One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 4 - Believe Me, I'm Lying - full transcript

A disgruntled Renee makes her pregnancy known in the national media. Quinn tells David that she wants a divorce and spends the night with Clay. Mouth quits his job at the station after he is forced to report on the scandal surrounding Nathan. Brooke's fashion show is a huge success but Victoria warns her about Alex and Alex's obvious designs on Julian.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

Millie was right.

Alex Dupre is the perfect choice
to be the face of the new campaign.

You do know
that's Brooke's boyfriend, yes?

- She dates a PA?
- He's not a PA, he's a producer.

I know what you're thinking.

- But l know a good script when l read it.
- Okay, l'Il take a look.

Quinn, what happened
between you and David?

He used to see the world
exactly the way l saw it.

He just doesn't anymore.

You're gonna have to
talk to me sometime.

There's a girl threatening
to file a paternity suit against me...

...unless l pay to keep her quiet.
- What are you gonna do about it?

I don't know.
What are you gonna do about it?


The amount we're willing to pay
to make this go away.

It's empty.

It's empty because you're a lying bitch
and we're not paying you a dime.

You missed another workout.

That's four in a row.

- Should l be worried?
- l haven't been in the mood.

Look, l get that, but you can't lose sight
of what's on the line.

Right now,
your job is to stay in shape.

Am l even gonna have a job this year?

What's going on with my contract?

- l'm working on it.
- Yeah, should l be worried?

We're gonna get it done.
I promise you that.

Why haven't we heard anything?

I've told you,
these things are a process.

I'm not talking about my deal.
This girl, Renee.

It's been three days since we told her
we weren't gonna pay her anything.

- You think she decided to back off?
- l doubt it.

It'Il come out.
And we're prepared for that.

But until then, you can't just sit around
holding your breath until it happens.

All right? l need you to get your head
back in the game, Nate.

All right?


Let's go.

Dude, good find. l love this stuff.

You're my official cereal selector.
Say that three times fast.

Cereal selector. Cereal selector.
Cereal selector.


- This is too much sugar. Keep looking.
- l knew it.

Too much sugar?

I've seen you eat five bowls
of Count Chocula in one sitting.

That was on a dare from Taylor,
and before l became a mom.

You'Il see,
you're gonna have kids someday.

Dude, hand over that crystal ball.
I have a few questions for it.

You know, l have a question too.

What happened with you and David
at TRIC? It's been a few days.

He wants me to come home. l told him
I need more time to figure things out.

Now we're talking.

Ugh, too healthy.
Keep looking, it's out there.

For your information,
this cereal has everything that you need.

That's the thing,
it might have everything that l need...

...doesn't mean
it has everything that l want.

- Ew. What is that smell?
- That would be sandalwood.

- Seriously, with the incense?
- It's relaxing.

It's giving me a headache.

You nervous about your big day?

If you're referring
to the fashion show...

...that we've poured too much time
and money into, then, yeah.

I'm not gonna lie,
I'm a little nervous about it.

Well, you shouldn't be.
You're Brooke Davis.

You're starting to sound like Victoria,
and that's weird for me.

- Do you have a new script?
- Oh, it's the script Alex gave me.

- l was writing down some ideas.
- l thought you didn't like it.

I don't, but the story's pretty good.
There might be something there.

You don't have to do this for me,
I don't even like Alex.

Oh, l'm not doing it as a favor.
I know a good idea when l see one.

people love a comeback story...

...and Alex is a great actress
when she finds the right role.

- So it's worth a look.
- Okay.


I'Il see you later.

Hey, Brooke Davis... look beautiful today.

Please be awake, please be awake.


- You're ready.
- It's game day.

- We have a job to do, don't we?
- Yes, we do.

It's called being professional,
which l'm kind of known for. Used to be.

You look hot, by the way.

Tell me l look hot too, bitch,
because l do.

- You look hot too, bitch.
- Ha, ha. Thanks.

All right, even though this is incredibly
riveting, watching you lift weights...

...I think l'm gonna head out.

What time you gonna go
to the fashion show tonight?

I don't know. Whenever. You going?

Do l really wanna watch a group
of hot models parade around on stage?

I'm getting there early, bud.

You're doing good, Nate.
That's, what, 20?

I'm at 27.

You didn't bring the bar down to your
chest every time, we don't count those.

Oh. l'm watching you.



Yeah, we knew there was a chance
of that. Thank you.

I don't care what you say.
That was 30. l'm done.

The story broke, Nate.

It's out there.


What you got there, little man?

What's a "love child"?

I bought every copy l could find.

- l'm sorry, Hales.
- You don't have to keep apologizing.

Yes, l do.

I'm responsible for this family and it kills
me that you have to go through this.

We're going through this, Nathan,

We knew this was gonna happen.

We made a choice, and l still think
it was the right thing to do.

Has Jamie seen this?

He was the one that found it.

He's just such a good boy.

He doesn't understand
why somebody would lie like this.

Is he home?

No, he went to the park with Quinn.

I thought it'd be good for him
to spend time with his friends right now.

"The first time we were together,
Nathan couldn't get enough...

...and neither could l."

Naughty, naughty.

Shut up, Chuck, it's not true.

Yeah, right. My mom says they don't put
stuff in these magazines unless it's true.

- Your dad's hosed.
- He is not. He is not.

I think l should be allowed enough time
to figure out exactly what l want.

- l mean, don't l deserve that?
- Yeah.

But David doesn't see it that way,
he just wants to work it out.

But what if l don't wanna work it out?
What if l can't? Then what?


Refresh my memory. Did l not ask you
to look into the Nathan Scott situation... find out if there was a story?
- l did, there wasn't.

The why does the National Informer
have one?

The National Informer?
Are you being serious?

Uh-oh. Look at this,
"Alien babies on the rise."

They scooped us on that one too,
maybe you should hire them.

- Maybe l will.
- Come on, Charlie, this isn't news.

Right now, it's nothing but a rumor
in some low-rent tabloid.

But as soon as we report on it,
we validate it. It becomes news.

It's not fair and it's not what l do.

What you do is what l tell you to do.

Or else you can go drag the ratings down
at someone else's station.

Quinn did a really great job with these,
Alex looks beautiful.

Now all we have to do is pick one.
The winner goes in tonight's gift bag.

So which one's the winner?

I was kind of hoping you'd pick.

Millie, this is your decision,
I want you to make it. You're good at it.

Okay. Let's go with this one.


Okay, Millie.

Even though you are completely
in charge of tonight's fashion show...

...I decided to bring in a little experience
just to help everything run smoothly.

- Please, don't freak out.
- Don't tell me you invited...

Well, well.

Hi, boss.

These are lovely.

There's your winner.

I already picked this one.

Oh. l guess it'Il have to do then.

She's quite pretty.
The woman your husband slept with.

- At least the baby will be adorable.
- Why would you say something like that?

What? The National Informer isn't
a reliable source of information?

Oh. My mistake.

Got time for a brother-in-law?

- David, hi. Oh, it's good to see you.
- It's good to see you too.

- It's crazy out there.
- We're having a fashion show.

- Noisettes are playing. It should be fun.
- Maybe l'Il stop by.

You know, Quinn's gonna be here.

Is that my cue to stay away?

No, that's not what l meant at all.
Um, l would love for you to come.

I just feel like it might
be a little awkward right now.

Will you give her a message for me?

Just tell her l miss her
and that l love her.

And if she ever wants to talk to me,
I'Il be right here. l'm not going anywhere.

- It was good to see you.
- Good to see you too.

All right.


Millie, these just came for you.

Hi, Mrs. Davis. How are you?

I'm sorry, have we met?

Yeah, many times.
I used to date your daughter.

Every time that l'd say hello,
you asked me if we'd met.

Well, until the next time then.

"To Millie. l'm sorry l couldn't be there
for your big night...

...but l can't wait to celebrate.
I'm proud of you. Love, Marvin."

How sweet.

You know where these
would look perfect? In your car.

Nice flowers. Who's the old lady?

Shh. The old lady is Brooke's mother.
Victoria, this is Alex Dupre.

She's the star of tonight's show.
Alex, Victoria Davis.

Oh, so you're the former actress
we're overpaying.

Oh, right, Millie told me about you.
How you were this evil bitch...

...that used to be important here,
but now you're just an evil bitch.

I didn't say that. In those words.

Well, l'Il let you get back
to not making movies.

You're awful.

Hey, Haley, have you seen these?

I have. They're gorgeous.

I couldn't help noticing that
you credited yourself as Quinn James.


I don't know.

I thought it was a good idea.
Kind of like a fresh start.

A fresh start.

You know what l mean.

You need to tell David how you feel,

He came by here today and he wanted
me to tell you that he loves you...

...and he misses you,
and he'Il wait for you.

And he meant every word of it.

I wanted more than anything
to tell him that you felt the same way.

- Yeah, but that's not your place, is it?
- No, it's not. It's yours.

Tell him the truth, Quinn.

He's still your husband,
even if you don't love him anymore.

If you owe him anything at all,
it's the truth.

Jamie Scott, you're late.

- l am?
- Aren't you here to help me...

...pass out these gift bags?
- Sure. What do l do?

Put one of those on every chair.

You just put my son to work?

Absolutely. Clothes Over Bro's
has a long history of child labor.

I'm just kidding. l thought
it might help take his mind off things.

- You read the National Informer.
- No, but l heard about it.

I only read those things
when l'm in them.

I'm still waiting for that story
to come out about me and Johnny Depp.

- Nice.
- Seriously, Nate.

I've been in the tabloids
a thousand times.

And it's never been anything
but rumors and lies.

Look, all you can do
is weather the storm...

...don't fan the flames
and make it worse.

And eventually
they'Il move on to somebody else.

I just have one question.

How do you explain that
to a 7 year old?

Quinn told me the guys were teasing you
this morning.

Wanna talk about it?

Chuck said
I was gonna have a brother or sister.

I promise you
if you ever do have a brother or sister...'Il be from your mom and me.

Why is she lying?

Because sometimes bad people forget
the difference between right and wrong.

And those people, sometimes they like
to take advantage of good people like us.

Do you ever forget?

No. And you know why?

Every time l'm not so sure
I'm doing the right thing...

...l'Il take a look at this picture
of you and your mom...

...and it reminds me
of everything that's important to me.

And it always helps me
do the right thing.


I need you for 10 minutes. There's a
reporter here from Visual Lyrics Magazine.

She wants to ask a few questions
about Red Bedroom.

I'm not really up for an interview today,
Miranda, okay?

No, it's not okay.

This label is starving for good press,
and this is exactly how you get it.

So if that means you take a few minutes
to kiss a little ass... pucker up and you do it.

The truth is,
this reporter has influence...

...and we don't want her
on our bad side, okay?

Ten minutes.

Vicki, Brooke didn't tell me
you were coming in for the show.

Consider me Millicent's training wheels,
and don't ever call me Vicki again.

- Sorry, l thought we were bonding.
- You thought wrong.

Tell me, how's your father?

- It's Paul, right?
- Yeah.

Has he taken a lover recently?

What just happened?

- Sorry, l thought we were bonding.
- You thought wrong.

You know,
my daughter seems so happy lately.

In fact, she seems happier
than l've ever seen her.

I'm assuming l owe that to you.

Are you starting to approve of me?

Don't be silly.
She can do so much better.

Goodbye, Julian.
Say hello to Paul for me.

You tell him if he's ever in search
of a lover, to give me a call.

Please stop saying "lover."

Everyone knows about Mia Catalano.
What about Haley James Scott?

When does your next album come out,

Uh... Well, we've been working hard,
so hopefully soon.

- Maybe l'Il send you some tracks.
- l'd like that.

Let's talk about your reaction
when you found out...

...your husband not only had an affair
but also got another woman pregnant.

- Sorry, time's up.
- You promised me 10 minutes.

It's only been five.

You forfeited the other five
when you asked that stupid question.

- The question was relevant.
- No, it was personal.

If you wanna get personal, we can talk
about that time in the Hamptons...

...when you got drunk and soiled yourself.
Now, that was a messy situation.

That never happened.
You just made that up.

Oh. Then l'm sure you're sympathetic
to Haley's situation...

...seeing as her husband's affair
was also made up.

Off you go.

We look forward
to reading your column.


Ah, so she hates us,
who reads reviews anyway?

Excuse me,
those waters are for the models...

...not the help.
- Oh, no, l'm not...

Supposed to be back here.
I know, sweetie.

You see,
this is where the pretty people play.

You don't qualify.

Makenna Gage, right?

Oh, my gosh,
you're so pretty in person.

All these other girls are such skanks.

- l'm Alex, by the way.
- l know who you are.

I love your movies. l'm doing some acting
now too, but l still model on the side.

Oh, l knew we had
something in common.

You remember that movie you did
about the double agent?

I auditioned for your part.

Well, they told me l was too hot.
No offense.

Oh, my God,
we should totally do a movie together.

Totally. We would have so much fun.

You party, right?

Of course you do. You have to try these,
they are so kickass.

I usually take three,
but you should probably only take two.

Give me four.

Hi, David.


- It's good to see you.
- You too.

This reminds me of the spot
where we first met.

You know,
I almost proposed to you there.

Really? You never told me that.

I had the ring. It was a beautiful night.

You were a little drunk,
so it enhanced my chances for a yes.

So, what happened?

I decided to wait for a better moment.

Well, that's us, isn't it?

Always waiting for something.

That's not true.

Remember that job in San Francisco?
You didn't take it because you thought...

...something better might come along.
- And it did.

I know it did.
And you were right to wait.

But that was two years of our lives...

...we could have been experiencing
something exciting and new...

...and instead
we just put our lives on hold.

I didn't realize you felt that way.

I didn't at the time.

You know,
we made that decision together...

...and l was fine
with that decision then.

The person l am today
wouldn't have waited those two years.


I understand that,
but l can change too.

I can be whoever you want me to be.

I won't let you change for me.

It's not fair.

I want you to be you
because you're a wonderful person.

So is this the part you tell me you love
me, but you're not in love with me?

So that's it?

There's nothing l can do
to save our marriage?

I'm sorry, David.

I think we should get a divorce.

This is a sexy group.

You girls all look amazing.
When you're out there, don't worry...

...they won't be staring at you,
they'Il be staring at me. Wait.

Where's the red cocktail dress?

Two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine.

- Why am l counting nine?
- Because there's nine of us.

Where is Makenna?

Somebody wake her up.

Good luck, l saw her swallow
a handful of pills. She's such a clich?.

please tell me you can fix this.

This is Millie's show, remember?
I'm sure she has a backup plan.

Yes, l do. We double up one model.

The first girl on stage changes
and goes out last in the final piece.

Okay. That works.
But what about the final walk?

- We lose one piece from the collection.
- That's unacceptable.

- Millie can handle it.
- Clearly she can't.

I mean Millie can do it,
she can take Makenna's place.

- Me? l'm not a model.
- She's definitely not a model.

Neither am l,
but l'm still going out there.

She's gorgeous, she's got better legs
than Makenna and let's face it...

...she's your only option.

Unless, of course, you wanna
go out there with your walker.

Millie, strip down. Chop-chop.

Chase, l thought you managed
this place now.

Mostly, but l kind of miss it back here.

Hey, l invented a new drink.
You should try it.

It's called the Brain Hemorrhage.

You know there's already a drink
called the Brain Hemorrhage, right?

I'm sorry, man.
I'm sure yours is much better.

Damn it. l'Il get you a beer.

- Okay.
- Hey, man.

- Hey.
- The press are gonna be here later.

So l want you to practice
two very important words:

- "No comment."
- What if l do make a comment?

Maybe just tell my side of things.

Uh, l'd be careful about that.
It's just a game you don't wanna play.

So, what do you think?
It's not bad, huh?

It's delicious, it should be illegal.

- This is the worst drink l've ever had.
- Brain Hemorrhage?

- Yeah. Good call on the beer.
- Ha-ha-ha.

How are those nerves holding up?

I'm about to be judged by fashion critics
who had to fly to North Carolina...

...and love to witness failure.

Well, then l guess they're gonna
be disappointed tonight.

I brought you something
that's gonna relieve all your stress.

You got me a present?


It must have broken in half
on the way over here.

Oh, well, l guess this'Il have to do.

You still nervous?

About what? Where am l?

I wanna thank you all
for coming out tonight.

Those of you who traveled
down here to Tree Hill.

I know we're not in New York
but this is my home...

...and this is the place
that inspired the line.

So l hope you enjoy it
as much as we do.

Now, to kick us off,
we are thrilled to bring you Noisettes.

Don't upset the rhythm, no

Don't upset the rhythm

Don't upset the rhythm, no


The time is right
The sun is sleeping in the sky

Free your mind
You never know what you might find

What's your vice?
You know we won't compromise

So let me show you
Something super beautiful

Let's rock the boat
The magic is unstoppable

Fall on the floor
That's the rhythm you've been waiting for

Pure delight
Kick, snare, hat, ride

It's all up to you

And whatever you do

Don't cut into my action

Four, three, two, one

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm, no

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm
Don't you dare

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm

Skin and bone
And a baton microphone

Can't get home
But you can use my dog and bone

We'Il crank that stereo
Even when the speakers blow

Just meet me up...

- l'Il be back.
- Okay.

Whatever it takes


- Ha, ha. The show just started. You're fine.
- Oh, good.

Did you talk to David?


I don't wanna hurt him, Haley.
But this is what l have to do.

You okay?

I'm fine, l'm fine.

- This is Brooke's night.
- Yeah.

I can't do this, what if they laugh?

Nobody's gonna laugh.

Your hot ass is about
to blow the roof off of this place.

- Are you ready for this?
- l don't know.

- It doesn't fit right. l'm not a size zero.
- Hey.

- What did you just say?
- l said, l'm not a size zero.

Of course you're not.

Millie, l have an idea,
I just need more time.

I got this.

- Don't upset the rhythm, no
- Go, go, go

- Don't upset the rhythm
- Go, go, go

Don't upset the rhythm
Don't you dare

I told you
Don't upset the rhythm

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm, no

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm
Don't you dare

Don't upset the rhythm

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm, no

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm
Don't you dare

Is that Millie? She looks gorgeous.

Don't upset the rhythm, no

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm

Go, baby, go, baby, go

Don't upset the rhythm
Don't you dare

Don't upset the rhythm

You were clearly
the crowd favorite tonight.

When did you come up with this idea
to put yourself in the show?

- The truth is, one of our...
- One of our models, Alex Dupre...

...was brought in especially
to headline this collection.

She was a fabulous choice.

We've had this surprise planned
for several months.

Clothes Over Bros
is a line for real women.

Zero is not a size. We're just thrilled that
all of you responded the way we hoped.

- Thank you so much for coming.
- Thank you.

- l'Il give it to you, you're good.
- l know.

Hey Alex, is Brooke around?

She's somewhere receiving praise.

- l thought you were avoiding me.
- Why would l avoid you?

I don't know,
because you haven't read the script?

Oh, l read it.

- You want my honest opinion?
- Of course.

It's not that good.

- Which part?
- The beginning, middle and end.

Okay, um, what did you hate about it?

I didn't say l hated it.
The writing just needs a lot of focus.

But somewhere underneath the clutter,
I think there's a really solid story.

I wouldn't mind meeting with the writer.
I got a few ideas.

I wrote it.

- You wrote what?
- That clutter-filled mess you hated.

- No, l didn't hate it.
- You said it wasn't good.

I also said it has potential.

And if that's your first script...

...l'm really impressed, Alex.

If you're serious about this,
I'd be willing to work with you on it.

But only if you're committed.

I would love to commit to you, Julian.

We're totally gonna make this movie.

Hold on.
Let's get the script in shape first.

- After that, we'Il see.
- Okay.

I forgot.

How'd it go with the famous actress?
Was it Oscar worthy?

It was just sex.

Right. You know, l'm trying to figure out
if this is the person you really are...

...or just the person you want everyone
to think that you are.

Maybe a little of both.

You look like you need a drink.

Yes. l want one of those blue drinks,
those look good.

Chase, another Brain Hemorrhage.

It's called a Brain Blaster now.

Right, just make sure it's extra blue.

You're in for a treat.

- What's this?
- Last-minute changes.

- Who made them?
- Charlie.

We're live in three, two...

What you drinking?

Rum or whiskey?

Now won't you have a

Double with me?

I'm sorry l'm a little late

I got your message by the way

I'm calling in sick today
So let's go out...


Listen, l just wanted to thank you
for what you did earlier.

I felt a little blindsided in there and
it meant a lot that you stuck up for me.

I'm just being consistent.

If l'm not willing to let you use personal
issues as an excuse to get off work...

...I am not gonna let
some bitch waste our time with it.

Okay. Well, whatever
your motivation was, thank you.

You're welcome. And besides,
I've always hated that cow.

You know, my boyfriend's mother
Nearly had a heart attack

And Albert Pujols continued his
torrid summer by knocking in four runs... the Redbirds drop the Phillies
8 to 5.

And finally...

That is the night in sports.

Uh, go to commercial,
go to commercial now.

Yeah, just keep walking McFadden.
You're off the air.

Always remember me

We just got swallowed up

You know l didn't forget you

We just got swallowed up

Well, we just got swallowed up

But you love that l didn't forget you
We just got...

What took you so long?

Sorry. Running low on J?ger
and sambuca.

Is he being serious?

Never mind that. Just sit back and enjoy
that delicious blue masterpiece.


- That's really good, thank you.
- Enjoy the buzz.

Oh, my God, you're so evil. l'm gonna
have nightmares about this drink.

Why would you do that to me?

So now we can say
we both went through it.

Can l talk to you?


- This isn't the time or place for this.
- You're my wife, Quinn.

And you're drunk. Go home
and sleep it off. We'Il talk later.

- l wanna talk about it now.
- l don't want to.

- l wanna talk about it now.
- No.

You need to back up.

Stay out of this,
it's none of your business.

I'm making it my business. You think
you're the only one having a rough day?

Damn it, Clay.

Fighting over a girl, huge turn-on.

I was just defending a friend.

Well, that's good to know,
I was getting a little jealous.

You know, l'm still turned-on though.

How about l come over later
and take care of that hand?

And any other body part
that might need special attention?

Maybe some other time.

You did great tonight, Alex.
I'Il see you.

Nathan Scott.
Do you have a comment...

...regarding the allegations
made about you in the National Informer?

Yes, l do have a comment.

I'd just like to say, l'm very proud
of my friend Brooke Davis.

Tonight she reminded all of us
just how talented she is. Um...

As for all the other stuff,
no, l have no comment. Thanks.

I hate to admit it,
but Millicent really did pull it off.

Yeah. And Alex really pulled it off her.

- She did. That was a good idea.
- Thank you.

I'Il tell you
what's not such a good idea.

Letting that girl
get too close to Julian.


He just read some script
she gave him.

Julian's a good guy, Mother.

Yes, he is.

And l have a feeling she's wrecked
a few good guys in her day.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Hey, Alex. Listen, l just wanna thank you
for everything you did for me tonight.

I still can't believe that was me.
I'Il see you tomorrow.

Hold that, bitch. There's no way
I'm letting you go home.

There's an after after-party
that nobody's invited to, except us.

- You're going.
- That's not really my scene.

It is now. Don't worry, l'Il have your
ass home before the sun comes up.

And if you hate it, we'Il leave.

Come on, come on. Please? Say yes.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Let's go. Come on. Let's go.

Hey, Millie. It's me. Um...

I kind of had a bad night,
so l was really hoping to talk to you.

You always make me feel better.
Anyway, l'm sure the show was great...

...and l can't wait to hear all about it.
I'Il wait up. l love you.

You know, even with all the models
on this stage tonight...

...the most beautiful woman at the show
was backstage.

- Thank you.
- No, l was talking about Victoria.

I'm thinking of setting her up
with my dad.

Apparently, she's in search of a lover.

What just happened?

- Don't ask.
- Okay.

I saw you talking to Alex.

How'd she take it when you told her
you don't like that script?

Turns out she wrote it
and needs some help.

So l'm gonna work with her on it.

Maybe we can get it in good enough
shape and make a movie out of it.

I don't know how l'm gonna do this.

I don't know how to let you go.
I don't know how to keep you.

This isn't you, Quinn.

Maybe you're right, David.

That's what l'm trying to figure out.

Is this the life you want?

Fancy parties, celebrities?
Or is it the life you think you want?

Maybe a little of both.

I want you to go home, David.

I think it's time
we move on with our lives.

You need to go home
and let go of me.

I won't.

You're gonna have to.

You know, you're working hard
to convince yourself that's it's over...

...that you'Il never love me again.

But nothing you do
is gonna make me give up hope.

You'Il be better off letting me go.


- Can l get a ride?
- Sure.

- Where to?
- Your place.

You sure you wanna do this?

He'Il never forgive you.

Just drive.

What are you doing here?

He doesn't love you.

Honey, you don't know
what you're talking about.

He told me
while we were making love.

Get the hell out of my way, slut.

Maybe l am a slut,
but that's what Nathan liked about me.

He had me do all kinds of things to him
that he said you would never do...

You're gonna pay for that one.