One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 8, Episode 14 - Holding Out for a Hero - full transcript

After standing up for a fellow student ridiculed by bully business professor Kellerman, Nathan joins a study group of guys hating him and fields his secret weapon, real executive Clay. Chase feels his barman lack social relevance and volunteers nobly for the big brother program. Alas he draws Jamie's terror mate Chuck, who haughtily belittles every cool activity, even flying, and abuses Chase as punching ball, until big bro deciphers his charge's frustration. Julian is directing a local TV commercial, where the 'star' gives notice, but thus finds an opportunity for Mouth. Haley is almost as bored in the crisis center as Brroke and Quinn at home, so they try to 'rescue' a bullying victim as costumed 'superheroes'.

There are people in this world

who would rather destroy
than create,

rather take than give.

These people must be stopped.


Brooke, what the hell?!

Was I sleep-fighting


No more "Kick-Ass"
for my wife before bed.

You said "wife."

I love hearing that.

Where you going?

Work. I'm directing
a commercial today. Remember?


So now
the honeymoon's over,

and we're just gonna turn into
a boring, old married couple?

Uh, you fight in your sleep,

Any couple you're a part of
couldn't be boring.

What am I supposed to do
without you?

I don't know.

Go to the grocery store?
Run errands? Cook?

Things a boring, old husband
would say for $500, please.

Or you could
watch "Kick-Ass" again.

We have a winner.

What's the special occasion?

Marvin's first day
back in television.

I have come full circle

and ended up
back at the bottom.

There's nothing wrong
with starting over.

wouldn't have hired you

if he didn't think
you were talented.

I'm proud of you.

Anyway, I should
probably head home.

I'll see you tonight?


You do know
it's kind of mean

to make her do the walk of shame
every day, right?

When are you two
moving back in together?

We're taking it slow.
Man, "slow"?

If you go any slower,
you're gonna be going backwards.

What you gonna do,
take her on a date

and try to figure out what her
favorite flavor of ice cream is?

It's rocky road.

And I don't think

that you should be giving
relationship advice.

You wanted to propose to
Nathan's mom on your third date.

♪ You had your young mind
in the gutter ♪

♪ you had your feet
on the ground ♪

♪ see you on the way up ♪

Damn. You're good.

I know.

It's still nice
to hear.

You want to know which
picture is my favorite? Hmm?

You took that one.

Did I?
Oh, that's right -- I did.

I had forgotten
'cause it was just so easy.

All I had to do
was point and click.

Mm. That's 'cause I set
my camera to "idiot mode."

Hey, there's no need
to be nasty.

You're probably
a better photographer than I am.

There's just
no way to tell.

Oh, yes, there is.

I've gotten three job offers
since posting these.

Did you --
did you post the one I took?

Just because those offers
may have been for me.

Maybe they were.

Let's go do something fun today
Like bungee jumping.

Let's go bungee jumping.

No way.

You see, I have a strict policy
against doing anything

where people won't feel sorry
for you if you die.

For example,
you'll never hear anyone say,

"oh, that poor guy.

"He just wanted to tie a rope
around his ankles

and jump off a bridge."

Okay, maybe not that,
but something thrilling.


I think
I know what you need.

Uh --

What's the answer, dummy?

It's "Tommy." And you didn't
ask me a question.

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way
to go through life, son.

How are you going to
practice business law

if you can't predict
my questions ahead of time?

I just
don't understand.

Maybe you'll understand this.

♪ Ask me to fetch your crown ♪

Come on, man.
That didn't happen.

Plus, you're quoting lines
from "Animal House."

Okay, maybe I exaggerated
a little.

But the guy
is a nightmare.

He gets off
on humiliating everyone.

Eh, so study. I mean, he can't make you
look stupid if you know the material.

And, besides, I mean,
didn't you take this guy's class

'cause it was tough?

I don't have a problem
with him being tough.

I have a problem
with him being a bully.

Mm, it is his class.

Look, you got
one of two options --

either switch professors
or deal with it.

It's too late to switch.

Well, then
"deal with it" wins.

you can't be an Agent.

Chase isn't here.

and the cease-fire is off

because you kissed him
during our truce.

And you slept with him
during the reception.

But it doesn't matter.
I'm not here for Chase.

He suddenly
seemed less attractive

when I saw him
in the limo

with a 5-foot hairy mole
attached to him.

Anyway, I wanted
to talk to Haley

recording a song here.

Since when do you sing?

I'm serious.

I know.
That's why I'm laughing.

Well, like I said,
I came to ask Haley, not you.

Why talk to the greasy rag when
you can talk to the mechanic?

Haley thinks
what I think.

We'll see.

Okay, then. Bye.

Evil lurks
behind every door in Tree Hill.

Stay tuned, loyal viewers...
To be dazzled.

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than what I've been
trying to be lately ♪

♪ all I have to do
is think of me ♪

♪ and I have peace of mind ♪

♪ I'm tired
of looking 'round rooms ♪

♪ wondering what I gotta do ♪

♪ or who I'm supposed to be ♪

♪ I don't want to be anything ♪

♪ other than me ♪

♪ One Tree Hill 8x14 ♪
Holding Out for a Hero
Original Air Date on February 8, 2011

So, it's a recruitment commercial

for Tree Hill College,
and if things go well,

it could lead to more work
for both of us.

Hey, thanks again
for the job.

It's nice to be needed
for something

other than
cleaning toilets.

Uh, we have a problem
with Michael.

Our actor.

Let me guess --
he flooded the bathroom?

No, no.

Uh...Well, yes.

But he has a problem
with his lines, too.

What's the problem?

He doesn't know them.

I'm on it.

I need a script
and a plunger.

If I didn't hate men
right now,

you'd be in trouble.


Men suck.



So, I was just checking in.
Are we cool?

Because, you know,
we haven't really talked

since the...Um...

Of course.

We said the slutty wedding sex
didn't have to mean anything.

Well, you said that.
Uh, I just agreed.

So, nothing's wrong?


At least not with us.

So what is wrong?

I started this job
because Owen needed my help.

It felt good knowing I was
making a difference.

Now all I do
is help people get drunk.

If you want
to help people,

there's always somebody
who needs it, you know?

You could always volunteer,
like Haley did.

I could be
a Big Brother.

I've always liked
playing with kids.

don't say that out loud.


Who needs a clothing company
when you can fly?

Oh, my God.



I am so bored, Hales.

Not working
is killing me.

Can I -- can I come and join you
at the crisis center?

We could solve problems,

like a...

The truth is,
I signed up to help people,

but I spend most of the day
playing "Angry Birds."


I know
what'll make you feel better.

The mouth
on that little girl!

I know, right?

See, why can't the crisis center
be more like this?

People call in,
they ask for help,

and we actually
help them.

But, no,
we're told to just listen.

You think anyone would ever
tell hit girl to just listen?

♪ La la la, la-la la la ♪

Hey. I just got your text.
What's the emergency?

I didn't say
it was an emergency.

I said
I wanted to talk.

Oh. An emergency sounded
much more exciting.

Anyway, what's up?
What's the problem?

Have I told you
that before I started acting,

I really wanted
to be a singer?

Yes, several times
at Brooke's bachelorette party.

Okay. Then shut up.

The studio
is letting me record a song

for the soundtrack
of my next movie.

That's awesome!

So, what's the emergency?

Again, no emergency.

I need a favor.

I want to record
at Red Bedroom,

but Mia won't let me
through the door.

So you want me to help you
break in late at night

and secretly record.


I want you to ask Haley
if she'll let me do it.

That's it?
Just...Talk to my sister?

Sorry my problem
isn't more exciting.

If it makes you
feel better,

we can pretend Mia's an evil
villain that we have to thwart.

I just said "thwart."

So, will you?

Yes, of course I will.

But I doubt Mia will mind

when she realizes
how much it means to you.

You're wrong.

What do you have to say
for yourself?

That I wish
I was right?

It seems the only question
you know the answer to is,

"do you want dessert?"

Wouldn't everyone know
the answer to that question?

It's usually "yes."

Well, if everyone
knows the answers,

we don't need to prepare
any more for tomorrow's test.

Good day, everyone.

Good looking out,

Hey, no big deal.

Uh, yeah, it is.
He's a scary dude.

Anyways, uh, me and some
of the guys get together

twice a week
for a study group.

Uh, we're actually meeting up
tonight, if you want in.

Yeah, sounds great.
Where is it?

Funny you should ask.

It's your night to host.

So...Where is it?

My place, I guess.

♪ ...In the air ♪

♪ I surrender to the mystery ♪

♪ sweet mystery ♪

Are you
Charles Daniel Scolnik?

I'm Chase,
your new Big Brother.

Only losers call me "Charles."
It's "Chuck."

Hey, you're Jamie's friend,

The bartender.

Bar manager, yeah.


what are we doing today?

How would you like
to go up in a plane?

Cool! Where to?

Just around Tree Hill,
maybe Pickerington.


Nice hat.

Do they make them
for guys?

♪ Raise my hands in the air ♪

♪ I surrender to the mystery ♪

♪ sweet mystery ♪

♪ spin my world around ♪


♪ Lift me off the ground ♪

Do I even want to ask?

I'll give you a hint.

♪ da-na-na-na-na-na-na-na,
na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na ♪

♪ na-na ♪

♪ Haley ♪

♪ Haley! ♪


No. What, you haven't
even heard my idea.

Fine. What is it?

We should be superheroes.


Come on!

You love helping people.
I love designing clothes.

You put those things together,
and voilà.

"Voilà" is not exactly the word
I would use to describe this.

Come on!

You yourself said

you wanted the crisis center
to be more like "Kick-Ass."

We can use it
to find people who need help.

It can be like
our own personal batphone.

You are forgetting
an important detail,

which is the fact that superheroes
have actual superpowers.

Yes, but I am feisty,
and you're pregnant.

Nobody's gonna hit
a pregnant lady!

It's like your shield.

You want me to use
my unborn baby as my shield?!

Are you crazy?
Oh, come on!

I need a sidekick.

Girl, give me a break.

If anything,
we're gonna be a duo.

So you're in.

Let's be superheroes!


Exactly how much
did you hear?


I'll just
come back later.


I'm afraid
I can't let you do that.


Okay, cut!


Um, I hope it's okay
that I stopped by.

I didn't know
if they'd give you lunch.

Oh, thanks.

Skills ate my breakfast.

One of the downsides
of having a roommate.

Is he back for long?

I never know.

He actually asked if you and I
were gonna move back in together.

What did you say?

That we were
taking it slow.



Anyway, um, I'm gonna
let you get back to work.

She seemed upset.
Did something happen?

I think I just told her that
I didn't want to live with her.

That'll do it.

What's going on?

It's quite simple,

Haley and I are Tree Hill's
newest superheroes.

I didn't know
Tree Hill had any superheroes.

Well, now that you know, you're
either with us or against us.

We would prefer "with."

She's kidding.
Obviously --

I'm in!

Now all we need is Haley
to go to the crisis center

and find us
a problem to solve.

I never said
that I would do this.

our first problem.

You fix it.
I'm needed elsewhere.

Do you want to know
why I became a Big Brother?

you have no friends.



It's this new thing I invented.
You just got chucked.

What if we just
high-five instead?

High fives are lame.

You know,
when I was a kid,

I always wanted
to become a pilot.

I want to be someone
who has their own pilot.

My dad says if you're really
important, people fly you.

I guess
you're not that important.


Damn it.

You can't be serious.


You're the one

that keeps checking yourself out
in the mirror.

You do look hot in that outfit,
by the way.

Well, duh.

Doesn't mean I'm gonna run
around playing make-believe.

Come on.
It could be so much fun.

Besides, ever since
my run-in with Katie,

I've been feeling restless,
and I need excitement.

Or some help.


Maybe I could be
our first mission.

No. There's not gonna be
a first mission.

Why are you here,

Oh. Um, right.
I need a favor.

Alex wants to record
at the studio.

She can even pay you
for it.


I didn't --
I didn't even know she sang.

Yeah. W-why didn't
she just ask me herself?

She tried.
Mia chased her away.

Great. Yeah, please,
tell her that's fine.

I will talk to Mia.

I'm having enough trouble
keeping people in the studio

without Mia
sending them away.

Perfect. See?

Doesn't it feel good
to help someone?


Kind of makes you...
Super Haley.

That's so dumb.

Why would I include my real name
in my superhero name?

Okay, see?
That's why we need you.

Your power
is your brain.


I'll start the discussion.

Why is Kellerman
such an asshat?

Mr. Scott, as the newest member
of the Kellerman sucks club,

perhaps you'd like
to field this one.

I'd love to.

So, today was fun,

Stop asking me that.

Want to come in for dinner?
It's meat night.

Uh, sorry.
I have plans.

Like a date?

Do you have
a girlfriend?

Mm...Things are kind of
complicated right now.

My dad says that's just a fancy
way of saying you're a loser.

Anyway, I hope tomorrow
isn't as boring as today.

See you tomorrow.


Hate that kid.

Crisis center.

Young woman:
I don't know why I'm calling,

but I just needed
to talk to someone.

Three girls at my school
won't stop bullying me,

and I don't know
how much more I can take.

I'm sorry.

Have you told anyone?

Um, your parents
or maybe a teacher?

Doesn't do any good.

They used to tease me for being
a tomboy, which was bad enough.

But then they found out
that I was adopted,

and now they call me
little orphan tranny.

It just -- they even made
a Facebook page about me.

I'm so sorry.

Maybe I can help.

I can call the school
for you,

or I can come down
and talk to these girls.

It'll just make things worse.

I just needed
to talk to someone.

Thanks for listening.

Well --

♪ na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na,
na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na ♪

♪ Haley ♪

♪ na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na,
na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na ♪

♪ Haley ♪

What are you
doing out here?

Were you trying
to peek in my window?


We had plans today.

My dad says guys can always
flake on each other.

I wouldn't do
something like that.

Anyway, I should probably
tell your mom where we're going.

No, that's fine.
Let's go.

♪ Wake up ♪

♪ where you don't want to be ♪



♪ Gonna push back
'cause you always push on me ♪

So, a girl called
the crisis center last night.

I think we can help her.

Aah! Okay, we knew
you'd come around eventually.

From now on,
call me "b. Dazzle."

Or that could stand for
"Brooke Davis."

Damn it.

Ooh, ooh!
And -- and I'm "shutterbug."

I blind people
with my flash

and then collect their photos
as trophies.

And you are
"baby mama."

Never mind.

Oh, come on. We can help.
Who's the girl?

She is
a high-school student

that some bullies have been
calling "little orphan tranny."

They even put a website up
about her.

To the research lab.

♪ Don't wanna walk away ♪

♪ not this time ♪

Hey, I'm not late,
am I?

our wonderful actor is.

It can't be easy
going from directing real actors

to directing
someone's stoned nephew

for a local commercial.

Yeah, but it's still directing,
and I get to do what I love.

And then I get to go home
and do what -- with
who I really love.

Speaking of,
how are things with Millie?

I guess the same.

She didn't stay over last night,
so...I don't know.

Maybe it's better
that we're taking things slow.

Have you seen
our wedding photos yet?

Does that look like a girl
who wants to take things slow?

Michael quit.


He said he was doing
the job of a mannequin,

and he didn't
understand the scene, anyway.

What's not to get?

It's all about taking
the next big step in life.

I remember before I got
back together with Millie,

my life felt meaningless.

I was just doing the same thing
day after day,

and I wasn't happy.

This is awful!

"I bet you her real parents
wanted a boy.

That's why
she dresses like one."

And look at this.

"She should be an ad
for birth control."

Wait a minute.

They're making fun of her
because she's adopted?

Peyton was adopted.

And what if I adopt?

These bitches
would make fun of my kid.

Looks like they're planning
on ambushing her after school.

You sure?

Pretty sure.
It says right here,

"ambushing tranny after school,"
and two girls click "like."


We should call the school,
you guys.

Or...We could show up

and let those little
evil villains know

what mean really is.


The last evil villain
that you fought

shot you
and put you in a coma.

She's right.

You survived a gunshot
and a coma.

You're indestructible.

That's not --

guys, I think I made a mistake
bringing this to you.

Oh, relax.

They're not crips.
They're kids.

More specifically,
they're stuck-up little bitches

who need to be dealt with.

you used to be a teacher.

Did you ever let bullies
get away with this?

She's right.
You used to be a teacher.

I used to be
a stuck-up girl.

They are no match
for us.

I used to be stuck-up, too.

I know
we've had our differences,

but I was hoping
we could start over

on a professional level,
musician to musician.

You're not a musician.

You're an actress
pretending to be one.

My friend Peyton started this
label for real artists, okay?

You haven't even
heard me sing.

No, but I've heard that
whiny noise you call speaking,

and that's enough
for me.

Well...I think
you're an amazing musician.

Damn it. She knows
how we love compliments.

Do you get picked on
at school?

Not really.
Did someone say I did?


I just was talking with a girl
who gets picked on,

and she seemed
kind of sad,

so I wanted to know
if anyone bullied you.

Not anymore.
Chuck used to, though.

Yeah, that's right.
I had words with his mother.

Oh, then dad showed up
in a cape, remember?

Yeah, then Aunt Brooke
made capes

for all the rest of the kids
at school.

Dad was like a superhero
that day.

And me and Chuck
have been friends ever since.


What's wrong
with being a hero?

Bullies don't stop unless
somebody stands up to them.

I know.
I used to be one.

No, I get it,
but sometimes being a hero

means sacrificing one cause
for the good of another.

I know.

I just wish I could put him
in his place for once.

In business,
people make deals,

but people cannot be trusted.

Contracts, on the other hand,
can be trusted.

It's as simple as that.

Put it on paper,

and, in a sense,
it is carved in stone.

The written word is made truth.

Seems Mr. Scott
disagrees with me.

Please tell us all
what you were thinking

so we may bask in the glorious
light of your knowledge.

I just know an agency
that doesn't work like that.

Oh, really?

And what's the name
of this magical agency

that signs clients
with hugs?

The agency's name
is fortitude.


Now, that's the most important
part of any business --

working with those who have it
and keeping your own.

Look, without it,

contracts aren't worth
the paper they're written on.

And who are you,
besides an uninvited nuisance?

My name's not important,
but the name Troy Jameson is.

You know,
as a top-10 NFL pick,

he signed with fortitude,
a smaller agency,

because he thought
that the agents had his back.

It was a personal relationship
that sealed that deal.

And I'm sure
money had nothing to do with it.

You must have won him over
with your smile.

A-and a hug.

You've all heard the phrase
"it's just business."

That's because business
and personal relationships

don't mix.

They don't mix
because people change.

Viewpoints shift.
Fortunes ebb and flow.

Relationships and loyalties end.
New ones begin.

I can assure you,
young man --

and by "young,"
I mean "inexperienced" --

that the only way
to survive in business

is to keep it as such --
just business.

And, again, I've only
taught this class for 20 years

and written a book
about it!

I-I'm sorry.

I, uh,
I haven't read your book.

I've just been
a little bit too busy

actually working
in the business world.

You know, but I do know
the difference

between book theory
and real-world practice.

You see, Professor,
you're teaching theory.

I'm living practice.

You know, I think
the bottom line here

is that within the walls
of this class,

your book might work,

but as soon as you walk outside
into the world,

you know, what really works
are honest relationships...

That include hugs.



Cool it, shutterbug.

Where's baby mama?

I don't think
that she's coming.

And, you know,
to be honest,

I'm kind of having
second thoughts myself.

I mean, Brooke,
we're in Halloween costumes.

First of all,
Brooke Davis

makes top-of-the-line
superhero apparel.

And secondly,
I'm b. Dazzle.

Isn't that right,

crime-fighting car?

Oui, madame.

Okay, we're really gonna do this.

If we don't,
that poor girl will suffer

and we'll
have done nothing.

We need to be brave
for her.

They used to call me

"Whaley Haley."

Not anymore, baby mama.

Not anymore.

That is not my name!

♪ Don't tell me love is
something you won't try again ♪

♪ that's just not true ♪

♪ well, baby, right now,
maybe what you need's a friend ♪

♪ well, I'm here for you ♪

You should listen
to this.

♪ I will be by your side ♪

♪ if ever you fall
deep in the dead of the night ♪

♪ whenever you call ♪

♪ and I won't change my mind ♪

♪ no, I'll see you through ♪

♪ ooh, ooh ♪

♪ and I won't give up ♪

♪ no, I won't give up ♪

♪ I won't give up on you ♪

I was tired of spending my days
lying on the couch

and unhappy with who I was
and what I was doing.

That's why I decided
to stop making excuses

and start moving forward
with my life.

So, no, I don't want to get high
off of that thc.

I want to get high
off of this thc --

Tree Hill College.

Enroll now.

That's a wrap!

Great job.

♪ I will be by your side ♪

♪ if ever you fall
deep in the dead of the night ♪

♪ whenever you call ♪

♪ and I won't change my mind ♪

♪ no, I'll see you through ♪

♪ ooh, ooh ♪

♪ and I won't give up ♪

Don't the buildings look cool
from up there?

Don't know.
I could only see the tops.

One of the, uh, first memories
I have of my dad

is when he took me up
on a plane.

You gonna tell your dad
about this?


He lives out of town,
so we don't talk much.

And when we do, he only likes
to hear about the cool stuff.

How often
do you see him?

I was supposed to see him
for a weekend last summer,

but then his favorite
kid rock cover band

was playing that week.

Can't pass
stuff like that up.

What about your mom?
You do anything fun with her?

I guess.

She works a lot,
so I only see her at dinner.

You should come over.


Besides, you should
spend the time with your mom.

I know
I wish I could --


♪ I won't give up ♪

♪ you can call it love ♪

♪ but I won't give up on you ♪

Little orphan tranny.

Aren't you
supposed to have a dog?

No, she just
has the face of one.

Why don't you just
leave me alone?

'Cause you're so fun
to mess with.

Bet your bottom dollar,

you're about
to get your ass kicked.

I wouldn't take that bet.

I wouldn't take that bet.

We're shutterbug,
b. Dazzle, and baby mama,

and we're here to make sure
you leave this girl alone.

That's not my name.

Enough talk.
It's time for action.

Prepare to be dazzled.


Homemade liquid smoke.

That was supposed to...
Spread further.

Wow, tranny. You found
three bigger losers than you.

Excuse me?

What is it about you that
you think makes you so cool,

you can tease
other people?

Is it your man face?

Or your chicken legs?

Or maybe
your enormous feet?



Don't even get me started
on your ratty hair,

your bad lip gloss,
and your fake Louis Vuitton.

Wait till tomorrow,

when these old crazy ladies
aren't here.

We're gonna --

what are you gonna do...

How do you know
my name?

It's one
of her superpowers.

It all started
when a giant asteroid hit --

Nikki, you --
you were picked on

all freshman year of High School
for being the new girl.

Guess you found
somebody else to tease

so they'd leave you alone.

Smart girl like you,
applying to Princeton --

tsk-tsk --
really should know better.

Maybe I'll call the Dean.

Like the Dean of Princeton

would listen
to some wack job in a cape.

Well, since you,
Rachel, and Audrey

all need clean records
to get those scholarships,

I wouldn't want
some crazy wack job

saying anything
if I were...


we're all a little crazy.


And you never know
when we're just gonna pop up.

You open up that locker --
crazy girl inside.

You go to sleep at night,
guess who's underneath that bed.

Crazy girl!

You get in the back seat
of that car, guess who's there!

Crazy girl!!

They got it.

I'm shutterbug.

Yes, you are.

Fine. We're leaving.


But in case you want to fight
again, we'll be ready for you!

And you all
take down that website,

or I'll post your photos,
and they're all from bad angles.


It's not like
we can beat them up.

I think
one of them is pregnant.


How did you know
their names?

I was a teacher,

and I still have some friends
at the school.

You're like
a mastermind.

I am a mastermind.
That's more like it.


Mrs. Scott?
What are you doing here?

I am here to tell you
that things will get better

and that High School
is full of insecure kids

who are just gonna
make fun of you for no reason.

They used to make fun of me for
being smart and dressing weird.

This --
I get it.

Listen, the thing is,
no matter how different you are,

you'll always find someone
who accepts you.

It's true.

Are you gonna be okay?

I think so.

Can I ask you guys
for a favor?


So, i can't be the hero,
but you can, huh?

You are learning.

You know,
you're not nearly as dumb

as Kellerman
thinks you are.

And besides, he can make fun
of you all he wants,

but leave fortitude

Well, I have a feeling
there's gonna be some backlash,

but it was worth it.


No problem.

You know, the world needs
all the heroes it can get.

You got to be
kidding me.

Is that liquid smoke?

Thanks for hanging out
with me.





I had fun.

Hey, I know you.
You're my bartender.

Bar manager.

And he's also a pilot.

I'm your pilot.

Guess that makes you
pretty important, doesn't it?

Hey, uh, can I still
join you for dinner?



You just got big-brothered.

So, you still want to hear
what I think?

I don't know.

Is it still "you suck"?

As a person, yes.


As a musician,
you are surprisingly good.

That really means a lot
coming from you.

You know, Peyton and Haley
gave me the chance to sing.

But lately,
I haven't been singing.

I've been...
Fighting with you

and trying to get Chase
to like me.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault.

I've let myself become
the unhappy girl

that I used to be.

But watching you
in here...

Reminded me of how I feel
every time I sing.

And I love it,
and I need to get back to it.

So, does that mean
you're taking my studio time?


I think I'm gonna tour
for a little while.

♪ 'Cause I know you understand ♪

But keep singing, Alex.

You think I'm great.

♪ All the treasures of my life ♪

To you
being back on the air.

♪ Are right here in my hand ♪

I have to admit,
it felt really good.

Not for the reason
I thought it would.

The whole time
I was doing it,

I wasn't thinking, "I'm back
in front of the camera."

I was thinking,
"I can't wait to tell Millie."

I was scared
of messing things up

if we lived together

But I got
even more scared

when you didn't stay over
last night.

What happened
to your night light?

Look, you've been over
every night.

We already
live together.

Living without you
is what made me scared.

So I'm done
taking things slow.

I want you to move in tomorrow
or even tonight, if you can.

Or is that too fast?

♪ ...Turns into colors ♪



♪ I don't want to build a wall ♪

♪ or draw a line
across the sand ♪

♪ because there's room
for one and all ♪

So, did you tell Jamie?

Did I tell our son
his mom and her friends

were running around town
pretending to be superheroes?

Of course I did.


I've been feeling so helpless
lately at the crisis center.

I wanted
to stop some bullies.

And this whole superhero thing
was Brooke's idea.

Well, while you were out
fighting crime,

Erin called.

She's visiting her family
in Ireland.

She wanted to thank you
for everything.

She's talking
to her family again.

That's so great.

You were already a hero.

You didn't even need
the costume.

I'm thinking about
keeping it anyway, though.

You know,
it's kind of sexy.

♪ Dunh dunh na na! ♪

Oh, geez!

Super Haley...

...You got to be careful
in your condition.

Shh! You must never
use my real name.

I'm mastermind.

♪ And all the ropes that bind
begin to fray ♪

Hey, babe!

I'm having trouble
with this puzzle.

Could you be my hero
and help me?

It's super Quinn.

It's "shutterbug" now.

You ladies have fun?

But it wasn't about that.

It was about
righting wrongs,

correcting injustices,

and being total badasses.


And here I thought that
super Quinn -- or shutterbug --

only came out on Halloween
and when you're feeling frisky.

Or when I'm bored.

And since
a certain someone

wouldn't go bungee jumping
with me,

I had to find something
to entertain myself with.

I-I get it.

It's nice to feel like a hero
every now and again.

You know, I actually, um did something
pretty heroic myself today,

although I didn't look
anywhere near as sexy as you.

I beg to differ.

♪ This is the greatest time... ♪

Are you looking for a little
shutterbug/super Clay action?

I was thinking
more along the lines

of shutterbug
vs. The burglar.

Oh. Yeah,
I'm not so su--

You've messed
with the wrong girl, burglar.

Say "cheese."

♪ And all the black and white
turns... ♪

Hey, hubby Baker.
How was your day?


The college is happy,
mouth is happy, and I'm happy.

Then I'm happy.

How about you?
Did you do anything fun today?


You know me.

Just your average, ordinary,
mild-mannered citizen.

♪ Colors ♪


Tune in next week,
loyal viewers --

same "O.T.H." Time,
same "O.T.H." Channel.