One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 5 - Your Cheatin' Heart - full transcript

Nathan's nerve-wrecking continues as Renée actually goes public with her absurd accusations and paternity-claim, at times insecure if Haley and Jamie will believe him unconditionally. Once Julian has laid down the law about his unquestioning fidelity to Brooke, Alex successfully begs to give her script a second chance. Clay is loyal to Nathan's cause but secretly puts up Quinn now nobody else will have her. Mouth's boss meanly taunts him assigned to archiving. Haley's temper ultimately leads to her arrest for harassing her husband's hateful harasser.

Previously on One Tree Hill:
- What's a love child?

Did l not ask you to look into the
Nathan Scott situation to find a story?

It's nothing but a rumor
in some low-rent tabloid.

It's not fair, and it's not what l do.

Yeah, just keep walking, McFadden.
You're off the air.

Where is Makenna?
Millie can handle it.

She can take Makenna's place.

There's an after party
that nobody's invited to except us.

You're going. Say yes.

- Yes.
- Yes.

I wouldn't mind meeting with the writer.
I got ideas.

I wrote it.

If you're serious, l'd be willing to work
on it, but only if you're committed.

I would love to commit to you, Julian.

I'm sorry, David.
I think we should get a divorce.

- Where to?
- Your place.

Just drive.

- What are you doing here?
- He doesn't love you.

You don't know
what you're talking about, sweetie.

He told me
while we were making love.

Maybe l am a slut,
but that's what Nathan liked about me.

He had me do all kinds of things to him
that he said you would never...

That's the only hit to come out of rock
star Haley James Scott in five years.

Let's see that again.

He had me do all kinds of things
to him that he said you would never...

I suppose there's worse things
than hitting a pregnant woman.

Yeah? Like what?
Let's see that again.

Just give me a second.

Good slap though.

Thank God Jamie and Quinn
aren't awake to see this.

It's okay.

It's a long walk of shame
from here to Nate's.

You might wanna eat something first.

I was just gonna grab a cab of shame.
So l'm good, but thank you.

I can drive you.
It's cheaper than a cab of shame...

...and comes with a free meal.

It's more the driver
that l'm worried about.

Did l mention
I made breakfast burritos?

I do like breakfast burritos.

I make a mean breakfast burrito.

Have you seen Alex's script?
I'm working with her today.

Oh. Sorry.

Good morning, Brooke Davis.
You get sexier and younger every day.

Well, good morning, babe.
You're so sweet.

So have you seen her script?

You certainly do know
how to hit the off switch.

Sorry, babe. l'm working with her today.

Yeah, l'm not so sure that's a good idea.
I don't trust her around men.

She's like one of those herpes
from mythology.

You mean harpies?

No, actually, l don't. Her underwear
should be a welcome mat.

I've seen the way she looks at you.

Can't you find a better script
written by an uglier person?

Trust me. l'm not interested in the writer,
I'm interested in the story.

As long as it doesn't become the story
you and Alex tell your kids...

...when they ask how you met.


The only kids l'Il be telling stories to...

...will be ours.

That's a good answer.

Have a good day.

- Have a good night?
- Marvin. You scared me.

I guess we're even then.
Where have you been?

It was such a crazy night.

One of the models passed out,
so Brooke let me go up in her place.

- You modeled?
- Yeah, can you believe it?

And then Alex wanted to celebrate,
so we went for drinks...

...and l lost track of time.

Weren't you tipped off
when the sun came up?

You never even called.

I know, and l'm really sorry.
Can we talk about it at lunch?

I'm late for work. l really am sorry.

I'm not seeing the licorice whips.

Oh, l must have forgotten to order more.
I'm sorry, Mr. Scott.

Hey. l forgive you.

"Nathan Scott:
A basketball star's love child."

Like father, like son, huh?

I guess since you're playing video games,
you've already brushed your teeth, huh?

You know it.

If you're lying, the tooth police will come
and take your teeth away.

That's right, and then everyone's
gonna call you Gummy Scott.

Ha, ha.

I'Il brush! l'Il brush!

- Haley Scott?
- Yes. Is there a problem?

You're under arrest for assault
and battery. Please turn around.

- Put your hands behind your back.
- You're not arresting my wife.

- You need to step away, sir.
- Are you serious?

- Against you in a court of law.

Oh, you guys are real heroes,
aren't you?

- Mom.
- Hey, baby, go inside. l'Il be home later.

Haley, we're right behind you, okay?
Don't worry.

I bet you charge a lot
for that innocent mommy look, huh?

Hey, l know you.

My husband showed me your clip
on the Internet last night.

Then he got an IM from some dirty skank,
so l smashed him over the head.

She was on the Internet?
What did she do?

Bitch-slapped some pregnant chick.

That is cold.

This has been quite the bonus
for spending the night.

So, uh, what kind of feast would you
make me if l spent the whole weekend?

Probably something to go.

So did you learn to cook
just to impress women?

Something like that.

Does your phone ever stop buzzing?

Because l only have one thing
that vibrates that much.

- Ha, ha. They're all business calls.
- Oh, really? Okay.

All business calls. Let's see. Hmm.

Katie, Alex, Faith, ooh, Melissa, Kylie.

So you're a pimp?

Mm. Let's see who your last five calls are.

David, David.

David, David, David.


Make you a deal.
I'Il turn off mine if you turn off yours.


This is Clay. Leave a message.

Clay, where the hell are you?
Haley's been arrested.

Call me back.

Aunt Quinn isn't in her room.

She made her bed
just like Mom makes it.

It doesn't even look
like she slept in there.

So after you read me the numbers,
I write them down in this book. Got it?

Actually, l came up with the whole
logging system when l first started.

They, uh, used to call it
the Marvin method.

We call it logging tapes.

So did, uh, Harvey explain the job to you?

I believe he came up with
the logging method himself.

Now, of course,
you could be a real reporter again...

...if you just read the stories
we give you.

I am a real reporter.
That's why l don't report gossip.

Fine. Well, just keep logging it instead.

I'm so sorry l'm late.
Please don't kill me.

- Ah!
- Okay. Don't have sex with me either.

You are not gonna believe this.
You were a huge hit last night.


- They think l look ordinary.
- No, they think you're amazing.

Beautiful, sexy, smoking hot.

This person thinks
I look like a turd sandwich.

- You can't focus on one negative comment.
- This person agrees.

Well, then listen to me.
I think you're gorgeous.

You don't think l look like
"a frumpy whore on bingo night"?

No. If l did,
would l ask you to model full time?

We wanna do a line based on
"Zero is not a size."

I mentioned the idea to Victoria.
She jumped on it so fast...'d think it was Julian's dad.

- l'm not a model.
- But you were last night.

Did you like it or not?

- Yeah, l did.
- Well, there you go.

Alex isn't a model either. That's not
stopping her from taking my money.

But Alex is a lot sexier than me.

Hi, Julian.
You ready to give me notes?

Yes, here's my first one: Get dressed.

Oh. Ha, ha. l'm sorry. l just got caught up
watching Grease 2.

- That ever happen to you?
- Yes.

Come on in. l'Il be ready in a sec.

- l thought you were getting dressed.
- l did. See?

Oh. At least it's not a welcome mat.

I wore them when l auditioned for
Wonder Woman, but didn't get the part.

They're bad luck.
Maybe l should take them off.

No, no, no!

I can't believe l'm saying this,
but you need to put more clothes on.

It's not like they're crotchless or edible.

Heh. Because if l work with you in yours,
I'Il never see Brooke in hers again.

Oh, my God, you're so cute.
Ha, ha.

- l just wanna hug you.
- Yeah, don't.

Uh, maybe we should do this another day.
Maybe somewhere public.

I am really, really excited to start.

All set.

You're walking me to the door.
I didn't know you were a gentleman.

I'm an enigma.

- You just wanna talk to Nathan.
- Mystery solved.

- Did you get my messages?
- We turned our phones off.

- Oh, we did, did we?
- What's up?

Haley's in jail.
Quinn, watch Jamie.

What are you doing here?

You've spent enough time at my studio.
I figured l should return the favor.

How are lessons going?

There's nothing like it, Mia,
flying through the air.

I would stay up there forever
if it wasn't for you.

- And gas.
- Good to know. l come before gas.

Most of the time, you do.

Chase, you're up.

Looks like we're gonna head back up.
You wanna come?

No, thanks.
Musicians and small planes don't mix.

- Right.
- Ha, ha.

Then l'Il learn to fly a big plane.

I would have slapped that bitch too,
and your cheating husband.

He... He didn't cheat.

Really? He is good-looking, famous,
and is surrounded by girls.

My husband's a fat, lazy bum
and he cheats all the time.

It's just what men do.

- Well, not Nathan.
- Oh, well, aren't you lucky?

You must have found the only one.

Well, if he's so great
then why are you still in here?

Haley James Scott?

There he is now.

- What the hell do you want?
- l'm dropping the charges.

I shouldn't have provoked you last night.
You're not the one l'm angry with.

Well, that's great. Thank you.
Let's do each other's hair now.

Look, l know that you think
that l'm lying, but l'm not.

Nathan is, to the both of us.

This is such crap. l know him
better than anybody else in the world...

...and what you're saying he did,
isn't him.

Maybe not when he's sober.
But he wasn't. Neither of us were.

What? What is this? The number of men
who might be the father of your baby?

It's my phone number.

Look through Nathan's
old cell phone bills.

I'm sorry. l know you're just trying
to protect your family.

But so am l.

You hate the sex scenes?
But those are my favorite.

I don't hate the sex scenes.

Then why is red ink all over the page?
Red ink means bad. Bad, bad.

I had a red pen. l'Il use blue next time.
I think the characters should have sex.

I just don't think it'd happen
the way you wrote it.

It did happen the way l wrote it.

- l mean, it would.
- It doesn't seem realistic to me.

The girl rips her clothes off and
throws herself at the guy for no reason?

I just can't see that happening.


You don't need a lot,
maybe just a line or two.

Can you see it happening now?

No. Oh, God, no, no. l can't. Uh...

- Oh, God, no.
- What's the matter?

We're working together.

- That's not how l work.
- This is how all guys work.


You know, l thought you would actually
take this seriously...

...but l guess that was my mistake.

Please tell me you're kidding.

Okay, Alex, settle down.
I'Il be right over.

Ready for lunch?
- l'm sorry. That was Alex.

She's upset about something
and it's my job to take care of her.

I'Il make it up to you, l promise.

Okay, l pulled some more...

Mouth, where'd Millie go?

- To take care of Alex.
- Oh, good.

Get a shovel
and help her get rid of the body.

Is she that bad?
Should l be worried about Millie?

Not unless you think Alex
is trying to sleep with her, so yes.

She stayed out partying all night.

She was probably celebrating,
and l can't say that l blame her.

Check these out.


- These are from last night?
- Amazing, right?

Totally not a turd sandwich.
I asked her to do it full time.

Did you ever think
you'd be dating a model?

How did you find out that
your husband was cheating on you?

Which time?

I always had my suspicions, you know?
But l didn't find out for sure...

...until l walked in on him
having sex with my neighbor.

And even then he tried to deny it.
Ha, ha.

Yeah, the only thing
that men do more than cheat is lie.

Courtney Smith?

Your husband's here to bail you out.

That's me. l'Il see you around.

You're going back to him?

What am l gonna do? l love him.

You're not actually
gonna call him, are you?

No matter what,
Nathan will always be my son.

Tell him that.

How can you be so soft
on the inside...

...and so hard on the outside?

Not now.

- You okay? Who is it?
- It's nobody.

- What do you want?
- Hi, Nathan. l heard about your problem.

- l was wondering if l could...
- You could what? Help?

You made a fortune capitalizing
on the murder of your own brother.

Save your help for people who don't
know you and stay away from me.

Okay, then.

Well, you let me know
if you need anything.

Good talking to you too.

Please try your call again later.

You'Il never find forgiveness
from your family.

You know, Jamie, you're a smart kid,
but you're not quite Beethoven.

Are you hungry?
Can l make you something?

Will you take me to see my mom?

Your dad will be home soon.

We wouldn't wanna be gone
when she gets home, would we?

I guess not.

Do you still love Uncle David?

Yeah. Why would you ask me that?

Why aren't you with him?

It's a lot of little things.

Like what?

I don't know. It's complicated.

That's not a very good answer.

I know.

Actually, l could go for some cereal.


Let's go.

Renee dropped the charges,
so this should all go away.

Well, Renee is not going away.

- We need to do something about it.
- l'm on it.

Really? Because from the looks
of things this morning... were on something else.

- Hey, are you okay?
- Yes, l just wanna get out of here.

I wish you'd just stayed home
and let me take care of this.

Why, what's the big deal?

Come on.

Mr. Scott! Mr. Scott!
Mr. Scott!

Hey, bud,
how do you like your cereal?

Cereal? You just poured milk
over a bowl of cookies.

Oh. Are you complaining?


Hold on. l'Il be right back.

- David.
- l just need to know one thing.

Did you go home with that guy
last night?


So l guess l was wrong.

There was something you could do
to make me give up hope.

Uncle David.

- Are you gonna stay with us?
- Hey, bud.

I'm sorry, l can't.
I just came by to say hi to you.

And goodbye to your Aunt Quinn.

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

Where you been?

I went to visit my pilot boyfriend
this morning.

Hmm. He sounds cool.

Yeah, almost as cool
as my bartender boyfriend.

- That's bar manager.
- Oh.

Have you heard from Haley today?
She's supposed to be in the studio.

- No, not a peep.
- Well, see if you can find her.

Considering you're such good friends
and alike.


I wish you worked
at a bar that wasn't attached to my studio.

I won't be working at any bar
once l get my pilot's license.

I owe that to you. You're the one
that inspired me to follow my dreams.

- How did l do that?
- By following yours.

And l never would've met you
if the bar l work at...

...wasn't attached to your studio.

I really hope you make a better pilot
than you do a bartender.

It's manager.

We need to go on the offensive
before this gets any bigger.

I'm gonna schedule a press conference
so you can make an official statement.

What good will that do?

Lt'Il give people a chance to see
who you really are: An honest family man.

- You want me there?
- Definitely.

I think it's really important we show
that you support Nathan.

You think making a statement
is gonna help?

Yeah. Look, how much, l don't know,
but it'Il definitely help.


Set up the press conference.

Hi. How's the story coming?

It better not have a happy ending.

Nope. No worries there. It's over.

- What happened?
- Let's just say...

...she's the person
you thought she was.

Does Brooke Davis
have to slap a bitch?

No. l just won't be working
with her anymore. She's all yours.

I'm sorry, babe.

Are you okay?

Yeah, it's just that l hadn't found
a script l liked that much in a long time.

I can't believe l was stupid enough
to think she'd take it seriously.

Well, you'Il find a better script.


I guess it's back to renting movies
instead of making them.

Any suggestions?

Something that'Il put you
in a better mood...

...or at least in the mood
to make out with me.

Grease 2 it is.


You're weird.

Hey, you.

You got any good stories
from the inside?

Actually, uh, Renee came by.

What did she want?

Just to tell me
that she's dropping the charges...

...and she's still insisting
that you're the father.

- She's crazy.
- Yeah, l know. That's what l told her.

She's so certain. You don't remember
meeting her at all or?

- No.
- Were you drinking a lot that night?

- You're actually starting to believe her.
- l'm not. Of course not.

I just don't understand
why she would make this up.

I mean, if it's all a lie, we're gonna find
out when the baby comes out anyway.

So why would she do that?

- She's trying to take advantage of us.
- Why you?


You're the one person
I need to believe me...

...and you think l'm lying.
- l didn't say that.

- You didn't have to.
- Nathan.

- Where are you going?
- Out.

And don't worry,
I'Il try not to knock anyone up.

There's been a mistake.
I ordered my meal alfresco...

...but l don't want to eat it outside.

And l'm still missing my...

You're not a cheesecake.

What do you do? Do you shake hands
by spreading your legs?

A guy was finally interested
in your writing instead of your body...

...and you did what you do best,
you blew it.

Brooke, l'm sorry.

- l made a mistake.
- He was giving you a chance... show the world that you are more
than another stupid, washed-up actress.

But you proved that that's exactly
what you are. Nice work.

Oh, no. l'Il be taking this.

We at least need your body in shape
since it's all you've got going for you.

Why didn't you tell me
they took you off the air?

When did l have a chance?
Last night when you were with Alex?

Or this afternoon
when you ran off to be with Alex?

I'm sorry, Marvin. l'm here now.
Do you wanna talk about it?

Not really.

I, uh, saw your photos from last night.
You looked beautiful.

Brooke thinks you should be a model.

What do you think?

I think you've worked for five years
to get where you are.

But it's something new and different.

I didn't know
you wanted new and different.

Neither did l.

You always said that dealing with
models was the worst part of your job.

But that doesn't mean l'd be like them.

You mean like partying all night
and showing up late for work?

How does that make you
any different?

I see you've given this
a lot of thought.

I just don't think it's who you are.

And did you decide that all by yourself
down here in the basement?

Your boyfriend works in a sewer?

What? l said basement.

And that wasn't even
the point of my story.

Whatever. Let's do this.

And make sure you tell me
when we're buzzed. l love that part.

Brooke wants me to be a model.

Right, which would be awesome.

And Marvin wasn't excited.

First of all, his name is Marvin.

And second of all, he works in a sewer.
Ugh. l mean, who cares what he thinks?

I am tired of people thinking things.

- What do you think?
- l don't know. It might be fun.

Then do it.

- What if l don't like it?
- Then quit.

I mean, that's what l'd do,
but don't ask me, l'm stupid.

Just ask Brooke.

- l'm sure she doesn't think that.
- Mm, she does.

She came over earlier, told me l was stupid
and stole my cheesecake.

But the joke's on her,
because l just ordered another one.

Look who's stupid now, Brooke.

- l doubt she meant it.
- l don't really care what Brooke thinks.

I care about Julian.

He was the one
who believed in my script.

- Ugh. Okay, we're buzzed.
- Ah! l love it.

- You know, l could really use a lime.
- And l want the tequila. So we're even.

So show Julian you aren't stupid.
Make him see you in a new light.

Like the way you made people
see me as a model.

You are a model, bitch.

And you're not stupid, bitch.
Now go show Julian that.

Thanks. Will you help me
pick out a nerdy outfit?

Just pretend l'm you.


Haley's at the piano.

I'm a musician, Quinn.

Spill it.

Did David ever lie to you
about something, like, really important?

Lying was never really David's style.

He's like Nathan in that way.


It's just... It just scares me, that's all.

If you and David can split up
and you loved each other so much... are Nathan and l
ever gonna make it?

Because you're not us, Hales.

I mean, l see the way you two act.

You're like best friends
who are in love.

You know, you and Nathan still do
the little things for each other.

And David and l stopped
doing those things a long time ago.

You know,
we stopped being kind to each other.

We stopped being captivated
by each other.

When we stopped doing the little things,
we stopped doing the big things too.

You know, like saying "I love you."

But David is saying that now.
Doesn't that count for anything?

It does.

And in a way,
I'm always gonna love David.

But it's been over for a long time.

And l think he's now realizing that.

You and Nathan are gonna be just fine.

Yeah, l hope so.

I just hate that it has to be so hard.

I know. But we can handle it.

We're James girls.


Bring it in.

Love you.

Is this the, uh, support group
for husbands of James girls?

I'Il have a double
of whatever he's having.

Double water. You know,
we do have drinks here, guys.

Water it is.

That's probably a smart move.

I wouldn't know.
I haven't made a smart move in years.

Haley got arrested this morning.

She hit a girl last night
who claims l got her pregnant.

- Did you?
- No.

But it doesn't seem to matter.

I think Haley's starting to doubt me,
and to be honest, l don't blame her.

At this point l'd doubt me too
if l was her.

Did Quinn come home last night?

So that's it, right?

It's over.

You know, when Haley went on tour,
we split up.

I thought it was over.

No matter what l tried,
I could not get her back.

So as much as it killed me,
I let her go.

But l never gave up hope.

Did Haley sleep with someone?

- Well, there was a guy.
- Did she sleep with him?



I changed the sex scene.

Now the girl makes an ass of herself
and the guy leaves.

That's more realistic.

I know you're upset with me,
but that's just what l do.

I am the girl who takes off her clothes
and sleeps with guys.

Yeah, well, l'm not one of those guys.

I know.

You're the first guy to notice me
for something other than...

...getting photographed
with no underwear...

...or videotaping threesomes.

We've all been there.

I just want you to know
how sorry l am.

You gave me the chance to prove to you
I wasn't just some washed-up actress.

And instead, l showed you that l was.

You showed me
a lot more than that, Alex.

Look, l think we don't work very well
together. We have very different styles.

Okay, but if you'd just give me
one more chance, l promise...

...I wouldn't let you down.

If not, thanks for a really great day.

Until l screwed it up.

Hey. You look good. l came up with
questions they're probably gonna ask.

- You and Haley should be ready.
- Haley's not coming.

Nate, that is not a good idea, man.

You going out there by yourself
will not look good.

You know what else doesn't look good?
You and Quinn.

What's that supposed to mean?

It means l need your head in the game
and not up Quinn's skirt.

What part of sleeping with her did you
think was a good idea? She's married, Clay.

- To a guy l really like.
- Nothing happened last night, Nate.

Right, so you took her back
to your place so you guys could talk?

As a matter of fact, yes.

I was actually helping her out.
I would have thought you of all people...

...would understand
about jumping to conclusions.

Whatever. l'm sorry. You need to be
focused. Let's, uh, just do this, okay?


...if l could distance myself
from this woman, l would, but l can't.

Now, you can.

Quinn is Haley's sister.
She has a lot going on right now.

Stay away from her, okay?

Whatever you say.


What are you doing here?

We face things together, remember?

Thank you. l didn't know
if l could do this without you.

You don't ever
have to worry about that.

Thank you for coming.

I'm here to set the record straight.

First of all, l just want to say
that l love my wife and my son.

You wanna tell me
what this was doing in the trash?

I don't like the po-po.

Sweetie, they were just
doing their job.

Mommy made a mistake
and they needed to talk to me about it.

Just keep the toy, baby.

Are you and Dad gonna leave each other
like Aunt Quinn and Uncle David?

Hey, come here.

Of course not.

Your daddy and l love each other
very much.

But Aunt Quinn and Uncle David
loved each other too, then they stopped.


What your dad and l have
is very special.

And l promise you
we are not gonna stop loving each other.

Don't forget that.

Good night.

Can you stay a little bit longer?

Sure, sweetie.

I would never do anything
to hurt the people that l care about.

Are you sure
we won't get in trouble for this?

Relax. l do this all the time.

I thought l'd be afraid of flying
with you...

...but l'm actually kind of turned on.

You got 30 seconds
to join the Mile High Club, captain?

Flying isn't the only thing
I've been practicing.

- l'm up to a couple minutes now.
- Oh, yeah?

I know some of you are looking at me
in a different light...

...but l urge you
to see me for who l am.

I'Il do it. l'Il model for you.

I've always prided myself
on being an honest man...

...and taking responsibility
for my actions.

Coming up, local sports star
Nathan Scot speaks out...

...regarding recent allegations
against him.

You know, it must be hard to log tapes
from here, huh, Marvin?

I'm someone that you can depend on.

And l'm someone that can be trusted.

Honey, l'm home. Let's do this.

I told you it was realistic.

Um, hey, honey.

Alex and l worked everything out.

Isn't that great?

I want everyone to know the truth.

And the truth is that
I was never with that woman.

Hey, man.

- Hey, do you know where Quinn is?
- No, sorry, l haven't seen her.

Thanks for letting me stay here.
I know it puts you in a bad position.

There's just a lot of drama
at Nathan and Haley's.

It's fine. You can stay here
as long as you want.

So what would people say
if they knew...

...that, uh, you had a girl over
you weren't actually sleeping with?

Nobody would believe it.

I just wanna say
that l believe my husband...

...and l stand by him 100 percent.

You've reached
Renee. Leave a message.

I'Il do whatever it takes
to prove that these allegations are false.

Hopefully now this can all go away
and my family can be left alone.

Thank you.

I trust you had a nice flight.

I have a proposition for you.