One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 20 - Learning to Fall - full transcript

Haley continues to struggle with the aftermath of her beloved mother's death and her erratic behaviour causes alert with Nathan. Alex discovers that Josh is bisexual and tells Julian who confronts him about the blackmail. Alex tells Paul to release the tape and not to give in to the blackmail. Grubbs wears Miranda down in his pursuit to keep her from being deported. Mouth tells Lauren that they cannot continue their relationship as his friendship with Skills is more important. Elsewhere, Brooke is mistaken for her mother when it is published that she is having an affair with Alexander. Meanwhile, Katie's unhinged behaviour becomes apparent to Quinn when she destroys Clay's portrait in the gallery and threatens her that she will have Clay. Clay speaks to her friend who tells him that Katie is very dangerous when she goes off her lithium. Clay warns Quinn to stay away from her unaware that Katie watches Sara and Clay's wedding ceremony at Clay's home.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

Where did you even get this?

It was e-mailed to me this morning.
Julian, we're being blackmailed.

You filmed us having sex?
- You found my computer?

No, but someone did, now Julian and his
father are being blackmailed for $1 million.

We said we were getting the tape out, the
plan was never to blackmail these people.

Look, we gotta tell Brooke.
She's got no idea.

Look, l told Brooke l was taking a lover.
You just need to relax.

- l came home for you because l love you.
- It's just things are different.

- Is there someone else?
- Maybe.

- It's you, isn't it?
- Yes, but...

Thanks for sleeping with my girlfriend,

- l'm being deported.
- Marry me.

- What did you just say?
- Marrying me fixes everything.

Somebody bought your portrait.
She's right there.

Remember the tennis player
that wouldn't take no for an answer?

She is the girl
who bought my portrait today.

That Katie girl?
Why do you have a photo with her?

Because it's not her. It's Sara.

Even though she doesn't show it
all the time...

...deep down inside, your mom
is still very sad that your grandma died.

- Mom's gonna be okay, right?
- Yeah, she's gonna be fine.

Welcome to Brooke's Spa.
We hope you enjoy your stay.

- No.
- Ha. Trust me, it's great for the skin.

In that case...

That thing has been ringing nonstop.

Didn't the shoot just end?

Yeah, but editing just started.

You just did the thing.

What thing?

Whenever you're passionate
about something, your eyebrows tighten up.

I saw it a lot on set.

And even though l think it's kind of sexy,
I'm worried about you.

Why? Because l'Il never win
the World Poker Championship?

No, because when you're passionate
about something... put everything you have into it.

Have you even stopped for one second
to relax?

Yes, for about five hours every night.

Sleeping doesn't count.

I'm serious, Julian,
I need you to take care of yourself...

...because l want you to live
for a long time.

Well, l will, as long as l have you.

Brooke's Spa will always be here
to help you recuperate.

Alexander did what to Victoria?

Actually, it was Victoria doing things
to Alexander.

- Ew.
- Totally ew, but totally awesome.

And you and Josh made a sex tape.
I don't know which is worse.

I do. But just for the record, Josh
made the tape, l just suffered through it.

- No way.
- Yes way.

Oh, l almost forgot.
Skills punched out Melvin.

- It's illegal.
- It's not.

It's absolutely illegal for me to marry
someone just to stay in the country.

Not if there are real feelings involved.

Look, it's late.
Take the night to think about it.

You can say "I do" in the morning.

Only the view of the world

From your flying machine

Someone's up early this morning.

Nervous for your music-video shoot?

You'Il do great, Hales. You always do.

Have a good run, Dad.

Thanks, buddy.

So, Mom, what's for breakfast?

What do you think?

It's our new campaign.
I'm calling it The Blunder Down Under.

I think my hair looks amazing
but that flag needs to be much bigger.

- Mother.
- Brooke.

- He's half your age.
- Lucky me.

I'm serious, what are you thinking?

I'm sorry you're offended
that Alexander and l are lovers now.

No, l'm just offended that you decided to
display that love in front of all my friends.

Oh, please. Cougars are in now.

Morning, Brooke.


Have fun with your "cub."

- Please.
- You've got 30 seconds.

You're used to working
in that time frame, right?

Last night isn't what you think.

What l think is you're a jerk.

What l saw
was you making out with another guy.

Haven't you ever done something...

...that you didn't mean to do?
- Yes, l had sex with you.

I would appreciate it
if you didn't tell anyone what you saw.

Yeah? Well, l'd appreciate it
if you didn't tape me having sex with you.

Oh, wait, you already did.

I shouldn't have done that and l'm sorry.
But l'm asking you, please...

...don't tell anyone.

Josh is gay.

Alex, l understand you're upset.

True, but l also caught him
sticking his tongue down some guy's throat.

Are you sure
it wasn't a boyish-looking girl?

It was a guy.
Maybe you'Il meet him at the wrap party.

There's not gonna be a wrap party.

No wrap party? Kind of cheap, isn't it?

Not really, considering that our two leads
decided to cost the film... extra million dollars
with their sex tape.

Josh made the tape.
I just suffered through it.

You can also suffer
through no wrap party.

It's kind of creepy, right?

That this Katie girl looks just like Sara
and she bought the picture of you.

Yeah, it's weird.

But maybe it's just that.
Weird but harmless.

How come you never told me about it
whenever you first met her?

I'm sorry, l should have told you.

You know, but with your mom being sick,
it just didn't seem important.

As important.

It's okay.

I mean, like you said, hopefully,
she's just harmless, right? Heh.

Either that or completely psychotic.

Listen, l'm sure there's nothing
to worry about.

But just in case, l'Il make some calls,
see if l can find out more about her.

And, babe, l am sorry for not telling you.

It's okay.

- l heard you had a rough night.
- Yeah.

You guys look so young.

I wish l would have known you
in high school.

Do you wanna talk about it?

It's not like Lauren and l planned any
of this, you know. It just sort of happened.

But you like her?

I do.

Then you should talk to Skills.
Tell him that.

You guys have been friends a long time.

I should probably be getting to work.

Thanks for stopping by, Millie.
It means a lot.

After all you've done for me,
it's the least l could do.

Can l ask you a question?


Do you ever miss me?

Of course.

Thanks, that means a lot too.

- You look like you didn't sleep last night.
- That's because l didn't.

Sounds good.

Dance with me.


Just dance with me.

Practice for the wedding.

No. l can't marry you.

Why not? We dance good together.

That's not a reason to get married.

It's a start.

Listen to me. We need to focus
on the album. Your album.

And we don't have much time.

The music's good, Michael.

Now you just have to find the words.

Hey, Skills, can l talk to you?

Where y'all going?

- Laundry.
- Cooking class?

You're my best friend, Skills, and l just...

Lauren and l were just hanging out,
you know?

It's not like we planned this.

Sorry, about the brains.

There's my guy.
I wanted to check on you. Are you okay?

Yeah. l'm glad you did though,
I need to ask you a question.


Right after Skills punched me,
were your mom and Alexander...?

Yes, don't remind me. Thanks.

- l left the store to avoid them.
- Scandalous.

Not as scandalous
as two best friends fighting.

- What?
- It's just funny hearing that from the girl...

...who wore a black eye to prom
courtesy of her BFF.

Okay. Well, l remember a certain someone
encouraging me to make up with Peyton.

Something about
"too much history to just walk away."

Thank you for that, by the way. If it weren't
for Sawyer, l would have never met Julian.

- You're welcome.
- Mm.

So, what now?
I'm very well versed in girl code...

...but l thought guy code
didn't extend past a high-five.

but when a guy really cares about a girl...

...guy code is pretty much the same.
I feel horrible.

Well, have you guys talked about it?

I tried, he walked away.

I'm sorry, buddy, that sucks.


"Brooke Davis caught in sex act
with boy toy?"

That sucks worse.

Skills, round two.

How could you do this to me?

- We broke up, Antwon.
- Yeah, but only because of geography.

You really think that's all it was?

You left, we barely talked. And that's okay,
but don't put this all on me.

Yeah, but not a day went by
I didn't think about you.

But you stopped calling.
I didn't even know you were coming home.

Antwon, l had to move on.

Yeah, but with my best friend?

You must feel guilty.
That's why you came over here, right?

I came over here to tell you
to stop being a jerk to your friend.

So that's it?
You're choosing Mouth over me?

I didn't choose anyone.
But this version of you isn't helping.

You're not helping.
You're not even listening. Haley.

Grubbs proposed to me,
do you believe that?

I mean, maybe l do like him,
but like isn't love, and like isn't marriage.

Enough about me,
we should be focusing on your video.

They're expecting you in wardrobe,
after that makeup.

We'Il record the live portion of the video
here at TRIC and we'Il blend that...

Oh, thanks, Miranda.

Five minutes, Haley.


I just want to apologize
about the sex tape.

I know you and Julian
put a lot into this film.

The sex tape was yesterday's problem.

You put a lot into this film too.
You did great work. Maybe your best work.

But that won't matter
if nobody shows up to see it.

You need to keep Josh's personal life
under wraps.

Our film is a love story between
a guy and a girl, not a guy and a guy.

I think that's why they call it acting.

How many openly gay leading men
can you name?

Doesn't make it right.

Doesn't make it okay.
It's just the way it is.

- l just don't think it matters.
- l hope it doesn't.

But we can't afford to take that risk.

Julian can't afford it.

You have until tonight
to give Paul his money back.

Heh. What's that supposed to mean?

How could you do this to us?

And to the movie
and to Alex for that matter?

Hey, l'm an actor, okay?
I travel a lot, the road gets lonely.

You know what? Save it. Alex told me.

You didn't think we would put
two and two together with the extortion?

I'd have you arrested
if it wasn't for the film.

I wasn't behind the extortion.
I wanted the tape to get out.

My ex-boyfriend is threatening to out me.

That's not my problem.

One bad indie film
isn't gonna kill my career...

...but a scandal like this could.

- A scandal like this could kill us right now.
- Stop being so dramatic.

You think that's dramatic,
wait till l have you fire Alexander.

- You wouldn't.
- l might.

How could you do something like that
in public?

And better question, what imbecile
would mistake me for my mother?

Maybe it's not that bad.

"Clothes Over Blows."
It's the second biggest scandal of the week.

Well, what's the first?

Oh, God.

Hey, Grubbs, you seen Haley?

Uh, l think she's with Miranda.

- Get you something to drink while you wait?
- Yeah, sure.

What'Il it be?

You've never asked me that before.

I'm a little off my game today. Miranda.

That sounds like when l first met Haley.

I'Il have a whiskey and water.

Actually, you know what?
It's still daylight outside. Hold the whiskey.

I mean, at least Haley liked you.
Miranda just keeps shooting me down.

Haley hated me in the beginning.

How did you change things?
What did you do?

I mean, there was nothing l could do.

One day she just decided to let me in.

You can only do what you do, man.

- Nathan, have you seen Haley?
- l was gonna ask you the same thing.

No, l didn't know that. Can you tell me
why Katie was dismissed from the team?

Yeah, any information would be helpful.

And could you have, uh, Tanesha
give me a call?

Great, thank you.

What can l get you boys?

Can l get a grilled cheese
with chicken fingers...

...extra fries and a chocolate milkshake?

What? l had leftover Chinese for breakfast.
I'm starving.

Okay. And a vanilla shake for me.

So how much did you miss
your Uncle Skills?

Oh, come on, man,
it better be more than that.

That's what l'm talking about.

- Can l tell you a secret?
- Let's hear it.

I know someone who missed you
even more. Miss Lauren.

She was pretty sad that you left.
I bet she's happy now that you're back.

I don't know, dawg.
Things are different now.

She moved on.

What's "moved on"?

Mouth stole her from me.
Do you believe that? My friend.

Or at least my ex-friend.

You're not gonna be friends
with Mouth anymore...

...because he stole Miss Lauren from you?

Yeah, well,
friends just don't do that, Jamie.

Well, you stole Miss Lauren away
from me first and we're still friends.

Do you want the bad news
or the really bad news?

How about the bad news?

Well, your girlfriend is the second-biggest
Internet scandal of the day.

"Brooke Davis caught in sex act
with boy toy."

I cannot believe
they confused me with my mother.

In their defense, she was being blocked
by Alexander's naked body.

Which brings me to the really bad news.

"Alex Dupre and Josh Avery
in steamy sex tape."

Click here to watch.

They released the sex tape.

I know, l sold it.

- l'm sorry, you did what?
- l did what was best for the film.

We had to cover our investment.
Don't take it personally.

Don't take it personally? You mean,
that my father didn't consult me about this?

That's kind of personal, Dad.
And on top of that, what about Alex?

- How could you do that to her?
- It was Alex's idea.

- Hey, Skills.
- Hey, Millie.

I need to ask you something.

Is it about Marvin and Lauren?

Yeah. You knew about that?

- Yeah.
- And you're not upset about it?

Of course, l'm upset,
but l want Marvin to be happy.

- So why'd you come back?
- l just missed my life here.

It's hard starting over in a new place.

It's hard starting over period.

Lauren was my girl.

And Marvin was my guy,
but we took them for granted.

I guess we made our beds
and now we have to sleep in them.


Haley, thank God, where are you?

Um, l'm at home.

Home? What happened?
We're waiting for you.

What are you waiting for?

Um, your video shoot.
What is going on with you?

Nothing, l just... It's just music.

Just music? Haley, we're spending
$50,000 a day on this video.

I am not shooting sock puppets in front
of a white sheet, so get your ass here now.

I gotta go.

Haley, l'm serious.
Please, tell me there's an emergency.

Or give me some reason
I can sell to the label...

...for why you're not onstage right now.

- l'm making soup.
- Haley.


They were in Katie's room.

That's how l knew who you were
when you called.

- l just told her that l wouldn't represent her.
- It's not you.

I also found her lithium in the garbage.

Her behavior gets a little unpredictable
without it.

How unpredictable?

Let's just say you should be careful.

Mom, l finished my puzzle,
you wanna come see?

In a minute.

You're making grandma's special soup?
Oh, cool, Mom.


- l didn't mean to.
- Go to your room.

- But Mom...
- Just go to your room.


What happened?
They've been calling all day.

You just walked off the set?
It's a big deal, babe.

All right. Hey, hey, it's okay, just...

I'Il call them, you go upstairs and relax.
Let me clean this up, all right?

You know what? l'm okay. l don't need
any help. l just wanna be alone.

It's gonna be okay. Haley...

I wanna be alone.

No comment.

Look, the thing is,
we didn't want any of this to happen. We...

Well, l wanted that to happen,
obviously, but not so publicly and...

What Alexander is trying to say
is that we're sorry.

I don't understand
why you just didn't tell me.

- We should have.
- l feel like an idiot, Mother.

I yelled at Paul because
I thought he stood you up for dinner.

Why keep it a secret?
Unless, of course, you're ashamed of it.

Well, l've never been ashamed of it.

We're not ashamed of it.

Oh, my God, fine.

If he makes you happy,
I will be happy for you.

So long as l do not have to hear
or see any more details.

- Deal.
- And you... more, you know, at work.

All work and no play.


You're really okay with this coming out?

- Yeah, cool by me.
- Let the world know.

Clothes Over Bro's.


Hello, TMZ.

Uh-huh. That was actually my mother,
Victoria Davis.

Yes. V-l-C-T-O-R-l-A.

Vocal track, take one.

And l remember when you lost your head

Sometimes l wonder how you stay so sad

When you're so beautiful

And l remember every word you said

How you were scared
Because you'd never been

Somewhere so beautiful

So beautiful

So tell me why we're talking
When we dance so good

So tell me why we're talking
When we dance so good

And l know you can't stay
But l wish you would

Yeah, l wish you would

Yeah, l wish you would

Hey, l have something of yours.

Thanks for letting it be a part
of my wardrobe.

Every time l stepped onto set, it reminded
me that someone believed in me.

And now that the film's wrapped,
well, thank you.

Well, you've come a long way
since l gave you this watch.

Which is why l don't understand how you
would allow Paul to release the sex tape.

Hope you're not doing this for Josh.

I didn't do it for Josh.
I did it for you and the movie.

You saved my life, literally.
It was the least l could do.

I needed to let you know
that l believe in you too.

Hey, what happened, man?

You were almost finished with this thing.

That's not gonna work.

Thank you.

Is Mom still mad at me?

It's not you, buddy.

Your mother really loves you.
She always will.


Now, let's put this thing
back together, huh?

So beautiful

So beautiful

So beautiful

So tell me why we're talking
When we dance so good

Tell me why we're talking
When we dance so good

And l know you can't stay
But l wish you would

Yeah, l wish you would

Yeah, l wish you would


It's just missing one thing.

I'Il be right with you.
Watch the glass, please.

Have an accident?

Can l help you?

I'm here for Clay.
I mean, my photo of Clay.

I know l said you could send it to me
but l decided that l want him now.

Well, that's unfortunate because that print's
already been shipped per your instructions.

Could take weeks. So l guess you're gonna
have to get used to being without him.

Excuse me.

- Clay, she's here.
- Katie?

All right, Quinn, listen to me.
I talked to her roommate.

- Katie's unstable.
- Yeah, you're damn right she's unstable.

She's standing in my gallery
telling me that she wants you.

She's about to see how unstable l can be.

Quinn, l'm being serious, just be careful.
And get the hell out of there, okay? Please.

- Okay.
- Promise me.

Yeah, l promise. l'Il just tell her
I'm gonna close up and head home.

Okay and just call me
as soon as you get out of there.

And, Quinn, l love you.

I love you too.

I feel sorry for you.

Can't you see how sad he is?

Stop pretending like you know him
and leave us alone.

Oh, that's cute, you said "us."

But it was obvious
he never even told you about me.

You need to go now.

I see the way he looks at you.

But you don't know the way he looked
at me the first time he saw me.

He'Il never look at you like that.

You'Il never be Sara.

Neither will you.

We'Il see about that.

I'm sorry l hurt you.

Just part of the game, bro.

You know what l mean.

You there?

Can we just play for a while?


I miss her.

I know.

Maybe you should focus
on your music, Haley.

It'Il see you through.

What if it doesn't?

I'Il be here.

What's the
difference between a whore and Alex Dupre?

One you pay for sex
and the other will do it for free.

In other news, it turns out it wasn't
Brooke Davis vacationing down under.

It was her mom.
I guess cougars do live in Australia.

Okay, here's the deal.

I'm tired of the entire world
thinking l'm a slut.


So at this moment,
you and l are officially together.

- What are you talking about?
- The sex tape.

I don't look as bad if l made it
with my boyfriend. Who loves me.

You're welcome.

Wow. You look nice.

Well, l was gonna get dressed
for a wrap party...

...but now l don't have to.

To my boyfriend, Julian Baker...

...who survived a day of sex,
lies and videotapes.


Mm, l almost forgot.
That came in the mail for you.

"You and a guest have been cordially invited
to attend the official unwrap party...

...for Seven Dreams 'til Tuesday."

Brooke Davis caught in a sex act
with her boy toy.

When l'm upset, l bake,
and l was really upset.


Look, l'm sorry.

I never meant to come between you guys.

I don't know how to handle all this,

I don't either.
I just know l wanted to see you.

I did too, but...

I can't do this to my friend.

I'm sorry.

She's not gonna go away.

And even worse,
I think this is just the beginning.

And do you Sara,
take this man, Clay Evans... be your lawfully wedded husband...

...from this day forward,
for better or for worse... have and to hold,
to love and to cherish...

...until death do you part?

I do.
- l do.

Haley, what are you doing? Come here.

Are you okay?


What happened?

I'm gonna go call my mom.