One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 24 - Remember Me as a Time of Day - full transcript

Jamie's dream comes true: daddy Nathan finally gets an NBA post, with the Charlotte Bobcats. Peyton is hospitalized bleeding badly, but gives Lucas a healthy daughter and pulls trough. Julian stood by Brooke, then has great goodbye sex. Chase loves Mia enough to applaud her impending tour although it means being separated. Still terminal Dan visits retired coach Whitey Durham, considering suicide. Seeing newborn Sawyer restores his will to live.

I love your daughter.

I'm in love with her.

Would you ask her to call me, please?

Well, you're here late.

Yeah, the competition never sleeps.

Any messages?

Uh, no.

Nothing that matters.



It's okay. Hey.

It's okay. It's okay. Shh.

Daddy's here.

It's okay. Daddy's here.

You know...

...if you keep letting these
go to waste...

...l'm gonna
have to start drinking them.

They'll be here when you wake up.

You know who else will be here
when you wake up..., God, our beautiful daughter.

You should see her.
She's amazing, Peyton.

But she needs you.

So do I.

Come on, you promised.

You promised.

You need to go home, Brooke.

You've been awake
for the last four days. It's not healthy.

I need to be here when she wakes up.

What is that?

Every fashion magazine I could find.

But you just said...

I knew when I said
you needed to go...'d say you needed to be here
when Peyton woke up.

Because you're stubborn,
Brooke Davis.

You don't know me.

I think I do.

She needs to wake up.

Yeah, I know. Come here.

Everything's fine, just, you know,
call if you hear anything, okay?

Thanks, Haley.

No word?

No word.

Lucas must be so freaked out.

Peyton's a badass. She'll be okay.

What you got there?

- My new record.
- Let me see that.

My girl's such a rock star.

You did good, Mia Catalano.

We did good.

Me and Haley and Peyton.

Peyton really should be here for this.


Red Bedroom Records, can I help you?

Um, Peyton's not here right now...

...but she'll be back soon.

You know, I...

I'm in a little...

I'm in a little over my head here.

I took her home...

...and I'm doing what I can...

...but she needs her mom.

I need her mom.

Doesn't even have a name.

We were supposed to do that

I can't do this without you.

And I'm just afraid...

...that we're gonna lose you,
and it's just gonna be the two of us.

And she doesn't even have a name.


Her name is Sawyer, okay?



Sawyer Scott. God, you scared me.

Oh, my God.


- Hi.
PEYTON: You said you would disown me...

...if I left without permission.


I'm about to be your second-best girl
when you meet your new one.

- Is she okay?
- She's beautiful.

- Can I see her?
- She's right outside. Hang on.

- I should get the doctor.
- No.

I just want it to be you and me
and our daughter for a minute.


- Well, well.
- Mom.

My baby's had a baby.

And she's beautiful.


Hi, Sawyer.

Do you remember me?

I missed you.

And I'm gonna love you forever.


She's perfect.


Hey, Dad,
when you get back to Charleston...

...tell Nino he needs
to stop shooting so much, okay?

- Nino's not there, buddy.
- How come? Did they fire him?

He's playing for the Clippers now.
They called him up.

When are they gonna call you up,

I don't know, Jame. Maybe never.

It's okay. At least you're still a Chief.


All right, all set.

I'll take it.

Thanks, buddy.


What's that?

Sam's new home.

I miss that girl.



So I guess you have to be getting back
to L.A.

Yeah. I mean,
we're prepping the new movie.

I haven't even asked what it's about.

You know, boy meets girl,
boy loses girl.

Anyway, it was great
getting to spend time with you...

...even considering the circumstances.

Yeah, you too.

Thank you for staying with me.

Yeah, well, I wanted to make sure
Peyton was gonna be okay.

Of course.


I love you, Brooke Davis.

- I love you so much.
- Shh.

Don't say it. Just kiss me.



Do you want me to take her
so you can get some rest?

No, I wanna hold her forever.

Hey, Karen, thank you.

For the way you raised Lucas...

...and the man that you taught him
how to be.

You're welcome.

But I was just being a mom.

You'll see.

Hey, what are you doing here?

- I don't wanna go back to New York.
- And I don't want you to.

- But I have to.
- I know.

- I'm just gonna have to talk to Brooke.
- And say what?

- I don't wanna go back to New York.
- Straight and to the point. I like it.

Come on.

I remember sitting on these steps
talking to you about joining the Ravens.

That seems so long ago.

Feels like yesterday, actually.

Lily wrote you a letter.

She's writing already? What, was she
born like four days ago?

No, that was your daughter, Dad.

- Whatever, Grandma Karen.
- Oh.

Look, I know you can't stay,
but before you go...

...I just really wanted
to say thank you.

- Lucas...
- No, no, no.

You helped me through all of it...

...and you were selfless and strong.

And if I'm half the parent that you were,
then Sawyer is gonna be just fine.

She's gonna be more than fine.

Remember how you always told me
to see the magic in the world?

I still do.


- Bobby wants to see you.
- What happened to all my stuff?

Bobby wants to see you.

What are you doing home?

Do you remember that dress you wore
to the mathketball school for Jamie?

The Oppenheimer School. Yeah.

You look amazing in that dress.

I was thinking
we could take a trip to Charlotte.

You could wear that dress.
We could take Jamie.

Nathan, what happened?

I'm not on the Chiefs anymore.


- I'm sorry, baby...
- It's okay.

What do you say, Haley James?

Wanna take the boy to Charlotte?
Maybe we could see a basketball game.

I have to be there, anyway...

...considering I'm the Bobcats'
new point guard.


I'm the point guard
for the Charlotte Bobcats.

I got called up.

You're in the NBA?

I'm in the NBA.



Thank you.

Thank you for believing in me, Haley.

Thank you for being worth it.





I assume that's loaded.

I bought this gun
hoping to see your face again.

I'll just say you broke in
and came at me.

You'd be doing me a favor.

You look like a haunted man.

I heard you have a heart problem.

That's not surprising.

You've always had a heart problem.

I wish I'd gone back in that game.

State championship.

When I look back at my life
and see where it all went wrong...

...that's where I always end up.

Fourth quarter,
time running down...

...sitting on the bench
at the state championship...

...and refusing to play.

At night... my dreams, I do go back in.

And in my dreams, I take it back.

All of it.

And then I wake up.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for that day
and every day since.

I'm sorry for what I did to Keith...

...and to the people who love him.

Did you ever love him?

Not enough.

Hi, Sam, it's me.

No, everything's fine.

I was just thinking about you.

I was wondering, how's your life?

Are you happy?

New lead coming out of commercial.

Is this for real?




Jamie, sports is up next.

Big deal.
I got Wi-Fi on my phone.

Get over here and watch with us.

MOUTH [ON TV]: Last night in the NBA, the
Charlotte Bobcats quietly made a move...

... most sports fans wouldn't notice...

... adding a point guard to their roster
for the rest of the season.

We're leading with that story because
this point guard is a local legend...

... who overcame adversity and difficult
circumstances in pursuit of a dream.

Last night, the Charlotte Bobcats
called up a former Tree Hill Raven...

... a great guy and a good friend,
Nathan Scott.

Jamie Scott,
hug your dad for all of us...

... because he just made it to the NBA.

And we couldn't be more proud.

In other news around the league,
the Clippers are...


I knew you could do it!


- Yes!
- You're gonna kill me...

...before I even play in a game, buddy.

DAN: I was supposed to be dead
months ago.

I used to wonder
why I was still alive.

And then I realized, I'm not.

I'm dead.

And this is my hell.

Lucas got married and had a baby girl.

And Nathan, he's got Jamie.

And I get to see
the happiest moments of their lives...

...but I don't get to feel
those moments.

I don't get to be a part of their lives.

You created that, Danny.

Pull the trigger.

Take the pain away. Please.



Maybe you're still here for redemption.

There's still time, son.

I just came to tell my coach
I made it to the NBA.

How you doing, coach?

It's good to see you. It's a great surprise.

Heh, heh, heh. It's good to see you.

DURHAM: You're keeping in shape.
NATHAN: I'm trying to.


This track is awesome.


And the record
officially drops tomorrow?

Tomorrow night.
Signing in New York City.

And then you tour.

For a couple months, yeah.

Listen, I know you're gonna go on tour
and this record's gonna blow up...

...and just know that a part of me
wants to be really selfish with you...

...but I'm not
gonna be that way because...

Well, because the rest of the world
deserves to see your greatness too.

My heart's not going anywhere.




- Mia's new record?
- Yeah, it's really good.

She's doing a signing in New York
tomorrow night, maybe you could go.

- Yeah, about that...
- lf you weren't gonna be here instead.

Wait. What?

The store's gonna be up and running
soon, and I need you here to run it.

What about New York?
Don't you need someone there?

I do, but your boy is here.


Hi, Peyton.

What do you want?

I just wanted...

Could I hold her?



She's the only one in my world
who doesn't know what I've done.

Just for a second.

I'd forgotten what it was like.

She's so beautiful.

What's her name?


Sawyer Scott.

"'And now,' said Max,
'Let the wild rumpus start."'

Where the Wild Things Are.


I used to read it to Nathan.

It seems like another life ago.

It was.

I know you're gonna have to tell her
about me someday.

I'm sorry for that.

How would you like
your old roommate back?

Tell me about Julian.

Brooke, what kind of man is he?

The kind who's gone.

I finally made it, Q.

Something tells me
you already know that.

I miss you, buddy.

Oh, and Q... were right.

It's a comeback.

Thank you.

- Hi.

Is Luke around?

No, he had to take Karen to the airport.
She had to get back.

- She's so beautiful.
- Yeah, I kind of like her.

So how's it feel, P. Sawyer?

You have a family now.

You have this whole other life
to look after.

Feels just like I dreamed it would.

- Can I hold her?
- Yeah.

- Got her?
- Oh, yeah.


Hi, Sawyer.

I'm your Aunt Brooke.

And I am gonna spoil you.

Yes, I am, Sawyer Scott.

Sawyer Brooke Scott.



See, I always knew
you were a Brooke.

And it is a really good name,
baby Brooke.

Just like I dreamed.

And what about your dreams,
Brooke Davis?

Are you going somewhere?

Oh. Ahem.

Back to New York.

The designs are excellent.

The new line
should stabilize the company.

There's nothing left for me to do here.

There are a few things
that I need to leave you with.

We need to call our publicist
and arrange a series of interviews...

...announcing your return
to the company.

You need to speak with Red,
organize some sort of contribution...

...and you need to fly to Los Angeles
and tell that boy that you love him.


When I was young,
there was a boy who loved me.

And I loved him back.

But he wasn't from my circle...

...and he was different
than what my parents expected... I let him go.

And not a day has gone by
that I don't regret it.

Why haven't you ever told me this?

Because I've been a terrible mother.

I have a daughter
who is strong and bright...

...kindhearted, so beautiful...

...and I've nearly broken her
with my inability to open my heart.

But I haven't broken her.

She's just as strong and beautiful
and kindhearted as ever.

She simply misnamed her company.

Because if this boy Julian loves you...

...and you love him...

...that's all that matters.

That is the most important thing,
and the clothes can wait.

This is for you.

What is it?

It's the company.

It's all yours.

One hundred percent.

But why?

I'd rather have my daughter
than a company.

But you loved this company.

Yeah, I did.

And that was wrong.

I should have loved you more...

...and the company less.

I just didn't know how.


I want you to stay on.

Run things from New York.

You're keeping me?

You're good at what you do.

And besides...'re my mother.

My daughter.

My daughter.

I love you so much.

And I'm so proud of you.


- Sixty seconds, Mouth.
- Thanks, Jerry.


Hey. I thought you took off.

I just wanted to watch my boy work.

I like that.

Being your boy.

I like it too.

Oh. Skills called,
they're gonna watch with us.

Great. Sounds perfect.

It does, doesn't it?

We're back in 10.

God, I love my life.

A full slate in the NBA kicks off tonight
with the Charlotte Bobcats...

...who recently called up Nathan Scott.
The team says that Scott will take...

Take a look at yourself in a mirror.

Who do you see looking back?

Is it the person you wanna be?

You made it.

We made it.

Big, huh?

DAN: Or is there someone else
you were meant to be?

The person you should have been,
but fell short of.

MIA: Is someone telling you you can't?
Or you won't?

Because you can.

CHASE: Could you write
"Thanks for the 45 seconds of heaven?"



- Wait for me?
- Hell, yeah.

Believe that love is out there.


From the University of Maryland...

...6'2" point guard,
wearing number 12...

...Nathan Scott!


NATHAN: Believe that dreams come true
every day.

Because they do.



PEYTON: Sometimes happiness doesn't
come from money or fame or power.

Sometimes happiness comes from
good friends and family...

... and from the quiet nobility
of leading a good life.

- Heh, heh, heh.

MAN: We're gonna try the lights now, okay?
- Okay.


You told me that someday
I'd be ready to let someone in.

I think today might be someday.

JULIAN: Believe that dreams come true
every day.

Because they do.

If this was a movie,
you'd kiss me right now.


I'd say I love you,
and then I'd kiss you.

I love you.

BROOKE: Believe that dreams come true
every day.

Because they do.

Take a ride with me, Peyton Sawyer?

Don't you mean Peyton Scott?

PEYTON: So take a look in that mirror
and remind yourself to be happy.

Because you deserve to be.

Believe that.

LUKE: And believe that dreams come true
every day.

Because they do.