One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 22 - Show Me How to Live - full transcript

Warned by manager Bobby there's an NBA scout, Nathan and his protégé Nino perform excellently, then wait for a call. Lucas opposes Peyton preparing a 'posthumous' time-capsule and ask for a...

Previously, on One Tree Hill:
For you, Ms. Lauren.

- Thank you, Jamie.
- They're from my uncle, Skills.

He thinks you're cute.

Antwon "Skills" Taylor
crashing a 5-year-old's dance?

I was hoping to see you.

I'm keeping you at the point.

With me at the point,
you're gonna get more chances to score.

Because if you can do that,
the scouts will come.

I have a letter for you
from your birth mother.

You've been going to that coffee shop
for months.

You must want something from her,
even if it's just closure.

Peyton has a condition
called placenta previa.

Lucas, come on.
What if everything doesn't go perfectly?

She could die. And the baby too.

The Honorary Title, Matthew Ryan,
The Cure, Audioslave...

...Haley James Scott.
They're all in here.

It's music to set your life to...

...and music always helps,
no matter what you're going through.

So if you flunk a big test
or you have a really bad breakup...

...or you just miss someone
so bad it hurts...

...then listen my playlist,
"100 Songs to Save Your Life. "

And it should help.

Oh, and there is this new artist
that is really special...

...and her second album
is just about to come out... you should check her out.
Her name's Mia Catalano.

A best friend...

Okay, this one is so important.

Choose wisely, okay?
I got really lucky with mine.

My best friend is funny,
intelligent, creative...

...beautiful and successful.
And very kind.

She's also impulsive, frustrating...

...complicated, childish...

...but I would not have her
any other way.

And the best part
about Brooke Davis... that she always
puts her friends first.

So if you were ever in any kind
of trouble, now you know who to call.

I can't think of anyone
I would rather have watching over you.

It's been a month, Brooke.

You've gotta stop spying
on them like this.

Thank you. How would you know
what I've been up to?

Because I've been watching
the both of you.

It's iced coffee. Skim milk.
It'll change your life.

She's eating pecan pie.
She doesn't even like pecan pie.

Being a kid without a mom
really sucks...

...and I know this
because I've been there twice.

And if you're watching this...

...then it means
that you're in that place too...

...and I'm so sorry for that.

But if you ever need
a mom-and-dad fix... have Nathan and Haley for that.

- Got you. I got you now.
- No, no, no.

Okay, easy. If he pees his pants,
you're on laundry duty.

- You look pretty, Mama.
- Oh, thanks, baby.

I gotta go. I gotta pick up Mia
from the studio...

...and go to Peyton's
for the baby shower.

You can drop him off
on your way out?

Lucas is gonna watch him.

- Sure. No problem.
- Okay, thank you.

- I'm gonna miss you so much.
- Yeah.

- Call me after the game, okay?
- Yeah.

Bye. I'll see you later.
Peyton's waiting.

- Bye.
- Bye.

- Love you.
- Love you too.



I really hope that we get to share
all these things together...

...but just in case, it's all right here.

Now, there is just one thing
that I need from you.

Please take very special care
of your father...

...because if I'm not around...

...he's gonna need you
to take care of him...

...just like my dad needed me.

So love him...

...and take care of him...

...and be kind to him.

Just please do that for me.

Peyton, what is this?

I just thought I should.

No, no.

You said everything was gonna be okay.
You said that.

But if it isn't, I want our child
to be able to remember me.

It's just in case.

Our child's
not gonna have to remember you.

Our child's gonna know you.

- We're not doing this, Peyton.
- Lucas.

A death video? A sad box of stuff?

I'm not having any of this, Peyton.

I mean, what's next?

I wanna get married. Now.

Absolutely not.

You're supposed to be
taking it easy, okay?

Look, after you have this baby
and you're all better...

...then we'll get married.

- I wanna get married.
- Why?

- Why is it so important to do it now?
- Because.

We're not doing anything
just in case, okay?

I'll be in the garage.

You should be in bed.

Thank you. I love you too, by the way.

Remind me again
what we're doing here.

Know thy enemy, Brooke.

Suit yourself,
but this is our competition.

They're cutting into our market share
with these hideous things.

Yeah. The appropriate word
being "hideous. "

Don't be so dismissive.

You should pay a visit
to the manufacturer.

Get some inspiration.

I have Sam, and Sam has school,
so I'm not going anywhere.

Besides, I need to be here
while she's meeting with you-know-who.

You mean the biological mother
with the pathetically low credit score?

- What?
- I had Business Affairs run her report.

Don't hate me
because I'm resourceful.

You did what?

Brooke, we have to be able
to make a case against the woman.

We are not building a case
against anyone.

Do you think I can't see what you're
doing? There is no running from this.

Sam has every right
to know her real mom.

Suit yourself.

Red is really your color.
What do you think?

Do you think we're shopping
right now?

Absolutely not.

This is strictly R and D
for our new line.

You are so trying to shop with me.

- Hey.

Uncle Lucas,
can I help you fix Aunt Peyton's car?

- Hey, sure, buddy.
- Be careful.

Sure this is no problem?

Yeah, I could use
the company anyway.

- Everything okay?
- It's Peyton.

I found her putting together
a time capsule...

...or a just-in-case capsule.
- Oh.

That's what I thought. I know.

It's just, you know, weird.

I'm approaching what's supposed to be
the most exciting moment in my life...

...with nothing but complete
and utter fear.

You wanna hear a secret?

Day Jamie was born, I was petrified.

Yeah, it's different, though,
you know?

I mean,
what if something happens to Peyton?

God, I don't know
how we got this far.

Well, you got this far
because it's what she wanted.

It's like when Karen
let you play basketball with your HCM.

She knew how bad you wanted it, so
she just held her breath and let you play.

We all did, you know?

Maybe this is the time
you have to hold your breath for Peyton.

She wants to get married.

So do you. You proposed, remember?

She wants to get married right away,
and it just all worries me.

Well, as worried as you are,
think about how scared she is.

I mean, look. If you had one more day
to spend with Peyton...

...would you rather spend it arguing
or just being married?

- Hey. You ready?
- For what?

Peyton's baby shower.
You didn't forget, did you?

- You sure she wants me there?
- Of course I'm sure.

The invitation was addressed
to both of us, you knucklehead.


Are you okay, Sam?

Yeah, I'm good.


So everything's going okay with?
You know.

My mom?



What do you got there?


It's her house.

You know, she gave me up
when she was my age.

How weird is that?



She said she didn't want to,
but her parents made her do it.

Well, I can relate to having crummy
parents who make bad decisions.


You know, it's funny.
I've always wanted to live in a house...

...with a white-picket fence.

We can have a picket fence
if you want.

You can have any kind of fence
you want.

I'll just wait for you to get dressed.

You know, if it's okay,
can I just meet you there?

Yeah. I'll see you at Peyton's.

So the stage is set for the Chiefs...

...who can move into possession
of first place with a win tonight.

With the season coming to a close, and
NBA call-ups hanging in the balance...

...Bobby Irons will be looking
for explosive performances...

...from his leading scorers...

...Nino Jones
and point guard Nathan Scott.

Can't believe anybody
would want your autograph.

More than would want it from you.

Just because you're the starting point
guard don't mean you can show up late.

I had you going for a second.

- Don't worry. I covered for you.
- Thanks.

Well, you guys go
on an eight-game winning streak...

...and suddenly it's a love fest in here.

I wouldn't go that far.

Scott, I'll waive your fine
for being late...

...if you and your new best friend here
can do two things.

- And what's that?
- Win the game tonight...

...and impress the NBA scout
who's here to watch you guys play.


Word is the Clippers are looking
for some back-court help.

- All right, then.
- Yeah.

- Good luck, guys.
- Thanks.

Hey, Scott, I think
you might wanna sit this one out.

I'm so not wearing this.

Sam, it's a baby shower.

You can't show up like you just
walked out of a Brazilian favela.

Okay, well, this makes me look
like Kermit the Frog.


So how goes it with the waitress?

Her name is Rebecca, thank you...

...and for your information,
things are kind of going okay.

Yes, well, I'm sure
your conversations are just riveting.

You have so much to talk about...

...what with 16 years of pure neglect
to hash over.

- Don't be mean.
- Sorry.

It's just that she left you,
so, you know...

It's not like that.
I mean, I thought that way at first.

I thought she'd be this evil person.

This bad person that gave me up.
But she's not.

You know, she's got her problems,
but she's okay.

I mean, in a way, she's kind of like...

Like what?

Like me.

Did she say she wanted you back?

Doesn't matter. I'm happy here.

And that's what we want
for you, Samantha. To be happy here.

Yeah, I know. It's just...

...I don't wanna hurt Brooke's feelings,
but a part of me wants to know her.

My real mom.

Do you wanna live with her?


Of course you don't.
That's my girl.

Now let's see if we can't find
a beautiful dress for you...

...worthy of the Davis name.

Hey, don't you guys
got somewhere else to be?

I am killing this game right now.

Yeah, well, I got a date with Lauren... y'all gonna have to be getting
out of here.

- Hey. Isn't this, like, the third date?
- You know what that means.

Hey, hey. That's Jamie's teacher
you talking about.

This from the guy
who dropped down Granny Deb.

Look, it's a date, man.

Nice, classy, refined.

But just in case, you two be gone
by the time I get home, all right?

Okay, it's official.
I look like a lemon-meringue pie.

Shut up. You have
that whole glow thing going.

If by glowing you mean growing,
then maybe.

I really do love the dress, Brooke.
It's a great gift. Thanks.

Although, I am just stuck in the house.

Well, then you'll be stuck in the house
for a month looking fabulous.

It was Sam's idea.

Oh, clearly,
she's learning from the best.

Where is she, anyway?
I thought she was coming.

- She'll be here.
- You're doing an amazing job with her.

Hey, she loves you.

Well, let's hope so, because I'm thinking
of making it official.

I'm thinking of adopting her.

- No.
- Yeah.

I just got all the papers in the mail.

Oh, my God. That is such good news.
Come here, sit down.

Tell me everything. All right.

Well, I mean,
how's it going with her birth mother?

It seems like it's going okay.
I'm just trying to be supportive.

What if Sam likes her better than me?

Okay. Take it from someone
who was adopted.

I happen to know that Sam just became
the luckiest girl in the whole world.

Thank you, P. Sawyer.

You always make everything better
for me.

Don't. Don't.

We are not gonna ruin today crying.

You're gonna get out of that dress
and clean up...

...because we have a party
to go to out there. Come on.

Hey, there's an iPod in here.



This is the night you and Daddy
won the state championship.

You know where you were
that night?

- In Mama's tummy.
- That's right.

So Mama and Daddy
didn't even know me then?

Well, none of us did, but we were all
really excited to meet you.

Hey, look.

Wow. Now, that was
a really important night.

Because you won
the state championship?

Yeah, but it was also
the night I realized...

...I wanted to marry Peyton.

This is cool. What else is in here?

Yeah, what is in there?

- Nathan, I got a question for you.
- Yes, we're gonna win tonight.

Okay, but how are you dealing
with this long-distance thing?

- It's killing me.
- Yeah, me too.

If you figure that one out,
let me know.

You see that guy over there
talking to Bobby?

It's an NBA scout.

Wow. Good luck tonight, Nate.

Luck has nothing to do with it.

Look at these presents.
I'm gonna open the first.

- Okay.
- It's from Mia. What did you get me?

You got me... of you.
- Okay, yeah.

But the gift is that you get
to pick the one...

...that goes on the cover
of our new record.

Good save. All right,
what do we got, what do we got?

- I wanna see, I wanna see.
- Um. Sexy.


Pretty and sexy.

Girls, I think we found a winner.

Wow, I guess this means
the record's nearly finished, huh?

Speaking of "wow"...


- Antwon. Hey.
- Hey.

- Ready?
- We have a slight problem.

Hey, Coach Skills.

What the...? Chuck?

His mom had an emergency
and couldn't pick him up from school.

She was drinking.

So I promised
I'd watch him for a while.

I'm so sorry.
I guess we should probably cancel.

No. I mean, I guess he could come.

You wouldn't mind?

Yeah. Why not?

Great. I'll get my coat.

Sweet. Where we going?

Yeah, so peewee basketball
is just how I give back to the kids.

You'd be surprised at how profitable
the baby-proofing industry is.


- Yo, Chuck.
- Sorry.


Yeah, he's doing well.

He don't look too bad.

You know, you don't know how few
guys would be up for a night like this.

I'm so glad we didn't cancel, Antwon.

Oh, really? How glad?

Come on!

Hey. Whose freaking kid is this,
damn it?

Mine, sorry. I'll be back.

That's the end
of the first half. Chiefs leading by 10...

...57 to 47. Well on their way
to their eighth straight win.

Hey. It's Mama as a cheerleader.

Yeah. And there's Aunt Brooke
and Aunt Peyton.

They've been friends for a long time.

Oh, yeah. Long time.

Who's in that one? Let's see.

That's Uncle Keith, Aunt Karen.

And who's that?

That's me.

You were a funny-looking baby,
Uncle Lucas.


Just kidding.

You're kind of my Uncle Keith,
aren't you?

Well, I'd like to think
that's exactly who I am.


Aunt Peyton's a cool angel.

Is Aunt Peyton gonna be okay?

I don't know, bud.

I think everything's gonna be okay.

- Oh, wow. What is it?
It's a baby memory book.

And you put photos and journal entries
and all that stuff in it.

You look at it five years from now,
you'll never believe they were that small.

You know,
Victoria almost got one of those for me.


- Yeah.
- You okay?

I love it. Thank you.

And I just want you guys to know...

...I love you so much.

I love you too.

Okay, hold on. No crying.
I'm taking a picture.

No crying for the picture. Yeah?

Okay. Okay, get in here.

Ready? One, two, three.

All right, let's bring it in.

"Chiefs," on three.
One, two, three, Chiefs!

Let's go.

Let's go, buddy.
- Bring it home.


So far you've done a terrific job
of making Nino look good...

...just make sure
you make yourself look good too.

Okay? If you get an open shot, take it.

The scouts are here to watch everyone.
That includes you, coach.

We're gonna win this game.

I'm not angry.

But I would appreciate
you talking to me first...

...before you start lavishing Sam
with fancy clothes.

- I thought she looked nice.
- Not the point.

What are you doing here?

- I wanted to talk to you about Sam.
- What about Sam?

I know you care for her deeply,
as do I...

...but I think that you should consider...

...letting her spend time with her
birth mother on a more permanent basis.

And what makes you think that?

- Honey, I've been talking to her...
- Don't "honey" me.

You talked to her about this?

This is not your business.
You had no right.

Nothing good was gonna come of
the two of you spending time together.

What can I say, we get along.

Unlike some people
that shall remain nameless.

- You can't do this.
- Do what?

Try to be the mother to her
that you never were to me.

- Last time I checked, I was still your...
- Don't say it.

Anyone who ever wanted
to be in my life...

...Peyton, boys, anyone,
you tried to push them all away.

You tried to push everyone away.
And now you want Sam to leave?

- I don't want Sam to leave.
- Yes, you do.

It's why you're lying to my face
right now.

You're jealous
because she wants to be with me.

Well, she's not going anywhere.

Not if I have anything to say about it.

- What's that?
- Adoption papers.

Brooke, be careful.

I don't want you to get hurt.

All my life you have avoided
being a mother to me.

Do not think for one moment
that you get to start now.

What's going on?

I don't know,
maybe you should ask your mother.

What was that about?

Sam, I wanna talk
to you about something.

Something important.

You're happy here, right?

Yeah. What's going on?

I want to adopt you. For real.

I want to make it official and forever.

I've given this a lot of thought.
I want us to be a family.

I know that it's your dream to have that,
and I wanna give that to you now.

So, what do you say?


- Yeah.
- Okay.


I can still see my real mom, right?

Dude, save some for the second half.

You never really talk
about your past relationship.

Was it a bad breakup?

Yeah, kind of. I mean, in the end,
it was mostly a lifestyle thing.

We just didn't see eye-to-eye
on some stuff.

She was a grandma.

Let's just say she was mature.

Hey, look, that's cool. It's just...

So we're clear, I prefer younger guys.

Younger, bald, athletic guys
who like kids.

That's funny, because
my last relationship didn't work...

...because I was too young,
bald, athletic.

But I do like kids.

Mom says I shouldn't eat dairy.

Some kids. I do like some kids.

Oh, no.

All right. Come on, buddy.
We gotta go.

- Do I have to?
- Yes. Chop-chop.

If we hurry, we can call your dad
before your bedtime.

This is what you guys
have been working on?


Don't tell.
It's a surprise for Aunt Peyton.

- Oh, sorry. Hi.
- Hey, you.

So how was the shower? Is she okay?

Yeah. Yeah,
I think she really enjoyed herself.

How are you doing?
You holding up okay?

- Better now.
- Good. Glad to hear it.

All right, buddy. Let's go call your dad.

Thanks, Uncle Lucas. That was fun.

Yeah, it was.

Your whole life's in that box.
I wish I had one.

- See you.
- Bye.

Aw. He's cute.

And you are sweet. Look,
I know it wasn't the night you planned...

...but you were really great
with Chuck.


Well, maybe next time
it could just be the two of us.

- I'd like that.
- Yeah?

- Yes.
- Mm.

Naughty, naughty.

I'll take his silly butt home.

- Good night, guys.
- Good night.

Mm. Mm-mm-mm.


She's cool.
You should ask her out sometime, coach.

Oh, God.



Can I talk to you?


I didn't mean to ambush you before.

That wasn't right.

It's okay.

I don't think it is.

I've actually been thinking about this...

...and I think you should go
spend some time with your real mom.

You want to, don't you?

Please don't hate me.

Samantha, I could never hate you.

I love you very much.

You stayed for me.
You let go of Julian for me.

I was doing what was best for you.

And that was true then,
and I think it's true now.

You should go.

You know you can always
come back here.

How come you're so good to me?

Because I love you no matter what.

Can I keep the dress?

Of course.

It's just...

Victoria says I look like a Davis
in that dress.

Honey, you'll always be a Davis to me.

You'll always be my first mom.


How about that Nathan Scott?
He played a pretty great game tonight.

I never really seen him
as a point guard...

...but I gotta say I was impressed.
The kid's got a bright future.

With the Clippers?

Hey, what happened?

- I thought you were...
- Don't say it.

You know that annoying kid
from our peewee team?

- Yeah, the hoser kid?
- Yeah.

- Let's just say I got "Chucked. "
- Damn.

I just realized you forgot something.


I'm gonna miss you.

I'll miss you too.

You know you'll always
have a home here no matter what.

- I love you, Sam.
- I love you too.



- Bye.
- Bye.



Are you crying?


It's this horrible mascara. It's just...

Remind me to sue the manufacturer.

It's our mascara, Victoria.

What do we do now?

We have our work to focus on.

Of course.

Hey, coach.
Have you heard anything from the scout?

Uh. No. No, not yet.

But listen,
you guys did all you could out there.

And now we just wait
for the phone to ring.

It's going to be okay, honey.

I'm fine.

We have our work to focus on now.

There's still one thing missing.

What's that?

Our wedding photo.


- We can get married right away?
- Sure.

Only if the doctor says it's okay.

But it's not because of the baby...

...or our situation
or, well, any damn thing.

I want you to be my wife...

...because I love you.

I love you with all my heart.

I love you too.