One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 4, Episode 15 - Prom Night at Hater High - full transcript

Two years ago, when Peyton dumped her still wild, philandering boyfriend Nathan the n-th time for being an inconsiderate bastard, he wasted no time to jump in bed with drunk Brooke and taped the scene himself. Now Peyton sees that at the pre-prom party, and knocks her 'rival' a black eye, just as publicly. Nathan assures Haley it was before he even met her and utterly meaningless. Deb arrives then, thinks she left the party mess and is told just to clean it up. Nathan tries to explain and apologize to everyone who was at the party. Peyton is at least as angry at Brooke as Haley, who ruins all Nathan's tapes plus the camera and demands a list of all the girls he ever slept with. Lucas tries to calm Peyton down after she stole Brooke's dress but their row keeps escalating, and is startled his ma goes to the prom with Dan, whose infidelity-expert advice to Nathan not to make the list is ignored- so Haley tells her poor husband she only wanted him to be unable to, but now insists anyhow, even after he offered an alternative list of all the girls he loved: just her. Chase tells Brooke, who had promised their were no more nasty surprises, they are trough after the Prom. Rachel tells Mouth, who just got dumped by Shelley, the principal didn't respond to her flirting, so she's expelled -again- and will fly to her parents on holiday, even before the Prom. On the very day, Peyton tells Lucas she wants to skip the Prom entirely, but he won't take no for an answer. When apologizing Nathan reaches Peyton, she mumbles to be like him two years ago, but he assures her on the contrary she's very caring and loyal, so she should still go with Lucas. Mouth happily accepts to take Brooke. Deb thanks Haley for moving in with Nathan and assures her his mistakes are to blame on both parental bad role-models, and implores her to gracefully forgive him- she comes to her senses just in time. When Brooke finds Peyton wrote the fluorescent word "whore" on her prom dress, she's relieved 'at least she still cares'; Peyton is ready to go with Lucas, but ...

Previously on One Tree Hill.

Got it. Let's get out of here.

Well, well. What do we have here?

Principal Turner is just really pissed
right now and he's on a major witch hunt.

You're, Iike, prime suspect.

-Why would you do that?
-You're my friend, Brooke.

You know I Iove him.

But I never meant for my love for him
to hurt you.

Thank you, Peyton.

I could kiss you forever.

I'm a CIean Teen.

I'm the Clean Teen.

This was goodbye.

Chase is into smart,
born-again-virgin Brooke,

not stupid, slutty,
"l cheated on the calculus test" Brooke.

I could easily have sex with him
if I wanted to.


That is for getting me fired.

And that is for trying
to sleep with my husband.

Come on, I can't believe I'm doing this.

I would die if anybody saw this.

Don 't worry, nobody will ever know.

-I think the lime went down my shirt.
-I'll get it later.

Thanks, buddy.

Hey, you're next. Get up there.

Hey, baby, come here. I need a chaser.

Why don't you spit
in my mouth next time?

It'd be sexier.


What is your problem?

What, you mean,
why won't I let you mount me

in front of the entire basketball team

after you've already made out
with half the cheerleading squad?

Yeah, pretty much.

I am so sick of this.

All you care about
is getting drunk and having sex.

-Hey, you left out basketball.

No. No, I left out
that you're an inconsiderate bastard

and we are through.

For ten minutes this time
or until tomorrow?

I need to know how to plan my night.

How does forever work?

Now you can go screw
whatever skank you want.

I'm drunk.

Peyton dumped me.

-So you guys really broke up?

-Need another drink?

Never mind.

You're good.


-What are you doing?
-Oh, just having a little fun. Don't worry.

-Promise you'll erase it.

Hold on. No, I can't believe I'm doing this.

I would die if anybody saw this, Nathan.

Don 't worry, nobody will ever know.

Peyton, I don't know what to...

Well, it could have been worse.

You could have gotten your ass kicked
by a pregnant girl half your size.

The day's still young.

All right, so I have to ask.

Who's really the big brother?

Rachel, I can't believe I have
a black eye the day of prom.

You know, if it wasn't for you,

everybody would be calling me
Queen Slut right now.

After I talk to Principal Turner,
you might just have the title.

I have to get my punishment
for stealing the test.

Maybe he'll spank me.

I wish you'd let me go with you.
I'm the one who was failing.

That's not a good idea.

See, this problem calls
for little clothes and lots of flirting.

And no one wants to flirt
with a one-eyed girl.

No offense.

Oh, didn't you see enough of Brooke
last night?

Or you here for the deleted scenes?

How you holding up?

I never meant for it to happen, Luke.

I was just really drunk

and Peyton broke up with Nathan and...

Did I mention
I was, like, really, really drunk?

How mad is she?

She was still pretty upset
when I left her last night.

You think?

Well, it could be worse.

You could be Nathan right now.

Haley, please come out.


Why didn't you tell me about Brooke ever?

Really, I mean, did you just wanna,
like, not ruin the surprise of me

seeing it on tape
in front of our entire class?

No, I didn't tell you

because it happened a long time ago
and it didn't mean anything.

If it didn't mean anything,
then why did you put it on tape?

And why did... Why did you keep the tape?

-Do you, like, use it?
-No! I forgot I even had it.

I didn't tell you
because it happened before I met you.

I didn't think it would do any good
to bring up the past.

You know, this is just the worst time
for something like this to happen.

-Because of prom tonight?

Not because of prom,
because I'm pregnant and I'm hormonal.

And you know what,
now that you mention it,

I do have to go help decorate,
because I promised Brooke.

-Haley, I'm really sorry.

Welcome home, Mrs. Scott.

I'm sorry I left the house like this.

Whatever, Mom. Just clean it up.

Still upset?

No, something like that
you forget about pretty quick.

Dumb question, I guess.

Hopefully the prom will take
your mind off this whole thing.

Yeah, that should be fun.

Maybe my cheating ex-boyfriend
will ask me to dance

or I'll get to share some punch
with my whore of an ex-friend.

I know this sucks, okay?
But you shouldn't let it ruin the prom.

No, it shouldn't, but it does.

For what it's worth,
I saw Brooke this morning.

And she feels horrible about it.

So the first thing you did this morning
was go see Brooke?

-lt was on the way.
-You know what else is on the way?

My front door. Shut it when you leave.

That really did happen.

I always kind of pretended
it was just a bad dream.

No, it happened.

I guess it's easier for you to remember it

since you have a tape that you can watch
over and over and over again.

I never watched the tape, Brooke.

I didn't even know it was still around.
I just destroyed it this morning.

Great. That's gonna help
everyone un-see it.

I know. I'm sorry.

It's not all your fault, Nate.

I mean, my memory of that night's
hazy at best,

but I'm pretty positive
you didn't have a gun up to my head.

I know it was only two years ago,
but it just feels like a different lifetime.

Hey, I know exactly how you feel.

I'm not proud
of who I used to be either. God.

How's Haley?

I spent the night apologizing
to our bedroom door.

And when she finally did come out,

it was just to tell me
that she had to decorate for prom.

Why aren't you there?

Because Haley's there and Peyton's there

and I'm gonna avoid seeing them
until the last possible second.

All right, well,
I need to go make my rounds.

I got a lot of apologizing to do today.

-Yeah. I'll tell her you came by.
-No, don't.


Anyway, like I said, I'm sorry.

Me, too.

I guess when you get drunk
and have sex at a party,

you do have to deal with it eventually.

Hey, Shelly. It's Mouth.

Please call me back.

It's Mouth.

Sorry I'm late.

That's what you're apologizing for?

Well, I'm sorry about the other thing, too.

Were you ever gonna tell me
about you and Nathan, ever?

Honestly? No.

Haley, we didn't even know
each other back then.

And when am I supposed to bring
something like that up,

at a basketball game? R-A-V-E-N-S.
PS, I slept with your husband

-once a long time ago?
-I guess.

You really shouldn't be upset.

Nathan used to hook up with everyone.
Bad luck.

Duck, duck, duck. Bitch.

Peyton. Peyton, I'm so sorry, okay?
What else do you want me to say?

Well, I want you to say,
"Punch me in the face again, Peyton.

"Please. I deserve it."

Okay, you're not
exactly perfect here either.

That's right. You cut me out of your life,
made me feel guilty for kissing Lucas,

when you had screwed Nathan
behind my back.

And you guys were broken up.

Keep telling yourself that
if it makes you feel better.

But you're a backstabbing whore
and you know it.

Hey! Good luck
with your cheating girlfriend.

Hey, I just went to school to find you
and Bevin says you left.

Well, Bevin doesn't know when to shut up.

What are you doing?

These are all the tapes that I could find

because the thought of you
Brooke-ing yourself

to yourself and Brooke
really makes me sick.

Haley, there aren't any more tapes.

Really? Because Bevin says
that you've been with a lot of girls.

So I'm thinking
you probably put yourself on tape

with at least one or two of them.

Hey, Bevin doesn't know when to shut up.

Okay, okay, you know what I want?
Here's what I want.

I want a list of every girl
that you've ever been with.

That way,
there won't be any more surprises.

You want me to write a list
of every single girl I've...

No, no, I guess not every single girl.

You can cross Peyton, Brooke
and my sister off of that list.

Hey, do you really think
that's a good idea?

Yes! And you know what?
Here, I'll make it easy for you.

Take the phone book

and just cross off the name of every girl
you haven't been with.

-I don't want to do this.
-Why? I can give you mine.


See? That wasn't so hard.


You were right,
I should have checked on you first.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

I like the red dress.

You would. It's Brooke's.

-Why do you have it?
-So she doesn't.

Okay, don't you think stealing
Brooke's prom dress

is going a little bit too far?

No. I think going a little too far
is making your friend feel like a whore

when you've done worse.

Didn't we kind of do
the same thing to her?

We had sex?
That's funny, I don't really remember.

It must not have been very good.

Look, we didn't have sex,
but we did sneak around behind her back.

Do you ever actually defend
the person you're dating?

Look, Peyton. I know you're upset, okay?

But I also know
that you could take the high road.

This is completely beneath you.

Like Nathan beneath Brooke?
Or was that Brooke beneath Nathan?

Can you hit it?

-Hi, Brooke. You okay?
-Oh, I don't know.

Is it okay that Million Dollar Bitchy gave
me a black eye the day of my senior prom?


Is it okay that Peyton went after Lucas,
not once, but twice,

while we were dating?


Is it okay that she chased Chase off
by screaming at me in front of everyone?

Chased Chase.

-Why is this funny?
-It's not.

Is there anything I can do?

Yeah, actually. You could push Peyton
in front of a bus for me.

I'm just gonna go over there.

Please tell me one of those dresses
isn't Brooke's.

No, actually. Dan is chaperoning the prom
and he's asked me to chaperone with him.

Do... You wanna go to my prom with
the guy who left you right after yours?

Look, we are just going as friends.

-What are you doing?
-I'm looking for my real mom.

Look, I just thought it would be fun.

But if this is gonna upset you,

I guess I could just stay home alone
another night.

I'm used to it. I've done it for 17 years.

What are you doing?

Oh, Nathan, I didn't hear you come in.

It's no wonder I can't dance.

-I take it you need something?
-Yeah, I need to talk to you.

I screwed up. And if there's one thing
you know about, it's screwing up.

You left out basketball.

Dad, it's pretty bad this time.

Daunte bad or failed-test bad?

"Me and Brooke made a sex tape
a few years back and it just got out" bad.

Brooke Davis. Nice.

And now Haley wants me to write
a list of every girl I've ever slept with.

Oh, no, bad idea.
That'd just make things worse.

Give her some time, she'll calm down.
But do not write that list, Nathan.

I wouldn't.

I'll write the list.

Oh, no, no,
I thought that's what you wanted.


No, that's not what I wanted.

I wanted you not to be able to write a list.

How am I supposed to compete
with all the girls that you've been with?

You don't have to compete
with all the girls.

All the girls? How many girls
have you slept with, Fabio?

I don't know, I never thought about it.

Honey, that is why I asked you
to write the list in the first place,

so please just do what I'm asking you to.


Sorry I couldn't talk earlier.

I was just thinking about what happened.

It's okay.

I'm sorry my past keeps coming back
to haunt us.

I have a lot of skeletons in my closet,
and apparently half of them are naked.


I've been able to accept
a lot of your history, Brooke.

But you know mine too.

And you know that my best friend slept
with my girlfriend,

just like you slept with Peyton's boyfriend.

No, it wasn't like that.
They broke up and...

I know prom's important to you,
so we can still go.

But after that we can't be together.

Then it should just be over now,

'cause I don't wanna go to prom with
someone who doesn't want to be with me.

You said no more surprises.

I'm sorry.

Open up, Peyton!

Or what? You'll huff and puff
and blow my house down?

Yes, pig. Chase broke up with me.
Are you happy now?

I don't know. Did you tape it?

That thing with Nathan and I happened
a long time ago, Peyton.

And you guys were broken up.

Well, in case you don't remember,
Nathan and I broke up all the time.

Oh, really? How could I forget?

That's all that your relationship
ever was, Peyton.

Just a string of miserable one-night stands
thrown together.

Now you're describing your life
with every guy in Tree Hill.

It was one time. And it meant nothing.

Well, it means something to Chase.
And it meant something to me.

You know what meant something to me?

You and Lucas having an ongoing affair
behind my back!

Because PS, we weren't broken up
either time that you went after him.

Okay. You're right.

My fault.

See, I was stupid
'cause I thought I ruined our friendship

when you ruined it a long time ago.

-We were never friends.
-Oh, give me...


You're the next stop
on the Nathan Scott Apology Tour.

I thought that tour was sold out.

Are you pissed about the tape?

No, actually, I was relieved to know
it wasn't you and Peyton.

Could it have been you and Peyton?

Look, if it makes you feel any better,

Haley destroyed every other tape
in the house.

Yeah, she's pretty upset, huh?

Well, she's still talking to me.
So that's something.

And so are you,
so does that mean we're cool?

Oh, yeah, man. We're cool.
I already knew you were an ass back then.

Oh, you know what? Speaking of,
our dad asked my mom to prom.

Well, that explains the dancing.

-Does she wanna go?

It's a bad idea, right?

Well, six months ago,
I would have said hell, yeah.

But now I'm not so sure.

-Why? What's changed?
-Dan has.

He took the blame for Daunte.

I mean, he was willing to spend
the rest of his life

in jail for something he didn't do.

But does that change everything
he's done in the past?

No. No, it doesn't,

but if your mom was willing
to give him a second chance,

then maybe you should too.

I got a lot of other people
to apologize to, so...


Hey, your mom's pretty smart, Luke.

And besides, it's her life.

Man, you can't just leave a message
about not going to prom and just hang up.

If Shelly's not going, I'm not going either.

Oh, look, dog, I'm sorry about Shelly, man.

But this is your last prom.

You gonna just let some girl
take that away from you?

She wasn't some girl. She was the girl.

Yeah, she was the girl
that broke up with you,

which means she wasn't the girl.

This isn't making me feel any better.

I ain't trying to make you feel better.
I'm trying to get you to go to prom.

Look, Fergie and Junk, they going to prom.

You think they got dates? No.

I mean, prom ain't gotta
be about all that, dog.

Maybe it's about just having
a good time with your friends.

I never wanna hear the word
"friend" again.

At my funeral, my tombstone will
probably read, "Marvin McFadden. Friend."

Yeah, and that place probably gonna
be packed 'cause everybody love you, dog.

Besides, it's probably better than
"Here lies Mouth. The guy was a jackass."

You going to prom, man.

-ls this how bag ladies get their start?
-Shut it, Squeaks.

Thanks to Peyton,
Chase broke up with me.

Oh, so it's her fault now?

Didn't you F her BF
when you two were BFF's?

They were broken up.

Oh, maybe Chase just doesn't wanna go
to prom with someone

who looks tougher than him.

Oh, no, he said
prom had nothing to do with it.

He said he'd still go with me,
but when it was over, so were we.

Sounds like Cinderella.

Except the prince is a virgin
and the pumpkin is, well, a fatter pumpkin.

Yeah? Which evil stepsister are you?

The one that got expelled.

And, FYl, I think Turner might be gay.

-Looking to get revenge?

I'm just cleaning up around here.
This place seems dirtier somehow.

Remember when we thought
how cool it'd be to hang out

with the popular kids?

I don't think I ever said that,
Mr. Lucas Sawyer.

Somebody wrote that on my notebook.

Oh, okay. How's Peyton?

Not well.

I don't get it, you know.
It's been two years.

She's acting like it just happened.

Lucas, she just found out about it.
For her, it did just happen.

Still, she shouldn't be this upset.

Luke, it sucks to be betrayed
by somebody that you love,

but then to find out about it
in front of everybody is really humiliating.

You need to be nice to her.

Who says I'm not being nice?

Well, however nice you're being,
it's not enough.

You've gotta let her know
that you're there for her,

and that you're nothing
like her ex-boyfriend.


But for the record, Nathan's nothing
like her ex-boyfriend either.


I heard you got expelled.

I'm sorry.

My parents are flying me first class
to meet them on vacation.

I finally get to spend some time
with them.

I just had to get kicked out of school
to do it. Again.

Maybe that's why you do it.

Aren't you gonna say
goodbye to everyone?

Yeah. Oh, bye, Haley,
here's the tutor key I stole.

Bye, Nathan, sorry for almost getting
your uncle killed.

Bye, Lucas, sorry for actually
getting your uncle killed.

And bye, Tree Hill High,

I'm really sorry
about the whole time-capsule thing.

No, I think I'll spare everyone
the goodbyes.

When do you leave?

-Booked on a flight tonight.
-So you won't be at prom?

Don't look so sad.

You'll barely notice I'm gone

when you're dancing
with your hot new girlfriend.

She broke up with me.

I've always hated her.

-You okay?
-Not really.

-And now I have to go to prom alone.
-You won't be there alone.

I told, like, five guys I'd go with them.

Still, I would have loved to dance
with you one last time.

I mean, the only dance we've ever had
was after the shooting

and I'd kind of like to erase that one.

Yeah, I would have liked that.

God knows I haven't left
too many great memories behind.

You left me with some.

Thanks, Mouth. That means a lot.

That Clean Teen girl doesn't know
what she's missing.

Seriously? You are egging my house?

Well, are you gonna give
my dress back to me?

The guy at the store told me you had it.

-Described you down to your bony ass.
-So go naked.

Think of all the time you're gonna save
hooking up with someone else's boyfriend.

You're one to talk.

You are one to talk, Peyton.

Okay, so you said
we were never friends, huh?

Never meant anything to you?

Fine! Wanna see something else?

Here's a picture of you and Lucas
on my birthday!

So who's the whore now?

God! Stop!

God, I'm...

Quit it! Stop it!

Oh, would you...

God, stop, just let go!

I'm the one with no boyfriend,
no prom dress and a black eye.

You're going to prom
with the guy you love, so you win.

Okay, Peyton, you win.

Why do you even care anymore?

Why do I care?

Brooke, this has been
one of the worst years of my life.

And I needed my best friend
more than ever and you cut me out

because I was honest with you!

-And you were never ever honest with me!

You made fun of my mom's death, Brooke.

You knew her.
You cried with me when she died.

And now you use her
as a punch line for a joke to hurt me.

It hurt. It did.

Not anymore,
'cause you and me, we're done.

You're right. She's dead.

As far as I'm concerned so are you.


Can we just put this whole thing behind us
and have a good time at prom?

I'm not going.

-Why? Did something else happen?
-No. I just don't care about prom.

Oh, look, Peyton.

We don't have to see Brooke.

It'll be fun. I promise you that.

It's not about Brooke.
I just really don't wanna go anymore.

You can still go if you want.

Look, I think
you're gonna regret not going.

I know that I'll regret not going with you.

I just can't. I'm sorry.

Well, I really hope you change your mind.

Because I'm coming back later
and I'm picking you up.

And if you open that door,

I know that you're gonna look beautiful.

And that we're gonna have a great night.

And if not, I guess I'm going alone.

Here's the list.

But it's not the list of every girl
I've ever been with.

Well, what is it?

It's the list of every girl
I've ever been in love with.

And your name's the only one that's on it.

-It's the only one that matters.

That other list would
have just been garbage, okay?

From a person that I'm not proud of.

That's really sweet.

-But l...
-But you want the other list.

I thought you might.

Wow, you're actually leaving.
I guess I should be packing, too.

-Why? I didn't invite you.
-No, because this is your house.

This is your house, isn't it?

You didn't, like, marry
and kill some old guy

-and bury him in the basement?
-I wish.

My parents won't be back for a while.
So you have some time.

I feel really guilty.
You got expelled for something I did.

Please. I practically forced you to cheat.

Besides, for me, getting expelled
equals getting tan.

You had more to lose
with your Clothes Over Bro's deal.

Thank you, Rachel.

I don't know why you did it, but thank you.

I did it 'cause you're my friend.

Now do something for me,
and make things right with Peyton.

Yeah, but she said I was dead to her.

Do you blame her?
You're wrong and you know it.

-You slept with her boyfriend.
-They were broken up.

Who, broken up or not, is off-limits.

Then you wouldn't forgive her
for doing the same thing to you.

Well, fine.

If that's not the skank
calling the whore a slut.

You hit on Nathan,
knowing he was married.

I know. But I suck.

You're better than that. Work it out.

It's no fun being the girl with no friends.

Yeah, it's no fun being the girl
without a boyfriend either.

No kidding.

What's with the Clean Teens anyway?

I mean, first Shelly dumps Mouth.
Then Chase dumps you.

They should have a new slogan.
"We break hearts, not hymens."

But... Shelly broke up with Mouth?

I saw him this morning.
He didn't say anything.

He probably didn't want to pile
onto your problems

the way Peyton piled onto your face.

But he's pretty broken up about it.

That's my limo.

Thanks for being my friend,
you cheating whore.

Thanks for being my friend,
you crazy bitch.

-Sorry I got you expelled. Again.
-That's okay. I'm used to it.


Okay, I never thought I'd say this,
but I'm gonna miss you.

Yeah. You too.

I think you should wear this one.

-Listen, I'm sorry I got weirded out earlier.
-That's okay.

When he asked me,
that was my initial reaction too.

And my second. And my third.

-So why'd you agree to go?
-Oh, I don't know.

I thought it would be fun.

I just...

I just don't wanna see you get hurt.

But if going to prom with Dan
is gonna make you happy,

then you should go.

You know, there was a small part of me
that was hoping you'd tell me not to go.

I still could.

I'll be fine.


But no slow dances, okay?

-Name him Nathan?
-Why? Did he screw my best friend?

I'm sorry, okay? And I know I'm late.
I should have been here two years ago.

-Well, why weren't you?
-Because I was a jerk.

Why Brooke?

-Did you really hate me that much?
-No, I didn't hate you.

I just didn't care
about anybody but myself.

Look, I hooked up with Brooke

because she was drunk
and I was a bastard.

It didn't mean anything.

Just a mistake we both wanted to forget.

Explains why you taped it.

Well, did I mention I was a stupid jerk?

-Now, look, when you get to prom...
-I'm not going.

Hey, I know you're mad at me and Brooke,
but don't take this out on Lucas.

I'm not. I just don't care.
I'm you two years ago.

No, you're not. You never were.

Why do you think you stayed with me
when I treated you so bad?

-I'm a masochist.
-Because you cared. That's who you are.

You care about Lucas
because you know he loves you.

And you probably still care
about me and Brooke

because you know we love you, too.

Just face it, Peyton. You care.

So get dressed, and go with Lucas.

I'll see you there.

Look like you made the right call, Mouth.

I guess so.

But I always thought I would lose
my virginity to my prom date,

not my prom date to my virginity.

But at least I have my friends, right?

Will you go to prom with me,
Marvin McFadden?

-What about Chase?
-Hey, don't ask about Chase, fool. Go.

Clean Teens isn't really for me.

Of course, I'll go with you.

Looks like we'll be a Not-So-Clean couple.

See, Mouth,
being a friend sometimes pays off.

Who says we're going as friends?
Just go with it.

See you guys there.

-What's he got that I don't?
-A date.



I just wanted to thank you
for agreeing to move in.

-lt means a lot to me.
-Yeah, sure.

I mean, you know, you're family, Deb.

If you wanna get better,
we are here to help.

I also wanted to tell you

that whatever stupid thing
Nathan might have done,

I'm possibly to blame for it.

Trust me, this one is all Nathan.

His only role models growing up

were a spineless, alcoholic mother
and a controlling, sociopathic father.

That doesn't excuse everything
that he does, though.

No, of course not.

But he's become a wonderful man.

And it's all because of you.

And I want to thank you for that
and ask you to forgive his shortcomings.

Whatever grace he has,
he learned from you.

Maybe you can return it.

Have fun tonight.

My mother'll be out in a second.

I know this is tough for you, Lucas,
but you can trust me.

I trust her.

-Wow, you look beautiful. Wow.
-Wow, you look great.

Well, thank you, both of you.

You're not ready yet.

Oh, well,
only old people go to prom early, Ma.

Well, save your mom a dance, would you?

Sure. You know, 'cause every kid
wants to dance with his mom at prom.

You're not every kid. You're my kid.

And have a good time at prom, Mom.


Thank God.

-You look amazing.

-Notice anything different?
-You're smiling.

Anything else?

Your boot's off.

Haley, that's great. You can walk on it?

Yeah, even better, I'm gonna dance on it.

I was gonna tell you last night,
but your surprise kind of trumped mine.

-Sorry. Again.
-I know.

-And the list?
-The list...

I just read the one written
by the man I fell in love with.

I didn't need the one written
by that other boy.

You know how much I love you?

You better.

-We're gonna be late for prom.
-Oh, please.

Nothing wrong with being a little late,
is there?

Oh, hey, does this dress
make my butt look big?

-Oh, yeah.
-Thanks, baby!

Don't walk with me, dude.
People are gonna think we're together.

Please. You could never get
with Fergie-licious.

-Did you just say...
-Yeah. Yeah.

It was really awful.

Peyton looked through me
like I didn't even exist.

I mean, can't she hate me?
At least if she hates me, she still cares.

You guys have been friends
longer than me and Luke.

-I mean, that's too long not to care.

I'm sorry,
I'm always venting to you, Mouth.

Do you wanna talk
about Shelly or something?

-Not at all. No.

If you do, I'm here.

Thanks again for being my date.
You've always been there for me.

Even now, when everyone thinks
that I'm a whore.

Nobody thinks that.

Oh, my God!

You might wanna step out
of the black light.

She cares.

She cares!

Oh, you two look so cute.
Wait there while I get the video camera.

Sorry. You okay with this?

I so broke that camera.

Lucas, l...

Hi, Peyton.