One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 17 - At the Bottom of Everything - full transcript

Haley and Quinn refuse to accept that their mom Lydia will not fight her pancreatic cancer and after some convincing manages to persuade her mother to get a second opinion with Nathan's doctor but the results don't bring any change. Because she told Jamie that she won't be alive for Christmas he organises for her to have Christmas now with the family. Meanwhile, Brooke and Justin's relationship moves up a notch but comes crashing down spectacularly when Brooke finds Alex in his bed but is it what it seems? Elsewhere, Grubbs puts Miranda through hoops before he allows her to produce his album with her and Owen Morello comes back into Millie's life much to Mouth's displeasure.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

Alex has to be better or we're in trouble.

She will be.
I'm letting everyone down.

And l don't get drunk when l'm sad,
I sleep with boys.

Wanna get out of here?
My name is Millicent.

I keep telling everybody l'm fine.

And l'm not fine.

You don't wanna make a record...

...because it's too personal.
- Right.

Personal sells albums.
So make a record with me.

I loved you so much, Sara.

You were perfect with me.
And you always will be.

Are you okay, Mom?

I have cancer. It's pancreatic.
So l've accepted it.

- You're giving up?
- No. l am not giving up.

Quinn can take a picture.

- We could just add it to this stupid box.
- Taylor. Tay...

I know that we haven't had
a family breakfast in a long time...

...but l seem to remember...

...that there used to be
at least some talking...

...and, you know, eating
the last few times we've done this.

- l don't know. Call me crazy.
- l'm sorry, Mom.

- It's just hard for us...
- l know, honey.

But l just wanna enjoy a breakfast
with my favorite people in the world.


- Okay.
- Good.

Ah, there he is.
Finally, someone with a personality. Ah.

So, what's for breakfast?

For you? A little bit of everything.

Oh, my favorite.

What's everyone staring at?

I think it's because
that was the last piece of bacon.

But don't you worry about it.
They had their chance.

Come with me.
I wanna show you something, okay?

I would like to thank all of you...

...for the scintillating
breakfast conversation.

You know, it's moments like these
that we're supposed to remember.

Hey. Come back to bed.

Why are you still here?

Ouch. Well, someone's a little feisty.
I like it.

We could've used
a little more of that last night.

- What's that supposed to mean?
- You gotta admit l did most of the work.

It's okay, though.
I mean, l slept like a baby.

You know who didn't sleep
like a baby? Me.

I got exactly 26 minutes of sleep
and l'm filming eight scenes today.

I refuse to apologize for my stamina.

I'm not talking about that.
I'm talking about that.

The horrible noise.

I think it's called music.

No. When it comes through
a hotel-room wall, it's called noise.

So you're not coming back to bed?

Let me try to explain this to you.

I'm filming a movie right now.
So l need this thing called sleep.

When l don't get sleep,
I get bags under my eyes...

...and those bags are gonna
be documented on film forever.

- Got it?
- Got it.

Hey, look on the bright side.

I mean, odds are,
no one's even gonna see this film.

Seriously, why are you still here?

Have l been replaced already?

- What?
- You're sitting in my chair.

Oh, right...

- Sorry, l thought you...
- No, no. Just a poorly timed joke.

You're here early.

Oh, l know. l couldn't sleep so l figured
I'd come in and try to steal your job.


Can l ask you something l'm not
really allowed to ask anyone else?

Of course.

Am l doing okay?

Are you kidding?

You're doing great.

Everyone is so proud of you.
Especially your dad, and...

And me.

I do have one major complaint, though.

You need to start dressing warmer.

If you don't, you're gonna get sick...

...and you'Il get all sluggish like you do.

And then you'Il grouch and you'Il whine
a little and nobody wants that.

- l don't grouch.
- Yes, you do. And whine.

I do whine.

- A little.
- A little.

Okay. Well, you probably
have a million fires to put out... l'm gonna get out of your way.

Thanks for letting me sit in your chair.


You okay?

No. l'm not.

She's acting like there's nothing wrong,
like she's fine.

She's trying to be strong for everyone.

- By giving up?
- No... accepting the situation
that she's in.

- She seems at peace with it.
- Well, l'm not.

It's not over.
I'm not ready to let her stop fighting.

Haley, l know this is hard,
but this is her life...

...and she doesn't have much time left.

So let's get a second opinion
or a third or a fourth.

- What if they say the same thing?
- What if they don't?

- Haley.
- What?

L... Ahh. l have to believe in something
right now...

...because without hope,
I wouldn't be able to breathe.

Just let me have that, okay?

If we can't find someone to help her...

...then at least l'Il know
we did everything we could.

But until we know for sure,
I just... l... l need that hope.


Just a few months ago
I had everything l ever wanted.

But now all that seems like forever ago.

Because one day l lost my way.

And l forgot who l was.

But l'm trying to find my way back.

I just hope l can get there someday.


Hello, my name's Kenny. l'm an alcoholic.

Do you recognize this handsome guy?

That's you, Christmas morning.
Look how little you were. Ha, ha.

- Yeah. l was a kid back then.
- Mm-hm.

Look, that's when l got Fletcher.

He was my favorite stuffed animal.

Do you still have Fletcher?


Chester chewed his head off once,
Mom sewed it back on.

And he kind of looks weird now.

This was my favorite Christmas.

I will never forget it.

Because you got lots of good presents?

Well, you could say that.

I was surrounded by family... all the people
that l love most in the world...

...and that's the best gift
anyone could ever give me.

And l got to spend one last Christmas
with your grandpa.

That was a good day.

He got you Fletcher.

I don't really remember him.

Yeah, well, you were pretty small
when he died.

But, boy, ha, ha, he loved you so much.

Do you miss him?

Every second of every day.

You know what l do to remember him?

When l listen to your mom,
I can hear his laugh.

And when l look at your Aunt Quinn,
I see his eyes.

And then l look at you
and l see his beautiful smile.

There it is.

Maybe Christmas this year
will be even better.

I hope so.

But, um, ahem...

...l'm not gonna be with you
this Christmas, Jamie.

Where will you be?

I'm going to be with your grandpa.

So you fell for some girl...

...recorded a bunch of songs,
lost the girl...

...and now you're afraid
to make another record.

Is that accurate?

Those are pretty much the bullet points
of my painful existence.

Thank you, by the way,
for reminding me...

...with such a cold and brief synopsis.
- Can l give you some advice?

- Lf l say no, will you...?
- Get over it.

The girl, the record executives
who hurt your feelings.

Just get over it.

I wish it were that simple.

So there is no chance l'm gonna
get you to make a record with us?

- l don't think so.
- Not even 1 percent?

Well, there's a 1 percent chance
I'd do anything with you.

Excellent. That's all l need.

Ah. Let's negotiate.

You wrote the script, remember?

If it's putting you to sleep,
blame yourself.

I'm sorry. l was up all night.

- Who was he?
- It wasn't a he. It was a bunch of hes.

- Did your mind really just go there?
- Ha, no.

Heh, yeah, right. There's a convention
in town for patio-furniture salesmen.

Yes, apparently there are those.

Lucky me, the suite next to mine
is party central...

...for 200 middle-aged men
who get to be single for a few days.

Haven't stopped raging
since they got here.

So just switch rooms.

I tried, the stupid hotel
is completely booked.

I hate patio furniture.

Me too. It always gets so dirty.

- Alex, we have a big day today.
- l know. l'Il be fine.

I wrote the script, remember?



So l just spoke with our team doctor.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Actually, l talked to him
about your mom.

As it turns out, he knows one
of the best oncologists in the world.

And he's offered to take a look
at Lydia's case.

That's great.

I wanna make sure
you don't get your hopes up.

You don't have to say it.

Just... Thank you.

You're welcome.

So here it is.

Kind of great, huh?

It's perfect.

A little empty, but...

I'm sorry, l was just... Stupid joke.

I just wish everything wasn't so hard
with my mom right now.

You know l'm the poster boy
for suffering alone.

But you don't have to.

You know, l'm here.

I know. Thanks.

I'm not avoiding it. l'm just trying
to figure it all out, you know?

You know, for what it's worth,
you have an opportunity.

You know, you still have the chance
to say goodbye.

I didn't have that with Sara.
And l wish l did.

I wish l had that one moment.


When do you leave for your tournament?

I decided not to go.
I'm gonna stay here with you.

Clay, l love that, but we both know
you're building something here, okay?

You have a business
and a client list. It's important.

And you have to go. Stop.
Not an option.

Come on, l promise if anything happens,
you'Il be my first call.

- All right.
- Go.

- l'Il be fine.
- Okay.

- Okay. First call.
- First call.

Hello, Brooke.

It's a lovely day, isn't it?

Oh. You look beautiful.

Mother. You're glowing.

Am l?

Yes. In fact,
you've been glowing for days.

It's getting weird.

Well, l suppose
it's because l've taken a lover.

- Here we go.
- Oh, he's a gentle, passionate lover.

Okay. l don't need details. Please.

It's Paul, right? l've seen you two flirting
with each other on set and l just... Ugh.

A lady doesn't kiss and tell, honey.

It seems like you're kissing
and telling right now.

Well, no. You asked why l was glowing,
so l told you.

You're right.

My mistake.
I'm gonna get back to work now...

...and try to extract
a certain horrifying image from my mind.

Good luck with that. Me?

I'm going to go and try to keep
a certain image very much in my mind.


Say hi to gentle Paul for me.

Hey. Millie. Wait up.

I gotta be honest, l didn't expect
to see anybody l knew.

If it's weird for you, we can arrange it
so we're here on separate days.

No. It's...

I should be happy to see you.

It's so hard to get up
in front of strangers...

...and explain to them
how you made a mess of your life.

Actually, it's comforting to know
that you have someone there listening.

Someone who understands
what you're going through.

I'm proud of you for standing up there
and sharing your story.


I still don't know
how l let it get to this point.

I don't know, it all becomes a blur.

The amazing thing is you realized
that your life was unmanageable.

Just being here?

It's the biggest step you've ever taken.

Thanks, Owen.

You have no idea how much that helps.

Actually, l do.

Well, look. You ever need someone
to lean on, you can call me.

- l'Il be there.
- Okay.

I told you to cover me
with the sniper rifle.

Why are you equipped with an RPD?
Really? l should shut the hell up?

Why don't you take a look
at my kill ratio and see who owns you?

Yeah, that's what l thought.

- Who are you talking to?
- Sorry. Uh...

That was... That was Skills.


We get a little competitive.

Yeah, no, l can see that.

You think he's checking out
your kill ratio right now?

Yeah, just pretend you didn't hear that.

- Um, thanks for picking up lunch.
- Sure.

- How's he doing?
- He's good.

I mean, he's not good at this game,
obviously, but...

- Wait, are you two not talking?
- Yeah, not so much.

And when we do talk,
it's not really the same.

But, l mean, that's okay.

It's only natural we drift apart, right?
Distance is hard.

It's all hard. Look at me and Millie.

We live together,
but she feels so far away.

I mean, l felt closer
when l lived in Omaha.

Maybe you're right.

It's just, the idea of starting over
sounds so scary to me.

I will probably just stop dating.

- l had a date the other night.
- Really?

Yeah. It was bizarre.

It was like this weird kind of '80s movie.

But, l don't know, she was cool.

She even wants to go out again, but it
just doesn't feel right because of Millie.

That's understandable.

You know what?
When you're ready, you'Il just know.

And until then, you do have
that pretty impressive kill ratio.

Hey, buddy. Where's Grandma?

She's resting.

You doing okay? What's wrong?

I don't want Grandma to die.


Are you stalking me now?

Relax. Brooke needed me to do
some adjustments to the wardrobe.

I'm here strictly on business.

Unless of course you wanna go play
in the trailer.

Nothing sounds worse to me right now.

Actually, l take that back.

Did you see Brooke Davis' mom?

I would totally hit that.
I'm not even kidding.

Right now. Today. l would hit that.

Oh, that is so sweet.

Is there a woman out there
you wouldn't sleep with?

Eh. Depends on the day.
And while we're on the subject...

...I have something sensitive
I need to talk to you about.

Our love scene today.
It's supposed to be pretty hot.

Hope it doesn't bother you
if l get a little excited.

It's involuntary and, heh, let's face it,
you kind of do it for me.


Let me be very clear with you.

If l feel anything brushing up
against me under those sheets... will remember the pain
that l inflict on it for the rest of your life.

Got it?

She's kind of feisty.

Yeah. Tell me about it.

You're officially worse
than Antwon. And that is saying a lot.

No, the left trigger aims.
The right trigger shoots.

So you just wanna... And you're dead.

- Again. Ha, ha.
- Ha, ha.

Don't worry, you'Il respawn any second.

Why don't l get a headset?

- Trust me. You're not ready for that.
- Oh, l think l am.

Do not say you weren't warned.

If this is officially the most uncool thing
that l've ever done.

I love it.

What do l say? Brag about my kill ratio?

I would stay away from that one.

Okay. Um, hello?
Other players in the shooting game.

Anybody there? Oh, hi.

Yeah, yeah. l'm a girl. Um, jeans.

What do you mean,
what kind of underwear am l wearing?

I don't know. How old are you?

- That's disgusting.
- Had enough?

- Who are these people? They are pure evil.
- Ha-ha-ha.

You're one of them.

Yes, you are, ha-ha-ha.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to interrupt.

- Uh, l'Il be right back.
- l have things to do.

I'Il just see you later.

- Hey. You okay?
- Yeah. l'm fine.

I just didn't realize
you and Lauren were so close.

- We're just friends.
- Okay.

It's none of my business.
Be friends with whoever you want.

It's not like we're together anymore,
so who really cares?

I guess just me.

She told Jamie.

How is he?

He's okay. He's sleeping.

Well, that's her decision, Haley.

We're his parents.
It should be our decision.

He's just a kid, you know?

He shouldn't have to deal with
all this pain.

Aren't we supposed to be protecting him
from this stuff?

Well, maybe it's good for him
to be prepared... know that he doesn't have
a lot of time with his grandma.

And what if she gets better?

I'm not gonna get better, Haley.

- Hey, Nathan, would you mind, um...?
- Yeah, sure.

You're angry because l told Jamie?

I'm not angry.

I'm just upset about everything.

I needed him to know the truth, Hales.


I just wish
we could have done it together.

Mom, he's been through a lot.

I get that.

I'm sorry.


I know that you think l've given up.

- You just seem so okay with all of this.
- No, l'm not okay.

I'm at peace with it.

You know, l fought hard. L...

God, l promise you, l...

And then one day l just...
I realized that l had to stop fighting...

...and l had to start enjoying the time
that l had left.

And that's all l'm trying to do.

Can l ask you for something...

...even though l know it's something
that you don't wanna hear?

Will you please let me give your
medical records to Nathan's doctor... that somebody can take a look at it?

- Not gonna make any difference.
- It may not.

But l'm not ready to lose you yet, Mom.

So if there's anybody out there
who can do something...

...I have to take that chance.

Will you please do that for me?


You can give him my medical records
on one condition:

When he comes back
with the same diagnosis...

...I need you to accept it. Okay?

Like l've accepted it.

And hopefully then we can at least
try to enjoy the time l have left.

Together. All of us. Please?

Do that for me?

Oh, hey, there you are.

You kind of disappeared for a while.

I was just trying to stay out of your way.

I don't remember telling you to.

Well, you had to shoot
that big sex scene with Alex and Josh.

I didn't really wanna be around for that.


It turned out pretty well, l think.

At one point
Josh did let out a girlish shriek...

...and then Alex stormed off
to her trailer for 10 minutes.

I'm not sure what that was.

- Actors.
- Yeah.

So thanks for the sweater.

Yeah, it's no big deal. It's yours.
I figured you might want it.


So get this.

I think that my mom and your dad...

...have become lovers.

We did kind of see this coming.

Yeah. Apparently,
your dad is quite gentle.

- What?
- Not to mention extremely passionate.

- Why are you doing this to me?
- l had to suffer alone.

Now we can at least be
equally traumatized.

Thank you.

Wouldn't it be weird
if they ended up together?

Honestly, l'm kind of envious of them.
At least they're going for it, right?


I gotta run, but thanks again
for the sweater, Brooke.


Okay. You'Il have
complete creative control.

You'Il keep publishing. And here's
where we got a little overly generous.

Eighty-one percent of profits
and 35 percent of merchandising.

Merchandising? You're gonna make
T-shirts with my face on them?

Gonna make a lot of things
with your face on them.

We can talk about the beard later.

All you have to do is sign right here.

Well, you haven't heard
my list of demands yet.

What else?

What the hell is that?

Pickled eggs, of course.

And why would something like that exist?

For times like this.

My first demand... one.

You can't be serious.

You're serious.

Hey, buddy.

Look at all this cool stuff.

Yeah, l'm just going through
some old things.


Now we're talking.

Did l ever tell you
that l'm a Wiffle-ball legend?

Yeah, a bunch of times.


You know, when l was your age...

...your grandpa Dan, he built me
a miniature Fenway Park in the backyard.

It even had a Green Monster...

...a Pesky pole.

It was pretty awesome.

Then Grandma Deb made you
tear it down because it was so ugly.

I guess we need some new stories.

Are you all right, buddy?

Is there anything you wanna talk about?

I'm fine. l'm just a little busy right now.

Don't worry. l still like your stories.

If you need me, l'm here.




What are you doing here?

I'm here to pick up Millie.


Arr, me matey.

All right. That was terrible.

And you are gonna have to work
on your pirate speak.

But we're getting somewhere.

I did everything on your list. l ate that egg.

It doesn't sound to me
like you're working on your pirate speak.

I ate the egg.

I washed your mugs with me hands.

Even though they were clean.

There were water spots.

I called your voicemail
pretending to be a satisfied sexual partner...

...begging for one more night.

I can't wait to play that in public.

There. You happy?

I did everything you asked.
So we're good?

We're up to a single.

Most people would kill
for a record contract.

Here's the thing.
Writing and performing music for me... like standing naked in a crowd.

You're being a little dramatic.

Okay. Maybe l'm in my underwear.

But the point is l'm still vulnerable.

And it wasn't just about a girl.
It was about the guy that l became.

I didn't like him
and neither did anyone else.

And l would rather not
see him come back.

The ball is snapped. The quarterback...

- Hello? Hey.
- Hey.

Oh, who's playing?

Syracuse and Virginity Tech.

Ha, ha, okay.
That sounds like an intriguing matchup.

- Who's winning?
- Owen.

And Owen is?

The guy who's out with Millie right now.

- Oh. And l take it you're jealous?
- Of course l'm jealous.

I'm just worried because she doesn't
need to be hanging out with an addict.

Especially not the same addict
who took her virginity.


Oh. Is that why you said Syracuse
was playing...?

- Yeah.
- Got it.

Look, Mouth.

You broke up with her, right?

So she's gonna live her life
and she should.

She can see whoever she wants.

But if that bothers you, then just tell her.

Because maybe that means
it's not over for you yet.

So you really think it's over
between you and Mouth?

Honestly, l try not to think about it
because there's nothing l can do.

You sure about that?

I don't know. l mean, the reason
we broke up was all my fault... my hands are pretty much tied.

All l can do is wait to be forgiven.

I can tell you what l hope will happen.

I have no way of knowing if he'Il ever be
able to look at me the way he used to.

- That's why l try not to think about it.
- You know, we should do something fun.

Like what?
I don't know.

We'Il figure something out. Come on.


Oh, my gosh, where did you find this?
Was it in those boxes?

Yeah. Grandma gave it to me.

I haven't seen this photo in forever.
Look at my hair.

I mean, l know it was early morning,
but, jeez.

Hey, listen, buddy.

I know how hard this must be for you.

So if you need to cry, it's okay.

I'm not crying for me.

I'm crying for you.

Your mama's gonna die.

The one thing l'd never wanna lose
is you or Daddy.

We're not going anywhere.

I promise.

You're taking good care of my daughter.

Oh, l remember the day you came
to ask our permission to marry her.

You were so nervous.


But l looked into your eyes
and l just knew.

What did you know?

That you were gonna change
my daughter's life.

And l was right.

You were responsible for raising the woman
that changed my entire world.

I'Il never forget that, Lydia. Ever.

Thank you for saying yes.

Oh, come on.

That's just not possible.

What's not possible?

Are you referring
to my three consecutive strikes?

Or just that particular strike?

All of the above.

I'm just glad we didn't put money on it.

This was a bad idea.

No. This was a really good idea.

Thanks for cheering me up, Owen.
I needed it.

Oh, l can't remember
the last time l laughed.

You know, he's not gone yet.

Mouth? You shouldn't give up on him.

And you can't just sit around,
waiting for him to forgive you.

Look, l understand.

As an addict...

...l've ruined a lot
of important relationships in my life.

That's why if he's important to you... got to at least try to get him back.

I don't know how to get him back.

Just remind him of the girl
he fell in love with.

Show him you're still that girl.

Or that you're working hard
to try to find her.

You do that...

...I guarantee,
he'Il look at you the way he used to.

Do you mind if we get going?

Not at all.

- You're killing me anyway.
- Ha, ha.

This is embarrassing.

Thank you, Owen.

- How's it going?
- This place is crawling with agents.

They're like vultures.

Well, just remember you're one of them.

You circling anyone right now?

I've had a few meetings.

I really missed you.
I needed to hear your voice.

- Really?
- Yeah.

I like that.

And l miss you too.
Hey, babe, l gotta go.

A few more players to meet,
but l'm coming home tomorrow.

I'Il be waiting. Bye.

All right, bye.

Hey, that was a great match.

Hey, Grubbs.

Miranda says you're torturing her.
Knock it off.

- Really?
- No. l'm kind of loving it. Ha, ha.

Hi, friendly faces. You guys mind
if l play third wheel for a while?

- l'm not ready to go home yet.
- You just missed my Millie rant.

- l wanna hear the Millie rant.
- We've moved on to the Julian rant.

Oh, great.
Can you start from the beginning?

You didn't miss much.

I was just saying that sometimes...

...our relationship seems so simple
and easy.

But no matter what,
it just turns into a big mess.

And there are days
that l wanna dive into that mess...

...but then other days,
I can't help but wonder...

...if maybe we're just two people
who don't work as a couple.

But you love him, right?

Like you don't even know.

Then don't wait.

Life's too short to play games.

If you love somebody
and you wanna be with them...

...then go get them.

Deal with the mess later.

You don't know
what tomorrow will bring.

Well, here l am.

Standing in front of a crowd
in my underwear.


Feeling vulnerable?

I'm hot and you're talented.

And if l can do it, so can you.

Which is the reason l'm standing here.

Because l believe in you.

Maybe it's time
for you to believe in yourself.

Bugger off.



Sorry, heh. Bad habit.

You're forgiven. It was a long day.

- But at least we got through it, right?
- Barely. l'm so tired.

Hopefully tomorrow l'Il be rested.

I can't believe patio-furniture salesmen
kept you up all night.

it wasn't just the patio-furniture guys.

I kind of slept with Alexander last night.



Why'd you say it like that?

How did l say it?

I don't know. Kind of sad sacky.
Like maybe you're a little jealous.

- Alex...
- l'm kidding. Relax.

Let's change the subject.
How are things with Brooke?

We still love each other...

...but every time we get too close
one of us puts up a wall.

And it's not easy
being on the other side of that wall.

- So tear down the wall.
- You don't understand.

When Brooke puts up a wall, that thing
is not coming down until she's ready.

And you have to wait. That's fair.

I gotta get some sleep.

Julian, if l thought you and Brooke
were really just friends...

...Alexander wouldn't have been the one
in my bed last night.

Good night.


I'Il walk you to your room.

Can l help you?

I lost my key.
I'm staying with my boyfriend, Julian Baker.

Oh. Well, um,
it says here you guys broke up.

Oh, please. That story is so last week.

Oh, thank God, ha, ha.

Know what, can l tell you a secret?

- l wish you wouldn't.
- l've always rooted for you two.

- Really?
- Yeah.

Can l get that key?

Hey. What's up?

I just heard from the doctor.

There's nothing they can do for her.


- l just thought...
- l know.

I know, l'm so sorry, baby, l...

I wish l could change this for you.

Hey, l know it's late.
I was just thinking...

...we don't know
what tomorrow will bring.

Sometimes you just have to go for it
and that's what l'm doing.

I wanna go out with you.

On a date.


Promise me one thing.

If l start to change...

...or if l start to become
that guy that nobody likes...

You won't.

I'm gonna make sure
you stay exactly who you are.

Because that's a person worth protecting.

Excuse me. Are you Katie Ryan?

Now we can spend Christmas together.

It's okay, sweetheart.