One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 7 - Let the Reigns Go Loose - full transcript

Felix continues to be Brooke's sex-toy. Chris makes Peyton beg for him to perform at the Tric club opening and hands her a 'rider' (list of demands), which inspires Brooke- about ...

Previously on One Tree Hill:

-No one else needs to know.
-You mean Karen.

You know, I was thinking
about this whole friends-with-benefits.

Felix with Brooke. FWB.

-How many other songs have you written?
-I don't know. A few.

-AII right, well, you're gonna open.
-No, I am not. I get major stage fright.

You're gonna have to get out for this one.

-Are you gonna tell me what it was?

-You're great.
-Yeah, I know. When do I play?

You're okay but we had
a lot of really good people show up today.

So, we'll call you.

Look, I know it's kind of short notice,
so, bring Lucas along...

if you can't find a sitter.
I'd love to meet the little guy.

My brother owns the dealership.
I'm just helping out.

-I'm actually a mechanic.
-I like mechanics.

I've got a good sense about people.
You're young, but you...

might be worth the risk.

Here's your shot, kid.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said.:

''Many people die
with their music still in them.

''Too often it is because
they are always getting ready to live.

''Before they know it, time runs out. ''

You're still here.
I thought we had an understanding.

Once the hooking-up is over, you go home.

Damn. You can make a guy feel used.

I'm sorry.

We could just cancel
our little arrangement and save your pride.

No. Being used is fine.

Yeah, that's what I thought.

So why don't you get your used butt
up out of my bed, pool boy?

I have a big day ahead of me
and you're in my way.


I think you've got the wrong store.

Forever 21 is just down the street there.

That's Jeff Buckley. You heard of him?

Who hasn't heard of Jeff Buckley?

That man is the reason that I became
a musician. You know why?

Because he never sold out.

Why stop there?
Didn't he also drown in a river?

Listen, if you want me to play your show,
you're gonna have to ask nicely.

-I don't need this.
-Sure you do.

Why else would you be here
at 8:00 a.m. on a school day?

Okay, here's the deal. The turnout
for auditions was kind of low...

-so, if you want--
-Here's my rider.

-What is this?
-It's like a list of artist's demands.

I know what a rider is.

''Chamomile tea,
one small vegetarian pizza.

''One box Magnum
extra-large size condoms.''

-Are you kidding?
-The regular ones cut off the circulation.

We got a deal here or what?

You go on at 9:00.

Have fun at school.

Come on, pony up, people.

There's kids in this world
a lot more miserable than you.

-Thank you. God bless.
-Look at this.

One over-ripe cantaloupe,
two number-3 pencils?

What kind of rider is this?

God bless you. Change for the needy?

Brooke, I had no idea
you were so charitable. What's the cause?

Just needy people. God bless you.

Brooke, I recognize the photo.

It's from an ad for cramp medicine.

Wow. Homeless and PMSing. Poor girl.


AII right, the money's for me.

I'm the needy one...

as in, I need some things
for your club opening.

-Do you realize how wrong that is?
-Sort of.

But, I mean, what am I supposed
to do for money?

-Try getting a job!
-Right, doing what?

Anything. A number of things.
What are your skills?

I don't know. I'm good with guys.
Dates, dating.

-Yeah, and?
-Sex, but....

That would make you a hooker.

Thank you.

I'll take you shopping on a budget.

-Hey, Felix.
-Mighty Mouth.

-You going to the club opening tomorrow?
-That's the plan.

You taking Brooke?

No, I like to alternate my cheerleaders.
This week, Theresa.

But I thought
you and Brooke were together.

It doesn't really work like that.

So, she's not gonna be there
with anybody?

Not that I know of.

-Hey, you.
-Hey, you!

You know,
I had a great time the other night.

Me too. Listen, can we talk?

-That doesn't sound good.
-It's not like that. It's just...

I love spending time with you,
you know that.

But being dropped into a new place
is hard enough...

without jumping
into a new relationship, too.

You must really hate me.

Stop it.
I'm just saying let's not rush things.

Let's hang out, see where it goes.

-Did Felix say something?
-No, it's not that. Promise.

-Okay. Friends.
-With potential.


Ready for your big debut, rock star?

-Please don't remind me.
-She's ready.

Didn't you once tell me
there's such a thing as over-preparation?

Yeah, for a math midterm.
This is like avoiding public humiliation.

Hales, you're gonna do great.

Saturday night, three bands.
Bring your friends.

Adrian Tomine fan?

-You know his stuff?
-Yeah. I love Optic Nerve.

Really? A fellow comic book geek.

Well, closeted.

-I'm Anna.
-I'm Peyton.

You're Felix's sister, right?

On the days that I claim him, yeah.

-So how's Tree Hill treating you?

But I think someone forgot to give me
the secret password.

Yeah, people in this town tend to stick
to their own crowd.

At least the guys are cute.

Okay. Tree Hill rule number one:

People in this town tend to have
really complicated histories.

-Dan. How you feeling?

-Good. Deb's not in till 4:00.
-I came to see you.

-To apologize.

I was hoping you'd forgive me
for the things I've done to hurt you.

Can I be honest with you, Dan?

You're creeping everybody out.

This phoenix bird thing,
this sensitive thing that you're pulling.

No one's buying it.

I'm sorry you feel that way.
But I understand.

By the way, Deb said Keith
hasn't been hanging around here lately.

I hope it's not because of what happened.

You should know
that I've chosen to forgive him.

For what?

For sleeping with Deb.

I'm sorry, Karen.
I really thought that you knew.

-Hey, it's Keith.

Sorry, I know a lot of Keiths.
Could you be more specific?

It's the Keith you kissed the other night.

No, you've got to give me more than that.

In a convertible,
on a car ramp at Scott Motors.

Okay, that narrows it down
to about a half a dozen or so.

You're funny.

Look, I know it's last minute,
but there's a club opening tonight.

You want to go?

I don't know. I think I already have a date.

Besides, don't you know
about the Wednesday rule?

''The Wednesday rule''?

A girl can't accept a weekend date
if the offer comes after Wednesday.

It's a rule.

Yeah, you know who follows those rules?

Girls who sit at home on weekends.

Well, you may be in luck.

I've never been a big fan of rules. 8:00?

Does this melon look overly ripe to you?

Sorry, it's not my area of expertise.

So, what's going on
with you and Felix now?

I don't know. I mean, the whole point
of friends-with-benefits...

-is there's no strings attached, right?

Lately he's been getting
really stringy on me.

And why are we looking
for overly ripe fruit again?

Chris' rider.

Basically, I have to get him everything
on this list or he won't perform.

Wait a second.

He makes a list and you have to do
everything on it to get what you want?



Just in time.

Just let me finish here,
then we can go upstairs.

You can go upstairs and finish yourself.
I just came by to give you this.

It's a rider. A list of artist's demands.

-Peyton told me about it.
-What's it for?

Yesterday you seemed a little sketchy
on the terms of our agreement...

so I figured I'd clear it up for you.

With a bunch of rules?

And you better follow them
if you ever want me to...

perform at your venue again.

''No sleeping over. No sleeping late.

''No non-sexual bathing.''
Is this necessary?

-You've been getting a little needy.

Please, I have a date tonight.
You are okay with that?

Item 12.

''No asking if it's okay to date
other people.''

So we're clear?


That's an odd sight.

What, you thought I'd be blind?

No, I just didn't think you could read.

500 Things a Person Should See
Before They Die.

I've seen 12 of them.

-You gonna do something about that?
-That's the plan.

At least until practice starts.

I always wanted to dive
with the manta rays in Tobago.

So, Coach, I turned down High Flyers.

Is there a reason you turned them down,
or should I even ask?

Well, it's just....

Haley's pursuing this whole music thing.

She's done a lot for me, Coach.
It's her turn now.

And me going to camp would just
stand in the way of that.

Sometimes marriage is about sacrifice.

Maybe you're not taking a step forward
as a basketball player...

but you're taking two steps forward
as a man.

Thanks, Coach.


I just dropped by to wish you
good luck tonight.

Thanks. You're still coming, right?

-Of course, yeah.

I also wanted to talk to you
about something else.


I know that you and I were never an item...

but I thought you should know I'd like to...

bring a date to the club tonight.

Anyone I know?

Her name's Jules.
I met her at the dealership.

Is that it?


-I look forward to meeting her.

-Beware of strangers bearing gifts.
-What is that, Andy?

Look, every cool club needs
its own T-shirt, right?

-So, there you go.
-That's sweet.

Lucas! That reminds me,
I got him one, too.

Keith, this is Andy. My professor.

-Nice to meet you, Keith.
-Yeah. You, too.

But I want it so bad.

No, it's not in the budget.
Besides, if you get the purse...

then you can't afford the outfit
for the opening.

Screw the opening.
I'll stay at home with the purse.

What's going on? Are you all right?

-Yeah, I just feel a little light-headed.

-I sold some stuff.
-What stuff?

Some blood.

Blood? You sold blood? Brooke,
do you really think that's a good idea?

You actually don't look very well.

-You're pasty.
-I'm discount shopping.

I'm gonna have to get used
to looking like crap.

Besides, I needed some extra money
for the dress.

Which was only $36.


-Eyeliner to go with the shoes.

Which is what, $61.50 with tax?

I mean, please, you have plenty
left over for--

AIcohol. We'll stop at a liquor store
on the way home.

I really don't think you should be drinking
after you just gave blood.

No, the woman told me
to rehydrate myself.

Besides, if I'm gonna be seen
in these shoes...

I'm gonna need a drink or two.

Okay, we've got the DJ downstairs.
The bar is stocked.


They are down in front with Junk
right now.

That's it. It's out of our hands.

-No, you forgot something.

To take a deep breath.

Just for a second. Look around.

-You guys did this. And it's great.

Oh, God, what if I didn't
make up enough flyers?

What if I didn't put up enough?

-What if nobody shows up outside, and--
-Come here.

I don't think that
that's gonna be a problem.

Okay, my thighs are itching...

and not so much in a good way.
I think I'm allergic to polyester.

But it's fine. I've had a few drinks.

I should have a few drinks, because....
Do you see all these people?

You're gonna be fine!

Hey, Ms. Roe. The club looks great.

Let's see the wrist, Brooke.

No alcohol. Are we clear?

-Good. Now go have some fun.

This is definitely the first time I've felt
like the oldest person in the bar.


Andy, this is Peyton.
Peyton this is my friend, Andy.


I'll try to keep out of your hair.

You didn't happen to bring little Lucas
tonight, did you?

Yeah, he's wandering around here

Great. I can't wait to meet him.

-''Little Lucas''?
-His words, not mine.

So, what's the story with you and your...


You know, I'm not sure how to describe it.

-Put it this way, are you two getting....

Because if you were,
I'd describe it as pretty lucky.

He's a fox.

So, how was your other date
with the cancellation?

-Why? You wanna ask him out?

I just didn't know
you were seeing other people.

If you're one of them, I'd shut up.

Yeah, you know, that's a good point.

-So, how's it going, Junk?
-AII good.

Here you are. Mr. Scott, plus one.

VIP, over-21 wristbands....

-I didn't know you were so hip, Keith.
-Yeah, well, neither did I.

Karen never said anything
about drinking outside of the club.

Hey, Brooke. I like your dress.

So, I was wondering if you maybe wanted
to do something sometime?

Hey, you wanna catch a movie sometime?

What's up, Mouth?

-Hey, Theresa. Nice dress.

Why does it look so familiar?

I remember: because it used to be mine.

Brooke, I asked you before I bought it.
You said it was okay.

Yeah, well, that was before I knew
how your ass would look in it.

Theresa, why don't you go up?
I'll be right there.

I'd have to check the list,
but I'm pretty sure...

acting like a jealous girlfriend
is against the rules.

I'm not jealous.

I just figured you would have gone
for someone with a little more class.

Why? I went for you, didn't I?


-I can't do it.

-I can't do it.
-Do what?

Play. At all. I have to back out.

And you're telling me this now?

I'm sorry, it's just all these people, and....

I told you this might happen, okay?
So, please, just....

Don't hate me. I'm sorry.

Haley, you can't do this.
Your name's already on the poster.

There are people here
expecting you to play.

So what?
Who's gonna know the difference?

You've already got two acts
and a DJ, right?

I'll figure it out.


But you're gonna have to get
on that horse sometime.

Hey, Karen.

-This crowd. You must be thrilled.
-Try crazy.

It seems like every teenager
in the town showed up.

So Andy made it.

Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out
how to introduce him to Lucas.

Well, think fast.

So, Kings of Convenience?
I just got their album last week.

-It's great.
-Man, you should see them live.

Oh, God, I'll bet. So, how'd you find out
about the club?

I'm actually kind of dating the woman
who's responsible for all this.

Really? You're dating Peyton?

-She's got the curly hair, right?

The cops would love that.

-No, her name's Karen.



Oh, boy.

Lucas, this is Andy.
Andy, this is my son, Lucas.

Little Lucas.

I thought you were six. Not 6'1''.

There's someone I want you to meet.


Keith! I was hoping you'd make it.

Jules, this is my sister-in-law, Deb.
Deb, this is Jules, my....

-Girlfriend. Nice to meet you.
-This is my girlfriend, Jules.

Nice to meet you, too.

Thank you. I'll get us some drinks.

Okay. I'll just take a water.

Two tequilas it is.

-She seems fun.
-Yeah, she's really great.

It's nice to see good things
happen to you, Keith. You deserve it.

Previously on Saved by the Bell.

Hey, Chris. This is my husband, Nathan.

-Married in high school.

Yeah, that'll work.

Peyton told me you bailed on the gig.

I guess I was wrong about you.

Appropriate response.
So, ready for our first dance?

I don't know. Are friends
supposed to have a first dance?

They are when they have potential.

You wanna explain this?
My sister's topless.

You wanna get that out of my face?

Lucas, just walk away. Please?

Outside. Now.

-Are you out of your mind?
-Are you out of yours?

It's because of crap like this
we had to move again.

-And you know what? I liked my last life.
-Great. This again--

You want people to talk?
Keep it up, 'cause they will.

Just like the last time.

Just because people say something
doesn't make it true, Felix.

Those were rumors.

Yeah? How do you think rumors
get started?

Hey, what's going on, Tree Hill?

I'd like to welcome you guys
to the opening night of Tric.

It's a night we like to call House of Freaks.
You guys ready? Yeah?

Okay, great.

Then please help me
in welcoming to the stage...

Chris Keller.

-Hey, P. Sawyer.

It's your big night.
Sorry I didn't get you anything.

-I'm kind of on a budget.
-It's okay.

Singer boy's a fox!

-Hey, show us your--

All right, here we go, now.


You guys aren't ready for this.


-What are you gonna do, right?
-Wait a second. What about Peyton?

Tough break.

At least it beats being screwed over
by a friend, right?

Sorry, everybody. We just had a little....

I'm not.... Whatever that was.

But while we're sorting it out,
the DJ's gonna play, and...

how about a free round on the house?

No, all ages!

Of juice! A free round of juice.

What are you doing?

-Not playing.

'Cause playing to a bunch of mall rats
who hate anything they can't pogo to...

ain't what Chris Keller's about.

That would've been nice for you to tell me
before I put you up on stage.

And also that you talk about yourself
in the third person.

Okay, I get it, Curly's pissed.
But look at it this way:

If I hadn't done what I did...

would she be up there right now?

Don't think. Just play.

So, you're saying you went through all this
just to get Haley up there to play?

Who knows? Chris Keller ain't telling.

You did a really good thing for her, Nate.

No. She did it all by herself.

Hey, Brooke. I like your dress. Is it new?

Unfortunately, it's discount.

That's hard to believe,
because you look beautiful.

Why can't guys be more like you, Mouth?

I mean, you're loyal, sweet.

You bought my dollhouse back for me.

-It wasn't that big a deal.
-Yes, it was.

You know what you are? You are like...

a really great...

little brother.

-She's really good.
-Yeah, she's really great.

I've gotta bring my other boyfriends
back to see her next time.

AII right!

AII right, Haley!

Thank you.

I'm sorry. I had no idea
that was gonna happen.

-And you don't deserve any of it.
-It's cool.

-Don't worry about it.
-You sure?


I just wouldn't mind
seeing that picture again.

What the hell are you doing to Brooke?

One second.

-Is there a problem?
-Brooke is back there, wasted and alone.

-Why aren't you doing something about it?

And don't say you don't care,
because you do.

Otherwise, why did you pay
for the dollhouse?

Look, I don't need you
to understand any of it, Mouth.

And the dollhouse is our secret.

Now, if you don't mind,
I'm having a crummy night...

and Theresa's about to change that.

Stop it, Mouth.

You got a problem with my friend?

-Maybe I got a problem with you.
-Yeah, I think you do.

You're lucky. I'm not gonna do this in here.

That's too bad.

Because I am.

Felix, stop it!

Stop it! Felix!

-Get your damn hands off me!
-Not until I get you outside.

Right. Everyone here's related.

I get tossed
because you're the guy's uncle.

No, you get tossed because you're an ass.

So did you have fun tonight, Mom?

Sure, if you don't count the part
where my son started punching people.

I'm sorry.

I didn't mean to ruin your night.

Yeah, well, I didn't mean
to screw up your week.

Then again, without the use
of your cell phone, MP3 player...

and the car...

it could suck for you.


One week. Two, if you complain.

How you doing?

You should see the other guy.

Well, I've got my mom's car,
so I'm gonna take off.

-You sure?

But thanks for punching Felix.

-I've been wanting to do that for years.

Call me tomorrow?

You tell me.

Call me tomorrow.

I'm gonna go home, Mom.
And don't worry, I'm going straight home.

-AII right. No streetfighting.

-Nice to meet you, Andy.
-Yeah, you, too.

So, I guess that T-shirt I bought him
is gonna fit a little snug.

Right, that.

Why didn't you just tell me, Karen?

I mean, your son's a teenager.

Why do you think that would matter?

Because it matters to me.

Andy, I like you.

But tonight, seeing you sitting there
with Lucas, it just seemed so normal.

Like friends.


Well, see, that makes sense to me.

Look at us.

I mean, does this picture
look right to you?

Yes. To me, it does.

But I think the more important question is:

Does it feel right?

-That feels good.
-Yeah, it does.

The rest doesn't matter.

Good night.

-Good job.
-Thank you.

You were great.

-I really liked you.
-Thanks so much.

Predictable sappy ballad. How does it feel?

Great, until you just dissed me.

No, look, you've got a good sound.
And watching you tonight...

I could definitely see us
doing something together.


Yeah. I never joke about music.
Here's my number.

I've got some studio time coming up.

Wow, okay.

I just remembered...

Thud magazine wanted me to do
an interview with them.

-It'll probably take a little while.
-No, it's cool.

This is your night.

-Go. Enjoy. I'll see you home.
-You sure?

Yeah, I've got to work early
tomorrow, anyway.

Okay. I love you. Thanks.

You have any idea
how many guys in the room...

wanna nail your wife right now?

Good night, Brooke.

I love you.

-I was just checking on her.
-She's fine.

-You like her, huh?

But guys like me don't get girls like her...

and guys like you don't care.

That's not true.

Look, man, I owe you an apology.


Just treat her right.

-Hey, girl.

You're a mess.

You took care of me?


Sometimes you gotta break the rules.

So, how'd we do?

Well, it's a little early
for exact numbers, but...

a few thousand nights like this
and I think we can retire.

Works for me.

-Deb, I need to ask you a question.
-Of course.

I mean, it's stupid, and considering
the source, I shouldn't even ask.

I probably don't even have
the right to ask, but--

Karen, we're friends.


Yesterday, Dan told me
that you slept with Keith.

Is that true?

No, of course not.


that date had everything.

Good conversation, dancing, fisticuffs.

Yeah, I'm sorry about that part.

So, I was thinking.

-You called me your girlfriend tonight.

Well, if we were exclusive...

just you and me,
would you be okay with that?

I'd be great with that.

Good. Me too.

So what do you say, boyfriend?
Wanna sleep over?

Oh, boy.

So, a hell of a night, huh?

Yes, I'm still shaking.
Thank you so much for everything.

And I'm sorry about earlier.

No, you totally redeemed yourself
after Indie-boy flaked on me.

You ready to get out of here?

Yes, but I've got to clear out
some stragglers.

Relax. They're cool.

In fact, Peyton and I did a couple of lines
the other night.

Isn't that right, P?

What do you want, Felix?

Do you like my sister?

You know I do.

Too bad. Stay the hell away from her.

-Is that an order?

It's a warning.