One Tree Hill (2003–2012): Season 2, Episode 1 - The Desperate Kingdom of Love - full transcript

Nathan and Haley wake up next to each-other, barely able to believe they just got married; flash-backs show how her parents agreed and she nearly chickened out realizing they have not a single identical CD; when they hear Dan is in hospital, she suggests not to tell him right now. Deb takes the news badly in the hospital chapel, blaming the newly-weds while fearing Dan is dying. Lucas has a new haircut as a symbol of his new life with Keith in Charleston; hearing about Dan they make a list of reasons not to go back, but decide Lucas should for Nathan's sake, but Keith for his hateful brother? On such a beautiful day, Brooke insists on taking Peyton on her parents' speed yacht, and even skinny-dipping.

Previously on One Tree Hill:

Look, I've got an opening in my lineup.
Varsity. What do you say?

If this new kid's taking your position,
he's no longer your teammate.

- He's your opponent.
- I can describe Lucas in one word.


So what if he wins? What does he get?

- He gets you.
- Lucas.

I don't know what hurts worse.

You and Lucas sneaking around
behind my back.

Or you lying about it to my face.

If I could just get up...

I'd walk over to you
and I'd tell you how much I need you.

- Haley.
- It's okay.

No, that's just like him!

To get you branded with his jersey number
right above your ass.

He doesn't even know about it.

You have no right to think of him,
not today or any other day.

How dare you.

If you weren't helping your friend Karen,
you might have been there for him.

I need a doctor!

I want you out of this house,
or I will stab you in your sleep.

- You're his legal guardian?
- He's my son.

Were you drinking before
you drove Lucas?

- Yes.
- I want you to leave.

Were you serious about
wanting to get out of here?

I've got a way,
but you'd have to leave tomorrow.

- I asked you if you had a problem.
- Yeah, I do. It's called you, bitch.


They handed me the consent forms.
He needed surgery.

- You have a right to be upset, but...
- Thank you.

I need to talk to you.

- Okay.
- I think I'm pregnant.

- I love you, Karen.
- Keith.

Marry me.

I thought you weren't ready.

I thought you were gonna
wait till you got married.

I did wait.

What are you talking about, Haley?

We got married last night.

Mom, I want to leave Tree Hill.

You killed me, you bitch.

Hey, you.


I had the strangest dream.

I dreamt we actually got married

That's weird.

- I had the same dream.
- No.

That's right.

- We actually did get married.
- We did get married.

Pretty wild, huh?

- How do you feel?
- I was just watching you sleep, thinking:

- "Let's always be like this."
- Yeah.

Then I turned my cell phone back on.

It's my mom. She's been calling like crazy.

Do you think she found out about us?

No. She probably just wants her car back.

In that case, don't worry about it.

Give me that.

Holy cow.

What happened to your head?

- I figured new town, new look.
- Okay. Whatever you say, Felicity.

At least the town looks nice.

Yeah, it does.

- I think we're gonna like it here.
- Yeah.

You know, not many people get a chance
just to start over, you know.

I mean, just leave Tree Hill
and reinvent themselves.

And it all starts today.



Hey, girl.

Doesn't anyone ring the doorbell
in this town?

Some do. I don't.

- Let's go.
- And where are we going?

It is day two of the Brooke and Peyton
hos over bros reunion tour.

Come on, you fake-blonde Goldilocks,
let's go!

Bad news?

My dad's in the hospital.

- He had a heart attack.
- No. Is he gonna be okay?

I don't know.
My mom just left it on my voicemail.

- I'm sorry, Nathan.
- Yeah. I've got to go see him.

Yeah, I'll go with you.


Maybe we shouldn't tell them
about us yet.

I mean, maybe we should just wait
until he recovers.

- They're gonna find out, Haley.
- I know.

It's just that I saw your dad
before the game...

and he wasn't happy about us dating.

- What's he gonna say now?
- It's not about him.

We're married now, Haley.

I'm never gonna hide that.

- Brooke, what are you up to?
- You've been on my dad's boat before.

- Yeah, with you and your dad.
- Details. It's like driving a car...

just on water and without a speed limit.

Peyton, look at us. Look at this day.

We are practically a beer commercial.
It would be wrong not to take it.

So let's go.

Hop on, bestest friend.

Is it normal for him
to be unconscious like this?

Yes and no. Your husband is sedated...

from the angioplasty.

But he suffered major heart failure.
He could be unconscious for a while yet.

Would it have mattered
if I had found him sooner?

In medicine, earlier is always better.

But you called as soon as you could, right?


Dan, can you hear me?

- Deb.
- What?

You better hope I die.

You're threatening me?


Dial it yourself.


You know, I came here to apologize.
To tell you I was sorry.

Even though you've basically been
the assiest ass on the planet...

for the better part of our married lives.

- What are you doing?
- I'm considering, Dan.


Help me.


I'm sorry.


Jeez, who died?

It's Dan. He had a heart attack.

Haley, have you seen my gray T-shirt?

I want to do something, okay.


No, it's okay.

- I could love you forever.
- So could I.

You're my family now, Haley.

The only true thing I have.

I never want to lose you.

You won't.


Marry me.

- Stop it.
- What? Would you?

- You're embarrassing me.
- Why not?

Because we're in high school.

So what? I'm emancipated.

Is this about sex? Because I want to wait?

No. I could see you caving
on that one already.

Maybe so.

Nathan, couples don't get married
in high school.

- It's not normal.
- So? I'm not normal.

What I'm feeling is definitely not normal.

And to be honest with you, Haley,
I don't ever want to be normal.

Not with you.

I'm serious.

I know you are.

Okay, so I'll say it again:
I could love you forever.

- Nathan, so could I, but...
- So why can't forever start today?

Do I have a view like this in Tree Hill?

You want to talk about Dan?

Do you think my mom knows?

I don't know.

- Think she cares?
- Do you?

You know, Luke...

Dan's your birth father.

Even though he's never been in your life
it wouldn't be wrong to be concerned.

Would it be wrong to hope he dies?

Dan has a heart condition known as HCM.

It's a genetic mutation
that causes the heart muscles to thicken.

Eventually, it prevents the heart
from pumping blood.

But why now?

Sometimes cardiac arrest is brought on
by excessive physical activity...

even excessive stress.

I've made so many mistakes, Deb.

With you and with Nathan.

But I'm willing to change.

I'll do anything.

I'll do everything to keep you in my life.

I'm not proud of who I've been.

But don't give up on me...

because I still love you.

Coach Durham.


I always pretend to be asleep
when the nurse comes in here.

She looks a lot like Death...

only uglier.

How are you doing?

You know, they want to operate.

But it's a long story,
full of all kinds of medical mumbo jumbo.

I've got lots of time.

I closed the caf? for the day.

I guess your nest is
feeling pretty empty, huh?

I guess so.

You ever think
maybe that's what Lucas wanted?

That silence would close in on you...

and you'd have to go out
and make some noise yourself?

I was thinking
that maybe I'd take some classes...

over at the university.

Stop thinking about it, damn it, and do it.

You know what I'd do if I was your age?


And then, by golly,
I'd turn around and do it again.

I wouldn't give a rat's ass
who disapproved...

or what I looked like doing it.


Take it from me.

When you're my age,
you don't want to be here...

tangled up in that road you never traveled.

Make some time.

Take a few chances.

- Listen, you hear that?
- Hear what?

- Silence. It's nice.
- Yeah.

At least it was until you started talking.

So what do you want to do after this?

Maybe some ice cream, or lingerie,
a facial.

It's okay to miss him, Brooke.

- Miss who?
- Lucas.

I don't miss him.

Really, I mean, maybe a little,
you know, now that he moved...

but whatever. There's other fish in the sea.
We'll find new boyfriends.

It shouldn't be hard
considering you're you and I'm me.

Yeah. His loss.

Jake's, too.

You want to know a secret?

I was secretly pulling for you and Jake.

Even when I was at the top
of your bitch list?

- Even then. You know why?
- Why?

Because I wasn't into him.


Boys are so easy.

We could swim if we had suits.

When has that ever stopped us?

You gonna give me a hand
or are you gonna live in the truck?

It just seems like a waste.

We're going back, right?

Why? Are you a heart surgeon?

Look, Luke...

I want Dan to get better, too.
I'm really pulling for him.

But, you know, my future's here now.
I can't just go back.

I get it. I don't want to go back either...

but it just doesn't feel right.


All right, I'll tell you what.

Give me your reasons to stay.


No, I'm serious.

We'll make a list.

Give me one reason
why you don't want to go back.


Yeah, Dan. Dan's an ass. That's good.

What else?

I screwed up with Brooke and Peyton.

I didn't even say goodbye.

There was so much to say,
and I just wrote it in a letter.

- Having fun, P. Sawyer?
- Hell, yes, B. Davis.

- You?
- Yeah.

But I'm thinking about Lucas.

It's not that he left.

It's kind of how he left.

I just can't believe
he didn't even say goodbye.

Brooke, there's something
I need to show you.

It was taped to my front door yesterday.

This is from Lucas.

- I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hid it from you.
- But you did.

I've been carrying around
that he left without a word.

- You had the words and didn't tell me?
- I was going to.

- When? After you read it first?
- No. I wouldn't do that. I promise.

Whatever, Peyton. We should head back.

Listen, Haley, if you want,
I can do this alone.

- You don't have to come in.
- No, I'm okay. I want to.

Good. I was hoping you'd say that.

Besides, we stuck together
with my parents.

Anybody home?

Mom, Dad?

In the kitchen, Haley.

No matter what happens next,
I want you to know...

if my parents say yes...

I would marry you.

Okay? Yeah, I would.

- Mom?
- Hey, baby.

Don't just stand there, give me a hug.

- You must be Nathan. I'm Marion.
- Hi.

- Is my mom here?
- She's around here somewhere.

Here's that article, Marion.

How someone can actually type
with their head up their ass...

is beyond me.


Did you climb
through Haley's window again...

or did you actually locate
our front door this time?

- Mom.
- I came in the front door, Mrs. James.

Attaboy. You hungry?

Actually, could we just talk
to you and Dad?

- Are you pregnant?
- What?

Pregnant, with child, bun in the oven.

- Mom!
- Lydia, stop.

- You know that Haley's a virgin.
- Marion.

And it's a damn shame if you ask me.

Can we just talk to you and Dad?

All right, I can take a hint.

Besides, your mother's going to tell me
every word of it.

Call me with the details, Lydia.

Is Dad here?

Jimmy! Kitchen. Haley's pregnant.

- Shall we sit?
- I think we better.

- Can I help you?
- I'm his son.

Is he gonna die?

You should talk to your mom.
I think she's in the chapel.

All right.
Just to recap on the reasons-to-stay side.

We've got: Dan's an ass, you were an ass...

my new teaching job,
we both get a fresh start.

Your mother annihilated my heart,
and this apartment has a killer view.

So what else?


Yeah, that marriage thing
must have been tough for you.

No, I meant for reasons to go back.

I was wrong about him. He's a good guy.

Yeah, okay. Him and Haley,
it's kind of weird...

but I'm glad for them.

Luke, I'm really proud of you
for getting to know Nathan.

If you think you should go home,
then you should.

But there are things in Tree Hill
that I'm not sure I can face.

Like what?

Just something I'm not proud of.

I'm gonna take a little walk.


I'm good.

I've just gotta get a little air.

What happened?

I found him at the beach house
on the floor.

I called 911,
but they said I might have called too late.

Mom, it's not your fault.

Remember when you were little,
and you had to have your tonsils out?

I came to this chapel that night
and sobbed...

because I had the worst feeling
that something was going to go wrong.

That I was going to lose you.

You didn't lose me.

We're here for you, Mrs. Scott.
Whatever you need.

Thank you, Haley.

I guess I'm not ready to let go.

We were going to tell you today.

- Tell me what?
- I love your son very much, Mrs. Scott.

Tell me what, Nathan?

We got married.

I must be losing my mind.

Mom, we'll talk about it later,
when Dad's well.

When Dad is well?

Your father is unconscious, Nathan.
Plus he may...

or may not be my husband at this point,
who the hell knows?

And now you're telling me
you got married?

This has got to be a joke.

It's not a joke, Mom.

- Mrs. Scott, we...
- Shut up, Haley.

You did this to your father.

- You're the reason he's here.
- Mrs. Scott...

I said shut up.
Shut your selfish little mouth!


You walked away from him.

And you helped him do it.

You're both to blame.

Deb, what's wrong? What happened?

He's gonna die.


Dan. He had a heart attack.

Oh, my God.

He's gonna die. And it's all my fault.

They got married?

- That is not the Haley James that I know.
- You mean the Haley Scott.

I don't know whether to laugh
or cry or throw up.

Dan's in the hospital.
Nathan is apparently married.

And Keith...

Have you called him?


Talk about your bad timing.

It would be better if he were here.
Keith is good in a crisis.

How is it possible
that they could even get married?


Haley James in my house between
the hours of 8:00 a.m. and midnight.

- Hi, Mr. James.
- Hello, Nathan.

- Did you come in through the window?
- He found the front door.

Nice work, Nate.

To what do we owe this surprise?

We wanted to talk to you, Daddy.

Daddy? This is gonna be expensive.

You guys know that I am
an extremely cautious person...

and I consider things from every angle...

and I don't just jump into things.

Like getting to the point
of this conversation?

Mr. and Mrs. James.

As you know,
I'm emancipated from my parents.

And I think you also know
that I respect both of you very much.

I think I know where this is going.
And here's the thing, Nathan.

You see, if we adopt you...

the making out with Haley
is gonna have to stop. At least in public.

Could you guys be serious
for, like, one minute of my life, please?

I'd like to marry your daughter.

I didn't see that coming.

Dad, Mom.

I will discuss this with your father.

You will?

If this is what you want.

It is.

Brooke, wait up.

- You should have told me about the letter.
- I know!

Then why didn't you?
Why would you hide it from me?

Because we were having fun again.

Brooke, having our friendship back
has been really great.

I figured Lucas is gone, so it didn't matter
what was in the letter...

because it was just gonna
come between us.

Why would you think that?

Remember when we used to get up
every Tuesday morning...

- and ride our bikes to the mall?
- So you could buy some stupid CD.

Yeah, and you could buy makeup
your mom wouldn't let you wear.

We'd spend half the day in my bedroom
listening to music...

and putting on awful eye shadow
and that was just the Tuesdays.

We used to do a lot of really great stuff
until guys got in the way.

I was actually just going to the mall
with you to check out a boy.

- Brooke, we were nine.
- What's your point?

Okay, I am sorry.
I should have shown you the letter...

but considering our history, it scared me.

I just wanted my friend back
for a little while.

Come on. God!

Closed during the day?

I guess my heart just wasn't in it today.

Come on in, Mrs. Scott.

I'm sorry.

I really wish you could have been there,
but it was so sudden.


Is Deb here?
I figured you must have talked to her.

She had to go back to the hospital.

She was really upset.

Dan's not doing so well.

I know. But I meant with me.

- Does that surprise you?
- Yeah, a little.

I could understand if it was Dan...

but Deb's been really supportive
of my relationship with Nathan.

- Yeah, when you were dating.
- Is that how you feel?

- Haley, it doesn't matter how I feel.
- It matters to me.

Haley, I know that you and Nathan
are in love...

and you know that I was also in love
in high school.

But, sometimes, love fades...

and I just hope with all my heart
that it doesn't fade for you.

- Hello.
- Hey, man.

- It's Lucas.
- Hey, man.

Crazy 48 hours, huh?

Yeah, I guess so.

So, listen...

I know this is weird for us...

- but I just wanted to call because...
- Yeah.

He's still unconscious...

but you know him. He's just waiting
to wake up on his own terms.

I'm here for you, okay?
For you and Haley both.

Just call if you need anything.

Thanks, Luke.

So, listen. How did this marriage thing
happen anyway?

The boy's emancipated, Jimmy.
Haley just needs our permission.

Need I remind you
that up until an hour ago...

this boy came and went
through a second story window...

like a horny cat burglar?

- How can you even be considering this?
- Jimmy. You know our daughter.

She has never done an impetuous,
hasty thing in her life.

Most days,
she's more mature than we are.

- They're in love.
- They're in high school.

Besides, if it's meant to be,
it'll still be meant to be after college.

Okay. We forbid her to do it. She hates us.

She keeps seeing him.
Maybe she gets pregnant.

She drops out of school.

- She turns to a life of prostitution.
- Stop it.

There she is,
smoking crack and sleeping in the gutter.

Did you know...

that my parents forbade me to marry you?

- Why?
- Because they thought we were too young.

- Why didn't you listen?
- Because I loved you.

In the end we got married all the same.
We've made quite a life together.

But I always loved them less
for not seeing what I saw in you.

I've been thinking
I'm done with boyfriends for a while.

Right. Brooke Davis. Solo?

Relationships are just too hard.

Hooking up with boys is so much easier.

I've been thinking
I don't want to read the letter.

I mean, you can. I just...

Whatever it says, I don't want to know.

Are you sure?

It's not gonna change how I feel.

About Lucas.

Yeah, about him, or you, or me.

Aren't you tired of measuring yourself
by what guys think?

I just...

I need to stop chasing boys
and focus on myself more.

I hear you.

Hos over bros.

I hope it wasn't money.

This hasn't been going on, okay?
It just happened.

Listen to me, you son of a bitch!

Those are the last words
you'll ever speak to me.

You are no longer my brother.
You understand that?

You do not exist to me.


I thought I might find you here.

Yeah, I was just standing here...

listening to that voice in my head.

And what's it saying?

It's saying if we leave this place today...

we may never come back.

And what does the voice
in your heart say?

Luke, you know that's not fair.

You know Dan's a bad guy.

You said it yourself.
You hoped that he would die.

I said that for you.
I know how bad you want this.

- Yeah, I do want this. Don't you?
- Yeah, I do. But it's...

But what?

Why should we have to give it up?

He was never a father to you.

He leaves your mom when she's pregnant.

He rides Nathan until he cracks
under the strain. Whitey, Deb.

Every single life that he touches
is worse because of it.

Now we're just supposed
to give it all up in his hour of need.

I'm sorry, Luke,
but just give me one single reason...

why I should go back.

Because he's your brother.

Excuse me.

Could you tell me what room
Dan Scott is in?

I'm sorry. He's in intensive care.
Only immediate family allowed.

He's the father of my son.

The tumor is pressing on your brain
and affecting your vision.

So in the morning, we want to go in
and remove it.

But there are risks involved.

Haley, what's wrong?

I was just alphabetizing our CDs,
and we don't have any doubles.

Not one.

So what?

So, Natalie Merchant after Nas...

and Wilco before the Wu Tang Clan?

So you listen to crummy music.
I can live with that.

We made a mistake, Nathan.

- Haley.
- No.

I'm not ready for this.

I just really want to go home to my room.

I'm not a wife. I'm not even a senior!

- Haley, listen. This is not a mistake.
- How can you be sure?

Because there's nobody
that thinks this thing can work.

I do.

I promise you, Haley.

I will always be there for you.
I will always protect you.

I will always protect you.


Someday, this beach might wash away.

The oceans may dry. The sun could dim.

But on that day, I'll still be loving you.

Always and forever.

I promise you, Haley.

And now, Haley, please repeat after me.

I, Haley, take you, Nathan.

I, Haley, take you, Nathan.

To have and to hold from this day forward.

To have and to hold from this day forward.

In sickness and in health.

For richer or poorer.

For better or worse.

I promise that I will love and cherish you.

And will deny all those
that would come between us.

I make this promise for eternity.

A promise that I will keep forever.

Until the end of time.

Till death do us part.