One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 8 - Our Life Is Not a Movie or Maybe - full transcript

Nathan's back is well enough to shoot hoops on the slamball trampoline, but during matches bruises pile up more spectacularly than Haley can bear to watch. Luckily mountain-size Owen obliges Brooke's 'order' to act as a human shield. Nathan gratefully smooths over his relationship with the fiery ex. They're just in time to help pick up the pieces -little more is left- after Sam, who joined the club of volunteer babysitters for irresistible Jamie, sneaks out with the angelic rascal to a wild party. Lucas is surprised his first book is considered for a movie, and signs the rights to charming Julian Baker. He knows nothing about the Hollywood exec's LA past with Peyton.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

- It's over.
- Because of one bad signing?

Go home. Write another book.
I promise I'll read the next one.

CO ACH: I heard you're looking for
the opportunity to play ball again.

- Yes, sir?
- Well, I have one for you.

What do you think?
You gonna come play for us?

You have to do this, Daddy.

I'm just worried my back
can't take something like this right now.

I'm surprising myself by saying it,
but I have an extra room...

...and it's yours if you want it.

We're prepared to offer a bigger salary,
and the on-air position.

You get a better position,
and a hot intern.

A hot intern?

- Gigi?
- Mouth.

- What, you guys know each other?
- We were high-school lovers.

- You'll be careful, right?
- I won't go try to be a hero or anything.

Come here.

- I'll be back, babe.
- I believe you.

I told you I wanted to be a mom,
and you ran away so fast... left an Owen-shaped hole
in my front door.

You're right.

- I'm sorry.
- You're still a jerk.


All right, nice work, guys.

Go home, get some rest.
Game time's 8:00.

Not bad for a rookie.
You ready for tonight?

- Bring it on. I got this.
- We'll see, man.

- It's kind of different in the game.
- How different?


That different.

- Did he get up, Mama?
- Yeah, baby. He got up. This time.

- Hey. How's he doing?
- Well, he's in one piece for now...

...but I thought Owen
was gonna protect him.

Hey, 99.
I thought you were gonna protect 23.

Why don't you get over your whole fear
of having children while you're at it.

Hey, you're short.

- I'm five. What's your excuse?
- Nice.

- So, what's your name?
- James Lucas Scott.

- Scott, huh?
- Yeah, he's teacher's pet.

Hi, Sam. How uncool are you,
hanging out with your teacher.

- It's borderline creepy.
- Totally.


- So, what's going on here?
- It's called Slamball.

Dunks are worth three points.
Jump shots are worth two points.

My daddy plays on the Slashers
with Owen.

Yeah, you hear me, Owen?
You gotta watch Nathan's back, literally.

They used to kiss.

Hey, Sam. I'm Peyton.
I really like your outfit, man.

Thank you.
It's a lot like yours, actually.

Come on, big boys, go.

Jeez, Millie.
Who knew you were such a sports fan.

I'm not. I'm looking for Mouth.

- Mouth and Gigi?
- Gigi the ex?

Gigi the college junior,
slash the new intern, slash the ex...

...with her college-girl body and face.


They used to kiss, Mouth and Gigi.

He kisses Millicent now.

- I'm liking you.
- Thanks.

Mama says I'm not allowed to date yet,
but Daddy says it's fine.

- What?
- Peyton Sawyer-soon-to-be-Scott.

- Where's your fancy fianc??
- I have no idea.

Could you say that again?

I guess I just don't understand.
I thought the book wasn't doing well.



MOUTH: Man, this is some great stuff.
- Yes, it is.


Millicent, hi.
What are you doing down here?

Just wanted to say hi.

Okay, hi.

Oh, Millie, this is Gigi my intern.
Gigi, this is Millicent.

Hi. Millicent. Marvin's girlfriend.

Millicent. Marvin's hot girlfriend.

- Nice work, Mouth. Hi. Gigi.
- Hi.

So should I wait for you
after the game, or?

We have to go back to the studio
and digitize some of this footage.

We're doing a piece on
Nathan's journey to Slamball.

It was Mouth's idea.
He's kind of a genius like that.

You have awesome legs, by the way.

Yeah. Okay.

I'll see you at home, then?
Not too late.

Not too late.

Well, we better get back to the game.

- Watch your step, Mouth.
- Why?

You don't wanna trip
on that short leash.



- Time out.
ANNOUNCER: Time out, Slashers.

Nathan, you made three jump shots
in a row. What the hell?

- It's called scoring.
- It's called Slamball.

- What, are you hurt? You need a seat?
- No, I'm good.

Then get in there and take over
this game. Now, I need you. Let's go.

- Hey.
- Hey, there he is.

I thought you might of ditched me.
What's up?

I just got a call from my agent.

Someone made an offer
for the movie rights to my book.

Luke, for The Comet? That's great.

No, actually.
Not for The Comet, but Ravens.

MAN: One, two, three...
ALL: Slashers!

- You up for this?
- Not if it's gonna put me in a wheelchair.

- They won't.
- Easy for you to say.

- You're not the one with the ball.
- Exactly. Stay behind me.


Hot ball, hot ball. Knock his ass out!

- Nice.
- Thanks. Let's go, all-American.


Wasn't he, like,
just in a wheelchair or something?

Morning, Daddy.

- You're alive, right?
- I think so.

- Can you walk?
- Yeah, I'm good.

- Prove it.
- I will if you get off me, you dork.


Should I get Mama?

Jamie, I'm fine. Look.

You happy?


Oh, the dancing's not so good,
but okay, good game, Daddy.

NATHAN: Haley James?
- In here. There's coffee.

We pretty much share this house
50-50, don't you think?

- Yeah, why?
- Oh, this stupid article.

Do I even wanna ask?

I'm fine.

What? Really. I'm fine.


So you've had a night to sleep on it.

Where's your head at
with this whole movie thing?

I don't know.

On one hand, it could be really cool,
but you know how personal that book is.

You know, the stuff with us and Keith.

- Yeah, but it's already in the book, right?
- Yeah, I know.

I guess I just feel like
I could control the book more.

Well, whatever you decide to do is
the right thing as far as I'm concerned.

- Thanks, babe.
- I gotta get going.

Call me when you get there,
and be careful.

I will. Hey...

...I sort of like you, you know that?
- Thank you.

I'm kind of warming up to you too.

It's a good thing
since we're getting married.


It's really good, Brooke.
Peyton's gonna love it when it's done.

Yeah, well. I hope so, considering
we've nothing else to sell.

How could I have signed
my company over to that...

- Slut?
- Too nice.

How about "slunt"?

Millie, what are we gonna do
with this place?

You know what? I like it like this.

Oh, do you?

Aunt Brooke.

It's my favorite man.
Who's your favorite girl?


- Excuse me? Who is your favorite girl?
- You are?

All right, that'll do. Get out of here.

I have been replaced.

I will take one
unfinished wedding dress.

That's all I want,
and I'll pay top dollar for it.

Well, I'll pay top dollar
for one song off of an unfinished album.

- I don't like this game anymore.
- I feel you.

- So, what's going on with baby Brooke?
- Victoria's lawyers say she owns it.

Brooke's lawyers say Victoria's lawyers
can baby-Brooke themselves.

Have you thought about
starting a new line?

You've done it before.
You can do it again.

I appreciate
the vote of confidence, Haley...

...but I'm just not feeling
inspired lately.

Well, speaking of:
Owen looked pretty hot last night.

- Didn't you think so, Millie?
- Totally. What did you think, Brooke?

I think Sam is driving me crazy,
wilding about like a feral cat.

Sam, this is a boutique.
It is not a skate park.

Well, you could of fooled me.

If you have a plan to fill this place up,
have at it.

- Otherwise, go skate in traffic.
- Clearly I've upgraded...

...Sam's foster-living environment.
- Clearly.

- Can I sleep over at Aunt Brooke's?
- I don't know if Aunt Brooke...

I would love that. It would be nice
to have a man in the house.

Awesome. Thank you.

And speaking of: I thought Owen
looked pretty hot last night.

- Didn't you think so, Millie?
- Totally. What'd you think, Brooke?

I think I don't like either of you.

- Lucas Scott.
- Maybe.

Julian Baker.
Your agent called you about me.

- I'm interested in optioning your book.
- Yeah, they called me last night.

They didn't say anything about
you coming to town.

No, they don't know. I'm passing
through on my way to New York.

Right. You're just
passing through Tree Hill, huh?

Yeah, I wanna get a feel for...

...the people and places
that inspired your book.

It is really great work, Lucas.

- Thanks, but...
- Yeah, but you probably feel ambushed.

- A little bit.
- Right. I'm sorry. I understand.

When I get inspired by something,
I get a little obsessed.

Not in a Peyton's stalker sort of way.
Just driven.

- What'd you say your name was again?
- Julian Baker.

- Julian.
- I tell you what.

I'm in town for the night.
Check out my credits online.

If you're feeling it, give me a call,
we'll grab a drink. You got plans?

- Maybe.
- That's exactly what I would've said.

Fair enough.
But if you don't, at least hear me out.

If you don't like what I have to say,
I'm gone, okay. I promise.

At the very least, you get free drinks
from a guy who loves your work.

All right,
your agent has my number, okay?

- Okay.
- Good.

It's great to finally meet you, Lucas
Scott. Your reputation precedes you.

Oh, by the way,
the house is exactly like I pictured it.

It's perfect.



You're gonna meet some neat people.

Congratulations, marine.

What you do, save another life?

No, they just thought it looked good
with the uniform.

- Hi, Peyton.
- Hi, big brother.

- Hey, I missed you.
- I missed you too.

Come on.

- Hey, Gigi.
- Hey, sexy.

And you wonder why Millicent
has me on such a short leash.

Look, I know we're friends,
but since you're my intern...

...maybe you should call me something
other than sexy.

Okay, hot piece of ass.

- Sorry.
- How you doing with the footage?

It's all in the system.
I got video from Nathan in high school... from Gilmore,
video from Maryland.

I think I've even got that video
of him and Brooke in there somewhere.

How about we start
with something from his accident.

You know, set the stakes.

We can flash back,
and work our way up to Slamball.

- Talented and sexy.
- Gigi.

Come on, Mouth.
If I can't joke around with you...

...who can I joke around with?
Besides, you know you love it.

- That is not the point.
- Oh, so you do love it.

Just start with the accident,
and I'll be back.

Gigi... is nice working with you again.
You're doing great.

Thanks. I know I give you
a lot of grief...

...but I think it's amazing
watching you work.

I missed you.


Hey, man. What you doing?

- Making pancakes.
- Really?

- Why?
- Because I want pancakes.

- There's a list over there, on the table.
- What's the list for?

Guys to play me in the movie.

- Oh, God. You've gotta be kidding me.
- What?

I don't want some tool playing me.

- So I guess you've heard, huh?
- Yeah, Haley told me.

- It's pretty cool, man.
- Yeah, I guess.

The producer actually
stopped by my door today.

- Good guy?
- It's hard to say.

You know,
he's got some cool credits, but...

I don't know. I don't want them to
screw this up, you know?

Who's directing it?
Who's gonna write the script?

Maybe that's a question
you should ask him.


- You want some pancakes, don't you?
- Yes I do.

Hey, and I hate to break it to you,
but Shia LaBeouf...

He's a little old
to play you for high school.

Oh, come on, man. You seen how old
these actors are playing high school.


Yes. Thank you.

You see me get my clock cleaned
last night?

No, actually, I missed it.
How you feeling?

I'm a little sore. Haley was
kind of freaked out, but I'm fine.

You know, Luke,
I never saw this Slamball thing coming...

...but I guess
that's part of the journey.

This movie thing...
I mean, it could be good for you.

- It could really open some other doors.
- Yeah, maybe.

Hey, Nate.

Haley's holding her breath over Slamball
so you can chase your dream.

Just let her know
it's gonna be okay. All right?


What's Peyton think of the movie?

What do you mean?

I mean, she's basically half the book.
How does she feel about it?

- She said she's good with it either way.
- What about Brooke?

Dude, Brooke's the other half.

PEYTON: I was happy to get your letter
and the invitation.

I was a little surprised though.
I figured you'd be out by now.

- You make it sound like prison.
- No, no.

I mean, you've been in a while.

The Marines have been good for me.
All right?

It's what I know.

So how was he? Our dad Mick?

Yeah, pretty much the way
you said he'd be. Kind of lost.

I think, underneath everything,
he is a good guy...

...but he's just not much of a father.

You know, I asked Mick to play
a USO show for us once.

Entertain the base.
I figured it's what he does. You know?


He said he'd get back to me.
I'm still waiting.

I miss Quentin a lot, Mama.

I miss him too, buddy.

I think he's playing basketball,
like Daddy.

Instead of trampoline,
he can bounce on the clouds.

Yeah? I like that.

Did you always like Quentin, Mama?

You know, the first time I met Quentin,
I thought he was a bad kid.

But I was wrong.

He had such a good heart.
He was just afraid to show it at first.

Excited about your sleepover?

- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, good.

- We should get going, buddy.
- Okay.

Bye, Q. Chester says bye too.
He misses you like we do.

Bye, Quentin.

Bye, Q.

Do you think he's lonely in heaven?

- No, I think he's happy.
- I think he is too.

Hey. So where's the little orphan girl?

- What's her name? Annie?
- Sam.

And you so cannot be in here
right now.

- Why not?
- I'm working on Peyton's wedding dress.

Bad luck to see it
before the wedding.

And considering your luck
with weddings...

...would you really like to chance this?

Very funny.

But I thought that the dress rule applied
only when the bride was wearing it.

You might have a point there.


It's your wedding to ruin, anyway.

Tell me you want me to make your
tux and double my business.

Actually, I'm meeting with this
movie producer about Ravens...

...and I wanted to talk to you
about it first.

I'm thinking Natalie Portman
should play me. I can call her.

It's set in high school.
Does anybody get that?


So I suppose you'll be getting some snot
from the CW.

- Hm.
- At least they're hot.

Okay, so does that mean it's okay
with you?

I mean, if the book becomes a movie?

Sure. Why not?

I don't know. Sometimes things
get lost in translation.

Okay, I think you're jumping
to conclusions, writer boy...

...because first of all,
it's gotta get made.

And if it does, who's to say it's not
gonna be this epic, kick-ass love story?

I mean, I'm making Peyton's
wedding dress.

That actually might be a great way
to end it. And I could always play me.

All right. Yeah, here we go.

I guess I can consider you onboard
then, huh?

- Yeah.
- For the record...

...that dress is unbelievable.


- You're kind of talented, Brooke Davis.
- You're not so bad yourself, Lucas Scott.


- Could you really call Natalie?
- Close friend. So much fun.

Good to know.

Are there things you've learned
through all of this, Nathan?

Do you think that the struggle and the
setbacks have made you a better person?

I guess so.

I think if I'd have
made it to the NBA out of Maryland...

...l'd still be a good guy. I hope so.

Mouth? We're about to roll out
any second.

- Okay. Let's cut and grab another tape.
- Sure thing, sexy.

Sorry. I was talking to Nathan.

One of the biggest lessons
I learned... never to flirt with girls
that aren't your wife or girlfriend.

You don't mean Gigi?

No, I'm not talking about
the hot girl you used to date.

Why would I be talking about her?

Look, Millie's a rock star.
Don't screw that up.

Be right back.

Man, what the hell?

Without me, you're sitting on the bench
shooting jump shots...

...and you get the interview?

- I'm telling you, I get no love.
- You want me to hook you up?

Tell you what. You keep the interview.
Hook me up with Brooke instead.

- That girl's so over me.
- She's had a tough run lately.

But on the list of 100 things
you've screwed up...

...l'd say losing Brooke Davis
is number one through 99.

- What's the other one?
- That haircut.

Or the drug addiction. One of the two.

Excuse me, does your mother let you
skateboard on her hardwood floors?


You've been saved by the bell,
my friend.

Go play in Sam's room.
And by play...

...I do not mean smoke anything,
drink anything or burn the house down.

Hey, Brooke.

No way. You cannot have him back
already. He just got here.

Who, Jamie? You can totally keep him.
Kid's a menace.

I'm here to talk to you about Owen.

And since when
do you have Owen's back?

Since he's standing right next to me.


Tell Owen if he
has something to say to me...

...he can talk to me himself and stop
being so seventh grade about it.

If you have something to say... should say it yourself and stop
being so seventh grade about it.




- What you doing?
- Texting.

- About what?
- A party. Wanna go?

- Why don't you just use the door?
- Because it's more like an adventure.

- Like Goonies.
- What's Goonies?

Dude, you totally did not
just ask me that.

You ever done anything wild?

I got kidnapped by my nanny once...

...chased through a corn field...

...and fell in
the swimming pool, and...

Anything on purpose?

All right, well, it's a lot more fun
when it's on purpose.

So you wanna go to the party
or what?

- Is there a moonbounce?
- There's moonshine.


Well, well.
The site of our historic throwdown.

- You want a rematch?
- Careful now.


Besides, that's how I met Lucas.

The night we had to deal with
the crazy white fake me.


And now you can laugh about it.

It's funny.

And you and Lucas are getting married.
You're doing pretty good, Peyton.

You're doing good.

I didn't mean anything about you
still being a Marine.

I think we're all looking for a life
that makes sense somehow...

...and I'm very, very happy for you
that you've found that.

And have you found it?

Yes. I have.

I mean, it sneaks up on you, right?

But one day you look at your life...

...and it has a purpose...

...and someone that makes you feel
very special and friends.

And it's like all of a sudden, all the time
and pain that it took to get there... just doesn't matter anymore.

I've been waiting
to hear you say that...

...since you stood in this ring
and started fighting back.

Look, I know Mick hurt you... not being the kind of father
you needed him to be...

...but you made it anyway, you know?

You've got people pinning medals
on you.

So maybe all the pain it took
for you to get here...

...doesn't matter anymore for you too,
big brother.


Well, I have to get going,
but I had an idea.

I own a small record label...

...and I have some connections
back from my years in L.A.

How about we do that USO show?

You'd do that?

Sure. That's what family does, right?

- Sounds perfect.
- Okay.

Come on, I'll walk you out.

Great. All these years and you'll get
me busted down to private.



- Hey.
- Hey. What's up?

Oh, just dropped off the little monster
at Brooke's for the sleepover...

...and it's just Nathan and I tonight.



Very funny. Actually, I was thinking
about playing a little piano...

...taking a nice long bath.

And then:



Speaking of bad pornos,
how was your movie offer?

Nice. I don't know. I'm actually about
to go meet the producer to talk about it.

- So you think you're gonna do it?
- My agent thinks I'd be crazy not to.

Cool, because I was thinking
of Ellen Page for me.

And I was thinking Ellen Page
for Mia.

- Mia? She's not even in your book.
- Right. I just thought I'd write her in.

Great. The little brat steals my life
and now she steals my wish-list actor.

Not to mention
I'm totally screwing with you.


So how you doing with Slamball?

You know, I've got a husband
with a bad back...

...and he's playing a game
called Slamball... you just let me know
when I can breathe again.

Haley, it's gonna be okay.

Look, Nathan wants what he wants,
but he's gonna do it smarter this time.

I mean, he knows that he has
the best wife and son ever... consider in all this.

Yeah, he has been really sweet
through all of it.

In fact, I think I'm gonna go home
and visit...

...with my sweet husband.


- Julian.
- Hey, glad you made it.

I hope you don't mind.
I got a thing for dive bars.

You ever been here before?

It's a joke.

Not a good one.

No, I know this is your spot.

I always wanted to see
the infamous TRIC.

- Sounds like you've done your research.
- I'm so inside this story.

I can't get it out of my head.

Look, I checked out your credits,
and you're for real...

...but the story's really personal,
you know?

That's why I want you
to write the screenplay.


No one else can tell this story.
It's your voice, Luke.

On top of that, the screen trade...

...pays a hell of a lot more
than your book deal.

It's not about the money.

Okay, okay. With you,
I may actually believe that.

Nevertheless, six figures.

Really? Hundred grand?

More like 300 grand, and another three
if we get the movie made...

...and I'll get the movie made.


So in the book
it says Peyton moved to L.A.

- Did she like it there?
- Yeah, she loved it there.

Well, if this works out, and it will...'re gonna be a successful
screenwriter. You could visit her.

Well, actually, she lives here now.
We're engaged.

Well, the world loves a happy ending,
I mean...

Listen, you don't know me,
but I honestly feel as though I know you.

If you option this to me,
I'll give you control of the script.

We'll do this together.

Come on. What do you say?


- Trying something new?
- Yeah.

- Let me hear.
- Okay.


Well, what?

- Sorry. Nothing.
- Oh, okay.


What is wrong with you?

I can't play
with you making faces like that.

I know. Neither can I.

You're so funny.

We were worried about you.

My back is fine. I promise.


That's too bad, because, you know,
Jamie's sleeping over at Brooke's...

...and thought maybe
you'd want a little massage.

But, you know, it's fine. I'll...

Well, it's not perfect.
As a matter of fact...

...I was thinking maybe you could
just carry me upstairs tonight.

- Is that okay?
- Carry you? I can't.


I made a mistake.

I was into you.

I am into you. I just think...


I'm an idiot.


Just hold that thought.

Look, there's a problem at the...

Oh. Owen.

Imagine that.

- Hm.
- Hm.

There's a problem at the store. The guy
across the street saw someone break in.

- Call the police.
- No.

- Brooke.
- No.

- Fine. I'll go.
- No, I will go.

I just need to tell Sam to watch Jamie,
and I need to get my gun.

Wait. What?

Hey, Sam.


- I should have brought the gun.
- Brooke.

- Oh, my God.
- Brooke.

You come here.

- Will you take him?
- I got him.


What the hell are you doing here?

- Told you I could fill this place up.
- First of all, you are 15 years old.

Second, you kidnapped a 5-year-old
child, you adolescent Nanny Carrie.

And third, you are breaking and entering
in the place where I work.

This is the pla...

That is Peyton's wedding dress.

SAM: Oh, dude, chill out. It's fine.
It's right...

- Oh, no.
- Where is it?


Everybody, out.




Let's go. Now.

Everybody, head out.

I'm sorry.

Get out!

Not you.

I make this shot,
it's an equal-producer credit, huh?



Just shoot.


I can't believe I just gave you
a producer credit.

Here, hurry up and sign this
before I change my mind.

You know,
I should probably talk to Peyton first.

You know what? That's exactly
why this movie should be made.

Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer made it.
They're together.

It's inspiring.

This contract is simply an option.

It gives me exclusive rights to the book
for six months to do everything I say.

If not, all the rights revert back to you.

Yeah, I know.

I called my agent,
and he thinks I should sign it too, but...

He's a smart guy.


Six months.

We are about to get so drunk.

I promise you, this will go down
as an epic day in your life, Lucas.

I hope so.

I gotta go call Peyton.

- Have her come meet us to celebrate.
- All right.

Thanks, buddy.

I'm really sorry, Aunt Brooke.

It's okay, Jamie.
It's not you I'm mad at.

- It's Sam, huh?
- Yeah.

But I am a little bit mad at you.

You should have told me
that you were leaving the house tonight.

You can't trust people
when they're bad.

I know. But Sam's not bad.

- I don't know about that, buddy.
- She's not.

I think she's like Quentin was
when Mama met him.

She's nice.
She's just afraid to show it.

Hey. You need any help?

- No, I'm good. You should take off.
- Okay.

- See you tomorrow?
- Sure. Drive safe.

Hey, a bunch of my friends
are gonna meet up for drinks later...

...if you wanna go.

Thanks. I should get home.


I had a great day with you, Mouth.
It felt like old times.

Yeah, I had a great day too.

Well, you better get back
to the old ball and chain.

See you tomorrow.


I'm getting worried about Slamball.

That's my fault.

I underestimated the speed
of this game.

Some of these guys are great athletes.
They're fast.

Well, you're gonna have to be faster...

...because I don't know if I can handle
another game like the last one.

I will be.

I know you're trusting me...

...and I love you for that.

She's on her way.
She's just running a little late.

Maybe there's another guy.

Why did I sign that option, again?

That reminds me. I gotta make
a quick call. I'll be right back.

Hey, nice shot.

Nice everything. Wow, you look hot.

No, I don't.
I was like a tornado at home.

Where's this producer?
I need to ply him with many questions.

He had to make a call.

Okay. Well, in that case,
I'm gonna go check my handiwork.

You look so hot.

I don't think detergent
removes spray paint.

I know there's nothing I can say,
other than "I'm sorry."

I do these stupid things sometimes.

I really am sorry, though.

You were nice to me,
but I'm just not worth it.

- And where do you think you're going?
- I don't know. L...

You're grounded.

- You're not kicking me out?
- No.

And I hope that someday... stop acting surprised
when you hear that.

Now go to your room.
Actually, go to my room...

...because the windows don't open.

- Can I just say about the party...?
- Sam, I am so pissed off right now.


I'm sorry, Jamie.

I think it's kind of cool.

Wow. You've gotten even more beautiful.

What are you doing here, Julian?

Haven't you heard?
I'm optioning your fianc?'s book.

Like hell you are.

Actually, it's already done.

I'm quite charming.

But you know that, baby.


- There you are.

Well, I see you two
have already met, huh?

Yes, we have.

And you know what, Lucas?
Feels like I've known her for years.