One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 2 - One Million Billionth of a Millisecond on a Sunday Morning - full transcript

Nathan enjoys preparing for a basketball comeback. When Haley discovers how much painkillers he needs they consult a doctor, who warns that overdoing it may even land him in a wheelchair for life. Crazy Carrie's torture now extends to feeding bugs to Dan and setting him up as Jamie's 'stalker' before her planned kidnapping. Deb sees that Brooke has been beaten black and blue and robbed, probably on ma's orders as the sketches are stolen, but is asked to keep silent- and teach her to use a gun. Someone else does, with lasting consequences.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

I hit you with the borrowed car,
and now I am going to kill you.

But first, I'm gonna get Jamie back.

- I love you...
- Yes.

- You didn't let me ask you...
- Yes, baby, yes.

- This isn't right.
- No, it's okay. It is.

I just wanna be your wife.

This is supposed to be
a dream come true.

You right.
We gonna have to go public.

- Yeah.
- I'm gonna say, "Nate.

I'm dating your mom.
Sleeping with her.

Doing all kind of freaky stuff to her. "
You wanna tell him or should I?

What's up, what's up? There it is.

For the first time,
I felt like I was on my way back.

I'm so glad for you.

Hey, Daddy. When you play in the NBA,
you should play for the Bobcats.

Q says they need a shooting guard.

You and Q. Come here.

- It's my company.
- No, it's our company.

- Without my designs, you have nothing.
- We'll see about that.

I want you to lock it. She's not
getting anywhere near the new line.

When I was a kid,
I used to love to jump on the bed.

I'd pretend I could fly.

I'd pretend I could dunk.

I was happy.

Then my mom would pass by the room
and shout:

"Lucas Scott.

If you break that box spring...'re gonna be sleeping on the floor
the rest of your life. "

Well, here's the good news:

If you have to sleep on the floor...

...I'll sleep there with you.

For the rest of your life?


Jamie, if you break that box spring...'re sleeping on the floor
the rest of your life.

And get ready for school, you goof.

Good morning.

- Skills. What are you doing here? Hi.
- Hello.

Haley James Scott.
Good morning, baby girl.

Hey, I was just in the neighborhood...

...and thought maybe Nathan
could use a ride to morning practice.

Mm-hm. It's because of Deb, isn't it?


You don't fool me, Skills.

Look, Mouth and Millicent
are out of town.

Nathan told you what a great cook
Deb is. Come on in.

Breakfast is served.

Hey, can't fool you, Hales.

- What are you doing here?
- I'm just picking up Nathan.

And kissing your sexy ass.

Well, breakfast is served.

Hey, Uncle Skills.

Hey. There he is.

Let me check.

Oh, yeah, I think you're good.
She just had some...

Yeah, she good.

Morning, Grandma.

Nanny Deb.

Nanny Deb.

Okay, well, I'm gonna just...

You know, I'm... Hey.
Lock it up, little man. All right?

See you later, Grandma.


Well, let's get you some breakfast.

And they thought
the last nanny was crazy.

Breakfast is served.

You're gonna need to eat if you wanna
get big and strong before I kill you.

Still can't talk, huh?

God, you are, like, the perfect man.

I mean, if you were younger
and better-looking.

No biting.

Okay. Here comes the choo-choo.

Do people just kiss all the time?

If they love each other.

Do you love Uncle Skills?

What? Why?

You were kissing him.

- No. No, I wasn't. When?
- This morning, in the kitchen.

No. No, honey,
I had something in my eye...

...and he was helping me get it out.

- With his mouth?
- Jamie, I was not kissing Uncle Skills.

I mean, first of all,
he's your parents' age...

...and one of Uncle Lucas' best friends.
It just... It wouldn't be right.

I think it'd be cool.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Grandpa Skills.

We gotta release way sooner than that.
If we don't get ahead of the ball...

...we might as well forget about it.
Now, can anybody get this thing right?

I'll give it a shot.

- It's about time. Q.

- Got a new shooting guard.
All right.

Look at it.

Oh, okay.

Ladies and gentlemen, years from now,
you will be able to tell your friends... was in the gym the day
Nathan Scott got back into the game.

- Yeah. Yeah, there he is.
- Just give me the ball...

...and get out of the way.

Eight seconds and the shot goes up.

Skins. We block out, kick the ball to Q,
fill the lanes and push it.

All right? Now, let's go.

Ball, ball, ball. Let's go, baby.
Weak side, yo, weak side.

There he is.
Get the board.

Ball, ball, ball.

Go, go, go.

Whoo! Don't call it a comeback, baby.
Don't do that.

How was breakfast?

So damn good.

Will you remind Quentin
that he's got a tutoring session today?

- I will.
Thank you.

- How's he doing?
- Great, actually.

He's doing better with Les Mis
than I did in school.

Yeah, that's great. Whatever that is.

Get up, get up.

Ho! Somebody getting sexy.

Right. That boy looks damn good
on a basketball court.

Hey, 23.

Call me.

Damn, I gotta change
my jersey number.

- I'll see you later.
All right.

Hey, hey. How Luke doing?

Something tells me
Lucas is gonna be just fine.

Oh, excuse me.

It's okay. We're getting married.



So you know how you said our wedding
should be a dream come true?

- Oh, boy.
- No, I just...

I never wanted my wedding
to be, like, princess for a day...

...but I do think it would be fun
to have your mom there and...

It's Brooke. Can I tell her?

Sure. You can tell her
we're coming home for the ceremony.

- Hey, best friend.
Hi, you didn't come home again.

Oh, yeah, well, that's because
I'm in L.A. With Lucas...

...and we wanted you
to be the first to know...

...we're getting married.

That's great, Peyton.

I'm just... I'm at the store,
and someone needs help.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. No, okay.
Um, you sure everything's okay?


I'm just really happy for you.

I gotta go.

Hi, it's Brooke.

I know this probably seems
out of the blue...

...but do you think you could meet me
at my store?

I thought you were
gonna come meet me.

I chickened out.

You're just gonna have to join
the mile-high club on your own.

I just kind of did.

- Ew!
- I'm kidding, I'm kidding.

So when would you like to
get married, Peyton Sawyer?

Oh, I love that question.

I don't know.

Why don't we find a place we both like,
and then we can pick a date?


Well, until then,
how do you feel about living in sin...

...and moving in with me?

Well, considering the last 48 hours...

...I'm pretty sure
we already have been living in sin.

Yeah. I'd love to.

I do wanna spend one more night
with Brooke, though.

She sounded sad on the phone,
and I'm gonna miss her.

You got it.

Oh, my God.



Honey, what happened?
Were you robbed?


Last night.

Oh, my God.

I'm not gonna cry. It's...

Oh, it's okay.

I'm not gonna cry.

Hey, baby, how was school?

- Pretty good.
- Come on.

Hey, Grandpa Dan.


Come on. Let's go.

What's up, man? What's up, boy?

God, man. You are getting it back.

- Slowly but surely.
- Slowly? Dude, you playing like me.

- Hi, boys.
- Hey.

Ohhh. Yeah.


Give me some.

Man, it looks so much cooler
when you rocking that cape, man.

Whoo! Yeah, I see. I like that, man.

I wish I had me one of them.

That's hot. Wait a second.
I brought you something, man.

I got you a little something.
Hold on one second.


Dan was at school again today.

It just bothers me
that he keeps coming around.

Check this out.

Now, when I was a kid, I used to put
all my little treasures in here.

See that?

- Now you can too.
- Cool. Thanks, Q.

Man, it's nothing. You got it.

- Q, I'm gonna be in my classroom.
- All right. I'll be right there, Ms. HJS.

All right, baller. I gotta go, man, but see
if you can beat your dad in that cape.

Oh, yeah, it's easy. It's nothing.
Yeah. You can do it.

That's a pretty cool gift, huh?

Let's see what you got, Dr. J.

Yes! Nothing but net.

Did you call the police?

No, and I don't want to.

Brooke, you have to file a police report,
or your insurance won't accept a claim.

I don't want to.
I have plenty of money for this.

Well, do you know what's missing?

The computer, cash from the register
and the sketches for my new line.

Oh, honey. I'm so sorry.

But I really think
we need to call the police.

No. I don't want the press
involved in this.

So you can't tell anyone, okay?

Not Haley and Nathan, or Peyton,
or anyone.



- Thank you.
- Come here.

Deb, you own a gun, right?

I do.

I want you to teach me how to use it.

Jamie was happy to see you
at school today.

Haley didn't look very pleased, though.

Pretty soon,
when Jamie goes missing...

...she'll remember that Grandpa Dan
kept coming around.

As a matter of fact...

...she saw his car there
practically every day.

How does it feel
to be the prime suspect? Huh?

What's on your mind, Skills?

Oh, nothing.

Actually, when you first
started dating Haley... hard was that for you
to keep that from Lucas?

Not very hard.

Probably harder for Haley
because they were friends.

I didn't like Lucas.

You didn't like Uncle Lucas?

It was a long time ago, big ears.

Why? Where's your head?

Just thinking about
the rules of it all, you know?

How sometimes
the heart just wants what it wants.

So, what's going on, Skills?

You sneaking around with
some hot girl and not telling us?

Yeah, what's going on, Skills?

Hey. My ears aren't that big.

Well, Mr. Fields,
you've certainly come a long way.

It almost seems as though you're
starting to enjoy Les Mis?rables.

Come on, now. Don't get crazy on me.

You asked me to read the book,
and I am.

I've also noticed how you are
with Jamie and Nathan...

...and I appreciate it.

I'm telling you, man, Jamie,
that kid there, he is gonna be the man.

I'm serious. He's already
got some things going for him.

Well, I think he likes that the star of the
basketball team makes him feel special.

Well, I got a little brother his age.

Yeah, yeah, always watching me
and copying me, whatever.

I don't know,
I just try to keep it fun for him...

...before he grows up
and life gets harder.

Quentin, what do you
wanna do with your life?

- Besides basketball.
- Besides basketball, I'd...

Well, I don't know,
I guess get married.

Raise a family.

Yeah? You want kids?

I mean, I think about it sometimes.

You know,
when I look at my little brother...

...or when I see J. Luke, I...

I don't know, I think maybe
I'll have a son of my own someday...

...or, you know, a little girl.

That'd be all right.


Well, like I said,
you've certainly come a long way.

A- plus, Mr. Fields.

- A-plus?
- A-plus.

What? I got a...? Oh! Nice.

So I guess this means
I get to stop reading this...


Not even...? I can't?

Okay, that's good.
Just a little lower now.

- Okay.
- Right, that... Oh. Perfect.


- Hi, Mama.
- What's this?

I won't let you hop on the bed,
so you hop on Pop?

- It's fun. You should try it.
- Mm. Maybe I will.

- Hey, where's Deb?
- I have no idea. Again.

- Hi.
- Hey.

- I don't have very long.
- Okay, good.

Sorry. How was your day?

I had to lie to Jamie about us.

And then something else happened.

Wait. Come on, sit down.

What's going on?

Well, I can't really talk about it...

...but I have a friend who's going
through some really emotional stuff...

...and she wants me
to keep it a secret.


- I'm just not sure I should.
- Well, how you find out about it?

She called me.

Well, without knowing the situation,
I'd say that she called you for a reason.

And if she ain't telling nobody else,
then that means that she respects you...

...and probably thinks
that you're the one person...

...that just might understand
what she going through.

Yeah. That makes a lot of sense.

I mean, is there anything I could do?

You just did it.


We just had our first real conversation.

- It was nice.
- Yeah, it was kind of nice, huh?

I mean, it wasn't better
than that cheerleading outfit, but...

It was nice.

Brooke, I'm home.

Okay. Don't freak out.
- Why?

Oh, my God.

Brooke, what happened?

Lindsey came by and said,
"Peyton's a bitch"...

...and I said, "Peyton is not a bitch,"
and she said, "Yes, she is. "

And I said, "Well, maybe
you're the bitch, bitch," and:

- Brooke...
- But you should see her face.


I was doing laundry...

...and I got all tangled up
in one of the sheets...

...and I fell face-first down the stairs.

Oh, honey, I'm sorry I wasn't here.
Why didn't you call me?

I did, but you said
you were getting married.

Is that why you sounded so bad
on the phone?

- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- No, it's okay, really.

- I'm too sore to hug.
- Okay.

- But congratulations.
- Thanks.

- It's kind of sudden, right?
- Are you kidding?

The rest of the world's been waiting
on you two idiots since high school.

He asked me to move in with him.


Do married people do that?

I really am happy for you, P. Sawyer.

I might be a little happier...

...if it was your bony ass
that fell down the stairs, but still.

I'm gonna miss this.

Me too.

I smell a little monster
Sneaking up behind me

- What's up, beastie boy?
- Can you help me make a cape?

Sure. How come?

Well, Quentin really likes mine...

...and I thought maybe
we could make one for him too.

I think that's a very nice idea.
I'd be happy to help you, sir.

Do you smell that?

- No.
- I smell a bigger monster.

Uncle Lucas.

Oh, wow. You're getting heavy.

Did you know
that Daddy didn't like you once?

What? When?

When he was dating Mama.
I have big ears.

Good looking out.

Kid's got my back.

So speaking of sneaking around,
where have you been the last few days?

With Peyton, maybe?

Actually, we're engaged.

Get out.

I just shaved your head from
your last engagement gone wrong.

Yeah, I know. I know, it sounds crazy.

But we just spent
the last couple of days together...

...happier than either one of us
can remember.

And I know
I have been all over the place...

...but my best friend told me,
"Pick a team. "

You were right.

You're happy?

We both are.

That's all that counts.

Besides, the only people
that tear happy people down...

...are those that are unhappy, so you
go do your thing, I got your back.


Thank you.

- For what?
- For always helping me.

For giving me a place to live
and for the record label...

...and for being my best friend.

You really are a good person,
Brooke Davis.

And what do I get out of it?

Great friends. Great life. Good karma.

I don't believe in karma.

I try to be a good person
and bad stuff happens anyway.

Like what kind of bad stuff?
Like falling down the stairs?

Yeah, something like that.

You missing Angie?

I don't really wanna talk about it.


Well, let me ask you something.

If you don't believe in karma,
what do you believe in?


Make sure we make it bigger, Mama.

- Q's a little bigger than me.
- A little?

You think Nanny Deb wants to help?

Oh, I think Nanny Deb's
taking a nap right now.

- She sure has been tired a lot lately.
- Yeah, she has, huh?

Where did I put my scissors?

Hey, Masked Avenger. Get up.

- What?
- I know what you've been up to.

I was gonna tell you.

Deb, I will not have a junkie
around my son.

Wait, what?

I found the pills.


Come on, Deb.
Nathan's pain medication for his back.

This bottle was full a week ago.

And now you're out all night
and you're always tired.

You think I took those pills?

Well, unless you've been fighting crime
in that thing, where have you been?

I've been having sex.

Well, I have.

And I haven't taken a single one
of those pills.

I believe your husband's back
has been bothering him lately.

We know what
you've been up to, Nathan.

And don't try and blame it on Deb,
because she's been having sex.


Have you been taking these pills?

- And don't say...
- Yes.

- Yes. Yes?
- Yeah.

Those are my pain pills for my back,
and my back's been in pain.

- This bottle was full a week ago.
- I know.

I've been taking two a day,
which is what the prescription says.

Contrary to popular belief,
some people can take pills...

...without turning into a junkie.

I'm going back to bed.

If it makes you feel any better...

...I could probably play through the pain,
but those pills really help.

I just want you to be careful.

I will.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Yeah, sorry.

Can we at least
just go see the doctor...

...and talk to him about everything,
now that you're playing again?


- We'll go tomorrow.
- Okay.

You know what the worst part
about being a fugitive is?

Being a fugitive.

All that sneaking around,
constantly being pursued.

See, that's where you come in.

Grandpa Dan, just out of prison,
hanging around the schoolyard.

And then Jamie's missing
and Grandpa Dan's missing.

I'm sure the manhunt
will be extensive...

...but they'll be looking for you
in a black SUV...

...not in a shallow grave
out by the swing set.

You know what I love most?

The fact that no one checks up on you
because no one likes you.

Yeah, they'll all miss Jamie,
but no one's gonna miss you.

All I have to do is burn your ID
and that pager.

And by the way, a beeper?

What are you,
a drug dealer on Miami Vice?

You did get one page, though,
right after I hit you with that car.

So I guess your table's ready
at the Cheesecake Factory.

It's alive.

Well done.

What does it want to say?

Your plan sucks.

That pain you're experiencing is
your body telling you to slow down.

It can't handle the pace you kept
before your accident.

Which is not to say
you can't have a basketball career...

...if you're smart about it.
What does that mean, exactly?

Can you tell us the risks to him
if he plays again?

Well, it's the "exactly" part
that's tricky, Haley.

Nathan's back is held together
with medical ingenuity and miracles.

The miracle part
isn't exactly scientific.

It's possible I could play for 10 years
and be fine, right?

Oh, yeah, it's possible.
But here's the worst-case scenario:

You cause your spine enough trauma
to end up back in that wheelchair...

...possibly for life.

How come Peyton's moving out?

Because she's moving in with me.
We're getting married.

What happened to Lindsey?

That's a long story, kid.

Were you ever in love with Mama?

What do you mean, like "love" love?

No. We were always
just friends. Why?

Just wondered.

Were you ever in love
with Aunt Brooke?

Long story.


Make yourself useful, knucklehead.

When you get married,
do I have to be the ring bearer again?

Not if you don't want to.

Good, because last time
didn't work out so well.

Your plan sucks.

Really? The guy can finally speak
and he's a fricking talking parrot.

Don't make me get the ball gag.

Now you're just turning me on.


I'll play your little game, parrot.
Why does my plan suck?

The pager.

There's a number
on the back of it. Call it.

Is this a trick?

Call it and find out.

My plan doesn't suck.

They're getting married, huh?


The doctor scared you, didn't he?

Right about the time
he said, "Paralysis. "

I was watching you practice
with the team yesterday.

You looked so happy.

Somebody that was doing
exactly what they were born to do.

- You still love it, don't you?
- Yeah. I do.

Truth is, I could slow down
and try to play differently.

No, you can't. That's not who you are.
You can't do that.

Can I tell you a secret, though?
That's what I love about you.

I remember the first time I saw you play
when I was tutoring you.

- You were like a rock star out there.
- Basin Borough.

You sat with Keith
and you wore that goofy hat.


I scored 35 points that night,
and each basket...

...was like my own personal version
of a Haley James pickup line.

It worked.

I played that game for you, Haley,
and you know what?

I'd give it up for you too.

As much as I love playing the game...

...and the person that
I am when I play it...

...I love being a husband
and a father more.

This is the last of it.

- No Brooke?
- No.

She was gone when I woke up.
She's not picking up her cell...

...or at the store.
- That sucks. I really wanted to see her.

- Little help here.
- Whoa. I gotcha.

Hey, Peyton.

It's a beginning, not an end.

Stop smiling.

Call the number.

"Call the number. "
Want me to call the number?

I'll call the damn number.

Pay-as-you-go. No caller ID.

My plan sucks.
Says the cripple in the restraints.

Emergency medical response team.

May I have your name
and the number on your pager, please?

I'm sorry, I think I dialed
the wrong number. Who's this?

Emergency medical response team.

And unless you're on the list
for a heart transplant...'ve called the wrong number.

I'm sorry.

Shut up. I said, shut up!

Brooke? It's Deb, honey.



I was in the neighborhood and thought
you might wanna have a little girls' night.

No, thank you.


I lived a lot of years
feeling powerless and alone.

I was pissed off and medicated
and scared to death.

That's not going to happen to you.
Not if I can help it.

Now, get dressed.

What does that mean,
"emergency response team," huh?


It means I have
less than six months to live...

...and even if I kidnapped
my own grandson...

...then I'm only a suspect
for a few months.

Then I'm dead, and where is he?

Which means your plan sucks.

Stop saying that. You hear me?

Keep your mouth shut...

...or I promise you,
I will kill you right now.

Without that heart, I'm already dead.


Hi, this is Brooke.
And this is Peyton. Leave...

Call us...

You said I was next.
- No, I did not.

Yes, you did.
- Leave a message. Bye.

I told you I was gonna do it.

- Game.
Damn. Damn.

- One more, man. Let's go.
- That's it. I'm done today, man.


That's soft, man. You ain't never
getting to the association like that.

All right, we'll see about that.

So you leaving?

Just like that?

What the hell
you thinking about, Nate?

I'm thinking I got a really hot wife...

...and an awesome son
waiting for me at home.

Hey, Nate.

I'm happy to be a part of it, man.

What's that?

- The comeback.
- Don't call it a comeback, man.

Oh, it's a comeback, baby.

It's a beautiful thing to watch, bro.

Tomorrow morning. Rivercourt.

And, Q...

...thank you.

It's so awesome, Mama.
Quentin's gonna love it.

Dude, don't you have
the apartment all to yourself now?

Where's the party?

Yeah, well, you got a whole house
all to yourself.

Not anymore.

Peyton's moving in.
We're getting married.

Well, well. You want another drink,
or should I just wait...

...till you propose to Brooke?

Nice. How about
I buy you a drink, huh?

- Okay.
- I mean, unless it's a bad time.

No. I was just gonna talk to Q
about something...

...but I'll see him tomorrow.
- All right, let's go.

Let's roll.


Can I get 20,
pump number one, please?

Have a nice night.


Oh, my God.

Lucas, what is it?

Quentin Fields was shot tonight.

He's dead.