One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 4, Episode 9 - Some You Give Away - full transcript

Nathan is even more miserable after having to admit to Lucas, who, like Coach Whitey, expects it to be his last game, that he sees no alternative but lose the state championship everyone in One Tree Hill has been hoping for. Lucas confides in Skills, and they resolve to freeze Nathan and win despite him. Karen drags Deb along. The cheerleaders complain mutually, until pregnant Haley needs to be brought to hospital. Without superstar Nathan the Ravens lose the first half badly against Pontiac. After hearing Haley is okay and that it's a boy, Nathan plays to win again, so the Ravens win it in the very last second. While the others celebrate, Dan offers to buy off Daunte's fury but hears the criminal's objective was revenge on him rather than money...

Previously on One Tree Hill.

-You wanna join the Ravens?
-lf it's gonna get me a scholarship.

I'm pregnant.

I'm having money problems, Dad.
It's serious, and I need your help.

You're not an investment I'm interested in.

I'm not screwing Lucas.

I gave Lucas to you,
and I can take him back whenever I want.

Tonight's about us, right?

-Why haven't you told him how you feel?
-Doesn 't matter now, does it?

I will tutor you.

You have to remember
that I can't stand you.

There's no reason
you guys should be here.

-State Championship.
-I'm not gonna lose that game.

Tomorrow night's game
is the last one I'll ever coach.

I really want this championship.

-Say goodbye to basketball.

Lose that game.

-I'm in trouble, Dad.
-How could you be so stupid?

How much is it gonna take
to make this all go away?

Be an awful shame
if the ground next to your brother, Keith,

started getting real crowded,
don't you think?

Bet against the Ravens tomorrow night.
Make yourself some money.

What are we gonna do, Dad?

You're gonna lose
the State Championship.

I realized tonight
that it's over between me and Brooke.

I love you, Lucas.

And there is no joy in Tree Hill tonight

because the Ravens have Iost
the State Championship.

Whitey Durham
is the picture of a broken man,

and you ha ve to wonder if this
opportunity will ever come around again

for the Tree Hill Ra vens.

There are tears and there are questions,
starting with what got into Scott.

I mean, he's got a Iot of explaining to do.

No doubt about it,
hearts are breaking in Tree Hill tonight.

I love you, Lucas.

I love you, too, Peyton.

You know, we've been through
so much together.

No, you don't...

You don't understand.

I've been holding this in
for a really long time,

and I need you to know.

I love you.

I'm in love with you.


You look like crap.

Yeah. I've just been dealing
with some stuff, you know?

Besides, I'm way too wired to sleep.

I mean, you realize
that in less than 24 hours,

we're gonna be state champs?

-I don't think so.

Come on, man. It's you, me, Skills.

No way Pontiac beats us, you know?

We can't win it, Luke.

We're not going to.

I needed the money, okay?

You said it was over,
that it was just one game!

It was just one game.
They said it was just one game, okay?

But now we have to lose, okay?

Nathan, what are you talking about?

This is Whitey's last game ever!

He's been chasing this dream for 35 years.

What about Whitey?

Or Mouth? Or Skills, with college?

What about me, Nate?

This is the last game I'll ever play.

I'm sorry.

You know,

the night before I joined the team,
we battled each other on this court.

I guess we'll be doing
the same thing tomorrow.

Lucas, you only play 15 minutes a game.
You can't change this.

I can try.

And I hated you that night we played.

I thought you changed,

but I guess I was wrong.

Good evening, Iadies and gentlemen,

and welcome to what may be
the biggest day

in the history
of Tree Hill Ravens basketball.

Ten thousand fans
will pack the RBC Center tonight

to see the Ra vens battle
top-ranked Pontiac High School

for the State Championship.

For coach Whitey Durham,
only 32 minutes remain

in a long and storied career...

Little early, aren't you?

I know, Coach,

but I've been waiting for this day
my whole life.

Me, too, son. Me, too.

You said "oh"?

Hold on.
Peyton say, "I'm in love with you,"

and you say, "Oh"?

Nice work, player.

She caught me by surprise.
What was I supposed to say?

Not "oh."

Okay, what else did you say?

I mumbled something
about us being friends and then I left.

And you believe that?
That you and P. Sawyer are just friends?

Look, you know what, Skills?

For a long time I thought
that maybe we'd be something more.

It just never seemed to work out,
you know?

So at a certain point
you just gotta face the fact

that it's not meant to be.

Even if she wants more?

She's just a little confused, all right?
She's had a hard year

and I happened to be there
to rescue her a few times.

So maybe you're the one who's confused.

'Cause you didn't just happen
to rescue her a few times.

You didn't just happen
to run back into school that day

or save her from Psycho Derek.

Peyton happened to be there.
But you chose to be there.

So maybe you ought to think about that.

No, when the boy buys the balloon,
it's a total volume of one cubic foot.

So if he blows up the balloon
at a rate of 0.1 cubic feet per minute,

how fast is the radius
of the balloon increasing

when he only blows it up halfway?

I don't know about the balloon,
but this blows.

Look, when am I gonna
ever need to know this?

I don't know,
probably when you're failing calculus

and you want to graduate.
Oh, wait, that's right now.

Okay, let's take a look
at Mr. Miller's last test.

Why don't we take a look
at Mr. Miller's next test?

That's where they keep them, right?

-How do you know that?
-I hear things.

So how come, if you're a student,
you have access to all the tests?

It's no wonder you have a 4.0 GPA.

Are you kidding me?
It's called an honor system.

And it's not like I can access tests
in my own classes.

You and Nathan need a few extra bucks,
I need a few answers.

So how about you sell me the tests?
Name your price.

Do you know
the meaning of the word "honor"?

Of course you don't. It's you.

You know what? I really...
I just can't deal with this right now.

Let's just pick this up at the game.

Game? The State Championship?

-You really do hate me, don't you?
-Yep. See you later.

We missed you at the banquet.

Your son was named the team's MVP.

-Take a shower,

get dressed and see if you can find
what's left of your dignity.

Nathan is playing
his last high school basketball game ever,

and you're going to it,
whether you like it or not.

So check it out.

I got scouts from three different schools
coming to watch us play tonight.

Man, we win this thing,
I'm gonna have my pick of scholarships.

So are you gonna tell him
he's not going to college, or should l?

It's one game.
It's one high school basketball game.

You think it really matters if we don't win?

I don't know. How about you ask them?

I can't believe
Whitey wouldn't let us ride the bus.

And thanks to Haley,
we're gonna miss the game

because you had to stop and pee
every other mile. This sucks.

Brooke, I'm pregnant
and I'm not feeling very well.

I don't mean it sucks
because we're gonna be late, honey.

I mean it sucks because Peyton's here.

You guys seriously
need to work things out.

I mean, when I was in fat-girl therapy...

Maybe role-playing.

It's when everyone speaks
as someone else. It might help.

Or it could just make things
really horrible.

-That could be fun, too.
-Okay, I'll go first.

My name's Rachel
and I'm a dumb ass who's failing calculus,

and I really like to hit on married guys.

See? Fun.
Kind of like when I slept with Nathan.

Damn, that was good.


Peyton here. I like to steal boys,
but I'm afraid to tell them how I feel.

Speaking of stealing, hi, I'm Brooke,

and I stole my friend Peyton's artwork
so I could put it on my clothing line.

-And I never even said thank you.
-Okay, Peyton here again.

Have I mentioned that if you love me,

you're probably gonna die soon?

-See mothers one and two.

My name's Rachel and I have red hair.

-Oh, I am gonna...

I never congratulated you
on your pregnancy.

Although you have to admit
it's pretty strange.

Strange? How?

How Keith was there for Dan's child

and now Dan wants to be there for Keith's.

You really gonna do that to Nathan?

It's one night, Deb.

It's one night for your son.

You know, the pacing is not gonna
make me any smarter.

Besides, the stress can't be good
for the baby.

I'm not pacing for you.
I'm pacing for Nathan.

He's worked most of his life for this.
I just want it to be perfect for him.

Well, just so you know,

I wouldn't have slept with him
even if he wanted to.

But we definitely would've made out.

Can you just finish the exam?

I have to go to the bathroom again.

You were wrong.

You said in the car I was afraid
to tell Lucas that I loved him, but I did.

I told him last night.

He doesn't want to be with me.

You can smile now.

You believe this, man?

Me and my boy,
representing for the River Court.

Hey, how these pills work, anyway?
I mean, how they keep you alive?

They slow down my heart rate,
so I can't go full speed.

That's why Whitey only lets me
play part-time.

Maybe he only play you part-time
'cause he got me full-time.

Listen, I gotta talk to you.

Nathan's gonna throw the game tonight.

Remember when we saw him
talking to that Daunte guy?

He's going to.

-Yo, we gotta tell Whitey, man.
-No, we can't.

That'll break his heart
more than losing this game.

What about my heart?
What about your heart?

What about the other nine guys
on the team?

I know.

And that's why we gotta win this game.
You and me.


We freeze out Nathan

and play the game of our lives.


Come on, you've been in there forever.
We gotta go.


Oh, my God.

Let's go, Ravens, let's go!

Let's go, Ravens, let's go!

Let's go.

-How you doing, Haley?
-Not so good.

I'm sure you'll be next.

Maybe we should try to get in touch
with Nathan.

No, I don't want him to know.
Not during the game.

Sara Lestage.

Okay, this is a bunch of crap. Come on.

Look, our friend has been waiting
a long time.


She's pregnant and she's in a lot of pain.

Well, look, I know all you cheerleaders
expect special treatment,

but guess what?

I never liked the cheerleaders
in my school.

It's probably because you looked like that.

Guess who's gonna wait
a little longer now?

Like hell she is. Come on, Haley.

Excuse me. I'll call security!

Yeah, call security.

Why don't you call the police and tell them

you're discriminating
against cheerleaders?

-Nice one, Brooke.
-Can we get a doctor, please?

Listen to me.
I don't care how special you are

in your little high school,
you can't just barge in here.

What's going on?

What's going on
is that our friend is pregnant

and she's in a lot of pain,

and this bitch
is about to get her ass kicked.

Okay, just calm down.
I'll take a look at her.

You can all wait in the lobby
and cheer for something.

-Thanks, you guys.
-You're gonna be okay, Haley.


Thank you.

Great day for basketball.
Better day for making some money.

You know, thanks to you,
Nathan's gonna carry

the shame of this with him
for the rest of his life.

Then maybe you should have
helped him out when he needed it.

Oh, we are almost there, Deb.


You're gonna be fine.

Ligament pain brought on by stress
is common.

Your test results don't reveal
anything abnormal.

Here's your term of your pregnancy,
your baby's sex. T cell count is normal.

-My baby's sex.

Oh, I'm sorry. Did you not want to know?

No, it's okay.

Okay, folks,
this is the one we've all been waiting for.

It's the Tree Hill Ravens
and Pontiac High School

for the North Carolina
State Basketball Championship,

brought to you by Chili's.

Gigi Silveri, ladies and gentlemen.

One, two, three, Ravens!

Where's Haley at?

She's probably putting money down
on Pontiac.

Pontiac's Jarvis Hayes will jump it up
against Tree Hill's Nathan Scott.

And the Ravens win the tip!

Ball! Ball! Skills, give me the ball!

Ball! Come on!

Skills! Give me the ball, man!

Lucas Scott
with the first basket of the night.

He looked a lot like the old Lucas
on that shot.

Another turnover by Nathan Scott,
and Jarvis Hayes slams it home.

Pontiac leads by nine.

Ball! Ball, man!

Ball! Come on, Skills, give me the ball!

Skills takes it to the hoop and scores.

But the Ravens still trail by 10.

Hayes beats Scott again
for another slam-dunk.

Lucas Scott with another shot,

and he sure picked the right night
to have his best game of the season.

Still, the Ravens are digging themselves
a deep hole

against this great Pontiac team.

So what exactly did he say to you?

Lucas, when you told him?


He said, "Oh."

Boys can be so dumb.

Yeah, well,
I probably shouldn't have been surprised.

I asked him once who he wanted
next to him when his dreams came true.

He said you.

Why would you tell me that?

I would've given anything
to hear him say me.

Scott tries to double team,

but Hayes beats it
and Pontiac scores again.

Yo, Nate,
how about you get off the floor, man?

How about you get off my ass?

-How about I beat your ass instead?
-Come on. I dare you.

Just before halftime,
and a fight has broken out

between the Tree Hill Ravens
and the Tree Hill Ravens.

Well, that's how we started this season
and I guess that's how we'll end it.

And the half ends
with Pontiac leading Tree Hill 36 to 21.

I have to say it's incredibly unfortunate

how the Ravens have come apart
at the seams.

After hanging together
through thick and thin,

through good times and bad,

for these Ra vens to fall this far
is stunning.

And the worst thing about it all is this.

I mean, after a stellar career,

perhaps the best ever
to wear a Ra vens uniform,

you find yourself
questioning Scott's character.

To walk away from the game
on these terms is shameful.

It's a disgrace, really.

Whitey Durham
is the picture of a broken man,

and you ha ve to wonder if this
opportunity will ever come around again

for the Tree Hill Ra vens.

That was 1 8 years ago.

Most of you weren't even born yet.

Back then I didn't know

that there'd only be one chance
to erase those words.

This chance.

The rest of your life is a long time.

If you lose, you lose.

But don't lose this way.

Playing selfish,
bickering with each other on the court.

I promise you, it'II stay with you.

It'll stay with you.

Six turnovers?

That's not the Nathan Scott I know.

I got worried when I didn't see you.

It's okay.
Everything's fine. Everything's fine.

I need to ask you a question.

If I don't go to Duke,
if I don't play college basketball,

I mean,
if today is the best it ever gets for me,

will that be enough?

Of course.

Nathan, as long as you are a good husband
and a good father to your son...

It's a boy, Nathan.

You're gonna have a son.

Although I have to tell you,
someday he's gonna tease his father

for playing like crap
at the State Championship.

You might wanna change that.

And Nathan Scott has come out on fire
in the second half,

taking the ball to the hole
on the Ravens' first three possessions,

Pontiac's lead cut to nine.

-What do you think you're doing?
-Trying to win this game.

-You gonna help me?
-No. But you can help me.

A steal by Lucas Scott,
and the Ravens are heating up.

Oh, they're already hot, Mouth.

Another dunk by Jarvis Hayes,
and the Pontiac lead goes back to 1 1.

Taylor knocks the ball away.

Lucas Scott feeds the long pass
to Nathan Scott,

who slams it home with authority.

Ravens back within nine.

Pass back, Skills to Scott, who lays it in!

What teamwork!

And the lead now only five
with time running out in the third period.

With just six minutes left in the game,
Skills to Scott to Scott! Again!

Another basket, and the Ravens cut back
into the Pontiac lead once again.

We're early in the fourth quarter,
and we got ourselves a ballgame.

Tree Hill has whittled the once
commanding Pontiac Academy Iead

down to five now.

It's okay, Mrs. Scott. Welcome back.

Back to where?

You're in a chemical dependency
treatment facility.

If it helps, your son is playing great.

Nathan Scott has really turned it on
here in the second half,

Ieading his team 's comeback.

Well, if you stuck around,
you've been rewarded,

as Nathan Scott is Ieading the Ra vens

in what just might be
the greatest turnaround

in State Championship history.

Let's go, Ra vens, Iet's go!
Let's go, Ra vens, Iet's go!

They won't win.
The kid's just making it close.

Bear, I sincerely hope you're right.

Pontiac trying to steal the victory.

Hayes has his shot blocked
by Lucas Scott. Out of bounds.

But Pontiac retains possession.

Skills, go back in for Lucas.

Looks like Coach Durham's
putting Skills Taylor

back in the game for Lucas Scott.

Come on, Coach,
we're almost all the way back.

I know I'm only supposed
to play 15 minutes a night,

but this is my last game.

-Feeling good?
-I feel great.

Good. Let's keep it that way. Have a seat.

Let's zone up the inbound!

Skills Taylor takes a deep three. Wow!

Ravens within two points
with only 1 :45 left in the game.

Lucas, come on!

Pontiac with the ball, clock winding down.

Hayes to the hoop. Rejected by Scott!

It's thrown back
to the Ravens' number five!

The Ravens with the ball.

-Birds trail by two, 23 seconds left.

You have made a hell of a comeback.

You played as a team.

Even if we lose this thing,
it's still a damn fine moral victory.

Now, maybe that's okay with you.

Maybe you want to look back

and tell your grandkids about
the State Championship you almost won.

No way. We're winning this game.
Right, Luke?

You tell me.

We're winning this game.

All right.

Lucas, by my count,
you've played about 14 and a half minutes.

-You got 23 seconds left in you?
-Yes, sir.

All right, listen up. Nathan...

Okay, preggo, just breathe.

We can't have you popping out
another cheerleader right now.

It's a boy.

-I'm having a boy.


You know, say what you will about
the ravages of sports in this corporate age

where overpaid athletes
expect prima donna treatment,

but there is still something so unifying
about sport in its purest form,

when athletes rise above themselves
and touch greatness

and, in doing so, remind us all
that we also have greatness inside of us.

You're sexy when you talk like that.

-One, two, three...

Let's go, Ravens, let's go!

Let's go, Ravens, let's go!

Hey, it doesn't mean anything
if you can't hit the shot.

Sounds familiar.

Let's do this, little brother.

Okay, this is it.

Ten thousand people now stand in unison,

as the Ravens need a basket
to tie and force overtime

or a three-pointer to win it.

Nathan Scott has the ball out top.

Twenty seconds left. What's it gonna be?

Okay, kid. What's it gonna be?

Ten seconds left on the clock now.

Nathan takes it out to Skills.
Now five seconds!

Ball! Ball!

Skills passes back to Nathan.
Nathan has it!

Nathan Scott drives to the hoop!

He passes to Lucas for three and the win!

It's good! I don't believe it!

Lucas got three on the buzzer,

and the Tree Hill Ravens
are champions at last!

Gigi, can you...

We win! We win!

-Who the man, baby?
-You're the man, baby.


-You did it!
-We did it.


-Oh, my God! This is amazing!

This is a dream come true.

So who do you want standing next to you?


It's okay. Go!

-Hey, nice shot.
-Nice legs.

A little chickeny, though.

Well, I'll be seeing you.

I'll be seeing you.

Hey, Peyton!

-It's you.

When all my dreams come true,
the one I want next to me.

It's you.

It's you, Peyton.

Look, I wanna make a deal with you,
try to make things right.

You don't have
that kind of money or power.

I'm not an idiot.
I know you have people to answer to.

But you built your plan
on the shoulders of a kid with a dream.

You can't blame him
for going a little weak in the knees.

Weak? You think he looked weak?

'Cause he looked
pretty damn strong to me.

I'll be in touch.

You know, I didn't pick Nathan
because he was the star of the team.

I picked him
'cause he was Dan Scott's son.

Turns out the kid actually has a soul.

Never would've bet on that.

You and Peyton together now?

-I saw the kiss.

It's about time, man.

Hey, you played like a champ tonight.

I played like half a champ.

If you wouldn't have made that shot,

I would've never forgiven myself.

So thank you.

So what are you gonna do about Daunte?

I don't know. Deal with it, I guess.

Whatever he does to me, I can take it.

Besides, if this was the last game
I ever played,

at least it was a good one, right?

Hey, we're gonna take off.

-I'm getting kind of tired.

-Thanks for taking care of me tonight.

No big deal.
I mean, if you died, who would tutor me?

Actually, that reminds me.
I graded your quiz and you got a 94.

-Good job.

-Oh, hey, don't forget your purse.
-There it is. Thank you.

Ninety-four? Nice job, Fondle Me Elmo.

Maybe you're not such a dumb-dumb
after all.

I got a present for you.

It's the transcript I got in the mail.


-Hey, you're getting a B in gym.
-Look at the name.


I could pass calculus in my sleep.

You're the one flunking out, Penelope.

-Then why are you getting tutored?
-So I could get you this.

This, my dumb friend,
is the key to the cabinet

with the answers that we're gonna steal.

Unless, of course,
you don't wanna graduate.

-So how is my little nephew?

-How's his uncle's heart?
-It's fine.

How you feeling, Haley?

Hales, you know
my girlfriend, Peyton, right?

-Oh, God.

-You... Since when?
-Well, since now, I hope.

I'll let you know.

Hey, Peyton,
can I talk to you for a second?


Okay, I'm liking this conversation.

Well, would you like
to have it exclusively?

Sure. With who?

By the way, I forgot
how much of a good kisser you are.

Well, maybe you should come by later
and I'll remind you for a few hours.

Oh, I'd like that.

This is good, isn't it? Us.

It's perfect.

Whoa, whoa, stop it.
You can't be doing this.

-I've been doing this for 17 years, Dan.
-Then it's time to take a night off.

Seriously, you're pregnant.
It's been a big day.

Let Lucas and me lock up.
It'll get you off your feet

and give me a chance
to spend some time with our son.


Hey, Dad.

Haley and I are about to leave,
but I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

I couldn't do it.

Don't be sorry.
You be proud of that victory.

I'll deal with Daunte.

So, Lucas, how does it feel
to win the State Championship?

I always wanted a second chance at that.

And at this.

It feels surprisingly good.

Which one? Being the state champ
or talking to your old man?


I just wish Keith were here, too.

So the doctor said you're fine?
You and the baby?

Yeah. We're fine.

We are all gonna be fine.

Listen, there's a reason
that I played so bad tonight at first.

What do you mean?

Nathan, look out!


Haley! Haley!

Haley! Haley!

Oh, God!

-Nathan! What happened?
-They just hit her, man.

I'll call 91 1.

Lucas, stay with her.

Son of a bitch!

What did you do?


He's dead.

You killed him, Son.

-Go on.

Haley needs you, Nathan.
Your child needs you.


She's been hit by a car.
You gotta help her.

She's pregnant.

-What's her name?

-How long has she been pregnant?
-I don't know exactly.

A few...


He passed out. I got him.

Hold on.

Heart's not beating.

I got a full cardiac arrest,
requesting backup.

Time is running out now,

and I tell you,
you gotta feel for Nathan Scott.

I mean, sure, he has made some mistakes,

but you get the sense
that if this is how it ends,

he's never gonna forgive himself.

And Lucas Scott is being swarmed.

I wouldn 't doubt it if they didn 't carry
the kid out of here tonight

and never bring him back.

I ha ve never seen some of these kids
so happy, and can you blame them?

They've been waiting a Iong time
for this moment.

Lucas and Haley are in the hospital.

It's bad, Peyton. It's really bad.

And there at the center ofit all
is Whitey Durham,

standing alone, taking it all in.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the Tree Hill Ravens are champions at Iast.

And there's not a dry eye in the house.