One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 16 - I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here - full transcript

Nathan and Clay's patience is tested by possible recruit Ian Kellerman's party priority, but they find it assisting at Jamie's little league baseball try-outs, where hothead Chuck fails miserably. Julian would play up-front when a single mother considers them to adopt her unborn baby, but Brooke gets them caught in elaborate prefect couple lies during a surprise baby-shower she hosts for Haley.

Previously on One Tree Hill...

This glove once belonged
to Roberto Clemente.

Thought Jamie
might like it.

Are you sure
about this, man?

That glove belongs
on the hand

of someone
who loves the game.

Me, I used to stand
out in right field

and chase butterflies.

What if I told you
there was a college prospect

who threw 98 miles an hour

There must be a reason
he doesn't have an Agent.

Well, what if I told you
his name was Kellerman?

As in
Professor Kellerman's son.

Oh, wow.
I love it.

It's to wear
with your gray suit

when you get that reporter job
at the station.

Thank you.

Oh, it's the station.

It's for you.

I think
we should adopt.

I want that so much,
and I want it with you.

But are you sure
we're ready?

Yeah. We're ready.

♪ At this age ♪

♪ you just gotta learn
to breathe ♪

♪ gotta leave what's left ♪

♪ sometimes
for better things now ♪

♪ no one is gonna do it
for you ♪

♪ you're miles beyond ♪

♪ all your younger pipe dreams ♪

♪ the sun is crying, and it's
making you believe that ♪

♪ no one is gonna do it
for you ♪

♪ so I say ♪

♪ we're taking off ♪

♪ heading out right now,
you and me ♪

♪ I don't care where we land,
yeah ♪

♪ as long as we're leaving ♪

♪ we'll find somewhere
nobody will know ♪

♪ oh, oh ♪

♪ now off we go ♪

♪ oh, oh ♪

♪ now off we go ♪

♪ oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ now off we go ♪

♪ oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ now off we go ♪

♪ sleep with the wind ♪

♪ while it's still running
through your veins ♪

♪ pass by faces ♪

♪ and not recall
all the names now ♪

My parents?
I'm so glad you asked.

My parents are the two most
supportive people on the planet.


If I could wrap my childhood
up in a bow

and give it as a gift,
I would.

What, with the mother
in prison

and the absentee father?

I just want it
to be perfect.

I know,
but just try to relax.

It's only
our first interview.

And it could be our only.

Do you know how crazy it is
that we got a call so soon?

We need to prepare.

We need to prepare
to be ourselves?

Trust me. I have been
through this before.

It takes some couples
years to adopt.

You don't get an opportunity
like this every day.

♪ As long
as we're leaving ♪

It's like all the stars
aligned for us.

You know, maybe we should
trust the stars, then.

Just promise me that you'll
follow my lead today.


you're the expert.

♪ All that we need ♪

♪ open your eyes wide ♪

All right, that's it.
Time's up.

I can't believe
Ian just blew us off.

Well, I guess
that the Kellerman apple

doesn't fall far
from the douche-bag tree.

I would've pulled this move,
too, back in the day.

Yeah, and I wouldn't
have signed you.

And you would've
regretted it.

♪ And off we go ♪

♪ oh, oh ♪

♪ and off we go ♪

♪ oh, oh ♪

♪ And off we go ♪

Are you sure you're not gonna
regret me staying home today?

W-why are you
wearing that?

Because I'm so excited.
I've got a new sport to watch.

I got new lingo to learn
and new plays to call

and new cheers to cheer.

Uh, uh, we want a catcher,
not a belly scratcher!

There's no whistles
in baseball, mom.

Oh. Well, there is now.

Then the answer is no.

I won't regret you
not being there.

Oh, boo.
Get out of here, you.

No whistles!

Okay, here I come.


Millicent Huxtable,
field reporter.

I'd watch you
all day long.

- Stop.
- I'm serious. You look great.

Well, I feel bad.

This job should be yours,

You're great at your job,

and I'm just some silly girl
pretending to be a reporter.

Hey, they liked you
on the audition tape,

and so did I,
and they were right.

And the best part is now we'll be
able to afford a whole muffin --

ooh, maybe even
those green pistachio ones.

I love those, but they're --
so expensive.

Do it for the green
pistachio muffins, Millie.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.
You're gonna do great.

Thank you.

Okay, here I go.

I love you,
Marvin McFadden.

Is that for brushing
or paddling?

Very funny.

It's for Haley.

My mom had it engraved for me
when I was born,

and since she's having a girl,
I thought she'd like it.

You don't want to keep it?

It'll mean a lot to her,
and she deserves it.

Haley's such an incredible --

Damn it!
She will not stop calling me.

She's been stalking me
all morning to hang out,

and I have to go to Brooke's and
help set up for her surprise shower,

and I'm running
out of excuses.

Easy. Tell her you have
to rotate your tires.

No one ever wants to help
with tires.

It's an inferior part
of the car.

Hi, Haley.

Oh, no, sorry. I had my phone
on silent by accident.

Oh, I can't. I have to, uh,
rotate my tires.

No, that's not a euphemism.

Oh, really?

Great. Yay.

See you soon.

Guess what Haley knows how to do
and offered to help me with

right after we watch
"Love Actually"?

Honestly, you haven't
rotated them in a while.

That lying thing's
a tangled web.

I was a great student --

honor roll,
that sort of thing.

And now we're homebodies.

A cup of green tea and a movie
is us in a nutshell.

Organic food.

Love the organic food.

Okay, uh,
that sounds nice.

So, um, do you guys mind

if I ask you what you do
for a living?

Oh, well, actually --


Actually, Julian is
a pretty big-time film director.

He used to live
in Hollywood.

And I am
a clothing designer.

Do you know
Clothes Over Bros?

Oh, no, I don't
really follow fashion.

Oh. That's good.

That's good.

Okay, so, um,
what about your parents?

Would there be some supportive
grandparents around?

Define "supportive."

Dear. Honey.

Our parents
are wonderful people --

solid, even-keeled.

Wouldn't you agree,


♪ I can see our bodies... ♪

That went better
than I expected.

We sounded like
the perfect parents.

We could've been
a little bit more ourselves,

but I'm sure she loved us,
whoever we were in there.

Trust me.

I've been through
these kinds of things before,

and that was
an a-plus interview.

Yeah, I guess you're right.
How could she not love us?

Look how adorable
we are.

You know what I think?

I think we might be getting
a baby, baby.


♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than what I've been
trying to be lately ♪

♪ all I have to do
is think of me ♪

♪ and I have peace of mind ♪

♪ I'm tired
of looking 'round rooms ♪

♪ wondering what I gotta do ♪

♪ or who I'm supposed to be ♪

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than me ♪

♪ One Tree Hill 8x16♪
I Think I'm Going to Like It Here
Original Air Date on February 22, 2011

What's that sound?

We're getting a baby.

We're getting a baby.

Brooke Penelope
Davis Baker,

you break that box spring,
you're sleeping on the floor.

Ooh, daddy's mad,

but there isn't
a box spring.

Well, even so,
you get over here

before you mess up and I have
to raise that baby alone.

Oh, yeah?

I gotcha,
you crazy tigger-y thing.

Mm, I like it
when you get me.

I'm happy to be gotten.

Mm. I love you,
you know that?

Nice to know,
since I love you back.

So, what time's
the shower?

Oh, whenever Quinn
gets Haley here.


What do you mean, "if"?

Surprise things
never work out.

There's always stress
and telling people white lies

by people who aren't even good
at telling white lies,

and it's always a mess.

Well, this one's
gonna be great.


So, I was thinking
we -- oh.

Are you
getting undressed?

Yeah. Is that okay?

Yeah. Go ahead.
I'll watch.

Or we could try to break
the box spring.

There isn't
a box spring.

Even so,
get over here.



You're right.
This is fun.

We're getting a baby!


I'm gonna be a father!

Hey, hey.

Big day, coach Scott.

Your son is very excited
about Little League tryouts

and surprisingly confident.

He should be.
He's a Scott boy.

What about the off-chance
that he doesn't do so well?

You gonna go
all Dan Scott on him?

I'm kidding! I just know
how competitive you are.

I am not
that competitive.

Okay. That's fair.


There's no whistles
in baseball, Hales.

Yeah, so I've been told.

♪ Someone said last night ♪

Oh, and, Hales,

my dad could never
really get over

who he thought
he was supposed to be.

But I'm just fine
with being Jamie Scott's dad

and Haley James' husband

and father to...



Nice try.

I gave it a shot.

Actually, I-I do
have an idea,

but I kind of want to run it
by somebody else first.

Is that okay?

Of course.

Have fun!

Go, team Scott!

Hey, Haley's calling you.
Do you want me to get it?

No, don't!
Don't answer it.


Oh, she's driving me crazy.

I need another excuse.

Um, you could say --

you're smothering me!


Yeah, I'm not --
not good at this.


All right,
I'm headed out.

I told Nathan and Clay
I'd help coach Little League.

You're gonna help coach?

Just because
my area of expertise is

more in the butterfly-catching
aspect of the game

does not mean
I will not be an asset.

♪ I would do it ♪

I'll give them a pep talk
during intermission.



♪ Carrying the torch
for you ♪

Seventh-inning stretch?

There's only six innings
in Little League.

Then I got nothing.

Hi, Haley.

Oh, sorry about that.

No, no.

Um, I'm actually already
on my way,

so I'll just --
I'll see you soon.



Now I got nothing.

I'm sorry. Can you
finish this by yourself?

Yes, I'll be fine. Just make
sure she gets here on time.

I will. Bye, Julian.

♪ Someone said last night ♪


You got it.

♪ The voices in your head,
you got to ♪

♪ keep it to yourself ♪

♪ I know you're not talking
to me ♪

♪ but it takes so long,
I don't want to be ♪

You got it, Chuck.

All right, come on, now.
Stay in front of it.

Keep your eye on the ball.

♪ I would do it
if you asked me to ♪

♪ 'cause I'm still carrying
the torch for you ♪

It took a bad hop!

It's all right.
No, not the shoes.

You guys suck!


A little late.

Uh, sorry, man.
I had this, uh, thing.

Do me a favor
and get her name.

Hey. I'm Clay.

You must be...

Hey, Kate.

Yeah, Kate here
loves baseball.



Ian, I want you to meet my son.
Jamie, this is Ian Kellerman.

He's gonna be the next big thing
in the major leagues

if we have anything
to say about it.

What's up, little man?


Dude, nice glove.

That glove belonged
to Roberto Clemente!

Ooh, butterfly.

So, you got tryouts
today, huh?

Want to know a secret?

All right.

When you're getting
up to bat,

really take your time getting
into the batter's box, right?

And then right before
the first pitch,

make eye contact
with the pitcher.

Stare him down.

Like this?

Ooh, that's strong.

Then, right at the last second,
smile at him.

Really freaks
them out.

Sweet. Thanks.
No problem, man.

All right, guys,
I got to run.

I got to get Kate here home.

Hey, uh,
thanks for that, man.

Let's get together later,

say, uh, 3:00?


Let's go, Kate.


3:00 means 3:00.

Hey, I said I was sorry,
all right?

All right.

All right.

Let's get
this audition started.

Julian, there's no whistles
in baseball.

Or auditions.

Oh, Brooke invited us over
later, so I told her

we'd have second half
of girl's day over there.

I hope that's okay.

I don't think so.


Well, I -- sorry.

I just haven't had the house
to myself in so long.

I kind of was looking forward
to sitting on the couch

and doing nothing all day,
except for rotating those tires.


Actually, there is a reason
I invited you over.

Okay, fine,
I will French-braid your hair,

but you've got to learn
to do this yourself.

You're having a daughter,
you know.

A daughter that I really want
to name after mom.

I remember you told me once

that you wanted to name
your first daughter Lydia,

so I just wanted to check
if that was okay with you.

You know what I want?

I want a niece
named Lydia.

And she's gonna be beautiful,
just like her mom.

And just like our mom.

You guys better move
10 feet back out there.

♪ Why would I make that face? ♪

You're about to get
the Chuck special.

♪ Why would I test my faith? ♪

♪ oh, why would I? ♪

♪ oh, whoa ♪

♪ I see that rain cloud
coming right for me ♪

Man, I got hosed!

Jamie Scott, you're up.

Next time, just point
to the dugout.

♪ Why would I ♪

♪ when I'm so far away? ♪

♪ oh, why would I? ♪

♪ oh, whoa ♪

♪ I guess I've always been
a bit of a fighter ♪

♪ from now on, wear my love
for you loose ♪

No fair. Coach's son!

♪ I am just passing through ♪

♪ from now on,
just my feeling is true ♪


♪ Call me royal blue ♪

Can you believe
all this?

Well, yeah, sort of.

I did used to have
that job.

I didn't know I had
to write my own stories.

I don't know how
to write my own stories.

I'm sorry.
I should've told you that.

I should go.

I have to get
to Haley's baby shower.

What's so funny?

Um, you might want to leave
that stuff here,

unless you're planning on doing
a story about the shower.


See you.

♪ Looking for a way out ♪

♪ from now on,
with the sky as my roof ♪

All right.

In no order of importance,
talent, or favoritism,

we have Madison.

You see that?


Okay, Steven.

All right, Steven.

Next is Daniel.




Uh, Jamie Scott.

Uh, Chuck.


Mvp Chuck!


♪ Ohh ♪

♪ from now on,
fly as high as I want ♪

♪ from now on,
I'll show my weak spot ♪

What's this?

Ice-cream party
for Jamie.

Uh, no,
we have to get going

because Brooke's
expecting us, remember?

Oh, Brooke can wait.

Ice cream is the best part
about Little League.

♪ Whoa ♪

♪ Whoa ♪

♪ whoa ♪


Eating ice cream is the best
part about Little League,

except for maybe
catching butterflies.


Okay, I'm supposed to get Haley
to her shower,

so please help me out.

Who wants sprinkles?

Sprinkles are good.
Yeah, and whipped cream.

Please. Thank you.

Quinny, I made some ice cream
for us, too.

Oh, yay.

Eat. Eat your ice cream.

Eat. Let's go.


Okay, mmm. I'm done.
We can go.

Quinn, there's no rush.

- We got to leave and go to Brooke's.
- Why?

Because we're throwing you
a surprise shower today!

Ow. Brain freeze.

You guys are throwing me
a baby shower?


Please act surprised.

Surprise! Surprise!
Surprise! Surprise!

Oh, my gosh. What do
you guys mean, surprise?

It's not like it's
my birthday or anything.

That too much?


You told her,
didn't you?


Oh, yay!

So, tell me again
who this kid is.

Oh, he's a douche.

He's a potential client.

He's a douche-y one.

Well, this is it.

We're meeting him
on a boat?


Now I can say "I'm on a boat"
when I'm actually on a boat.

Hope you brought
your flippy-floppys.

♪ Lay down your spade ♪

Uh, how do we knock?

Maybe just rock it a bit?

Too late.

♪ Rather watch
the colors fade a while ♪

♪ from pawnshop shades
to balconies ♪

Take care, Tracy.

Her name's Tracy.

So, you live on a boat?

No, I party on a boat.

It's my dad's pride and joy,

so I like to trash it
now and then.

You guys in?

Maybe we should just go
to a bar.

♪ Still be coming in ♪

Okay, one more thing.


Oh, my goodness.

I am the queen.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Okay, is this from your
bachelorette party?

Reuse, recycle.

So, when's your big party coming?
For what?

Oh, shut up. You know you're
totally getting a ring soon.

You lucky bitch.

No, no, no,
I'm not getting a ring.

Are you and Clay
getting engaged?

I need to hear stories. I'm having
postpartum wedding blues.

Please tell me everything.

All right, let's get this shower
officially started.

These presents aren't gonna
open up themselves.

Nice dodge, ring-getter.

That was nice.

So, Ian, how come your dad
hates Nathan?

What he means is he and I
got off on the wrong foot

and never really got back
on the right one.

♪ The boys around here
don't respect a thing at all ♪

That's funny.

Had a similar experience
with the old man.

Well, maybe you
can fix it.

You know, there was a time
when I barely spoke to my dad,

but it's good now.

It's not gonna happen,

My dad cares
about three things --

books, his dog,
and that boat.

Well, you have to admit,
the dog is pretty cool.

He rides skateboards.

A skateboarding dog?

That's pretty cool.

What about your mom, Ian?
Are you close to her?

Well, I was,
but my mom was a smart woman.

She had the good sense
to divorce my dad and die

before he could make her
anymore miserable.

Are you guys sure you don't want
to go back and trash the boat?

So, even though we come
from a big family,

Haley and I
have always been close.

You know, you've always been
there for me, my little sis --

someone to believe in,

someone to share
all my secrets with,

and now...

Jamie's getting
a little sister,

and I know that he's gonna
love her as much as I love you.

And you're gonna love
your daughter

as much as mom loved us.


This is yours.
Mom gave it to you.

I know, but now
I'm giving it to you.

"My girl."

Thank you, sis.

You're welcome.

I love you.


So, you guys
have any brothers?


I have a...
Yes. Yeah.

So you guys
understand, then.

It was
just me growing up,

so all my dad's hopes and dreams
were pinned on me.

I might have had
a brother,

but that didn't save either of us
from our dad's failed dreams.

So you get it.

I get it.
Oh, he gets it.

Trust me.

I'll be right back.

♪ Oh, you won't hide,
I, I, I, I, I ♪

Dude, you have been zen
all day today.

What's going on with you?

Just taking in
all the dad talk

because Brooke and I
are going to adopt.

Yeah, we had
our first interview

with a birth mother
this morning,

and it went great,
so we'll see.

That is news
worth celebrating.

♪ ...Rise, Sherry, rise ♪

Ooh, thank you...

...For the champagne and
for possibly saving my life.

Well, I'll drink
to that.


♪ Wondering why ♪

♪ "no one told ya!" ♪

Oh, I miss beer.

Get someone to drink it
for you.

The buzz isn't as good,
but the hangover's better.

chug that beer for me.

No, have -- have Brooke do it.
She's the expert.

Come on. Oh, Brooke!

Yeah, Brooke,
chug a beer for me.

No way.
Come on.

It'll be like
a designated driver,

but a designated drinker --

Listen to
the pregnant lady.

I so should not have
saved you.

All right.
All right.

Oh, that looks
so refreshing.


Whoo! Whoo!
Whoo! Whoo!

I'm so sorry...

I-I didn't know that you
were stopping by today.

It's totally okay,
of course.

We're just throwing
a baby shower for my friend.

Okay. It's okay.
I understand.

Um, I-I just came by
to bring you these --

a little thank-you
for meeting me this morning.

I know it was last-minute.

You didn't have
to do that.

Do you want to come in
and stay a while?

Julian's not here, but you can
meet some of our friends.

No, I-I should go.
I don't want to crash.

No, honestly, stay.
I'd love it.

Um, just one thing --
I hope this isn't weird.

We haven't told anyone
about this,

that we're trying
to adopt.

I just didn't want to get
my hopes up

in case
it didn't happen, so...



Haley, uh, this is, um --
this is --

I-I'm -- I'm Chloe.

I-I came by
to bring you guys

some cookies
for your baby shower.

Thank you.
That's really sweet of you.

Everybody treats you so nice
when you're pregnant.

How far along are you?

Um, about to pop,
far along.

You must be starving.
Feel free to have some food.

And just, you know,
don't eat my ho ho cake.

Um, Millie, will you show
Chloe around?

She's a fashion student
and a friend.



♪ Everything will be
all right ♪

♪ everything will be
all right ♪

♪ whoo ♪

I need
to tell you something.

Do you have
any pickles?


Julian and I only met Chloe
this morning.

She's putting her baby up
for adoption,

and she met with us.

Oh, my --

Nobody knows yet.

Oh, sorry.

Oh, my God,
I can't keep this in.

We might be moms together.

But it's only if she likes us,
and it's just the interview phase.

How could she
not like you?

Really? Do you think so?
Are you kidding me?

There's no way that girl
can spend any time with you

and not think you would be
an amazing mother.

My God!

So, how does it work?

Does he just guess
what you like,

or do you guys
talk about it beforehand?

I mean,
that seems less fun,

but then you at least get
the ring that you want.

Oh, are you
getting engaged?

No, I'm just dating.

They're in limbo.

They're more than dating
but not yet engaged.

I am, too -- limbo.

No, we're not in limbo.

I just don't feel the need
to rush into anything.

I mean, maybe if
I got pregnant, but...

♪ All right ♪

I can't imagine
having kids, man,

until I'm like 40,

Kids are great.
You'll see.

And hopefully Julian
will be seeing very soon.

Well, dude, if it does happen,
don't be a dick.


I'm just saying, like, don't try
to make your kid be you.

My dad
never got me, ever,

not when I was 5,
not now.

You ever try talking
to him about it?

No, man.

I stopped trying
to talk to him

right about the time
he stopped caring

if we
ever really spoke.

♪ Ohh ♪

Here you go.

Oh, thank you.

Brooke, I was just telling Chloe
about my new job.

Oh, I forgot
to congratulate you.

Don't worry about it.

At this rate, I could join you
in the unemployment line

by the end
of the week.

I'm not unemployed.

Okay, to-ma-to, to-mah-to.
You lost your company.

So, anyway, about my new job,

they gave me
so much work to do,

I'd have to start doing coke
again just to get it all done.

I'm joking.
She's joking.

I can joke
about rehab now.


You're unemployed?

I thought you said you designed clothes.
I do.

Well, I had
a clothing company,

a very successful one.

We just got into some trouble,
so I don't have that anymore.

But I'm figuring out
what I'm gonna do next

with all my --

Who's that?

Brooke, your bitch
of a mom's here.


Why don't you
return my calls?

This is really not
a good time.

I thought we were good
after the wedding.

someone goes to prison

and you don't
cut them a break?

Wait. Prison?

Yeah, prison.
Get used to it, everyone.

I went to prison. It's not
that big a deal. It happens.

Victoria, have a Martini
and calm down.

Nobody here is ashamed
about jail time.

I mean, I went to jail,
and I am not ashamed to say it.

Honestly, who hasn't
been to jail?

I remember my visit
very fondly.

Okay, can we all stop
saying "jail"?


Let's just be rational
and stop overexaggerating.

Jail is so not
that big of a deal.

Well, you would know.

I mean, you've been
more than any of us.

Okay, wait.
You've all been to jail?

Ooh, no.
I haven't.

She hasn't been.


I haven't yet.
Thank you.

Okay, you know what? I'm gonna go.
No, it's --

I wanted to make a toast

to my amazing friend Brooke
for throwing this party

and for...saving
my son's life,

because if she hadn't
risked hers to save Jamie,

I would not be standing here,
with all of you, happy.

♪ Haunted by the same dream ♪

Brooke, there is a reason

why you are Jamie's godmother.

And I'm thankful every day
that you are.

♪ Feels like a rain cloud ♪

So, here's to my best friend,
Brooke Davis.

There is no one else to whom
I would trust my child more.

♪ Eyes making rainbows ♪

♪ as the rain comes down ♪

♪ you know what I think
we should do ♪

♪ take a train ♪

You almost forgot this.


Chloe, wait.

There's something
I need to say to you

before you decide

that we're not the right parents
for your baby,

starting with I'm sorry.

I know I said a bunch of things
to you this morning

that weren't true,

and I left out some things
that maybe I shouldn't have,

like losing my company

and maybe
my mom going to prison.

But I did that
because I was worried

about what you would think
of us.

I'm 19 and pregnant.

I kind of get the whole
passing-judgment thing.

But I'm not 19,

and I know that I should've
been honest with you.

So be honest now.

When I was a teenager,
I was a mess.

♪ Standing on the edge
of nothing ♪

I was popular,

but I had no idea who I was
or what I wanted.

And I started
a clothing line,

and it became more successful
than I could have ever dreamed.

But even at the height
of my success,

I always felt
like something was missing.

♪ I believe I,
I believe I ♪

Love. A family.

And then I met Julian.

And he is
an amazing director,

but he's
an even more amazing man,

and I know that he's gonna be
the most amazing father.

So there was a time

when I didn't know who I was
or who I wanted to be.

But I've known
for a long time now.

I want to be a mom.

And I want to see
Julian be a dad.

And I want our child
to feel loved and protected,

even when
they're struggling,

like I did,
like -- like we all have.

♪ With our hands
only tied together ♪

You look
really wasted here.

I was.

I have better ones if --

no, it's -- it's okay.

Thank you
for telling me the truth.

I'll think about it,

♪ You know
that I'm in love with you ♪

♪ yeah, you know
that I'm in love with you ♪

♪ yeah, you know
that I'm in love with you ♪

You can't have an open bottle
on the mound in the pros.

Think you got to pour it
in a cup.

You know how you spent the day
today with your kid,

just all the coaching
and tryouts?

To this day, my dad's
come to one game --


And I pitched right here
on campus.

I'm sorry, man.
That's crazy.

It's okay, though,

'cause this is the only place
in the world

that he can't get to me --

right here on this mound.

I guess
he doesn't understand it.

But you want
to know a secret?

Neither do I.

And I don't want to know.

I throw the ball,
they swing, they miss.

I don't want
to know why or how.

There's kind of a -- a beauty
in that, you know?

Yeah, I do know.

Which part?

All of it.

So you guys want to do this,
be my agents?

We do.

But I got to warn you,

it might upset your father
a little bit.

You okay with that?


Welcome to Fortitude.

I'm home.

What is all this?

I wrote a couple stories
for you.

I-I thought
it might help.

And I set up the camera so we
can practice them together.

When I went on the air
for the first time,

someone I love
gave me this great advice --

just pretend
you're talking to me.

Someone you love.


Best roommate ever.

You ready?

♪ Good night, big moon ♪

♪ sweet dreams, baby ♪

♪ if I could have one wish
tonight ♪

Well, that doesn't sound
that bad.

It was that bad.

There's no possible way

she wants us as the parents
after today.

Millie basically told her
that we're destitute

while joking
about her drug problem,

and then my mother showed up
yelling about prison.

Hey, look...

I'm sure
we can explain it.

I tried that.

She still left.

♪ Your heart will break and ♪

♪ you swear that
all your strength is gone ♪

♪ but then you'll find a way
to carry on ♪



Oh, come here.


What was that for?

That was because Jamie said
he had a great day,

and his dad
was a big part of that.

how was his mom's day?

It was good.
It was great, actually.

Um, and I think Lydia
really enjoyed it, too.



I didn't want to get my hopes up
until I talked to Quinn,

but what do you think?

Nathan, Haley, Jamie,
and Lydia.

It's perfect.



♪ So don't be scared when ♪

♪ you're in the darkness ♪

So, was it good,
the shower?

Huh? Yeah.

♪ You think it's gone but... ♪

Hey. Where's your head,
Quinn James?

Just thinking about something
the girls said today.

♪ Even when it's lost,
it can be found ♪


Pull over.

♪ Heaven knows
that it's a crazy ride ♪

♪ it's never perfect
all the time ♪

Hey, look at you!
That looks awesome!

High five.


Did you have fun at your party?

I did.
I missed you, though.

And I think
the baby did, too.

Yeah, dad said you were gonna
name her after grandma.

I think that's pretty cool.

I made her a present.

You did?

"To Lydia.

"I can't wait
to play catch with you.

your big brother Jamie."

She's gonna love it.

And she's gonna love having you
as a big brother.

Come here.

♪ Heaven knows
that it's a crazy ride ♪


There's something
about this place.

It feels so familiar.

Do you feel it?

♪ ...Crazy ride ♪


I was gonna
take you here.


Have we been here before?

Promise me that you'll
go back here someday.

We'll go together.


I just want you to know
that I love you.

And I love us
just where we are.

You're perfect with me.

I love us, too.

And just where we are
is my favorite place to be.

♪ Heaven knows
that it's a crazy ride ♪

♪ It's never perfect
all the time ♪

Oh, hey, Chloe.

Is Brooke here?

I need to tell you guys


Yeah. Hi, Chloe.
I'm here.


Um, so, I've -- I've thought
a lot about today

and about everything,

And, uh, it seems like you guys
have a lot of baggage.

♪ Baby, hold on tight ♪

The thing is,
I-I want two people

who are gonna love this baby,
who can care for this baby,

and who will understand
when they make a mistake.

So I think it's okay
that you guys have, too.

And that's the reason why I want
you guys to be the parents.

♪ Good night, big moon ♪

♪ sweet dreams, baby ♪