One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 3 - Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. - full transcript

The shooting of Ravens player Quentin 'Q' is the talk of the town. All One Tree Hill tries to come to terms with such blind violence. Nathan and Haley do a great job guiding young son Jamie as well as the team - and school mates. Meanwhile Dan finally gets a chance to make a 'run' from the intended death bed Jamie's would-be kidnapper-'mother' Carrie tied him down on.

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Were you robbed?Last night.

You can't tell anyone,okay?

Deb,you own a gun,right?

I want you to teach me how to use it.

Shoplift much?

I don't know what you're talking about.

What are you doing?!

Get off me,bitch!

I am going to do the worlda fakir and ll you,

but first,I'm gonna get jamie back.

And you're gonna help me.

Where do you think you're going?

Apparently,my mom's dating some freak she met online.

I'm gonna find out who this jerk is.

And when I do,it's gonna get ugly.

Can you help me make a cape?

Quentin really likes mine.

I thought maybe we could make one for him,too.

Have a nice night.

Oh,my god.

Lucas,what is it?

Quentin fields was shot tonight

he's dead.
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One tree hill Season 6Episode 03

Quentin fields was a basketball player.

He was also a son,a brother,somebody's teammate,somebody's friend.

I didn't know quentin fields.

I guess now I never will.

Hey,did anybody call you?


Is it true?

Is quentin really -- is he dead?


Come on in.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like if you weren't you anymore?

If you were suddenly gone,how would your world react?

where the hell are you,man?

Please tell me I didn't drag myself out of bed for nothing.

Call me back.

Whatever you imagined is wrong.

Hey,what are you doing here?

Haley,what happened?

There's nothing romantic about death.

Grief is like the ocean.

It's deep and dark and bigger than all of us.

And pain is like inthief the night.

What am I gonna tell my students?

What am I gonna tell jamie?

He loves quentin.

He'S...making him a cape.

- I'll do it.
- No.

We should do it together.

Hey,coach luke's back.

What's happening,coach?


...we have to tell you something.

What's wrong,mama?

It's about quentin,son.

Listen... quentin had an accident,jamie.

What kind of accident?

Is he gonna be okay?

No,he's not okay.He,um...

his -- his body stopped working,and he's gone now.

He's gone to heaven,okay?

And we're not gonna be able to see him anymore.

What about the ravens?

Isn't he gonna play anymore?

Jamie...he died,honey.

He can't play anymore.

And mommy and daddy are incredibly sad about it.

So it's okay if you're sad,too.

I know that he loved you very much,

and I know that you're gonna miss him.

And we're really gonna miss him,too.

But what about his cape?

Jamie,he'S... jamie,honey,listen to me.

He's gonna like it.You'll see.


Hey,guys,I'm sorry.

There's been a misunderstanding,okay?

These -- these clothesare frnot ee!

Just taking inventory.

Brooke davis,have you lost your mind?!

It's my store.They're my clothes.

I can do what I want with them.

But what are you doing?

We're having a sale.

For one day,and one day only,everything in the store is freakin' free!


Do you want to talk about it?

Haley told me about your mom.

No,as a matter of fact,i don't want to talk about it.

There's nothing left to say,peyton.

My mom's a bitch!

She's a horrible,selfish bitch!

Happy now?Was that a good talk?

Why are you yelling at me?

I'm gonna need my key back,too.


My house key?

You moved out,right?

I can't have people coming and going like it's some kind of rachel gatina crack den.

Okay,brooke,I understand that you're upset,but is there something else that's going on?

I just need to feel safe in my house,that's all.

So I need your key.


What do you want,peyton?

What is it that you are doing here?

I came here to tell you that one of lucas' basketball players was killed last night.

Quentin fields.

And luke's a mess.

I just thought you'd want to know.

I don't know what to say to any of you.

I didn't know what to say to my 5-year-old son who loved quentin

just as much as many of you do.

- So,um,if you want to talk about how you're feeling -
- what's the point?

I mean,he's gone,right?

Some idiot just shot him,and now he's gone forever.

So what's the point?

There is no point.

You think you can fool me,huh?

You think you can spoil my plan to get jamie back with your stupid defective heart?

Well,you can'T.

I have a new plan.

I'm not gonna have to take afjamie L.

Ter al he's gonna come right to me.

And why would he do that?

Oh,because poor grandpa dan is dying,

and his last dying wish is to say goodbye to his sweet little grandson.

And then what?

In a few months,I'll be dead,

and when they can't find jamie,they'll start looking for you.

anthen you'll be the fugitive that you don't want to be.

I've decided I can live with that.

By then,I'll have a six-month head start with my son.

When life gives you lemons,you can't be a sourpuss.

It won't work.

They won't bring jamie to see me.

In case you've forgotten,I'm a murderer,remember?

Besides,my grandson's afraid of me.

Oh... not according to this.

Found this in your jacket.

Looks like jamie loved you almost as much as he loves me.

What's he gonna do?Drive himself out here?

What are you gonna do about the person who brings him?

Well,I sincerely hope it's haley,but I'm not gonna do anything.

Dan scott,however,is going to kill that person.

At least that's what it'll look like.

I mean,in case you've forgotten,you're a murderer,remember?

I was gonna tell him I was proud of him.

You know,last night when you came by the office --

I said,"I'll just talk to q tomorrow.

" I was gonna tell him how far he's come and how proud I was of him for that.

You're supposed to get tomorrow,you know?

That kid was just 17 years old.

His life hadn't even started yet.

And the phone rings in the middle of the night,and he's just...gone.

It's just wrong,luke.

It's impossible and just wrong.

I feel like I let him down.

I asked him to be a good example and a good teammate.

And then I go and get suspended?

Yeah,but you was defending him,though.

I was failing him.

He's got a little brother.

He's got parents.

How does a mother ever breathe again?

can I have this?

I think he'd like that.

I like your beach house,by the way.

Amazing view.

Yes,I've been there.

Where do you think I got your gun from?

Bedside table,under the suburban-filth catalog.

Their bras are sexy,huh?

Why don't you have kids?

You're young,attractive,crazy as a craphouse rat,but still...

you could have a little boy of your own.

Hell,I might even be able to help you out.

I am really going to enjoy killing you.

Stay in the yard,okay?

They gave me a present.

What are you playing?


What's your name?

James lucas scott.What's yours?

Well,everyone calls me dre,but my real name is brandon andre fields.

Quentin was my brother.

Quentin was my friend.

I'm making him a cape.

Coach scott... I'm quentin's mother -- denice.


I wanted to thank you for standing up for my boy the way you did in that last game.

It's a shame that we have to meet like this.

Yes,ma'am,it is.

Coach taylor... quentin always had so many nice thingay ato sbout you,

and you,too,nathan.

I really appreciate you boys coming here,

but I mostly wanted to say thank you to this one.

My son has always loved basketball.

But I got to tell you -- when I came home and found him reading a book,

it just about gave me a heart attack.

He said,"mama,mrs.James scott,she don't play.

" He said,"she almost as bad as you are.

" I realize that you were all trying to help my boy live up to the greatness that god gave him,

and you should be proud of that.

Your strength is inspiring.

My strength is from jesus christ.

I am gonna miss my baby boy for the rest of this life.

But I know we are gonna see him again,

and our faith will see us through.

I'm gonna be a musician when I grow up.

I'm gonna play basketball.

Yeah,I might do that,too.

My mom makes the best spaghetti in the world.

My mom makes good macand oni cheese.

My grandpa can whistle really loud.

My grandma deb wears really tight pants.

My favorite animal is a cheetah.

Mine's a rabbit... or a tiger... or a raven.

Yeah,a raven.

I'm not going in there.

It's too sad.

What color is the cape?



Jamie,come on,buddy,time to go.



I'll be right back.

You're a good boy,you know that?

Everyone's just kind of hanging out downstairs.


I just thought maybe jamie wanted to finish this.

I was also thinking that maybe he shouldn't go to the funeral.

It's just gonna be so sad and final.

Well,that's what death is,hales.

I know,but he's 5 years old,and he still sees a better world than we do.

Well,not to mention wakes and funerals really creep me out.

Yeah,for you,it's clowns.For me,it's old dead guys.

You know,my,uh... my mom's grandfather died when I was around jamie's age.

And so my whole family's at the wake,and we're kneeling in front of the casket.

And I'm really scared because there's this old dead guy just a few feet away from me.

Anyway,my mom's crying,and,uh,my dad -- he says a couple of words,

and then he leans forward,and he kisses the corpse.

And now I'm totally freaked out.

And then,he turns to me,and he says,"kiss your great grandfather,son.

" He didn't make you?

Yeah.It's my dad.

"Kiss the 100-year-old dead guy in makeup.

Dan sucks.


Maybe you're right.

Maybe jamie should sit this one out.

I'm so sorry.

I wanted to see you as soon as I found out.

It's okay.

Thank you,though.

You must be devastated.

I just feel numb,like I'm in a bad dream,and I just want to wake up.

I just want q to wake up.

Did they --

have they found the person responsible?

I don't think so.

Look,I probably should be getting back downstairs.

I don't want to make the day worse for you,nate,or somebody else.



Yeah,you here.

Q gone.

And... I'm someplace else.

it's just so hard to accept that things like this happen,

and not just to quentin,but at all -- ever.

One out of every 500 people gets assaulted or raped.

There were 30,000 aggravated assaults in our state alone last year,

7,000 robberies,3,000 murders,600 rapes.

It's official.Like sucks,and then you die.

I'm sorry.

it's a tragedy.I know it is.I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

I'm so sorry about that.

- Do I need to go talk to jamie?
- No,he'll be fine.

You can talk to me,though.

I'm just going through a lot.

Saying goodbye to angie,and victoria trying to take the company.

And then I... fall down the stairs.

And now this.

It's just a lot.

there was a therapist that nathan and I went to when we were having some problems.

She really helped.

I can give you her number if you want.



I'm really sorry about everything.

Must have been some fall down the stairs.Does it hurt?

it all hurts.

Get your filthy,

murdering hands away from my son!

I don't know what to say to them.

I'm 22 years old,and I'm supposed to make sense out of all this for my students?

I c-- I can'T.

you reached quentin.

you'll reach them,too.

what's your name?

Sam -- samantha walker.

I'm new.

Can you just take that desk in the back,please?

Why?What's wrong with this one?

That desk is taken.

Quentin,uh... was a great kid.

he was the leader of this team,and I know that he was your friend.

I wish... I could take this pain away,.

but I can'T And I'm sorry.

It's okay to feel angry.

It's okay to feel pain.

It's even okay to hate the person that did this,but when that anger and --

and that pain and that hate becomes too much for you,you come see me,nate,or luke.


We are your family,and we gonna get through this together.

You guys know that q was working out with me,helping me with my game.

And that's how I'm gonna remember him --

strong,happy,playing the game he loved.

I want you all to find your own best memories of q and hold onto them

'cause that's where he still lives,and he always will.


Still moving in?


I'm -- I'm just trying to keep busy eep busy and stay preoccupied.

I brought you something.

Brooke,it's fine.

No,I'm really sorry.

It was a total "f-you" transfer from victoria to you,and you didn't deserve it.

It's fine.

Is that why you threw all your pretty clothes out in the street?

Kind of.

Victoria wants the line that bad,she can have it,you know?

Life's too short.

Hey,I got something for you,too.

so,I had to wrestle two really strong women and a kid in a wheelchair for the couture stuff,

but most of it's there.

you can keep them.

life's too short,brooke,to fight,to be miserable...

to let the bitter ones change how awesome you are.

you know what?

Um... you guys asked me what the point was to all of this school and literature -- life.

And,uh,I said there was no a point.

And that's not true.

What I should have said was,"I don't know,"

because the truth is,not long ago,I sat right where you are and wondered exactly the same things.

When something that's tragic and evil

and unexplainable happens like losing someone forever...

...I still wonder...

just like you do.

All right,everybody,get out a piece of paper and a pen.


Because this is a literature class.

When archaeologists uncover lost civilizations and they unearth these worlds that have long since been destroyed,

you know what they find most often?

They find stories -- ancient languages,words,

inscriptions from people who've been gone for thousands of years

because chances are,they,

like you,they wanted to know,"what's the point?

And they wanted us to know that they were here,you know?

Like... they told their stories,

and they tried to make sense out of their lives and their worlds and their tragedies.

So that's what we're gonna do.

So I want you to write something,anything at all,

about quentin fields.

If you knew him,write a favorite memory.

If you didn't know him,write what you think the point is of all this for yourself

and your life and your time here.

This is a literature class,and that's what writers do.

We put pen to paper in times of devastating tragedy.

And we just try and make sense of it.

Maybe we'll find clarity in some of those words.

Maybe we'll find peace.

who wrote this?

I did.

Give me your marker.

"He who does not weep does not see.

" What's the from?

"Les mis ables.

" "The miserable ones.

who's next?

nice shirt.

Clothes over bros,right?

How come you're getting dressed up again?

Because,uh,mommy and daddy are gonna go to quentin's funeral,

and you're gonna go to the sitter's,remember?

And what happens there,exactly -- at the funeral?

We're gonna say goodbye to quentin,honey.

Jamie loved Q.

It's got to be hard for nathan and haley to explain it all to him,you know?

Well,maybe after they explain it to him,they can explain it to me.

How's the team doing?

Not so good.

I mean,I wouldn't be surprised if they forfeit the rest of the season.

It's really nice having you here,especially now.

I know we haven't really talked much about the wedding.

Oh,god,luke,the wedding can wait.

I mean,this is what a marriage is,right -- the good times and the bad?

I just wish I could help you somehow.

Peyton,you help me so much without saying a word.

And I love you.

who is it?



Come on in.

It's a tough day,huh?


I wish there was something I could do for you or haley or jamie.

Well,actually,we were wondering if there's anything we could do for you.

How do you mea why me?

Well,I know that your mom has been pulling some stuff with the company,

and -- I don't know -- and I guess having dealt with parent insanity,

I just wanted to check your head and see how you're doing.

I'm fine.


That sounds like something I would say.

Look,this thing with losing quentin is -- it's hard.

And I have a feeling it's gonna be a pretty prominent thing in our lives for a while.

It doesn't mean that your problems are any less important,

that all of us aren't here for you.

- Look,like I said -
- you're fine.

You can handle it.

It's all good.

Look,I hope that's true,and maybe it is,but...

the thing is,the two of us have been down very similar roads.

I mean,we were in the same cliques first.

We both felt the same pressures,same expectations.

Our parents were like children,

and we both grew into kind of bad versions of ourselves way too fast.

So I think you know I get it.

They never really gave us a chance,did they -- our parents?

They didn't know how.

Look,the thing is,you made your dream happen,all right?

And even though I didn't quite get there,

when it was taken away from me,I dealt with it alone.

That was stupid,selfish,and wrong.

So if your mom tries to take your dream away
from you and you feel that same pain I did

I've sort of been there,okay?

I'm gonna be kind of kissed off if you don't come talk to me about it.

Anyway,thank you for coming today.It means a lot.

I know you didn't know quentin,but....

it doesn't surprise me that you're thinking
about other people when all this stuff is going on with you.

That's not bad for a girl who never had a chance.

came here

jamie,we're going --

I want to go.

Jamie... quentin was my friend,and I want to say goodbye,too.

It's gonna be really sad,buddy.

I'm already sad.

You're right.

Quentin was your friend and a good one.

You should say goodbye.

The lord is my shepherd.

I shall not want.

He maketh me to lie down in green pastures.

He leadeth me beside still waters.

He restoreth my soul.

He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake...

* today I heard *

* that someone left this earth *

* that someone disappeared *

* left no one here *

* today I heard that someone *

* just got up and left this earth *

* lying on the ground *

we're to celebrate the homegoing of young quentin fields.

I'm sorry for your loss.

Shut up.

You lost a son.

What was his name?

you know you can't replace him with my grandson.

Somewhere deep down inside...
you know he's not coming back.

No matter what you do,your son is not coming back.

* Disappeared without noise *

* and I wish that I was there *

* flying somewhere over there .. *

We celebrate the life of brother quentin...

* tonight in silence *

* two lovers they fight *

* and one is bored *

* one is angry but neither one of them is right ohh *

* today is today is *

* today is quiet in my town today is oh, *

* today is today is quiet in my town *

quentin fields was a basketball player.

he was also a son...

...a brother...

* the sound of birds *

{\a6}* and I wish... *

somebody's teammate...

...and somebody's friend.

I never knew quentin fields.

And I guess now I never will.

Grief is like the ocean.

It's deep and dark and bigger than all of us.

* it'too quiet too quiet it's too quiet *

and pain is like a thief in the night...

* too quiet it's too quiet it's too quiet *


* oh,it's too quiet it's too quiet *

...diminished by time and d h an love.

* It's too quiet it's too quiet it's too you,you *

I didn't know quentin fields,but I'm jealous of him,

because I see how his absence has affected the people
who did know him,

so I know that he mattered to them.

And I know he was loved.

* it's so I sing it out today is today is *

* today is quiet in my town *

people say quentin fields was a great basketball player --


They say,on a good night,it almost seemed as though he could fly.

and now he can.