One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 4 - You Can't Always Get What You Want - full transcript

Brooke tells the Latino pool boy he's not allowed to use the swimming pool, and when he gets out finds he was skinny diving- the next morning he turns up at her school in a sports car; it's her new neighbor Felix Taggaro, who is even more flirtatious, self-confident and sassy then she and uses Mouth to find his way. At college Karen gets to know personally her business economics professor Andy Hargrove, a retired self-made tycoon. When Lucas tells he wants to use Dan's rehabilitation to get to know him properly, Nathan gives him his blessing. Dan orders Keith to fire Nathan, to no avail. When Keith advises against the second hand car Haley and he hoped to buy, he generously spends the money on a keyboard so she can work on her composing talent- and gets barked at to take it back by his ingrate wife. Peyton gets a chance to manage a famous musical duo, but only if she supplies them with and uses cocaine. While taking a sports car for a test-spin, Dan makes Lucas accept Felix' race dare, and offers him the keys- which chases him away. Deb encourages Karen finally to start her long-dreamed bar extension to the café and is asked to help run it as a club. Now she's poor, Brooke is caught shoplifting but Felix saves her bacon. Keith offers Nathan to learn car mechanics by fixing together a car/wreck he intended to strip for parts, which Nathan may then keep.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

I'm glad you came, son.

I want to do something
I should have done a long time ago.

- I went to go see Dan.
- What did he say this time?

That he was sorry.

Before the proposal
we were friends, Keith.

I mean, can't we at least try
to go back to the way we were then?

I don't think so.

My doctor's putting me
through cardiovascular rehab.

- I thought you might like to join me.
- So you want to be workout buddies?

Be a good chance
to spend time together, get to know you.

You had my whole life to do that.

I thought the divorce went through.

Technically, no. Dan had the heart attack
before signing the papers.

While signing the papers, actually.

Look, would you do me a favor
and put a copy of this in the lockbox...

in my bottom desk drawer?

You are the one that I want.

Yeah, me, too.

Excuse me.



Okay, look, I don't know
what my mom told you...

but here's the drill.
Pool boys don't get swimming privileges.

Lo siento.

Right. I siento you, too.

Get-ay out-ay.

What, you lose your suit?

Yo no uso eso.

I ditched Spanish
the day they covered the naked verbs.

You no swim here.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Por ah? te veo.

Every night I watch you sleep

Peace in dreams I hope you'll keep

Until your death, with your last breath


Are you writing a song
or are you planning on killing me?

Officially, I'm writing a new song.
Unofficially, I'd watch your back.

By the way I found a new car
on the internet. It's great.

- Define "great."
- $500 great.

Which is actually $36 less
than we've got in the Wish Dish...

so we can probably spring
for a full tank of gas.

My wish was more along the lines of Tivo,
surround sound.

A car will get you off the bus
before Keith fires you for being late.

Will you take a look at it?
If it's a piece of junk we'll keep looking.

- Deal?
- Deal.

And make sure the trunk's big enough
to fit your body.

Just in case.

Dan? Are you okay?

Yeah. I'm gonna order some lawn gnomes.

The front yard looks a little bare.

It's a nice day. You want to try a walk?

Maybe later.

Peyton, you looking for Lucas?

Actually, I was looking for you.
I just wanted to say...

I'm sorry things didn't work out
between you and my dad.

I was really enjoying getting to know you.

Yeah, I liked that, too.

So, I was hoping
maybe we could keep in touch.

Unless that's weird.

No. It wouldn't be weird at all.

Okay. Great.

Can I ask you for some advice?

You're the only woman I know
that runs a business...

and I've got this crazy idea.

I like crazy ideas. What is it?

Okay. It is impossible
to see good live music in this town...

without a fake ID, so I went to thud...

and I suggested they sponsor
an all-ages night.

You know, not like here at the cafe,
but, like a club night.

That sounds great.

Yeah, I thought so, too,
but no takers so far.

Club managers find out I'm in high school
and it kind of ends there.

It only takes one person
to say yes, Peyton.

If you believe in it, see it through.
Eventually someone else will see it, too.

Hey, Dad. How's it going?

"Pretty good, son.
You know, I'm proud of you.

"How's Haley?"

Well, at least the cardboard one's polite.

Nathan, you're not gonna be
detailing cars forever.

I'm gonna find you something,
you know, better.

No. It's cool. Whatever I have to do.

Just treat me like any other employee
who has no skills...

and whose last name isn't Scott.

Okay, I will.

Keith, I have a favor to ask.

See, now you are like any other employee.

Me and Haley have been saving up
for a used car, and...

well, she found one she likes,
but I don't know anything about cars.

So, I was wondering if you could
check one out with me tomorrow.

I'd be happy to.

As long at you don't spread that
"I don't know anything about cars" here.

Look, I know this isn't exactly glamorous...

but you're doing a good job.
I'm glad you're here.

It's nice to be around family.

- Which one you got going here, Bobby?
- Just about done.

- All right, I'm gonna take off.
- Nathan.

- Sorry. Force of habit. Lucas.
- It's okay.

Actually, that reminds me.
I left my history book in the kitchen.

- I'm gonna be late for school, first day.
- You're gonna do great.

You sure you're gonna be okay here?

If Dan needs you,
I can get Lucas in after school.

No, it's fine.
I don't think I'm what Dan needs, anyway.

- What do you mean?
- He's withdrawn, he's depressed.

The doctor did say mood swings were
pretty common after a heart attack, right?

Well, it's more than that.
He just sits around watching TV.

He won't do his rehab. I can't reach him.

And without Nathan around,
I don't know who can.

- Well, see you.
- Okay. Bye.

- Lucas.
- Your door was open.

You want to have a seat?

Actually, I was wondering
if you wanted to go out.

No, thanks. I'm not really up for it today.

Listen, you said you wanted
to rehab together.

- Here I am.
- Well, maybe later.

Today only. Take it or leave it.

- You think you can make it to the corner?
- Of course.

You been shooting around at all?

Some. You know, this isn't a race.
We can slow down if you want.

Easy for you to say.

- What is that supposed to mean?
- Nothing.

It's hard to be less
than what you once were.

You might not understand that.

Yeah, I do.

I'm not sure I'll ever play basketball
at the same level ever again.

I think about it every day.

- Nathan doing okay?
- You really want to know?

Yeah, I do.
After all that's happened, he's still my son.

He's good.
You know, he and Haley are happy.

He really likes it at the dealership.

- My dealership?
- Yeah...

Keith took him on. I thought you knew.

- We're done here.
- Come on. It's not that far to the corner.

I said I'm done. My health, my call.


- Let me at least take you to the house.
- Lucas, go to school.

So. Business 101? You a business major?

I'm not sure yet. It's my first college class.

And you're taking it with Hargrove?
This guy's tough.


How tough?

I hear he shot a guy in B-school,
just to watch him die.

- You're kidding.
- Yes.

Well, about him shooting someone.
Not about him being tough, though.

Good luck.

Morning, folks.
My name is Andy Hargrove.

Welcome to my class.

When I was 21, I made my first million
with a B2B search engine.

The next year I tripled it.
And then I tripled that.

Did an IPO, got really rich, cashed out,
and wound up here.

There was a couple of hangovers,
and this side-trip to Nepal...

between there and here,
but that's not important right now.


Let's talk about...


Can't run a business without it.

Anyone disagree with me?

There's one in every class. Okay.

- So, what's your name?
- Karen.

And granted, I run a small caf?...

but I've found that if you treat people well
they come back.

If you price things fairly,
if you make a quality product...

you don't have to be ruthless
to be successful.

Does anyone agree with her?

Well, that's too bad, 'cause she's right.
Guys, look...

I know that this class
is titled Business 101...

but I like to think of it as Zen Business.

Who here wants to do well?


Who here wants to do good?

Because there's absolutely no reason
why you can't do both.

And since I'm the teacher,
let's presume I'm right about that for now.

All right, everybody flunks today's lesson.
Except for Karen.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah, unless we're both dead.

Buddy, that's my spot.

What are you doing here?
You're the pool boy.

You no park here.

- Do you know this guy?
- No. I've just seen him naked.

- Pool boy. Wait up.
- Running and gunning, baby.

- You've got to keep up with me.
- You speak English.

We wouldn't get very far
if you kept trying to speak Spanish.

Who the hell are you, anyway?

Buddy, these are $200 shoes.
Don't make me speed walk.

I'm your new neighbor.
Which makes you the girl next door.

And, in the movie, she was a porn star.

I don't believe you
because if you were my neighbor...

- you'd know that house has its own pool.
- I like yours better.

- This thing between us, it's inevitable.
- What thing?

- There is no thing.
- Come on. We fight, we flirt...

maybe you even slap me, but eventually
we end up in the sack together.

How about we skip the anger,
cut right to the sex?

- How about we cut right to the slap?
- Okay.

- lf it's part of the sex.
- Brooke. Who's your friend?

- He's no friend of mine.
- Girl, I love it when you're sassy!

How you doing, man?
I'm Felix. The new guy.

I'm Mouth. The been-here-forever-guy.

Right. So, tell me something, man.
How's the talent around here?


Keep up with me, Mouth. Women.
The girls. How's the stock?

Are they all like your friend Brooke?

- I don't really...
- You don't know. That's okay.

I need someone to show me around.
You up for that?

- Sure, guess so.
- Great. Look, here's the thing.

We're gonna roll strong.
We're not gonna hurt anyone...

but we'll break a few hearts. It happens.
They live, you learn.

Occupational hazard.
All right. Who do you like that's available?

- Who do I like?
- For me, Mouth. Don't be selfish.

How about her?

No, too young.

You want to hit it, not babysit it.
Look, on top of that, I'm the new guy.

I mean, my game is strong anyway,
but new guy status is hardcore.

Peyton, Haley. This is Felix.

- Hi.
- How you doing?

- Hi, nice to meet you.
- Girl, you are totally fine.

Dude, I am totally married.

Really? Who's the father?

A little close, aren't you?

I guess it's you.

She's not pregnant, but they are married.

Yeah, I saw the ring.
Guess she likes poor guys.

- This should be interesting.
- Yeah.

So, I showed him around
and he seems pretty cool.

His family, they move, like,
almost every year.

- Witness protection?
- Doctors Without Borders.

They've been all over the world.

His parents are opening up
a private practice here.

- Who are we talking about?
- Felix. The new guy.

- You met him?
- Sort of. He was hitting on Haley.

I thought you weren't
supposed to be playing.

Look, a little pick-up now and then
ain't gonna kill me.

You want a run?

I was on my way home.
I've got a ton of studying to do...

and I've got to work tomorrow. One shot.


How's work anyway?
The boss not riding you too hard?

No, man. Keith's cool.
A lot cooler than my dad ever was.

It's kind of weird how my closest contact
with him now is a cardboard cutout.

Yeah, listen...

I may have screwed things up
for you with Dan.

He asked about you
and I kind of mentioned the dealership gig.

But you talked to him.


Look, your mom's having trouble
getting him to rehab.

So I figured, maybe I'd give it a shot.
If that's cool with you.


After everything you know about the guy,
are you sure you want to let him in?

When Dan had his heart attack...

I figured, well, that's it.
We're never gonna know each other.

But he didn't die.

So, it kind of makes me wonder
if I don't take a chance now...

will I regret it someday?

You do what you need to do, man.
You should know who he is.

I want you to fire Nathan.

The name over the front door
still says Dan Scott Motors.

As long as I'm running things,
I make hiring decisions as I see fit.

You know, word is you've actually got
a heart in your chest, Dan.

- Why don't you try thinking of Nathan?
- You know, Keith...

if Nathan can support a wife
he'll never realize...

what a colossal mistake this marriage is.

He's emancipated, Dan.

That's his mistake to make.
And if you want him fired...

you have to look him in the eye
and do it yourself...

when you come back to work.
Until then, he stays.

It's all attitude, Mouth.
Just gotta work with the vibe you've got.

Geeky and shy are not a vibe.

Packaging, my man.
You're not geeky, you're sensitive.

You're not shy, you're mysterious.
Girls love that.

Anybody special
you're looking to impress?


No, I'm just, you know,
I'm playing the field.

- What's up, Mouth?
- Hey, Luke.

Run anybody over today?

I feel you, man.
It's hard when the big dog comes to town.

You're not sure where you stand anymore.
I get that. Hang tough, bro.

It gets easier.

Still mad?

Still here?

So what happened
between you and Brooke?

Or was it Peyton?
Tell me it was both at the same time.

Dude, I never said a word, I swear.
He's got, like, psychic super-powers.

No, I've just been in eight schools
in the past 10 years.

You learn how to read people.
So, Brooke? Peyton?

- We're all just friends.
- lf that's your story.

I'll see you later.

- How much do you love me?
- Did we get the car?

- Close your eyes.
- Is the car in our apartment?

Haley, come on.

All right. I'm closing my eyes.

Come here. Wait a second.

All right, open. Do you love it?

- What did you do?
- Now you have something to compose on.

You were going with Keith
to look for a car.

Yeah, we did.
But Keith said it was no good, so...


you have to take this back.

You don't like it?

Of course I like it. It's beautiful.
But we need a car.

- Haley, we can get a car anytime.
- With what? Magic beans?

Look, I know that you've never had
to deal with money before.

But things are different now.
You can't just go out...

and buy a keyboard because
you feel like it. We agreed on a car.

Haley, you are a really good musician,

I have a feeling about your music.
It's gonna take you places.

That means a lot to me, Nathan. It does.

But what is gonna take you to work?

Right, fine. I was just trying
to do something nice for you, okay?

You want to do something nice for me?

Get us a car like we talked about.

It's a beautiful gift, but we worked so hard
to save that money.

Hales, boys are clueless.

I swear, I'm 30 years away
from giving them up for good.

Okay, so, what about this? Does this say...

"Let me promote an all-ages club night"?

No. Not enough skin. Try this.

God. That much for two doilies
and a piece of wire?

- You're not gonna try it on?
- Not today.

Not today?
Brooke Davis, this is a shopping day...

you will never ever get back again.

If you're still waiting on your ATM card,
I can front you the cash.

No, that's cool. My dad just spaced
a deposit to my account.


Now we're talking.

If this band manager's a guy,
you are golden.

Speaking of guys, can we just do
five minutes on this Felix person?

Yes. He is hot.

And totally vibing on you, married girl.
No wonder Nathan's jealous.

It's kind of weird. I've never had
anything like that happen before.

Okay, look, guys,
how could he make Nathan jealous?

This boy is repellent.
He's been here, what, five seconds...

and he's already butting in
everybody else's business...

bossing people around
and acting like he owns the place.

Come on.

- What?
- Earth to Brooke. He's you in pants.

He is not.

- He kinda is.
- I hate you both!

- Any verdict on college yet?
- My teacher's a little unorthodox.

And younger than I expected.

So you're one of these maturity-likers.

Sorry, I suck at grammar.

So, why did you pick me out of the class?

Do you always find somebody to torment?

I like to find the student
who can give me a run for my money.

Which is a lot of money,
if my Google search is correct.

Yeah, it is.

What kind of guy cashes in
on a $50 million business?

A guy who wasn't happy.

No, look, I started with a small business,
you know...

like your caf?...

and I got bored, I took some risks,
business picked up...

and when I hit $50 million,
obviously, I realized...

I could just coast on that forever.
But what's the point, you know...

- if you're not getting challenged?
- And teaching is that challenge for you?

Yeah, it scares me to death.

I just know one of those weasels
in the front row will ask me...

a question that I can't answer.

What about you? Ever thought
about growing your business?

Sure. I even drew up expansion plans.
But it was never the right time.

It never is, you know.

You just got to figure it out
as you go along.

But if you ask me, the object of the game
is to make a difference.

All I'm saying is that a lot of kids
would support live music...

if they had a night of their own.
And you manage more than one band.

If you would work with me on this,
I know we could get a club owner...

- to agree to try it out.
- Look, my band doesn't play to kids.

We play to shot-and-beer crowds,
not high school proms.

But what I'm saying is
an all-ages club could work in this town.

Sorry. No dice. I'm just not interested.

I swear to God, this is the last time
I hire a singer off a flyer at Kinko's.

You know nothing, absolutely nothing
about music, man.

I went to Berkeley, assface.
I studied a little thing called composition.

You might wanna look into it.

I will, next time I look in the audience
and they're ignoring us.

Plant and Page.

Have we met?

Who's this?

I was in the crowd the night that
you guys played together the first time.

Go on.

There were, like, 20 people
in the crowd that night but your energy...

it was so real.

You guys looked like you were gonna
explode up there on stage...

but that's what made it work.

That's the tension
that made Led Zeppelin work.

It's the same tension
that sets your music apart.

- The Key Club.
- That was a good night.

They could all be good nights...

if you'd just quit your bitching
and focus on what matters.

But, then again, what do I know?
I'm just a kid.

But if I were you guys,
I'd put my energy into the music.

Otherwise, you'll be lucky
to play the high school prom.


Thanks for coming back.

Sorry about the crappy mood
the other day.

I shouldn't have taken it out on you.

That's cool. If it starts to become a habit,
find yourself another trainer.

- New car?
- Dealership.

I like to drive all the new models
to tell the customers what they're getting.

The problem is,
the doctors won't let me drive, yet.

You mind?

Mind what?

Taking it for a spin?
Tell me how she handles.

Any kind of feedback would help.
We can stop somewhere along the way...

and do some rehab. You game?

Lucas, I can barely take a walk
without gasping for air right now.

At least I have my work.

You'd really be helping me out.

Your job doesn't end getting the band.
You gotta take care of them.

You've got to be part cheerleader,
part babysitter, part therapist.

It's no problem. I can handle that.

What I'm saying is,
you've got to look after all their needs.

Food, drink, drugs.

- Drugs?
- Don't worry.

I'll set you up with the guys I buy from.
They're reliable.

They're drug dealers, you don't want them
housesitting or anything...

but they won't burn you.
I've got a good sense about people.

You're young...

but you might be worth the risk.

No, thanks.

Here's your shot, kid.

What do you say?


What's wrong?

I just keep screwing up this toe.


Okay, you know how I told you
that my credit card got declined...

because the bill got paid late?

That's a load of crap.

- Well, what happened?
- We're broke.

My dad's company went under...

and they're doing
this stupid bankruptcy thing.

And my mom's telling me
we might have to sell the house.

God, Brooke, I'm so sorry.

Yeah, me, too. I love being rich.
I'm good at it.

So is that why Felix
is getting under your skin?

Because he's the rich guy next door?

I don't know. Maybe.

Brooke, it's just money, you know?
There's so much more to you than that.

Yeah, but that's my favorite part.

I don't want to talk about it anymore.
How was your meeting?

It's not gonna work out.


I'm sorry.

Yeah. Me, too.

Guns N' Roses, Whitesnake,
Metallica, Aerosmith.

Please tell me you're kidding.
You didn't actually listen to metal.

Even had my own spandex.

Man, that is not a vision
I wanted to have in my head.

- Lucas, right?
- Yeah.

Nice wheels.

Thanks. You know you're on
the wrong side of the road?

Yeah, I know. Want to air it out?

Maybe some other time.

Come on. Race you for that girlfriend.
What's her name? Brooke?

- Ex-girlfriend.
- Which was inevitable once I got to town.

Don't hate the player, hate the game.

Tell me you're gonna wipe the smirk
off that punk's face.

Come on, my T-Bird could've taken him.

What the hell are you doing?

Come on, chicken.

- You did the right thing.
- Yeah.

Don't sweat it. Chicken's not for everyone.

Who you got riding shotgun?

This is my...

Dan Scott. Scott Motors.

When you're ready to trade up,
come on down to the dealership.

We probably should get going.

Hi. The printer dropped off the proofs
for the new menu.

I wasn't sure if you were coming
by the caf? today, so...

- These are great.
- Yeah.

What's this?

Caf? expansion plans
from a million years ago.

- I was gonna add a bar.
- Why didn't you go through with it?

You know the timing was never right.
I was so busy all day at the caf?.

And I didn't want to give up my nights
with Lucas, too.

Are you reconsidering?

I'm writing a business plan for class.
A start-up for a new venture.

But the more I play around
with these fake companies...

the more I'm thinking
maybe it shouldn't be just an exercise.

I had always hoped
to branch out someday.

- Is that nuts?
- No, not at all.

- In fact, I'll be one of your investors.
- You don't even know what I'm proposing.

But I know you.
And I know how hard you'll work.

Besides, what's life without a few risks?

Excuse me.

I need to check your bag.

Okay, sure.

- What's this?
- It's a birthday present from me.

She's shy about buying stuff like this.

But I guess that's part
of the turn-on, right?

I would've come in
to check it out, sweetie.

I was just gonna take it outside
to show him.

Blue's perfect.
That's your color. We'll take it.

- I've got to admit. It's a great car.
- Yeah.

You want it?

You can't buy me.

Come on, Lucas. It's not like that.

This is what I do for people I care about.

You care about me, now?

- You don't even know me.
- I want to. More than you know.

We both know I owe it to you.

You almost had me. You know that?

Shame on me, right? I mean, I actually...

enjoyed a day with you. Until now.

Some town you got here.

I mean, all the relationships are inbred...

one of the hottest girls gets married,
if that's even legal.

And the rich girl shoplifts for kicks.

- What were you doing in there?
- I needed the new catalog.

Besides, you meet the trashiest girls
in lingerie shops.

Look, I don't...

I mean, I've never done
anything like that before.

- Clearly. You suck at it. Have fun?
- No.

It's just...

It was a mistake
and I'd like it to stay between us.

I can keep a secret.

- Promise?
- You'll just have to trust me.

I don't know you well enough to trust you.

You will.

You might as well have it.
I'm planning on seeing you in it, soon.

Not a chance in hell.

You're welcome, Winona.

You weren't even gonna come inside
and say hello?

I'm working.

- We got a call to pick up the car.
- Sure, you're working.

You're emancipated now, right?

Of course,
the old man's still setting the table.

I've gotta get back.

I had a heart attack. I could have died.

Dad, we both know
that's never gonna happen.

You can't jerk anybody's chains if you die.

Look, just wait. Let's just talk.

About what?

I don't know. How's your wife?

A lot happier than yours.

Nate, come here.
I want to show you a couple of the basics.

All right, you see this battery clamp?

If it gets corroded...

the current can't get through
to the starter...

and then you get that noise
when you crank it.

Yeah, the noise.

Yeah, and everybody thinks it's a big deal.
But it's not.

You just clean it with a wire brush,
and you're good to go.

That's so cool.
My dad never taught me this stuff.

He didn't want me to be...

He didn't want you to get grease
under your fingernails, like me.

Look, that's my dad, Keith. That's not me.

- So, how did it go at the house?
- Pretty much what you'd expect.

In fact, I think I had so much fun
I'm gonna go back tonight...

and I'm gonna disappoint
Haley some more.

- Haley didn't like the keyboard?
- No, she liked it.

She just wanted it to have four wheels
and a trunk.

I think I might be able
to save your marriage.

What do you think of this?

I think it was probably a pretty sweet ride
back when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

I was gonna sell it for parts
but we could work on it together.

Fix it up and then you can have it.

- So it's like a family project.
- Yeah, you bet.

We'll fix that.

If I'd known you couldn't play any better
than that...

I wouldn't have brought it home.

I want to apologize, all right?
That was your money, too.

It's not that, Nathan. I totally overreacted.

Partly because I love this gift.

And I love you for getting it for me.

But partly because we can't be
as careless as we used to be.

Not if we want
to make this marriage work.

I know, you're right.
And I don't know the first thing...

about managing money.
It was just always around.

Yeah, well.

At least you don't have
that problem anymore.

Hales, I want you to keep this keyboard.

Okay? You have a talent
and you need to use it.

- Nathan, l...
- You're keeping it.

Besides, there's an old car at work
that Keith said I could fix up.

- He's gonna help you?
- Yeah.

I really wanted to keep it! Thank you.

He didn't want to see me?

He didn't want to see either of us.

Remember when he was little?

I used to take him to work with me
on Saturdays.

He'd have to get up early,
but he didn't mind.

He wanted to hang out with his dad.

Now I'm thinking it was all a lie.

What if I've spent my life
chasing the wrong things, Deb?

Success, money, respect.

What if it turns out none of it matters
because I lost my family along the way?

Can I get it back?

Is it too late?

I don't know.

Hey, Karen. What's up?

It was such a good space
for Nathan and Haley's party.

And I think it would make a great club.

The only thing is,
I'm gonna need someone...

who could run my all-ages night.

You had a great idea, Peyton.
And I know you'd be worth the risk.

What do you think?

I'll give you $1,000
for a decent cup of coffee.

You're right.

My pool is better.