One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 18 - The Lonesome Road - full transcript

Lucas and Peyton hide Jake and Jenny at Nathan's place while he chases Haley. Lucas finds Dans secret hiding place for cash and a secret ledger; when he and Andy come get it at night, all is gone. Annas former lover Darby turns up...

Previously on One Tree Hill:

Do I know you?

You should. I'm your sister-in-law.

We agreed to keep
what happened between us a secret.

Relax, Nathan. Haley doesn't have a clue.

Jenny's mine now. Hand her over.

Forget it.

The rumors. They weren't rumors.

I'm gay.

This is all my stuff. I don't understand.

I had my mom talk to your parents...

and they said that you could stay here
till the summer.

Thank you, Karen.
You know you saved my life, right?

I'm not gonna make it easy on you...

and sometimes
you're not gonna like me for it.

It's just like having a real mom.

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Think fast. What's in a gin and tonic?


Can you believe
two guys already fell for that one today?

Drunks are so easy.

-Let me guess. You're in a bar.
-Not just any bar.

I will have you know,
I am in Athens, Georgia...

at the famous Swinging Donkey.

What happened to Florida?

Florida's still there. I'm just not in it.

So, how about you?

I think I just passed a place
called Slicklizzard, Alabama.

Which means
you went chasing after my sister.

Tell me she's sitting next to you.

No, I'm afraid not.

I'm sorry, Nathan.

-Listen, I got to run.
-What's going on?

Don't ask. I'll see you when I see you.

You sure about this, Luke?

Trust me. I talked to Nathan before he left.

-He said it was okay.
-How's he doing, anyway?

Not so good, I guess.

Yeah, it may not be the cleanest...

but it's a good place to hide out
for the next couple of days.

So get settled.

I got to run over to the dealership
before school.

What time are you meeting
with your lawyer today?

A couple of hours.
I'm sorry I had to drag you into this mess.

I just....
I couldn't involve my parents, you know.

I told you. If you need me, call me.

AII right? See you.

Hey, Lucas. What's up?

Nothing. Just dropping some papers off
for you to sign.

Everything okay?

Yeah, I guess
I just didn't get much sleep last night.

Yeah, I noticed you were up early.

Been working yourself pretty hard lately.

I'll be fine.

I'll tell you what.
Take the day off tomorrow.

Bet you haven't been
to River Court in a few days.

Don't want to lose your stroke.

-It has been a while.

I'm heading off to a meeting.
I'll see you later.



How much?

Too much to count
while my head was in the ceiling.

Did you find anything else?

There was a notebook in one of the bags.

I didn't get a good look at it,
but it looked like a ledger.

Makes sense.
Got to keep track of all that money.

Yeah, but I'm just wondering,
why keep it all in the ceiling?

Why not keep it in a bank where it's safe?

There's two reasons to hide money, Lucas.

Either you don't want
Uncle Sam to know you have it...

or you don't want him to know
how you got it.

-I got to get that ledger.
-No, you don't.


We got to get that ledger.

-Hi, Anna.

-What are you doing here?
-I got your e-mail.

Can I come in?

Or we could just stand out here
until someone sees us...

start some rumors,
and then you can move again.


I'm sorry. That wasn't funny.

-Maybe this was a bad idea.

It's good to see you.

Come on in.

Okay. Look, just tell me what is going on...

because there's no way that a judge
would give Nicki custody of Jenny.

The judge has already ruled.

Jake, a warrant's been issued
for your arrest.

Right now, the police are out there...

and they're looking
for you and your daughter.

Trust me. Trust me when I tell you
this is your only option.

Will you just tell me the truth here?

If I give up my daughter today,
how long until I get her back?

How long until Jenny's safe?

Two months. Maybe three.

And if I don't give her up?

You go to jail.
And you stay there until you do.

How about a gin and tonic?

How about I see some ID?

So, what brings you to town, sailor?

Just wanted to check out
the Swinging Donkey.

See if it's really as classy
as everybody says it is.

-And what do you think?
-Not so much.

But it does have one thing
I'm kind of craving.

-I know. Gin and tonic.
-Yeah. That, too.

I guess my phone call worked.
You staying the night?

I don't know.
Haven't thought that far ahead.

I'm house-sitting
in the apartment upstairs.

You're welcome
to stay with me if you like.

What do you say?

That sounds like a plan.

Why is it the garbage men
always forget to pick up the white trash?

-I need to talk to Jake.

No police. No lawyers.
Just me and Jake. The River Court. 6:00.

By the way,
the police are watching you right now.

And you should know,
as long as you help Jake hide Jenny...

you're an accessory.

That means, when you're caught with
my daughter, you're gonna get arrested.

But don't worry.
You can always go to college after prison.

So I guess you told everybody
back at school about us.

No. Just me.

How did people take it?

It was pretty divided. It still is, I guess.

Some people don't want
to be seen with me. That part sucks.

But I guess you find out
who your real friends are.

You know, the truth is, Anna...

there were some pretty dark days
after you left.

And it hasn't gotten much easier.

But do I regret being with you?
Coming out?

No. Not for a minute.

And you know
what makes it always better?

Vanilla lattes, extra foam.

You know, we should probably head back.

Hey, Anna.

Hey, Lucas.

This is Darby. She's....

Actually, Lucas, Darby's the girl
I told you about from my old school.

Oh, my God. I've heard so much about you.


Yeah, you're different
than I imagined, but--

Thought I'd be more butch?

Okay, I didn't mean....

Just kidding.

I was just giving Darby
the Tree Hill grand tour.

Do you want to tag along?

I'd love to, but I got to go meet someone,
so call me tomorrow, okay?

Pleasure to meet you, Darby.

So that's the famous Lucas, huh?
He's cute.

-So, who's the better kisser? Me or him?
-Stop it.

Bevin! Hi!

I have always imagined this room.

Just darker. And with Lucas on the bed.

-Anyway, get dressed.
-What for?

-It's a surprise.
-I can't. I have to work.

I promised Karen
I'd help her out at the cafe.

The cheer squad's
throwing a party tonight...

and you kind of need to be there.

The squad has
some serious concerns, Brooke.

Ever since you started
this whole presidency thing...

you've been drifting.

I am still your captain, okay? I promise.

Then prove it. Please?

We miss you.

Karen did say
she only needed me for a few hours...

so I guess I could do both.

What do I wear
to a cheer intervention, anyway?


How did you find me here?

I guess I'm just better at this than you are.

You wanted to talk. Let's talk.

I told you to meet me at 6:00.
It's only 5:00.

Like I'm gonna fall for that.

Jake, look, you got to stop this.
The hiding, all of it.

I have a right to my daughter.

You're not getting her.

I guess it's time
that I tell you something...

that at the moment is kind of relevant.

Okay, this should be good.

She's not your daughter.

Think about it. We always used protection.

Nice try.

Guess it was just a matter of time
before you thought of that one, huh?

-It's the truth.
-No. This is the only truth.

No matter what, Jenny is,
and she will always be, my daughter.

We're done here.

Okay, get into the game, little girl.

I always knew you were a lightweight,
but this is getting embarrassing.

I'm just warming up.

You've been warming up for two hours.

-Jog out of the bullpen and do a shot!

How did you end up here?

What? At this dream job?
I don't know. It's kind of what I do best.

-Find random places to party.

Next week it'll be someplace else.
Lucky me.

You're not wearing your wedding ring.

Neither is Haley.

Nathan, you should know
that before I called you--

Taylor, come on. We need you now.

We'll talk about this later.
I got to get to work.

I thought you said your shift was over.

Somebody's got to pay for these drinks.

Something tells me
you're gonna enjoy this.

Karen. Hi.

Did you have fun tonight?

Not really.

Party was kind of weak,
but I had to be there.

Apparently I've been drifting.

You been drinking?

No, drifting.

No, Brooke. I'm asking you
if you've been drinking tonight.

-Just a little.
-I expected you at the cafe.

I know. I lost track of time. I'm sorry.

Sorry isn't good enough.
I advanced your salary.

I'd like you to return the money I gave you.

I kind of spent it.

-Go to bed. You're grounded.

I've never been grounded in my whole life.

There's a first time for everything.

Well, you're not my mom.

No. But right now,
you're my responsibility.

But I was drifting.

-Okay, are there any security cameras?
-No, just the alarm.

Okay, remember what I said.
In and out. We do this fast.

Okay, just grab the ledger.
I'll stay here and keep an eye out.

-What do you got?
-It's gone.

-What, the ledger?
-AII of it.

I don't understand.

It was right there a few hours ago.

He knows.

Dan. He knows, and he moved it.

-So, what do we do?
-That's it. No. Game over.

So Dan wins.

As much as I would love to keep playing
this little game with Dan...

it just got serious.

If he knows you found that money,
there's no telling what he's gonna do.

I'm his son, Andy.

And look what he just did to his brother.

This guy's got no conscience, Lucas.

I think it's time
you moved back in with your mother.

I can't.

Come on, Andy. We're so close.

You have to find out if I'm right, okay?

If there's any chance
he's onto you, you have to get out.

I will. I promise.

One more thing.

If your mother asks me anything
about this, I'm not gonna lie to her.



What's this?

Some stuff I ordered from
the mark. magalog. Pretty great, huh?

-Are you going somewhere?
-Just out for a quick run.

But you never know who you're gonna see.

Aren't you forgetting something?

-Lip gloss.
-Brooke, you're grounded.

That means you don't get to head out
for quick runs.

Since when does grounding
apply to fitness?

Since now.

-That's a little harsh, if you ask me.
-I'm not asking.

Okay, so what am I supposed to do here?

-Lucas does chores.

Here's a list.

-So, what, I pick the one I want to do?

And after you've finished with it,
keep on picking until they're all done.

Okay, no offense, I didn't come here
to be a cleaning lady, lady.

Then I'll help you pack your bags,
and we'll call your folks.

So I'm, like, imprisoned here?

You can leave the house
to go to school and to go to work.

What work? I don't even have a job.

But you do have a job.

Until you pay me back the money
I gave you, you have a job at the cafe.

You wanted to see me, Coach?

Take a seat
next to your partner in crime here.

Now, Bonnie and Clyde...

I guess you're wondering
why I called you here.

Luke, I was just actually....

He just wants
to talk to you for a minute, Jake.

I'll leave you two alone.

I already know my options, Coach.

From what I've heard,
you've only got one option.

I can't give her away.

Son, you've got a good chance
of getting her back.

I can't take chances like that.

-It beats the alternative, doesn't it?
-Does it?

Coach, you remember last year,
the beginning of the season...

we had that away game at Bear Creek?

-Yeah, I remember.
-It was right after Jenny was born.

And my parents were out of town
all week.

I couldn't watch her, so I decided
to let Nicki have her for the night.

So I get home from the game,
and I call Nicki.

There's no answer.

I go to her house, and she's not home.

So I looked everywhere.
I called her friends.

Then finally, after about an hour...

I find her car, and it's parked
across the street from some bar.

Nicki was passed out in the front seat.

The keys were still in the ignition...

and there was frost all over the windows.
I couldn't even see her.

And then I look in the back seat...

and there she is, my little girl.

She's shivering.

She didn't even have
a blanket on her, Coach.

-One night.

AII she had to do
was look after Jenny for one night.

She couldn't do it.

Now they want me
to give her my daughter...

for three months' worth of nights?

So, how'd it feel
when you came out to Lucas?



It still feels scary.

What about you,
when you told your parents?

Believe it or not,
I practiced in the mirror first.

And then when I thought
I had it all memorized...

I went downstairs, took a deep breath...

and I told them I loved them very much...

but I had something
I needed to tell them about myself.

How did they take it?

Honestly, not as well as I'd hoped.

I think they're still trying to process
how it affects their lives.

What do you mean?

I read this book about coming out...

and it said that for some parents...

finding out your child is gay
is like losing a loved one.

AII the dreams they might've had
just vanish.

Weddings. Grandchildren.

So I think when I told them...

I shattered some of those dreams
for them.

Even though
things are still kind of weird...

I don't think
I've ever been closer to them...

'cause at the end of the day...

I know they still love me.

And that's what worried me the most.

That they wouldn't.

You're braver than me, Darby.

No, I'm not.


I didn't come here
to get you to come out to your parents.

I came here to help you understand
that when you finally do...

you're gonna be okay.

I'm gonna go. It's a long drive.

-I'm glad you came.
-Yeah. Me, too.

I miss you.

So this is your ''A'' game, huh?

You know what my Dad always told me?

''Forget about practice.

''As long as you come to play
on game day...

''when the stakes are high...

''odds are you'll come out a winner.''

Last night was just a practice round.

Since when are you taking advice
from your Dad?

I know, right?

But if there's one thing
he knows about, it's winning.

Okay. So what are the stakes tonight?

If I make this shot, we go upstairs.

-And do what?
-Whatever I want.

And if you miss?

Let's go.

I can't do this.

-Because of Haley?

Because of me.

Haley called me...

right after you left Austin.

Were you planning on telling me this
before or after we had sex?

We weren't gonna have sex, Nathan.

I knew that. I was just waiting
for you to figure it out.

So, what, you're like my guardian angel?

No, it's not that. It's just....

You're lost, and lonely.

And I'm pretty good at making people
forget how lonely they really are.


That's a nice way of describing
what you're really good at.

Sleep it off, Nathan.
You have a long drive tomorrow.

What are you gonna do?

Apparently, what I do best.

Hey, Lucas. Come on in.

I was just returning a book.

What you got there?

The Hound of the Baskervilles.
Sherlock Holmes.

Since when are you a fan
of Arthur Conan Doyle?

Since I can remember.

Every kid wants to be Sherlock Holmes
at some point.

Not me. I was always partial
to Professor Moriarty.

-You do realize he was the villain?
-That's one interpretation.

Thanks for letting me borrow it.

Hey, Cinderella.

-You hanging in there?
-I take it you've heard.

My mom can crack the whip.

I can't believe she actually grounded me.
I thought she liked me.

Brooke, she does like you.

She cares enough about you
to ground you.

So, what number you up to? Three?

Four. ''Mop the kitchen floor.''

And you're using a sponge?

Is that wrong?

Okay, Brooke...

this is a mop.

Look, I'll tell you what, all right?

You take the evens. I'll take the odds.

I'll bet we can bust this out
in, like, half-hour.

Thanks, Luke.

Anything for you.

Mom? Dad?

You know I love you.

But there's something
I have to tell you about myself.

When I asked if we could move here...

I told you it was
because I couldn't take the rumors.

Really, I was just running away
from my life...

from who I am...

because the rumors...

they were all true.

I like girls.

You've always taught me
to be proud of who I am.

That's not so easy for me, because...

I haven't been able to accept who I am.

Until now.

And I want you to know
that this is hard for me...

because I love you so much,
and I never want to disappoint you.

But I have to stop
disappointing myself, too.

And I just hope you still love me.

Hey, beautiful.

I have to do something tonight.

And I need you to know that I have
searched the bottom of my heart...

and I truly believe
that this is the best thing for you, for us.

I just hope that someday
you'll be able to understand that.

Give me a kiss.

You're leaving?

Sorry, Peyton.

-I'll go with you.
-No, you can't.

-We can be together.
-Yeah, I wish we could.

Then at least tell me
where you're going. Please.

-Maybe I can help.
-I can't tell you right now.

But I need you to know something.

Look, I've never been happier
than when I'm with you.

I have never felt this much of everything.

And if I could,
I would stay with you here forever.

But I just can't.

You're the only person
I can truly count on.

That's why I need you
to do one last thing for me.

Sneaking away without saying goodbye.
That's original.

I didn't think you'd want to see me.

I'm really sorry, Taylor,
for what I said, how I acted.

It's okay. You get one free pass with me.

Next time, watch your back.

-I had fun, though, before that.
-I know you did.

After a while,
all the parties just blend together.

-Sometimes I just wish I could start over.
-You can.

We all can, right?

Not me.
Once people think of you a certain way...

you're never going to be able
to change their minds.

I am who I am, and I have to live with that.

But you, nobody's put a label on you yet.

You can still be whoever you want to be.

Without Haley.

If she's not gonna be there for you,
you have to start being there for yourself.

-I don't know if I can.
-You can. And you will.

Just wake up every morning
and live your life.

What happens if she comes back?

Then it'll be your decision.

Get home safe, Nathan.

Try not to go dancing on any bars.

I won't if you won't.

-Can I help you?
-Yeah, I'm Jake Jagielski.

There's a warrant out for my arrest.

Anna, what's up?

I told my parents.

You told them? That's huge!

How'd they take it?

I'm not sure, really. They cried a lot.

But I think it was just because they were
trying to understand.

Then, when I was finished,
they told me they loved me.

Which is all I really wanted to hear.

I am so proud of you, Anna.

There's more.

I told my parents that they always
taught me to be proud of myself.

And the only way for me to do that...

is if I go back to my boarding school
and finally be who I am.

Does that mean you're leaving?


I wanted to stop in and see Peyton...

but she's got enough
to deal with right now.

-Tell her I'll call her soon?
-I will.

I am gonna miss you so much.

-You've been a great friend.
-You, too.

I'm a better person for knowing you, Luke.

How about one last game of horse?

That sounds perfect.

Tell me you love me.

And tell me you did not just touch
that half-eaten bagel.

No, I don't. Yes, I did.

And why are you waving
that thing around in my face?

It happens to be an invitation
to the biggest party of the year.

Thanks, but I think I'll pass.
And for the record, there have been, like...

six ''biggest parties of the year''
this month, so get a new rating system.

-But this one is a ''can't miss.''
-And so was the last one.

No. The last one was a ''shouldn't miss.''

Just look at the invitation
and I won't say another word.

This is a Courtney Ryan party.

-This is a ''can't miss.''
-Told you.

The party starts at, like, 9:00,
so meet us there around 11:30?

And, Brooke, welcome back.


Come on in.

What's all this?

I thought it was time
to upgrade the security system.

Too many people know the pass code
to the main alarm.

-That's a good idea.
-Besides, outside the family...

you never know
who you can trust these days.

I got you something.

I thought you'd like it
since you're into Sherlock Holmes.

I marked my favorite story for you.

-Have you read that one?
-Yeah, a long time ago.

It wasn't very popular with the fans...

but I think
it's some of Doyle's most honest work.

And why's that?

Because he wrote what he was feeling.

He got tired of writing that character.
The snoop.

AII the sneaking around, all the deception.

But he knew when it was time to end it.
That's why, in the end...

the great Sherlock Holmes
falls to his death.

-I think maybe you missed the point.
-Did I?

When Sherlock Holmes falls off the cliff...

he pulls Professor Moriarty
down with him.

You see?

He sacrificed himself
to bring down the bad guy.

That's the point
I think Doyle was trying to make.

Like I said, that's one interpretation.


I'll be seeing you.


Jake Jagielski, you have the right
to remain silent.

Ma'am, we have a warrant
to search the property.

Anything you say
may be used against you in a court of law.

You have the right...

to have an attorney present
during questioning, now, or in the future.

lf you cannot afford an attorney,
one will be appointed to you.

Do you understand your rights
as I have explained them to you?

I do.

Brooke, you're home.

Yeah, I'm grounded. Remember?

Not anymore.
I think you've learned your lesson.

You have one new message.

Nathan, it's me.

I just needed to call
because I want you to--

Message has been erased.

Why didn't you tell me?

I knew you'd talk me out of it.

So, where's Jenny?

She's safe.

I love you.

I love you, too.