One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 7, Episode 12 - Some Roads Lead Nowhere - full transcript

Clay gets his mojo back with some help from Quinn and which might mean that Nathan can stay in the US and play in the NBA with the his old team the Charlotte Bobcats instead of going to Spain. Skills gets offered and takes the job in Los Angeles and brings Mouth along for the ride. Dan goes against Rachel on his television show and tells his audience that this is his last show and also serves with divorce papers. Julian rescues Alex from her near suicide bid and tells her the film deal is back on. Brooke fires Millicent from her model contract and tells her to get immediate help for her drug problem but her stay in rehab is brief. Victoria hires a new designer, Alexander Coin, for the menswear collection without telling Brooke.

It's gonna be a good show.


Moving to Spain is bullsh...


Alex. Hey, Alex!

Oh, God.

I got the job.

In Los Angeles?

First of all, we do not use
that kind of language, ever.

And second of all,
Spain is not gonna be caca del toro.

It is gonna be an adventure
and a learning experience.

Do you understand me, son?

Forgiveness is love, you know.

- What did I do?
- He's quoting your father now.

It's unbelievable.

Come on. Give it up.

Eh. That's gross.


You sorry?

I guess. I just wanted you to play
for the Bobcats again.

I know. I'll tell you what. You know
what I do when I'm having a bad day?

- What?
- I go to the bar.

- Let's go.
- Sweet.

It's open.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I tried calling.
It went straight to voicemail.

Yeah, yeah.

I kind of threw my phone in the pool.

I went by your office.

I thought maybe your assistant
could help you somehow.

- It's okay.
- No, it's not okay.

It sucks turtle eggs.

Turtle eggs?


I don't know, it sucks something.

Anyway, she wanted me to tell you
that I guess somebody got sick...

...and it's really serious.

Joe Turner's mom.


I don't understand.
Tell me again what's happening?

Joe Turner's mom is sick.

Not good for Joe Turner's mom,
but what does that mean?

It means you did it.

- Well, you haven't yet, but there's hope.
- Awesome. For what?

Turner's a center
for the Sacramento Kings.

- And he's from a little town near Raleigh.
- Got it.

- I still don't get it.
- Get in, you will.

- Great. Where we going?
- To a little town outside of Raleigh.

And to buy me a new Blackberry.

Hey, by the way, thanks for this.

You're welcome.

I have no idea
what the hell is going on.


How you doing, man?

I want you to meet my son.
I mean, my old college roommate, Jamie.

How old are you, Jamie?

Twenty-four. Right, Jame?

Yup. I was 23 but I had a birthday.

Uh-huh. And when was this birthday?

June, maybe.

It changes sometimes.

That's good enough for me.
Welcome to TRIC.

Jamie, Grubbs has this gift where he can
guess what everybody likes to drink.

- What do you say, Grubbs?
- Whiskey...

...for your roommate.

And for you...

Root beer.

Ice cold, two cherries.

That's totally what I wanted.


Yes, sir. I could be there on Monday.

Thank you so much.



They want me to start on Monday.

I know, I heard.

Look, for what it's worth,
I think that you are gonna do great.

You know I love you.

I love you too.

It's just... never asked me
to go with you...

...and that kind of hurt.

So you'd have gone with me?

Because, baby, if you wanna go,
come to Los Angeles with me.

Will you?


- Wait, but you just said that...
- No, I know.

I can't.

But it's nice to be asked.



I can't believe I made it into heaven.

I can't believe
you put me through hell.

I found you at your place.

You called me.

You came.

Of course I came.

That's what she said.

You're lucky, you know that?
You could have died.

And there's nothing special
or romantic about that.

You would have just been gone.

You said...

...nobody wanted me.

Well, I was wrong.

That's what I was coming over
to tell you.


...we got the financing for the movie.

So you need to get better because we're
not gonna make it with anyone else.

It's okay, rest.

I'll be here.

I don't know, Grubbs.

It's like, one day you're in school,
and your world makes sense.

Friends, classes, recess.

The next day, Spain.

I bet they don't even
have recess in Spain.


They have siesta.

- Haley packed for her tour yet?
- We're still dealing with Spain.

- What's that?
- Champagne.

- I didn't order...
- I know. It's just kind of a gift I have.

I don't drink champagne.

Right. Uh...

I meant, uh, white wine.

Dear God, no.
Two fingers of whiskey, neat.

Off you go.

So moving to Spain, huh?

Oh, yeah. I bet it's gonna suck.

Oh, I don't know about that.
What with the child labor.

Oh, and the fact
that they eat children as a delicacy.

That was a joke.

It's a wonderful place, Spain.
You'll see.

I, um... I didn't know
which kind you wanted.

So would you...?

I just... I didn't know.

So, what's so great about it?

You said Spain was a wonderful place.
So, what's so great about it?

La Tomatina.

Hi, Joe.

Clay Evans. I'm an agent with ISC.

We got the flowers. Thanks.

Well, uh, actually,
I'm not with ISC anymore.

They fired me.

Tough break.


Those seem to be going around.

How's your mom?

She has cancer.

I'm sorry.

They say she has less than a year.

I don't know what I'm gonna do.

That's my moms, man. She's all I got.

You ever lose anyone close to you?


How do you deal with that, man?
What do you do?

You remember the good things.

And the days that you did have.

Joe, would it help you if you could play
closer to home next season?

I stole a dress from Brooke.

An expensive one.

Of all the people to steal from...

...Brooke is the one who trusted you
and helped you the most.

- You gotta talk to her.
- And tell her what?

The truth.

I remember looking in that mirror...

...and telling you how special you are.

How can you not see that?


...when I look at that mirror...

...I just wanna cut a line on it
and snort it.

That's what I see.

We have no further comment
at this time.

- How's she doing?
- She's gonna be okay.

As okay as anyone can be
after a suicide attempt.

Uh, exhaustion.

- What?
- To the press.

They don't know you fired her.

So we say it's exhaustion, they speculate,
sell magazines, everybody's happy.

Except Alex.

I don't know, Mom.

She's a mess, Millie got arrested,
I'm fighting with Julian...

At least it can't get any worse.

Oh, I wouldn't say that.

- Where's the red dress?
- Well, that's a good question.

And the answer is Millicent stole it.

Why would she steal from us?

You should ask her that.

I'm mad at you.

You know what happens when you die,

You're dead.

That's what happens.

I was talking about pens.

The last thing I said to Sara
before she died.

She went to grab a drink and I was
babbling about the pen I was using.

And then she was gone.

Sometimes I think
that we waste our words...

...and we waste our moments.
We don't take the time... say the things that are in our hearts
when we have the chance.

Sara knew you loved her.

You told me you held her and
you danced with her before she died...

...and I couldn't think of a better way
to say goodbye.

How do you say goodbye?

I know what some of you are thinking.

That this is wrong.

That it's cruel and insensitive...

...and malicious towards the families
and memories...

...of James Edwards and Keith Scott.

Well, it is.

There's a speech
I'm supposed to read...

...but I'm not going to.

Because this is my final show.

And up until this moment,
nobody knew that.

So as I stand before you, live...'s time to tell the truth...

...about me...

...about you...

...about life.

So you might wanna stick around.

Because by the look on my wife's face,
there's gonna be a few surprises.

After this.

Geoff, it's Clay Evans.

Hey, you guys were really close
to signing Derek McDaniel, right?

Right. I thought so.

Well, what if I told you
I could get him for you?

You know the Bobcats desperately need
a center and you know Joe's situation.

I think I've got a way to make it work.

I can't get inside.
I know he's here, that's his car.

You mean the one that says
"BOBCATGM" on the license plate?

- You're good.
- Yeah, you're funny.

Anyway, I'm not that good.
He won't even take my calls.

And without his okay,
I can't get inside to see him.


- You so owe me.
- I do. I do owe you.

Nice one.

Jamie, move around this time.
Give us a moving target.

Whoa, what is going on here?

La Tomatina.
It's a tomato fight in Spain.

You said you needed tomatoes
for spaghetti sauce.

What kind of grown men stand around,
throw tomatoes at a 7-year-old?

- You want to throw one, don't you?
- Yes, I do.

- Oh!
- Ohh!

It's so on.

Take cover, Jamie!

Right foot in
Left foot stall

This day I lie for you
Giving my life for you

Hi, Gene.

I thought they fired you.

They did.

Well, you're tenacious,
I'll give you that.

Impress me.

What if I could get a proven big man
that's about to become an all-star... waive his no-trade clause because
he wants to play for the Bobcats?

I'd say you're too late, Clay.

Joe Turner's mom is sick.

Joe Turner?

She has cancer.
And they say she has a year.

Joe wants to play close to home
next season.

I think he'd make a great long-term deal
in order to do that.

You guys wanted him during the draft,

Joe Turner's a great player, but
you know we signed Derek McDaniel.

And you wanted a center.

Which brings me to this.

How do you feel about
trading Derek McDaniel?

Put the money in my hand

Yeah, yeah

You're next. Go.

And with the local DBC news...

...LL Cool J with a triumphant comeback.

Don't call it a comeback
I been here for years

I'm rockin' my peers
Puttin' suckers in fear

Makin' the tears
Rain down like a monsoon

Listen to the bass go "boom"


Over the competition
I'm towerin'

Wreckin' shop when I drop
These lyrics that'll make you call the cops

Don't you dare stare
You better move

Don't ever compare

Me to the rest
That'll all get sliced and diced

Competition's payin' the price

I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out

Sacramento's agreed
to a sign-and-trade.

- They get McDaniel, you guys get Turner...
- Hold on.

What the hell is that?

Mama said knock you out

I'm gonna knock you out
Mama said knock you out

Don't you call this a regular jam
I'm gonna rock this land

I'm gonna take this itty-bitty world by storm
And I'm just gettin' warm

Just like Muhammad Ali
They called him Cassius

- Wow.
- Ha-ha-ha!

That you know I had beef with

Why do you riff with me?

Mr. Smith
Don't riff

Listen to my gear shift

I'm blastin'

Kinda like Shaft
So you could say I'm shaftin'


Funky rhyme

I'm gonna knock you out

Yeah! Whoo!

All right!

Sucks to be next.

We all fail.

Some of us have the fortitude
to pick ourselves up...

...and some of us will never have that.

Some of us have grace in our hearts
and the ability to show compassion...

...and some of us don't.

I'm a wealthy man, but let's face it... shouldn't be able to murder
someone in cold blood and profit from it.

So as of this moment,
I'm giving it all back...

All of it.

- To charities and nonprofits...

...and the people who deserve it...

...because I don't.

Now it's time for me to go.

I'm gonna miss this place.

My first big show was right here.

I like the bathrooms too.

I'm gonna miss it.

I'll miss the stadiums.

There's nothing like an NBA arena
on game night.

Boston, Madison Square Garden.

I'll miss that.

What are you gonna miss, Jame?

Grandpa Dan.

I've talked a lot about forgiveness.

As you can imagine,
a man like me has to believe in it...

...but I don't.

Forgiveness doesn't exist.

It's simply what you do
and how you pay for it.

So remember that when you practice
whatever evil's in your heart.

Or when you cheat or steal...

...or lust or hate or gossip or covet
or whatever it is that you do...

...or you're planning to do,
or you have done.

There is no forgiveness...

...there's just what comes next.

Take it from someone who's been there,
who is there.

There's only pain...

...and guilt.

And the misery of knowing who you are
and what you did.

So don't do it.

Just stop, before it's too late.

I miss you, big brother.

Every second of every day...'s there...

...and that's all there is.

Ready to sign some contracts,
Jameson? They'll be here soon.

I guess.

I know that playing overseas
isn't what you hoped for us, son.

I just liked it
when you played for the Bobcats.

Yeah, I did too.

But my agents did the best they could.

So did Clay, but you fired him.

What are you thinking?

You know how you're afraid
of the ocean?

And the reason you gave me?


Because it's so immense.

Well, I was thinking...

...the ocean's not so immense... is immense.

But we bravely go into it every day.

Just like you did today.

You know, I might need an agent
if I make the squad.

You're a terrible dancer.

- That's not fair.
- It's a turn-on, actually.

- Oh, yeah.
- It worked for me for some reason.

This all seems pretty selfish.

You go out and walk these halls...

...and you will see people fighting
for another day of life.

Another hour, another minute.

I don't know, Alex.
This all feels pretty selfish to me.

Is she gonna be okay?

She's gonna live.

It's debatable with you.

I'm sorry.

I said terrible things to Alex.

And I stole the dress from you
and I'm just sorry.

Why, Millie? What happened to you?

I was trying to lose weight.

And I was trying to look like
the other girls...

...and it was just there
in Alex's closet and...




You're not my model anymore...

...but you're still my friend.

Just go get some help.

I'm proud of you for getting help, Millie.

I wish there was more I could do.

Maybe I could stay.

You can't.

I have to do it alone.

But we were pretty good together, huh?

We were great together.

It's just...

Sometimes people don't make it.

I'm gonna miss you.

Me too.

I will always be there for you,
you sweet girl.

That's not a very good
shooting percentage.



I came here to tell you two things.

The first is that I love you...

...and I miss you
and I wanna be with you.

And the second is...

...l'm gonna make that movie
with Alex.

When did you meet Peyton?

- In L.A., you know that.
- No.

Specifically, the moment you met her.

She had just broken up with Lucas...

...and she was crying in the copy room
of a record label.

And when did we start being us?

You needed help with Sam.

And now Alex?

My mom used to be
the most amazing woman.

She had this magic inside her.

And after a while,
she felt unloved or unworthy.

I don't know, my dad was always
working and I was just a kid.

I was always gone,
just doing whatever kids do.

No one reminded her
how special she was.

No one tried to stop her when she took
that extra drink or those extra pills.

And eventually her fire burned out.

And she became...

...the not-so-special person
she thought she was all along.

Julian, you can't fix your mom
by fixing Alex.

I know.

But maybe I can help her...

...before her fire burns out.

And if not... least I tried.

Today is a good day.

Nathan, you're about to be
$7 million wealthier.

- And we couldn't be happier.
- Oh, yeah.

Uncle Clay.

What's up, buddy?
Oh, man, I missed you.

But not as much
as your Aunt Quinn missed you.

- Something we can do for you, Clay?
- You? No.

But there is something
I can do for Nathan.

We don't have time for this.

Sure we do.

Nate, I never said this to you or Haley...

...but I was aggressive and arrogant
negotiating your deal.

And along the way,
I forgot that I work for you...

...and the client comes first.

Now, it sounds like my former agency got
you a pretty good deal to play overseas...

...but I always thought of you
as an NBA player.

And that was always the dream,
right, Jamie?

Right, because Spain is caca del toro.

So this morning, I negotiated you
a deal to live that dream... the NBA,
with the Sacramento Kings.

Nathan, we have a good deal here.

That's true. You know, $7 million
is a good deal to play overseas.

Or you could take 15 million
from the Kings.

Now, the deal does come with
a few conditions. Three, actually.

One, you have to leave ISC
and sign with me.

You'll be my second client.

Two, your deal comes
with a no-trade clause.

Gonna need you waive that,
because if you sign with Kings...

They've agreed to trade you
and Joe Turner tonight.

I'm sorry, I love that part.

They've agreed to trade you
and Joe Turner... the Charlotte Bobcats.

- What?
- Oh, my God.

Oh, my... Aww!

- Thank you.
- You're gonna be a Bobcat.

Oh, I threw my jersey away.

Clay, how did this happen?

With a lot of help from Quinn.

Which brings me to my last condition.

I wanna be your agent, Nate,
but if you're gonna sign with me... need to know I plan on falling...

...completely and insanely
in love with Quinn.

All right.

I gotta get to work.

- I gotta go.
- Yeah.

This doesn't mean
that I don't love you.

It's okay.

Because I do love you, Lauren...

...and I always will.

I love you too.

So you're telling me there's nothing left?
He gave it all away?

He did leave you this.

Divorce papers.

Well, that's gonna cost him.

Cost him what? There's nothing left.


I heard about the show.

I'm gonna re-sign with the Bobcats.

Thank you for helping me get there.

Your grandson wants to say goodbye.

Are you leaving, Grandpa Dan?

I have to.


I've done a lot of bad things, Jamie.

And I'm sorry.

It's okay. I forgive you.

So tonight I'll be your Brooklyn

So cool yet so far away

Just tell me
What you want for me to say

And if it brings you home

Can you guys tell us
how this all happened so fast?


...we have a really, really good agent.


What are you doing?

Facing the immensity, I guess.

I'll come in.


I'll come out.

Did you mean what you said?

About falling in love with me?

Insanely in love, yeah.

I'm sorry.

I know.

But I need you
to understand something.

If you ever try this again...

...l'll never forgive you.

I won't miss you...

...I won't think of you at all.

So promise me you won't.

I promise.


Let's make our movie.

I'm sorry, we're closed.

I know.

I'm Alexander Coyne.

I guess Victoria didn't tell you.

She hired me for your men's line.

I'm your new designer.