One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 21 - What's in the Ground Belongs to You - full transcript

Quinn takes Jamie on a treasure hunt as an increasingly despondent Haley further withdraws from both Nathan and Jamie. Katie invades Clay's personal space convinced that she is his dead wife Sara. Clay plays along until he manages to have her committed. Mia breaks up with Chase by text and then comes back to Tree Hill to manage a heart-broken Grubbs after Miranda leaves. Julian shows his film to a delighted Brooke as he anxiously awaits confirmation on whether his indie film will be bought by a film festival.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

- You and l are officially together.
- What are you talking about?

The tape. l don't look as bad
if l made it with my boyfriend.

- l'm being deported.
- Marrying me fixes everything.

I can't marry you.

Remember the tennis player
that wouldn't take no?

That Katie girl?
Why do you have a photo with her?

Because it's not her. It's Sara.

You'Il never be Sara.
- Neither will you.

We'Il see about that.

Her behavior gets
a little unpredictable.

How unpredictable?

Let's just say you should be careful.

- Oh, cool.
- Jamie.

- l didn't mean to.
- Look what you did. Go to your room.

Even though she doesn't show it...

...deep down inside, your mom
is still very sad that your grandma died.

Mom's gonna be okay, right?

Someone once said
that death is not the greatest loss in life.

The greatest loss is what dies
inside of us while we live.

I could tell you who said it,
but who the hell really cares?


Mama. Mama.

I made my own breakfast
and cleaned everything up.

What do you want, a gold star?

I mean, obviously, the closing title song
goes here, and the credits...

...and it's all temp track sound, but... it okay?
- It's so good.

I loved the scenes on the balcony...

...and the way he looked at her
when she slept, and it's really good.

Alex and Josh
actually have amazing chemistry.

Seriously? With the douchey puka shells
and sunglasses?

With the annoying voice and
the worse-than-annoying rest of you?

Our next guests are not only starring
together in a new film...

...they're also starring together online,
as you may have heard.

I can't believe
I have to pretend to be with you.

You. You.

You hear that? That's the echo
coming from your crotch.

Great. Add a nice batch of ass breath
to the mix.

Please welcome actors and real-life
lovebirds, Josh Avery and Alex Dupre.

- Dick.
- Whore.

Just a little ass breath for my baby.

It all just seems so fake.

This idea that good things happen
to good people...

...and there's magic in the world...

...and the meek and righteous
will inherit it.

There's too many good people
who suffer...

...for something like that
to be true.

There are too many prayers
that get unanswered.

Every day we ignore
how completely broken this world is...

...and we tell ourselves
it's all gonna be okay.

"You're gonna be okay."

But it's not okay.

And once you know that...

...there's no going back.

There's no magic in the world.

At least, not today there isn't.

You've only been going two weeks,
and you're already skipping sessions?

I don't blame you.

It's a nice day.

Who'd wanna waste an hour
in a therapist's office?

It's 50 minutes, actually.

Somehow their hour works out
to 50 minutes.

If l told you that a half-hour
was 20 minutes, you'd call me crazy.

We're all crazy, Hales.

Some of us just hide it better
than others.

How'd you like to spend the day
just you and me?

Quinn's watching Jamie.
Let's go for a drive.


You say the sweetest things to me,
Haley James.

There's my man.

- Hey, Aunt Quinn.
- Oh, come on now.

Don't make me find a cake
and stuff your face in it again.

I'm just worried about Mom.

I know.

But, hey, she's gonna be okay,
I promise.

I hope so.

I miss her. The way she used to be.

Me too.

- What's that movie?
- The Goonies.

- Ever seen it?
- No.

What? This was, like, my favorite
movie when l was your age.

- You wanna watch it with me?
- Sure.

- Can Chester watch too?
- Yeah. It's totally bunny-approved.

Come on.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

Maybe the movie sucks.

- Julian.
- No, l'm serious.

Why did l get involved
with filmmaking?

Because you watched The Thin Red Line
with your father...

...and it was the best day
you ever had.

- You don't know me, Brooke Davis.
- Oh, l think l do, Julian Baker.

And you know what else l know?
You'Il get in.

It's a big deal. The Wasatch Valley
Film Fest is a first look for...

A first look for a ton
of prestigious films, l know.

Today is the deadline. You gave them
your cell, my cell, Paul's cell.

If you don't get in,
you're taking me to Cabo.

- Wait, when did l say the Cabo part?
- You didn't, l just did.

I had to send them a rough cut.

Maybe they hated it.

Maybe they loved it,
and they'Il tell you that when you get in.

Maybe l love you,
and l'Il love you forever.

- What's your day like?
- Well, l have to go to the store...

...and deal with my mother
and Alexander and that madness.

I have to fix the toe
that you are massacring.

And then l'm gonna go
spend some time with Haley.


How's Haley doing?

Not good.

She's just sad and depressed
and angry.

Well, send her my best, okay?

I will.

And send Julian my best,
and tell him l love him, okay?

I will.

Hey. It's a great film.

They'Il call.

You'Il get in.

My first week in Tree Hill, l told Haley
I was gonna close this place.

Couldn't wait to get out of here.

And now l'm gonna miss it.

What, after last night
you're still not ready to marry me?

Last night was amazing.

Every night has been.

But, no, l still can't marry you.

I need you to promise me something.

Promise me that when l'm gone
you'Il still finish the record.

I will.

- For you.
- No, for you.

For us.

But we are not that far off.

We might finish this... the time you have to leave.
- No, we won't.

- Because l leave tonight.
- What?

- Why didn't you tell me?
- Because last night was amazing.

But now l have to go.


- Relationships suck.
- l'm the one with problems...'re the sweet, kind of
rough-around-the-edges bartender...

...who listens and offers advice.
- You don't have relationship problems.

How would you know?

Now l definitely need a drink.

Shot of tequila.
But you have to drink it.


In here, honey.

- What are you doing here?
- What do you mean, baby?

Don't call me that.

All right, this song, the grape Kool-Aid.
How do you know about that?

- How do you know?
- What do you mean, how do l know?

- Clay, it's me, honey. It's Sara.
- Don't say that.

- Clay...
- Sara's dead.

Remember when we first heard
this song? We flew to Austin...

...for that weekend in October.

- And stayed in that little house.
- Stop it.

The day we met,
I said l'd streak on the quad... said you picked the wrong school.
- l don't know how you know things...

...but l do know that my wife is dead.

And she's not coming back.

And neither are you. All right?
Do you understand me?

Don't ever come back here. Out.

I'm here, Clay. It's me.

We can be together again.

No, we can't be together.
And we won't be together, ever.

Now, get out. Go. Out.

That movie...

...was so awesome.
- l know.

Wouldn't it be cool if there actually
was a secret treasure somewhere?

Well, funny you should say that,
because a long time ago l found this...

...but l've never been able
to figure it out. Maybe you can help me.

Let's see.

"If the treasure you do seek,
no one tell and no word speak.

Commit no crime but go to court,
not for law, instead for sport."

- What does it mean?
- l don't know.

I mean, what kind of court
doesn't have lawyers?

A courtyard?


- Ooh, a tennis court.
- "Not for law, instead for sport."

A court for sport.

- The Rivercourt.
- Yes! Oh, you're such a genius.

- Maybe the next clue is there.
- Yeah.

- Oh, man. l gotta get some stuff.
- Okay.

A shovel. A flashlight.

We're totally going on a treasure hunt.

Well, this isn't exactly
what l had in mind.

- Feel like talking?
- Why? Is that what the doctors told you?

To try and get me to talk?

I just thought you might
wanna talk to me.

Tell me about something you still love.

Or about something you hate.

I hate traffic.

You know what? You're right.

It is a perfect day for a walk.

Victoria, Alexander, Millicent?


Please tell me
Millicent is not in there too.

Nope. She's in New York.

Unfortunately, l think l need to start
thinking about going back as well.


Because the men's line is finished...

...and the offices to our company
are in New York.

Well, what about your cub?

I wanna run Clothes For Bro's.

I designed it... We designed it,
and no one can sell it better than me.

- You want to run Clothes For Bro's?
- That's right.

And l wanna run it from New York...

...with Victoria.

It's all a lie.

Me and Josh, our relationship.

See, he kind of made
this sex tape of us.

I thought if we were together,
maybe it wouldn't look so bad.

Yeah, l've seen it.

You're prettier in person.

Well, l just... l want someone stable,
you know?

Someone who's normal and reliable
and has, like, a regular job.

- Like a bartender?
- You're flirty like me.

I like that. But you have a girlfriend.

A famous, gorgeous
rock-star girlfriend.


As in, not anymore.


Oh, l was thinking
about the finality of it all.

How somebody can leave your world in
the blink of an eye and be gone forever.

It's sad.

It's too enormous to think about.

It's too hard.

And then you're just supposed to go on,

Like, just deal with it.

I mean, you're supposed to be sad
for about as long as the flowers last...

...and then time to go back to telling
jokes and reminiscing about the old days.

I don't have any jokes to tell.

As a matter of fact, l hope l never hear
another joke as long as l live.

And the old days are just that.

They're old days that are gone.

Check it out. "You could just score
your touchdowns, Mr. Bigshot...

...because math don't care
and neither do l."

It's not gonna change anything,

Whatever prize you find in that box
is not gonna fix me.

Why not?

Fixed me.

- Hey.
- Hey.

- What's going on?
- Just doing laundry.

- Car got towed.
- Car got towed?

That's a long story. l got it back.

Check it out.

These are my son's pants.
The guy sees the world from down here.

Haven't had the heart to tell him
NBA's not in his future.

Oh, l don't know, dude.

Spud Webb. Muggsy Bogues.

I love it when you talk
diminutive NBA point guards.

- So Julian heard about Wasatch yet?
- No, and how do you know about that?

I ran into him.
That's all he could talk about.

He hasn't heard,
but l did see a rough cut of the movie...

...and it's really good.
- Nice.

How's Haley?

She's pretty much the same
as last week.

The doctors say that depression's
different for everybody...

...but one day
she might just feel better.

- l just don't know when that day will be.
- Well, let's hope that day's today.

- Yeah.
- How are you and Jamie?

I'm doing okay.

I mean, l know she's not herself,
but Jamie's struggling with it.

He doesn't understand why
his mom's not his mom anymore.

She's been nothing
but consistent and sweet.

And he can't be thrilled about his dad
turning all his socks pink.

You gotta separate the colors
from the whites, buddy.

- Yeah.
- Other than that, l'm proud of you.

You're exactly what Haley needs
right now.

Well, she's always been everything
to us.

Now it's time for us
to be her everything.

In sickness and in health, right?
For better or worse.

For better or for worse... have and to hold... love and to cherish...

...until death do you part.

I do.

- Where do you think we should look?
- l don't know.

- Check the bleachers, l'Il look over here.
- Okay.

You find anything yet?
Not yet. You?


Wait. Over here. l found another one.

"Another clue is waiting near,
first you must get past the fear.

Not on a hill or up a mountain,
make a wish into the..."

- The what?
- It doesn't say.

"Not on a hill or up a mountain,
make a wish into the..."

People wishes in the fountain.

- Yes!
- But which one?

- "First you must get past the fear."
- Fear.

The river. It's the Cape Fear River.

The fountain.

Come on, Aunt Quinn, hurry!

Hey, tell me you're here to celebrate.

Nope. At this point, more people are
gonna see your sex tape than this movie.

First, don't be mean.
Second, shouldn't you be editing?

- l'm taking a break.
- No, pouting is what you're doing.

Just like Chase here.
What are you pouting about?

I'Il take a beer.
Heard about your drinks.

First of all, don't be mean.
Second, l'm pouting because of this.

"I don't think it's fair to you
that l'm on the road.

My schedule changes all the time.

It's not fair to us. l wish things were
different, but they aren't. l'm sorry."

Mia broke up with you
by text message?

Mia broke up with me
over a series of text messages.

Texting is evil, man.

I got this theory that if the phone
was invented after texting...

...we'd all be like, "This is amazing,
You can actually hear their voice."

- And nobody would text.
- Yeah.

Not so much the texting part,
the break-up part bothers me.

I'm sorry.

It's too bad Mia's a rock star.

- Literally.
- A really fine rock star.

I'd sleep with her.

Can you just drink your drinks and go?

I'm sorry. It's hard to date someone
in the entertainment industry.

We're mostly gypsies, you know?

We're never home.
We're all needy as hell.

- Where is she right now, anyway?
- l don't even know.

Paris. Spain.



Come on. Do you see it?
Not yet.

Maybe this is the treasure.

Those are people's wishes.
Put them back.


Look. There.

- Yes!
- Oh, man. We're gonna get soaked.

No, you're gonna get soaked.

Maybe not.

Nice. You are a genius. Come on.

You ready?
- Yeah.

Hey, get out of that fountain.
Cover me! Hurry!

- l gotta get the clue.

Come on.

I tell myself to just be happy.

But l don't feel happy.

And when l try to change it...

...when l try to remember
what being happy felt like, l can't.

I don't feel joy. l don't feel inspired.

I feel numb.

- Hi.
- Hi, darling.

- Hello, Haley.
- Last time l saw you... were ruining my sister's exhibit.

Oh, look at you go. But you're talking
to the queen of mean, sister.

You have to do better than that.

- Mom.
- l'm gonna be outside.

Haley. Haley, listen to me.

I know you're in a great deal of pain
right now...

...but also aware
of the choices you're making.

So l want you to listen.

Then say something snarky
or dismissive and be on your way.

Please, sit. Please.

Come on.

Your mother was proud of you.

It would break her heart to know...

...that her beautiful, kind, inspiring
daughter was suffering like this.

I know that, because l'm a mother.

And so are you.

Now, our lives are difficult.

And our loss unbearable sometimes.

So grieve.

And struggle, and you find
your way back on your own terms...

...and in your own way.

But remember this:

Your mother would want you
to be vibrant and inspiring... the face losing her. She'd want you
to fight your pain with all you've got.

Because that's the daughter
that she raised.

That's the daughter that she loved.

"Every castle has a moat,
every pirate has a boat.

Find the clue near tug boats red,
in the ship that's sleeping dead."

Sleeping dead.

I'd say that boat is sleeping dead.

Oh, yeah.

Be careful. Goof.

When'd you get back?

About an hour ago.

Miranda needs help
while Haley's not feeling well.

I wouldn't have a career
if not for Red Bedroom... l told them l wanted to help out.

I'm sure they appreciate it.

So you'Il be around here for a while?

I think so, yeah.

That's good.

You gotta delete those texts.

- Yeah. l did.
- No, you didn't.

- How do you know?
- Because l know you.

You've been reading the same words
over and over, and it's not good for you.

I don't know how it happened.
So l keep reading what we said...

Well, what we wrote.

Hoping that when l get to the end,
maybe the ending will be different...

...but it's always the same.

Does it help if l say l care about you
and l always will?


It just reminds me
how beautiful you are.

That just kind of makes it worse.

It'Il be okay.

Who's running the bar right now?

I could totally get used
to this bartending thing.

Check it out.

Nice. Nice.

So, what's the big deal
about this film festival anyway?

Lt'Il help us sell the film.

Which you'Il do because it's good,
but worst-case scenario:

What happens if the film doesn't sell?
Then what?

I get some rope and a ladder.

Okay, normally not funny,
but considering you're talking... a person who actually
attempted suicide, really not funny.

Right. Sorry.

If the movie doesn't sell,
all that work will amount to nothing.

Nothing. You mean like "working
with your father, getting Brooke back...

...and saving my life" nothing?

Whatever happens,
this movie will always be...

...the greatest thing
that happened to me.

It saved my life.

You saved my life.

And l got to watch a truly amazing
director direct his first film.

I'd say that amounts to a little bit more
than nothing.


You know what?
You're absolutely right.

Thank you, Alex.

All right,
I gotta go work on our movie.

I found it.
- What?

It's in this bottle.

Nice work, buddy.
Now, stand back while l break it.

- Watch your eyes.
- Okay.

Okay, let me get it. Here.

"In your hands this final clue,
if you know just what to do.

Place it with the other three
and the treasure you will see."

I don't get it.

Hm. Well, remember the design
on the back?

- It's a map.
- Mm-hm.

There's the Rivercourt and the fountain
and the sleeping boat.

I know where the treasure is.
Come on.



Do you know this woman?

Yeah. She's my wife.

- What's this?
- l'm going with you.

- Michael...
- l know it's only been a few weeks.

I feel like you could love me.
I know that l could love you.

Listen. You have a record to finish,
and l have a life to live, and that's okay.

- l have to leave and you have to stay.
- You're wrong.

You have to go, l don't have to stay.
I wanna go with you.

But you don't understand.
I don't want you to come!

I'm sorry, Grubbs.


It's gotta be around here somewhere.

I don't know, Jame.

Maybe we're in the wrong spot.




You told me to never come back.

I know l did.

But l was wrong.

I'm just gonna be here, okay?

I'Il jump. l mean it.

No, you won't.

You wouldn't have jumped off that bridge
in college if l hadn't held your hand.

You said you didn't believe me.

I was just afraid of loving you again.

The way that l used to,
and the way l still do.

Tell me you love me, Clay.

Tell me you love me,
and that you believe me.


- Or l'Il jump.
- Don't, okay?

Sara, don't leave me again.

I love you.

Take my hand,
and we can be together.


On the count of two.



It's okay. You're okay, see?

I finally have you back.

- Okay. l got her.
- No. Stop it! Clay!

- Okay, Katie. They're gonna help you.
- What? You called me Katie.

But l'm Sara. You said you loved me!

No, Katie.

I love Quinn.

And Sara's gone.

Come on. Let's go now. Come on.

- Yeah.

- We found it.
- No, you found it.

- It's all yours.
- Really?

- Open it up.
- Oh, l wish Mom was here.

Yeah, me too.


Oh, this is so cool.

Look at all these dimes.
Whoa, this is crazy.


Look at this one.


- l don't think we should keep it.
- Why not?

Well, l was thinking.

The Goonies wanted
to save their homes...

...that's why
they needed the treasure.

So maybe someone needs this
more than l do.

Having a home is important.

I think that's wonderful.

But are you sure there's not anything
you wanna keep?

Maybe just one thing.

I just want Mom to be okay.
That's all l want.

Me too. Come on.
Let's get this buried again.

It's nice, isn't it?

When you found out l was opening
this store, you were not very happy.

- And you like it here.
- In Tree Hill? Please.

I like being near my daughter.

Yeah, if that's your story.

So be honest with me, should l let
Alexander run Clothes For Bro's?

No, you should let Millicent
run Clothes For Bro's.

Alexander's a designer.
He should be designing.

Have you told him that?

I thought l'd tell him
in the next few days.

- Why spoil the next few nights?
- Ew.

Maybe you're afraid
of committing to him.

Of having him in New York
and in your world every day.

Of falling in love.

He's a boy, Brooke.
No one's falling in love.

He is.

I'm gonna miss this.

The best part about this company
has been building it with you.

Spending time with you.
I used to dream about it.

Thank you, Mom.

Thank you.

My beautiful daughter.

This mascara is defective.

They're called tears, Mother.

You can feel them
because the Botox is wearing off.

You're such a little bitch.

And l mean it in a good way.

Alexander's a good guy,
and he is a good designer.

The line wouldn't be the same
without him. l'Il give him the job.

He'Il report to you, of course,
and Millicent will be the vice president.

You're the boss.

- You really think he's falling in love?
- l do.

That would be kind of nice.


I'm so proud of you.

And l love you.

And l love you too.

- l'Il see you soon.
- Okay.

- There you go.
- Thank you, Aunt Quinn.

For what, handsome?

For all of this.
I know you did it all for me.

It was one of the best days
I ever had.

Thank you. l love you.

I love you too. Mwah.

We all do.

Okay, you ready?

There's a journal
that my wife used to keep.

It pretty much documents
our life together, and it's missing.

I'd like to have it back.


I'm Mia.

I'm gonna be around for a while
helping to run the label.

Yeah, Miranda told me.

Why don't we start
by listening to your record?


But l'm gonna need a second.

I just had my heart broken.

Yeah. Me too.


Jamie's asleep,
and l think Haley is too.

You okay?

Your mom had a cell phone.

Do you know where it is?

It's in a box of stuff at the gallery.


You were out late.

I was watching the movie again.


It's a good film. l like it.

And the wardrobe is unbelievable.


Lmagine that.

The Wasatch Valley Film Festival.


You have 27 messages.

First new message.

Mom. It's me.

I know you're gone
and you're not coming back...

...but l was just thinking maybe
somehow l could see you again...

...or be able to talk to you
or hear your voice.

I snapped at Jamie today, again.

And he didn't deserve it,
and l don't know why l did it.

I just did.

He deserves better than who l am
right now, and so does Nathan.

Every day, we ignore
how truly broken this world is...

...and we tell ourselves
it's all going to be okay.

But it's not gonna be okay.
I know that now.

Once you know that,
there's no going back.