One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 20 - Lifetime Piling Up - full transcript

While Nathan is unconscious in the hospital, he dreams a nightmare alternative version of his life, in which Dan married Karen and lives with her and Lucas, while Keith is the successful car dealer, Dan is assistant coach and trai...

Douglas Adams once wrote...

he felt that his whole life
was some kind of dream...

and he sometimes wondered
whose it was...

and whether they were enjoying it.

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Breakfast of champions, Dad?

You were out late. Did you have fun?

You know, I was out with the guys.

I thought maybe we could
work out after school.

-Do some weights.
-Yeah, whatever.

Then we should be offering
organic entrees in all our locations.

Look, we'll talk about this when I get in.
Yeah, I'll see you in 10.

-Good morning, honey.
-Morning, wife.

-You're out of here early.
-Meetings all day.

Good morning, Lucas.

-Will you be home for dinner?
-I'll call you.

I gotta go.
I got my eye set on a new location.

How many cafes can one person own?

An even dozen should do it.

Late night for you, too, Dad?

And then I choked. I choked, I choked.

Finally taking the court,
ladies and gentlemen...

is the River Court's own Nathan Lee
star player and recent applicant...

to the prestigious High Flyers
basketball camp.

You forgot, late as usual.

I had to stop by the post office.

High Flyers, baby. What's the word?

I don't know. I haven't opened it yet.

-Dude, what is wrong with you?
-That's a felony.

-Whatever. Turn us in.
-AII right.

Come on, what's it say?

-Says he's a finalist.
-Nathan, that's awesome.

AII right, I'm just a finalist.

It's not the same thing as me actually
getting into the camp.

Act like you don't want it.

What I don't want is to get my hopes up.

No way they're gonna pick a guy that's
never played organized basketball.

They'll pick a guy who played
like you did on my videotape.

Nate, I'm your best friend, right?

So I feel like I can tell you this.

Stop being so damn modest...

and come out here
so we can keep you humble.

-Shoot for teams, huh?


So you want to hang
with the guys tonight?

Oh, gee, there's a unique idea.

Come on, Peyt, what?
I can't bond with the team?

What about bonding with your girlfriend?

-I was listening to that.

You don't want to hang out with us?

Why don't you sit in your room,
listen to your loser rock...

and do live sex shows
on your webcam for all I care?

Lucas, look out!

Daddy teach you how to drive?

Yeah, he sends his love.

Now get out of my way, loser.

Why do you have to treat him like that?

It could have easily been you, you know...

if your dad had married his mom
instead of yours.

Yeah, like that was ever gonna happen.

See, it's this retro style...

and the leather interior package
makes this one...

one powerful, sexy machine.

And when you factor in
the Keith Scott service guarantee...

and that elusive thing that we call...

the cool factor, this car is definitely
gonna get you laid.

Do me a favor. Have a seat in my office...

and think about that leather interior.

Let me guess, dog ate your work ethic?

No, I had to go by the uniform place,
sign off on the new Ravens logo.

Yeah, like Whitey's actually gonna
let you make a decision.

-Look, it's early. Don't start.
-I'm the boss here.

Maybe you should have married Deb.

You might have gotten
her parents' money...

and things would be different.

Can we just leave the past in the past?

Yeah, that's what you're best at, isn't it?

See that lady out there
eyeing the convertible?

She's ready to deal.

-Try not to screw it up.
-I'm on it, Keith.

I got to cut out early
for basketball practice, okay?

Just about the time the bars open up,
right, boozy?

How about I buy you a cold beer,
Miss Lee?

Otis, you've been offering for ten years.
You know I don't drink.

Doesn't hurt to try, does it?

-Hey, sweetie.
-What's up, Mom? Got the mail.

Some bills,
a letter from Uncle Cooper and this.

Thinking about taking some classes?

If they offer a course in making ends meet.

You ever regret it,
your folks cutting you off?

Not for one second, Nate.

Otherwise I wouldn't have you.

Besides, money buys you nothing
but misery.

I mean, look at Dan and Karen and Lucas.

You could up the traffic in here by hiring
some hot girls to dance on the bar.

-There you go.
-I'm just saying.

Speaking of hot girls, sorry I'm late.

-The school bus driver ran out of gas.
-Where were you today?

I told you, Mr. Hirschfield took us
to the planetarium.

If you ever listened to me,
maybe you'd know that.

Okay, all right.

I just can't believe
you went out in public with that hat.

Remind me why I'm friends
with you again?

Nathan, this is from that basketball camp.

Yeah, I'm a finalist.

-It's no big deal.
-It's a huge deal, honey.

-I'm really, really proud of you.
-Yeah, me, too.

Well, we'll have to celebrate later.

Right now, dirty dishes are beckoning.

You rock. Don't let it go to your head.

You know you two are gonna
end up married someday.

Stop it. We've known each other forever.

-We're just friends.
-Good place to start.

Keep dreaming.

No, for real, man. I'm serious.

-Dude's head really got bigger.

I'm serious.

AII right.

You guys must be lost.

Whitey closed up the gym.

We got to have somewhere to run.

You ain't about to do it up here.

-Au contraire.
-Tim, just say, ''Yes, we are.''

See, I'm in training for High Flyers.

You wouldn't know anything
about that now, would you, street trash?

-Want to bet?
-Nate's a finalist, too.

-It's true.

Pipe dream much?

'Cause they only take one player
from each high school.

How do you think they're gonna pick?

Star shooting guard
for the undefeated Ravens...

or the River Court bastard?

So, I guess the rumors are true...

Mr. Size 14.

I think you're in the wrong locker room.

The sign says, ''Boys,'' doesn't it?


I'm Brooke.
But I bet you already knew that.

Yeah, I got to go.

Hey, Coach Scott.

I got you. Come on. Push.

-God, I had it, Dad.
-Right. What are you slinging?

-About 160.
-Didn't know I had a daughter.

Let's kick it up.
Gonna have to start two a days...

if we're gonna impress
the High Flyers scout.

Why? 'Cause you couldn't back in the day?

I'm trying to help you.

I don't want you to make
the same mistakes I did.

What do you know about your other son
applying for High Flyers?

Don't call him that.
Don't worry, he'll never make it.

He made finalist...

which means Whitey must have
signed off on his application.

You're not seriously considering Deb's son
for a High Flyers spot?

He's your son, too, Danny.
And good morning to you.

That kid's just trying to sabotage
Lucas' shot.

That kid sent in a tape that impressed
the scout so much...

that he made him a finalist.
AII I did was sign the papers.

I'm an equal opportunity instigator.

-You did this just to get me.

maybe it didn't make the nightly news
but this is not about you.

Nathan's never played for a real team.
He's a street ball player.

And apparently a pretty damn good one.

At least he got something from you.

-What are you up to?
-Just fairness.

I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

But if Lucas is the better player...

he's got nothing to worry about.

Till then, let the best man win.

And be sure and let the door hit you
in the ass on the way out.

She was totally naked?

As the day she was born.

-Only a lot more curvy.
-What happened then?

-I got the hell out of there.
-You and Brooke Davis...

captain of the cheer sluts.

That is hard to picture.

Yeah. I'd say hard is the right word.

Okay. What's this?

Score. A bracelet.

Last time I got some fake tattoo
with a random number.

Well, here. It matches that thing
you call a shirt.

My mother made this for me, and shut up.

-You shut up.
-You shut up.

Don't say I never gave you anything.

I think you have the wrong son's house.

I need to talk to you about your game.

I didn't know you were
that good a player till I saw that tape.

You're a little rough around the edges,
but you've got the makings.

If this is about me joining the team,
you can forget it.

Son, I'm a lot smarter than
you give me credit for.

Asking you to play alongside Lucas...

with that ass crack of a father of yours
as my assistant coach...

I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.

Tell me...

why did you apply to the High Flyers?

'Cause I love the game.

I guess all the messed up history
in this town...

has kept me from being able to play it.

This camp might give me a shot
at playing college...

where I don't have to
live in anybody else's shadow.

I know I'm good.
I just want to prove that I'm good enough.

Nathan, I'm gonna level with you.

You getting into that camp is a long shot.

I can only pick one athlete
from this school.

Normally, Lucas would be a shoo-in.

But I was impressed with your tape.

Then pick me.

It's not that easy.

I have to be sure you can hold
your own with a real team.

Passing, defense, running picks.

I can't play in that gym, coach.

Then play at the River Court.

You want me to play against Lucas?

Technically, I want you to beat him.

But that's up to you.

Ravens trail by one.
We're going down to the wire.

Dan Scott with the ball, crosses half court,
less than five seconds now.

Scott pulls up. This one's for the win.

It's good! Dan Scott....

You want me to cue
Springsteen's Glory Days?

-Complete the picture?
-So I'm nostalgic.

That's one word for it. Sweet dreams, Dad.

Cut me some slack, Son.

I look at you,
and I see myself 20 years ago.

And it reminds me of all that promise.

If I ride you...

it's because I want to see you feel
all the triumph that I never had.

But I'm telling you,
this kid is a risk to all that.

-You mean your other son?
-Only biologically.

He means nothing to me.
And you mean everything.

I saw his tape today.

And I was wrong when I said
that he's no threat to you.

So you're gonna have to do
whatever it takes to beat him.

Don't sweat it, Dad.

I'll protect what's left of your good name.

You got bigger problems anyway.

Come visit us in ten years,
and I bet you can meet the kids...

and get a tour of our big house
and see how happy we are.

What time is it?

-What? That's not what I was thinking.
-God, I got to go.

-Oh, no.
-I've already worked late a lot...

these past few weeks.

Dan is not gonna be suspicious, trust me.

Why don't you stay the night?

You know I can't do that.

Well, you could if you leave him.

Who would protect Lucas?

From what?
Becoming a jack hole like his father?

-I think it's a little late for that.

Okay, I'm sorry.

You know I would raise Lucas
like he was my own.

Sometimes I think he is.

Lucas, you're up late.

-That makes two of us.
-Meetings, you know.

-Yeah, I know.
-Hey, wait.

I thought I'd make some cocoa.
We could sit and talk like we used to.

You want a late night chat, Mom?

Why don't you try calling Uncle Keith?

I'm sure he'll come running.

As you see, class,
galaxies come in three main....

Of course, you're gonna do it.
You've got to play this game.

Haley, it's Lucas.

So? You can't let him stop you
from chasing after your dream.

That's easy for you to say.

Dude, nothing is ever gonna happen
for you if you don't put yourself out there.

You got to shoot for the stars.

What about you? What are your dreams?


-Yeah, chocolate.

I never told anybody this...

but I kind of want to be a singer.

-A singer?
-Yeah, you know, like...

tour the country and play concerts
and wear really cool clothes...

and release an album.

-You think that's funny?
-No, I just....

-Haley, I've heard you sing.
-Shut up.

Just because I'm tone deaf doesn't mean
I can't dream, okay?

No, you're right. I guess it doesn't.

I got it.

Seduce the tutor girl.

You know, like, get inside her head
and steal her away from him.

Then dump her, crush her heart.

Tim, that's the dumbest idea ever.

What are you talking about? It's genius.

You want to hear genius?

Tonight's the game.

And he can't win if he doesn't show up.

You're gonna kill him?

You got mad thinks, yo.

Tim, just say, ''It's a good plan.''

You're a tutor, right?

You're jackass' girlfriend, right?

I guess we're both right.

Look, I'm Peyton and I know you're friends
with Lucas' brother.

Half-brother. His name's Nathan.

-He's, like, your boyfriend?
-He's, like, my friend.

Why do you people always
assume that? God.

Let me just save you some time,

he's really not into cheerleaders.

Okay, first, retract the claws.


Lucas is planning on doing something
to Nathan tonight...

before the game.

-What's he gonna do?
-I don't have any specifics.

But he will do anything
to get into that stupid basketball camp.

So you might wanna warn Nathan.

Just thought you'd like to know.

I thought it was time to break the ice.

After 17 years?

Nice try.

That's my DNA, you know?

If that's what you need to believe.

Let's get right to it.

I'll give you $500 to withdraw
your application.

Your wife give you this week's allowance?

You really think you got a chance
to win this thing?

You're kidding yourself...

just like your mother was kidding herself
when she moved to Tree Hill.

You know what?

I wasn't even sure if I was gonna
go through with this game.

But now I am gonna play.

And I'm gonna win.

I guess you are my son after all.

Okay, it's $8 for the beers.

-$20 tip.
-The 20 is on the River Court team.

Good man.

-Hey, honey.
-What's going on?

We're starting the victory party
a little early.

-What? Bad idea?
-No. It's just....

Dan came to visit me.
He offered me cash to drop out.

Oh, honey.

Shut him out. You're good.

I don't know if I tell you this enough,
but I am so proud of you.

Even more so when you kick
that kid's butt tonight.

Yeah. That's the plan.

Good luck, Nathan.

Thank God. Where have you been,
and why aren't you answering your phone?

Right here. I'm recharging the batteries.
Why? What's going on?

Because Lucas is gonna try something
tonight, okay?

Let him. I'm not scared of him.

Will you just be careful, please?

I'm gonna be fine, all right? I promise.


-What the.... Get off me!
-Come on.

-Come on.
-Get off me.

Let's go.

Oh, come on.

I warned you.

But it seems you and me have
something in common.

-We don't quit.
-''You and I,'' moron.


Look, I have been working
towards this camp since junior high...

and nobody's gonna screw it up for me...

especially not you.

So I'm gonna be nice and let you
walk away from this game.

We should take his clothes.

Tim, what is wrong with you?

You pitch that every time we kidnap a guy.

I mean, it'll make it harder
for him to get home.

Yeah, so will this.

Hold it, guys.

Getting your jollies?

You tell anybody about this,
and you're dead.

Let's go.

You ready?

Nope. Not going.

Come on, Peyt,
I thought we were gonna work on...

getting back to normal.

Okay, trust me when I say...

that normal is the last thing
I want with us...

because in case you haven't noticed,
normal sucks with us, Lucas.

And I hate it when you call me Peyt.

Is this about Nathan?

No. It's about you.

I'm starting to see who you really are
and I may be late to that party...

but better late than never.

You did something to Nathan, didn't you?

What, your stupid kidnapping thing?

I thought you said this wasn't about him.

I'll just come back when you're
not so PMS.

Don't bother.

-Luke, I mean it.

We're done.

Your loss, Peyt.

Where's Nate, man?

Maybe he chickened out.

Maybe you're a dick.

-Where's Nathan?

That's what we're trying to find out.

How'd you get that shiner
on your eye, dog?

What, you and your boyfriend here
like it kind of rough?

Break it up. Come on.

What are you trying to do...

get thrown out of the game
before it starts?

Get over there.

My son better be all right.

Where are you, Nathan?

-Get in.
-How'd you find me?

You think you're the first guy
he's done this to?

I can see why you stay with the guy.

Actually, I broke up with him tonight.

So you're helping me just to piss him off?

That and you seem like a decent guy.

Plus I think everybody deserves a shot.

If you really want something bad enough,
no one has the right to stand in your way.

-Nothing. I just....

I got that weird deja vu thing.

I don't believe in past lives.

I think we've got one life, one chance,
and what we do with it is up to us.

So get in.

I'm your only hope of making it
to this stupid game on time.

Ladies and gentlemen,
the game's looking like a forfeit...

-with Nathan Lee a no-show.
-Not so fast, Mouth.

What did you do?

It's not my fault your boyfriend
finally grew a brain, sweetie.

Peyton said that you were
gonna try something. I....

-Are you all right?
-Yeah. I'm fine.

-Am I too late?

Let's get this game started.

-Four on four. Let's hustle.

Me against him.

That's the way it's always been, right?

Why should tonight be any different?

-Your funeral.
-Game to 11 by ones.

Let's go!

-Shoot for ball.
-Fine by me.

So, rank my last two girlfriends,
and you'll have the score, folks.

It's ten-nine, Nathan Lee.

And that's a foul by Scott.

That's got to hurt.

No foul. The basket counts.

And Lee calls it good.

It's ten-ten, game point. Next basket wins.

You know, he's never mentioned you once.

Not in all these years.

And you really think...

things would have been different
if he'd married my mom?

If you do, you're a fool.

You're the fool...

and after you miss this basket,
a loser, too.

Whatever. This is for my mom.

Looks like Nathan's going to
High Flyers after all.

It's just a game, Dan.

Good game.

You deserve to go to that camp.


You're gonna be okay. Just...

come back to us soon.

What's that?

They haven't invented words
for how much I love you.

Doesn't look like
I'll be needing this anymore.

Don't say I never gave you anything.


Hey, Nate.

Nate, it's me.

Don't worry.

It's okay. It's me.

Welcome back, little brother.

How you feeling?

Like I hit a brick wall.

Doc says you're gonna be fine.

What was this, anyway?

Some sort of messed up
''anything Lucas can do, I can do better''?


Want to hear something
really messed up, though?

I thought I died, went to heaven.

-No kidding?

Only, heaven was a place where...

Dan chose your mom over mine.

And Haley was tone deaf.

Turns out it was only a dream.

I did kick your ass in one-on-one, though.

I guess it was a dream, then, huh?

I know you asked me not to...

but I called Haley.

She's your wife, Nate, and she loves you.

She needed to know.

Nate, I have to ask you something.

When you hit the wall...

there was no brake marks on the track.

You're asking me if I did this on purpose?


Thank God.

I'll let you two....

-Nathan, I--
-I love you, Mom.

I mean that.

And I know I've been a jerk lately to you...

to everybody else.

I'm sorry.

-You've been hurting.
-It doesn't matter.

I know you're just trying
to be a good mother.

I haven't been a good mother, Nathan.

But that's going to change now.

What are you talking about?

I need to be stronger for you...

and for myself.

So while you're healing from this...

I'll be healing, too.

I promise you.

Whatever it is...

I got your back.

Do you ever wonder what life
would be like...

if Dan had married Karen...

just stayed out of our lives?

AII the time.


Glad to see you're awake, Son.

A receipt for a car.

Were you able to get in touch with Keith?

His voice mail is full.

He needs to know
what's happened with Nathan.


But I can't even leave him a message.

Where is he, Whitey?

I wish I knew.

It's okay, Deb.

I'll be here when you get out.

Sorry, guys. Visiting hours are over.

-You need anything?
-No, I'm cool, man.

I know you both want me.

Yeah. In your dreams.



It's me. Nathan.

Thank God.

What happened?

-I'm gonna be okay.
-I'm glad.

I'm coming home tomorrow, okay?

Actually, no.

It's not okay.

Don't come home, Haley.

-Nathan, I have to come home.
-No, you don't.

You have to go after your dream...

just like I have to go after mine.

'Cause if we don't, then...

we're just gonna end up regretting it.

And we're gonna end up
resenting each other.

-Nathan, I wouldn't--
-No, we don't know that.

Nobody knows what's gonna happen.

Whatever choice you make today...

is gonna affect the rest of your life.


don't come home, Haley.

Nathan, listen....

'Cause I don't want you to.