One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 13 - Weeks Go by Like Days - full transcript

Nathan and Jamie join Haley on tour as it comes to a close. Quinn gets her divorce from David. Millicent appears in court for her DUI where Victoria offers her a job as her assistant at ...

Previously on One Tree Hill:

I said terrible things to Alex.

I stole the dress from you,
and l'm just sorry.

You're not my model anymore.

If you're gonna sign with me, know...

...I plan on falling completely
and insanely in love with Quinn.

The record company wants me to tour
in support of my new album.

I'm supposed to leave next week.

I think you should take another movie.

And what about us?

I'm saying l need some time.

Alex. Hey! Alex!

Oh, God.

Let's make our movie.

I'm Alexander Coyne.
I'm your new designer.

Don't call it a comeback.
She's been here for years.

Rocking her peers
and putting suckers in fear.

I'm gonna knock you out.

Mama said, "Knock you out."

I'm gonna knock you out.

Mama said, "Knock you out."

- Good luck, Mom.
- Thanks, baby.

Remember it's Cleveland.

Be safe and close, darlin'

Your heart is precious to me

When you are exploring

Remember all you see

Is only the view of the world

From your flying machine

So distant you wander

You've lost your way it seems

Pretending you're happy

Nobody else believes

You're ever going to come down

From your flying machine

Clothes For Bro's.
COB's first venture into men's design.

And to help launch our new line,
I'd like to introduce you... our new creative consultant
and my co-designer, Alexander Coyne.

Thank you, Brooke. Happy to be here.

The blackbird

The robin

The tiny honeybees

I miss you

My lover

You've gone through space and time

To search for

So how are you feeling today?

Better than yesterday.

That's all you can ask for.

These days you are keeping

Distinguished company

The blackbird

The robin

The tiny honeybees

I miss you

My lover

You've gone through space and time

To search for

You're good. So am l.

Everybody wants your magic elixir

Mix her and fix her

Whoa, that's a trick, sir

Hold onto your hats

Watch out for black cats

All this bewitching has taken

My lover away

Your heart is precious to me

When you are exploring

Remember all you see

Is only the view of the world

From your flying machine

Six weeks of mail. Six weeks of junk.

See, this is the inside of the tour bus.

And l had a bunk bed
with a pull-down TV.

And one night,
they made me an honorary roadie.


- Us roadies do all the real work.
- Hey, l heard that.

- This is so cool, Jamie.
- So you coming to the show tonight?

- It's the last one.
- You bet l am.

Cool. You can meet my road dogs.

See you later, buddy.

I swear he'd rather live
on that tour bus.

That's for you.

Coffee black. Two sugars.

Tastes like three.


- Calliope.
- God bless you.

My daughter is flying back,
make a good impression.

Like answering the phone.

Oh, of course, Miss Davis.

The phone. Answer it.

Oh. Yes.

Clothes Over Bro's.

Millicent? l'm sorry,
she doesn't work here anymore.

Millicent Huxtable.

You are before this court
on a drunk driving charge.

Driving drunk is a selfish crime
and this court has no tolerance for it.

You are heading down
a dangerous path.

And l understand
you were just recently fired.

You don't have a job...
Your Honor.

She does have a job.
She works for me.

You work for me, remember?

I know, boss.
I just... l think the board likes me better.

They like your track record
of making a buttload of money and...

- Julian?
- Brooke.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hi. Alexander Coyne.

Julian Baker.

It's been...

Six weeks.
We haven't talked in six weeks.

How did you know
I was coming home today?

I'm okay. And l didn't.

Oh. Then why are you...

Sorry, the flight was late.

I swear that ratty airline blanket
gave me cooties.

Of course.

- Hey, Brooke.
- Alex.

Bye, Julian.

See? l told you. No spiders. Nothing.

I'm sorry.
I just haven't slept in this bed in weeks.

It happened one time
when we got home from camp.

One time, eight legs
and a frigging hundred nightmares later.

Bed, l missed you.

I missed my favorite baby sis.

So the thing in the mail.
Is that what l think it is?

Yeah, l'm divorced. Officially.

Are you okay?

I've been divorced for a while now.
Paper just makes it official.

Clay probably makes it easier.
What's up with you two?

We're good.
I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks.

He's been out scouting,
but we text all the time.

He comes home today.

You're totally nervous because you're
doing that "I like a boy" face twitch.

Face twitch. What?


Shut up, Hales.

It's cute, really.

Good luck with the black widow
I saw on your pillow.


I hate you.

I know you don't do something for
nothing, so what do you want, Victoria?

I'm sorry, does that mean "thank you"
in coke whore land?

Yes. l know about your little habit.

And your sad little compulsion
to take dresses that don't belong to you.

- Are you still doing the drugs?
- Today? No.

- No or not yet?
- Are we done here?

I'm sorry to hold you.
You must have mirrors to clean.

Look, l meant what l said in there.

You can come back
to Clothes Over Bro's.

As my assistant.

Why would you help me?

Because, clearly, you need it.

It's a second chance and, believe me,
they don't come around that often.

The choice is yours.

- Jamie, come on.
- Sorry, Dad.

Had to get my tour bus book
to show Chuck and the guys.

Bet they've never even seen
a tour bus before.

- Clay. What's up?
- Hey, Nate.

Uncle Clay.
- What's up, buddy?

Aunt Quinn, Uncle Clay's here.

Dude, gotta tell you about the tour.
Later, okay? l'Il be in the car.

All right, Jamie.

- When did you get in?
- Landed this morning.

I wanted to deliver
the endorsement contracts in person.

- Oh. Thanks, man.
- Just taking care of my client.

Clay, you're home.


Well, Jamie's waiting, so l better go.

l'Il see you guys.
Bye, Nate.

Welcome home.

Well, l'm thinking
we should celebrate.

Oh. l'm more of a vodka girl.
And we have a lot of work to do.

And we can do it later.

Hey, we worked for six weeks
and the board loved the pitch.

It's gonna be a hit.

Oh, come on, a smile would be nice.

One sip.

Hit me.

So, what's the deal with you,
that Julian guy and the hot girl?

- Do you like your job?
- Yeah.

Then don't call skanky Alex
"the hot girl."

And don't ask me about Julian.

Okay, sorry, it's just that, you know,
we've been working for weeks now...

...and all l know is
you like Chinese after midnight...

...and you sketch well.

Sketch great.

- Really great.
- Come on.

Hey, l talk to you about my girlfriends
all the time.

I would hardly call
your one-night stands girlfriends.

And l don't wanna talk.

Okay? l wanna work.
It's what l do when l'm pissed off.

Especially with guys.

Hence the whole
Clothes Over Bro's empire.

Look, Brooke.

I know it's not my place, but, l mean,
your work should be your passion.

Not a place you hide
when your love life sucks.

Well, my sucky love life
has made me a very rich girl.

Rich enough to afford you.

So how about you help me
and earn your keep?

Whatever you say, boss.

I like it when you call me boss.

Well, l'm glad. Boss.

You know, that guy's a fool,
by the way. That sucky love life guy.

I mean, what kind of idiot
treats Brooke Davis poorly?

You've been so sweet to me. Thanks.

First class treatment
for the star of my movie.

I need you rested
and ready to shoot next week.

Aye, aye, captain.

You're just a washed-up actress
that's too dumb to realize...

...she's chasing a boy
that has no interest in her.

You okay? l can call room service.
Get you some food. Tea.

Yeah, l'm fine. Just taking it all in.

Souvenirs from Stupid Land.

- l didn't mean to stare.
- It's okay.

No more talk about me.

I don't know if you know this,
but l used to be self-centered.

I was so, "Me, me, me,
my fab ass, me."

Heh. l never noticed.

Okay. l'm gonna go. Let you settle in.
I'Il be on my cell if you need...

Don't worry. l'm good. l promise.

- Okay. Bye.
- Bye.

Hey, Makenna. Where's the party?

Life on the road was sweet.

It was rock 'n' roll city to city,
you know?

Chilling with my road dogs.

One time, the bus driver
even let me drive the bus.

You told us.

Three times.
You're on a loop, dude.

Let's go.

Hey, where are you going?

Karate practice.
Like we do every Saturday?

Our sensei is a time Nazi.

I'm glad you're back, Jamie.

Welcome back.

It would have been nice to get a call.
E-mail. Anything.

We're taking some time apart.

And l backed off for six weeks,
but we need to talk now.

We need to figure
some things out together.

If this is about you not being able
to have kids, we should talk about that.

We should be talking
about a lot of things.

Things like Alex?

How is she by the way?
Seems to be on the mend.

You wanna talk about Alex? Okay.

You told me that you wanna save her,
like you couldn't save your mom.

What am l supposed to do with that?


I can't.

Oh, l see.

So since you can't understand me
working with Alex... show up in town with some guy?
Like we're playing a game?

I am not playing a game.

Really? You show up
with a guy named Alexander.


Right. No game here.

My mother hired Alexander.

He is consulting on my men's line.
That's it.

Okay. l believe you.

Imagine that. l believe you.

Do you think
that this has been easy for me?

How would l know?
You never talk to me about it...

I tried...

You know, l can't do this,
I have a lot of work to do today.

Right. Of course. Clothes Over Bro's.

What happened to your friends?

I don't know. l tried to tell them about
my summer. But they shut me down.

Yeah? And what did they do
with their summer?

I don't know.

Did you ask?
Or did you do all the talking?

I guess l was bragging a little bit.


Look, you get to do a lot of cool stuff
that other kids don't really get to do.

NBA games. Rock tours.

But the thing is none of that stuff
matters more than your friends.

You know all my friends?

They're the same friends
that l've had for a really long time.

Was Skills always bald?

Yeah, pretty much.

My point is, no matter
how much cool stuff l get to do...

...none of it matters without my friends.
All right?

Knock, knock. Tickets anyone?

Haley. You could have left these
at will call.

Can't leave a hug at will call.
Missed you.

Missed you too.

So excessive sketching.
What's been going on?

- Nothing.
- Brooke.

It's me and Julian. L...

I thought that this time apart
was gonna help...

...and l just feel stuck.

Brooke, Julian loves you
and you love him.

That is a good place to be stuck.


But this thing with Alex, Hales.

Did you ever doubt Nathan,
even for a second...

...during that whole mess with Renee?

I'm not proud of it, but, yeah, l did.

And he kept telling me the whole time
it was nothing.

Guess what?
In the end, it was nothing.

Yeah, but you're Nathan and Haley.

Brooke, l know trust
has always been hard for you.

But Alex isn't Peyton.
And Julian is not Lucas.

- Wanna know a secret?
- Huh?

- l'm kind of nervous.
- Why?

I don't know,
because l haven't seen you...

...and you give me butterflies.

There. l said it.

I was nervous too.

- Really?
- Yeah.

After that whole public declaration
about falling insanely in love with you?

Great line by the way.

Really? l was afraid
that might have freaked you out.

No, it was amazing. It's so romantic.

And a big, huge moment.

That totally freaked you out.

A little. But only because
it had the potential to be true.

Or has the potential to be true.

I'Il tell you what.
Let's take things slow.

No pressure.
No more big public declarations.

Let's start small. Like a date.

I could do a date.


And then after the date,
we can fall insanely in love.

I could do that too.

What are you doing for lunch?

Hello, Julian.
I hear the chicken's good today.

Brooke and l
are taking some time apart.

I don't need you
pushing another guy on her.

I'm not pushing anything.

Julian, l like you.

But Brooke deserves someone
who has the good sense to want her...

...over some no-talent actress.

- Lf that's Alexander, then...
- l'm not interested in Alex.

I've seen you with her.

You may not be interested in her,
but you like that she's interested in you.

You wanna stroke your ego?
Don't break my daughter's heart to do it.

Brooke's heart was already broken
when l met her.

You know that, you broke it.
I've been the one trying to mend it.

Well, right now,
you're not doing a good job.

You want Brooke?

Stand up and be that hero
that you put in all your movies.

Fight for her.

I have been.
I can't fight for us by myself.

Look, Victoria,
I'm not the bad guy here.

You wanna help your daughter,
tell her that.

Hey, bitch,
thought you, like, died or something.

No, that was your career.

Damn. It was a joke. Chill.

Where's Millie?

I don't know. Call 1-800-snow-nose.

- What are you doing?
- Taking you home.

- Why?
- Because nobody did it for me.

Let's go.

You did your good deed.
Now you can go.

No, l'm coming in. We need to talk.

Fine. Come in.

My God, Millie.

Screw you, Alex.

Wow. Olives, cheddar bunnies
and brownie bites.

And root beer.

I am such a cheap first date.

I haven't been home in weeks.
There wasn't a whole lot to work with.

With this menu,
you're not gonna get a kiss.

- So you kiss on the first date?
- Never. Mm-mm.

So you're a tease? Oh. And here l was
saving the last brownie bite for you.

No, you don't... What...



So good.

So tell me. Best first date story.

Bobby Hobbs.

I was 7 and he invited me over
to play basketball in his driveway.

I was a serious tomboy.

When l got there,
he slipped me a note that says:

"Will you be my girlfriend?
Yes. No. Maybe."

Get her done, Bobby Hobbs.

What? Game respects game.
So, what did you say?

I said yes. Then l beat him in Horse
and made him cry like a little girl.

Remind me
never to play ball with you.

So today at the house... seemed kind of awkward
around me in front of Nathan.

Yeah, you know...

...I think it's best to keep it
strictly professional around Nate.

Yeah, but you told him you plan
on falling insanely in love with me.


It doesn't mean l wanna flaunt it
in his face.

It just felt weird, l guess.

Okay. But if we're gonna date...

...we have to date outside of this little
world here at the beach house.

I know. You're right.

You're beautiful and you're right.

Besides, l hear they
have way better food in the real world.

Okay, l'm gonna go
to my hotel, check in, get some sleep.

Unless you wanna grab dinner.
Maybe review the designs.

I can't. l have plans.

Ah. So she doesn't just work.

You are just full of surprises,
Miss Davis.

Don't forget we have a conference call
with New York tomorrow, 10 a.m.

- Got it.
- Ahem.

- Got it, boss.
- Thattaboy.

By the way,
I know l'm here for the Clothes part...

...but l'm also a good listener
if you need to talk about the Bro's part.

- Victoria.
- Alexander.

- He seems interested.
- Don't push, Mom. It's just work.

I don't want you to be with Alexander.
I want you to be happy.

- Do you still love Julian?
- Of course.

Well, he came to see me today
and l told him to fight for you.

But he has been fighting, hasn't he?


...don't let this "taking space"
be a long way to goodbye.

Bitchtoria is getting soft.

I know. It's a tragedy.
Speaking of tragedies...

...I saw Millicent today
and l offered her a job.

- Mom...
- l know. You're disappointed in her.

But l wanna help.

I feel responsible.

I called the police
the night of the DUI.

You weren't the one who made Millie
get in the driver's seat and drive drunk.

Her getting pulled over that night
might have saved someone's life.

Well, maybe this will help Millicent.

You're right.
Bitchtoria is really getting soft.

Why are you still here?

I'm staying until you talk to me.

Well, God,
what do you wanna talk about?

I went to court today for a DUI.

I snort powder up my nose
and l'm by myself.

Mouth moved to L.A.
Can't blame him, right?

He gave me a million chances.
Eventually, l guess l ran out.

You never run out of chances
as long as you give yourself one.

Wow. Nice.
What B movie is that from?

Rehab: The Remake.

Well, good for you.

You're happy and better
and l'm the screwed up one.

Brava, bitch.

Be as nasty as you want.
Be me. Don't care.

I'm staying because l love you.

And l'm not giving up on you.

Stop being nice to me.

Stop trying to help me.

I said you were washed up and stupid
and then you tried to kill yourself.

I'm sorry.

That was my fault.

Giving up because l thought
that it would be easier.

Is that what you're doing? Giving up?

I'm not as strong as you are, Alex.

I'm not strong, but l'm here.
And so are you.

And we're gonna get you back
to your old self.

I'm not sure l can get back there.

Yes, you can.
You just pick a place and you start.


Hey, guys.

So you know her as Haley James Scott,
but to me she's the coolest mom ever.

Please welcome my mom!

The girl in the moon

Is alone with the stars

And the spaceships

The girl in the moon

Is alone and alive

With the dust and the air

Nothing grows

Everything is moving

But only goes in circles

And no one to talk to
Is reason enough

To be blue

The girl in the moon

What are you doing here?
Rehab for my rep.

Hottest ticket in town. Not showing up
is more cause for gossip.

Oh, okay.

Well, first day back.
You hanging in there?

I'm good. l went to go see Millie.

Ever feel
like you wanna save somebody?

I don't know. Maybe.

Well, you can't. l know.
I got an A in rehab. Now l gotta apply it.

I can Dr. Phil myself until l'm blue,
but l have to get back out there.

Be around everything that tempts me
and learn to be okay...

...without all the things l want
but can't have.

Learn to be okay
with everybody staring at these scars.

Well, how about you get used
to that one tomorrow?

Here. Here, put it on.
Let them stare at that.

You don't have to do this.

No, it's research for our movie.

Your character loves to wear
men's watches at concerts.

No, she doesn't.

Tonight she does.

- In the moon

With her dreams

Has a steel-melting smile

But the girl with the blues

In the moon

Hasn't smiled in a long while

Blue, blue, blue

Can l help you
or are you gonna help yourself again?

Is the job still open?

I don't like to be made a fool of.

I know.

Very well.

Then you can begin tonight.

I don't know what Catastrophe did
with your filing system, it's a mess.

Calliope is amazing.

She's no Millicent.

Thank you, Victoria.

Get to work.

Blue, blue, blue

You know, no matter how many times
I see my sister, l'm still blown away.

you James girls are pretty amazing.

Look at you, Mr. Smooth.

Hey, l'm competing
with the infamous Bobby Hobbs.

- Whatever happened to him, anyway?
- My infamous sister Taylor.

Long story. Fourth-date material.

- Hey, Quinn. Clay.
- What's up, Nate?

Can l talk to you for a sec?

- Sure. Yeah, can you give us a minute?
- No problem.

Everything all right?

Everything's fine.
I wanted to talk to my friend.

- How was your trip, man?
- It's good. It's good.


All right, look, Clay,
I stayed with you...

...because you are a good agent
and you're a good friend.

I got the agent, but l miss my friend.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Oh, and stop being weird around Quinn
in front of me. It's awkward.

Yeah, l'm sorry about that, man.

- In a long while

Say cheese, Aunt Quinn.


Saw you rocking out
in the crowd earlier. Nice.

Yeah. l got moves.

Runs in the family.


- Mama said you can't dance.
- That is so not fair.

- So are you sad it's the last show?
- No.

I mean, it was fun for the summer.

Now that l'm home, l miss it,
I guess.

My friends. My real life.

I forgot how awesome it is.


It's good to have a home.

Yeah, it is. To the stage.

Many times l've tried to tell you

Many times l cried alone

Always l'm surprised how well you

Cut my feelings to the bone

Don't want to leave you really

I've invested too much time

To give you up that easy

To the doubts that complicate your mind

We belong to the light

We belong to the thunder

We belong to the sound of the words

We've both fallen under

Whatever we deny or embrace


- Hi.
- Here you go.

And Alex.

You guys should talk, l'Il go.

All day,
I've been trying to figure out... to get past
the you-and-Alex thing.

And here you are.


You are always together.

- l bumped into her tonight.
- Of course.

God, it's always about Alex.
Just stop it, Brooke.

I will, as soon as you stop acting
like it's in my head.

- It's not.
- Yes, it is.

I saw you with her in the hospital.

Sitting by her bed, holding her hand.
That was not in my head.

She tried to kill herself.

I'm her friend.

- It was more than that. l was there.
- How dare you?

I am here in Tree Hill for you
and it's not good enough.

You just keep waiting
for the other shoe to drop.

- Waiting for this not to work.
- l don't want to fight.

- l just wanted to talk.
- Yet, here we are, fighting.

And l'm getting really tired of fighting.

You know, maybe you're right. Maybe
I'm the guy who needs to save people.

That's my issue.

But l'm also the guy who loves you.

I'm the guy you pushed away when you
found out you couldn't have kids.

The guy you can't trust
no matter how much l tell you to.

That's your issue, Brooke.

I'm never gonna be able
to make that stop for you.

So, what are you saying?

I'm saying...

...right now, you need to work on you
and l need to work on me.

You've got your new line
and l'm making a movie.

With Alex.

I should concentrate on that.

Goodbye, Brooke.

I hear your voice inside me

I see your face everywhere

Still you say

We belong to the light

We belong to the thunder

We belong to the sound of the words

We've both fallen under

Whatever we deny or embrace

For worse or for better

We belong

Hey. How did it go with Nate?


Told you.

He did tell me to be good to you,
but l think l can handle that.

You do?
Because l can be a handful, you know.

And l can't dance.

- And l get things wrong all the time.
- Like?

Like kissing on the first date.

I was wrong.

Very wrong.

Definitely wrong.


Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
Yeah, man.

- Baby.
- You were good, Mom.

Thanks, honey.

- Jamie!
- Yo, you killed it, Miss Scott.

Yo, thanks, Chuck.

What are you guys doing here?

You wanted to get your friends
backstage passes.

Oh, yeah.

- Dude, thanks for the hookup.
- You were right. It's mad cool back here.

Yeah, especially over there.

Sweet. Free food.

Sweet. Hot chicks.

Let me show you the bus.
It's out back.

Thanks, Dad. l'm glad to be home.

All right, buddy.
Haley! Haley! Haley!

- Hey, you.
- Oh, it is good to be home.

Oh, l can't wait
to get in my own bed...

...and sleep in tomorrow
with the sweetest husband.

That sounds good.
But you have an encore to do first.

Better get out there.

Have fun.

Everybody else knows how this goes

We'Il be seeing you tomorrow? l hope.

See you tomorrow.

Everybody's got my number now

Maybe l could find a way out

I've been waiting too long
On this shelf now

I've been keeping tabs on myself

And now l'm cutting in close
On my limit


Don't stand there like we're not family,


Surprised to see me, huh?

Haley didn't say you were coming.

Because Hales didn't know.

Yeah, she definitely
would have warned me about you.

Still dreaming about me there, Nate?

- They say you never forget your first.
- Taylor.

So is there room in that big
superstar house for me and my boy?

Unless you can think of somebody else
who wants to sneak into my room. No?


See you there, Nate.

Think you can find me

'Cause everybody else gave up
A while ago

I'm looking out
I'm looking at a gray sky

I'm looking at
I'm looking at a blue sky

I'm looking out
I'm looking out at a


You never gotta be

See? Aren't you glad we already did
the whole first date kiss thing?

Because now
we don't have to be nervous.

Yeah, l'm still kind of nervous.

See, l have this question.

"Will you be my girlfriend?
Yes. No. Maybe."

Let me think.


Can't get a little bit extra

Think you can find me

'Cause everybody else gave up
A while ago


I'Il see you tomorrow.

You'd better.

I'm looking out
I'm looking out at a


You never gotta be

Anybody else

You never gonna see

Until you see yourself

Thanks for walking me to the door.

Actually, l'm just staying down the hall
until l find a place.

So good night.


How did we get the funding
for the movie?

We found
a small production company.


It's just kind of funny, don't you think?
Right when l needed a break, it came.

My father and l put up the money.

Why would you do that?

Because l believe in you.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow.

You never gotta be

Anybody else

You never gonna see

Until you see yourself

So come on, come on

See how it goes

Come on, come on

Take a deep breath

And don't let go

- David?
- Quinn, hey.

Hey, David.

Well, come in. Please.

Yes, of course. Come in.

Hey. It's good to see you.

Hey, Tay.

This... You remember David,
Quinny's ex-husband.

Oh, ex-husband is so yesterday.

I prefer to call him my new boyfriend.

So which room's ours?


Hey, Brooke.

Still wanna have that dinner?