One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 15 - Unopened Letter to the World - full transcript

Coach tells the students of Tree Hill High to make a video recording for the traditional time capsule they expect to be open in 50 years. When Mouth tells it's sometimes opened early, Anna ...

Okay, here?s the deal.

Your new council president; Brooke Davis.

I?m totally intimidated by this job.

You?re scared of what?s in here?

I?m scared of what?s out there.

See, the whole time I was gone, I kept thinking about all this stuff.

Well, like what kinda stuff?

Mostly being with you.

I love your brother, Dan.

Why won?t you just leave us alone?!

Coz I didn?t pay you to fall in love with him.

You and I are the only ones who know the truth about Jules.

Keith never has to know.

What do you want from me?

I?m sure we can work something out.

It?s Andy, isn?t it?

What can I do for you?

Let Lucas go.


I?m sorry, Nathan.

She?s gone.

You realise I wouldn?t be in this situation if it wasn?t for you?

If you would have stayed in your place at the Rivercourt, I would have never met Haley.

You ruined my life, man.

You better watch you back.

So you want me to tell you something about myself?

I don?t have anything to say.

Even if I did?

you?d be wrong to believe me.

Trust is a lie.

Nobody ever knows anyone.

What does a young fella like you do for recreational activity?

Well? I like athletics? horsing around with my pals.

I suppose most of the fellas like to chase girls.

And does that go for you too?

Ah, no sir, I have a steady girl.

Some kids find it difficult; having a steady.

I don?t.

I guess the key is, just finding someone who feels the same way you do.

In 1955,

students at Tree Hill High School created a time capsule

which was to be opened in fifty years.

They were simply asked to talk about their lives.

Isn?t it interesting how things haven?t changed much?

Within the next week, each of you will go into our converted supply closet?

push the green button in front of you?

and videotape your thoughts.

Do we have to?

Yes, you have to.

I won?t see it. Nobody will.

Not until twenty fifty-five;

by which time, I?ll be dead and buried.

Nate, you got a second?


Are you looking after him?

I?m trying.

I need to move out.


I?m gonna move back in with my folks.

Why, coz we? kissed?

Well? yeah!

- Okay, you know what...
- And I wanna ask you out, Friday night.

I talked to Karen. She agreed to watch Jenny.

Oh. Well, that kinda presumptuous, don?t you think?

I don?t know, you tell me.

Oh, and? by the way?

you smell insanely good today.

Hey! Um?

Friday night - eight o?clock.

Eight o?clock.

Okay, first-off, I wanna say happy sixty-seventh birthday to Peyton Sawyer.

You were pretty cool back in the day.

And to? Jenny Jagielski, who is?

wow, um, like in her fifties now. Uh?

Your dad? sure loves you.

Plus, he?s a total fox.

I?m not gonna let him out-fox me.

My lawyer called.

The state requires a mediation before they?ll let me remove Lucas from Dan?s care.

But you know what, I?m not gonna let him rattle me.

I will present my case? calmly? and rationally?

and let justice prevail.

Well you?re wise to use the system.

But just in case, I mad some calls.


Well, if Dan?s the man I think he is?

my guy should have something soon.

What?s up, Ms. President?

Please don?t remind me. It was really fun to win and all

but now I actually have to do something.

What was I thinking?

Ah, you were thinking that you?d be great at this and?

everyone who voted for you, including me, was thinking the same thing.


I got you something.

A present? for the president.

A present! Maybe this was a good idea. What did I get?

It?s the book where I found the quote for you.

There?s a lotta? great stuff on leadership in there.

Oh? Lucas, thank you, it?s perfect.

I also thought you?d like these too.

I am so warming up to being the president!

There?s my girl!

Boyfriend, hi.

- How was your cruise?
- Oh, it sucked!

Wasted time away from you.

Yeah, even the topless beach?

Imagine the buzz kill when I found my sister there.

What?s this?

Oh, Lucas got me a gift; for being the president.

A gift, huh?

Well I was gonna wait and surprise you but what the hell,

I?m throwing my baby a party to celebrate; Friday night.

A? party with? presents?

You know it.

Oh, I so love being the freaking president!

Well, look, congrats again, Brooke.

- See ya later.
- Thanks, Luke.

Uh, okay, I?ll? let you guys? make out and?

My name is Anna Tagaro

and I?m a junior at Tree Hill High?

and? since it?s twenty fifty-five, I guess it?s okay to say that?

I?m bisexual.

Although, if I still haven?t found the nerve to come out to my friends and family?

by twenty fifty-five?



Keith? what is this?

This, my beautiful bride-to-be,

is your new home.

You bought a house?!

Keith, you can?t just buy me a house, this is too much!

It?s not too much.

The truth is - it?s not nearly enough.

I love you, Jules.


How ya been?

Drunk, bitter?

kinda like mom.


I wanna apologise to you, son, man to man.

It was a hell of a punch you hit me with.

Guess I probably had it coming.


Hey, don?t shut me out, or your brother.

Especially since we?re all working together now.

Nice try, dad.

It?s not that easy.

I quit.

My best friend, Haley, left town recently.

And it?s? been hard.

You know? until this year, it?s-it?s always been us against the world.

We pretty much grew up together and?

now she?s just gone.

You know, I? I understand the leaving part.

Trust me?

I just wish she woulda called me; before she left.

I wish? I coulda talked to her about it.

I mean, not to change her mind?

or to tell her what to do, but?

just to say

I love you?

and I miss you.

Just to say goodbye.


- What?re you doing?
- Haley hates pink!

Yeah, so?

Look, Nate.

Haley?s my best friend.

You know, I know it?s not the same but?

I get what you?re going through.

- A clown.
- Yeah.

They creep her out.

- Man, you gotta call her.
- I did that.

I got her voicemail.

Voicemail; I hope you don?t still got that crap.

So you?re having sex with Jake Jagielski tonight.

Brooke, it?s our first date!

Please! You are sharing a bed, you have history,

he?s clearly experienced; see ?Skanky Ho?, otherwise known as Nikki?

Seriously though; sex. You. Tonight.

I have to go.


Which one?

Black bra, black sweater, leather jacket, Calvin?s, condoms, underwear; optional.

Have fun!


You don?t think I?m crazy for wanting to take it slow, do you?


I don?t think you?re crazy.

Now he might.

You?ll be fine; you?ve got good hips.

I?ll see you at the party!

Fifty years, huh?

Okay. Well, if you?re young and you?re watching this?

you guys know what you?re up against, especially if you?re a girl,

it?s? sex, right, and?

and even fifty years from now, I?m guessing it?s still a really big deal.

You know, it?s awkward? and? threatening?

and thrilling.

But, in a way, it?s like sex is the easy part.

You know, it?s? giving your heart to somebody;

that?s the scary part.

Trust me.

I understand this mediation?s a formality.

But in my defence, I?m providing a safe and stable environment for Lucas;

two parent, loving.

That said, I understand, sometimes, things aren?t always as they appear.

Your name is Roger?



Doug? I?m not sure there?s a courtroom in the country that?d have a problem

with the home I?ve made for my firstborn son.

Yeah, of course, Dan. Uh, but, I do have a couple of questions.

Can you tell my why you?ve never paid any child support to Karen

or offered any financial help for Lucas.

I did offer.

But, uh, Lucas? mother forbid my involvement;

financially and otherwise.

I see?


I?m sorry?

He?s an ass.


I didn?t take his money because to him, money is power

and power is control.

And he would have used it in the same manipulative manner that he always does!

Lucas is my son!

And he has been every day of his life and there?s not a court in this country, Dan,

that's gonna fall for your... ass of a suit

and your... crooked-ass smile and your... assy frat boy haircut!!


Where do you wanna live?

Whoa, we got a baby here.

I?m sorry. I lost track of the time.

That?s alright.

Me and Jenny have been bonding, hey?

You go to sleep.

How?d it go?

He chose his father!


We?re gonna fix this.

I promise you.

I promise.

Oh, God!

Hey, that?s my girl!


So? I love a party?

but? do I know any of these people?

Sure. Look, there?s Mouth.



So? everybody looks? really drunk.

Nah, most of them are just stoned.

Come on.


you go.

I?m gonna? find a drink.

Uh, okay. In the tub.

Oh, sorry.

Erica Marsh?


Oh, Brooke, congratulations!

Do you? drink?

I do now. Besides, you said I should find other activities.

Yeah, I meant, like?

pep-club? not? beer-bong club.

Come one, Marsh, we?re doing shots!

Who is that guy?

I dunno,

but he called me by my last name.

I mean, how great is that?!

Nate, thank you for coming.

Whatever, I just ran out of alcohol.

What?d you seal in the time capsule, Luke?

Nothing, really.

I didn?t have much to say.

I did.

What?! It?s important.

Some day the kids are gonna need to know the truth about how I really was.

Pretty much been with all the hot girls;

freshmen, seniors.

Yeah, it?s good times.

Currently I?m dating, um,?

Brooke Davis.

What?s with you?


We were just talking about the time capsule; about what we said.

Does it really matter?

By the time they open that thing, we?re gonna be old.

Maybe not.

Sometimes they open time capsules early;

when a building moves or there?s a fire.

You never know.


Nice wheels outside.

Gift from daddy?

How?s Nathan?

Uh? not good.

Well, I know it?s none of my business but...

that?s your jacket in Felix?s room, right?


Well? Nathan was going through the pockets a few minutes ago.


What?s going on?

Brother stuff.

Hey, Mouth, you?re like, in the AV club or whatever, right?

Media club, yeah.

Well? I said something in the time capsule that I need to erase.

You think you could help me do it?

Like? tonight?

You mean break into the school?

Anna, I can?t.

Mouth, haven?t you ever done something that you wished you could take back?


Not too long ago, actually.

What if you had the chance to erase it?

Hey, Nathan!

Nathan, stop!

Move or I?ll run you over!

Give me the keys!

Nathan, you?ve been drinking.

You just better hold on.

Pull the car over, Nate.

Hey, don?t be a dick and drink drunk!

I?m not even buzzed!

It?s still an open container.


Huh, god I love my life!

Think we can outrun them?

Look, just pull over. Don?t make it worse!

Alright, Luke. Seeing as how I?ve already been arrested once this year,

it?s been nice knowing ya.

Evening officer.

Buy us some beer?

Okay, so? I?m a single father?

and? until recently, a high school dropout?

and? I?m going on my first date since my daughter was born?

Am I a great catch or what?!

You warm enough?

That?s good. Coz I had to call in a few favours to get the breeze just right.

How bout the stars?

I told them not to go too heavy so they didn?t look all ?Movie Moment?.

You know, more than a million less than a billion.

Right, you know, you wouldn?t think just a stroll down the river would take so much planning!

What are you kidding?!

Romantic lighting, couple scattered about, music in the distance.

Hmmm, you?re just lucky I?m a cheap date.

Yeah, I know.

And I am lucky?

to be with you tonight.

You know, some guys charge extra for hand holding.

You know, some girls charge extra for this.


Nice work, jack-hole!

Hey, you?re the one who was driving.

Yeah! You either thank me, or shut up!

Whatever. I didn?t ask to you take the fall.

Hey, call for a pizza. I?m starving.

Oh, you?re hilarious.

Someone?s gotta bail us out.

No problem; call my wife. Oh, wait a minute...

scratch that.

Mouth, I really- I don?t think this mask is necessary.

I just don?t want to get into trouble.

I?ve never done anything like this before, you know?

What do you think? Can you erase it?

I don?t know.

I gotta figure out if I can take this thing apart first.

Here, there?s a coffee machine in the teachers lounge,

this might take a while.

So it?ll take a little longer than you thought.

But Lucas will come around.

He was like a stranger today.

He actually chose Dan over me!

Karen, come on.

There?s more to this than meets the eye. You know that.

Well then he?s lying to me?

and he should trust me Andy. I mean, what?s next, life of crime?

- Hello!
- Hey, mom.

Mom, uh, look, don?t freak out, okay,

but I?m in jail? and I need you to bail me out.

What-what happened? Is it Dan?!

No. No, mom, its not. It?s?

I was with Nathan and we had some beer in the car.

Lucas, listen, are you okay?

Yeah, we?re fine.

Okay, you got a quarter in your pocket?


Good, call the father you love so much.

What happened?

She?s not coming.


even you own mom can?t stand you.

See, what else, um?

oh yeah, there?s this new girl, Anna, who?s into me but?

I?m all ?girl? be patient, you know, ?The Tim? will get to you eventually?.

What did he just say?!

Okay, I think I got it.

Did that creepy Tim guy say I was into him?

Um? sorta.

Okay, first of all; gross,

second; we shouldn?t be watching these. We?re just here to erase mine.

I know, you?re right. Um? let me find it.

Let?s see, in ten years, I?ll probably be married to someone like Marvin McFadden.

Who?s Marvin McFadden?

Of course, you all probably call him Senator McFadden or something?

but, we just call him Mouth.

It would be really wrong to watch this, right?

Maybe just a? couple of minutes.

Two minutes, tops!

Well I know tonight?s date was kind of?


Yeah. Well? I guess this is goodnight.

Well, it wouldn?t have to be if you were still staying here.

Okay, that?s not fair. The only reason I moved out is because if I stayed here, we'd...

Never. Stop. Doing. That.

That?s a? that?s a problem why?


I guess I can move back in, huh?

Come here.

Whoa, no! Whoa, is she okay?

She?s good. She?s good.

It?s cool. I got her.

I don?t think so, buddy. It?s Rosey Pom for you tonight, kay?

Go away.

Go away.

Come here. Whoa, Erica?


It?s Marsh. Call me Marsh.

Oh, okay Marsh. Let?s get you home, okay?

Come here, come on, I got you. Whoa, there we go.

What is so funny?


What, do you need me to, uh, connect the dots for you?

I just need you to shut up!

When I first met you,

I figured the best way to hurt you was to take Haley away.

Now she?s gone, isn?t she?

And is it any wonder she left a stroke like you?

Look at yourself, you?re pathetic!

Oh, I?m pathetic?

You?re chasing after a father who doesn?t even want you and I?m pathetic?!

Would you just let it go!?

Why are you so threatened by that?!

Afraid daddy will like me more than you?

You mean kinda how he liked my mom better than yours?

No? I mean kinda like how your wife likes Chris better than you!

Hey! Hey, you two, stop!

So you?re probably looking at this and making fun of my outfit, right?

Anyway, here?s all you really need to know about today;

if? you fat, dumb, sexual, and a guy, you?re okay.

If you?re a girl, not so much.

Please tell me that?s changed in the future.

Don?t bet on it.

Somebody tell me you?ve got love figured out,

because I got news for you; it?s pretty darn messy right now.

But I guess it?s always been that way.

Wanting to be loved,

to find somebody that makes your heart ache in a good way?

feel understood.

So? if you?re robots, or aliens,

or something and you?re watching this right now and that feeling no longer exists;

well? you missed it?

and I feel sorry for you.

Coz as far as I can tell, that?s what it?s all about.

And that?s what I know it should be about.

Dan wanted revenge on Keith.

That?s why I?m staying with him.

Revenge for what?

Keith slept with your mom.

- It?s true.
- Course it is!

Nobody?s faithful anymore, nobody can be trusted.

Yeah, well, Dan also hired Jules to make Keith fall in love with her.

It?s outstanding!

What else you got?

That?s it.

Stay with Dan?

Keith and Jules get to be happy.

Yeah, till she sings a duet? and goes on tour.

She?s got a dream, Nate.

No? no, she left to be with Chris.

She kissed him, before she left.

I?m sorry.

Well, that?s what she said when I called her.

- I thought you said-
- I lied!

She said she was sorry.

Said she loved me and it wasn?t about Chris.

She just? needs some time to figure everything out.

You believe that? Because, if I love her? and if she loves me,

what?s there to figure out?

Do you have ghosts?

Only nice ones.

There are matches in the top drawer.

- Wow!
- What?!

So there are condoms in Tree Hill.

Oh, God, um, those are? so not a plan.

They?ve been there since-


I just pictured you and Lucas.

No! No, no, no. I never slept with Lucas. Those are Nathan?s.

I just pictured that, too.

Okay, well stop picturing things coz it?s not like that. It?s?

I?m not like that. I?

I?ve only been with one guy and so I?m kinda freaking out a little bit, coz you?re here.

And? you?re way more experience than I am, hence your daughter; Jenny.


And? It?s still a big deal to me.

Come here.

I?m so happy to be with you right now.

I mean, I could barely think straight most of the week.

Yeah, me too.

Right then, listen to me.

I haven?t felt like this in forever? and?

I know that I might lose cool points by saying this, but?

let?s just? go slow. Okay?


But? well it?s just that you never really had any cool points.


But, baby?

you do now.

Praying for a miracle?

I?ve decided to tell Keith the truth.

I won?t walk down the aisle before I do.


maybe you won?t have to.

I don?t know, Jules. Maybe I?m getting soft in my old age?

maybe it?s this church.

Or just seeing you two crazy kids in love?

but I think I?ll just let this one go.

Keith doesn?t ever have to know.

If I do what?


Call it my wedding gift.

I don?t believe you.

I?ve kept my word so far, haven?t I?

You couldn?t turn your cellphone off in a church?!

It might be God.

Okay, Anna. I have it cued up.

I didn?t watch it.

You just need to press this button to start it and stop, okay?

Do you wanna know what I said?

You don?t have to.

I said I was bisexual.

It?s just? I thought it would feel liberating?

but, it didn?t. Instead, I just? ended up here.

Back in the closet.

Then why?d you tell me?

I don?t know.

I guess it?s easier to tell one person than it is to tell your whole world.

You?re okay; just go with the bed spins.

It?s me.

Pick the one in the middle.

What happened?

You got a little sideways. I brought you home.

This your room?


It?s nice.

Well it was until my parents sold everything.

Last week they sold one of the ?O?s in my first name,

so now I?m officially ?Broke? Davis.


You hit it pretty hard tonight.

Yeah! Didn?t you?

Not tonight.

How come?

Just didn?t make sense for once.

So instead I carted you here then,

came up with a pretty killer idea for a safe-ride?s program.

Your cab will be here soon. You are my first client.

You?re gonna make a great president.


Waste can, behind you.

You should have your mail forwarded here.

They give you the same cell as before?

I don?t know. They redecorated.

Great! Make jokes.

You know how much it?s gonna cost me to get you two idiots out of this mess?

Then don?t! Alright? Don?t cut any deals with me like you did with Lucas.

Oh, tell mom Keith says hi.

You told him?

Yeah, I did.

You should have.

You?re brothers.

Go on.

He could use a friend tonight.

Thank you?


I lost my way, a little bit, this year.

But? lately it?s been better.

You know, um? it?s pretty amazing

how? temptation can be silenced by a ray of hope.

But? when the face to that hope is a boy?s face,

I guess, for me, hope comes with trust issues too.

She still loves you. You know?


it sucks?

that she kissed Chris?

but Haley married you.

I kinda think that that wins out over some confused kiss.

Maybe I was the confusing part for her.


Haley fell for you when you were a different guy;

a lesser guy.

Maybe you should remember the real Haley,

even when she?s lesser, too.

Let?s get outta here, man.

Come on, little brother. Let?s go.

How much do you hate me?

I don?t hate you.

But you hated the party.

I liked my presents.

I was sitting there at a perfectly decent party,

like I have a thousand times before and?

maybe, for the first time, I just felt like I was meant for something more, you know?

More than I planned for you?

?Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past,

let us accept our own responsibility for the future?.

JFK said that.

Look at you go.

I?m proud of you, girlfriend.


I?m proud of me too.

Come here.

You know, after my accident, I asked you what the secret was to getting back.

You remember what you told me?

You told me there is no secret.

Just start shooting one day and?

deal with the pain.

Somewhere along the way? it gets easier.


Lucas okay?

I?d say far from.

Well, my investigator found something interesting about Dan.

I just want you to know that I won?t tell anyone.

About you and? you know, girls.

Thanks, Mouth.

But could you, maybe, not hit on Brooke, coz I got enough competition for her already.


My name is Anna Tagaro and I?m a junior at Tree Hill High.

And? I?m gay?

and straight?

and a Latina

and I hate labels!

And I hope by the time you see this, those things won?t be an issue.

For now?

all you need to know is this;

my name is Anna?

and I?m just trying to find my way? like most kids.

I guess that part is timeless.

So, I?m seeing this girl and...

I think our experience levels are a little different, you know, but?

even so, I?m doing something with her that?

I?ve never done before;

I?m falling in love.

Bring it. Bring it!

Here we go.

My brother?s been going through a tough time lately.

I wish there was more I could do to help him.

I mean, just getting along is kinda new to us.

But I guess that?s how brothers are.

Better to each other and worse to each other than anybody else.

I also wish I could make things easier for my mom.

I mean, even though it?s been a tough year for us,

I want her to be happy more than anything.

But that doesn?t change the fact that I need to get closer to my father

because if I can get closer to him,

maybe I can find a way to beat him.

Once and for all ?

set the people that I love free!

I just hope I have the strength to tear him down for good!

I suppose, a fella just wants to fit in;

find a good girl,

maybe, one day, do great things.

Tell us about that steady girl of yours, Brian.

Well her name is Camilla

and my wish is that one day she?ll agree to be my wife?

and we?ll grow old together.

I?d like to have a boy of my own one day.

Maybe lotsa kids.

I?d like to try to teach them;

right from wrong, good from bad.

I?d like to let them teach me.

I think I have something to offer them.

Well, I hope so.

I guess only time will tell.