One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 8 - Truth, Bitter Truth - full transcript

To Brooke's horror, her ma even sold her king-size bed. Chris Keller asks Haley to play and sing on his studio recording that same evening and coaches her well enough to give her confidence and consider a career in music. Karen co...

Previously on One Tree Hill.

Okay, could it get any worse? My love life is non-existent,

my parents are having a yard sale to sell everything we own.

Being poor and horny is no way to go through life.

- I?m Anna.
- You?re Felix?s sister right?

You know, I was thinking about this whole ?Friends with Benefits?.

Felix with Brooke. FWB.

Come here.

Dan has a? heart condition known as HCM. It?s a? genetic mutation.

So what do you say boyfriend? Wanna sleep over?

You have any idea how many guys in the room wanna nail your wife right now?

Relax, it?s cool. Peyton and I did a couple lines the other night.

Aint that right Peyton?

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Someone once said; it?s the good girls who keep diaries.

The bad girls never have the time.

Me? I just wanna live a life I?m gonna remember.

Even if I don?t write it down.

If I?d known your mom was gonna come home, I never would have stayed the night.

I mean, not that I?m complaining but since when do you spend the night?

That was a onetime only bonus for you getting me home from the club. Now come here.

Where the hell is my bed?!

Got a good price on the queen-size. Single bed on its way love mom?!

I still live here, you know!

You know....

we could always shag on the shag.

Moments past Pool Boy. Besides, I have to meet Haley.

Gotta say, good call Nate. Road tripping to Charlotte.

Love that NBA expansion.

Third row, floor, right behind the bench.

Anyway, so you take the CD?s that you?re sick of or never should have bought

in the first place and you bring them back and they ?

- And they give me cash?
- Yeah.

Maybe I can buy my bed back.

So, Nathan?s going to Charlotte tonight with Lucas

and this is my first night alone in the apartment.

Do you know what we should do? We should have a slumber party.

Seriously, we haven?t done that since like, junior high.

I dunno. I haven?t done that since? ever.

- Haley!
- I wasn?t popular in junior high.

No! Then we have to. This is like a rite of passage.

I mean, when did you learn to put on eye shadow and stuff your bra and make out?

I don?t know.

Okay, I?m calling Peyton. This is going to be great.

Well, look I was kinda looking forward to having a night alone in the apartment.

And I was kinda looking forward to being rich but we all adjust don?t we?

- Hey, what?s up?
- Hey.

Alright, what you got?

Here you go.


Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

Lucky for you, crap sells.

D'ya listen to my demo yet?

Um? yeah I did. It?s...

Good; I know. I?m working on this other song I could really use some female vocals on.

Maybe you could come by the studio and lay something down for me.

Track. Lay down the track.


Okay. Yeah? sure.

- That sounds fine. How?s ?
- Tonight.

Let me get you the address.

Hello. Tonight, slumber party.

Oh, I?m sorry. Um? I can say no.

No. It?s fine.

I?ll come over early and set up.

What do you mean ?set up??

You have no idea.

Oh great.

Hey. You?re awake.

I? saw you were gone. I thought, maybe?

maybe it was a one-night-stand.

But it felt good. You can one-night-stand me anytime.

Where?d you go?


Ohhh. Well how?d you get back in? The door locks.

I jimmied it with a credit card.

I should be afraid, right?

Ahh? chocolate croissants.

Those are actually for me.

Uh, there are two.

I know. Energy bar?s for you.

Trust me you?re gonna need it.

Oh hey! You look beat.

Oh, I was up all night. First college paper.

What are you doing here? Go home. Sleep.

- We need to talk.
- Okay.

Haley told me about the drugs.

Opening night.

This guy Rick was doing coke.

Oh, uh? yeah.

Why didn?t you tell me?

I don?t know. I?m sorry.

Look, I know he?s got a lotta music connections and I know how important that is to you.

But I won?t have drugs in my club, Peyton!

Of course.

And I don?t expect you to handle everything on your own?

but you have to come to me if? anything like that ever happens again.

- I will.
- Promise?

I promise.


You know you can always talk to me, Peyton.

It?s another mechanic stripper!

No? just Lucas.

Okay! Guess we?re off.

Alright! Well go? whoever they are!

- Bobcats Haley.
- Alright, well, I love bobcats. They?re so cute.

- You?re such a girl.
- I know.

Can we go now? You saw her, she?s back, let?s go!

Come on, man! Look, this is the first night we?ve spent apart since we got married.

Well? girls are having a slumber party.


Oh, that?s cool. So you won?t be alone tonight.

- Yep.
- What?re you gonna do until then?

Uh? Probably just gonna? hang out with Brooke.

Right Brooke?


Just us girls.

So, find anything good in the lost and found?!

Not really!


How wasted does one have to be to go home with one shoe.

It?s like, at what point do you look down at your foot and say ?hmmm?.

Eww, I was thinking the same thing about the two thongs in here.

Eww, two thongs?!

Now that is what I call a successful club opening.

- Hello?!
- What?s so funny?

Oh, hey Brooke. Are you missing any underwear?


Nothing. Anna?s just helping me clean out TRIC.

Thanks for the phone call.

What, did you really wanna get up and work this morning?

Okay, good point.

Well, tonight; Haley doesn?t have a husband, I don?t have a bed,

so we?re having a slumber party.

Oh, how retro.

I know! You bring the music and your ouija board, I?m bringing the beauty arsenal.

How about Anna? Can I bring her too?

Whatever. Nine o?clock.

This car runs great, man.

Yeah, not bad right?

The best part is; Dan had nothing to do with it.

- Do need to replace this tape deck though.
- Oh, god, definitely.

But, for now, I got my? trusty IPod and cassette adaptor.

Nice! Fire it up.

- It?s stuck.
- What?

You telling me you didn?t check the stereo before we left?

I was busy working on the engine.

A holiday,

A holiday

What is this?

Is the best day,

I have no idea.

An ice-cream day,

I am only happy,

When I have,

A holi-

- I thought I was gonna have to fail you.
- I know. It?s been one of those days.

You?re flushed.

Well I ran all the way form the parking lot.

And um? I?m a little nervous.

Bout the paper?

That too.

Well look, the paper?s in now.

So um? how bout dinner tonight? I know this great place.

- And we past the hotdog stage.
- I like the hotdog stage.

I know. That?s why I liked you.

I?m ready for an upgrade if you are.

Okay, tonight.

Good, so it?s a date then.

Where did you come from?




Got a husband and three kids there.

No, I?m serious.

We never talk about you.

What can I say?

I?m from the Midwest,

I like my parents,

I sell real-estate now and again and?

oh, I have terrible taste in guys.

There is? one thing you should know about me though.

Very important.


I?m starving!

Okay, that?s weird.


Oh my god!

Okay, I think you should know I have a bat.

And, we dialled 911.

Yeah, that too.

Okay, on the count of three.

One? two? three!

- Brooke!
- Peyton!

- Anna!
- Argh, my eyes! I?m blind!

Hey, I?m looking for Karen.

That?s me.

- You?re Rick.
- Yeah, what can I do for you?

You could stay the hell away from TRIC.

You?re not welcome here.

I won?t have drugs in my club.

Yeah, well you won?t have any customers either.

I control every major band on this circuit.

You cut me off, you?re cutting off your talent.

We?ll be fine!

And by the way, the place was full of kids. What?s wrong with you?

Dumb move lady.

Actually, it?s the smartest move I?ve made all day.

What do you want from me? Okay, I have no bed and rope burns are so last season.

I don?t know Brooke; backseats, hot tubs, closets. You?ve never had a problem before.

We were horny okay?

Just promise me you won?t tell Haley.

- You are so washing the sheets.
- Yeah!

- Okay, who saw me naked?
- I said ew! Sister in the room, hello!

Huh, hey, is this gonna work for me? You know, coz I got that combination skin.

You have to go! Go!

Hey, whatever you say. Just give me a second to get my stuff.

Hi! I?m Brooke. We haven?t officially been introduced?

but you?re dating my ex boyfriend and I?m sleeping with your brother

- so it looks like we have a lot in common.
- Yeah.


Oh, and you?re Peyton?s new best friend.

Sorry, I forgot that part.

Is that the shower?


Oo, that water is hot and so is Felix,

Oo, the water is wet and so is ?

Dancing when the stars go blue,

Dancing where the evening fell,

Dancing in my wooden shoes,

- In a wedding go ?
- Alright Haley, hold up.

I?m just not feeling it.

Hold up a second okay?

Alright Haley, listen.

A lot of girls can see on-key okay?

I?m gonna need something a little bit more from you alright?

Something? a bit further south than your brain. You know what I saying?

Listen, it?s not about technique. It?s about giving me something of yourself.

Something that no one else gets to see.

You can?t play it safe in here Haley, I?m not gonna let you.

- Okay, well, I?m trying.
- No you?re not!

- Yes I am!
- No you?re not, you?re really close to something.

You know, and you?ve got the talent but for some reason, you won?t go there.

If you won?t go there, maybe you?re just wasting my time.


Come here.

Play it back. Put me in this time.

Just follow along okay?


Laughing with your pretty mouth,

- Try this one now.
- Laughing with your broken eyes,

Okay, yeah.
Laughing with your lovers song,

In a lullaby,

Alright, now sing with me on this one Hale.

Where do you go when you?re lonely,

Where do you go when you?re blue.

Where do you go when you?re lonely,

Where do you go when you?re blue,

Where do you go when you?re lonely,
I?ll follow you,

Follow you...

What the hell is Felix doing in there?

I dunno. Shaving?

What, his legs? He?s been in there forever.

Yeah, cos your look is so wash and go.

- Hey you guys.
- Oh! Haley!


Smells good.

Where you been?

Nowhere, I?m just gonna go take a shower.



Ahh? I love slumber parties.

I?m not always late. I promise.

No worries. You?re worth the wait.

Thank you.



- Hi.
- Hi.

So? this sucks, huh?

What the hell, I got first round.

- Drinks?
- Yes!


Charlotte Bobcats, here we come.

That could be you someday.

Well? actually, it could be me. You?re not good enough.

D?you see that?!

You know, I?m just not clear on this. So the shower at your house is broken

and you had to have Felix come all the way over here and use mine?


Wait a second. You don?t have a bed do you?

Did you? Tell me you didn?t have sex in my bed. Brooke.

- I?m already washing your sheets.
- Oh my god! Eurgh! Brooke! Eurgh!

They already yelled at me, what is the big deal?!

The big deal is that first of all; you did not thank me for helping you with the CDs.

Second of all; you had sex in my bed! And third; you ate all the brownies.

- Actually, I had a couple.
- That?s not the point.

Haley?s right. The point id that I?ve been deceptive.

It?s not so much that? I lied to anyone?s face.

It?s more about what I didn?t say.

Urgh! Okay. There is a big difference between a lie and a little white lie.

- Really!
- Yeah!

- Okay, wait, what white lie?
- Nothing!

- Haley lied to Nathan!
- Not exactly!

- Yes you did!
- About what?!

- Nothing.
- Haley.

You know what, if we?re talking about bad behaviour, you might wanna sit this one out!

What is that supposed to mean?

That?s supposed to mean that Peyton?s the one you should be looking at, not me.

Why?! She not the one acting like a perfect-little-Stepford-wife!

Why are you picking on Haley? She?s throwing us a slumber party.

Actually, she was throwing us a slumber party, you just butted in!

- Brooke! Leave her alone!
- Why!?

What?re you gonna do? Snort her?

Listen, I didn?t throw this slumber party for you, you threw it for yourself and you know it!

Well, at least I didn?t lie to my husband about hanging out with Chris!

Brooke, well? Peyton did cocaine with that Rick guy.

- Haley!
- What?!

- You had sex in her bed!
- Okay...

What is wrong with you!? Crack whore!



Man, Tree Hill?s got some drama.

- That was awesome.
- Yeah. It was man.

You know, if you want to drive back tonight man, I?m so wired I?m not gonna go to sleep for hours.

No, nah it?s cool.

Oh come on. You can see Hales, I can?

crash the slumber party.

Nah, we can?t. Gotta stay the night.

Okay. Why?

This trip wasn?t just about the game.

There?s something else.

Sorry about dinner.

Oh please. I?m hoping to break bread with all your ex boyfriends.

He wasn?t my boyfriend.

And yet he asked you to marry him. Interesting.

- Seems like a nice guy though.
- He is.

- You like?
- What?s not to like?

You know, I have this print too.

It?s not a print.

Well, I feel like I?m back in Italy.


I have a house there too. You wanna go?

I could blow off school for a week.

Or not!

- Is it my company?
- Oh, no, god it?s the paper.

I? kinda pulled an all-nighter.

Spoken like a true co-ed.

Since you mentioned it though, come here.

Let?s just take care of this right now shall we?

Oh boy!

Let?s see... right.


You need more wine. Stay put, get comfortable.

You know, I think I should probably go.


I just?


You know about Dan?s heart condition.

It?s called HCM and it?s genetic.

- Which means we might have it.
- Yeah.

This is serious Luke. It?s common among athletes too.

What do we do?

Well, first of all; if we have it, that?s it for basketball.

Or any sport really.

But what does this have to do with Charlotte?

Well the test costs a thousand bucks.

There?s a hospital here that does free student-athlete screenings once a month.

And that?s tomorrow.

And why didn?t you tell me about this upfront?

I dunno, I? I didn?t wanna ruin it;

the game, the road trip? us hanging out.

We have appointments tomorrow morning.

Ah, come on man, what are the odds of us even having this thing anyway?


One in two.

I?m sorry I freaked out on you about the bed. At least I have one.

I?m sorry I called you a liar.

- You fibbed to Nathan; it?s not a big deal.
- No, it is a big deal.

Okay, cease fire! Girl talk.

Come on.

I should have told Nathan that I was gonna be with Chris and I don?t know why I didn?t

cos, like, the words started coming out of my mouth and then it was just? too late to take it back.

Okay, you don?t have feeling for Chris, do you?

No. It?s just the first time I?ve ever wanted something for me.

It?s not for my parents, it?s not for Nathan, it?s just... for me

and Chris can? help me get it.

- So? what?s wrong with that?
- Exactly!

I don?t know why I should feel embarrassed for saying

that I know what I want and I?m gonna go after it like?

Like a guy.

Nathan never apologises or? or lies for what he wants. I mean?

I don?t know why I feel like I had to.

Haley, trust me, you can go after what you want and still be a girl.

I know. I totally know and that why this is so stupid!

On the topic of stupid,

- cocaine, P. Sawyer?
- I?m an idiot.

- Well you?re not gonna do it again, right?
- No! No.

Um? I don?t want to. But?

I?m not going to.


I?m really sorry. Sorry I just blurted that out. I?

I should have talked to you about it at the club but I just?

I just didn?t wanna handle it.

No. It?s? It?s my fault.

But I just? really want us all to be? good enough friends that we can talk about stuff.

You know? Even when it?s ugly?

especially then.

So just like that? Get the test, find out we can never play again.



It?s just Dan! You know?!

Oh, tell me about it. I can emancipate myself all I want

but? the guy still finds a way to control my life.

- Hey, Emeka, you played a great game man.
- Thanks.

So, how does it feel to be out there? You know, finally making it to the league.

It was a dream-come-true. What I was born to do. You guys play?


We love it.

You gotta bulk up a little bit if you wanna play in the league.

Yeah, he?s skinny.

You too.

Yeah, well he?s got no left.

- You got no range.
- What?!

Please tell me you guys aren?t team mates.

Nah, it?s worse; we?re brothers.

Right, well, you guys? roll strong and hit those weights.

Thanks man.

Okay, so? are we going to talk about your little ?arrangement? with Felix?

The ?Friends with Benefits? thing.

Do we have to? It?s kinda foul.

What?s foul about it? I mean, besides? Haley?s linens.

- Come on!
- Sorry!

No. But seriously, like, I know you?re gonna give me your whole?

?I can have sex like a guy? speech but? its crap.

Why? You think I?m gonna let myself get hurt again?

I dunno, maybe.

At least I?m having sex. I d-

Yeah, with a guy that doesn?t even respect you enough to have a real relationship with you.

Anna, I?m? I?m really sorry, okay, but everything is on Felix?s terms.

- I gave him the Writer so they?re my terms.
- But it was his idea!

- Brooke? Don?t you wanna fall in love?
- Yeah, I do. Some day, okay?

Why not now?

Look, Tutor Wife, I love you but if it was up to you,

we?d all be getting our marriage licence with our drivers licence and I-

I?m not talking about marriage. I?m just talking about? falling in love.

And I?m tired of feeling bad! Okay?

I?d rather feel nothing. It?s? better, it?s easier.

No. It is not better Brooke! Like? it?s not you!

Okay, I admire you so much for the chances you take

but? this just doesn?t seem like you.

- It?s less than you.
- It?s just about sex-

Okay, we both know? sex is never just sex.

I love my brother but there is a double standard for girls and there always will be.

Yeah, and I?m saying screw the double standard!

That?s good Brooke. You should say it.

And so should I and every other girl who is tired of playing their game? by their rules.

Don?t be too fat? or too thin or too? dark

or too light? don?t be too sexual or too chased

or too smart or too dumb!

Be yourself. But make sure you fit in.

- Hello?
- Whatever I did, I?m sorry.

Look, Andy, I?m exhausted and I don?t wanna say something I might regret.

Obviously I already have. Let me come over.

No! It?s late and by the time you get here? No.

Now I?ve been trying to figure out what happened and, I?ve narrowed it down to, like, this paper or?

I don?t know; you?re psychotic or something. And I don?t think you?re psychotic.

You didn?t even read it and you gave me an ?A?! In your bedroom!

I did read it.

Then you should know it doesn?t deserve an ?A?!

I mean, I banged this out in one night; it is practically my first draft!

- Karen!
- Look, Andy, this is important to me!

Going to school,

and I have to know that I can do this and I?m not gonna compromise it by seeing you. I can?t!

Your paper is good Karen!

And you instincts are great! Okay, so maybe you haven?t memorised every stupid text book principle

but you already? have two successful businesses up and running, right now.

Yeah, but I was rushed, I was distracted!

Okay, so maybe it isn?t gonna be as hard as you think.

Maybe being a mom and a business woman has prepared you for this in ways that you don?t even recognise.

And maybe? maybe you just need to have a bit more confidence.

In yourself? and in me.

Now I?ll have one of my colleagues grade that paper if that?s what you want.

But you deserve that ?A? Karen.

And I know how important that is to you, I know.

I would never do anything to compromise that.

- Lucas home?
- No, he?s in Charlotte for the night.

- Where?s this print of yours?
- It?s in my bedroom, it?s in my bedroom.

Some night, huh?

It was pretty great wasn?t it?

No, it was awful.

But? somehow, with you it wasn?t so awful.

Aw, you?re such a sweetie.

I just? I feel so much better? lighter somehow.

Good. Cos you?re gonna need room?

for my strawberry ice-cream and coco pebbles.


Okay, I?ve never had a problem that ice-cream couldn?t solve, and I?ve had some problems.

Okay, I?ve never had a slumber party so I?m gonna say this sob-fest is over!

Alright, we?ll see, what d?ya wanna do?

Pillow fight!

Oh, it is on now!

Oh, my head!

Oh my? god!



I keep thinking about Haley.

She must be scared about all this.

I haven?t told her yet.

Till I get the test results and figure out what I?m gonna do?

I wanna protect her.

She?ll probably be pissed about that but?

I think it?s for the best.

We?ll do this first, then you go for the blood test. Just relax.

You okay?

Yeah, you?

Yeah, just? thinking about my life.

Basketball?s such a? big part Nate. I?

I don?t wanna give it up.

I felt the same way before I got married.

Basketball was the most important thing to me? it was the only thing.

But now Haley is.

And I owe it to her to find out.

Okay, go ahead and lie back.

You?re next.

I?m sorry?

I don?t wanna know.

It?s a big risk, Luke, not taking this test. You know the odds.

And what about the risk of never feeling alive again?

As opposed to never being alive again?

There?s more to life than sports. Trust me.

After my accident I promised myself? I wouldn?t be afraid anymore.

Of dying?

Yeah! Dying?

living too.

Oh! I?m sorry.

I?m not used to having someone else in my bed.

Sleep well?

Like a baby.


I dunno, you just? you seemed more attractive last night.

Huh, must have been the wine.

- Is that right?
- Yeah.

That?s too bad, you?re stuck with me.

No, oh. Oh I hope so!

Okay, stop thief.

A thief break in to steal, I break in with treats.

Well? I?ve got something for you too.

I?m training you well.

Wow, a key.

You can use it to come see me, or? burgle the place, whatever.

Big step!

Oh well, it doesn?t have to mean anything.

But it?ll keep my landlord from asking about the hot cat burglar who comes and goes.

So to speak.

Oh? my gosh!

Urgh! Do you think there?s such a thing as a sugar hangover?

I think what you need is a little taste of the snake that bit ya!

- Ice-cream for breakfast?
- It?s Butter-pecan.


So? weird night, huh?

Actually? it was fun.

Thanks for inviting me Peyton.

I was really worried about not making any friends here, but?

I think? I might have made some good ones.

And, if you ever need someone to talk to...

Thanks Anna. I?m glad you came.

So, neighbour girl?

Looks like we have a few things in common after all.

I?m sorry I was kind of a witch before.

It?s okay. It?s hard to let new people in sometimes. I?m used to it.

Well, don?t get too used to it. You?re with us now.

You?re a mess!

I know you don?t understand what I?m doing, but I need to ask you a favour.


If my mom ever asks, I got the test and I?m fine?

and the same goes for Haley, alright?

If that?s what you want.




It?s the best day,

It?s an ice-cream day,

I am only happy,

When I have,

Holiday, holiday, holiday...

Saturday, nine thirty-two p.m.

Hey, TRIC, we need to talk.

End of messages.

Where do you go when you?re lonely,

Where do you go when you?re blue,

My husband!

Hey. What was that?

Oh, just a works in progress. I don?t want you to hear it yet.


Well? Did you have fun with Lucas?

- Yeah! Yeah, we had a great time.
- Good.

- How bout you?
- Hmmm, good. Really good.

Mom!? I?m home!

Roe. Yes professor?

Hey, how was the slumber party?

As a matter of fact, it was great. Not thank to you.


You caused a lot of problems Felix.

Ah, they?ll get over it.

You know, Felix, you do this everywhere we go.

And girls fall for it because they think that you?re cute?

or funny or that they?ll actually? get something out of it? other than a bad reputation.

I like these people.

I like Brooke.

And I really don?t like you for not caring about her.

I do care about her.

I really? like her, Anna.

For real, okay?

But it?s against the rules.

I don?t know what to do.

I got the test results back.

I?m fine.

One in two right?

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