One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 19 - Every Picture Tells a Story - full transcript

Quinn's gallery opens with Clay very supportive unaware that he is being stalked by Sara lookalike Katie until she makes her presence known and Clay shows Quinn how alike Katie is to Sara. Josh's sex tape with Alex is emailed to Julian's father with a demand for $1,000,000 putting the film in jeopardy. Miranda finds out she is being deported thus putting a spanner in the works with Grubbs's recording but Grubbs finds a way around it by proposing to her. Lauren tells Skills that she has fallen for someone else but he is unaware it is his best friend Mouth until he sees a photo of them at the gallery where he promptly punches Mouth. Meanwhile, Victoria's affair with Alexander is exposed in more than one way. Elsewhere, Nathan and Jamie spend a guys evening together & later he asks Haley if she'd be ready to try for another baby. She tells him she took a pregnancy test and it was negative but is she telling him the whole story?

Previously on One Tree Hill:

Shh. If you talk,
I can't pretend you're somebody else.

If l start to become that guy
that nobody likes...

You won't, l'm gonna make sure
you stay exactly who you are...

...because that's a person
worth protecting.

I know l slept with Alex,
but l like you a lot.


It's time for you to open a studio
and a gallery.

- Are you okay, Mom?
- No, l'm not.

I have cancer.

I guess l did all right.

You did everything, Mom.

What the hell?

Anybody home? Miss me?

The ex-love of my life
and current bane of my existence...

...made it very clear to me
that they did the wild thing last night.

- You called for hair and makeup yet?
- No, why?

Brooke, what happened today?

I thought you fell for Alex, l'm sorry.

Excuse me, are you Katie Ryan?

I met an agent.

He'Il either sign me or marry me.

Either way, this just might be
the first day of the rest of my life.

I can't represent you.

He decided to sign you?
Not yet, but he will.

As it turns out...

...l'm his type.

Good morning, boyfriend.


What did l do to deserve this?

It's my big-shot director's last day.

I thought it deserved
something special.

Wow. On time, on budget. Well, sort of.
Give or take a punched lead actress.


But l think it's gonna be a good film.

Sorry about that.

And for the record,
it's gonna be a great movie.

Great, if l don't miss picking up
today's wardrobe. l gotta run.

Do not go long on your last day,
Cecil B. DeBaker.

I need my boyfriend on my arm tonight
at Quinn's gallery opening.

You're kind of liking calling me
"boyfriend" again, aren't you?

Yeah, has a nice ring to it,
don't you think?


I'm glad we're back.

Good morning.

You okay?

I see Sara sometimes.

I mean, ever since she died...

...I see her sometimes and we talk.

I'm not crazy, l promise.

It's just lately, since you...

Well, l haven't been seeing her
so much.

Is that why no pictures?


You don't have any pictures of her
in your place.

I don't want it to be because of me.

It's okay to love her.
The memory of her won't diminish us.

You don't think l'm weird?

All l know,
is if l could see my mom right now...

...I would stay up all night
talking to her.

Alexander, where are the changes
for today's shooting? l'm late.

Is it hot here? It feels hot.

- No.
- No.


Another button, please.
The slutty MILF look is so not you.

I have to run. l'Il see you guys tonight.


Oh, this is... She's gonna catch us.
She's definitely going to catch us.

This is gonna end badly.
We gotta tell her.

Don't you worry about a thing.

Besides, it's more exciting this way.
Now come here.

- We have to tell him.
- Tell him what? That we kissed?

- l mean, l'm not even sure what this is.
- Well, it's something.

And now with Skills back,
it's getting uncomfortable.

We need to be honest with him.
We owe him that.

I know. l mean, Skills is a great guy,
but this is complicated.

Ugh, it is so messed up.
I should talk to him.

No, l need to.

He's my best friend.

- Someone is so freaking fired.

I can assure you
we looked everywhere, Mr. Avery.

Well, look again.
And where is that loser PA?

- He probably took it.
- Hey, what's going on?

Mr. Avery's laptop computer
has gone missing from his trailer.

I'm positive that PA Brian
did not steal your computer.

Okay, thank you, that's so reassuring.

Look, you stick to doing your job, okay?
Checking for hairs in the gate.

And keeping my trailer stocked
with Red Vines and lube.

Hey, Christian Bale, calm down, okay?
Look, l'm sorry this happened...

...but it's just a computer, okay?
The production will replace it.

Let's just focus on the work, okay?

Look, l don't give a crap
about the computer. It's what's on it.

Here's your wardrobe.

It's gonna be a great last day.

I'm bored.

You can't be bored, you're 7.
You have any idea how fun being 7 is?

- Besides, l got a cure for that.
- What?

Guess who's babysitting you tonight.

- Ugh, please, don't say Junk and Fergie.
- No, me.

All right? We're having a guy's night,
and it's gonna be a blast.

Aw, sweet.

Wait, what about Mom?

Mom is going to Aunt Quinn's
art gallery opening.

So she's putting on her pretty face
right now. Well, a prettier face.


One, two, three.

You're flat on your face

In a field 50 feet from a burning...

- What are you doing? Why did you stop?
- It sounds thin.

I think we should
take another pass at the vocals...

...maybe double the chorus.
What do you think?

I think it's great, let's keep moving.


I really think it needs the work.

The insecure-artist thing is cute,
but seriously, it's great.

I mean, whatever happened
to you protecting me as an artist?


Remember that guy you became last time
you recorded, the one you didn't like?

- l think he's back.
- Heh.

It's great. Push "play."

At least you were thrown clear

Because l'm still stuck in here

Take off my shoes
I let the flames crawl up

And burn right through me

- Hey.
- Hey. Wow.

Talk about a work of art,
you look great.


So you excited for tonight?
How do you feel?

If there's a feeling
of being half totally excited...

...and half completely ready to panic,
then that's how l feel.

Aw, don't worry, it's gonna be good.

- You're great at the picture-taking thing.
- Thanks.

Well, l'm glad you think so.
I wanted to give this to you.

- Oh, what is this?
- My way of saying thank you...

...for being there for me this year.

I couldn't have made it through
without my little sis.

I love it, l really do.

I just want tonight to go well,
you know, for Mom.

Yeah, for Mom.

Yeah, well,
I didn't see it coming either.

I know, but l just think
it's the best move for both of us.

I look forward to hearing back.
Okay, bye.

- Whew. Keep your fingers crossed, bro.
- Why?

I pitched to the company
to be the East Coast rep.

- Lf all goes well, l'm home for good.
- Lf they don't, are you back to L. A?

- No.
- Why not? l thought you liked it there.

I mean, ain't nothing wrong with Cali.

It ain't no place to meet somebody.
But it did give me some time to think.

And what l came up with was
I missed what l had here with Lauren.

- Lauren?
- Yup, l'm gonna get her back.

Have you talked to her about it?

Uh, no, but l'm going to.

What if they don't give you
the job out here?

Then l'Il just quit.

- You'd really leave your job in L. A?
- l would.

As l recall, somebody quit their job
in Omaha for love, right?

Look, Mouth, l had a whole lot of time
to think about this, bro.

I'm just gonna talk to her tonight.

- Hey, man?
- Yeah?

- Ain't you gonna wish me luck?
- Yeah, of course. Good luck.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

All right. One, two...

Heh. It's perfect.

Just perfect.

It's gonna be a perfect night.

Can you believe this crowd?

- l just hope they like my work.
- Relax, they love it.

And besides, you... Oh, you didn't.

- Do you love it?
- l don't know. It's kind of weird... know, seeing everyone looking up
at a giant version of me.

Come on,
I wanna show you something.

What's this?

Everyone attending tonight
takes their own portrait.

The camera feeds it
to the flat screens in the gallery... the people tonight
are the live art.

- That's genius.
- Then you're the genius...

...because l got the idea from you.
The slideshow you made for my mom.

I love you for that.

That's a powerful photograph.

She has a knack
for capturing a dramatic moment.

So have you talked to him?

Yeah. l mean, no.

Look, l need to talk to you
about that because...

Hey, well, if it isn't
my favorite two people.

Hey, Mouth, you mind
if l steal my girl away for a second?

Okay. Now, l like to start at the bottom,
do the neck first.

So just real slow.
Then when you're done with your neck...

...start at your sideburns
and work your way to your chin.

Seems like a lot of work.
I'm gonna have to do this every day?

- Lf you wanna attract girls.
- Is this how you got Mom?

It took a lot more than a shave
to get your mom to fall for me.

Really? Why?

When l met your mom, l wasn't
exactly the nicest guy in the world.

It's true.
I was a bit selfish and l fought a lot.

But you're not like that now.

Being with your mom
made me a better person.

You know, now that l think of it,
your mom and your Uncle Lucas did.

Must have been fun having a brother
growing up.

It's like having a best friend over
all the time.

Yeah, but remember...

...Uncle Lucas and l weren't close
when we were your age.

The important part is
we became more like real brothers...

...once we got a little bit older.

But you're right, having a brother
is a lot like having a best friend.

It helped make me
the man l am today.

And l love that guy.

I love you too, buddy.

When do l start shaving, Dad?
Next year?

Well, if your face is like mine,
probably when you're about 22.

- You like?
- l love it.

We spent a whole week in that village
and those girls followed me everywhere.

They were inseparable.

I think you just made your first sale.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

I hope she at least
gets a family discount.

The whole Hollywood glam squad.
I'm honored you guys came.

Seriously, Quinn, this is amazing.

Wait, are you two, uh?

Back together? Yes.

Oh, told you.

You got any nudes
in this collection or...?

Pay no attention to Mr. Inappropriate.

Come on, Josh,
there must be a bar here somewhere.

Please tell me
this movie is gonna be over soon.

- Today was in fact the last day.
- We're officially wrapped.

- Well done, that is so major.
- Well, thank you.

Speaking of major, look at you go.

Thank you.

You've been kind of distant
since l got home.

Look, l owe you an apology.

- Why? What for?
- l came home for you because l love you.

I can't be apart from you
and l should have never left.

- Antwon...
- Please tell me you feel the same way.

It's just things are different.
I mean, maybe if we'd never split up...

Yeah, but you said you wouldn't come
to L.A. So l fixed it, l'm home now.

Why can't it just be like it was?

Because it's not like it was.

Is there someone else?

I don't know. Maybe.

I'm sorry, Antwon.

- Oh, baby, that's so...
- l said, no talking.

So our lead actors are sleeping together.
Here's my surprised face.

- Where did you even get this?
- It was e-mailed to me this morning.

- By who?
- By someone smart enough to know...'Il do just about anything
to protect Alex from this getting out.

Julian, we're being blackmailed.

Julian, what's the matter?


That's so...
I said, no talking.

No, l didn't do it.

That's funny, that sure looks
like you screwing him to me.

No. l mean, okay,
I did sleep with him, l just...

I didn't make that tape.
Did you get it from Josh?

No, l got it from someone trying to
blackmail my father for a ton of money.

Alex, why don't you just
shoot me in the head?

- It would save us all so much time.
- That's not fair.

No, what's not fair is that l keep trying
to find the best version of you...

...and you just keep showing me
the worst version.

So, what did you say?

I told him l didn't wanna go back
to the way it was.

He was really upset.
It was bad, l feel terrible.

I know l should take the high road here,
and let you find your way back to him...

...but l really like you, Lauren.

It's also my decision,
and l have feelings for you too.

Do you think
Antwon's gonna be okay?

Skills, my man, how you been, buddy?

Thirsty. Four shots.

Four shots, coming up.

There must be something
that can be done.

- How about an extension?
- Check one, two.

Annoying, impatient artist ready
to lay down a track.

So you're telling me
there is nothing l can do?

Well, that's just great.

You know, it only took the Beatles
a month to record Abbey Road.

Sorry, you okay?

The record sounds great, Michael.

But it looks like l'm not gonna be around
to finish it. l'm going back to England.

Ha, that's funny, because when you said
we were gonna be working together...

...I imagined that you'd at least
be in the same hemisphere as me.

No, l'm serious. Believe me, l have tried
moving heaven and earth to stay here...

...but there's a problem with my visa.

I'm being deported.

And where does that leave us?


I'm afraid there's not gonna be an us.

Ugh, l cannot believe she's giving him
the time of day after he stood her up.

And besides, it's gross.

What's gross?

The thought of my mother having sex.

Well, l don't think it's gross.
She's an attractive older woman...

Oh, okay, stop. l cannot talk about
my mother and sex with you.

It's nice that you're being so sweet
about her, but stick to what you know...

...which is designing super hot clothes
and sleeping with skanky actresses.

Heh. Thanks.

Hey, check this out, l kind of like it.

You filmed us having sex?

- You found my computer?
- No, but someone did.

Now Julian and his father are being
blackmailed for $1 million, thanks to you.

- What?
- How could you?

It's my career. It's Julian's, Paul's and
all the people that worked on this film.

They put everything they had into this
and you've jeopardized everything.

It's not my fault, okay?
My computer was stolen.

Not your fault?


But here's what l don't get.

Why would you make a tape of yourself
having sex when you suck at it?

At least try
to be professional about this.

You show us everything you've got

You keep on dancing
And the room gets hot

You drive us wild
We'Il drive you crazy

You keep on shoutin'
You keep on shoutin'

I wanna rock and roll all nite
And party every day


I wanna rock and roll all nite
And party every day

I wanna rock and roll all nite
And party every day

You keep on saying
You'Il be mine for a while

You're lookin' fancy
And l like your style

You drive us wild
We'Il drive you crazy

You show us everything you've got
Baby, baby, that's quite a lot

And you drive us wild
We'Il drive you crazy

You keep on shoutin'
You keep on shoutin'

I wanna rock and roll all nite
And party every day

This guy, he's laughing at me.

- Why do you say that?
- Oh, you ready?

Remember that stuff on Josh's computer
that he was freaking out about?

Wait for it.

He and Alex made a sex tape...

...and we're being blackmailed
to keep it under wraps.

Oh, no.

Go ahead,
you can laugh at me now too.

You warned me about Alex.
You told me l shouldn't work with her.

Maybe you were right.
Maybe l should just let her fail.

Hey, the tape might even bring
the movie some free publicity.

Hey, whoever said
"There's no such thing as bad publicity,"

was never on a sex tape, trust me.
You have to help her.

Look, l know you're disappointed in her
right now...

...but l bet she didn't do this
on purpose.

And l bet that deep down in your heart,
you wanna help her.

- So do it.
- You really mean that?

This is not a test, Julian.

Yes, l think you should help Alex.

So he's not laughing at me then?

Well, maybe a little.

Chase Adams back behind the bar.

It's only beer, wine and shots
so l can't do that much damage.

I'Il take a beer.

So l'm a little jealous now...

...that you'Il be spending your days and
nights hanging out with some other girl.

- What?
- Somebody bought your portrait.

She's... Oh, she's right there.

- l am so excited you like his portrait.
- l just love it.

And now meeting the subject,
well, makes it all the more special.

- l'm Katie.
- Clay.

Well, l don't wanna take up all your time
on your special night...

...and l wanna see the rest of your work,
so please excuse me.

I like her,
and she seems to like your portrait.

I guess l'Il just have to get used
to letting you be with her.

Tonight seems to be going well, huh?

Yeah. Heh. It is.

Can you, uh, just excuse me
for one second?


I'm sorry.

So there's nothing we can do?

Nope. l have to leave.

And sooner than later.

Well, l guess it's back to my day job.

We'Il find someone
to finish the record with you, promise.

I don't want anyone else.
And that's both guys talking.

The musician
and the guy who just needs you.

What are you doing?

Oh, l thought l looked hotter
as a blond. What do you think?

I told you l couldn't represent you,
now you show up here uninvited...

...texting me inappropriately
about my girlfriend.

I mean, who do you think you are?

Clay, l can be
whoever you want me to be.

You need to leave, now.

I'm sorry.

I felt a connection
between the two of us.

I guess... Guess l was wrong.

Don't, don't. You're not gonna find
any answers in there.

- You don't have to do that.
- Do what?

Always try to save me.

It seems no matter what l do,
I mess things up for you.

Trust me, l never meant to hurt you,
your father, or the movie we just made.

Now that the film's over,
I'Il get out of your way.

Do what you want with the tape,
I'Il understand.

Alex, it's gonna be okay.
We're gonna get through it.

And you're not going anywhere,
we're gonna get through this together.

I'm gonna do everything l can
to help you, l promise.

- Really?
- Really.

Thank you, Julian.

Don't thank me. Thank Brooke.

"He turned away to give them time
to pull themselves together and waited...

...allowing his eyes to rest
on the trim cruiser in the distance."

- So the boys were saved?
- In the end, yeah.

- l like it when you read to me.
- So do l.

- It was sad when Piggy died.
- l know, man. l liked Piggy too.

It was good that the boys had
each other on the island.

Must have been pretty lonely
and scary all alone.

- Do you ever get lonely?
- Yeah, sometimes.

You think you'Il be okay
when l go off to training camp?

Yeah, l guess. l like it better
when you're home, though.

- Can l ask you a favor?
- Sure, what?

Well, even though she doesn't show it
all the time...

...deep down inside your mom
is still very sad that your grandma died.

- Yeah.
- So when l'm away...

...I need you to just watch out for her.

- Make sure she doesn't get too sad.
- Okay.

I need you to be the man of the house
when l'm gone.

- Can you do that for me?
- Yeah.

- All right. l knew l could count on you.
- Mom's gonna be okay, right?

Yeah, she's gonna be fine. And besides,
now we'Il both be taking care of her.

All right?

Hands off, girlie, that one's mine.

- How you holding up?
- l'm good.

I know it must be hard.
Your mom played a big part in this night.

Yeah, it is.

But, you know, l think Jamie really helps.
It's kind of life's little plan, you know.

You have kids so you have something to
hold on to when you lose your parents.

What's wrong?

I can't have kids.


- Have you seen a specialist or...?
- Yeah. No, l did everything.

Kids aren't in the cards for me.

You cannot give up, Brooke.

You never know.

- So, what are our options?
- It's a tough call.

If we do nothing, it could hurt the film,
but $1 million is a lot of money.

I'm willing to take one for the team,
you can release the tape.

Shut up.

And if the tape does get out?

We just finished making
a charming independent movie.

For it to work, we need to take it
to a major film festival.

We need people focusing on
your great film, Julian, not a sex tape.

This whole thing
could really hurt our chances.

I have a friend who works at Sundance,
I could give him...

Shut up.

Whoever's blackmailing us,
they're right about one thing.

We have everything on the line.

Well, they're also right
about something else.

I wanna protect Alex.

She's fragile,
and if this tape gets out... could destroy her.

Well, now it looks like
we have $3 million invested in this film.

We gotta tell Brooke. She's got no idea.
I don't think us being together... gonna strike her as a good surprise.
- Now is not a good time.

We are on the verge of releasing
a very important line.

I need her thinking about business
and not us.

Hey, you're ashamed of us,
aren't you?

- Please.
- Ugh. You are.

Please. l am not.

Look, l told Brooke
I was taking a lover.

Where's the shame in it
being a young, hot guy...

...who's 25 years younger than me?

Who has abs
that l can bounce quarters off of, huh?

You just need to relax.
You need to relax.

Nobody's ashamed of anybody, okay?

Yeah, and then she said
there was someone else.

Dude, that sucks.

Yeah, but l don't know
who that someone else c...

It's you, isn't it?

Lauren's "someone else."

- Skills, l was gonna talk to you...
- So it's true?

Yes, but l...

Thanks for sleeping with my girlfriend,

That's just scandalous.

Just simply scandalous.

Your face says a shot and a beer back,
but l think this is what you need.

- Someone get their heart broken tonight?
- Yeah.

It was my fault, though.

I mean, looking back l had my chance.

I just didn't take it when l should have.
Now it's too late, l'Il never get her back.

I don't know,
never is a pretty long time.

I should have just told her how l felt.

Well, all things considered,
I thought that went pretty well.

Um, are you kidding? A fistfight, public sex,
and, um, a check for you. It rocked.

Whoa, what is this for?
I can't take this.

Consider it back rent,
and thanks, Hales.

- Thanks for being there for me.
- That is what sisters are for.

Mom would have loved
a night like tonight.

Sometimes l flash on the fact
that we're never gonna see her again...

...and, uh, l can't breathe.
I just can't believe she's gone.

I know.

We all miss her.

Just know, Haley,
she was so proud of you.


I hope you're proud of yourself, Mother.
I can't believe that even you...

...would stoop this low.
To sexually harass an employee... get back at Paul
for standing you up on a date?


I am the date.
We've been seeing each other.


Huh. How was your night?

Ha, ha. The best ever.

I don't know where you get it.
You're a great parent.

I get it from you.

- You know what l was thinking tonight?
- What?

I want us to have another baby.

- Hales?
- l took a pregnancy test this morning...

...and it was negative.
- Oh.

- Okay. Hey, it's fine. We'Il try again.
- Mm-hm.

- You're okay, right?
- l'm fine. l'm fine.

So you're leaving?

I told you, l don't have a choice.

Marry me.

What did you just say?

- l said, marry me.
- You've gotta be joking.

No. l'm serious.

You made me a promise
and l'm holding you to it.

Marrying me fixes everything.

All you have to do is say yes.

- What do you want?
- l just wanted to say l'm sorry.

I never should have made that tape,
but you gotta know...

...I never meant
for any of that other stuff to happen.

If there was any way
that l could take it back, l would.

I just hoped you could find it
in your heart to forgive me.

The movie's wrapped, Josh,
and so are we. Goodbye.

Dude, we just said
we were getting the tape out there.

The plan was never to blackmail
these people for money.

My girl rocked it tonight.


Thank you.

So it was some night, huh?

Sure you had a good time? You seemed
like something was bothering you.

there's something l need to tell you.

Remember the tennis player
that wouldn't take no for an answer?


Well, she is the girl
who bought my portrait tonight.

That Katie girl?

I don't understand.

Wait, you know her?

Why do you have a photo with her?

Because it's not her.

It's Sara.

You showed me something
pretty special tonight.

I'm trying to forget what we were
shown tonight, if you don't mind.


Who would have thought that you
of all people would rescue her?

I didn't do anything.
You're the one bailing her out.

Thanks to you.


You remember what you said to me
our first night here?

What if we ruin it?

Every night l spent away from you,
I dreamed about being back here... this room, in this bed with you.

I dreamed about us, Brooke.

And now we're here. We're back.

And you look even more beautiful
than in my dreams.

I love you.

I never stopped loving you,
not for one night, not for one moment.

And l never will.
Nothing can ruin us, Brooke Davis.