One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 23 - Forever and Almost Always - full transcript

Hearing Nino, the player Nathan taught everything and made look good for the scout, got his NBA post makes Nathan consider giving up professional basketball. So he dodged training to attend Lucas's wedding, celebrated by Haley whom Lucas ordained by Internt for lack of a real minister. To Chase's pleasure, weddings make Mia frisky. Lucas invited Julian, but ignoring Brooke would be dateless he brought 'movie-brooke' Missy as date. To make them jealous, Brooke commandeers celebrity Nick Lachey.

lucas: sometimes when you look
back at your life,

certain moments stand out --

the day you graduated
high school,

your wedding day,

the day you found out
you were going to be a father.

most of the time,
they happen in that order.

most of the time.

?exactly what i want ?

You know, just when
i thought it was weird

That i'm going graduation,
pregnancy, marriage,

I remember that you went
marriage, pregnancy, graduation,

And i just
don't feel so bad.

well, i'm glad i can be
your weird example.

[ laughs ]

No parents today, huh?

Uh, no. my mom, actually, is
stuck at a resort in granada.

And larry's
on a dredging boat

Off the coast
of iceland somewhere.

We were gonna wait,
but, you know...

It's gonna be
a great day, luke.

[ cellphone beeping ]

Or not.

Oh, my god.

What happened?

Peyton says the minister
just fell through --

Some sort of mix-up.

Oh, no.

don't freak out.

My sister, quinn, got married
by a friend of hers

Who got ordained on the internet
in like 30 seconds.

Is that even legal?

Anybody who's ordained
can sign a marriage license.

The ceremony's
just symbolic.

How cool -- don't you think
that would be so awesome,

To get married
by a friend of yours,

Somebody who's known you
most of your life?

I do.

who should we get?


Y-- me?

Come on, you're my best friend
and peyton loves you and...

I just ordained you.

[ gasps ]

So, uh, god, you're gonna
be great, you know that?

I got to go, but,
uh, thank you, minister.


Is this really necessary,
uncle skills?

Well, considering the way
you got snatched up

By that crazy-ass nanny
at luke's last wedding,

Yeah, it is.

But i'm on a leash.
it's embarrassing.

Tough, kid. we're not
taking any chances.

Now, you got that
walkie-talkie, right?

Okay, talk into it
like i told you.

Denzel, this is macaulay.
denzel, this is macaulay.

All clear.

Okay, good work,
and don't even think

About trying
to go to the bathroom.

?you're playing it cool,
i know what you do ?

?i feel like a fool, but i
would be feeling that anyway ?

?'cause nobody loves me... ?

Okay, what do you think?

I think you and your 8-month-old
sidekick look beautiful.

Come here.

Do you need to sit down?

Oh, i'm good,
for the 50th time.

Well, you're supposed to be
on bed rest,

Not getting married
and going to a reception.

The doctor said it's fine.

The doctor also said
to not overdo it,

So do not overdo it.

As much as i love
a wedding,

I love you
and your baby more.

If anything happens to me,

I want you
to take care of lucas...

If when the baby comes,
if anything happens, okay?

Nothing's gonna happen.

You shouldn't
talk like that.

Honey, we have to
talk like this.

Okay? everybody else
has avoided it.

I just really need you
to hear me out.


It's just scary,
that's all.

I know.

But i do not want
lucas to be alone...

Or our baby...

Or you.


[ breathes deeply ]

Have you talked
to julian lately?

I've been kind of busy,

And he's working on
a new movie, you know?

Are you scared?

I'm scared
i'm gonna miss it all --

My life with lucas
and the baby...

And my friends
and my family...

...and you.

[ crying ]
it's not fair.

Hey, when i think of everyone
else out there in the world

That goes through
their life alone

And then i think
of all the amazing years

I've gotten to spend

With my beautiful, beautiful
best friend, brooke davis...

I kind of feel sorry
for everybody else.

You're gonna ruin our
wedding makeup, you bitch.

Oh, i'm sorry.

If your stupid, skinny ass
goes anywhere before i say so,

We are not best friends
anymore, you got it?

I got it.


I love you.

I love you, too,
p. sawyer.

Let's go get you married.

[ laughs ]

Check, check, 1, 2.
check, check.

Chase adams, you look hot.

Get over here and kiss me.
[ chuckles ]

My boy looks good
in a suit.

Boy's gonna wear
a suit more often.

[ chuckles ]

So, what's your take
on weddings, catalano?

Hmm. big fan. you?

more of a reception guy.

Awkward family members,
open bar.

Slutty wedding sex.

Totally slutty
wedding sex.

And there's always
that bridesmaid

Who just gets
all drunk and freaky.


Brooke is peyton's


I should, uh...

Hey, adams,
play your cards right,

It might be you having
the slutty wedding sex.

[ chuckles softly ]

Got to wear more suits.

[ chuckles ]

Knock, knock!


Hi. you look nice.
well, thank you.

Now, get out
of that ratty thing

And try on
one of these tuxes.

I didn't know exactly
what size you were

Because i couldn't ask peyton
'cause i want to surprise her.

Brooke, you didn't
have to do that.
i know.

But if a girl's gonna have a
last-minute shotgun wedding,

The least her boy can do
is rock a little hugo boss.

Now go.

I will wait.

Hmm. [ laughs ]

All right.

?you know ?

?things never turn out
the way i want them to ?

?but we're all,
all born innocent ?

Hell of a view.

[ laughing ] hey.

Yeah, it's really beautiful
out here, isn't it?

i didn't mean that view.

Ohh, i was worried about you.
did your practice run late?


Well, your suit's in
with lucas. you should
probably go get changed.

uh, where's the boy?

He's with skills,
god help us.

He'll be really excited
to see his dad.

Well, i'm really excited
to see his mom.

I am loving this whole
"you going away and
coming back" thing.


?save some for me
or save it for yourself ?



I love you.

Thanks, baby.
i love you, too.

?save it for yourself ?

And voil?

Now, that is more like it.

Okay, there's a tux
in there for nathan.

I got his sizes from haley.
i need to go change now.

Hey, brooke, you, uh,
you got a second?

Uh, yeah.

Well, look, i know you don't
have a date for the wedding.

It was kind of
last-minute, dude.

All right, well, maybe
i invited someone for you.

Lucas, you cannot
do that to me.

First of all, i am not
anybody's pity date,

And second...

What does he look like?

[ chuckles ]

Oh, the girls really
seem to like him.

Who is it?
is he hot?


I'm just gonna
go over here now.

Julian: from the look
on your face,

I take it lucas didn't
tell you he invited me.

No, but it's
good to see you.

I guess now it'll look like
we both actually had dates.

Yeah, actually,
the thing is --

Julian, we should probably --
brooke, hi!

Brooke, you remember --
missy, the other me --
of course.


Come on, baby. we should
probably get a seat.

Yeah, okay, one sec.

No, she's right.
you should go.

It's good to see you.

i'm so scared.
oh God, i'm so scared.

Skills: mouth.


Honey, you're just supposed to
film the wedding, okay?

It's a happy day.
think happy.

I am so pissed right now!
that whore stole my man!

Okay, but it's their
wedding day,

So don't you think
it's time you let it go?

Not peyton, you dork.

Who is missy?

missy me -- the other brooke
from the movie.

Oh, sure, right.

Yeah, i have no idea
what you're talking about.

Okay, focus.

Julian is here.

He brought missy,
that little slut actress,

As his date.

He's unbelievable.
what is he thinking?

That you said no.

Would the bride like
to wear red today?

I can't believe i'm gonna
be eight months' pregnant
on my wedding day.

Can i talk you into 8?
with a real minister?

Haley, you are gonna
be great, all right?

Just speak from the heart.

And if you get in trouble,
go with song lyrics,

Like, um...

"after the fire,
after all the rain,

I will be the flame."

That's pretty good.

Cheap trick.

You look beautiful,

Thank you.

I have to pee.


I always liked
that cheap trick song.

Yeah. it's good.
it's good.

Mouth: there's the altar
haley put together.

That's happy.

There's skills hitting on
jamie's teacher, miss lauren.

They're clearly planning on
having slutty wedding sex,

And that's...happy.

Hey, guys,
say hi to the camera.


What's crackin',
luke and peyton?

Hey, it's about time
this thing goin' down.

Man, we've been waiting
since our days back
on the river court,

Back when luke
used to talk about

How nathan wasn't good enough
for p. sawyer

And how he planned on
stealing her away.

I remember luke used to talk
so much trash about nathan, man.

Okay, i think we're good.

Hey, lauren.

So, uh, how's jamie?

Man, jamie scott
on lockdown, bro.

Um, antwon...

[ laughs ]

That damn kid -- a genius.

Hey, macaulay, this is denzel.
where the hell you at?


[ laughs ]

[ exhales sharply ]
hey, handsome.

[ both sigh ]

You okay?


No, not really,

They called up nino.

[ groans ]

Clippers were looking
at both of us.

They decided
they needed more scoring.

I'm sorry, baby.

The thing is,

I taught nino how to play
shooting guard.

I fed him the ball.

And now he's in the nba,
and i'm...not.

You were being
a good teammate,

And somebody's
gonna see that.

The chiefs have never sent

Two guys to the pros
in the same year.


I'm sorry, hales.

Hey, stop it. you don't have
anything to apologize for.

You do great.

We're proud of you.
we're proud of you every day.



All right. i love you.

I love you.

There's the groom.

Mouth: cold feet, luke?
you hiding from peyton?

No. brooke.

Why brooke?

Because i invited julian,
and he brought a date.


I'll, uh,
edit that part out.

Hey. hey.

[ instrumental music plays ]

All right, that's us.

Whatever i said before lindsey's
wedding, just go with that.

God, you suck at this.

[ chuckles ]

Wow, the minister's hot.

Hey, shh!

[ laughs ]

slutty wedding sex.

Stop it.

Just saying --
considering your history,

She might want another
30 seconds in heaven from you.

[ music continues ]

45 seconds --

And every single one of them
outstanding, thank you.

You look beautiful, brooke.

Hotter than julian's skanky
brooke-a-like, right?


Yeah, totally.

[ wagner's "bridal chorus"
plays ]

Okay, um,
you can sit, everyone.


Well, we are gathered here today
before god and nature

To join lucas scott
and peyton sawyer

In holy matrimony.

Nice work, hales.

Thank you.

Now, some of you
may be wondering

Where the word "matrimony"
comes from.

Well, interestingly enough,
the word "matrimony"

Is from the latin root word
for "motherhood,"

Which i think is
really appropriate today.

[ laughs ]

[ coughs ]

[ both laugh ]

Well, the thing is
that, uh, every, um...

Rose has its thorn.

Just like every night
has its dawn.

Just like every cowboy
sings a sad, sad song.

Poison? of all the lyrics
ever written,

You're gonna go with "every rose
has its thorn" by poison?

I'm sorry, i'm sorry.
oh, i just -- i don't --

Really, skills?

Jamie scott!


Boy, get your ass
back over here.

You're killing me, man.

[ laughter ]

oh, wait a minute.

Ohh, uh...

"peyton sawyer
will become peyton scott."

Lucas wrote this
in the 8th grade.

I remember him talking
about her constantly,

And not just in the 8th grade,
in the 9th grade

And the 10th grade
and 11th grade.

And, finally,
in our junior year,

Lucas gathered up his courage

And talked to peyton
for the first time

Right here at this lake...

And she was a bitch.

[ laughter ]

He said,
"haley, i talked to her!"

And when i asked him
if the fantasy was finally over,

If he could finally admit

That peyton sawyer
was human after all,

He said, "no.

"peyton sawyer is not human.

"she's an angel.

And she's my angel."

I believe in true love.

I believe in love
at first sight.

I believe love conquers all.

And that doesn't mean
there's not gonna be hard days

Or difficult things to deal
with, because there will be.

But finding that person
who does it for you

And knowing that that person
loves you back --

It just makes everything
so much easier.

"peyton sawyer
will become peyton scott."

That was the dream.

And here we are 10 years later,

And we all get to witness today
a dream come true.

Okay, luke.

?darling, so it goes ?

?some things were meant to be ?


I've loved you since
the first time i saw you.

And this ring
and these words

Are just simply a way
to show the rest of the world

What has been in my heart
for as long as i've known you.

I love you...

Peyton elizabeth sawyer.

[ laughs ]

I always have, and...

I always will.

[ breathes deeply ]

[ laughs ]

Lucas scott...

We've been through
so much together.

And despite
how confused i've been

Or lost i might have gotten,

There was always you...

Finding me and saving me.

You deserve to be adored,

So that's what we're gonna do --
your baby and me.

[ crying ] we are going to
adore you for years to come.

I am so terribly
in love with you.

And i always will be.

?falling in love,
in love with you ?


[ both laugh ]

...i know pronounce you
man and wife.

Lucas scott,
you may kiss your bride.


[ applause ]

?falling in love ?

?falling in love ?

?with you ?

[ chuckles ]

Well, well, nick lachey.

Brooke davis.

Sounds good in here.
thank you, thank you.

But, uh, you just
kind of ruined it.

Oh, i'm sorry. i just haven't
seen you in forever.

And i wanted
to come say hi.

Well, i'm glad you did.
you look great.

Thanks. you too.

Perfect. okay.

I'm gonna need you to go ahead
and put that on.

[ laughs ] wh--


?oh oh oh ?

?ooh ooh ooh ?

?oh oh oh ?

?ooh ooh ooh ?

?so you see ?

?you've got me back again
for more ?

?and it seems ?

?your song is in my head ?

?this is war ?

?mystery ?

?how i could feel you
breathe me ?

?i was sure ?

congratulations, my man.

What the hell were you thinking
bringing movie brooke, huh?

I'm thinking movie brooke is
the only brooke that likes me.

Maybe so, but i invited you
to be real brooke's date.

And she's gonna
lose her mind.

did she say something?

You're trying to make her
jealous, aren't you?

Am not.

[ laughing ] right.

Luke, you invited me to
your wedding. i brought
a date. that's it.

Hey, lucas,


Aw, somebody
has a type.

Luke, julian, i'd like you to
meet my date, nick lachey.

Hey. nick lachey.

julian: hi.
how are you, man?

Oh, my god.

Yeah. hi.

Missy, come on.
but --

But -- bye.

So, who got married?

i know, right?

She's so not
making me jealous

With the guy from
"dancing with the stars."

No, that was drew.
he was so awesome on that.

"laguna beach," then.

No, that was
some other tool.

So, i guess nick lachey's
gonna be pretty happy tonight.

Brooke davis,
slutty wedding sex.

Okay, just --
just a little.

Um, champagne makes me
a little wild.

?hey ?

[ laughs ]

oh, okay.

[ both laugh ]

We need to talk.

I'm having a little problem
with you and miss lauren.

Wait, jamie, you're
the one that fixed us
up in the first place.

I thought you was okay
with this?

I thought i was, too,

But first granny deb
and now my teacher?

I don't know, skills.

I'm...sorry, bro.

I never meant to hurt you.

You really like
this girl, huh?

I do. a lot.

Okay, but just
stay away from madison.

[ chuckles ]

?that you left me hanging ?

?like you did ?

?it was brave ?

So, i remember everyone
was totally rooting
for stacy keibler,

But i thought that
drew was, by far,

The better dancer
and cuter, too.

Cool. i'll, uh --
i'll be sure to tell him.

sorry about that.

I was just hanging with
the guys at the bar.

Like who?

Oh, you know,
just my boys.

We're like a gang of guys,
you know,

Just a band of boys, really.

Like a boy band.


So, julian,
how'd you and missy meet?

They met on a movie.
oh, yeah?

A failed movie, actually.

Have i mentioned how great
your new song is?

I totally think
it's gonna be a hit.

Is it hot in here? yeah,
it's like crazy-hot in here.

It must be like,
what, 98 degrees?


What's with guys
in tree hill punching me?

You teased him
about his boy band.

Well, yeah.

You used to love them.

I know.
[ laughs ]

That guy is so cool.

How -- how the hell am i
supposed to compete with that?


[ sighs ]

[ exhales sharply ]

Did she tell you
what happened?

Not really.

And that's how i know it must
be really hard for her.

She tends to struggle through
the big stuff all by herself.

I miss her so much, peyton.

Well, maybe you should
tell her that.

I got to get back out there.

You cleaned up pretty nice
today, sawyer.

I'm happy for you.

Talk to her.


Haley said you came out
to get some air.

I thought
you might want to talk.

She told you.

Nah, i got it off the wire
at the station.

Sorry, man.

You know, i'm happy for nino.
i hope he sticks.

It's not about that.


Listen, i, uh, called
the chiefs to get a quote,

And they asked me
if i had seen you.

They said you were
unexcused from practice.

Yeah, the wedding
was last-minute.

I wanted to be there
for luke.

Bobby just didn't
see it that way.

Is that all it was?

I don't know, mouth.

Maybe this was all
just a pipe dream

That i needed to let go of
at some point,

Get on with my life
in the real world, you know?

Well, i'm around
if you need anything.

Thanks, man.

I'll see you in there.

Nate, for what it's worth,

If i could play the game
like you can,

I'd play wherever i could

Till they wouldn't
let me play anymore.

Thanks, mouth.

How are you feeling?

Like a princess.

[ both laugh ]

Look, i know it's not exactly
how we planned it.

It's better.

You feeling okay?
i mean, the doctor said --

I'm fine.

I'm better than fine...

[ both laugh ]

Mia: hey, everybody.

First, i just wanted to say

To lucas and peyton.

[ applause ]

This song is called
"sweet silver lining,"

And it's about being brave

In the face of obstacles
and pressures and the unknown.

And i wrote it for the bride,
who's also my boss and friend.

[ intro plays ]

Come on and dance with me.

Hey, you know what
the doctor said.

Dance with me, you fool,
or i will go find julian.

Fine. i'm gonna go ask
nick lachey to dance.

[ both laugh ]

?...home ?

?downhearted and hoping ?

?i'm close ?

Buy me a drink, sailor?

I never drink
with the clergy.

How about a dance, then?

Come on.

?there's a reason
for everything ?

?that comes and goes ?

?but so many people
are looking to me ?

?to be strong and fight ?

?but i'm just surviving ?

?and i may be weak,
but i'm never defeated ?

?and i'll keep believing ?

?in clouds
with that sweet silver lining ?

?and most days ?

?i try my best ?

?to put on a brave face ?

?but inside ?

?my bones are cold,
and my heart breaks ?

Let's dance.

?something's keeping me
safe and alive ?

?but so many people
are looking to me ?

?to be strong
and to fight ?

Nathan, be here with me.

I'm sorry.

You do look
beautiful tonight.


Come here.

?and i won't give up
like this ?

?i will be given strength ?

?now that i've found it ?

?oh, nothing
can take that way ?

?so many people
are looking to me ?

Haley, what are you doing?

Kiss me.

Oh, haley james scott,
this is a women's bathroom,

You're a teacher,
and your son is out there.

The door's locked,
i'm not a teacher anymore,

And our son is dancing.

Now kiss me.

I don't care
if you're not in the nba.

You are my husband,
and you are so damn sexy to me.

?...never defeated ?

?and i'll keep believing ?

?in clouds
with that sweet silver lining ?

?oh, yeah ?

?sweet silver lining ?

?ohh, yeah, ohh, yeah ?

Brooke, i'm gonna take off.

Are you sure? why?

I think you've made julian
jealous enough, don't you?

Is it really that obvious?

It is when you kiss me.

and you forget -- i've had
a real brooke davis kiss.

I can't believe that guy
ruined it for me.

It makes me want to punch him
all over again.

[ laughs ]

Thank you.


I'll just, uh -- i'll just leave
the tux with haley, okay?


Oh, brooke, i know julian
left with missy,

But he's clearly
still into you.

You think so?

Oh, yeah.
good night.

So, i guess that's another
date gone wrong.

What do you mean?

Our dates.
the damn kids.

[ both laugh ]

Deb broke up with me because
she said i should have kids.

After our last two dates...
man, i don't even like kids.

You are lying.

You love jamie so much,
and he loves you back.

And i think a guy who
appreciates kids is so sexy.

Hmm, really?
oh, yeah.

You know, the date's
not over yet.

You still got that leash?

[ both laugh ]

can i have this dance?

No, thank you.

You either dance with me
or say you love me --

It's your choice.

I thought so.

I thought you left.

Nah. i was just avoiding
you and nick lachey...

And putting ice on my eye.

What happened to missy?

She left.

I, um...
[ chuckles ]

...accidentally called her
"brooke" at the bar.

[ laughs ]

How's sammy?

I don't know.

She, uh...

Went to live
with her birth mom.


I'm sorry. that must
have been hard for you.

And sam, too. i mean,
you know she loves you.


I wish you would have
called and told me.

You know what?
i'm sorry, julian.

I can't do this.

you can't dance with me?

I can't -- i just --

I miss you.

My girl was kind of
dirty tonight.

She was not.

She was.

But i liked it.

I skipped practice
to be here today.

I didn't want to miss
the wedding, you know?

I'm getting tired of
missing everything else.

Are you really getting tired
of missing everything,

Or is your ego just bruised
because nino got called up?

I'm getting tired
of failing.

[ sighs ]

Come here.

?so we lie here in the dark ?

?all the wrong things on fire ?

That little boy's hero
is his father.

The rest doesn't matter.

?to be with you ?

?just to be with you ?

?in your wedding dress ?

?to have and to hold ?

You blew it up tonight,
you little rock-star goof.

Did you have a good time?

Yeah. i'm a little
bummed, though.

I don't think anybody actually
had slutty wedding sex.

Well, not yet.

30 seconds of heaven.

Ha ha. 45.

[ chuckles ]

Bourbon is a good,
honest drink.

No, it's not.

Saw you dancing
with brooke.

Didn't you have a date?


She did, too, right?

What happened to them?

Oh, my god, you look
just like drew.

And you totally
look like brooke.



I saw the light on.
i thought maybe brooke was here.

I'm julian.

Of course you are.

Victoria davis.

[ laughs ]

Of course you are.

Would you ask brooke
to call me, please?

You do realize
the name of the company

Is clothes over bros, yes?

My father always made me feel
like i wasn't good enough.

Anytime i had any success,

He would remind me
of my failures.

I see that in brooke.

She's so talented and
good-hearted and beautiful,

But she carries around
this feeling

That she's not
good enough.

And she has you
to thank for that.

Nice work.

Are you finished?

No. not yet.

I love your daughter.

I'm in love with her.

And one of these days,
she's gonna love me back.

And when she does, i want you
to understand something.

You're either gonna learn
to be nice to her...

Or you won't
be in her life.

It was nice to meet you,

Feels like i've known you
all my life.

?just to be with you ?

?in your wedding dress ?

?to have and... ?

Okay. you ready?

This feels
vaguely familiar.


All right.

And open.

[ laughs ]

Lucas scott,
it is beautiful.

Well, thank you,
peyton scott.

Say that again.


Oh, god, i love
the way that sounds.

We should get you to bed.

It's been a long day.
come on.

It's been a perfect day.

[ laughs ]

I think you could
handle maybe just...

One more surprise.

What? i didn't
get you anything.

It doesn't matter.

Just wait right here, okay?


[ laughs ]


...i love you,
peyton scott.

[ laughs ]

?let go ?

?thought i'd lost you ?

?thought i'd lost you ?

?i gave you away ?

?thought i'd lost you ?

?i'm jealous of the moon
for how it moves the waves ?

?in your wedding dress ?

?to have and to ho-o-o-ld ?

?even at my best ?

?i want to let go ?

?go ?

[ door opens ]

Hey, peyton!

Oh, ms. scott?


Oh, god.

No, no!

Oh! ohh!

Stay with me!