay

spending the whole day
alone with my mom today?

Yeah. It beats spending the
day with my mom in prison.

Besides, she's almost as excited
about our wedding as I am.

- Ready?
- Mm.


Over and out, mama's boy.

You look pretty.

I thought you two could
use a coffee break.


Thanks, Chase.

Oh. I heard pregnant
ladies can't drink coffee.

Oh. Yeah. We can't.

Juice would've been fine...

that was really nice of
you... glass of water.

No problem. Let me know
if you need anything else.

Chase, out.


See you, buddy.

So, things seem to be going
really well with you guys.

Yeah, now that Alex is out of the way,

I can finally talk to him again.


Oh, look... "knuckle-puss."

Let's put that in the pre-hate file.

We're never gonna find another artist.

Yes, we will.


What about the girl from open-Mike night?

She was awesome. Why? Do you know her?

Sort of. Her name's Erin.

Great. So get her in here.

I would love to, but the
only reason I know her

is that she's been calling
into the crisis center hotline.

It's supposed to be anonymous.

But you know as well as I do

that artists love to
hear how great they are.

Yeah. That's true.

- I think you're great.
- You're so awesome.

Quinn's out of town,
man. What'd you expect?

Literally, anything else.


Hey, I got an interesting
phone call this morning.

Yeah. Sorry about that.

Jamie's been calling everybody
about this frog he found.

No, I...

Jamie found a frog? That's awesome.

No, but, uh...

I just heard that Troy
Jameson fired his agents.

So if we want to sign
him, we got to act fast.

Great. What can I do to help?

I need you to fly to Atlanta

and talk to the falcons' management.

I was thinking more along the lines

of getting you something for lunch.

There's no way I'm ready
for something like that.

Nate, all you got to do is go there

and find out what's
holding up Troy's contract.

You'll be back in time for dinner.

I mean, look, I would do it myself,

but I'm under strict
doctor's orders not to fly.

Yeah. You feeling any better?

Yeah, you know, a little.

You know, but it's still
hard to move my right arm.

So, that and the fact
that Quinn's out of town

is really killing my sex life.

Well, that's why I learned
how to dribble with both hands.

Oh, quiet, Mouth. Lucas had a rough night.

Alex, what are you doing here?

I had a few days off, and
I wanted to come visit.

What are you up to today?

I was just gonna hang with the guys today.

Yeah, right. In your dreams, buddy.


Yes, it was all just a dream.

Mm-hmm. That's why the top kept spinning.

Yes, it was a little long.

Okay. Thank you. Goodbye.

Crisis intervention.



Hi. I'm so glad you called.

How... how have you been?

Uh, have you had any
luck finding inspiration?

Actually, yeah.

I, uh...

I got up and I sang at an
open mike the other night.

It felt great.

Good. Um...

Can I tell you something?


I was there.

You said "slainte" to me before you left.

What do you mean you were there?

Well, Red Bedroom Records is my label.

I own it. And I think you're great.

I would love to meet
with you sometime. I...


Hi! My name is Alex Dupree.

You might recognize me

from tabloids, rehab, and Internet porn.

But I also do an occasional movie.

Okay. Come on, Alex. Be serious.


not long ago, I...

I tried to commit suicide.

Uh, okay, maybe not that serious.

Okay. What do you want from me?

I didn't come to town to be
videotaped for your perv collection.

Okay, it's a documentary

about what comes next
for the people in my life.

That sounds really boring,

but that's not why I came back, either.

So why did you come back?

To talk to Chase.

I didn't like the way
things ended with him.

Okay. Perfect.

How did things end with Chase?

Let's see how you like it.

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

I'm n... I'm not a
part of the documentary.

You are now.

So, what's up with this
need for sudden male bonding?

Come on, Clarice. Quid pro quo.


I need to find a best man for my wedding.


Well, what do you think?

I feel like bridezilla,

and this is my little,
unsuspecting Japanese village.

Ah. Thank you.

To you...

and your wedding.

Two of my favorite things.

Ooh! Matt McGraw photography.

They would be perfect for your wedding.

I'm sure, but I'm actually
gonna ask my friend Quinn.

She is an amazing photographer.

Quinn? Quinn who?

Quinn James.

I've never heard of it.

Okay, um...


This is beautiful.


Now, is that any way to talk
about one of your oldest friends?


Where did you get... Lucas?

We needed a stunt
mannequin down at the job,

so I had one made that look just like him.

You don't have one of me, do you?

Hell no. That would be weird.

So, what's been up, man? You good?

I was kind of hoping Millie
would be here right now

because Lucas wanted a three-way.

No, that ended when she
went home with a gladiator.

It was Halloween.

At least it wasn't the crow.

You want to talk about it?

Not really.

You want to talk to Lucas about it?


That's cold, man.

Hey, look, at least we're
here to cheer you up.

We're going out, man, so
go ahead and get dressed.

But first, Lucas needs a bath.


Thanks again for the coffee.

It was a peace offering for
the way I've been acting lately.

Guilt coffee, huh? Yum!

Excuse me, bar manager.

When you're done helping that
little boy, can I get a drink?

Can I talk to you? Alone.

I don't think so.

We're in the middle of something.

Fine. Next time, I'll just text you.

Don't bother.


I know that was hard for you.


if you ever need to make
that bitch jealous...

I'm your girl.


Now, there are three things to consider

when selecting a church.

First is pew size.

Um, we are actually gonna
have an outdoor wedding.

Oh. No. No, no, no. What if it rains?

No, my son and
beautiful daughter-in-law

will not be married in
a tent like circus folk.

You can't control mother nature.

Or mother Baker.

And even if it's sunny,
there will be bees.


But I guess you could always hang salami.

That's what he said.

Wait. What?

Salami keeps away the bees.

But wouldn't that look awful?

You're right.

That's why we should have it inside.




Hey, you'll never guess who came in today.



Ohh. Yeah.

She wanted to talk to
Chase, and he blew her off.


I think you should talk to Chase

and see if you can convince
him to give her another chance.

Hello? Why would I do that? I don't know.

I'm just trying to give
you the same quality advice

that you gave me earlier.

Open-mike night? Crisis center girl?

Is any of that ringing a bell?

- Okay.
- Yeah, I talked to her today.

I took your advice and told
her how great I thought she was.

And she hung up on me.

Ohh. Whoops.

- "Whoops" is right.
- Well, Haley, you're the counselor.

I mean, you should never
listen to a musician

for help out of a crisis.

We're usually the ones in a crisis.

I'm a musician, too.

Probably part of the problem.

Nathan Scott.

I got to say it's strange discussing

a football player's deal
with a basketball player.

Retired basketball player.

Yeah, I was sorry to hear that,

but I can't say I was sorry to see you go.

You gave our hawks a bit
of trouble last season.

Well, hopefully I can make that up to you

- by getting Troy onto the field.
- That'd be nice.

We're trying hard on our end,

but his former agents didn't
exactly help his situation.

And that's why they're his former agents.

So, can you tell me
where things broke down?

We agreed on everything except
for one-timers and escalators.

What did you have in mind
in terms of escalators?

What do you think I said, Clay?

The only escalator I know about is the one

I'm riding down from the office
where I looked like an idiot!

Whatever. I'm coming home.

Ohh. Here we go!

Oh, we can skip this section.

I'm gonna make the
bridesmaids dresses myself.

I think all my girlfriends

deserve a sexy Brooke Davis original.

Sexy bridesmaid?


Those two don't go together.

No, honey, the whole point
is for them to look ugly

so that you look pretty, right?

Well, I'm gonna look fine regardless.

Sylvia, ugly bridesmaids
dresses make me sad.

They get one night out where
they just get made fun of.

And then it's off to
the back of the closet,

where they emerge as a
bad joke on Halloween.

Oh, g...

look how ugly this one is.

You're gonna look so beautiful.

And there are no messages?

Oh, okay. Yeah. Thanks. Bye.

Maybe she's just busy. You know?

I'm sure she'll call again.

I'm sure she will...

to tell my supervisor I violated
the one rule that they have.

Haley, I'm so sorry.

You shouldn't listen to me. I'm an idiot.

It's not your fault. I just...

I should've listened to that monkey.

I'm the idiot.

I looked like an idiot.

I doubt you looked that bad.

Trust me. I did.

I am never going to Tric again.

And why does Mia always have to be there?

Uh, isn't her label there?

Chase just flirted with
her right in front of me.

I mean, why do guys do stuff
like that? I have no idea.

I'll ask the guys later today

if I can figure out a
way to bond with them.

Guys aren't that tough
to figure out, Julian.

They like sex and poker.

I go with sex, but I'd
suggest you go with poker.


Isn't it a little late for a poker game?

So tell them it's for Clay.

I mean, who'd turn that
down? The guy almost died.

That's genius. You're really
good at trapping people.

I know, right?

Oh, and invite Chase
and let me be the dealer.

That will give me a chance to corner him

without that troll lurking around.

Like, really good at trapping people.

You should've seen the
way he looked at me.

I haven't felt that
stupid since high school.

And at least then I could beat
somebody up to feel better.

Well, don't beat yourself up.
It was just your first try.

Did you make the first
basket you ever shot?

- Yeah.
- Oh.

To be fair, I was 2,

and the basket came up to my waist.

But stats is stats.

Well, if it makes you feel any better,

I screwed up pretty bad with Erin today.

She called in, and I told her
I had seen her perform live,

and she hung up on me.

I'm sorry, babe.

So we're both a couple
of screw-ups, then.

Always and forever.



Brooke. Julian.


Get your prego ass to
the wedding expo, pronto!

Hi, Brooke. Love you too.

I'm serious. Julian's
mom is out of control.

She's making me try on
tiaras and wedding dresses.

I thought you were making your own.

Well, so did I, but
apparently Sylvia doesn't care.

She's even picking out
the bridesmaids dresses.

And she wants them to be ugly, Haley!

On purpose!

I'm on my way.

Ohh, you know what that dress is missing?


That's right. A smile.

Well, I have another crisis to deal with,

and if it's anything like this morning,

Brooke's gonna cancel the
wedding before tonight.

- Sweet.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna gamble all our
money away in a poker game.

Rad! Screw-up superpowers activate.

Am I gonna have to give you
a pep talk before every call?

You act like you're
asking these guys to prom.

I should've called Clay
first. What if he says no?

Then I have to call Nathan back.

Wow, Julian, I haven't
seen you this nervous

since I took my clothes
off in front of you.

Just call, you wuss.


Hey, Clay. It's "J." J-man.

Jamie. What's up, little man?

I heard you found a frog.

Um, no. It's Julian.

Uh, Baker. Brooke's fianc?. The movie guy.

We hung out in Utah.

Wait. Jamie found a frog?

Um, anyway, uh, never mind.

Um, I'm just having some
guys over for poker tonight.

You know, poker night. You busy?

No. Uh, not busy.

Okay, well, I... I'll see you later, then.

Yes! He said yes! Yes!

Whew! Nice!

Okay. Great.

Good job.

Oh, no. It's a text from
Nathan. He's probably canceling.

Okay, take it easy, sensitive Julian.

He wants to have the
game at his house instead.


Probably for the best.

Hey, Julian's here.


Come sit next to me, J-man.

No, he's sitting next to his best man.

- I'm his best man.
- No, no, I'm his best man.

No, no, no, no. I'm his best man.

I'm bar manager!

Guys, guys, you can all be my best men.


Okay. Okay.

Be cool, Julian. Just... just be cool.

Be yourself.

Hey, guys.

W... what's wrong?

Julian's here!

Hmm. A girl. At poker night.

Good going, Julian!


Please, Sylvia, no more dresses.

You're right.

This is the one.


What a random and...

total coincidence.

My best friend Haley is here!

- Oh?
- Unexpectedly.

- Where?
- Let's see what she thinks.


Oh, my God.

You look so beautiful.



Well, I told her this is the one.

I'm gonna put these two back.


Are you kidding me, Haley?!
I called you here to help me!

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I... you're right.

I forgot how much my hormones
act up when I'm pregnant.


I'm so excited you're getting married!

If this impresses you,
I can also cut the deck

- with my tongue.
- Hmm.

You ladies know how to
play hold 'em, right?

No-limit. When you're out, you're out.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold
on. Those are Lucas' chips.

Sorry, Lucas.

- There you go.
- Thanks.

Oh, yeah. I'm in.

So, how's the documentary
coming along, Julian?

Wow. I'm surprised you
didn't send me to ask him.

Uh, really well, actually.

Oh, word? What's it about poker?

No, it's about the people around me

as they enter the next
chapter of their lives.

Ahh. Poker sounds better.

Which people?

Actually, I've spent the
last few days filming Mouth.

So you're following up
your successful indie

with a documentary about Mouth?

What's wrong with that?

It's just weird.

I mean, he hasn't even filmed
me yet, and I'm your boss.

Which reminds me, who said
you could have the night off?

Uh, Lucas did.

You know, and since he
owns Tric, he's your boss.

Ha ha! My dawg!

So, Clay, how you feeling?

A hell of a lot better
since I got out of the house.

I was going a little bit stir-crazy.

Are you kidding me? I could never get sick

of a house where you can
see the ocean from your bed.

How do you know that?

So, who needs a snack?


You two are just in time.

Steve over here gave us a deal

on the last baby angel made of pâte.


Can... can we just slow down a bit?

I... I wanted to come here to get ideas.

But I don't really want to
commit to everything right away.

Well, regardless,

- you are gonna have to pick a
caterer at some point.
- Mm-hmm.

Unless your friend "Quint" can cook, too.

Quinn. Quinn. She's Haley's older sister.

Oh, Quinn can't cook to
save her life, mnh-mnh.

- Well...
- No.

Actually, we were thinking,

rather than a traditional dinner,

we might have a constant flow

of appetizers throughout the night

so people can mingle and dance,

and there's always new food.

No, no, no. People come to
a wedding expecting dinner.

Can't just pass around snacks
like a backyard hootenanny.

How about a tuscan feast
with a carving station?

I think that's a bit much for me.

Don't you think, Haley?

That sounds awesome.


Of course you slept with Clay.

Were you researching to
be an agent or a slut?

That was before I even knew you.

You act like I'd sleep with... anyone.


No offense, Fergie.

I'm Junk.

Everybody always mixes them up.

Lauren didn't.

Right. She got you and Mouth mixed up.

Hey, why you got to bring me into this?

Hear that, Alex? Mouth's available if
you need to study more on bartending.

But this time, at least
try being honest about it.

I never lied to you.

No. You just conveniently left
out the part about using me.

I guess it was easier to let
me figure it out for myself.

There's a lot of that going around.

Oh, dude, come on. How long
are you gonna stay mad at me?

I'm just saying, if I wanted
to look stupid, I would've

stayed at home and played
trivial pursuit against Haley.

I didn't have to go to Atlanta.

What were you doing there?

I don't know.

Clay, what was I doing in Atlanta?

I mean, besides making an ass of myself?

Uh, full house.

I'm beat.

Nice call, Julian. Poker night.

Two bucks.

Clay, please, tell everybody
here what I was doing in Atlanta.

Well, I sent him to Atlanta
so that he could talk

to the Falcons' management,

but he got stuck on an escalator.

I always hated escalators
when I was little.

I thought the teeth at the
bottom were gonna eat my feet.

I'm glad you think it's funny.

You know what... if being an agent

means setting up your friends to fail,

I don't want to be a part of fortitude.

Two more.

What's fortitude?

It's my agency.

Sounds like it belongs on one
of them inspirational posters

with a dude paddling a canoe.

I have one of those hanging in my office.

You mean above the bar?

You should name it adobe.

Aw, hell.

Adobe is bricks made out of clay.

So it would be like the
agency built from clay.

All right, now, that's cool.

The name of the agency is fortitude.

I like adobe better.

Whatever, "Skills."

Okay. I'll play.

Two pair.

Uh, three aces.

Who needs another drink?


Listen to me... unless you want your baby

to be born with a dent in
its head the size of my fist,

you had better start agreeing with me.

Hear that, baby? That's
auntie Brooke's way

of saying she can't wait to meet you. Hmm!

Oh, wouldn't this champagne fountain

look beautiful at your reception?


not really my taste.

Well, what kind of wedding

doesn't have a champagne fountain?

- Mine.
- Mine, either.

I wish it did, though.

I do. Brooke, it's so cool. Come on.

This is like a fountain of happiness.

Ahh. That's what I thought, too.

I know. You know, just
excuse us for one second.

I want to show Haley something.

What did you want to show me?

- The exit.
- Why?

I love you, but your hormones

are not helping me right now.

Fine. But go easy on her, okay?

She's so excited for you!

You're doing it again! Go.


What's wrong with my name?

Well, it's not even a real name.

I mean, what is it you're so skilled at?


I think nicknames are cool.
You never had one, Clay?

Oh, no, he don't need one,
remember? He has "fortitude."

So, how'd you get yours, Fergie?

My name's Ferguson.


Uh, my parents own a junkyard.

Bet you want to sleep with me now.

She would if they did a
remake of "Sanford and son."

Oh, so, Mouth...

uh, there's got to be a great
story behind that nickname.

- I have a few guesses.
- When we were kids,

I used to do commentary for
games at the river court.

Then one day, Nathan came up to me,

said I had a big mouth,
and punched me in it.

After that, it kind of stuck.

No, I didn't.

Yes, you did. You hit him hard, too.

Damn it. I...

I was a jerk back then. I'm sorry, Mouth.

It's okay. It was a long time ago.

And besides, I like "Mouth"
better than "Marvin."

You see that, Clay?

That's how friends
apologize to each other.

I'm glad I never had a nickname.

Yeah, you did.

What was it?


Okay. Hey... oh, she's...

Hey, Haley. Isn't your shift over?

Uh, yeah, I just came by

to see if anybody called
or left me a message.


No. Were you expecting someone?

No. I guess not.

Shut up, monkey.

Why Chaste?

Because he was in the
virgin club in high school.

Uh, I'm all-in.

It was called the Clean Teens.

I'm all-in, too.

- Yeah, yeah, that's better.
- At least I was a virgin by choice.

I think that's sweet. We didn't have
anything like that in my high school.

Of course not. You went there.

I'm all-in, too.

Okay. Trip jacks.


- Flush.
- Full house.

Royal flush.

- Great.
- Well, that's everything.

No money, no job. Thanks, Julian.

Thanks, Clay.

- Thanks, Julian.
- Thanks, Julian.

Thanks a lot. Great party. Good time.

So, who wants to be my best man?

Excuse me.

Have you seen a middle-aged
woman with short hair

running around here like she's the bride?

Uh, you just described every mom here.


She's probably stuffing
the champagne fountain

with bee-repellent salami
into the back of my car.

"Come down to the expo.

We'll have a good time,
have a few laughs."

Yippee-ki-yay, mother Baker.

I've been hanging around Julian too long.

Come on, Sylvia!

Oh. I'll take that.


You guys want to grab a drink at Tric?

Uh, that would've been a great idea

about, what, an hour ago,

before Julian cleaned everybody out.

No, I'm buying. See, I'm bar...

Manager. Yeah, we know.

Hey, man. Can I talk to you for a second?


10 bucks for your thoughts.

I had a big night.

Are you okay?

I never got to talk to Chase.

He was just so mean all night.

Wow. I... I... I didn't
think it was bothering you.

You seemed fine.

I'm an actress, Julian.

The whole reason I flew
back was to apologize to him,

and I never got the chance.

Now it's worse than when I last left.

Then fix it. Everyone's over at Tric.

You can go over there
and apologize to him now.

But when you do, just be yourself.

Don't act.

Why not? I'm a great actress.

Yes, you are, but you're
an even better person.

Let him see that.

Ah. I'm not that good of a person.

I've been dealing you cards

from the bottom of the deck all night.

That wasn't luck?


It's probably why your male
bonding didn't go so well.

I forgot that guys hate to lose money

more than they like sex and poker.

I'm sorry.

That's okay.

I've always been better friends
with girls anyway. Come on.

You're right.

Well, that's the best start to
a conversation I've ever heard.

I... I'm sorry I didn't
prepare you for Atlanta.

It's fine.

I don't think I'm cut
out to be an agent anyway.

I never studied in school 'cause
I could shoot a basketball.

That's exactly why you
should become an agent.

Why? Because I never studied?

No, because you could shoot a basketball.

Look, not many of us on this side

ever played or understand
what that's like.

You know, but you do.

And the rest of the stuff you can learn.

I don't know.

Yeah, but I do.

Look, man, I know you struggled today.

But my instincts tell me that
you're gonna be great at this.

And Troy must agree with me

because he wants you to be his agent.

Congratulations, you
signed your first client...

who happens to be a first-round pick.

Not a bad start.


I've never had a business card before.

Oh. Thanks, man.

And, uh, by the way,
an escalator clause...

it's just an incentive based
on playing time and performance.

So, basically, it's a
fancy word for a bonus?

See? Look at that.

You're already talking like an agent.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Hey, Clay.

Fortitude. Strong name.

It is, right?

Thank you, Brooke.


You are wonderful.

And you are drunk.

And thank you for loving my Julian.

He makes it easy.

He is so happy.

And that means the world to me.


I always wanted a daughter.

And today was...

well, it was just everything
that I dreamed it would be.

I had fun, too.

Get some sleep.


Please don't tell Julian
that I was drinking.

He worries.

Nice studio.

I was kind of expecting a bedroom.

Um, j... listen, Erin.

About earlier, I'm... I'm so sorry.

I should never have betrayed your trust.

Let me ask you a question.

Did you really like my music?

Or did you just not want
a suicide on your hands?

I really liked it.

I'm sorry about the way I left things.

And I'm sorry that I didn't
tell you about the movie.

I just... I knew if I did,
it would ruin what we had.

And I loved what we had.

I should have told you that.

Huh. That's a good speech. Who wrote it?

No one. It's the truth.

I guess the truth hurts, huh?

Sorry. I just...

You're in the movie now, boss.

Thanks, Skills. This did cheer me up.

So, how was the expo?

Your mom had a good time.

Ah. What about you?

We had a good time.

How'd bonding go?

Oh, guys are mean.

I missed being in the Brooke bubble.

Well, yeah.

'Cause it's the best place ever.

Not that I've ever really been out of it.


It wasn't a total loss, though.

I won 200 bucks, and I found my best man.

Oh, yeah?

Oh... No.

I won him from Skills. What do you think?

I think you are never allowed

out of the Brooke bubble again.

It's either him or junk/Fergie.


"Best mannequin" it is.
Make sure he gets a tux.

Put that thing...

why is there salami hanging from the lamp?

I saw a bee.

- So, guess what?
- What?

Erin is gonna come back tomorrow.

I guess I didn't mess up
as bad as I thought I did.

You never do.

Turns out I didn't, either.

Troy Jameson wants me to be his agent.

- Are you serious?
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, my God! That's amazing!

See? I'm so proud of you.
I knew you could do it.

I haven't really done anything yet.

You signed the first
client that you talked to.

That's one for one.

It was luck, Hales.

Stats are stats. You said so yourself.

Well, I guess neither of
us are screw-ups after all.

I guess not.

You picked up Jamie from
Chuck's house, right?

I thought you did. Ohh.

- Screw-ups.
- Screw-ups.