One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 6, Episode 13 - Things a Mamma Don't Know - full transcript

Nathan is selected as point guard by the Charleton Chiefs, where his NBA record causes jealous panic. Lucas pleads against the planned director with studio-boss Paul Norris, who turns out to be Julian's unsupportive father. Chase helps Owen after his drinking relapse. The police won't signal Sam for 24 hours, but Julian helps Brooke, whose memory is also stirred in another crime case.

Previously on One Tree Hill

Do you know what's missing?

Sketches for my new line.

The attack -- it was my fault.

Has sam been in here tonight?

She left, and I let her go,
and I shouldn't have.

Sam,this is my brother, "X."

Have a nice night.

It doesn't mean anything.

It means everything.

I haven't had a drink in over eight yearS.

Tonight, that's gonna change.

I haven't had sex in over 22 years.

And tonight that's gonna change.

I'm trying out as a point guard.

What's next is the phone's gonna ring,

and the answer is either gonna be a yes or a no.

It's going to be a yes.

You need to convince lucas to do the movie.

And you'll make it the movie he wants it to be.

I'll stay on the movie,'cause it matters to me.

Any history of diabetes in the family? Cancer?

My birth mother died of cancer.

I just want to run some tests.

One Tree Hill Season 6 Episode 13

Hi. I have to tell you something.

Peyton, are you okay?

I know it's late.

It's okay if it's late. What's up?

I'm not sure that I can call you my fiance anymore.

'Cause I was thinking maybe
I'd start calling you my baby daddY.

Are we --

I'm having your baby, lucas scotT.

Our baby.

We're pregnant.

And, oh, god, I know it's sudden.

I just really want you to be okay with it,

because I'm very, very okay with iT.

And -- oh, and it's early.
I mean, it's too early.

It's too early to even tell anybody.

I love you.

I love you, peyton.

I love you, too.

I hate it when deb calls to tell us
that she's sleeping over at skills'

because her sleeping is not sleeping,

and it's the last thing want to hear about
before I go to sleep.

That was the charleston chiefs.

You're looking at their newest point guard.

Oh, my god!

Oh, my god! And you say I'm badass.

Millie left me because of gigi.

I'm sorry, man.

Just say you told me sO.

You know you're my boy, right?

But I told you gigi was trouble, man --

always wanting you to work late.

And what comes after working late?

Freaky deaky.

We didn't freaky or deaky,but she wanted to.

And then millie found a picture of gigi on my cellphone.

You didn't erase it?


It's erased now.

I don't know.Maybe millie was right.

Maybe I enjoyed all the attention from gigi,

so maybe I deserve to lose heR.

She'll come back.

You didn't see her.

I'm not sure she can come back from a broken heart.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

I need some help.My daughter --

well, she's not my daughter.

She's my foster daughter -- sort of.

She's -- she's gone missing or run away or something.

Okay, ma'am, slow down.

Okay. Not a ma'am.And I'm -- I'm sorry.

It's just I've been up all night looking for saM.

Her name is sam,and she's usually back by now.

Okay, so, sam, and she's done this before?

Yes, but just to annoy me.It's --

and she comes back?

Yes, but this is different because --

okay, ma'am, so far, all you have is a kid

who's not really yours and who always comes bacK.

There's nothing much we can do about that.

- So, that's it?
- I'm sorrY.

Look, come down to the station tomorrow
if she hasn't returned, okay?

To protect and serve, my ass.

Rise and shine,porcupine.

Can a guy get five more minutes?

Okay, but today's a big day at the scott house.

How big are we talking?

Bigger than if christmas,
your birthday, and pizza friday

all happened on "bring chester to school" day.

You made the b-league team?

That's right, I made it.

I'm a charleston chief.
I start practice today.

You did it!

We did it.


Morning, sam.


thanks for letting me crash.

Jack's friends are my friends.

And things for friends.

So, where's jack?


You know, sam,
I really wish you hadn't gone through my stufF.

The sketches?

I know you took them.

And now you've really pissed me off.

What now, julian?

Well, the director's threatening to walk,

and you've been summoned to oz.

The head of the studio wants to talk with you in an houR.

What the hell happened?

***Screw you.

I have a flight in two hours,
and I'm not gonna do your damned joB.

You're the producer.
Why don't you meet with the studio?

Well, he wants to meet with you.

And because you wrote a script for his studio,
you're his bitch.

And as always, you're a dick.

Look, lucas,I worked really hard to get this movie green-lit,

and you screwed it up.So, get over there,

avoid the 405, and save this movie.

So, tell me what you told brooke davis about those sketches.

I didn't tell her anything,
'cause I don't know anything.

Look, I gave brooke the sketches.That's all.

I didn't rat you out.
I didn't even know you took them.

It was all my fault anyway.
I was the one shooting off my mouth.

Oh, so, you're feeling guilty now.

Brooke was good to mE.


Because she took you in?

Put you up in that big house?

Saved you from what?

From being like us?

I used to like you, saM.

I thought jack had caught himself a nice piecE.

But I don't like people who forget where they belong.

Dude, lay ofF.

Somebody grew a pair of balls last night.

Brooke tried to run away, too.

I think you two need to take some time

to think about what a couple of idiots you are.

I thought you were sober.

Not anymorE.

What are you doing here so early?

Apologizing for yesterday.

I was having a rage-against-the-man,

tortured-artist moment.

Oh, god.

Kill me.I'm the man now?


You're the one who took a chance on me
and guided my career,

and if you think I should record
the songs from the label,I will.

Mia, I never want you to think
I don't believe in your music.

I mean,you're my first artist.

It's like being my first kid.

And so, no matter what,I love you.

And I'm gonna support yoU.

But you got to tell me what's really going on.

It's not like I'm not writing.

It's like I can'T.The first record --

well, honey, your first record
--that was a lifetime of worK.

But you can do this.

You have so many songs in you.I could see that year ago.

And I still see it now.

So, here's the plan --

I'm going to buy some time with our label partners,

and you are going to go write some kick-ass songs, okay?

That is, if you ever want to get on that ranky tour bus again.

I will. I promisE.

Your mama totally rocked that.


Hey, brooke, what are you --

sam's gone.

Save it for practice, scotT.


What are you doing here?I thought dave shea was the G.M.

He is. I'm your new coach.


Yeah, the truth is,
my heart was never really into being a G.M.

I guess I just needed someone to remind me
never to give up on a dream, you know?

Yeah, I had a friend who did the same for me.

So, is this, uh --is this your comeback?

Well, not yet.

I don't even know that I'm a good enough
coach to turn you into a point guard.

But we'll give it a shot.

Welcome back.

You, too.

Oh, man, this is awesome.

My dad's a charleston chief.

He's at camp now, he's gonna play point guard.

Sorry. I bet basketball makes you think about "q" huh?

Yeah.I miss him.

I wish I could go to his grave and talk to hiM.

But mom won't go.

It makes her too sad.

Sometimes I go with my mama.

Maybe you can go with us next time.

I wish I could go today.

Maybe I can show you the way.


Millie, can we talk?

Actually, I'm kind of busy right now pencil sharpening.

Brooke's sort of a slave driver
when it comes to pencil points.

Talk to mouth.

Look, everything can be taken back.

- can it? - Yes.

And by the way you're both hurting,
it's obvious that you still love each otheR.'s not fair to take it out
on some poor,defenseless pencil.

Just talk to mouth.

Lucas scott.

Paul norriS.

Great script.

Thank you.

To make it to the screen,
we'll need the right team behind iT.

That's why I asked you here.

I know.And about the director --

I want to talk about the producer.



What do you think of him?

Look, mr. Norris, I --


Paul, I'in tnew his business and can't really judge juliaN.

From what I hear,
I think you're actually the best one to judge julian.

Look, what happened yesterday makes me think

that julian doesn't know what he's doinG.

Now I got an a-list director
who's threatening to walK.

- I'm sorry about that.
- It's not your faulT.

Julian's the producer. He should have been therE.

I'm a straight shooter.

I know julian well.

He's an unpredictable loose cannon

whose arrogance gets in the way of doi his job.

We're talking straight here,right?

So, why do you keep working with him?

'Cause he's my son.

If you're looking for numb 23,it's already taken --

by me...

devon foX.

- I'm nathan --
- I know. Scott.

All-american at maryland.

Got thrown through a window,

cost you about $20 million guaranteed cash.

Thew away your shot at the nba.

Not very bright, are you?

Thought you were a two guarD.

I used to be. Switching to the point.

Bad move.

See, I'm the point guard,and this is my team.

This is my shot at the nba,

and I can guarantee I ain't throwing it away like you did.

Sure hope your son grows up arter than you, 15.

I take it my son didn't tell you about our connection.

Well, uh...

julian's not exactly up front when it comes to me.

He decided to use his mother's last name a few years ago.

Said he wanted to blaze his own trail,be his own man.

So, he moved into a little studio apartmentin north hollywood,

got a P.A. Job,fell in love.

How is peyton?

We're good.

Good for you.


Ah, no, thanks.

Peyton's a good girl.

She got julian to focus on something long enough to

get his film to sundance.

Yeah, I-I heard it did well,had a lot of --had good buzz.

Buzz fades.

You're a tough audiencE.

That's why I'm successful.

And my son is a lot of talk.

He says he wants to make it on his own,

but he still came to me
when he needed money to make this movie.

Well, I got to say I'm glad you gave it to hiM.

Julian never had a problem finding a good thing.

It's his follow-through that's lacking.

Besides,this movie's a good investment.

It'll make money,especially in middle america.

But I still keep asking myself the same question.

What's that?

Same one you should be asking.

Is julian interested in making a good movie

or finding a way to get peyton back?

Ever see a '7dove shattered into like a gatrilceon pies?

Wow, peyton said it wasn't pretty in here.

Peyton's a big fan of the understatement.

Peyton is also a big fan of yours, and so am I.

So, I am here to help you.

Blast from the past! Where did you find this?

Clearly, not in your washing machine.

I practically lived in this thing
when we recorded the first time.

I know.And then the tour came around,

and you left it behind,
so I thought I'd take care of it for you.


What do you say we try and find the girl

who used to wear that hoodie?

You're making quentin's favorite cookies again?

Yeah, sweetie, I-I guess I am.

Um, why don't you go on outside
and have fun with jamie, okay?

And just make sure you stay in the yard, all right?

What'd she say?

She said we can go.

And she even gave us cookies.

Come on!

Sam's still not answering.

Will you try her again, please?

Okay, sweetie, but your driving --

can you just slow it down a little,

'cause you're upset and I'm -- I'm carsick.

I'm sorry. I just...

I told sam that she could always talk to me about anything.

And the first anything that
she talks to me about,and I just stood there.

Well, you were in shocK.

I mean, did she say anything about where she got the sketches?

No.I didn't even ask.

I'm supposed to be her foster-mother-guardian person,

and I just -- I let her go.

I didn't tell her it was gonna be okay.

I didn't tell her that I love her no matter what.

She knows.We're gonna find her

so you can tell her a thousand times.

I hope so.

Why isn't she answering her cell?

Damn it.

Your freak of a brother took my phone.

Okay, we got to get out of here
and call the police or something.

We don't go to the police.

He's my brother.

Screw that, jack.

Your brother is a sketchy, thieving perv,

and you don't have to live like this.

He doesn't have to beat you,

and you don't have to be scared to come home
at night or piss him off.You don'T.

It's open. Let's go.

No!Get the hell off of me!Jack! Jack!

Jack's not gonna get you help.


brooke, sweetie,you are gonna walk a hole in the floor.

I don't care. We need new floors anywaY.


Julian, right now is not the time for
whatever it is you're shoveling.

Not fair. You know I like feisty.

You want feisty?

Peyton, it's okay.

I know you were looking for sam last night.

The waitress at the diner ratted you out.

Sam's a good kid.

She is.Thank yoU.

So, how'd that all turn out?

She's still gone, and I have no idea where to start

because I know nothing about her real life.

I was so busy laying down the law --

no stealing from my wallet,

no breaking into my store,

no boys in your room.

You're a good mom.

No boys in her room except for the one in her beD.

You're a cool mom.

Oh, my god, I'm a stupid mom.
Jack daniels.

Not the drink.The boy that was in sam's bed.

I can't believe I didn't think about this earlier.

I have --I have to find him.

Okay, we'll just ask haley.

Wait, sort of floppy hair?


Yeah, she was with him at the diner.
I'll keep an eye out.

Maybe he's not so baD.

You know what?

You just got a glimpse of the guy I used to know.

The whole julian-peyton thing has got to be on your mind.

No, I'm not worried about it.

You should be.

You don't like your son too much, do you?


You have a vision of who you want your child to be,

and no matter what you do,they fall shorT.

So, about the director --

I heard things went a bit off course.

You should know,
julian has some very definite opinions about the director,

and like everything else,

he and I want different things.

What do you want?

I want a director that understands the characters,

you know? I mean, someone who sees
and appreciates the small moments,

because that's what this movie's really about.

And this guy's not that director.

No. I'm sorry, sir,

but he's not that director.

Funny. That's what my son said.

That's what my mama said,
but I still believe in ghosts.

You scared of them?


'Cause I think quentin is a good ghost.

Betcha he plays ghost basketball.

For sure.

I think some ghosts are like angelS.


I wonder why ghosts don't need wings to fly and angels do.

We should google that.


Are you sure we're going the right way?

Yeah, 'cause we're following that ghost.

Gotcha, scaredy.

Hey, gentlemen, get set up!

Come on, 15.

What, you scared?

Thinking about how you're not going to the nba?


Is that all you got?

Let's go! Come on! Go,go,go.

Come on, guys.Fight through.

Fight through.

Let's go!

Back on "D."

Ball! Ball! Ball!

Come on!I got ball! I got ball!


Gotcha, babe!

Oh, yes!

Scott, take a seat.

Shupert, you're in.

Get comfortable, 15

get real comfortable.

Let's go! Come on!

It sucks, right?

No, it doesn't sucK.

You might want to tell your face that.

Okay, let's start from the beginning.
What's the song about?

Well, it's about me...

writing a song so I don't have to record the label's crap.

Okay, so, how did you write your first album?

Because I'm pretty sure it wasn't about you writing a hit.

No. It was about making myself feel better

and embarrassing my tool of a boyfriend.

Okay, so, that's what you need.

A horrible assface of a boyfriend?

No, you need the inspiration and
the fight that you got from that --

you know, the challenge from living your own life

instead of sitting on a tour bus or in a music studio,

willing yourself to write a hit song.

You got to get up and get out there.


Go outside.Go take a walk.Talk to a stranger.

Find whatever it was that made you stop

what you were doing and write a verse down on a napkin.

And then come back here and see what happens.

- Seriously? - Trust me, it works.Bye!

Where are you going?

I guess to get a life.

Oh. What's wrong?

It's sam.

I am so sorry.

Me too.

You have nothing to feel sorry abouT.

I should have been more considerate
about your feelings about gigi.

And if you'll give me another chance,

I'll do whatever it takes to have you back in my life,

because you're the best part of me, millicent.

You're the best part of us.

I had sex last night.

Say somethinG.Please.

I'm sorry.

I was drunk, and it was a mistake.

And I wish I could take it back, because

it was supposed to be you --us, but...

This is the last address I have for jacK.

Okay, thank you.Thank you.
Thank you.I hope she's there.

She's a teenage girl.Trust me, she's there.

Okay, brooke, we should get going.

I think that I need to go by myself.

I don't want to show up there like some parent patrol,

and sam and i need to talk alone.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I'm sure. I-I'll call you, though.

- I'll call both of you. Thank you.
- Okay.

- Bye.
- Bye.

God, I hope she is there.

Yeah, me, too.

It was terrifying not knowing where jamie was.

Sometimes, I just want to lock him up and homeschool him.

That's my plan.

I mean, in, like, the future when I need a plan.

Oh, my god!You're pregnant!

I don't what you're talking about!

You are pregnant!I have dibs on godmother!

Make one sound and you'll be an orphaN.Again.

So, like I said, I'm looking for my foster daughter, sam,

and I think that she's friends with your brother.

Sorry i don't much pay attention to jack's friends.

Well, is he here? Maybe I could talk to him.


We're alone.

Do you know where he is or where he hangs out?
Maybe they're together.

Do you think they're having sex?

Mmm, no.

What's wrong with sex?

Look, I don't know where the kid is.
He comes and goes, okay?

I'm just trying to pay the bills around here.

So, the truth is, it's better when he's gone.

One less mouth eating up my fooD.

Speaking of mouths, yours is nicE.

That's good work on the court today.

Not good enough.

Well, hang in here.You're just coming back.

The game's gonna have you on the ropes for a bit.

Yeah,that and my teammates.

Look, nate, you scare a lot of these guys.

This league is their nba, and they know it's not yours.

Oh, hey, coach,

you mind if I wear the number 12?

it*** someone special

I'm taking your spot,because I'm better than yoU.

But here's the good news --

when I get called up to the nba,

you can have your job back.

I'll see you tomorrow.

My mama cries a lot.

She doesn't think I know,

but I can hear her sometimes in her rooM.

My dad used to cry, too,when he was hurt.

What did you do?

I tried to be his friend.

My mama told me that sometimes

people have to cry out all the tears
to make room for a heart full of smiles.

Hope my mama is almost ready for a smile.



You're an idiot, you know that?

I appreciate the time today,lucas.

You're very impressive.

Thank you.

Which is why I think we need the right producer.

I'll be in touch.

You firing julian?

You can't have a problem with that.

Look, you like the script, right?

'Cause julian was a big part of making it great.

I doubt it.

I know my son.I know what he can and can't do.

With all due respect, sir,

I just found out I'm gonna be a fatheR.

And if one day my son comes to me
and asks me to believe in him

or take a risk or bet on him,

I can't believe that I wouldn't do thaT.

So, you believe in julian?

I believe he wants to make a great movie, yeah.

Okay, he stays.

What are you doing here, man?

Peyton called me .

What the hell happened?

I got injured...

During the slamball finals.

They started me on this pain medication.

I don't know. I thought I was doing okay at firsT.

But I guess it's true --

once an addict,always an addict.

Things with brooke...

you know,you need help with this.

I mean, u're an alcoholic who's working at a bar.

I know, but it's not like I can just walk ouT.

Then I'll take over for yoU.

I'm the worst carpet salesman out there anyways.

You'd do that for me?


I'd do that for the other version of you.




Hey, is sam with you?

Kind of.

I need your help.

So, if you see sam, just please
tell her to call or come home.

It probably makes you feel good,
taking in some poor kid, huh?

Like you're doing something special,

slumming with us poor folk.

You don't know anything about me.

Have a nice night.

Have a nice nighT.

Where is she?

I know she's in here!

Get off!







Oh, my god!

Okay, okay, okay.Okay, it's okay.

It's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.It's okaY.

He's the one who attacked you.
You have to get out.

I know. I'm not leaving you here.

You have to get out of here.

I am not leaving you here!



Leave her alone!

You need to teach that little slut some manners!

Get off of her!

Get off of her!

Stop it!

Leavher alone!

Should have finished the job when I had the chance!


I love watching you crawl, miss davis.

Oh, what's wrong? Does the weak, little rich girl want to leave?

The weak, little rich girl thinks she'll stay a while.

You filthy, thieving, heartless piece of trash.

You ain't gonna shoot me.

Like I said, you don't know me.

I'm not the same girl from the store that nighT.She's gone!

You took my life, and you turned it into a nightmare.

And all I have thought about is that I hate you.


I hate you.

Brooke, please, don'T.


I need you, mom.

I hate you so much.

But you're not worth any more of my time.

And you're not worth my life.

You have a nice night.

It's okay.

I'm so sorry.

It's okay.It's okay.

You're safe.You're okay.

It's okay.

Hi, big brother.

Brought you your favorite cookies.

I was wondering if you could help me.

Andre fields!Oh!

I told you not to leave the yard!
Why did you leave the yard!

Don't you know you are all I have left?

Oh, god.

Okay, come here.

I'm sorry, mama.I just want to talk to quentin.


I just want to ask him to let you know

that he's all right so you're not sad anymorE.

Oh, baby.

I'm sorry.I love you.

Hey. Uh, is peyton around?


Hey, you wouldn't by chance know
how to make a long island iced tea, would you?

I'm sorry.

So am I.

So, you're, like, way better at this than i am.

Do you want a job tending bar?

I can'T. I'm only 18.

Have fun.

If it helps, I have no idea
what I'm doing in there, either.

Come on, let me get you guys home.

Hey, look what I found.

Quentin fields' wallet.

Oh, my god.

He killed quentiN.



Hey, daddy. How is it? What's it like?

When can we see you play?

Slow down, buddy.

First, tell me how your day was.

Yeah, jamie, how was your day?

No, you first, daddy.

Is it a dream come true?

Yes, it is, son.

Hi.You're home.

How did it go?

- Long story. - Yeah?

How are you?

We're good.

Yes, we are.

Hey, baby.

Daddy's home.